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  • rewatching the x-files and i’m immediately reminded that mulder and scully are the definition of girlboss and male wife

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  • vintage txf trading cards

    #txf #the x files #can't believe i got a card of my nemesis alex krycek #*
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  • Mulder and Scully, seasons 1-5

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  • ᴛʜᴇ x-ꜰɪʟᴇꜱ | ꜱᴏꜰᴛ ʟɪɢʜᴛ

    #the x files #dana scully#fox mulder#gillian anderson#david duchovny#txf#txfedit#xfilesedit#thexfilesedit#mine#2021edits#msr #i really wanted to enjoy the show without making gifs but i had to -.- #i think this is the worst quality i have ever seen for a video but i searched and couldn't do better than recording my screen #vince gilligan's first episode :)
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  • image

    well this aged poorly

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    • Mulder: Hey Frohike, can you come here? If you were my partner, would you be all freaked out that I’m JUST FRIENDS with Krycek?
    • Scully: Who cares what Frohike thinks?
    • Frohike: Honestly, I wouldn’t love it.
    • Scully: I care what he thinks.
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  • mulder, “small potatoes” (s4e20)

    #more like hot potatoes #am i rite #*#txf#scaps #throw some potatoes in the air if u agree
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  • #the x files #x files#txf#mulder#fox mulder#fan art #my art <3 #I literally have nothing better to do in my free time than make this shit
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  • Dana Scully, “Eve”, The X-Files

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  • The X-Files: Trevor (6x17) - written by Jim Guttridge & Ken Hawryliw, directed by Rob Bowman. 

    #post made by me for me. produced by popular demand i'm popular demand #but do you see. do you see what i mean #txf #the x files #trevor#6x17 #me and my iPhoto editing skills trade friendship bracelets in the back of class insteadof paying attention to math <3 #q
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  • image

    season 1 fox mulder

    #txf edit#txf #the x files #the x files edit #xf edit#fox mulder #fox mulder edit #txf season 1 #the x files season 1 #yuh get it i guess #his hair...yes pls #my edit #edits by k
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  • i wanna feel his hand go down

    MSR + sudden desire (hayley williams)

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  • if (theoretically) hannibal/the x files/criminal minds were all set in the same fbi universe…

    - will and reid cant stand each other at first

    - prentiss and scully are actual best friends

    - garcia loves scully but is way too intimidated and in awe to talk to her

    - will and garcia foster All of the animals

    - mulder likes fucking with reid and reid gets super annoyed

    - strauss HATES mulder but mulder stays because hes the occult expert

    - mulder writes damn good reports though like even hotch is jealous

    - will has to have his own office because everyone else is too annoying

    - reid and will become friends through their mutual annoyance with mulder

    - the minute theyre done going over the case on the jet mulder passes out on the couch

    - hotch and mulder are like competing brothers like friendly competition

    - garcia/emily/jj all get scully to go out more

    - mulder tries to be buddy-buddy with morgan immediately and morgan is sus and thinks hes weird but they become total bros

    - CSM and strauss are fuckin

    - mulder and reid are super competitive at poker/cards

    - scully and garcia are both into tea so they always exchange what teas they try and love

    - mulder HATES bureaucracy and works with garcia to fuck with them every so often

    - will is the team’s bitch when he joins but scully and mulder werent because they were too powerful as a duo

    - wlw scully and prentiss

    - bi reid, morgan and jj

    - Straight As Fuck hotch and mulder and garcia

    - mlm will

    - scully is always the one to see the ME and reid often tags along bc he loves learning more of the medical side

    - jj and scully do self defense classes like kickboxing together and become besties and jj is the one who really gets her to loosen up and she warms scully up to the team and defends her

    - reid and morgan really have to drive it home to mulder that samantha isnt coming back

    - will always drives or gets driven into work and when they group up he always wants to sit in the back by himself

    - will cant really stand anyone at work except scully and sometimes reid

    - prentiss thinks mulder is too much of a dudebro for his age

    - mulder thinks everyone needs to relax and not take things so seriously

    - mulder wants to try and break hotch to get him to not be so serious

    - mulder is annoying and a goofball but he really is a good member of the team

    - hotch lowkey becomes a simp for scully

    #eli.txt #txf#cm #twitter didnt appreciate these enough #hannibal
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  • iwtb is so funny. can u imagine hearing the x files was coming back for another movie after it’s been off air for 6 years and then you get into the theater and there’s NO aliens and NO relationship to the OG plot and barely any supernatural anything and it’s just like a normal procedural-ish murder case? and you have no idea that the show would be coming back another 10 years later and THIS is the final entry in the series????? I’d be losing my mind if I was here in 2006

    #txf #I know some of y’all DID live through that #how???? did you feel???? #iwtb
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  • Eve 9, Eve 10

    Deadly cute, could probably murder you in 23 different obscure ways and no one would ever know

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  • #the x files #txf#x files#mulder#fox mulder#fan art #my art <3 #still cant draw faces but whatever its totally cool
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  • Honestly the only things getting me through this weekend are x files fanfiction and the growing suspicion Dick Wolf is finally gonna let Rollisi happen

    #txf #law and order svu #law and order #rollisi#amanda rollins#sonny carisi#msr #the ust is getting too much too handle guys #i mean the nye ep this season? fuck me UP #they were snuggled!!! so much msr parallel
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  • #yep still v much doing greenery #*#txf#scaps #can't blame a girl for wanting some warmth and light
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