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    29.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “ — 𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐎𝐖 𝐗 𝐓𝐎𝐆𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 : 𝚍𝚛𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚕𝚎𝚜 ! ©️IUWON . ”

    all rights reserved. do not repost, reproduce, or plagiarize any of my works. everything i write is for entertainment purposes only.
    symbol directory: angst (a), fluff (f), humor (c), suggestive (s)

    ┊ CHOI YEONJUN % 최연준

    TIMESTAMPS: [❝ — 01:43 AM] (f)

    ┊ CHOI SOOBIN % 최수빈

    -> coming soon!

    ┊ CHOI BEOMGYU % 최범규

    -> coming soon!

    ┊ KANG TAEHYUN % 강태현

    -> coming soon!

    ┊ HUENING KAI % 휴닝카이

    -> coming soon!

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    29.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ﹝ ❝ — 01:43 AM ❞ ﹞ CHOI YEONJUN  `  최연준

    COLLEGE-STUDENT!YEONJUN cursed, flipping to the other side of his bed in hope to find a comfortable position, praying to whoever gods up above out there that existed to just let him sleep – it’s been hours since he decided to rest and call it a day, yet the image of your sweet smile and slight nod of acknowledgement you’d given him that morning when you had walked passed him had stayed imprinted on his brain and refused to leave. thinking about the occurrence itself caused his heart to ram against his ribcage.

    it as was if you were a blessing and at the same time a curse to him – thinking that you damn well knew the effect you had on him. why did you have to look so damn attractive all the time? this growing infatuation of his for you despite only being classmates in one fucking class was driving him mad and crazy to his grave. you had his life and heart wrapped around your finger, able to pull the strings anytime and he wasn’t sure if you even knew his name.

    “i’m so screwed,” he moaned to no one in particular, laying wide awake as he ran fingers through his presently ruffled and disarranged hair repeatedly — before cursing once again to himself.

    re-post from my deleted blog @/avocadosforsale . tag-list sign up . 
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    28.07.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #kpop#kpop drabbles#kpop prompts#txt prompts#txt drabbles #tomorrow x together drabbles #tomorrow x together prompts
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    28.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Prompt #1


    Prompt #1: “You need to stop calling me that."


    “Hey Taehyun?” You asked from your comfortable spot on the middle of the couch. You heard him hum from the kitchen. “Can you bring me some grape juice?” Soon enough he saunters in the room with a cup held out to you. Holding onto the cold cup you take a big gulp out of the refreshing drink. “Thanks…poopsie.” You giggle at the odd yet hilarious nickname.

    He can’t help but chuckle at the word, “no problem.” He returns to the kitchen, gathering his own snacks before re-entering the room. “He motions for you to move over and you do so with a, “sure thing poopsie!”

    Taehyun’s face scrunched up at the word before he slouched down into the seat beside you. “Hey poopsie—“

    “You need to stop calling me that,” he interrupts.

    You pout at his comment, “no. It’s cute,” you argue and he sighs at this.

    “Now I have to restart my whole question because you interrupted me. Hey poopsie, can you pass the remote?” You asked, pointing at the remote that lay on his end of the couch.

    “Sure thing…” Taehyun reached across himself and grabbed the remote before bringing his arm back over to you. “Baby girl.” He adds, wearing a sly smirk. Taheyun knows that's the type of nickname that makes you cringe on the inside. You on the other hand are frozen in place processing what came out of his mouth.

    After a moment you forcefully shake your head and make an x with your arms, “nope. No. We are not doing that, nope. I’m done with the nicknames.”

    “Aww, I was just starting to like mine,” he joked.

    “Well I don't like mine!”

    Taehyun tilts his head, leaning in close, “are you sure…because you’re saying no but the color of your face is saying something else,” he teases and you curse the way the blood rushes to your cheeks.

    Quickly grabbing the nearest pillow you shove it against his face, pushing him away from you.


    Requested by @https-suckjin. Hiiiiii ~👋~ Thank you for requesting again! I hope you love it! ♥️🖤♥️ Here’s the list of prompts for anyone who wants to request -> Prompts

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  • mjnisode
    28.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    YEONJUN (연준)

    skateboarding fluff drabble

    yeonjun shook his head endearingly as he plasters a bandaid to your scraped up elbow. “you’re lucky i brought a first aid kit with me just in case,” he says as you sheepishly giggle and scratch your neck.

    just two minutes earlier you had been riding on your skateboard, feeling like a flying bird soaring through wind, until the skateboard hit a large crack in the pavement and literally sent you flying.

    your boyfriend, yeonjun, rushed up to your scratched up self before nursing your wounds almost instantly.

    “do you want to continue or do you want to go back home and rest up.” “yeonjun i am going to stay and ride my skateboard without falling today. no ifs or buts.”

    he grins before pulling you up from spot, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead as a form of encouragement. “why don’t you hold onto my arm and let go when you feel stable? i’m scared you’re going to fall and hurt yourself more,” yeonjun pouts, utilizing it as a weapon for you to ultimately give in.

    his pouts do work, since you immediately balance yourself on your skateboard while clutching yeonjun’s arm tightly, his arm in turn securing your hand. you begin to kick the pavement, slowly gaining speed, until you finally let go of yeonjun’s arm.

    riding through the pavement with the cool evening breeze engulfing your surroundings, with the quiet sunset being interrupted by yeonjun’s proud and encouraging shouts was an experience to say the least.

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  • thecheesebar
    28.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Prompt #9


    Prompt #9: “Baby wants a hug.”


    Gripping the dorm’s door handle, Soobin enthusiastically swings the door open, “Hel—“ his greeting gets quickly interrupted by screaming that erupted from the living room. Removing his shoes, Soobin pokes his head around the corner and beams at the sight of you and the other guys playing on the Nintendo switch together.

    Entering the busy room he yells out, “I’m home,” and he stands there awaiting your usual embrace that he's gotten accustomed to whenever you two see each other. But unlike usual, you mumble out a casual “hi,” while you and Beomgyu battle each other in the round.

    Soobin grabs a seat adjacent to you on the floor. Figuring you were busy finishing the current round, Soobin waited patiently until the round ended. You cheered while Beomgyu came up with excuses as to why he lost. Before Soobin could get your attention the next round started and he slumped back down in his spot waiting for this round to be over. Then there was one more round after that and one more after that.

    Finally after finishing one more round you pushed yourself off the floor. “I’m going to grab a snack,” you announced making your way to the kitchen.

    Opening the fridge you scanned the area, unaware that Soobin had followed your trail. Grabbing a pudding cup you turned around and jumped a little at the sight of Soobin, “oh! You scared me,” you said, turning back around to grab a spoon.

    Thoughts swarmed in his head as he stood there both confused and bothered. That was it? That's all you were going to say to him. Where was the hug? The warm embrace?

    “I’m home…” Soobin repeats from earlier and you nod rummaging through one of the utensil drawers, “I know I see you,” you chuckle. He watches as you continue to gather the necessary items to enjoy your snack.

    Clinks and clanks are heard as you continue your search for a clean spoon. You sigh giving up and right as you do, you hear from behind you a soft voice. “Baby wants a hug.”

    He says it just above a whisper but it’s loud enough to reach your ears and cause you to become motionless. Did I just hear what I think you heard? you thought and slowly you turned around, unsure if you heard him correctly. Soobin stands there head hung low with his hair covering his face. Unable to see his face, you take notice of his ears which have become a burning red.


    “Baby wants a hug!” He lifts up his head and you spot his face now which is a matching color to his ears, as his mouth is formed into a little pout. “You do, do you?” You ask teasingly and he nods.

    You decide not to push it since you could tell he was already embarrassed at what he just said. Setting down what’s in your hand, you grin before leaping up into his arms while wrapping your own limbs around him. He grins from ear to ear as you pepper his face with kisses. Placing tiny kisses on his cheeks, nose, chin, you lean back just about finished when Soobin leans his head down and catches your lips in one last kiss.


    Requested by anon. OKAY this didn’t make me cringe writing it but rereading it... I CRINGE 😆😬😆 but it’s still cute! anyways I hope you enjoyed it! Have a great day and feel free to request again -> Prompts

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  • nullsoob
    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    choi soobin

    genre: angst , unrequited love (pining reader) wc: 430+ warnings: none

    you watched everything from the sidelines.

    it had almost became your daily routine by now, to just watch and observe. you would watch the way the girl would cling to him as if her life almost depended on it, playing with the silky locks of his hair and fiddling with the zipper of his jacket. the boy looked content, so content with his life as if he had everything he ever wanted.

    he had a girlfriend, great friends and not to mention how his grades had been flourishing over the past few weeks. choi soobin was well-rounded.

    it hurt you to watch everything from the sidelines. at first you were pleased with being able to sneakily spy on them, especially on the male who you were significantly attracted to. however, as time passed by you felt nothing but remorse to it all. you were lonely and so pathetic with hardly any friends. you had spent your whole time here being interested in a man that was already swayed and taken away someone else he truly loves.

    you never failed to notice the strong and focused gazes he gave her. you never failed to notice the way he would attack her with kisses right in front of his friends shamelessly. he was happy to show her off, he was happy with her.

    every part of you wished that could’ve been you.

    every part of you wished that he could’ve been available.

    every part of you wished that you hadn’t been so afraid to interact with the boy to begin with. it was all too late now. on the first day of term there was an unoccupied seat next to soobin in the homeroom, you thought of taking the space but you swiftly turned it down due to your tremoring nervousness.

    mere seconds after, his current girlfriend went to take the spot and ever since then, the two had hit it off. but even if you were given the chance to be with him, would he have actually loved you?

    if only you took that seat that day, maybe dynamics would’ve shifted. maybe your whole future would’ve been shifted. you wouldn’t be alone, you would have him and his supportive friends by your side.

    perhaps the universe would’ve been in your favour for at least once. maybe you wouldn’t even be sitting here on the sidelines watching them from afar. maybe you could’ve been the one he actually loved. the one he wanted to smile with and spend the rest of his days with.

    but the universe was simply never in your favour, and never would be.

    ©️ nullsoob — do not repost or translate my works !

    reblogs appreciated mwah <3

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  • nerice
    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    can’t believe that in a fit of insanity i actually considered making an ao3 acc for oc writing last night

    #lmaooo im not putting my shit anywhere ppl will just yell at me for morally reprehensible content #imagine me posting black swan drabbles [internet beating its wardrums] no thanks #nobody appreciates problematic immortals in this economy #elia txts #im just gna make anotehr scrivener project for Proper Drabbles adapted from evernote. that'll do
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    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #hybrid!txt #hybrid!tomorrow by together #hybrid!au #hybrid!hueningkai #hybrid!hyuka #tomorrow x together imagine #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together drabble
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  • sweetieyjn
    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    미안해 •| ᶜʰᵒᶤ ʸᵉᵒⁿʲᵘⁿ |• [ ᵖᵃʳᵗ ¹ ]

    It's been hours since you left home. It's been hours since that stupid argument. But not being here is part of your job, I know.

    You were right, it's your room and only you know how you keep it tidy.  Even though I was right too, it's a mess. You should take the time to tidy up a little better. 

    It's been a while since I last called you. I asked you to have dinner together, a truce to fix this stupid situation.  You refused my request. 

    You're still upset, I could feel it in your voice.

    The door to the apartment burst open, giving way to the thunderous voices of the boys coming in, playing and shouting. But you weren't there.

    Why did you have to, why if everyone else was leaving did you have to stay? Why did you?

    Heuning and Beomgyu went straight into the kitchen, looking for something to eat while it was time for dinner. Soobin took a seat next to me on the spacious sofa. Taehyun walked slowly in our direction after locking the door informing me that Soobin and Heuning had planned to go to the movies before dinner, mentioning that they had only stopped by the apartment to change. But he didn't mention you.

    I struck up a conversation with the guys, trying to forget the fact that I felt rejected by you.  

    Beomgyu zapped at the TV, while Taehyun fought with him for not allowing him to see what was on some channel. Soobin and Heuning had long since left, excited because the movie they would be attending looked very promising.

    The next moment Beomgyu and Taehyun's voices stopped as did the constant switching on the TV. They had finally left a channel. But it felt strange the abrupt change of mood.

    I turned in their direction and they looked like they had seen a ghost, frozen with their eyes glued to the TV.  As I prepared to take a look at what had caused their reaction, Taehyun obstructed my point of view and started talking very fast while trying to pull me along with him.

    What was wrong with him? I was about to protest when the words of the person behind the TV set froze me in my tracks.

    "A second explosion is reported at HYBE entertainment agency. The trapped people could not be rescued yet. Rescue bodies report that they expect 3 to 6 more explosions to happen due to the rupture of several gas lines. So far at least 10 people are reported trapped." 

    The three of us kept silent.

    Beomgyu changed the channel again, his hands were shaking, we all knew you were there.   

    "It is reported that 2 or 4 people could be found lifeless. This is due to the difficult situation and that the location does not lend itself to a safe rescue. Viewers are asked not to be present at the site, as this could cause even more chaos than what is already there. This is primarily directed at all the young women who are crowding around the company in search of information about members of various groups in the company."

    Why if I asked you to have dinner together did you have to turn me down? Why do you have to allow your pride to go so far?

    One more change.

    "The area affected by the explosions is reported to be on the central floors of the building, the area where the agency's practice rooms and locker rooms are stipulated to be located. So far, no injuries or people trapped in the few debris generated on the lower floors have been reported. It is reported that at least 7 people were on that floor at the time of the incident. All the victims have been identified, 4 or more of them could be company personnel and we have the report that 2 of them could be idols. We are not allowed to inform who they are or what group they belong to, to avoid increasing hysteria among fans."

    I know it's you, I know because you haven't called yet. If we hadn't argued you'd be with me now. But you're not.

    Another change.

    "A successful rescue of 3 people has just been carried out, they were found trapped inside one of the elevators of the place, none of them has any serious injuries or damage."

    The transmission was cut for several seconds after a loud noise was recorded by the microphones that were in place. When the signal came back on, the reporter was a little further away from the scene and had a frightened look on his face.

    "We have just witnessed a new explosion, the rescue corps reports that this explosion can generate a collapse in the construction. Because of the previous explosions the foundations of the site were damaged. So far a large amount of debris has fallen, which will further delay the rescue of the victims of this disastrous accident."

    Another one.

    Everyone's nerves are on edge, Taehyun still hasn't let go of me, and I really appreciate it because his touch is the only thing that keeps me still standing and not on the verge of collapse.

    The door to the apartment opens again, our eyes traveled to that point and for a moment no one came in and it kindles in me the hope that it is you, that you had reached to leave the Company before all this happened. Then Heuning enters, letting out little sighs, a sign that he was crying, followed by Soobin. Again, not you.

    —Take your things, we'll go to the company.—

    Soobin's request was in a calm voice, but no one moved, we just exchanged glances.


    Beomgyu's shout brought us out of our state. Tae let go of me, from then on it was all a race, the boys looking to change clothes and everyone fighting for the toilet.

    I went to your room, I felt calm, I wasn't scared, I wasn't afraid, and the thought of panicking had left me. 

    I guess I hadn't quite assimilated the fact that you are trapped in a building at risk of collapse. Because there can be no other explanation for the fact that I was so calm.

    I went to the closet and grabbed two sweatshirts. One was obviously for me, it was cool at this time of night. The other is for you, because when you left the house this morning you didn't have one with you and you're probably a little chilly. 

    When I returned to the living room, the TV was already off and the boys were standing near the door.

    They were waiting for me.

    On the walk to the company many doubts assaulted me. Will you be okay? Did you suffer any damage? Did something even worse happen in there? Will you still be alive?

    With all these thoughts in mind, I began to experience a strong pressure in my chest, everything around me spun and the boys' conversation began to be heard in the distance. I had to call you, I had to know you were okay.

    You couldn't leave me now, you couldn't go away upset because of that stupid argument, I started a desperate search for my cell phone, but that was the moment when I started to feel short of breath.

    Was this a panic attack?

    I could see the worried faces of the guys who were almost on top of me. They all spoke at once and it was impossible for me to understand what they were trying to say.

    Taehyun pushed them all away and helped me into a better position so that it was possible for me to breathe.

    —You need to calm down, breathe...—

    There were no words of encouragement, it wasn't an "Everything will be okay" and it certainly wasn't a "He's safe". Why we didn't know, we didn't know how you were doing and we had no idea what we would find when we got there.

    When we finally arrived the boys came down immediately, but I didn't know what to do, would I be able to keep calm now that I had the real version of the event in front of my eyes?

    I need you by my side, now I realize how much I really love you.

    This morning that you left we didn't say goodbye... we didn't say goodbye, we didn't give each other a kiss. We didn't say "I love you".

    While I was in that internal debate of how to take the situation a loud noise like a big thunder flooded the atmosphere. The hustle and bustle of the moment stopped, everyone was looking at that big damaged structure. And without being able to avoid it, I turned my gaze behind the glass to the same place.

    A large part of the building had collapsed. The area around the site had been reduced to rubble.

    Not far from us stood one of the reporters we had seen on television. He immediately settled down in front of the frame to report on the latest development.

    A little further back was a group of firemen, one of whom was carrying a megaphone through which he began to instruct people to move away from the structure for safety.

    I turned my attention to the reporter to hear his last words.

    "After minutes of waiting, the collapse the authorities were talking about has happened. The rescue forces communicate that they expect to find the 7 people who were trapped lifeless. The weight of the debris is too much for anyone to have survived."

    The Lieutenant in charge took the megaphone and made the announcement that woke me up from my state of shock.

    —The explosions were on the central floors of the building, the columns of the site are already too badly damaged and the upper floors are beginning to collapse. There is no hope for a successful rescue.—

    I immediately got out of the car, it couldn't be true, what we had just witnessed had to have been an illusion, this couldn't end like this.

    I need to see you, I need to hold you. I need to tell you how much I love you, one more time.

    I ran towards the building dodging all the agents that tried to stop me, if they didn't come in to get you I would, because I need to have you by my side.

    Strong arms wrapped around me preventing me from continuing to run into the building. They held me close to his chest, which was rising and falling in agitation, he had run after me. And there, in the warmth of that embrace a new hope grew within me. But I didn't want to turn around and find out again that it wasn't you.

    — You need to stop, you can't do something like this, what do you think you can do for him once you're in there? You couldn't do anything.—

    Soobin's voice came directly from the one who was holding me, so.... Again it wasn't you.

    I felt my heart sink in a sea of anguish. Why aren't you here with me yet? What are you waiting for? Come on, get out of there.

    "All night has passed and rescue teams have still not found any people trapped under the wreckage."

    "After what seems to be 12 hours of the tragedy, the rescue teams have managed to stop the explosions and have also controlled the fires caused by these."

    It's been more than 24 hours since I last saw you.

    The guys dragged me back home, that I needed to sleep was their argument. But still, in the silence of the night, without you by my side, it was impossible for me to fall asleep.

    I miss you.

    Look at your room again. It is still the same as you left it yesterday morning. Your desk is full of notebooks and notes. On a chair and isolated in a corner is a pile of clothes, clean or dirty, I'm sure you don't even know. Sweatshirts and pants everywhere. And even as I'm admiring this mess again I think; are we really fighting over something so futile?

    I need to hear from you.

    I stood up slowly, I had to go there again. I needed news, and I didn't want to watch it through the TV, I had to be present on the spot.

    I left your room ready to go back to the company. I left without making any noise, but when I got to the living room my plan went down the drain. Everyone was there, and judging by their expressions there was still no good news. I turned around and resignedly went back to the room.

    I threw myself on your bed and without being able to help it I burst into tears. Why did this have to happen to us?

    The sound of the door was like a whisper next to my uncontrollable sobs, this time that illusion that it was you didn't appear. I knew who it was.

    Feeling the warmth of his embrace only made my crying increase. He didn't try to make me stop, he didn't comfort me, he didn't do anything like that. He did nothing but join me in my crying.

    I knew that for the boys this was also a difficult situation. But of all of them, he was surely the one who was coping the worst, he also needed a support, but at this moment I couldn't be one, we were both equally broken.

    I'm sorry Soobin, I'm sorry for not being able to comfort you.

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    27.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Prompt #32


    Prompt #32: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."


    “Mmh…shut up,” you mutter into your pillow, ignoring the fourth phone call of the night. Eventually it goes silent and you exhale a sigh of relief when it does. “Finally,” you murmur, flipping your head on the pillow. As you let out another sigh your phone rings again.

    “That’s it, I'm putting it on silent mode,” you angrily pick up the phone but are puzzled when you see the number calling you. Why is he calling so late? Still confused, you pick up the call. “Hello?” You whisper with a raspy voice.

    “Y/n, good you’re awake,” you hear Yeonjun from the other end.

    “No I’m asleep…” you whisper sarcastically. Although you can’t see him, he’s smiling on the other end. “Look out your window.”

    Look out my window? What does that mean? Hoisting yourself up from your comfortable position, you trudge to the window. With a twist of your shades you peek out your window and look down at the figure standing outside.

    Yeonjun waves up at you with a big grin under the outdoor lights. “What are you doing here?” You whisper into the phone while you open the window. “I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses,” he responds as if it was the most obvious answer.

    “Yeonjun it’s three in the morning, I'm sleeping. You can get hugs and kisses tomorrow.” He pouts in the darkness. “But I missed your hugs and kisses yesterday, so I figured I can get double today.”

    You let out a loud sigh resting your chin on your palm. “Yeonjun, as adorable as you are right now, I’m tired, so I love you and good night,” you mumble about to end the call. “Wait no,” you hear from both him and the phone. You bring the phone back up to your ear. “I mean…we could just cuddle,” he says, ears turning pink and you’re not sure if it’s from the cold or the cringe.

    In your sleepy state you thought about it for a moment, it was a rare sight to see Yeonjun so…soft. How can I turn him down? “Okay I’m coming to unlock the door,” you hang up the phone turning your back to the window. Although he can be a pain sometimes, you can’t help but love him for it.


    Not requested. I feel like I haven’t written for Yeonjun in ages, when it’s only been like a week and a half 😂. Have a marvelous day/night!!! Here’s the list if y’all want to request -> Prompts

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    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    ❝𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐄𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲.❞ — TWO.

    A story in which Yeonjun is your troublemaker guardian angel.

    Introduction. | One. | Two | Three

    𖥻 Pairing: GuardianAngel!Choi Yeonjun x Reader (Female)

    𖥻 Genre: 10 cups of fluff served with 7000 words, guardian angel au, fakebf!au, and heavy angst in later chapters

    𖥻 Warnings: swearing- and looks like someone’s jealous in this chapter hehe 😏

    𖥻 Playlist: Akin Ka Na Lang, Je Te Veux, Love Is You, Sweet, The One That Got Away

    Two months with Yeonjun made you feel as if you were happier with having him by your side. Well coming from the fact that he was actually an angel, you weren’t too surprised to come to terms that he was really able to spread some light into your life. 

    For the past eight weeks, you had gotten to know him better and thankfully so! Of course you had some bad moments- aka the ones where he would steal all the blankets while the two of you were diving into new movies, eventually making you lose your shit and throw mint chocolate on him- but all in all, you were quite happy that he was right by your side. It didn’t mean that you weren’t worried about anything, however. 

    You just hoped, now that the wedding was indeed a couple weeks away, that your one of your friends would agree to come with you. Unfortunately Kai said he was busy that week since he was taking a plane to visit his family back in his hometown, making it impossible for him to even come to the wedding in the first place. When you heard this, you were pretty dismayed. You had no clue who else you were going to ask if all else failed, but luckily there was always one person who never failed to work things out for you- even if it seemed unintentional.

    It wouldn’t be a surprise that you were thinking of one of the best boys in your life, Beomgyu!

    Maybe today was a good day to ask him since both of your schedules were free, and you could visit him once his shift was done over at your favorite cafe. In times like this you knew you could always count on him whenever some things didn’t measure up. Plus, he never let you down- that went vice versa too. Though you were hopeful- pretty wishful that things would work out, he was always welcome to say no as well.

    In all honesty, it’s not like it was that bad being single. You probably would’ve sucked it up and gone by yourself, taking all of the teasing from your older sister about how lonely you are even if you truly wanted a significant other just like her. She was lucky... she really was, and perhaps like her, you would find the one that made your heart swell with joy.

    Yeonjun could only sigh and roll his eyes as he listened to you rant in front of the mirror about how badly you wanted a significant other, thinking it was extremely ridiculous you wanted to even date in the first place. To him, human men or women included were dogs; they had no clue how to function by themselves without angels or God! For you to want to have a boyfriend in the first place (he could see your side a little though), was just... out of the question. And he wasn’t going to admit this one out loud, but he would rather you go with him just because it was “safer.”

    “Do we really have to go see Beomgyu today?” Yeonjun complained with a pouted lip, tugging on your arm with all his strength just so he couldn’t see the black haired boy. Why did he have to have such a soft voice that it was clearly sneakily charming towards you? Yeonjun hated it. 

    Sighing, you immediately stopped in your tracks causing your guardian angel to see stars in his eyes- only a second later to groan when he saw that you were still going to see that strange boy. To be fair, he didn’t really have any reasons to be suspicious for him. It couldn’t be called intuition either, but he just didn’t like seeing the two of you together- it didn’t mean that he was going to forbid you from seeing your friends though.

    “For the last time,” you chuckled exasperatedly, basically dragging him along the sidewalk as your heels clicked onto the gray pavement, “yes we are, Yeonjun! Whether you like it or not, he’s going to be my date for the wedding since I don’t want to look like a loser in front of my engaged sister. Can’t you just be a good angel for once- for me?” You pleaded with sparkling eyes, gazing at him with dread.

    “But Y/N!” He whined for the nth time that day, your words seemingly having no effect on him. 

    As you figured he shook his head with indignance, crossing him arms and sticking out his bottom lip even more. You knew that Yeonjun was difficult, but why did he have to act like a baby? For the life of you, you couldn’t figure out why he was so against seeing one of your best friends!

    “Yeonjun, I swear I’ll give you all the mint chocolate you want after this. Just cooperate with me today, alright?”

    Once he heard those two words, mint chocolate, his deep frown surely turned into a wide smile and it was as if his whole attitude changed now that he was happy go lucky about seeing his so called ‘enemy.’ Like sour candy perhaps?

    You couldn’t help but grin yourself at how quickly he could change, all the while sensing that you were close to the cafe that Beomgyu worked at. It was a sweet coincidence that they sold ice cream too, so you knew Yeonjun would go nuts over the mint choco flavor they were famous for. Honestly you guessed some part of you wondered why he was so obsessed with that one flavor when there were different ones to try, but that was okay! As long as he was happy, then you were more than okay buying him whatever he wanted in return for your safety and guidance.


    While Beomgyu was busy taking orders at the counter, his shift about to be finished in a couple more minutes, both you and Yeonjun decided to wait patiently at one of the tables. Like always Yeonjun was in awe of the green minty flavor, leaning lazily back on the chairs with a wide smile on his face. You, on the other hand, decided just to grab a cup of coffee as you waited timidly for your friend to be finished.

    There were many, many possibilities of how Beomgyu would react once you told him. You were hoping that he would say yes, otherwise there was no one else you could ask- meaning you would unfortunately have no one to go with. 

    At first you would’ve been totally okay with it- but the more time passed by you realized this occasion was your sister, and you didn’t want her to tease you into oblivion that you weren’t able to find a date. The thought of her mockingly laughing (of course you knew it was all in good fun, and she would never go so far to hurt your feelings) when you showed up to the wedding was one that made you roll your eyes and look out desperately into the window.

    “You needed me, Y/N?” The soft yet deep voice called out from the side, making you smile anxiously as he took a side from across of you. You noticed that there were dark circles engraved beneath his eyes, causing the confidence in you slowly depleting with each second of silence between the three of you. The feeling of guilt locked in your heart. He must’ve not gotten a lot of sleep either these days from working and going to classes, and now this? You felt horrible to be asking him of such a responsibility of something he couldn’t possibly benefit from.

    “I... well, could you, um... I...” you could only mutter out, your hands going in multiple directions as you tried to figure out what to say. 

    This was the first time you were stuttering in front of Beomgyu to which he raised an eyebrow at, shooting a confused look towards Yeonjun who was visibly enjoying every minute of your torture. Instead your angel just decided to clear his throat as he bit into the icy treat, leaning onto one of his cupped hands that were set on the table.

    “Y/N is just dying to know if you could be her date for her sister’s wedding. It’s on the 24th this month, soooo,” he paused before easily laughing to himself like you weren’t there, “could you make her not look single and lame in front of everyone?”

    Well, at least your huge favor got out before you could stutter your way through it. You glared at Yeonjun who was smirking, although still pretty thankful that he was the one who said it instead of you- which would definitely take a long, long while.

    Then you stole a glance at Beomgyu who had a deep frown on his face. It didn’t seem to be good news, judging from the way he was gazing thoughtfully at the wooden table.

    “I’m really sorry, and I’m glad you asked me but I’m afraid my parents are visiting that day,” he hesitated hopelessly before answering your request. 

    You gritted your teeth to smile, a bit hurt that your pride would eventually be damaged when you showed up. Sure it wasn’t a lot, but how could you tell Hana you weren’t able to find somebody despite your promise?

    “Oh...” you sighed, your hands twisting together in an awkward position as you toyed with your fingers despondently. “That’s okay... well, I hope you have fun!”

    He tried to grin at you too, genuinely feeling a bit guilty that he wasn’t able to show up for something important- especially if it was towards you.

    “You too. Maybe I could try telling them to visit another day? Just so-”

    You interrupted him, shaking your head before he could say anymore. That was too much he was risking, even for you to ask. 

    “No, don’t even think that! I’m sure I’ll find someone else or go by myself! There’s gotta be some people that don’t have dates either, so I won’t look like a fool entirely.”

    It grew silent at the table when you said this, allowing you time to think of what your options were. Both Kai and Beomgyu weren’t able to go due to their own personal reasons. So now you were not only going to be single and awkward by yourself when the couples danced together, but also be a little crushed from how things weren’t able to work out the way you wanted. There was no need to be despondent as you thought of Hana’s jubilant, extra exquisite wedding since you were more than overjoyed for her, though it was just a reminder you were incredibly single.

    You jutted the top of your lip out as you took another gulp of your coffee, feeling it scorchingly drip down your throat as you swallowed it up to control your new found disappointment.

    Across from you Beomgyu smirked to himself as he got an idea from the silence, his eyes mischievous as they darted between you and Yeonjun.

    “Actually... I don’t think you’ll have to go alone. There might be someone who can go with you since, I guess you could say they see you everyday anyway,” he chuckled happily to himself, as if conjuring up a plan that would have you dead at the end of the 24th that month.

    “And that is?” You perked up excitedly, ready to hear whatever he was going to suggest- no matter how ridiculous it could’ve sounded. You knew not to listen to Beomgyu whenever he had a second option, but as you mentioned a thousand times, before you were desperate! You would do anything in order not to break the mutual unsaid promise your sister and you had set apart earlier.

    “Why don’t you...” his eyes lingered on Yeonjun’s as he could barely contain his laugh before proposing something that would change your view forever, “just go with Yeonjun? Since the two of you are together all the time I figured that-”

    “WHAT?!” Both you and Yeonjun shouted at the same time, looking at each other in horror once you realized what Beomgyu was saying. Your eyes widened slowly but surely when you comprehended his suggestion, and Yeonjun was no longer joyfully eating his mint ice cream, almost dropping it onto the floor.

    “Go? With him? Are you kidding?” You inquired incredulously, crossing your arms together with annoyance. Anyone but your goddamn angel, then you would’ve been quite merry to go and grab that opportunity! Everyone would think you were in love with Yeonjun, even though you could never see him as your date! You could only shake your head at the thought and would rather choose being lonely than go with him.

    Yeonjun seemed to be repeating the same things you were saying to Beomgyu, but you were zoning out instead of listening. Your friend muttered that he thought it was a great idea since you both were free at the same time and were good “roommates” anyway! Little did he know that you were more than simply roommates, more like a forced agreement of living together because of the impact of Yeonjun’s huge responsibility.  

    Beomgyu snickered at the two of you bickering over each other, seemingly proud of what he did in just a couple minutes of sitting down. All this for a wedding, huh? He found this act between two friends to be really endearing, coming from that he started (though not too serious) drama just for fun. He leaned towards you, scrunching his nose when the volume of your argument became too loud.

    “See? You two are perfect for each other! At least you’re communicating unlike most couples these days,” he joked, and you wanted nothing more in that minute to just sock him in the stomach for knowing how much you wanted this  though not with Yeonjun.

    You simply leaned back into your chair, feeling exhausted from the thought of going with Yeonjun. Hearing Beomgyu’s ideas gradually made your strong opinion on not making him your date much weaker as you thought of all the pros and cons of the situation. Sure you’d probably have to dance once or twice with him, but it wasn’t like you were going to die. You mean... if it was for your sister not being a little disappointed because she wanted her sister to be happily committed, then you could do it, right? You could stand at least one day just acting all lovey-dovey with your guardian angel, as long as it meant that your sister was jubilant you were finally out and about trying to find the love of your life.

    Yeonjun tugged on your side when he realized that you weren’t so opposed to the idea of him going anymore. You looked at him with reluctant eyes, and that’s when he knew the answer.

    If you asked for his opinion- and take in mind that he wasn’t going to say it out loud ever- he didn’t mind it so much. He would like it much better if you went with him compared to Beomgyu, yet he wasn’t sure how you’d react, thus making him scared to agree with your friend. And although he was shocked at first hearing the suggestion, he was dying to spice up your life somehow just so the two of you could have fun together.

    “Fine,” your voice was pleading as you asked Yeonjun, too afraid to look him in the eye if he’d say no as well- like the other boys in your life, “will you be my date for the wedding, Yeonjun?”

    Your angel just smirked at you, sending you a smug yet apologetic look because he knew you needed and depended on him to help you for the first time (well, politely asking in this case). That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to make fun of you though!

    “Sure, Y/N~ as long as you hold me there~” he mockingly purred, causing you to groan once again and retort back with an irritated answer of “just know that I’ll punch you if you try anything, jerk!” while jokingly hitting him on the shoulder. 

    Beomgyu unknowingly smiled to himself as he watched the two of you laugh together from how things got this way, and he couldn’t help but have a prediction that this Yeonjun would inevitably see you as something different when the time came. 

    You had to admit- you were starving ever since you came to the mall to search for a few clothes. It had been a while since both you and Yeonjun went dress shopping, and it was becoming quite repetitive hearing his endless whining to buy him some new clothes because the ones he already had were “boring”- even if they seemed perfectly excellent to you. Therefore you decided that on the day where you were finally free from the chokeholds of class or work, you would not only get some new clothes for Yeonjun but also find a new dress and his suit for the incredibly important wedding coming up. Plus you saved up with everything you had, so hopefully everything would turn out well in the end!

    The main goal here was to find the perfect dress and suit for the wedding though, so that the two of you looked great when your sister came to see you after a while. You hadn’t told her about Yeonjun yet, so it’d be a surprise; plus you could also rub it in her face that you had actually gotten a date by the time she was getting married. As fake as it gets, it seemed like the perfect plan to you and you could only imagine her face when she saw you holding Yeonjun’s hand as soon as the two of you entered.

    Oh, that’s right. You had to act like the perfect couple or at least create some chemistry so it was believable. Earlier you explained to Yeonjun about the plan (as in being affectionate to a T where everyone would eventually get tired of your shit but would honestly secretly find it endearing), however the both of you could not take it seriously and ended up having stomach aches from laughing so much about it. You just couldn’t imagine what it’d be like ever having him as your boyfriend- he was a dear friend to you and it was mutual for him. You two were best friends now and hearing that sounded like the funniest thing ever to carry out even if it meant fooling everyone with a little joke.

    So with a growling stomach, you brought Yeonjun to the food court by almost dragging him- you couldn’t blame him, all the fluorescent lights were absolutely distracting when they blinked nonstop- and ordered some spicy japchae noodles. It was something simple, but you had come to adore them ever since you were a child and tried them for the first time.

    As you sat down the chair rubbed against the floor, causing you to cringe when you set down your tray containing a bowl of noodles and some rice- an exquisite meal if you do say so yourself. Yeonjun sat down from across of you, following suit and putting down his tray of rice and bulgogi- with multiple side dishes as well. That was one thing that caught his eye other than mint chocolate or two fruits such as apples and bananas, coming from the fact that he wasn’t such a big fan of eating in the first place.

    You happily thanked whoever was up there for the tasty meal before digging in. Yeonjun played with the utensils for a little bit as he gazed down at the meal you bought him- a bit thankful actually- and took a small bite, relishing in the new, wholesome flavor. He then looked up to see if you were enjoying what you ordered for yourself, naturally worrying about how you’d react in general until he saw how glad you were to have some food anyway.

    There was a small smirk on his face as he watched you chow down the noodles intently, thinking that this sight was one of the most endearing ones he had ever seen since being your angel. Silently he leaned on his knuckles as you slurped up all of your noodles, loving the way you ate to your heart’s content- just like he always reminded you to whenever you were working hard on a huge project. He guessed that all of his hard work of being your guardian angel was finally paying off in the hopes that you were really becoming a decent human.

    Sensing that Yeonjun was staring at you on the other hand, you glanced down at the table in embarrassment and grabbed a napkin to dab at your mouth. “Why are you staring at me?”

    The smile on his face grew even wider when you asked that, his cheeks protruding as he subtly stole took the silver spoon beside your bowl to try the noodles you said you were always a fan of since childhood.

    “Are you sure you could eat all that? Or do you need my help?”

    You rolled your eyes obviously seeing through his excuse just to eat and started to laugh loudly when he tried the spicy noodles by itself. His whole face scrunched up before snatching the icy cup of water right in front of him, gulping it down whole as you struggled not to choke on your japchae noodles yourself this time.

    “Why are these noodles this spicy? How can you stand that?!” He spat out, the burning on his tongue becoming more unbearable by the second. To no avail he swatted his hand over his face, sweat already gleaming off his tan skin as he tried to endure the heat spreading all over his body.

    A few seconds later you handed him your glass of water once you saw he was too weak to even take a deep necessary breath, letting all of your snickers out before taking another big bite so you wouldn’t choke on your own food again from watching him.

    “Because... they’re spicy..?”

    He couldn’t help but chuckle at your uncertain answer, causing you to break out into incessant laughter together. A couple of times both you tried to steal whatever the other had on their plate, teasing each other by taking it every couple of seconds and fighting with the spoons that it made several loud clinks in the room. But honestly? Both you and Yeonjun didn’t care, even if many found the whole situation to be embarrassing.

    You were living in the moment, and that mattered more than anything because at least the two of you had each other.

    After eating and filling both your stomachs up, you decided to search for Yeonjun’s suit first. With a lot of convincing and whines from Yeonjun’s side, you would look for his new clothes a few days after the wedding was over. That was your main concern anyway, plus it was necessary with the amount of time you had left to spend from doing nothing together.

    There were a few things you needed to buy. First, you needed a dark suit jacket. Even though he didn’t have a lot of experience on Earth yet, the angel was incredibly amazing for choosing his own clothes, sporting his own look whenever he went to classes with you. There was also a need for a fine white dress shirt, though you were sure that he could choose that out as well- you trusted him with his good taste anyway.

    And last but not least, a matching tie or bow tie to go along with it. You were hoping that Yeonjun would look quite chic once he tried it on- well honestly, he looked good in anything but that must’ve been because he was an angel... for someone who was as pretty as him in your world, he would be so much more gorgeous than a silly old painting that even the finest artists created- in your opinion, though of course you weren’t going to admit it out loud. You didn’t want to feed into his big ego, meaning you acknowledged it silently with defeat.

    Yeonjun’s endless squealing over while you were out at the store made you stop your worrying, and you peeked on your side to see what he was looking at. And not to your surprise, he was fawning over a dark navy blue suit jacket that looked perfect for the wedding, donning a few shiny black buttons and exquisite pockets. Your mouth dropped as you looked at it compared to the rest- it seemed more expensive and you sprinted up to the suit jacket to check the price.

    You gulped as you saw the price of $100, but what were you expecting? The thought of buying when your budget was $200 would cost you a lot... though it was important and Yeonjun needed it! For all the other suits there, the one that he chose was more cheaper, although what if it wasn’t enough? You spun it around even more to see the a red sign with bold black letters of “FOR RENT: $100-300.”

    Yeonjun sensed there was something wrong as he stared at your crestfallen face even more, his hand reaching out to grab your shoulder in reassurance. You glanced at him just giving him a nervous grin, toying around with the price tag in your fingers for a few seconds. You had no clue what you were going to say to him when he obviously loved how it looked. Before it wasn’t a problem but since you’ve gotten closer and realized how much he watched over you... you truly felt indebted to him for what he did just to keep you safe.

    “I-I don’t know, what if I can’t pay enough now?” You sighed, wanting this more than anything- probably more than him because you knew that he loved it at first sight just like you did.

    The corners of Yeonjun’s lips lifted up a little as if giving you some solace, his hand still warmly laying on your shoulder.

    “Y/N, please? I know everything will be okay... just trust me. Please?” He then pleaded, giving you the puppy dog eyes he knew you couldn’t say no to. That smart angel must’ve mastered them at one point, otherwise they would’ve never worked on you in the first place.

    Rolling your eyes you smiled, unable to say no to his excited expression and your need to see him in the suit jacket this time.

    “Sure, Jjunie! But let’s get a dress shirt and bow first to put it all together, okay?”

    It was just for... $100, right? For one night and everything would be alright, right?

    But it was all worth it watching his face light up when you actually gave the final permission. His eyes crinkled in delight as they looked at you, and he happily grabbed the blue suit jacket hanging on the rack.


    Yeonjun was very talented at making someone wait. Although this could be a good thing if the time called for it, it definitely wasn’t now. Even after you changed into an incredibly gorgeous dress (up to your imagination and what you prefer!) that had a cheap price of roughly $40 for a fancy wedding, he was still in the dressing room. Some part of you just wanted to burst in and help him with whatever he needed, but that would just be a plain invasion of privacy and you’d most likely see something you didn’t ever want to see.

    No matter how many times you rubbed them, you swore you felt your eyes droop with boredom- a good 10 minutes of just being stuck sitting down on one of the couches the store had. Despite feeling tedious with doing nothing and staring at your phone over and over again, you felt a bit anxious. The dress was perfect- you felt confident in it and most importantly, comfortable. But what if Yeonjun thought it wasn’t... good? And you knew that you shouldn’t dress up for anyone- especially not him but even so! It wasn’t until you heard a shy call of your name that beckoned you over with a deep breath to calm your nerves.

    The curtains wrapped around your arms as you opened them slowly out of hesitation, perhaps out of enjoyment of the sheer torture of anticipation, but there you saw him, staring at himself in the mirror with pure amazement. At that very moment you felt your heart skip a beat, your eyes gazing deeply into his soft brown ones that held nothing but appreciation towards you. It was funny that your legs wobbled as you forced yourself to walk towards him, pointing subtly to how... how incredibly handsome he looked in that outfit.

    “Y-Yeonjun, you...” his eyes dropped down to your feet and quickly ran up your body, making your face heat up even more with embarrassment from how much he was already looking at you from the beginning. Now with the most soft smile and gentle crescent eyes he tilted his head, turning around and just the sight of making eye contact with him made you draw in a sharp gasp.

    “You look so beautiful, Y/N,” he whispered with a voice so quiet that it was barely audible.

    Your ears burned and you looked away just as quickly as you looked at him in the first place. What were you worrying about? You were confident and far comfortable in this dress already, but hearing from someone whom you knew supported you whenever you needed it... it could only inflate your ego twice fold.

    “You’re not too bad yourself,” you teased and scrunched your nose, “quite handsome for someone who’s pretending to be a human, in my opinion. But wait...” you trailed off, raising your eyebrow in amusement when you realized that something was off with his suit, “let me fix your tie for you, silly! How could you forget that?”

    The compliment made his cheeks dust pink, and he pursed his lips as he looked into the mirror with embarrassment. Your hands fumbled a little with the tie a little and you stole a glance at Yeonjun to see his reaction. He was surprisingly calm like always- though his cheeks were a little bit pink, and he was silently staring at you as you tried to fix whatever he tried to do earlier. With how his chest heaved little by little, you only realized then of how close you were and how he could see... everything?

    You weren’t sure how you were going to act like a couple there, honestly. If you were already freaking out the proximity between the two of you then... you probably didn’t stand a chance of convincing anyone! It was supposed to be a fun night, maybe with you dabbing at your eyes a little bit from how pretty the ceremony was, however what if you didn’t do well and everyone could see that you and Yeonjun weren’t as close as expected? Or better- no worse yet, what if you shamed yourself by tripping on something and eventually annoying your older sister even if it wasn’t intended?

    By your worried expression on your face and how much time you spent together, your angel could piece together from the clues that something was definitely wrong. He knew it was from the wedding and wanted to help you, but he wasn’t sure how. To be honest, he had always thought that he didn’t do enough as your angel so he wanted to help you at least be more confident before working on the rest as his job.

    You were just finished with correcting his mistake from earlier when Yeonjun gently took your hand in his, trying to stop you from panicking and overdoing the knot.

    “Y/N.... look, everything is going to okay, alright? I promise you that I’ll be here for you but you just need to let go of everything- like the preparations for now and think about how happy your sister is happily getting married to the love of her life. It may be hard, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Plus, you know that you can always lean on me whenever you need it right? I’m your guardian angel, and I want nothing more than to help you?” He whispered gently, tending to the aching stress in your mind with nothing but sweet words leaving his soft lips. You cupped his cheek affectionately for the first time, running your thumb over it a few times as he leaned into it.

    “Thanks, Yeonjun,” you sighed, extremely thankful that he was there to reassure you time and time again even if it took a couple tries, “what would I do without you?” You asked willingly, despite knowing the answer.

    He smirked smugly, dusting off his suit with pride, “you’d be fine, but I swear you’d just die in the first day from accidentally burning the house down.”

    “Hey!” You shouted loud enough that probably anyone could hear it from outside of the dressing room, “Shut up, Jjun!”


    While you were busy hauling all of Yeonjun’s stuff over- the tie, and your dress Yeonjun was already at the counter with your money, trying to charm the lady into giving you a discount. Based on physical appearances she was a little older than you, but still heavily captivated by all of his gestures and the way he smiled especially at her. The thought of them flirting made you roll your eyes- and guess what! You didn’t even have to think of it anyway! They were doing it right in front of you, making you gag as subtly as you could since you didn’t want to be rude. However it was just plain... gross, and you hated it more than anything you had ever witnessed.

    Listen, you were quite grateful enough that Yeonjun was trying to knock down the price by being such a flirt, but could he take any longer? A strange bubbling feeling came from your chest as you looked at this scene, unable to stop rolling your eyes no matter how many times you tried to calm yourself. Wait, you didn’t even know what that feeling was. What was it supposed to mean and why were you feeling like that? It was as if you were... jealous...? But why?! It’s not like Yeonjun was yours- he was your angel, but he could do whatever he want with another person and you wouldn’t care! It must’ve been the way they were talking for so long about whatnot and everything at the same time.

    Once again you huffed in annoyance watching the two of them flirt as if no one was watching... as if no one like you was witnessing the whole thing and clearly dying inside. But God, could they be less obvious than that?! All of that complimenting, googly blinking eyes, and sweet smiles were driving you absolutely insane. You were at the brink of just ending it all right there and then when you suddenly saw a tall figure excitedly stand in front of you.

    “Y/N! Guess what! I was able to get a discount, can you believe it?”

    Your eyebrows stitched together- you weren’t surprised, just a little disappointed that his plan had actually worked even though you knew you shouldn’t have been. The question was why, but you were way too heated at that moment to figure all that out.

    “Oh, good for you. Now come on, let’s go home; I’m really tired,” you couldn’t help but mutter with a sarcastic tone.

    Boy, lemme tell you- he didn’t buy it for a second.

    “No, something’s wrong. You weren’t like this at all before. You know that I’m right here, Y/N... what’s bothering you?”

    “Look, Yeonjun, I’m fine! There’s nothing wrong and it’s just because I’m tired!” You snapped harshly, all the patience from before depleting in a second.

    He raised an eyebrow at your sudden wave of frustration, making you cling onto the bag of clothes even more. The pink plastic bag crinkled against your fingers, replacing the silent atmosphere between the two of you- though somehow making it more awkward that you were desperate to take back your answer. However Yeonjun only stayed quiet, most likely trying to find out the reason why you became like that. You cringed, just wanting to get out of there before he could question the abrupt change of your attitude when he interrupted you.

    “Y/N... are you jealous?” He softly asked, carefully taking your hand into his for the nth time that day- perhaps to calm you down.

    “J-jealous?” Your eyes widened and you placed the other hand over your chest defensively, “why would I be jealous?! There’s nothing to be jealous about!”

    Definitely nothing to be jealous about when he was the one flirting with other people. You were clueless as to why you felt that way anyway- considering that it even worked and you spent less money- so whatever you were hoping for didn’t even matter in the first place!

    Yeonjun kept teasing you incessantly, using his other hand to pat you on the top of your head, “it’s not a good look on you! You look much better happier, isn’t that right?”

    You huffed with your cracked ego from how he realized it too quickly and turned around, pulling him along with a little smile on your face from how hard you were trying not to laugh at the clear worry written on his face plus the shocked noise he made a second ago.

    “Ugh, let’s just go home! I don’t want to talk to you anymore,” you grumbled, trying to be upset and totally loving hating the way his fingers fit warmly against yours. Yeonjun only laughed as he caught up with you, trying to grab the pink plastic bag in your hands as some form of assistance. It wasn’t easy being your guardian angel, but he loved every singly moment he had with you- from the time he figured out you were jealous just now and to when you finally got home after such a long day... 

    your hands were connected the whole time.

    The ruffling of feathers roused you in the middle of the night, a few of them softly falling on top of your cheek as your eyes slowly fluttered awake. Like always, you were going to ask Yeonjun what time it was since it was just as dark as it was when you decided to sleep. That was until you realized that he wasn’t beside you anymore, somehow disappearing even though he promised to stay by your side always.

    You wondered if he actually left you, your heart dropping as if it was a 1000 pounds until you looked at the side of his bed, your eyes trailing up to meet the glistening periwinkle window. Beside it was your guardian angel, Yeonjun, thinking intensely, his wings fluttering as he looked longingly outside of it. 

    Letting out a tiny sigh of relief that he didn’t leave you, you shuffled out of your bed and took quiet steps towards him. You noticed how he stared into the clouds up above, his doe brown eyes sparkling as he leaned on one of his hands perched on the window sill. Seeing this was unusual for you, as you had never seen a vulnerable side of him before, a somber though wishful expression was painted on his face.

    “Yeonjun? Is something wrong?”

    Said angel tensed when he heard your voice before shifting to the side, giving you space to sit. You decided to look where he was looking because he didn’t answer your question, only to find nothing that caught your eye. Yeonjun watched as you shot him a confused look before exhaling shakily and closing his eyes.

    “I miss my friends up in heaven... ever since I came here, I haven’t been able to see them at all...” his soft voice lamented as he searched hopelessly into the night above. “I wonder if they can see me taking care of you well since it’s been two months and more, but do you think they miss me too?”

    Seeing the pain in his tender eyes even if he tried to hide it made your heart drop, the vulnerability of the situation only coming to light now as you watched his shoulders tremble in the gleaming moonlight.

    “Oh, Yeonjun,” you murmured, feeling quite guilty and melancholy that you were the reason he couldn’t see them anymore, the sole reason why he was feeling this particular way. “I’m so sorry...”

    “Don’t blame yourself,” he lamented with a small smile on his face, one of his fingers drawing perfect circles onto the window sill. Still you frowned to yourself, thinking of how selfish it was to have guardian angels in the first place when they obviously had lives of their own. The thought of Yeonjun smiling with his friends did nothing to calm your wistful heart as you desperately tried to come up with a solution of making him feel better. 

    Even if it was a small fragment in time, even if it wouldn’t do a lot for him in the long run you slowly reached out your arms to him, pulling him closer so that he would at least feel as if someone was by your side. Like always he was warm, causing you to move in deeper into his body whilst shuddering from the cool air around you.

    “W-what are you doing?” He squeaked shyly, his movement uncertain from how his arms laid stagnant at his side.

    You smiled gently once you heard that, rubbing your head against his as a sign that there was always someone by his side- just like how he was with you whenever you were in doubt. “I’m hugging you, silly. Don’t you know what a hug is?”

    His touch was sweet as he wrapped his arms around you back carefully, as if testing the waters before he truly sunk into the warmness of your embrace. Truth be told, he had always seen many humans do it for the time he was a regular angel, but he didn’t know he’d like it this much. He could only revel in how much it felt good to loved by you; to be loved by someone who he never thought he would become friends with in the first place.

    The way he hugged you back felt like pure heaven on Earth. Your fingers curled against his back, bringing him closer so that he’d know he was loved- something that you knew was true because by now, he really was engraved in your heart. 

    “Yeonjun?” You asked confused, when your angel didn’t answer.

    “I know what a hug is,” he pouted, burying himself in your neck as lightly as he could. “it’s just that I’ve never felt it before...” Yeonjun paused for a second, his voice trailing off until he smirked into your skin, “but I love it.”

    Your chuckles mixed with him as they echoed throughout the room, and you pulled away from him since it had been a while of kneeling uncomfortably on the floor together. “I’m so happy to hear it, Jjun... who knew you’d be a big fan of something like hugs?“

    He rolled his eyes as a response, causing you to laugh once again. 

    “Do you think we could do this some time again?” His eyes pleaded as they gazed at you with love, begging you to stop in your place as you tried to get up. You faltered for a second, and your knees fell flat against the gray carpet again. The thought of holding him for a second made you smile, and you couldn’t help but pull him for another one after hearing how much he adored receiving any type of affection. 

    “Of course, my angel,” you sighed happily as you embraced him warmly, “I’ll hold you tight for eternity.”

    He laughed deep within his chest, giving you some type of butterflies in your stomach that you had never felt before until now. You didn’t know how to feel with a swift pounding heart, but for now... you were just going to have him next to you for as long as you possibly could. 

    At that moment- when he heard you call him that, he came up with a nickname of his own to call you. He hoped you wouldn’t mind, but with how sweetly you called him your angel...? It made him feel incredibly warm inside.

    “Me too, my angel... I’ll be here with you for eternity.”

    Posted: July 26, 2021 (4:14pm)

    Thoughts: I am so so sorry for the late update for this chapter! I worked really hard on it these past few weeks, even with singing at a wedding and a whole roadtrip to Florida (which I am currently going through now- in the time that I’m editing this at like 4pm) to bring a sweet, sweet chapter like this for you <3 like just angel yeonjun hugging you... the need to have it rn like pls. Tbh I might put this whole story on hold since school is already coming up in a few weeks and I haven’t done my summer homework??? So sorry if I do, but for now I’m going to take a well deserved rest in Florida ! Also thoughts on having a taglist? Just ask if you want to be part of it hehe~ but thank you so much for reading and i hope you enjoy the future chapters of this book!


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  • nullsoob
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    choi soobin

    pairing: soobin x gn!reader genre: fluff wc: 511

    it was taehyun’s birthday today and the four others had urged for the boy to at least throw a small party. with reluctance in following their demands, he in fact decided to throw one and all the boys were invited along with a few other close friends of his. although, he was well-known around school, you knew taehyun to be quite the reserved person.

    that reason being why he didn’t have a full-out, reckless houseparty, that would’ve likely extended into sometime of the early morning tomorrow.

    the slow jam music from inside the house had had echoed outside to where you had sat down with soobin. no, sat down with soobin on his lap. the two of you had sat down together alone, and under the garden gazebo whilst listening to the faint music in the back. after having spent plenty of time with the others and the celebrant, you two decided to catch some alone time for a bit. however, you did feel rather guilty about temporarily ditching them with your boyfriend all of a sudden.

    “hey, do you want to get in the hot tub?” soobin asked whilst simply placing a smooth hand on your hip and looking at you with those frank ‘puppy’ eyes of his.

    “sure thing, bin.” you smiled at him and got up from his lap. his arms were compelled to flail away from you and he lightly frowned. he was always clingy with you which you didn’t mind at all, you had gotten accustomed to it by now.

    the two of you slipped out of your own clothes and slowly dipped yourselves into the hot water of the jacuzzi. you had scooted closer to soobin and his eyes didn’t linger away from yours nor your drenched figure. soobin found every little thing about you beautiful, particularly now in the way your eyes shone under the warm sunset of this evening.

    he simply uttered no words but only brought his gentle lips to yours. the hot water from the tub had calmly lapped over your skin and the mix of his delicate lips soothed against yours with ease. he pulled away a few seconds after and noticed your confused yet simple-hearted face. how could you complain at the fact that your boyfriend gave you a cute kiss out of the blue?

    “what was that about?” you chuckled whilst gliding a hand across his cheek.

    “nothing, i just love you a lot.” soobin simply said with a clear smile showing his dimples. he dug his head in the crook of your neck to let it rest there and you carded a hand through his dampened locks.

    “i love you a lot too.” you replied with a smile at his heartfelt words. subsequently, you gave him a few feathery kisses on his cheek.

    “look at those two lovebirds. the audacity they have… on my birthday and in my house.” taehyun muttered to the others. he pointed towards the window showcasing the two of you cuddled together in the hot tub.

    ©️ nullsoob — do not repost or translate my works !

    reblogs appreciated mwah <3

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  • omgsoholy
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    daydreamin’ — choi yeonjun

    genre: fluff

    pairings: yeonjun & reader

    cw: none

    "... we're going to be busy but I'm sure keeping you company."

    — another repost from my old account, i did some revisions and proofreading & i like it better now haha

    He walked in, he just walked inside the coffee shop you're used to hang out after school before going home. To read books, finish your assignments, or just to take a break and eat your favorite freshly-made bread. You considered the place heaven with how it easily ease off any troubles and worries you had for the whole day at school but god, the way your heart is racing right now caused by the man who just walked past you.

    His pitch black mullet hair, that chess board-like sweater matching those cute pants and oh- that's a cool sneakers huh? Cute. You thought to yourself, not-so subtly checking his side profile out as he was ordering at the counter.

    You wonder where is he studying, or if he’s still studying because there's a lot of schools in this place, it's hard to guess. But you would love to know what his major is, his hobbies, how he likes his eggs cooked. You squealed silently, embarrassed of your own thoughts.

    You noticed he is still waiting for his order, you turn your head to look at the people passing through, wanting to distract yourself from stalking the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen.

    What if he had a girlfriend? or boyfriend? Do you think he's single? Well he does look intimidating but in a very good kind of way, you know... maybe he's nice and easy to be friends with. Is he the sweet type of person or a tsundere type? You giggled as you turn back your head at his way. Oh he's gone... 

    And someone cleared their throat.

    "Is this seat taken?" said the man who’s standing proudly across you. Shoot it was him! You’re totally malfunctioning at the moment as you try to get a grip of the reality that he maybe noticed you ogling him since he entered the store.

    You turned your head slowly to get a look at him, forcing a smile that looks anything but genuine. Awkwardly laughing as you nod, offering him the seat across you.

    "Yes, you can... sit..." you replied, smiling sheepishly.

    Your palms are getting sweaty as you try to relieve your nervousness by picking at the hem of your shirt, wishing that the floor would just swallow you completely or maybe some kind of emergency will happen just to save yourself from this unpleasant situation.

    "I just noticed..." he started.

    "No! No! I didn't mean to look like a creep! I’m not checking you out, I just think you're-" you rambled as you try to explain yourself out of your own conclusions hoping that he won't sue you for stalking even though you're not really stalking him.

    "Oh, sorry..." he continued, leaning back to his chair making himself comfortable as he look at you with those sharp yet mesmerizing eyes as though he was luring you more through his stares.

    "... I don't do relationships, I don't actually date but... if you want we can meet later at night after-" he explained which you immediately interrupted, getting more flustered with the thought of having a one night thing with the guy. He’s definitely out of your league, you thought.

    I mean, not that you don't think you’re pretty but like, you’re also sure he’s a social butterfly and a famous student in their campus, which is a very cool thing. But you feel like he is clearly living in a different world from you. You mostly enjoy going to parks and biking which he may not be into and you’re not that glad with the thought of you being seen with a campus heather. It’s not that you’re completely smitten with the man. Not at all.

    "I didn't mean it like that! I just think you're cool and I kind of want to be friends with you... I guess?" you suggested, arching both your eyebrows as though you’re not expecting the worst response.

    "Okay..." he answered as he took a bite from his bread, he beamed, impressed by the taste of the croissant. That's your pick, you thought as you flash a friendly smile before giving him a thumbs up. He grinned as he noticed that you have the same order, interesting.

    "So do you want to be lunch buddies?" he stated out of the blue. moving his two fingers mimicking the "..." sign. You didn’t expect that offer at all, but you’re not complaining as you giggled quietly, shyness evident to your face while you daydream about seeing him at this cafe every day.

    "Okay..." you answered. Leaning towards him acting cool, just like he did earlier which caused a charming boyish chuckle to erupt from his lips, and god he's so gorgeous for that. "What are you doing?" he replied, scoffing playfully at you like he didn't know what you're doing.

    "What? I told you I think you're cool so I'm copying you." you shrugged before giving him another smile, a genuine one feeling as though the nervousness that has been eating you alive is slowly fading, replacing with comfort and familiarity.

    Cute, he thought.


    Week has passed, and your not-so lunch dates are becoming frequent that even your weekend lunches are spent together, laughing and telling never-ending stories to each other, it feels so nice and you never expected to have a friend like him. You learned a lot about him, you discovered that he sings, he is a part of a music club in his school, he’s quiet good academically, and a bookworm too which is why he was pretty popular. He had 3 exes before and stopped when none of them worked out, and now he was trying to survive the college life by focusing on his studies so he just settled to hook-ups and casual flirts and vice versa, he also learned a lot about you. From your college major, your past relationships, your hobbies, interests, you’re love for movies, your dried flower collections, and more of your small but remarkable interests that he find adorable.

    Today is also one of those lunch dates with Yeonjun but it is quiet different from the others because you know you arrived just in time but the man sitting at your usual place seems to be in that position since yesterday. He was so lost in the pile of papers and books in front of him. Yes, he said you will both review for the finals but you didn't except this kind of setup with him at the coffee shop. He looks so endearing sitting busily, completely lost at his own element by the window.

    He went to get your order the moment you sat on your seat and his second cup of coffee, he haven't said anything other than a smile. You look at the book he has been reading. “Hmm…” you agreed to yourself, as you remembered that time when he told you that he sucked at that subject. He's been taking too long so you decided to arrange your things and maybe start taking notes while waiting when he handed you your cup of coffee, "Oh thank you." you muttered slowly getting lost at reading your pointers to review, taking note on what you should study first.

    You noticed that he's already settled to his position again, and you wanting to watch him get lost in his own world again, you lift up your head to peak at him only to see the guy already staring at you.

    "What?" you asked, arching your eyebrow at him only to receive a playful scoff from the man followed by him rolling his eyes.

    You glared at him before going back to your business when you were stopped by a large hand suddenly holding yours. Gosh, you thought your breath got taken away for a second.

    What the f*ck is he thinking? Why is he doing this? But you’re not complaining though.

    "Are you right-handed?" he questioned, smile evident from his tone of voice. You wonder if he feels the butterflies too.

    "Ah, no- I'm left-handed, right?"

    "Oh- okay..." he began, removing his hand before replacing your right by his other hand.

    "... we're going to be busy but I'm sure keeping you company." he added which you replied with a squeeze on his hand.

    "Why are you so cheesy today?" you snickered as you put away your papers to focus on him.

    He laced his fingers with yours as he try to catch your eyes with his gaze. He looks different today, though the way he dress is still the same old eboy Yeonjun but his vibe is different in this light, there is some kind of feeling that you can't make out, a feeling that your heart can only explain.

    "Am I chessy?" he snorted which followed by a cheeky smile.

    He stared at you for a moment. "I suddenly remembered Hoshino from one of my favorite books..." he started, waiting for your reply.

    "Tell me about it?" you wondered what he was talking about as you squeezed his hand affectionately as though telling him to go on with his ramblings.

    "On the story he followed Mr. Nakata just because, without a reason and for me..." he stopped abruptly before putting your palm against his cheek.

    "...I'm glad I talked to you that day just because." he admitted, the smitten smile taking its reign on his face looking like an angel trapped inside this giant guy’s body.

    As you stared at the man in front of you, with those captivating eyes of him as though he was telling you a thousand words that no language can translate — that's when you realized what you have is something special.


    tell me what u think! +343569

    ©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but thank u for liking it though <3

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  • sherlockholicsbysoobin
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Get Better

    warnings: mention of slight depression
    word count: 495
    genre: angsty fluff
    pairing: taehyun x reader
    now playing: sparks by coldplay

    There's only one thing Taehyun wants to do right now and that is to find whoever said that things get better. He wants to locate them and strangle them into saying why did they think that things get better.

    From where he is right now, it is not likely. He's stuck inside his place thinking that the world will continue revolving with or without him. And that feeling sucks if he may admit it.

    There's too much ahead of him that blocks the vision of getting better. He has no idea what else to do other than keep himself breathing. He went to his studio in hopes to cope and clear his mind. But he's still stuck.

    Four hours later and all he has is a 20 second beat. A knock on his door startled him because he's expecting no one. It's Sunday. He opened the door and was greeted by you. Beaming, glowing, and beautiful.

    "Thought i'd find you here." You said as if you were playing hide and seek with him.

    "Is there something you need?" He asked you while offering the only seat in this studio. You sat and raised a small paper bag to show him.

    "Thought about you when I saw this." You said and started pulling a small table towards the seat. "Come, come, you'll really like it." Your glow isn't faltering and was constanly warming him.

    You opened two lunch boxes and read the label. "Ah yes, this is for you and this is mine," You pulled Taehyun to sit beside you so you can open the lid together. "On my count..."

    "Tada!" Taehyun opened the lid and saw a tiny cake saying 'How do squirrels remember where their nuts are buried? They use acorn-yms'.

    "What does this supposed to mean?" Taehyun asked and you already bursted laughing. He peeked at yours and it was just a plain lunchbox cake.

    "I don't know, a joke, I guess?" You wouldn't stop laughing so he just shook his head and started eating. Sweet. The cake and the way your laugh sounds. It has been awhile when he genuinely felt warm and seen.

    You two spent a lot of time talking about silly things that doesn't really makes sense. You created beats that would appeal the squirrels but not the people.

    "Tough time?" You asked and Taehyun gently nodded. A heartbeat later, he's wrapped in your arms.

    He breathed in your scent and there's only two things Taehyun could say, first, is that he's sorry and second, that things really do get better after all.

    #kang taehyun #kang taehyun tomorrow x together #kang taehyun txt #kang taehyun fluff #kang taehyun drabble #kang taehyun angst #taehyun #taehyun tomorrow x together #taehyun txt#taehyun fluff#taehyun au#taehyun angst #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fics #taehyun x reader
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  • dearlyeonjun
    26.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    #...GUIDELINES !

    requests are OPEN, so please feel free to drop by my ask once you've settled with my terms and conditions which will be introduced to you in a short while.

    the admin is only comfortable about having to write in two genres: fluff and angst, meaning there will be no smut content you can find here. please limit your requests under those categories! also, i won't be writing anything that contains extreme violence and/or gore as well as sexual harassment and/or rape.

    what you should expect for me to be able to do: ranging from drabbles, imagines, fanfictions, headcanons.

    it's up to you if you choose to be detailed or descriptive about asking for your request! the more you give me ideas, the more i'll be thrilled to see if i can get started with them.

    warnings and disclaimers will be found in the beginning of the imagine/headcanon (had there been any) as i want to let the reader know if there’s any sensitive topic that may be triggering to avoid them from reading it.

    depending on my mood and my will to write, there may be some requests that would be left untouched. please understand that i'm not obligated to write all of them but rather i do my best to give what everyone asks for.

    will update this as i get comfortable about having to write {and hopefully set up the blog too!} thank you, everyone.

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  • yeostars
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    beomgyu x reader

    warnings: dirty (but not really) voicemails, sexual tension, light dirty talk but it cuts off bc i’m a tease

    a/n: i wrote this ages ago but i just wanna get it out the drafts even tho i don’t like it.

    “b-beomgyu!” he hears your chirpy voice speak through the speaker on his phone. he woke up that morning with a few missed calls and missed messages from you from the early hours in the morning when he was asleep.

    it was nothing new, you always spammed him with those things when you went out and got drunk without him. it made him feel special, that you were always the first he went to.

    “i think i had a little too much to drink, i-i’m home now but i miss you.” you slurred your words and he smiles at his best friends habits of your sing song voice when you were drunk.

    “there’s so much i want to tell you right now, just so i can watch the pretty smile on your lips.” the tips of beomgyu’s ears turn red from the sudden compliment before the voicemail ends there. luckily for him, there were more. he clicks play on the other calls and waits for what else you have to say, ready to tease you about it the next time he sees you.

    “don’t even get me started on your lips, beomgyu theyre so pretty…” you giggle and beomgyu shakes his head lightly “…so fucking hot too.”

    this time beomgyu’s smile vanished from his lips, he’s used to you calling him cute. you calling him hot was something that never happened, but something he could get used to.

    “they’re just so inviting, it’s just a shame we’ve been friends for this long and you haven’t kissed me yet.” he hears you sigh dramatically followed by a hiccup and beomgyu cannot believe what he is hearing, of course he’s thought those things about you and he’s thought worse things but he never knew that’s what you wanted.

    “wanna kiss you so bad.” he bites back his smile before the second voicemail ends and he can see that he has one more left to listen to. he sat for a second, trying to collect his thoughts.

    only thinking ‘you know what they say, drunk words are sober thoughts’

    so with a shaky finger, his clicks play on the final voicemail you left for him before he assumes you fell asleep.

    “want to fall apart all over your pretty face.” and now beomgyu was really shocked, there was no way you had just said that and then willingly send the message.

    “fuck- beomgyu i want you so bad.” his mouth hangs open slightly before the third and final voicemail ends.

    he sat there on his bed, mind racing a million miles an hour as he contemplates what he should do. part of him wants to run to your place and give you everything you were talking about, the other part was telling him you were drunk and that’s not what you actually wanted.

    after what feels like a lifetime, he takes his gamble and picks up his phone and clicking on your caller ID and another part of him prays that you don’t pick up.

    “mornin’” your groggy voice chuckles lightly but beomgyu’s heart rate is so fast he doesn’t feel like he can laugh right now.

    “i’m guessing your call means i got absolutely shitfaced last night.” you laugh again, like beomgyu thought, it wasn’t the first time that you had sent him voicemails but none had been as open as last nights.

    “something like that.” was all he could muster, he wanted to talk about what you said, but how was he meant to bring something like that up.

    “god, you’re so quiet.” you sigh “was i really that bad.” you say sitting up but as soon as you did you regretted your option and flop back down on the bed.

    “you were just more honest.” honest was an interesting way to put it, at least beomgyu hoped it was you being honest.

    “what did i say.” and now it was your turn to feel nervous, he was never this tense when you gave him multiple calls and messages and now he didn’t seem to have a lot of words.

    “i mean…” beomgyu chuckles slightly before thinking about if he should mention it “…you said the usual.” and you blush slightly, you called beomgyu cute all the time it wasn’t a shock anymore.

    “oh good, i thought i said something mean to you.” you sigh.

    “you also said i was pretty this time too.” he says bluntly and you frown for a split second, trying to recall what you said but you cannot remember for the life of you.

    “especially my lips apparently.” the smugness in his tone was evident as you feel yourself flush even more at your loose mouth “you even called them hot.” he smirks down the line and now it was your turn to feel shocked.



    “i-i don’t remember that.” you stutter and it only adds fuel to his fire.

    “i remember very clearly.” he says pretending to fake think even though he knows you can’t see him “actually.” he says excitedly and it only makes your stomach drop even more.

    “i think i remember more.” beomgyu says and you hear him shuffle on the other end of the line.

    “like what?” your voice was quiet and timid and he can just picture the look of distress on your face. he also knows there’s no way you could guess what your drunk mouth revealed to him last night.

    “i remember you saying something along the lines of ‘i want to fall apart on your face’ would you like you explain what you meant by that?” he smirks again and your jaw hangs wide open, not being able to comprehend anything despite wanting to defend yourself.

    “beomgyu i’m sorry i-” you try and apologise but he cuts you off.

    “that doesn’t sound like an explanation.” he shakes his head while he tuts down the line and you feel yourself swallow a lump in your throat about how much he must hate you right now.

    “so let me explain for you” you bite the inside of your cheek feeling like your words are stuck in your throat.

    “i think that my pretty little friend got a little too drunk isn’t that right?” he asks you and you still can’t bring yourself to speak until he demands an answer from you.

    “yes.” was all you could muster.

    “and my pretty little friend accidentally told me a little too much, isn’t that right?” his voice was filled with fake sympathy.


    “and my pretty girl wants to kiss me.”

    “y-yes.” feeling giddy at the change of nickname from him.

    “and i want to kiss my pretty girl back, and i want to watch her fall apart on my face, do you think i could come over?”


    #txt smut#txt drabbles#txt imagines#beomgyu smut#beomgyu imagines#beomgyu drabbles #choi beomgyu smut #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu drabbles
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  • snowfalltxt
    25.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    “I’ve been picking up my heart, you’ve been picking up her.”

    Word count: 1.154k

    Synopsis: Friends to lovers to enemies(?) to lovers

    Reader moves to Japan and Kai changes into a playboy. Both still love each other though. 

    Song recs:

    (yes I am a swiftie haha)

    Characters - Kai & rest of TXT (but the rest as friends tho)

    “Ugh,” you sigh as you scroll through his profile. You clicked on his profile to see his new girl and their photograph together. She’s a deathly smoking hot brunette with deep, glistening emerald eyes. You sandwich your face in between your icy cold pillows. I swear, if it were one of those idol variety shows, you’d be able to see the steam coming out of your own head. It had already been 2 months since you two broke up and he’s already got a new fling. Again. You hate him, yet you still love him too much to let go. You literally love him so much that it hurts. You open your phone again, the toxic blue light lighting up the dark room like he did to your world. You click on the messages app and see your last bittersweet conversation with him. It read: “I love you, forever and always. – Kai”. “Ah, what bullshit,” you sigh. His name was still saved as ‘Kai <3’. It had hurt you too much to try and change it. The unbearable pain ached your heart, similar to ice cracking. You try and get yourself together again but it’s too hard. “Why the hell would I let this stupid American playboy make you so upset? You inquire yourself. Yet again, he was your first love.

      You really don’t want to click on his profile again because you know it’ll just pain you more. Ultimately, you can’t control the addiction and give in. You’ve somehow become a drug addict but the only different was that your drug was his. Him. That previously innocently cute boy at the back of your English class with soft, fluffy light brown hair who was always too shy to speak during class. You guys started becoming friends and before you knew it, those feelings developed into something more than that. Romance was in the air. You think about the unforgettable day he confessed to you.  You two were sitting on an old, wooden park bench drinking your euphoric  milk tea with whipped salted cheese foam on top when you said, “I really like the drink.” Subsequently, he boldly says, “Well yeah? I like you.” You almost spit out your drink from that confession. If an outsider was looking in, they would think that it was quite mawkish but to you it wasn’t and it was quite shocking because you never knew he would have the gall to say that.

    You had dated him for a year. After that year, you had broken up with him since you had to move away to Japan for 5 years and couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship. Back then, it seemed like the right decision but you soon realise that it was the stupidest and most regretful decision of your life. You spent long times repenting about it. He begged you on his knees and cried for you to not go and leave him. He had genuinely believed that your once prospering relationship could make it through long distance for 5 years.

      5 years later, you’re back in America and you have multiple blind dates but none of them satisfied you like he did. He knew about this. You guys were mutuals for all those years and none of you unfollowed the other. Y’all just did not interact. He saw your posts with your dates and was really furious. Sometimes he would have to cry himself to sleep. Hot, copious tears filled with anger and guilt streamed down his face whenever he did this. It was quite often that he did this. You on the other hand, was not very affected since you just dated plentiful possible suitors to fill the empty void inside yourself.

    Then one day, Kai had enough and did the same. He had multiple fling as well but they were just flings. You were the only person he has ever had a serious and genuine relationship with.

     When you arrived in again, you couldn’t help but check his profile again. You were stunned when you saw everything about him totally change. From the way he was adorned in black leather to the way he was posing confidently with these hot chicks in front of his black sports car. He was never smiling in the photos though. In fact, he was the epitome of the rich, cool, chic, playboy. He looked as handsome as ever.

    Fast forward to now and you have once again fallen into the rabbit hole of scrolling down his posts. “Oh wow…. How surprising!” You deadpanned. Your words were coated with toxic sarcasm liked a sharp, piercing double-edged sword. He has a new chick this time. A blonde girl with black shades and a peach dress that shows off her beautiful body. It was no surprise that he had a line of attractive girls lining up for him. He was hot and rich after all. You’ve been picking up your heart and he’s been picking up her. He’s pretty and he’s got pretty girls too. Lucky him. His daddy is rich, being the owner of a real estate chain. Actually, the first time you visited his house, you were so shocked by how fancy it was that your jaw almost dropped to their pristine marble floor. The walls were as white as pure snow with gold accents and embellishments. Smack-dab in the middle of the mansion, there was a fancy, black stone staircase leading up to the multiple floors the house had.

      You guys were so oblivious to the obvious fact that you guys both still liked each other. You both still stalk each other on social media. You and Kai had mutual friends; Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin and Taehyun. You always refused to hangout with them when Kai hanged out with them so at first they just assumed that you hated him. However, the more they started to hangout with you after you came back from Japan, the more obvious it got that you still liked Kai. Whenever they talked about Kai, you would always blush and deny that you were blushing. Beomgyu once caught you scrolling through Kai’s posts and being the brat he is, yelled that out to the entire group. They all laughed as you pathetically use the “I was just curious!!” excuse. They also saw that Kai still had a crush on you. They had always knew after you guys broke up. When you moved, they saw how hard it was on him so they tried to cheer him up but to no prevail. For all those years, they had to see him suffer thinking about the tantalising thought of getting back together with you. They had felt really bad for him but they knew that you and Kai’s romantic relationship was complicated and that they should probably leave you two be unless one of you initiates the first move. Then they would help out by giving hints.

    I’m gonna write part 2 soon! Not edited btw so pls tell me how i can improve. lol imagine reading a 89k fanfic whilst u could’ve read ur 88k english book. couldn’t be me lmao. i spent a long time  writing this and im a new writer lol.

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    the thought of them controlling your orgasm 🦋🦋🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️ edging you, not allowing you to cum, and then overstimulate you as a punishment 🧎🏻‍♀️ bonus point if you squirt 😯

    hwiyoung has my heart these days
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