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  • yunho-1999
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    My sweet innocent girl

    pairing: badinfluence!beomgyu × virgin!femreader

    words: 7.6k+

    summary: when your only way of enjoying life is going out at night with beomgyu without your parents knowing. he's a bad influence on you, and he knows, but how can he stay away from you when you're the one coming back to him?

    genre: smut

    warnings: innocent reader, bimbofication (?), cursing, drug use, alcohol use, sexual harassment (?) (not from Beomgyu tho), protective best friend, creampie, fingering, oral (m + f), praise kink (?), size kink, dry humping, first time, soft!dom gyu, heavy use of nicknames, thigh riding, overstimulation, and probably more

    Once again there you were, waiting. Your bedroom door closed while you waited for your parents to fall asleep so you could go out. It was the only way to have fun.

    Your dad was pretty strict with you, and of course, your mom only followed along by his rules. Not really caring. If you had good grades at school and behaved at home, she didn't care about how you got those. At the end of the day she always told you it was your duty.

    And for a while you thought that it actually was. That you had to be the perfect little daughter for them. That you had to go along to everything they said. Because if you didn't, you would suffer the consequences.

    But that was all before you met Beomgyu. He was your dark angel. At least that's what he liked to call himself. He basically taught you how to actually enjoy your life. Maybe not in the best ways. But still, it was better than staying all day inside your house doing homework or just staring at the ceiling because your parents didn't let you go out.

    And just like speaking of the devil, he texted you that same instant. Making you smile widely.

    [11:08 pm] beargyu <🐻3: hey baby

    [11:08 pm] beargyu <🐻3: are they asleep yet?

    [11:09 pm] beargyu <🐻3: we have to leave now, the party is starting and I want to get there as soon as possible

    [11:10 pm] y/n: yeah, are you outside?

    [11:08 pm] beargyu <🐻3: yeah come out angel I'll be waiting

    You couldn't help but smile at his text messages. Your heart always fluttered when he called you those sweet names. You loved it so much. You loved him so much. But you just didn't know it properly.

    Beomgyu was the first male friend you've ever had, so you thought those feelings were normal. You never gave it enough attention. As ignoring it was easier. It was always easiest to ignore.

    You stood up from your bed grabbing your backpack and then you looked out the window, seeing Beomgyu there. A bright smile appearing on his face once he saw you.

    Beomgyu saw you as his very innocent friend. He felt like he had to mentor you through life. He could teach you everything he wanted and you wouldn't even question it. He knew he wasn't the best influence, but it was too late now. He couldn't seem to let you go. He needed you in his life. You made his days better. So he definitely was going to keep you with him for as long as he could. That was bad, and of course he knew. He knew his jealousy towards you was also a problem. But he prefered to leave it aside.

    He made a bunch of signs with his hands so you would actually come out. And with a little bit of struggle you jumped out of the window. Relived that your room was on the ground floor. Because if it was in the first floor it would have been a bigger problem to get out.

    Once you did you almost ran towards Beomgyu. His larger frame engulfing yours in a tight hug. "I missed you so much" he whispered his cheek now pressed onto the top of your head.

    "We saw each other yesterday" you giggled. You couldn't see it, but you knew for sure that the boy was pouting "I know but still. I always miss you" he pulled away gently from the hug to take a proper look at you.

    "Are you going to wear that to the party? Don't get me wrong, but your clothes are not really party appropriate" He laughed and you did too "No, don't worry. I have extra clothes here" you showed him the backpack with a little spin "you know my dad makes me wear these dresses like I'm going to church every single day. I hate them." you rolled your eyes.

    You absolutely despised those boring looking dresses, they just didn't suit your body type. It made you look like a person wearing a potato sack. And that wasn't cute. At all.

    "Thank goodness you don't like them because I was about to tell you that it's the most ugly thing I have ever seen you wear" he grimaced and you giggled "don't worry, I also think that. It's just that I didn't have time to change today before coming out" he nodded "it's fine, at the party you can get changed. Now, let's go"

    He held your hand and started taking you to the house that you guessed was the one that was going to be used for the party. It probably belonged to one of Beomgyu's friends. As he had a close friend group of four guys. They were all nice and fun. Which made you enjoy the parties even more.

    When you guys arrived the party had barely started so there weren't many people. Beomgyu took you to the bathroom and you quickly changed. Putting on a much more comfortable outfit. That consisted of some black shorts and a oversized white shirt tucked in under your bra so it looked like a crop top. It was simple, but at the same time it made you look way better than before. 

    Once you came out of the bathroom your friend started clapping with a big smile in his face "Much much better" he said. You smiled back at him, feeling better by his approval. That always made you happier. "Now let's go and have some fun."

    He practically dragged you to the little couch that was placed in the corner of the living room, next to the big glass door that took to the backyard. "Whose house is it again?" you whispered "Taehyun's" he whispered back before sitting down next to his blonde haired friend.

    "Hey!" he said happily making the four of them look at both of you "Hey Beomgyu! You brought y/n with you! Hi!" Yeonjun was the first to talk, smiling at you softly before turning his attention to the bag that Soobin was holding. You curiously looked at it too, not really knowing what was inside. They seemed to be weird green tubes. "What's that?" you asked pointing at the bag, all eyes fully on you now.

    "It's weed y/n" Beomgyu answered, your mouth quickly forming an 'o' "isn't that illegal?" you asked quite worried, earning a loud laugh from Soobin "yeah, it is. But we're just going to use it to have some fun. So it's okay. Just don't tell anyone" the tallest one warned you and you just nodded gently.

    "Angel can you get some drinks for us? They already got theirs so we need to catch up, don't you think?" Beomgyu asked turning his head to look at you "Yeah, I'll go get them" you stood up and walked towards the kitchen. This time it was a little bit harder to walk around house, as more and more people seemed to come in.

    Once you did you saw a few bottles of what seemed to be some kind of Whiskey. So you just poured it into some cups and took them back to where Beomgyu and his friends were. But when you were about to reach the couch you felt some hands in your waist, making you stop. You felt extremely uncomfortable by that, and tried to pull away. But the male didn't seem to be affected by that. "Hey doll, what have you got there?" he asked looking at the glass in your hand. Just by his breath you could tell that he was already drunk, which just made you even more uncomfortable. "Nothing for you. Please let me go" the man frowned and pulled you closer "You're not fun" he complained his lips ghosting around your neck "Please leave me alone" you begged once again trying to pull away from him, tears already threatening to fall. "And what if I don't-" "You will."

    You looked up just to see Beomgyu standing there his arms crossed. His gaze was something you've never seen before from him. He looked truly angry. Like his eyes would turn red at any second. "Why should I listen to you?" the man gripped you tighter making you grimace. "If you don't let her go I'll beat the shit out of you. Just saying. You can't just grope girls around parties" Beomgyu held onto your arm, finally pulling you away from that man. You held onto him tightly, pressing your face into his chest. Tears streaming down your cheeks. "You guys are no fucking fun, I'm leaving this party. It was lame anyways" you heard the boy say before walking away from there.

    Beomgyu now wrapped his arms around you, caressing your hair gently. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let you go alone" he whispered and you shook your head "i-it's not y-your fault" you said now trying to contain your sobs and stop crying. Feeling a little pathetic. You were supposed to be having fun, not cry like a little girl. "Let's go back with the boys then, I don't want any more dudes trying to touch you in a weird way." he said while walking towards the backyard.

    You frowned a little and then you understood why now you guys headed towards outside. Taehyun, Kai, Soobin and Yeonjun were all there smoking a blunt together. They all had dumb smiles on their faces. And everything seemed to be the funniest thing ever.

    Beomgyu sat down next to Soobin and you sat down too. Holding on tightly to your drink. And without thinking much you took a sip of it. Feeling the burning sensation down your throat. You hated it so much. But at the same time, you felt more loose and free when you drank. You had less worries. And that definitely was an advantage.

    "Here" Yeonjun passed the blunt to Beomgyu and he immediately inhaled a good amount before passing it to Tae. Without warning Gyu held onto your face with one of his hands, making you look at his face. Soobin soon caught on on what Beomgyu wanted to do so he decided to help his friend with it. "Open your mouth y/n" he indicated and you did. Soon enough Beomgyu exhaled a good amount of the smoke into your mouth "now inhale" you heard once more an instruction and you did as he told you. That was one thing that you did well, following instructions.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but smile once he saw your confused expression. "You're so cute" he said before taking a sip of the drink you got for him.

    You started feeling a little weird, like your body didn't really belong to you. It was strange. You also felt more calm, your eyelids closing for maybe too many seconds. But you still didn't want to sleep. The night just started.

    You gave your drink another sip and then noticed how all the boys were looking at you. "What is it?" you asked confused while tilting your head, the simple action making you whince in pain. "Wanna play truth or dare?" Hueningkai spoke up and you just nodded slightly. Wanting to do something fun.

    "Y/n truth or dare?" Yeonjun asked, a mischievous smile all over his face. If you were sober right now you would question why he was being like that. But you weren't. So you didn't even notice the glances the boys were giving each other.

    "Truth" you answered, as you felt too tired to do anything that involved too much movement. "who would you like to kiss from the five of us?" you immediately frowned hearing those words, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment "I can't answer that!" you complained shaking your head "If you don't you have to do a dare" Yeonjun whined back crossing his arms. The two of you acting like children.

    You sighed and then looked down, playing with the grass. Not really knowing what to do. A dare was way more dangerous. And you knew. "Come on y/n! Answer it!" you heard Kai say "Beomgyu" you said nonchalantly and the boy looked at you "what is it?" he asked confused, thinking you called out his name because you felt uncomfortable "no- I mean I would kiss you" you suddenly became shy. Not really believing what you just said. You took another sip of the drink, trying to ease your mind. It was only a game right? You had nothing to worry about.

    Beomgyu had a proud smile on his face, as he honestly was expecting that answered from you. He was the one that met you first anyways. You trusted him the most. So he wasn't expecting any other answer.

    "You see! It wasn't that hard" Yeonjun laughed and then nudged your shoulder. He placed the blunt on your lips, telling you to inhale and exhale just like Soobin did before. "Here, this will help you calm down a little. Let you get loose. Make your shyness disappear" he said in a happy voice. Making you trust him.

    Once you did what he told you, your body felt more relaxed. You indeed felt more loose. A smile appearing on your face.

    "It's your turn to ask" Taehyun reminded and you looked around, not knowing who to ask. "Soobin truth or dare?" "Dare!" he said excited already waiting for you to give him some orders "Pour 10 different drinks into your cup and drink it" you noticed what seemed to be disappointment in Soobin's face. You didn't really understand why he felt like that. Maybe he wanted another type of dare. But that was just the one you thought about.

    Time passed by quite fast as you guys kept playing truth or dare, drinking and even smoking weed.

    The thought of your parents discovering everything made you laugh. They would definitely throw a tantrum about it. Critique you in every possible way. Probably even think of disowning you. But you didn't care. Right now you didn't care about anything. You finally felt free. A big smile decorating your lips.

    It was already 4 am so Beomgyu decided to take you home before your dad woke up to work at 6. And as much as he loved spending time with you, he didn't want to get you in trouble. He still had to protect you. Filling in his Dark Angel persona. He took you to the party, made you do things that were considered bad, but at the end of the day he protected you. He took care of you in the most subtle ways. So subtle you almost didn't notice.

    "Here we are babe" he said ready to hug you so he could go back home, but you weren't ready for that. You wanted to spend more time with him.

    "Can you stay? For a bit only. Please." Your eyes looked glossy. Begging your friend to keep you company for a few more minutes. "How could I say no when you're looking at me like that" he held your cheeks with both of his hands and you smiled. Admiring his soft features under the moonlight. He looked so beautiful like that. Just like an angel. Your angel.

    You both entered your room, helping each other as neither of your limbs were functioning properly. On the process Beomgyu knocked a bunch of things over, making them fall to the ground. You started laughing quietly with him, telling the inanimate objects to shut up. Hoping that your parents wouldn't wake up by that.

    You laid down on your bed, and your friend did the same. Turning over to the side so he could see you properly. You looked so beautiful like that. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. You were like a painting, a piece of art.

    He scanned your face carefully. Taking in every single detail. The way your eyes shined, the way your face was slightly red from the alcohol in your body, and the way your lips were curled upwards at the end. Making you look serene. And out of nowhere the urge to kiss you came into his mind. Your lips looking way too tempting.

    "y/n." he called out and you turned your head. Your full attention on him. "Did you really mean that you would like to kiss me?" the question caught you off guard. Your head not fully capable of processing things at the moment. "Yeah" you blurted out. Your shyness not even near. Making you seem confident. When inside, you were a nervous wreck.

    "Oh really?" he smiled his hand now on your cheek. Caressing your skin with his thumb he leaned closer to you "Then why don't we do it?" he questioned tilting his head "w-what?" "yeah, think about it. If you want to kiss me, I'll let you do it." He had that snug smirk on his face, looking a little bit too tempting.

    But soon enough you started to become insecure. You had never done these kind of things before. You never kissed someone before. And you didn't know how to do it. Just like a mind reader, Beomgyu seemed to notice your sudden change. Catching up on what was happening to you.

    "You have never kissed someone before,  is that right? Is that what worries you angel?" you nodded upon hearing his words. "I'll teach you then" he smiled, trying to make you feel better. You had nothing to be ashamed of in his eyes. It was completely normal that you didn't experience those things. Especially with your strict parents controlling everything.

    Beomgyu wouldn't admit it out loud. But the idea of being your first kiss excited him. He knew how innocent you were. And he liked that a lot. He liked the idea of teaching you things. Corrupting your mind until you finally understood everything.

    "Would you do that for me?" your eyes seemed to shine way more now. Brighter than all the starts in the sky. "Of course I would angel. I love helping you" he pulled you closer to him. Not moving his hand away from your cheek.

    "First you should pucker up your lips," his hand was now near your lips, squishing the area slightly so they looked pouty, just how he wanted "then you close your eyes," he moved his hand so he could close your eyelids gently. Being as careful as possible with you. "and lastly, you just go with the flow. Get carried away. Follow your instincts"

    His lips pressed onto yours. And your heart couldn't be beating any faster. This moment seemed surreal. Like a dream. The best dream you've ever had.

    But at the same time, you were nervous. Nervous he would regret this later. Beomgyu was the type to do things out of impulse, and that scared you.

    "Hey, relax. It's me" he whispered softly as he noticed your nervousness. And when he kissed you again. You finally let go. Kissing him back, trying your best. Not wanting to dissapoint him. You wanted to enjoy the moment as much as you could.

    His hand felt rough against your soft skin. Contrasting both of your personalities. He was bolder, braver, not scared to do things for fun. And you, well, you were well behaved, shy, and absolutely terrified of making mistakes and disappointing people around you.

    "Are you sure this is your first kiss?" he asked pulling away, his forehead now pressed against yours "y-yeah" you could barely speak properly. Still not believing what happened. "Well, you did amazing angel" he smiled at you, his thumb caressing your cheek as gentle as he could.

    He took in every detail of your face once more, noticing now how red your cheeks looked and how puffy your lips were. Making him want to kiss you once more. But he didn't. He didn't want to take things too far. Not today. With just a simple kiss he was more than satisfied.

    "I need to leave now my pretty" his fingers wandered around your hair, ending up tucking a few strands behind your ear. "We'll see each other tomorrow right?" you asked a hint of desperation in your voice. Making Beomgyu laugh "Of course baby. I promise that tomorrow we'll see each other. I will pick you up at school. How does that sound?" he pecked your nose "It sounds fantastic!" you said a little bit too loud. Beomgyu shushing you.

    "Sorry, sorry" you giggled and then after a while, he let go. Standing up carefully. Caressing your head one last time before leaving. Leaving you there with the biggest smile on your face.

    You held onto your pillow where Beomgyu's head was a few moments ago. Hugging the object as tight as you could, burying your face in it. Feeling as happy as ever.

    You just had your first kiss. With your first love. Who just happened to be your best friend. Wasn't it perfect?

    At least to you, it was. You couldn't ask for anything more. His lips still lingering on your mind. They felt so soft against yours. Like clouds brushing against you. And his hands. His touch on your cheek just made your heart almost jump out your chest.

    You wanted more. But you knew that it probably wouldn't happen again. So you just had to keep those precious memories in your mind.

    That was something you definitely wouldn't forget.

    The next day you told everything to Ryujin, your school friend. 

    "Oh my God y/n! I didn't think you would do something like that! You're getting bolder girl" she said smiling nudging your shoulder gently. "I like it" she laughed gently and then looked at the gate seeing Beomgyu there. "Your prince charming is waiting for you, go, go! text me later okay?" you nodded at her words "I will, see you tomorrow!" you waved goodbye and then walked away with the brightest small.

    You practically ran towards your best friend, giving him the biggest of hugs. "Hi angel, you missed me didn't you?" he laughed thinking you were extremely adorable "of course I did, I always do" you said quoting the same thing he said to you yesterday. "I'm glad you missed me, because I missed you too, so much" he pinched your cheeks making you scrunch your nose.

    "Where are we going today?" you asked extremely excited. He held one of your hands and started walking. "Well I was thinking maybe we can go to that restaurant nearby? The one with the flowers and all of that" you frowned a little a mischievous smile on your face "are you taking me on a date?" you asked teasingly.

    Beomgyu stopped for a second, a nervous smile on his face "A-a date? Well, yeah- you could say that. Yeah. A date. Sounds cute" it was the first time you ever saw Beomgyu stammer on his words. And that worried you. Thinking that what you said made him uncomfortable.

    "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said that" you mumbled. Noticing Beomgyu shake his head abruptly "No, no. Why are you saying sorry? You said nothing wrong y/n. I was just flustered. That's it" he smiled at you, trying to make you feel better.

    You nodded at his words. Glad that you didn't ruin the mood with the sudden words that came out your mouth. Maybe you were going too far. Too carried away by your feelings and what happened last night.

    "So, how was your day princess?" he asked making you look at him "It was great! Today I had an exam but it went really well. I think I'll get a good grade. At least I hope so" he had a proud look on your face, caressing your head lovingly "I'm so proud of you y/n, I bet you're going to have the best grade. Because you're my smart girl"

    You smiled widely at his words, feeling like the happiest person alive. Whenever Beomgyu told you that he was proud of you, it made you actually feel satisfied by your hard work. No one ever told you that, not even your parents. So having him, telling you that, and also that you were doing a good job, simply making you happy.

    Beomgyu knew the situation at your home wasn't the best. Not because your parents treated you badly. They just weren't there enough. Making you feel quite lonely almost all the time. That's why you found shelter and comfort in Beomgyu. He was always there for you when you needed him, he was your safe place. The one that made your days better. He was perfect. And you loved him so much it was insane. Not even you could describe your true feelings for him.

    "we're here babe, let's go inside" he pulled you into the restaurant. The smell of pasta invaded your senses, and your stomach couldn't help but growl.

    Beomgyu chuckled, placing his hand on your abdomen "someone's hungry" he said and then pulled you to a table. Making you sit down with him. 

    After a few minutes you guys ordered two plates. Enjoying the time together. 

    You talked about trivial things, remembering old memories from your childhoods. And even talking about the day both of you met. Making everything seem like a real date.

    But you knew it wasn't. He was only being nice to you. He was your friend. Your best friend. And you had to get that inside your head as fast as possible. Because your feelings growing deeper for Beomgyu would only cause problems.

    After eating both of you decided to go to your house. As your parents wouldn't be home until late at night. 

    "Are we staying in your room?" he asked while sitting down on your bed.

    You nodded at his words, turning on the tv that was there. "Yeah, it's my comfortable space in this house. Also, if my parents decide to come earlier you have an easier escape route" you laughed, making Beomgyu chuckle.

    "That's true" he looked at you and then at the screen "Let's watch that movie that you wanted to see with me" he mentioned, remembering that one time you told him about 'The Corpse Bride' and how he NEEDED to watch it.

    "Oh, yeah, it seems like a great idea" you nodded immediately putting on the movie with an exited smile.

    You sat down on Beomgyu's lap, to see the movie better. Making the boy behind you suddenly feel nervous.

    Usually he was very good at controlling himself with you. But after last night's kiss he was going practically insane. Thoughts of you underneath his body invading his mind. He wanted to kiss you again. And maybe go even further if you let him. 

    His hand sneakily went towards your waist, as he started caressing it gently. Noticing goosebumps on your legs starting to form. He smiled to himself, not moving his hand away.

    "y/n" he whispered gently, his breath making you feel nervous. "y-yeah?" you asked turning your head slightly.

    "can you turn around please? I want to look at you in the face" he played with the hem on your shirt, suppressing the urge to pull it over your head.

    You almost asked him why, but you didn't want to waste the opportunity. So you simply turned around. Your arms now wrapping around his shoulders.

    "You look so beautiful today..." one of his fingers traced your jaw, making you almost gasp for air. He didn't know why, but he needed more from you.

    "Gyu..." you mumbled, feeling bold now. As you learned from him 'if you aren't brave, you won't get the things that you want. I rather take risks than to lament it later' "C-can we kiss again? Please"

    Your puppy eyes almost made Beomgyu bust right there. How could you look so innocent and pretty? It was impressive.

    "Of course we can baby"

    Those words were more than enough. And you didn't hesitate, now leaning closer to Beomgyu.

    He wasted no time, pressing his lips with yours. This kiss feeling different than the last one. It felt more passionate. Less lovey-dovey. Just a lustful kiss.

    He bit down your lower lip gently, making you whimper. He took that opportunity to let his tongue past your lips and into your mouth. The new feeling making you exited.

    He was definitely dominating over you in the kiss, his experience making it easier for him to do that.

    When neither of you could breathe anymore he pulled away, pressing his forehead with yours, smiling to himself. Admiring how pretty you looked like that, your puffy lips so pretty and red.

    But you weren't so happy, a weird feeling had invaded your whole body. Making you feel hot and bothered. Specially down there. You didn't know why that was happening, but you definitely needed his help.

    "Gyu... It feels weird. M-my body feels weird- h-help me" you whimpered holding onto his shoulders, your head falling onto his chest.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but bite his lower lip at that. The fact that you didn't know what was happening to you made him go ferral. The guttural feel of having to ruin you invading his mind.

    But he knew he couldn't do that. He had to control himself. You were a virgin after all, his innocent girl. He couldn't simply get off with you how he wanted. At least not yet.

    "Straddle my thigh baby" he whispered and you did exactly what he asked, your head now lifted, looking at him. Both of you more than glad that you were wearing a skirt.

    "Okay- now slowly move your hips" his hands on your waist helped you move, making you let out soft moans, the friction of your panties against his jeans feeling too good.

    "F-feels good-" you managed to say with difficulty your hands gripping tighter around his shoulders.

    "It does?" he asked with a smile on his face. He moved one of his hands away from your waist, as he had the urge to caress your head, wanting to make you feel loved.

    You nodded gently, bucking your hips faster, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.

    A strange like knot started forming on your lower abdomen, you didn't even know how to describe it. But you felt like you needed to release something. 

    "gyu, gyu, gyu, something- something's coming- f-feels good, b-but weird" your head fell onto his chest as you kept moving, now feeling how he tensed his thigh, helping you chase your release.

    "It's normal baby, just let yourself go" and just like that you came undone.

    Your legs started trembling and you couldn't stop moaning and chanting Beomgyu's name over and over.

    Your sounds were like sweet cries, making him smile, enjoying the sight of you panting against his chest. That was probably your first ever orgasm. And he had helped you with it. Proud was an understatement of how he felt at the moment. 

    He started caressing your back gently trying to make you calm down a little from your high. His head was rambling about what he should do next, not knowing if it was a good idea to go further.

    "g-gyu" your voice distracted him from his thoughts "w-what about you...?" you asked gently. Your hand going down from his shoulder to the prominent bulge in his pants.

    "It's okay baby, I'm fine" he kissed your forehead moving your hand away. But you immediately frowned, shaking your head. "N-no. I- I want to help you too. Wanna make you feel good" you tried to sound as bold as possible, but to Beomgyu, it sounded as the cutest thing ever.

    "Are you sure?" he tilted his head, his hand on your cheek now. Caressing the skin with his thumb.

    "Yes. Please let me help you too" you pouted, puppy eyes shining more than ever. Making Beomgyu almost grunt.

    He simply nodded, giving you the green light to do something to help him. Your hand moved again to the area, and you started taking off his belt clumsily. He helped you with that, pulling down his pants and underwear.

    You looked at it with awe, as you had never seen one so close and all hard like that. As the only ones you actually saw were from your biology textbooks. And in all honesty, they couldn't compare.

    Beomgyu's length was impressive, it looked almost perfect. It wasn't too thick or to thin, it really was the perfect size. But at the same time, it looked big. Really matching up to the owners height.

    Your trembling hand went to hold it. Your small hands barely even capable to wrap around it. And then you looked at him, just to see Beomgyu looking directly at you. A look in his eyes that you've never seen before.

    "Move your hand baby. Up and down-" he placed his hand on top of yours, making you move yours "just like this" 

    You nodded and when he took his hand away you kept moving yours. Just as he taught you. Speeding up a bit. Earning a moan from the boy.

    You smiled at that, proud of yourself, as you were making him feel good. 

    "B-baby- w-would you like to make me feel even better..?" he just wanted to have your mouth around his length. That was enough for him, at least for today it would be enough.

    "yes" you nodded eagerly. He immediately manhandled you so you were now between his legs on all fours.

    "I'm going to ask you to use your mouth" you tilted your head, wanting him to explain further "just- suck on it. Like a popsicle"

    Shyly you held it once more, now nearing his cock. You started giving it kitten licks, a few kisses too. Before shoving a little bit into your mouth. Struggling.

    "Hollow your cheeks, and use your tongue" he instructed and you did just what he said.

    You could hear some grunts and pants coming from Beomgyu, and that just motivated you into going faster. Your head bopping up and down with more ease now. As you got used to the size.

    What you still couldn't do properly was shove it all inside your mouth. So you pumped with your hand what didn't fit.

    His hands went to your hair, gripping it gently. Not wanting to hurt you. Even if he wanted to shove everything into your mouth, he wouldn't do it. He wanted to control himself as much as possible.

    Soon he felt like cumming, so he told you to pull away, but you didn't. You kept moving your head, until warm liquid spread all over the inside of your mouth.

    You pulled away after that, looking up at your best friend before swallowing.

    "D-did you swallow it?" he asked almost gasping "y-yeah... I didn't want to spit it out. It would just make a mess" you answered feeling guilty. Maybe he didn't want that.

    "You're amazing. I swear" he smiled at you and you did the same "thank you" you mumbled.

    "No. Thank yo-"

    "Y/n! Where are you sweetie?"

    And just like that, the moment was ruined.

    Your mom apparently had come over earlier, making both you and Beomgyu panic.

    "I'm in my room, I just took a shower so I'm changing! I'll be out in a minute" you lied standing up from your bed looking at Beomgyu with desperate eyes.

    The boy quickly stood up, pulling his pants up and buckling his belt as fast as he could. "See you tomorrow baby" he whispered before going out through the window. Almost running away from there. A smile all over his lips.

    He was definitely going to tell what happened to his friends.

    There you were. On Beomgyu's house. sitting on top of him.

    You had told your parents that you were staying over at Ryujin's house for the night. Because you needed to do a project. And they miraculously believed it. Letting you stay there.

    His hands caressed the skin under your shirt as you kissed. Enjoying the feeling of his warm hands all over your body.

    "Gyu" you whined while looking at him, a smirk decorating his lips "what's wrong pretty girl?" he asked, almost in a mocking tone.

    "n-need you" you practically begged, moving your hips as you did yesterday.

    When Beomgyu left yesterday you decided to do a little research about sex. And how it could go down. Even watching some porn. It shocked you a bit the things that they did. But for some reason, you wanted to try them too.

    "Need me? How baby?" he kept teasing, making you whine even more "Gyu, you know how please" you held onto his shirt tightly.

    "If I knew I wouldn't be asking angel" he smirked at you and you just pouted "n-need you down there- you know- just do something, please. Make it feel good"

    Without warning you Beomgyu laid you down his bed, his lips attacking your neck, carefully kissing the area.

    His kisses traveled down, your shirt making it too hard for him to kiss you where he wanted.

    "Can I take your shirt off baby?" he questioned looking up at you. You immediately nodded, not even hesitating anymore. Just wanting to feel him.

    He pulled the piece of fabric over your head and immediately smiled, admiring your soft skin and pink bra. Making you truly look like his innocent angel.

    "Gosh, you're so beautiful..." he whispered and then started kissing down your collar bones, leaving little marks. Knowing that with a shirt on they wouldn't be visible. So it wouldn't get you in trouble.

    His hands went to the straps of your bra, and he looked at you once more, looking for consent. You smiled at him, giving a small nod.

    You appreciated his tenderness with you, as he knew you were a virgin. And he didn't want to hurt you, or even traumatize you in your first time.

    He wanted to be calm and controlled. To make you feel good and enjoy it as much as possible.

    Even if the thought of corrupting you turned him on so much, he just couldn't go all wild on you without your consent.

    "What's wrong...?" you asked while frowning, noticing Beomgyu's concerned face. "I just- I want to make this special... It's your first time, and I don't want to ruin it" he looked up, pouting.

    "Oh Gyu, could you be even more perfect?" you caressed his hair softly "Don't worry, I'm okay, I want to do this. You're the only person I trust enough. So please, don't hold back, let go"

    That was more than enough for Beomgyu to stop being so careful with you. If you were okay with it. He wouldn't hold back. The beast inside of him finally going free.

    His kisses became sloppier as he went further down, now trapping one of your nipples between his teeth, sucking on it. Earning a row of moans from you.

    He kept biting, sucking and kissing all over your breasts and cleavage area, leaving behind pretty red and purple hickeys.

    He quickly took off your shorts and underwear, making you feel a sudden shyness that wasn't there before. Your cheeks turning a reddish color. 

    This was the first time ever someone else saw you naked. And for some reason you felt insecure. What if didn't like your body?

    "You're so fucking perfect I swear" he said as if he was reading your mind. Making all your worries wash away. "Can you open your legs for me angel? please"

    You did as he asked, opening your legs slightly. But that wasn't enough for Beomgyu, so he spread your legs wider his hands on both of your thighs. Keeping them open for him. 

    He kissed the inner part of your thigh, making you shiver. The feeling too new to be familiar.

    He moved upwards leaving sweet pecks behind, until he finally reached your sensitive area.

    Beomgyu looked up at you, wanting to see your reaction. But he found you closing your eyes, mouth wide open letting out soft whimpers. "Look at me angel" he demanded, that earning him a whine from you while you shook your head "can't" you whispered.

    "I said look at me." his tone more dominant now, making you open your eyes slowly as you looked down at him, a pout on your lips.

    He smirked at you before kitty licking your cunt, making you moan, your eyes almost betraying you.

    Beomgyu kept going at it, his licks more bold now, even sucking on your clit from time to time. Enjoying the faces, and sounds you made. That just encouraged him to keep going. 

    The feeling was nearly overwhelming you, everything was too new, too pleasurable, it was just amazing. 

    " ‘m cumming gyu-" you warned, your hands tangling up on his hair. That made the boy go harder, sucking harshly on your sensitive nub.

    You nearly screamed as your orgasm hit you, your body shaking as you bucked you hips upwards. Beomgyu held you down by your hips, smiling at you.

    What surprised you the most is that your best friend didn't stop, he just kept going, oversimulating you.

    "S-stop- no more-" you shook your head various times "‘ ‘s too much-" you tried to pull him away by the hair, but it didn't work. He immediately gripped your wrists with one of his hands making sure they were kept away from his head.

    "I need to prepare you well baby. Don't you want me to be inside you?" he tilted his head, his tone filled with mockery making you want to hit him softly. He was so annoying at times.

    "I-I do- but this is too much please-" you begged between moans, looking at the boy with big doe eyes.

    He payed no attention to your words, his mouth working on you even faster than before.   

    Beomgyu decided that this was the right time to prep you, stretch you out for his size, so it wouldn't hurt too much. He finally stopped using his mouth on you. Now nearing his fingers to your core.

    "Relax baby, I'm going to push it in okay?" you nodded gently. He slowly started pressing his digit into you, making you close your eyes tightly. 

    "Does it hurt?" he asked concerned "n-not much- i-it's fine" you answered breathing heavily.

    "Tell me if it starts hurting baby" his finger started moving making you squirm under his touch. It felt so new, in a good way. It felt somewhat uncomfortable, but it also sent pleasurable shockwaves through all your body.

    Beomgyu kept moving his finger gently, and soon you felt another of his fingers slither inside of you.

    "A-ah-" you held onto his wrist and looked down at him "Did I hurt you baby? I'm sorry" he pouted resting his head on your thigh "N-no it's fine. It just surprised me" your hand went towards his head and you started caressing his hair.

    "Then I'm going to keep going princess" he started moving his fingers once again, this time he moved them faster, making you moan as loud as ever.

    After a few minutes Beomgyu felt that you were streched enough. So he pulled his fingers away, and you whined looking at him with puppy eyes.

    "Calm down baby" he laughed caressing your cheek "you're going to get something way better.

    You could feel the way he pressed his tip on your entrance, and just by that felt, you already knew it would be way different than his fingers.

    "Are you really sure about this?" he asked one last time "Yes, yes, more than sure, please Gyu, please" you looked into his eyes desperately.

    "Whatever my angel wants, she gets" he started pushing into you kissing your lips to distract you from the unknown stretch.

    "Fuck- feels so big- so full" you mumbled against his lips, that boosted Beomgyu's ego. "It does baby? Does it feel good too?" he started moving slowly, making you loose your breath.

    "y-yeah- oh god" you covered your face with your arms while moaning. Your mind starting to become foggy. Words escaping the only thing that you could think of was Beomgyu. And how good he was making you feel.

    He moved faster now, picking up his pace quite fast. Wanting to ruin you. He wanted to corrupt you. Ruin your good girl mind. Make you whine and moan only for him.

    "Do you like it angel?" he asked between grunts "yeah, yeah, so- so much" you nodded various times, chanting 'yes' many times.

    "Did I fuck you stupid already?" he laughed at you when you just nodded again, probably not even knowing what he asked.

    You looked so pretty to him like that, all fucked out, mouth open while pretty sounds escaped you, it all felt so good. Even better than what he had imagined. Because it would be a lie if he said that he didn't think about this before. Specially the kiss you two shared. 

    "gyu-gyugyu m' cu-" before you could even finish your sentence Beomgyu started moving faster, making you practically scream. Orgasm hitting you so hard you couldn't even process it well. Everything going too fast.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but cum too when your walls clenched tightly around him.

    You could feel his warm liquid, and he smiled at you, enjoying the feeling of being burried deep inside while both of you rode of your orgasms.

    He carefully pulled away once he was finishes, and laid down next to you. Immediately you snuggled to his side, burring your face in the space between his neck and shoulder.

    "Did you enjoy it baby?" 

    "I loved it Gyu, thank you"

    And just like that both of you fell asleep together.

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  • txitzy
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    me + u • k. th

    thank you for requesting @namkookot ! hope this is to your liking!!

    prompt: "look me in the eyes and tell me you love me."

    warnings: intentional lower case

    content: nothing but fluff and a sudden confession! best friend!taehyun x gn!reader

    word count: 0.6k words

    “yes, some things never change, like the feel of your hand in mine,” you sang jokingly, grabbing taehyun’s hand dramatically. he rolled his eyes playfully.

    “really y/n? frozen 2 again?” he asked in fake annoyance. “what are you? five?” he questioned jokingly.

    you blew a raspberry then stuck your tongue out in his direction, and just continued, “some things stay the same, like how we get along just fine.” you let go of his hand and spun around him. “c’mon hyunnie sing with me.” you pleaded, showing him the best puppy dog eyes you could muster. his breath hitched. taehyun mentally cursed at himself, only you had this effect on him. he just hoped that you didn’t notice. ‘please don’t let y/n notice, they probably will think i am weird, who loves their best friend?’ the thoughts were racing through his head. at the end of the day though he couldn’t change how he felt. he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried. you made him smile, made him laugh so hard he cried. you were his shoulder to cry on and you listened to him, from rants to research he does to the conspiracy theories he finds online.

    he couldn’t help but smile as he sang along with you, “like an old stone wall that'll never fall some things are always true. some things never change, like how I'm holding on tight to you.” he sang as he wrapped his arms around you giving his singing a theatrical feel. taehyun hugged you tightly, the small action making his cheeks heat up, he kept you close to his chest, so you wouldn’t be able to see.

    taehyun with you still pressed closely to his chest he plopped back onto the couch obviously bringing you down with him. with a gasp of surprise and a giggle, you asked, “hyun what’re you doing?” being so close to your best friend made your heart skip a beat.

    he didn’t say anything, he just continued to sing, “yeah, some things never change like the love that I feel for them…” he trailed off the melody as you met his eyes. he whispered, “look me in the eyes, and tell me you love me.”

    you were so stunned, this had to be a scene out of a movie. there was no way that after all this time your feelings for your best friend were being reciprocated. the sudden confession leaving you speechless. “please tell me you love me as much as i love you.” he pleaded, his eyes showing his vulnerability. sure the two of you have had serious conversations before, but you had never seen the look in his eyes before.

    the moment made your eyes gloss over, for sure. “are you kidding? i love you more than you could ever know.” you sat up figuring that laying on him wasn’t the best position to have this conversation. only to be pulled back to his chest.

    “can you just stay close to me for a bit.” taehyun rested his chin on the top of your head. he started to draw shapes into the small of your back. you hummed in relaxation. you started singing softly, “you, you plus me equals love.”

    taehyun smiled, planting a kiss on the top of your head. “have i ever told you, i love your voice. easily one of my favorites.”

    you couldn’t help but smile, “did you know i think yours is the best of all time.”

    taehyun put a finger under your chin, bringing your eyes to his. “maybe we should start a band, what do you think?” he exclaimed sweetly with a toothy, cute grin.

    general taglist: @iyeonjuni

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  • ttempesttongue
    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Every time someone tags my wtit post with “i cant even tag this as theory bc its canon” my power grows uvu

    #ahdjsjfjdj perhaps i feel proud of myself in this chilis tonight! perhap! #idk just! idk that it should be a big deal but coming to the ep late after seeing so many orange theories and angst #like i watched it once through and was like OH SHIT but watching the second time more carefully i was like waaaaaait… #admittedly my sis is writing an o!logan fanfic so it was on my mind. sorry not sorry sis for dismantling the groundwork for your fic 🖤 /lhj #txt
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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀Bem vindos!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀Masterlist

    ☺︎︎ 𝐇𝐨𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐀𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞

    ☺︎︎ Apenas conteúdo voltado para Neo Culture Technology (NCT), Tomorrow x Together (TXT) Stray Kids e animes.

    ☺︎︎ Mistério, fluff, smut, horror, suspense, crack etc.

    ☺︎︎ ENG/PT-BR


    #nct dream fanfic #hanma x reader #tokyo revengers#chainsaw man#jaemin smut#haechan smut #bonten x reader #chifuyu x reader #mark lee reader #taeyong #stray kids imagines #lee know headcanons #txt#soobin smut#yeonjun#Spotify
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    29.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    “through the good and bad,” they said, and for a moment, you believed them. unfortunately, it seems that all good things come to an end. 

    from 11/28/21 to 12/02/21, we’ll be accepting any recommendations for your favorite fics that fit the theme of unhappy endings!

    you’re allowed to start sending in your recs now in our ask box, and since we’re a general kpop page, it doesn’t matter what group they’re in! we just ask that it fits our general rules. we’ll be reblogging as well as compiling it together into one post for people to enjoy! ♡

    please note that you do not have to be part of the network to send in recs !!

    message the admins, @gyukult​​ or @masterninjacow​​​ if you have any questions!

    deadline to get your recommendations in is on 12/02/21 by 11:59PM est!

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  • yeonyeonyeonjun
    29.11.2021 - 22 hours ago


    Yeonjun clutched your hand tightly, afraid that you might get lost in the dark. On the other hand, you held the mint chocolate ice cream, eating the ice cream as the two of you walked.

    Yeonjun looked at you with admiration in his eyes, pulling you close so that he could lace his arm around your waist. You look up at him, smiling as he takes a bit of the ice cream.



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  • spacefanboys
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    You cant sit with me! - imagine Soobin (fanboy)

    (Eu nunca postei nada aqui então não sei se estou postando da maneira correta)

    "Oiii!!" foi o que o tal...qual é o nome dele mesmo? Somi? Soli? Sumin?...Aaah! Lembrei! Soobin! Aliás, qual é o problema dele? Qual é! Já vai fazer um mês que ele está me incomodando, ele envia cartas, chocolates e sempre tenta se sentar comigo na sala de aula e nos intervalos! É sempre a mesma história, ele vem até a mim com aqueles olhinhos de cachorro pidao, pede para se sentar comigo, eu falo que não e mostro o dedo do meio. Isso já está se tornando repetitivo...

    "O que você quer?" Digo sem muita paciência, pela amor né! É a mesma coisa todos os dias!

    "Posso me sentar com você?" Ele diz com um grande sorriso no rosto, confesso que ele é até bonitinho

    "Não" digo e mostro o dedo do meio, pronto, agora ele vai embora né?

    "Mas por quê?" Ah nãooooo

    "Porque eu não quero, agora sai daqui vai!" Se ele falar mais alguma coisa, eu vou jogar a minha maçã nele.

    "Por que você sempre me rejeita? Eu te fiz algum mau, S/n-oppa?" Oppa?? Era só o que me faltava!

    "Sai daqui logo, moleque!" Digo e jogo minha maçã em sua cabeça e logo vejo o mesmo levar sua mão até o local onde foi acertado.

    "Eu não quero ir embora! Me deixe ficar com você, por favor!" Por que diabos esse garoto está tão insistente hoje?

    "Por que você é tão irritante?" Esse garoto está me dando nos nervos!

    "Por que você é tão gostoso?" O que? Esse cara pirou?

    "Tá doido moleque? Cai logo fora daqui"

    "Eu só vou embora se você me der um beijo" Mas o que merda esse garoto tá falando?!

    "Você tá ficando maluco? Eu nunca te beijaria, idiota!"

    "Então deixa eu sentar com você! Eu não vou te morder! Eu sou um cara legal" Mas que garoto idiota! O jeito vai ser deixar esse maluco sentar comigo

    "Tá! Senta logo! Mas tem que manter distância de mim e aí de você se tentar fazer alguma gracinha!" Digo e vejo ele sorrir e rapidamente se sentar ao meu lado mais próximo do que deveria

    "Desincosta!" Digo empurrando o mesmo

    "Eu queria que você fosse meu baby boy, você é tão baixinho!" Ele disse e coloca sua mão em meu cabelo, mas o que merda esse cara tá pensando? Ele tá querendo morrer?

    "Se você falar mais alguma coisa desse tipo, Eu juro que te mato!"

    "Ok" Ele diz enquanto pegava sua caixinha de suco e o canudo

    "Realizei um dos meus sonhos hoje" ele diz enquanto bebia o suco

    "Que sonho?" Digo enquanto como um pedaço de bolo, eu não estou nenhum pouco afim de conversar com ele mas minha curiosidade fala mais alto.

    "Me sentar com você, esse é o sonho número quatro" Que idiota.

    "Espero que os outros três sonhos sejam menos idiotas" digo o encarando com tédio

    "O sonho três é ser seu amigo, o sonho dois é ser seu namorado e o sonho um é ser seu marido" ...cara estranho...muito estranho...

    "Você é estranho, Soobin" digo e logo vejo o mesmo gargalhar

    "Sou estranho por sonhar com meu baby?" Baby? Isso é pior que oppa...

    "Para de me chamar dessas coisas, Eu não sou nada seu!"

    "Ainda não! Até porque tudo começa de modo lento. E o primero passo eu já concluí, agora só falta o segundo" sinto que não deveria perguntar qual é o segundo mas a curiosiade está me matando...

    "E qual é o segundo?" Me arrependo de falar quando o vejo sorrir como eu nunca tinha visto, o que esse merda vai aprontar?

    "Esse!" Ele diz e segura meu rosto MAS QUE PORRA, ESSE IDIOTA TÁ ME BEIJANDO!!! O empurro da cadeira, vendo o mesmo cair no chão e então eu lhe dou um chute. Ele apenas ri, ri muito, esse idiota tem merda na cabeça?!

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  • asianboyzrmyweakness
    29.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Why does this picture give me Minho, Bangchan, Soobin, Beomgyu, Hueingkai and Yunho vibes?? Help..

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  • rubyxninii
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    🎀𝐍𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐦🎀

    about me || tag list ||

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    Requests? Open!

    #stray kids fluff #nct fluff#nct drabbles #nct dream x reader #ateez fluff #idol x reader #na jaemin#nct dream#ateez fanfic #nct dream fluff #fluff #txt x reader #seventeen x reader #sf9 reactions
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  • agustdiv1ne
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    that’s the spirit! — TEASER


    pairing: choi soobin x reader

    genre: sixth sense/ghost hunter!soobin, high school au, s2l, fluff with plot basically

    wc: tbd, aiming for at least 10k :)

    summary: several days before halloween, you find the quiet boy who you share some classes with staring up into your bedroom. you're a little creeped out, and miles more scared, but then he tells you something that changes how you see, well, everything. 

    warnings: (in this teaser) mentions of murder/serial killers, mentions of stalking, cursing, reader is scared scared, some overthinking on the reader’s part

    note: this may be a halloween fic and november might almost be over, but i still wanted to get this out there. it’s the first time in months that i’ve worked on a full-blown fic, so i hope you guys are excited :)


    as soon as you catch sight of his shadowed form, your heart drops to your stomach. the blinds are shut and the curtains are drawn as tightly as possible in a heartbeat, your lungs constricting while your hands begin to tremor.

    what the hell. what the hell? why is he even here — again? has he been here every night, unbeknownst to you? this couldn't be a coincidence — he stares at you in class and all of sudden he's standing right outside your house every night? no way, not a coincidence.

    maybe he's a serial killer, you think. maybe he's scoping out your house for the best route up to your room. perhaps this is a scare tactic, a way to scare you before he strikes.

    you flinch.

    the front door. you almost never lock it.

    you bolt without thinking, nearly tripping and falling down the stairs, to make sure the front door is secured shut. you check, double check to make sure all the windows and doors are locked, draw every curtain shut, check every nook and cranny for any possible entrance to your house. when you find none, you finally breathe.

    soobin has always acted a little strange at school, but this is something entirely different. Is it because you ran into him that he decided that your were it? is this some kind of stalker horror story? are you going to become a serial killer's victim, one briefly mentioned in a documentary made a few years down the line?

    or maybe this is all a cruel joke. yeah, a joke that you're the butt of, the punch line. you'd rather that be the case. you could live with that; you couldn't — no, wouldn't live if it's the former.

    you feel bile rise in your throat, but you swallow it back down. you return to your room and check under your bed, in your closet, as if you were five years old again.

    you don't sleep for the rest of night, cradling your old aluminum softball bat like a lifeline until the sun peeks its head over the horizon.

    the school day passes at a snail’s pace. instead of completing any work, you decide to watch the clock, glancing up from the doodles in your notebook every few minutes, until the lunch bell rings. you don’t dare look at soobin, who sits across the classroom, as you shoot up from your desk as soon as your teacher dismisses you.

    you wake a couple hours after you doze off, only to glance at your alarm clock and realize that school begins in a measly twenty minutes. after scrambling out of bed, throwing on clothes, and half-assedly brushing your teeth, you sprint to your car and speed your way down your neighborhood’s street. you make it to your first class with mere minutes to spare.

    you make it a few feet into the hallway before a hand catches your wrist. your head whips around to see who stopped you, only for your heart to drop into your stomach.

    you should have known it would be soobin.

    his stare bores into your form like a laser, and you resist the urge to gulp. “what do you want?”

    “this is going to sound crazy, but i need you to come with me,” he says, ignoring your question, and you stare at the junction where his large clasps your wrist. you snatch your arm away from him, your hands balled into fists hard enough for your knuckles to pale in color, fingernails biting into the skin of your palms — you think that you might start bleeding if you keep pressing. a few moments of consideration later, you meet his gaze and send him your best intimidating glare; you hope that he can’t see the nerves manifesting themselves in the tremble of your hands.

    “absolutely not.”

    you cringe at the shake in your voice while he heaves a deep sigh. it seems like he knows exactly what you are thinking when he speaks next. “i know you’re weirded out by what’s going on, and i really don’t blame you, but i need you to listen to what i’m about to tell you.”

    you maintain your glare as your lips form a flat line. “no.”

    he mirrors your expression, but there’s a shine of conflict in his eyes. “there’s something wrong with your house.”

    cracking your knuckles out of habit, you ask what he means by that.

    “if you’d hear me out, i could explain,” he deadpans, eyebrows raised expectantly.

    you concede (not without a roll of your eyes), but tell him that you have to stay where people would be able to see you. he accepts the compromise, so the two of you push your way through the front doors of the building and find solace underneath a ruby-leaved tree near a window. it’s on the chillier side today, yet the goosebumps that usually plague you have calmed down for now. you watch as soobin nervously fiddles with the sleeves of his hoodie while you wait for him to speak.

    “listen, if you’re not going to spit whatever the hell it is you wanted to say out, i’m gonna go eat lunch,” you say as you turn around to walk back towards the cafeteria. he panics, pleading for you to stay and that he promises that this won’t take long. you turn back to face him, and he lets out a sigh in what you think is relief, following it with a determined nod.

    “please don't laugh. i, uh," he sucks in a deep breath. "basically, i can see ghosts.”

    please send me an ask or dm if you would like to be tagged!

    © to agustdiv1ne. do not copy, repost, steal, and/or translate.

    #choi soobin x reader #txt fluff #soobin x reader #soobin scenarios#soobin fanfic#soobin fluff#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt au #txt x reader #txt soobin x reader #choi soobin scenarios #choi soobin fluff #soobin drabbles#soobin timestamps#txt drabbles#txt timestamps#txt fanfic#txt ff #txt soobin fluff #soobin au #kpop x reader #kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop au#kpop fluff
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  • httpshyugaa
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    a #sasusaku socmed au.

    sakura haruno wants nothing to do with modeling; never even considered it until her best friend got a minor cold the day of her photoshoot and made a mysterious photographer take photos of sakura for her new magazine.

    read now on twitter (httpshyugaa) OR wattpad (httpshyugaaa)

    ( reblogs appreciated <3 )

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  • btxtreads
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    As Long As I Have You


    Completely dripping with rainwater from head to toe, Beomgyu barged inside the completely deserted cinema lobby and slammed a few bills on the counter. Looking up from her phone, the cashier of the film looked at him unimpressed, her eyes raked him from head-to-toe.

    “What do you want?” The teenage girl mumbled grumpily as Beomgyu’s eyes raked the program list on the board above the ticket booth.

    “The journey of Arcadium. The current screening. One ticket.” Beomgyu rushed, panting. “I don’t care if I missed some parts, I need a ticket.”

    “Whatever,” the girl sighed, reaching out to grab the money and punch a couple of buttons on the machine in front of her.

    Beomgyu rocked back and forth on his heels anxiously as the machine whirred to life, printing out a stub awfully slowly as the girl sluggishly opened the register to grab his change.

    “Your change is—“

    “Keep it,” Beomgyu rushed, reaching out and tearing the stub off of the machine before bolting inside the designated cinema.

    Inside the dark room, his eyes scanned around the glowing seat numbers—pursing his lips at the lone girl sitting at the middle of the seventh row of the bottom cinema floor. Hands inside his pockets, he shuffled over and sat next to the figure. She turned over slightly at the new arrival, sparing him a quick glance before turning back to the screen.

    “You’re drenched.” She noted.

    “You’ve been missing for hours.”

    “I’ve been watching something.” The girl responded, gesturing to the screen, where the documentary film showed a footage of the “mysterious” princess of Arcadium—one of the rare instances she was caught on film. The video caught her back when she was around 4 or 5, exiting a vehicle. Her hands were intertwined tightly with a slightly taller boy around the same age as she was. Behind them stood the queen, shielding them away from the public eye with a hand gently placed on both of their backs. At the last minute, just as they were about to pass the threshold of the castle, the young boy turned back to reveal pleasant, round-shaped features and a familiar pout.

    “That’s me,” Beomgyu noted.

    “Me and you, years ago,” Y/N nodded, propping her head on her hands and keeping her eyes locked on the screen.

    “Y/N, let’s talk,” Beomgyu sighed.

    “What’s there to talk about?” The girl hummed. “I’ve waited for you for ages, and you knew. You never told me, which makes me think you never would have if I never found out. That, alone, says a lot to me.”

    Beomgyu stayed quiet, a guilty look on his face as he sunk into his seat. His gaze followed the girl’s, locked onto the screen as the image changed to a video of the king and the queen on a motorcade. The princess smiled painfully.

    “Right now, my country is being ransacked by a man who wanted to marry me to rule it. I didn’t want to and he didn’t like that, so I ran and he took my family for that. They’re in the dungeons, and they’re probably about to be executed if I don’t show up soon.” Y/N spoke, hands tightening on the armrests. “Beomgyu, I needed you.”

    “I know.” The boy replied weakly. “That’s why I couldn’t come. I never told you about me, because you didn’t need me or know me. I’m not the same person that I was 14 years ago, and I’m not the kid you called off your wedding for anymore.”

    The girl pursed her lips, glared sharp as she turned to face him.

    “I did not call of my wedding for you, or because of you. I did it for me. I did it because I wanted to look for you.” She said. “I wasn’t expecting you to fall in love with me. I wasn’t waiting for you to pick me up and spin me around after years like some sort of fucked up Disney make-believe. I just wanted to see you.”

    Beomgyu kept his head down, the silence thick as Y/N recollected herself. She cleared her throat, exhaling sharply as she redirected her gaze back to the screen.

    “I never planned to fall in love with you.”

    Beomgyu’s head shot up, eyes wide as he stared at the girl. She never turned back to him, eyes still adamantly stuck to the screen as she followed the images. Heart full of hope, Beomgyu’s lips quirked up slightly as he reached out to take her hand and intertwine their fingers. He let out a shuddering breath as he pressed his lips to her knuckles.

    “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I was scared you wouldn’t like who I am. I was scared you’d decide to go to the prince, anyways. I don’t deserve you.”

    “I’d always choose you, especially now that I found you.” The girl sighed out, still not facing him but her hand finally turning to intertwine her fingers with his.

    “I know that now,” Beomgyu smiled, holding their hands up and pressing another kiss to her knuckles. “so, what do you want to do now?”

    The girl turned over to him, a soft smile painting on her lips as the boy reached out to brush a lock of her hair back with another soft-spoken apology.

    “Can we just stay here for now? Just you and me?” Y/N asked softly, tilting her head.

    “Okay,” Beomgyu nodded softly, raising the armrest between them and scooting over.

    Despite the boy being drenched, the girl pushed herself forward and leaned into him. Her head rested against his chest, eyes still trained to the screen as he lowered his to press a soft kiss on the top of her head—elated at the feeling of holding the girl in his arms the way he’s always wanted to for the first time.

    “Can you… Can you promise me you’ll stay?” Y/N mumbled softly as her ex-fiance showed up on the screen, turning her head to bury her face in his chest.

    Beomgyu smiled softly, running his fingers through her hair and pressing another kiss to the top of her head.

    “When you need someone to cry on, to lean on, to fall on, I’ll be here.” Beomgyu promised, hand reaching out to run his thumb over the key pendant on the girl’s chest, making her smile against his chest. “I’ll be here until you push me away.”

    Y/N pulled herself away, picking herself up with a small smile.


    “I swear.”

    With all the courage she can muster, the girl reached up to cup her hand around his cheek and leaning up to press her lips against his.

    He tasted enchanting.

    As Long As I Have You ➺ You got here right on time, you were my breakthrough.

    pairing: beomgyu x reader genre: social media, royal! au, college!au romance, fluff, angst PREVIOUS | MASTERLIST | NEXT

    taglist: @rjsmochii @atinyyylove @softkons @hobizi @house-of-dior @a-noona-mous @moaa @banana-binbin @loonathewurld @jiminaaaahhhh @soobsdior @youreverydayzebra @shawkneecaps @beomsunjun @envy-brr @bbmyungho @doyoungssouthernbabygirll @rae-blogging @tenclouds @lokideadontheinside @txtville @junniesavidreader @gloomyghostface @pumkiinpasties @butterflx @day6andetcetera​

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    It’s What You Do To Me

    Hey there, Delilah, I know times are gettin' hard

    Word Count: 692
    Genre: Yeonjun x reader, angst, just a whole lot of angst, song fic (?) ig
    Warnings: descriptions of loneliness and crying yourself to sleep, generally just heavier themes involved with a long-distance relationship
    Author: thank you @bbanghoonie , @taecup-fics , and @fullsunfluff for beta reading because the majority of this was written in a sleep-deprived stupor

    Hey there, Delilah

    “Um, hey, Junie. It’s me.”

    What’s it like in New York City

    “You’re probably really busy right now, but I just wanted to call. Leave a little voicemail for you when you get back.”

    I'm a thousand miles away, but girl, tonight, you look so pretty, yes you do

    Times Square can't shine as bright as you, I swear it's true

    “I saw your guys’ stage today! You looked absolutely amazing, as always. Oh, and that cool pyramid move you did! It was awesome!”

    Hey there, Delilah, don't you worry about the distance

    I'm right there if you get lonely, give this song another listen, close your eyes

    “I’ve actually been saving up a bit so I could maybe come visit soon. Get to see you and the boys, y’know. It-it’d be really fun!”

    Listen to my voice, it's my disguise

    I'm by your side

    “Ah…well, yeah. Call me back when you get the chance. I love you. Bye.”

    Oh, it's what you do to me

    Oh, it’s what you do to me

    Sighing, I ended the call. I don’t know why I even tried in the first place. He’s probably asleep. God, I should’ve known. I should’ve known the moment those two words came up, those two disastrous, dreaded words. Long-distance.

    We had been trying for about six months at this point since I moved away for school and his career skyrocketed. Most days went by with little-to-no contact, the majority of the time one of us was busy while the other was free. Calls were few and far between, and any type of video chat was usually out of the question. Today, for instance, my back-to-back classes and work rendered me unable to even send a voicemail until now, just past 10:00 pm for me but crawling into the early hours of the morning in Seoul.

    The moon slowly slipping its way through cloudy skies, familiar loneliness settles in my heart. It comes every night, weighing me down, pinning me to the sheets. It presses against my eyes, pounds in my head, it fills every inch of my skin yet it leaves the biggest piece of me hollow. Every other limb so heavy, I can only feel the hole expanding in my chest, the venomous grip around my lungs, every tug and pluck at my heart. Solitude playing my heartstrings to the tune of my own misery. A tune of poignant nostalgia, of remembering the ghost of his touch, how it was soft and rough and everything in between, how he’d hug me tight as the moon rose and sleep settled in my bones. A tune reminiscent of the one Yeonjun would hum as we lay draped over the couch, tangled in the essence of love. Nothing but each other in mind.

    These scenes once bathed in gold in my memories now plagued with the rot brought by time and distance. They said distance would make the heart grow fonder but neglected the growing pains. It’s been months since I’d seen him, held him, kissed him, and every day in between I’d been lying to him. My days were never the best. Lessons blurred together, day and night no more. I was no longer truly me, every day on autopilot stumbling through studies till I could finally get in bed. Till I could finally see him or at least hear his voice. Yeonjun was a home to me in a new place where I felt like I didn’t have one. The warmth disappeared along with his calls. I would never blame him for the cold. My brain was what brought it in absence of light. The cold that drenched me in yearning for warmth again as exhaustion took over, paralyzing the tears streaking my cheeks. Yeonjun’s only fault was making me fall this hard, only to be dragged back up in the absence of him. He drove my heart crazy. He made me laugh and smile and cry. And it’s all I'd ever wanted and hated so.

    Oh, it's what you do to me

    Oh, it's what you do to me

    What you do to me

    #ficscafe#txt #tomorrow x together #txt x reader #txt imagines #txt yeonjun x reader #yeonjun x reader #choi yeonjun x reader #txt yeonjun#yeonjun fic#choi yeonjun #txt choi yeonjun #kpop imagines #kpop x reader #txt fanfic#txt angst#song fic #hey there delilah #tomorrow x together imagines #kpop angst#yeonjun angst
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    yeonjun x reader (sorta)


    a/n: sorry in advance. it’s going to be a little sad with some mentions of triggering things. ex: suicide, substance abuse, & depression. as always, the mentions of depression in this story are very loosely based off my own experiences as well as some of the trauma. inspired by the song “Saturn” by sleeping at last, sorta.

    disclaimer: all stories are acts of fiction and are in no way a real representation of the band or idol mentioned.


    Sunlight fell through thin curtains that covered a small window. The room it belonged to was pitch black, that small streak of sun cutting through the void. The door swung open to the room, a tall figure standing on the other side, illuminated by the hallway light. The male let out a disappointed sigh as he saw his senior laying face down in a cluttered bed, snoring lightly as his right hand clutched an empty bottle. He couldn’t bare to see him like this anymore. He wasn’t sure how to help but he had to do something. He looked down at the floor that was covered in discarded bottles and cans, no sign of attempted navigation among them. Pushing past the bottles and mess, he walked into the room and towards the bed. Kneeling down, he gently placed a hand on the sleeping boys shoulder. With a quiet but worried tone he gave a small push on his shoulder to wake him. The sleeping boy woke with eyes that were somehow bloodshot and empty at the same time.

    “Soobin?” The boy whispered as he tried to regain focus, his breath reeked of booze. He rubbed his eye with his free hand and sat up to speak to his visitor.

    The kneeling boy sighed again as he sat beside him on the bed, placing his hands on his kneecaps. He fiddled with the strings on his jeans before turning to face the groggy boy beside him.

    “Yeonjun… We’re getting really worried about you. It’s been 3 months since you’ve left your room, left this dorm.” He continued to speak as Yeonjun rolled his eyes before reaching for another bottle from the nightstand. Before he could place the bottle to his lips, Soobin quickly grabbed it from his hands. “You can’t keep doing this. Yeonjun all you do now is drink, take pills, and sleep. I know none of us know exactly what you’re going through but-”

    “Exactly.” Yeonjun snapped as he ripped the bottle from the other boys hands. “You don’t know what I am going through. You don’t even have the slightest idea of what I am going through. If you did then you would give me my space and leave me be.”

    “You can’t keep blaming yourself.” Soobin whispered as he put his head down. He could feel the memories of that day flooding into his mind. “We don’t know what you feel or what you’re dealing with personally. But we are all hurting. We are all lost but we are trying to work through this. Trying to deal with this together and find ways to stop blaming ourselves for what happened.”

    Yeonjun simply shook his head as he took a swig of the brown liquid from the jar, the burning in his throat has become a comforting feeling. In the back of his mind he knew that the members were truly concerned for his well-being. But he didn’t know how to accept the help anymore. He didn’t know how to reach out and free the thoughts that cloud his mind every second he is a wake. He is trapped in his own mind, his thoughts becoming darker by the day. The numbness from alcohol used to be the cure. That is until it stopped working. While downing a bottle he realized he couldn’t quite silence the voices screaming at him every chance they had. He couldn’t take it anymore. While the rest of the members where off at their group therapy session, Yeonjun took the opportunity to sneak down the street to an old friend of his. Once he reached his “friends” apartment, he stated what he was there for and the other person simply nodded as they filled a bag full of bottles. He held a fistful of money in his shaky hand as he exchanged it for the bag filled with pale colored pills. Anything to numb the pain. He turned to leave quickly to head back to the apartment before the members returned. Seconds after he returned, the other boys walked through the door. Yeonjun had already retreated to his room to test out his new coping mechanism, a small grin of relief washing over as he felt himself becoming numb again for the first time in days.


    Yeonjun snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at a concerned Soobin. He could see the pain in his eyes as he observed his face. Face tense from stress and small bags formed under his eyes from lack of sleep.

    “Please.” The boy begged. “Just hear us out. You know that we have always been here for you. No matter what we will do anything we can to help you. You don’t deserve to be like this.”

    He could feel the pain behind Soobins voice as he spoke, prompting him to reach for his hand. The truth is he wanted out of this prison that has formed in his mind. He knew that reaching out to the members was better than slowly killing himself from booze and pills. “Okay. I will.”

    Soobin refrained from smiling as the words left Yeonjuns mouth. Instead he held his hand between his and promised him they wouldn’t go too far.

    Soobin stood up, still holding onto his friends trembling hand, asking him to come with him into the living room. Yeonjun didn’t say a word as he stood up and observed the mess on his bedroom floor. He couldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by what he saw. It’s as if his body and mind had shut down any part of him that could feel anything other than pain. He mumbled under his breath his apologizes as he saw Soobin step in a pool of booze, offering to clean the shoe for him. Soobin reassured him that it was okay as they made their way into the living room. The brightness of the room catching him off guard as he sat down on a small blue chair. He rubbed his eyes again as he looked up at the four men sitting around him. Each one carrying a different expression of pain and fear. They were shocked by his appearance, he had gotten much worse since they had seen him last. His cheeks were sunken in, eyes puffy and bloodshot. The clothes he wore hung off his thin frame.

    “Oh Yeonjun…” The black haired boy sitting beside Soobin whispered as he took it all in.

    Yeonjun didn’t say a word as he felt all of their eyes on him. The last thing he wanted to become was a spectacle for them.

    Soobin could feel him starting to tense up and retreat as the eyes of the boys continued to stare at him. He cleared his throat a few times, hoping they would get the hint. To his relief they did and looked to various places in the room.

    “I don’t want to lie to you,” A blonde haired boy began as he nervously looked to the other boys. “We are all really worried about you. We love you yeonjun.”

    “Kai is right,” the black haired boy spoke up gesturing to Kai. “We love you. You’re our brother, through everything. But we don’t want to say the wrong thing to you.”

    Yeonjun understood where Beomgyu was coming from. He didn’t know what would trigger him more or what would give him a sliver of comfort.

    “Do you want to just… speak? Get it all off your chest?” Taehyun, the dirty blonde sitting next to Beomgyu, questioned. “You haven’t talked about this with anyone. If you feel like you can talk about it, we’re here to listen. We can sit silently and listen if you want.”

    “No I understand.” Yeonjun replied, his voice hoarse and throat dry. He adjusted himself in the chair as he cleared his throat. He felt resistance in his mind as he contemplated opening up about the thoughts that plagued him. His mouth was open but no words could come out, only little gasps of air. “I just need you to listen. Because I don’t know what I am going to say or do, or what reaction it will cause. And please, don’t judge me.”

    The boys only nodded as Yeonjun began to talk. His voice was low as he opened up about what he - what they went through.

    - 3 months ago -

    “Yes that’s all! Okay, thank you. I’ll will be on my way!” You hung up the phone and turned to face the boy that laid beside you in the bed. His lips parted as he scrolled mindlessly through his phone. “They said it will be 15 minutes till the foods ready. Do you want me to go get it?”

    Yeonjun propped himself against the wall as he sat up, placing his phone on his chest. “Nah I’ll go get it. You stay here, and don’t let Beomgyu mess while I’m gone. Will you be okay?”

    You giggled at his words, swearing that you would fight him if he tried anything and that you would be fine. He gave you a quick peck on the lips before jumping off the bed to put his coat on. Waving goodbye he stepped out of the bedroom and gently closed the door behind him.

    “Okay guys, I’ll be back with the food shortly.” Yeonjun announced as to the 4 boys sitting on the couch, all engrossed in their games. He rolled his eyes as Taehyun threw his hand up in acknowledgment while Kai shouted for him to get him extra sauce.

    The air was cold as the wind whipped against Yeonjuns face, causing him to pull his jacket against him tightly. The walk to the restaurant was long but he enjoyed the nice stroll that he had every time. He observed the young couples walking along the sidewalk, hand in hand as the giggled at each other’s words. As he approached the restaurant he quickly patted around for his wallet in his jacket before opening the door. The older woman behind the counter greeted him as he entered, placing his order in front of her.

    “Ah Yeonjun, I’m happy to see you!” The woman exclaimed as she walked around to engulf him in a hug.

    “It’s been too long.” Yeonjun smiled as he embraced the woman. She was like family to him and the rest of the boys, feeding them when they were just trainees with hardly any money. If they didn’t have enough to pay the tab she would always cover it and made them promise not to forget her when they debuted. “I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Me and the guys were worried sick.”

    “Oh don’t worry about me. I’m stronger than I look!” She joked as she walked back behind the counter to ring up his order. “How’s y/n doing? She stopped by at my house while I was sick to drop off some food a few weeks ago but I haven’t had the chance to give her my thanks yet.”

    “She’s great. She’s been working on a lot of different projects at her job so she’s been kinda busy lately.”

    “Well that’s great, I hope that she’s not too overwhelmed by it.” The woman replied with a concerned look as she passed the bag to Yeonjun.

    “She’s trying to find the balance for each of them but I think she’s got a hold on it.” He assured her as he handed her the money. “Well, I better get going. The guys are waiting, I’ll come back to see you soon.”

    They exchanged their goodbyes before Yeonjun walked outside. He quickly made his way back to the dorm before the food got cold, texting the group he’d be there shortly. Everyone replied that to hurry up, all except for you. Yeonjun didn’t think anything of it as he shoved his phone back in his pocket and continued to the dorms.

    Once he arrived, he placed the bags on the table before telling the guys the food was here. He called for you to come out to get the food but you didn’t reply. The guys told him you had went to take a bath before he arrived, so you probably couldn’t hear him. He called a few more times before he made his way to the bathroom to check on you. He knocked on the bathroom door a few times before opening the door.

    “Babe, the foods here.” He called out as the door opened, stepping into the room. “Babe?”

    Yeonjun felt his blood run cold as he noticed the scene in front of him. He felt frozen in his place as he saw you laying in the tub, arms outstretched on the sides and a discarded bottle laying in the floor. He called for you a few times, running over to where you laid. Wrapping his arms around you, he lifted you up from the cold red water. His cries pierced through the dorms as he tried to wake you up.

    Worried, Soobin jumped up from the table to run into the room. “Yeonjun whats wro-.” Panic fell across his face as he watched Yeonjun clinging onto you on the floor, body shaking as he sobbed. His mind was racing as he saw glanced up to the mess in the tub. Your eyes were glazed over, lips parted slightly while your left hand loosely held a small blade. “Oh my god”

    Without a second thought he ran over to him, crying out at the scene. He screamed out to the other members to call an ambulance for you as he tried to pull Yeonjun away. Taehyun ran into the room to help Soobin pull Yeonjun away, closing his eyes to avoid taking in too many details of the room.

    What felt like hours later, the paramedics had arrived to the scene. Everything shifted into slow motion for Yeonjun as he stood at the doorway of the bathroom, unable to speak or cry. He watched as they picked you up and placed you into a long black like you were just trash they were taking out. His stomach churned when he saw the coroner writing away in his notebook. The rest of the members spoke with an officer regarding what happened, some unable to speak themselves. After he finished speaking with the boys, the officer made his way towards Yeonjun and apologized before handing him an envelope with his name written on it.

    “We found this in the bathroom,” He spoke with a soft tone while he kept his eyes away from the scene beside him. Yeonjun looked at him with glassy eyes as he held the envelope against his chest. The officer patted him on the shoulder before leaving, along with the coroner and paramedics. After they left the room was silent. The four boys sat on the couch in a fog as they try to grasp the reality now in front of them. Yeonjun sat in the corner alone, his sobs now quiet. He tossed the envelope into the drawer of his nightstand, he knew what was in there and he couldn’t handle reading it. He didn’t want the reality to set in of what happened. Just wanted to wake up from this hell that he was in.


    “I know that each one of us saw everything.” Yeonjuns voice carried a slight waver in it as he continued talking. “But I just can’t get that image out of my head. Her laying in the tub… her eyes were open. Why? Why were her eyes open? Why did I have to look into her lifeless eyes as I pulled her body out of the tub? It’s not fair. I don’t deserve to live with this pain each and every second I am alive. It’s not fair that I am carrying this feeling that I should’ve caught on that she wasn’t okay.”

    “But it is not your fault and it never has been.” Kai tried to reassure him as he felt the tears starting to pool in his own eyes. The memory has never left any of them, the screams have never stopped echoing in their ears. How it sounded at your funeral when your parents arrived. The cries overtaking their bodies as they held onto each other for support. You can never forget hearing the raw pain from loved ones.

    “She left me a letter.”

    “Have you read it?” Beomgyu whispered as he watched the tears stream down his friends face. He wanted answers as well to why this happened, how this could happen. He wasn’t blind to the illusion of pretending to be happy when you’re not. It’s a feeling he’s known for quite sometime. But how do you decide at one point that you’ve had enough?

    Yeonjun told him he hadn’t. He was too afraid that you would lay it all out in the letter and tell him that the signs were there. That he just didn’t care enough to pay attention. Overlapping voices told him that he needed to read the letter. To try and at least have some sort of closure. He nodded as he listened to them, slowly standing up to retrieve it from his nightstand. Once he returned he held the letter in both hands, shaking as he saw your writing on the top. He carefully slid his finger under the top, retrieving the letter inside. Clearing his throat, he unfolded the page to read the letter out loud to everyone.

    Dear Yeonjun,

    I didn’t know how to make the pain go away that I carried with me. Somehow it got worse as I tried to make it better. There is nothing left that can help me anymore. I know that I wasn’t open with you about what I was going through. But there was no point in making you worry about my problems. Including ones that I knew you couldn’t fix, and it would drive you crazy trying to do so. Just know that I absolutely love you and will always love you. You made my life have meaning and I can’t express how grateful I was to have had you and the guys in my life. Even though I know you will, please do not blame yourself for what I have done. To the guys, thank you for being like brothers to me. Thank you for letting me into your world and for allowing me to have the privilege of calling you my friends. You all mean the world to me. But please do not cry for me, please do not put a pause on your plans or future because of me. Live your life, please. I love you.


    “Oh god.” Yeonjun cried after dropping the letter onto the ground. He felt relief knowing that you weren’t blaming him and that you weren’t mad at him. Each one of the boys engulfed him in a hug as they cried to themselves.

    “We can get through this. Together.” Kai promised as he faced his friends who clung onto a crying Yeonjun. “But Yeonjun we have to come clean about something.”

    “We feel that it would be best for you to…” Soobin began with hesitance in his voice, gulping before continuing his sentence. “To go to rehab, at least to help you kick this habit of drinking and pills. It’s going to be nearly impossible to do on your own and we just want you to get professional help for this. Yeonjun we don’t want to see you waste away, we can’t let that happen.”

    The boys were silent as they waited for his reply, the air felt tense as a flash of anger went through his eyes. Before they knew it, he was mumbling out that he would do it for them.


    - 2 months later -

    A small white van pulls to the front of a large apartment complex, door sliding open as a long legged boy stepped out. He took a deep breath of air before grabbing his bags from the back, making his way into the building. Once he arrived at his dorm room door, he fished the keys from his pocket to step into the home he had been away from (mentally and physically) for months. On the other side of the door, 4 smiling boys stood with banners, streamers, and a cake celebrating his return.

    “Oh Yeonjun we’ve missed you so much.” Beomgyu exclaimed as he ran over to him, hugging him tightly. He pulled away once Yeonjun began to dramatically gasp for air, telling him the members have a surprise for him. Kai comes up behind him and wraps a blindfold around his eyes as Taehyun grabs his hand to lead him to this mysterious surprise.

    Instructed to take the blindfold off, his now uncovered eyes look around confused as he stands in front of his bedroom door.

    “Well open it dumbass” Beomgyu huffs as he rolls his eyes, groaning in pain when Soobin smacks him in the back of the head.

    Yeonjun opens the door to reveal a newly renovated room. The walls had been painted, the bed was brand new, and mostly importantly, the bottles were gone.

    “We wanted to give you a fresh start” Kai said, his voice filled with a mix of excitement and nerves.

    Yeonjun began to cry at the gesture from his brothers, turning to hug all of them before thanking them endlessly for everything. Once the hug broke up, Yeonjun unzipped his bags to retrieve a small notebook from inside.

    “I wrote this,” He stated as he handed over his book to his friends. “I want to release this. Everything is there I just need to record it. I want to release it as tribute, to her.”

    Nodding their approvals, they told him whenever he was ready, they would be there to support him. Yeonjun knew the road to recovery was not even close to being over. But once he felt the warm embrace from his brothers he knew that he wouldn’t have to take this journey alone.

    The End


    a/n: if you are struggling with any of the topics mentioned in this story, please reach out and seek help. You do not have to go through this alone.

    National Suicide Prevention hotline:


    AA hotline:


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  • meidreamsdelivery
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    《Come touch him please》

    [Txt Beomgyu, R18 oneshot]

    Pairing: Sub!Beomgyu x Dom fem!reader

    Summary: Teasing you in the morning backfires.

    “Hey, hey, wake up! I'm awake.” Beomgyu kept poking you but to no avail. He had woken up a few minutes ago and being the impatient, needy sub he was, he had to have you awake to keep him company. Your relationship with Beomgyu is largely different from others’ relationships. For example, during the girlfriend’s period, others usually would keep a distance so as not to provoke their s/o. Apparently that doesn’t apply to you and Beomgyu. During your period, Beomgyu would do his best to annoy you since you’re in a more vulnerable, weak mental and physical condition. In this context, he waking you up in the wee hours was a daily routine. Nothing out of the ordinary for both of you.

    Seeing your still sleeping figure, Beomgyu felt frustrated and thought deeply, “Hmph, how can she remain asleep while I’m awake!” He felt a challenge to wake the sleeping beauty beside him. Just then, a wonderful very wonderful idea formed in his mind. “Psss babe! There's a fire now, we need to escape quickly!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs only to receive no response. He pouted, “Hmm? Not waking up? Mmm, muaaahh muaahhhh” He proceeded to give you some kisses all over your face. Soon you started to stir in your sleep and slowly opened your eyes. 

    “Hehe babe! Good morning muaaahh” He planted a featherlight kiss on your lips. You rubbed your eyes and muttered, “What time is it?” 

    “It's three o'clock...Why did I wake you up? Cuz...i want to have some kisses...can I kiss you?” He grinned sheepishly, earning a chuckle from you. You shifted closer to his body and held the back of his head. You leaned in and slided your tongue into his mouth. “Mmphh” A small whimper escaped from his mouth at the feeling of goosebumps on his skin. Both of your tongues danced in a circular motion, in sync with each other. You pulled back and saw a trail of saliva connecting his tongue with your bottom lip. “Babe, thank you, I'm fully awake. And so is he.” He gestured downwards where a bulge had formed and tugged your hand forward, “Come touch him please.” Your face started to heat up at his bold confession, almost giving in to him.

    Of course, you ain’t going to give him what he wanted right away. (Let me tease him a little bit.) You placed your hands onto his broad shoulders as you leaned over, sliding your hands from his shoulders down to his chest. Your lips curled into a smile as his head tilted back almost instantly, humming lowly in approval at your touches.  "Ooh, someone has been working out. So sexy bebe." You whispered, your lips brushing against his ear. His heart melted at your nickname for him. You got into his lap to straddle him. You could feel his leg muscles tighten as you settled yourself in his lap. "Bebe, we’re going to have some fun. Are you ready?" You questioned, licking a stripe up his earlobe. He gave a timid nod in response, unable to even articulate his words to reply, his hands resting limply at his sides. You smiled as if you weren't just licking his ear and watching him almost breaking apart from your touch.

    You didn't know how bad he yearned for you to touch him, break him and use him however you want. 

    "You enjoying my service?" You whispered in a sultry tone as you ran your hands down his chest and over his stomach, feeling his abs from under his thin shirt. He moaned out softly as your hands moved down his body in an awfully slow pace. It was definitely painful at how bad he wanted you. “Heh, someone’s having a hard time, isn’t he?” You smirked as he looked at you, biting onto his lower lip. He was so glad he was your boyfriend so that he could enjoy this all to himself. However, he was barely staying calm.

    You got off his lap and turned around, tilting your head back as you started to grind your butt against him. He licked his lips as he watched your bottom sway. You placed your hands on his shoulders, shaking your butt down on him deeper. It took every ounce of control he had in him to keep his hands to himself. When it comes to you, his self-control was a time-ticking bomb.

    HIs mind was cloudy with lust as you shoved your butt against him, making him stare desperately at it. You glanced towards his clear, once innocent eyes being tainted by dirty thoughts and indulged in the idea of those big, strong hands of his on your body. "You can touch me, bebe. Faster touch me." You mumbled softly, turning around in his lap to face him again, looking down at him with hooded eyes as you wrapped your arms around his neck. That remark of yours was his breaking point. 

    His hands that were at his sides previously were now placed over your butt. “Bebe, you can touch me all you want. I know you want it.” You smiled, letting his hands run over your butt slowly. He hummed in approval and groped your butt cheeks tightly. “Aahhh bebe, gentle please.” You giggled softly at his eagerness and moved his hands from your butt to his crotch. “As much as I know you want to touch me, I want to touch you too bebe.” You cooed and placed your hands with his on the bulge forming at his pants.

    You ran his hands over his cock and squeezed the precum out of his tip.  You moaned softly under your breath, looking up at him with need. You don't even know what got into you. You just knew that you wanted to make this man feel good right here and right now. “Bebe, you just grabbed me! Oh my god!” His palms covered his face which was a blushing mess.

     “Mmm..I like to tease, dont I?” You chuckled, licking over your lower lip as your breath fanned over your skin, giving him goosebumps. He wanted to feel his lips on your skin so bad. You pulled back and rested your forehead against his, taking a deep breath as he placed his hands onto either side of your hips, gripping them tight to hold you in place. "Bebe, what would it take to make you..." His lips brushed against yours lightly as he spoke, “...let me eat you out right here?”

    “Right here sounds good." Your eyelashes fluttered, "..right here sounds so  amazingly good." You breathed out, your legs spreading as his face pressed closer to your core. You gripped the bed duvet, you felt like complete jell-o with how turned on you were. Your eyes glanced up at the clock and you whispered softly into his ear, "Sad bebe. But your time's up and I’ve to make breakfast." You smirked, your teeth biting the shell of his ear before pushing him away from you gently, sitting up and fixing your clothes. 

    ~The end~

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    (5) MAiL : #hyunforpres

    m.list | prev | next

    Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @acciomylove @luvrseung @fairycheol @jejenono-ren @i2gyus @chirokookie @uauznaixla @verifiedsunghoonsimp @jakeytiddy @luvddeonu @enhacolor @mochisnlix @jjeongjjeongie @jisoos-bitch @mykalon @hobistigma @kac-chowsballs @nnasheii @tobiosbbyghorl

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  • rosewould
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    loosely quoted song lyric writing prompts

    (it’d be really weird dialogue if you quoted these exactly, so you can definitely change them a bit)

    1. I’m not shy, I’ll say it. I’ve been picturing you naked

    2. I don’t want your pity, I just want someone near me

    3. You’re dead to me. You’re obsessed, just let it go.

    4. I’m not talkin’ money I’m just physically obsessed

    5. So tell me why you deserve it?

    6. The problem with me is you

    7. The way that it went down, that’s when I knew

    8. I feel like there’s nothing in my way

    9. Can I get a minute, get some space?

    10. Wasn’t more than a summer fling, I said goodbye

    11. You know you’re really something, how’d we get here so fast?

    12. I’ll show you how it’s supposed to feel

    13. I’ll hit it right to make sure that you don’t leave me

    14. Are you down to be a distraction?

    15. Why do you want me when you have a girlfriend?

    16. Bet you didn’t think the tables would turn

    17. I wanna know what it’s like

    18. I know I fucked up, I shouldn’t be with you

    19. I mean who am I to hold your past against you?

    20. Now I feel like Im attached, I should’ve never kissed you back

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  • loverandaloserrr
    27.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    Liar! | 7. completely and utterly screwed.

    'I love you.'

    beomgyu stared at the words on his screen, unable to process what he was reading. although the words were sweet, especially because they were coming from yn, they left a bitter taste in his mouth.

    pretend. it was all just pretend. and even though beomgyu knew that, after all it was his suggestion, it didn't make the heavy feeling in his chest any lighter.

    he quickly snapped himself out of his daze and peered up at yn from her lap, she was animatedly retelling the story of how beomgyu absolutely embarrassed himself on their first date at the arcade, earning laughs from the group.

    but instead of trying to defend himself to keep at least a shred of dignity, he looked at her, as she kept interrupting her own story by virtue of giggles sprinkled in between, and a smile slowly spread across his face because seeing her so happy made him happy.

    he was completely and utterly screwed.

    "beom!" yn raised her voice as she shook his shoulders, snapping him out of daze.

    "I asked if you wanted to come to my house so we could watch movies later." He stuck with nodding instead of trying to say anything, his face noticeably red from the nickname she called him.

    "well, if you guys are done staring lovingly in each others eyes, can we please go somewhere that isn't outside? I feel like frostbite personified right now." yeonjun said, standing up and stretching his arms.

    "maybe if you weren't dressed like yn, you wouldn't be cold." ryujin said pointedly, earning an offended glare from yeonjun and yn.

    "firstly, rude. secondly, you love the way I dress ryujin and don't even try to deny it." yn spat back as ryujin snikered.

    "what she said." yeonjun said simply, earning an exaggerated eye roll from almost the entire group.

    "well, now that you guys are done complaining about being cold, can we go eat? I haven't had anything in my mouth for too long." kai said and taehyun quickly covered his mouth, making sure he wouldn't expand on his previous sentence.

    "that's what she said." niki and jake shouted in unison, struggling to contain their laughs.

    "I hate all of you." ryujin and taehyun both stated, side eyeing each other in a mix confusion and concern.

    yn sighed, content with the way the two groups were getting along. she willed herself not to think about October, and instead snuggle into beomgyu's arm as they looked for a place to eat.

    as the groups parted ways, beomgyu walked yn to her front door, not wanting her to let go of his arm.

    "I...had a really nice time tonight, and I think our friends actually get along pretty well. we didn't get many pictures though." beomgyu said quietly, almost whispering.

    yn didn't miss the way her heart ached at the mention of pictures, but she pushed it aside. "I was distracted for most of the night so pictures didn't really cross my mind."

    "me too honestly, but I thought we were supposed to watch movies together? why did everyone else leave?" beomgyu questioned, scratching the side of his head in confusion.

    "everyone else left because you were the only one I invited over beom." yn let out an airy laugh.

    "oh! I just meant that, well...when you said "we" I thought you meant everyone, but this is cool too!" beomgyu said quickly.

    "well, if its okay with you, can we go inside now? yeonjun was not lying when he said it was freezing." beomgyu nodded and as he watched her open her front door and take off her shoes, he realised something for the second time that night.

    he was completely and utterly screwed.


    TAGLIST: @msxflower @yeonyeonyeonjun @emobeomgyu @pr0dbeomgyu @nycol-ie @fiantomartell @s0ngk4ng @pinkhyunie @kidulteen @meiiiwa @ikyk-leeknow @mykalon @studioreader @pumkiinpasties @paragonofroyalty @tomorrowbymoa-together @sunflowerbebe07 @afiaaaa19 @y3llowjun @txtville @miraculyfe @meowtella @soobin_chois @bear-beom

    sorry to the people I couldn't tag, I'm not quite sure how to fix this issue :(

    a/n: and I'm back! I finished my exams yesterday and I wanted to get this chapter out as soon as possible. I made it a little longer than usual just as a thanks for the support and for waiting for me<3

    also, I may or may not be releasing something for a different smau today, who knows ;)

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