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    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Choi Yeonjun headcanon! wanting his attention

    Request: yeonjun reaction to you always wanting his attention so he gives you it sometimes loosing sleep just to give you the attention you want since you are his number one priority…

    warnings: this is acc pretty angsty but all is well in the end! Y/N just has a really bad day and misses yeonjun :((( cursing, ermmm, it’s unedited so i’m sorry for that. Y/N is kinda selfish. a loooottttt of crying :(((. mean teachers. self doubt

    A/N: oh my god, i kinda like this???? i didn’t know what format this anon wanted so i went with a long headcanon and I hope you guys like it!!!

    I feel like Yeonjun would be the type who would sacrifice so much of himself if he were in a relationship 

    but only if he was absolutely certain that he loved that person

    luckily for you, he’s absolutely crazy for you

    you started dating Yeonjun a year after his debut 

    he really hasn’t had time for other people other than himself and group members

    that is, until he met you ;)

    to be completely honest, Yeonjun didn’t think he’d someone as much as he loves you at such a young age

    he also didn’t expect to be dating someone while working 

    and yet here you are, a year and a half strong !

    he was really scared to start dating

    he was scared of getting kicked out the group, of sasaengs stalking both him and you, of antis sending hate, or of you leaving him out of stress from the relationship 

    but for the most part, it’s been really good

    the public knows about the two of you and you only get a handful of hate comments every now and then

    there are time, however, when you really really really miss him :(

    like now

    and when the time comes where you’re in your blues and you want his love, you get kind of selfish

    for the longest time Tomorrow X Together was Yeonjun’s main priority

    but then you came along and his world shifted

    now you were his number one priority

    you were the centre of his universe

    you were the only star in his night sky

    you’re kind of an attention whore

    you love being in his spotlight

    which ends up getting kind of distracting for your boyfriend sometimes, affecting his performance

    but most of the time, you’re his driving force, his inspiration

    it’s been 3 weeks since his group’s comeback and you were with him every step of the way

    he may act confident but he gets very worried about disappointing MOAs but he’s so incredibly lucky to have you for when you expel those negative thoughts from his head

    but just cuz the main task of his job is over, he’s still very busy

    recording interviews, photoshoots, performing on shows, etc

    you know all this and you try your best not to bother him too much

    yet again, he’s your boyfriend and you wish to feel him warmth on your skin after a long day

    just so you know that there’s something good in an uncertain world

    Yeonjun will always be your “something good”

    today you had classes at your university and you were well aware that Yeonjun was attending an award show later on in the evening

    so when you wake up first thing in the morning you shoot your boyfriend a text

    Y/N: Junnie, you’re gonna do amazing today! that award is already in your hands 
    Jun Bug: oh yeah? did you steal the award?
    Y/N: Def (eyeroll) no dummy, you and the boys are collecting wins left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if you won this one too
    Jun Bug: hmmmm, your confidence in me is giving me strength (sad face) 
    Y/N: that let’s me know I’m good for something! I love you, Junnie (heart) you’re gonna knock it out of the park :)
    *read receipt* 


    maybe...he forgot to hit ‘send’ when he was done writing

    you shrug your shoulders and get ready for the day

    as you’re about to head out the door and to your first class, you whip out your phone and text Yeonjun once more

    Y/N: Junnie??
    you there??
    idk if you’re already practicing for the show but when you get the chance could you send a pic (pout) i need strength too!
    love ya, romeo <3

    your first class was difficult :(

    there was a cluster of things that went wrong

    it was a class you had to take against your will and it was...hard, to say the least

    but to put it bluntly, you didn’t understand anything

    at all

    and you found yourself crying over that class 95% of the time

    it made you feel stupid

    and you don’t like feeling like that

    you’re also pretty sure your professor doesn’t like you

    so today, while giving his lecture, you were focussing extra hard on understanding your notes

    maybe to him it looked like you were zoning out

    but you were just rereading the same sentence over and over again so you could grasp its meaning

    he didn’t like this and he took the chance to ask a question and embarrass you in front of 75 other people

    “Miss Y/N. Do you mind telling me what the author meant by this statement?”

    “I’m sorry Sir but could you please read the quote once more?”

    he slapped the end of his ruler on your desk and had the audacity to say “I don’t have time for students like you anymore. Kindly remove yourself from this classroom immediately”

    “but Sir-”

    he slapped the ruler again 


    you weren’t one for confrontation so you gathered your things and ran to the nearest washroom

    you locked yourself into the tiny stall and silently sobbed

    you really wanted Junnie right now :((

    he had this amazing ability of making people feel like they’re more than they actually are

    to others, a regular person is a regular person

    but to him, they’re a unique gem that just needs the right angle of light in order to shine

    and you really needed that at that moment

    you took out your phone again

    he didn’t reply to you yet

    but you saw that he posted selcas on twitter with the caption “a brand new day and brand new efforts! fighting!”

    you smiled to yourself 

    maybe he saw your message and decided to kill two bird with one stone by satiating MOAs desire to see his face

    he’s really cool like that\

    Y/N: hey, do you think I could visit you at the practice room?

    you wait for a reply for about 10 minutes 

    Jun Bug: don’t you have class now?
    Y/N: well...I got kicked out...
    Jun Bug: HUH?!?! what the hell happened?
    Y/N: I don’t really wanna talk about it :(
    Jun Bug: sorry love, but we’re about to head out for an interview
    Y/N: could I...possibly come?
    Jun Bug: I don’t think that’s a good idea. you have another class in 45 minutes

    he knows your schedule by heart :((

    Y/N: okiii, good luck on your interview!

    he leaves you on read again

    you sit in the bathroom until your next class

    this one went a bit more smoothly, albeit boring, but better than the last nonetheless

    that is, until you received the score to your last test


    you failed

    you colossally fucked up

    your professor came up to you and said

    “Y/N, I’m really disappointed in you. You normally do so well in my class, I’m not sure what went wrong.”

    you didn’t have the courage to look her in the eyes as you whispered “I’m not sure either”

    you were at your wits end but thank god that it was time for you to go home

    the second you stepped foot in your apartment, you dropped your bag to the ground, crumpled to the floor and cried


    for like 30 minutes

    you always prided yourself in school so to be slapped in the face like made you feel like a phoney

    you gather yourself up and head to the couch before looking at the clock, which read 5:30

    the show started at 6:00, so you figured it would be safe to call Yeonjun

    you dial his number, waiting as the phone rings, thinking he won’t pick up

    but then you hear his voice



    “What is it?”

    you expected his voice to be soft not annoyed?”

    “nothing...i just...i just wanted to wish you good luck”

    you voice cracks on the last few words, something that didn’t go unnoticed by him

    “love? are you alright?”

    those three words lead to silent tears streaming down your face

    you miss him and all you need is to feel him warmth under your fingers

    “yeah...i know the chance is slim but could you come over after the show?”

    “not tonight, kid. it’s been a long day and i’ll most likely pass out once i leave the stage. i’ll come around tomorrow though. Sounds good?”

    you can’t hold it in any longer and release a choked sob, something that yeonjun notices too

    “alright, i’ll see you later” you say through tears

    “Y/N, wait-”

    you hang up on him, throwing the phone across the room, hearing it shatter into a few pieces

    you know you’re being unreasonable and selfish but you just can’t help it

    all you want is yeonjun

    hot, angry tears make way down your face as you clench your hands into a fist, feeling your nails breaking skin on your palm

    you cry some more, to the point your head hurts

    when your millionth crying session ended, you turn on the TV and switch to the award show yet all you can do is stare ahead

    normally, whenever you saw Yeonjun on screen, you would perch up and whoop at the screen

    but now, you look blankly at the TV as your vision goes blurry

    heart heavy, you lay down on the couch, closing your eyes

    you swear to yourself that you’ll wake up when it’s time for Yeonjun

    but you don’t

    you sleep past them winning the award

    you sleep past his acceptance speech in which he gives thanks to you

    you sleep past their performance

    and you sleep past his ending fairy where he holds out finger hearts and subtly mouths your name

    yet somewhere in the back of your head, in the depth of your dreams, you hear him call out to you


    the clock now reads half past midnight

    for some unknown reason your body decided to wake itself up at this ungodly hour

    you sit up, your hair a jumbled mess and the crust around your eyes begin to itch

    looking across the room, you realization of smashing your phone hits you

    but you couldn’t do anything other than sigh

    laying back down, you hear the doorknob jingle and panic

    you scramble off the couch and make haste to lock yourself into the bathroom but your oversized shirt latches on to something, causing you to fall onto the floor

    you try to pull yourself up but the door is already open

    rather than it being a dangerous intruder, you’re met with the angelic figure of Yeonjun

    he think that you’re sleeping, so when he locks the door and turn around, only to find you on your knees, he’s...confused to say the least

    “Y/N? what are you doing on the floor?”

    he walks forward and you peer up, locking gazes 

    he can’t possibly be real right now

    maybe you’re still sleeping

    “Junnie? is that you?”

    “who else would it be, silly?”

    at this, you press your forehead to the cool tiles of the floor and begin to cry


    you don’t know how much tears you have in you

    but apparently it’s a lot

    shocked, Yeonjun runs, dropping himself next to you and places your figure in his lap

    he secures your head in the crook of his neck and strokes your head 

    you wet his shirt with snot and tears but he doesn’t care

    “it’s alright, love. you’re doing so well. you’re so brave for me and so strong”

    he whispers all this while patting your bum like a baby while rocking you back and forth

    this goes on for a while and when your done your millionth crying session, you look up into yeonjun’s eyes and notice his appearance 

    where pink usually tints his cheeks, it’s now completely white and you worry that he hasn’t properly eaten anything

    the bags under his eyes are prominent and darker

    and the light within his gaze is dimmed out of sadness and stress, most of it due to you no doubt

    you feel so childish and guilty for the way you acted

    you demanded all his attention and relied on him so much 

    he was supposed to go home to the dorms and get sleep after such an exhausting day yet here he was, coddling you just because you didn’t know how to handle a few failures

    “why’d you come here? you should be sleeping right now”

    he hold you against his chest and you can hear his heartbeat 

    “I tried calling you after the show but you wouldn’t pick up. I send over 50 texts too. I got worried, especially since...you sounded so sad the last time we talked. I thought something bad happened to you”

    guiltily, you point to your broken phone across the room and yeonjun’s eyes widen

    “did you do that?”

    “yeah...i threw it after i hung up on you”

    “are you angry at me?”

    your heart clenches at this question

    “i’m angry at myself. today was a really shitty day, Junnie”

    “you wanna talk about it, angel?”

    you shake your head and gasp when he picks you up from the floor, carrying you to your room

    “that’s alright, love. we don’t have to talk about it until you’re ready to do so. but for now, let’s go to bed, hmmm?”

    he holds you like you’re made of porcelain, like you’re going to crack under his touch and gentle places you on your bed, tucking you in underneath the covers

    he crawls in and faces out

    you feel so overwhelmed with the kindness after all the shit you went through yesterday that a few stray tears make their way down your face

    he reaches a finger out to brush them away

    “I’m sorry for missing the show, Junnie”

    “it’s alright, Y/N. you don’t have to worry about that”

    he smiles at you but it isn’t as true as it usually is. there’s hints of melancholy behind it

    you start to whisper some more but drift off while doing so

    “and i’m sorry for being a selfish partner and for...demanding...demanding so much of your...time. i just...miss...miss you so much...it, it...it hurts a lot, yeon...”

    you don’t finish the thought

    you can’t finish it as you’re already sound asleep

    yeonjun stares at you for a while as he clasps his hands over yours, his tears painting his cheeks

    he’s so worried about you and feels horrible for leaving you to be alone 

    he feels like he’s failed you as a boyfriend but he’s done nothing of the sort

    these thoughts swim around his head as he silently cries

    he finally calms down and kisses the tip of your nose and whispers

    “it’ll all be alright, angel. i’m so sorry for neglecting you but i’m here now. i’ll always be here, wherever you go”

    and true to his word, he even meets you in his dreams

    #yeonjun#choi yeonjun #yeonjun x reader #txt yeonjun#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun angst#yeonjun imagine#yeonjun reaction#yeonjun headcanon#yeonjun fanfic#yeonjun scenario #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together angst #tomorrow x together imagine #tomorrow x together reaction #tomorrow x together headcanon #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together #txt fluff#txt angst#txt imagine#txt headcanon#txt reaction #txt x reader #txt#txt scenario
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    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    such wild love (or, the one with plenty of sex pollen)

    EXPLICIT: not posting full text here ★ Read on AO3


    Lan Zhan is slightly more lucid by the time Wei Ying pulls him out of the bath, helping him dry and dress in fresh zhong yi. It makes it easier to get him to the table, stuff him full of food and tea before helping him back to bed. Wei Ying has already finished cleaning, has set their used dishes outside on the Jingshi’s porch and emptied the bathtub, so he does not make any protests as his husband wraps an arm around his waist and pulls him bodily into their bed.

    “Did I hurt you?” Lan Zhan’s voice is quiet, but clearly worried as he traces a particularly deep bite mark on Wei Ying’s jaw. The pain that comes from his touch is equal to the pleasure that races through Wei Ying.

    But Wei Ying is so tired, after all their activity and the cleaning of the morning. He can’t help a smile as he nuzzles his head into his husband’s hand, “Ah, er-gege. You could never hurt me. In truth, I was more worried for you; you feel fine, now, yes?”

    “Mn,” the worry is not gone from his Lan Zhan’s face, but it is definitely lessened. Good.

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  • beomheee
    18.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ‧ ࣪₊𓆩 𓆪 ๋࣭ : Skeletons in my Closet ‹

    capa para o @doaween , 31/10.

    tema 9: esqueletos.

    eu amei tanto fazer essa capa, estava a dias tentando juntar o txt com o aespa em um edit e nesse deu super certo! ah, e enquanto eu fazia ela super pensei nos dois sendo genderfluid no plot sendo phohos demais!!! t-t
    off: essa capa ia rodar com gif igual a de norules / mesma base, mas adivinha quem fez besteira na hora de salvar dnv? :D
    Em caso de inspiração, dê os créditos.
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  • raspberrygyus
    18.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


    The professor at the university who teaches the entry-level criminology class that Y/N, Sooji, Soobin, and Sunghoon take. He's a hard marker, but a great lecturer. He takes pride in making sure that all his students do well in his class and helping those who struggle. An overall favourite (and recommended) among students.


    The teaching assistant for professor Minho's class. Currently working to get his Ph.D. in criminology. He's currently teaching to pay off his student debt and lives in a studio apartment.


    Fresh out of the police academy, Yeonjun is an ambitious and determined person who has a strong sense of both justice and loyalty. He is the younger brother of the local police captain. He's not exactly close with his older brother, but the two do have a working relationship.

    Captain Choi

    Yeonjun's older brother. A dependable man who does his job as the captain of the local precinct. He's a little awkward around his younger brother but did help him get his job.


    The star of the local precinct. He's a young but smart detective sergeant who helped solve a few cold cases after he was brought into the precinct. Was promoted to his current position within 2 years. He is very dedicated to this job and will follow through on cases he's made lead investigator on.


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  • hyukalopsia
    18.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    minha relação de amor e ódio com textura nunca tem fim

    #txt#yeonjun#soobin#yeonbin #capa para social spirit #capa de fanfic #Spotify
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  • 8kh
    18.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    when i read fics here on tumblr dot com,, i sometimes wonder,, damn you’re out here being talented as fuck and doing this shit for free? you’re waking up in the middle of the night just to jot down that one dialogue your mind suddenly came up with so you could write a fic from it for free? you’re out here making best friends with your google docs to provide fics for free? you’re sitting on ur bed / desk plotting these whole fics worthy of a book so people can read it for free? you’re doing hours and hours of research, reading articles about medieval to medical stuff so your fanfic could be as accurate and relevant to your au? i just— lemme kiss you on the forehead, babes. i’m proud of you.

    #i just- #i sat down and realize how much effort fanfic writers are pouring in their works. #it’s honestly mind boggling. #and so so so fucking amazing. #fanfic writers are amazing. #$txt
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  • searidings
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    oh my god, they were solemates

    The thing about her office on the top floor of National City's Marine Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre is that it's loud. At any given moment the air is filled with the snorting of seals, the barking of sea lions, and the excited squeals of children.
    Also, it smells. A briny mixture of fish, kelp, and salt-laced sea air permeates every inch of the space, apparently impervious to her strict closed-windows, industrial-strength-dehumidifier-and-essential-oil-diffuser regimen.
    It's sparse, cramped, with a lone window that looks out over a back alley used for animal feed deliveries.
    It's Lena's favourite place in the world. Especially right now.
    Head aquarist Kara Danvers drops down into Lena's lap without warning, almost sending the two of them and the expensive, orthopaedic office chair beneath them crashing to the ground. “Hi,” she grins, cheeks pink and eyes bright, dropping a smacking kiss to Lena's cheek. She reaches up, makes to loop her arms around Lena's neck.
    “Nuh uh.” Lena catches her by the wrists, holding them in front of her face. “Fish hands.”

    read zoo au 2: marine sanctuary boogaloo here on ao3

    #realised i forgot to make a moodboob for this fic which. given the abundance of cute baby animal pics #seemed like a rather egregious oversight so. here we are #supercorp fanfic#supercorp#supergirl#kara danvers#lena luthor #dings dot txt
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  • chenniesgrlfrnd-2
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    You can call me Tina

    I write for TXT, NCT, Twice and more

    Kinks I write will include possibly triggering topics. Use caution when reading my works

    I don’t write full length smut but I will do headcanons, drabbles, timestamps, mtls, wyrs, and general questions.

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  • raspberrygyus
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    A second year university student who lives a pleasantly mundane life. Likes binging TV shows and organizing movies nights with her friends. Best friends with Jake since before high school. An overall friendly individual who is doing well in school with all things considered.


    A third-year music/composition major who works part-time at a studio with a friend/co-worker, Jay. Though a small name in the music industry, his music does gain a fair amount of recognition.


    A second-year law university student who’s been friends with Y/N since first year. She can be rather blunt and will always speak her mind if the situation permits. Though she’s dead-set on becoming a lawyer, she can be quite funny at times, too.


    Another second-year university student who befriended both Sooji and Y/N in first year. He, however, is the exact opposite of Sooji in terms of personality—often preferring to avoid conflicts and has a soft approach to things.


    A second-year liberal arts major who transferred from another university. A former prospective Olympic swimmer, he was scouted to participate in the Olympics but due to an accident, he can no longer swim competitively.


    A composer and producer who owns his own studio—the same one that Jake works part-time at. Despite looking a little edgy, Jay is a very soft-hearted individual. Despite his passion for making music, he was fitted with a pacemaker from a young age due to his frail heart, so he does take precautions to make sure that what he’s producing doesn’t hurt him.


    Jake's cousin. A child prodigy who picked up the violin when he was young. Currently the first violin in the Seoul Symphony Orchestra. Sunoo grew up alongside both Jake and Y/N and constantly visits them when he’s not touring.

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  • raspberrygyus
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    ▾ PARING(S) skz/enhypen/txt x fem! reader

    ▾ GENRE social media au, stalker au, thriller, angst, gore, mystery, suspense

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive.

    time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    ▾ WARNINGS contains elements of gore, on- and off-screen abuse, torture, mental illness, stalking, and themes not suitable for all ages. (readers discretion is advised) each chapter will have a specific warning.

    ▾ FEATURING stray kids members, enhypen members, txt members (crossover)

    ▾ STATUS ongoing

    ▾ NOTES

    ↳ please note/ keep in mind that these are NOT the actual representations of the idols
    ↳ ages of members are adjusted for convenience


    profile 01 | profile 02


    01 | ...


    taglist @msxflower, @mykalon, @softforqiankun

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  • yunho-1999
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    the one in control

    pairing: badboy!yeonjun × bratty!femreader

    words: 5k +

    summary: you tease the one and only Yeonjun, and he doesn't like that. He likes to be the one taking control. So he teaches you lesson, putting you in your place.

    genre: smut

    warnings: meandom!yeonjun, brattamer!yeonjun, degradation, hair pulling, choking, crying, begging, size kink, spit, slapping, creampie (use protection babes), jealous!yeonjun, fuckboy!yeonjun, teasing, nicknames, recording sex, bimbofication, and probably way more

    You grunted upon hearing your biology teacher tell the class that they had to do a  project of two about the human cells. And of course that included you.

    You absolutely despised biology class, you couldn't stand a second of it. It was the most unnecessary boring shit you've ever heard. Why did you need to know how many bones and muscles were inside your body? Also, cells? Who the fuck wanted to know how they worked and what they did? Definitely not you. What also bothered you is that the project was in pairs. No one would want to partner with you, you were more than sure about that. Your hatred for biology was known by everyone, even the teacher knew. Maybe that's why he looked at you like you had some kind of toxic disease that would be contaminated if he got near you.

    While you were rambling about it on your own, cursing under your breath about the project, until Yeonjun, the certified 'bad boy' approached you. He placed his hands on your table, looking down at you with a smirk. "Wanna be partners?" You tilted your head upon hearing his words "Are you talking to me?" You pointed at yourself "Who else would I be talking to sweetheart?" You rolled your eyes at him "first of all, don't call me sweetheart. Second of all, yeah why not. I doubt anyone else wants to partner with me"

    Yeonjun wasn't exactly who you wanted to be partnered with, but at the same time, you couldn't complain. No one else wanted to do this with you.

    Yeonjun was the typical player, the one that fucked girls making them think they were special, and then left them heart broken. Not even calling them again the next day. Pretending he didn't know them. Basically humiliating them. But you weren't stupid, you knew all of those things. His tricks. So if he wanted to do this project with you only to have sex, you wouldn't comply. You were smarter than that. Or at least, that's what you thought.

    "Perfect" he grabbed a chair and sat next to you, a little bit too close for your liking. "Could you move over? Your leg is touching mine" you let out as codly as possible. "Is that a problem?" He tilted his head and placed his hand on your thigh "yes. Yes it is" you held his wrist and pulled his hand away from you. "I know your intentions Yeonjun, and I'm sorry to tell you, that it's not going to work with me. I'm not like your other girlies" you smiled at him before shoving a pen and a notebook into his arms. "Now we should start doing some research for the project"

    "Oh, you're a feisty one" he whispered to you before leaving the notebook on the table "I am, have a problem with that?" You questioned opening your book "I don't. Actually, it makes things more fun sweetheart" he whispered in your ear. Sending shivers down your spine. You shook your head and pushed him away.

    "Here" you pointed at your book, trying to keep him away from you "we have to do this" he looked at you with one of his eyebrows lifted "is y/n the certified biology hater trying to do a biology project, because she's scared of me?" He snickered "I'm not scared of you!" You frowned and crossed your arms "I just know what you want to do. And I'm not dumb Yeonjun" he smiled and placed one of his large hands on your cheek "let's see how long you can keep this act babe, I bet you won't last long. No one does" you gripped his wrist tightly, pulling his hand away with a serious look on your face "fuck you Yeonjun" "whenever you want" he winked at you, making you grimace.

    The bell rang and you were about to leave, wanting to be as far away from Yeonjun as possible. But before you could leave the teacher spoke up, making you stop "Before leaving I want to tell you that I won't give you time in class to do the project. You guys have to do it on your own outside. And in a week you'll have to present it in front of the rest of the students" you almost cursed out loud hearing those words. You would have to meet up with Yeonjun, outside of school? That wasn't a good idea. In fact, it was horrible. The boy would be even more bold if you guys were alone. And you would never admit it, but you were actually scared. Scared of actually falling for him.

    You held on tightly to your backpack, walking away from that class. Your mind confused. You couldn't stop thinking about him, his touch on your body lingered. His warm hand on your cheek. It felt nice, maybe a little bit too nice. You wanted more. But at the same time. You didn't want to give him the pleasure of having you. You were better than that.

    While you walked away towards the gates a hand held your arm, making you stop and turn around. You frowned upon seeing one of Yeonjun's friends, a huge smile plastered on his face. "What do you want Beomgyu?" "Always so mean" he poked the tip of your nose "anyways, we're having a party today, and Yeonjun wants you to come. It's at eight. So don't be late." And before you could answer, he was already gone. Leaving you there dumbfounded.

    Yeonjun looked at you from far away, laughing at your reaction along with his friends. They would do anything to help him end up in bed with you. It was a group mission at this point. They were exactly like him, all wanting to get laid without any compromise. And if they could help each other, they always did.

    Your steps were slow, your head filled with thoughts. Should you go? No, probably not. But what if it was worth it? You didn't need to be with Yeonjun. There would be plenty of other people. And if he tried to approach you, you could disappear in the crowd of people. Or, you could play with him. Yes, that's what you would do. It was a risky idea, but if it went well, it would be the funniest thing ever. Just to leave him there, hanging. Suddenly, going to the party, didn't seem like a bad idea.

    It was already 7pm and you were getting ready, your friend Karina on the phone with you. "So, your planning to leave Yeonjun with blue balls?" You nodded an evil smile on your face "exactly. Make him suffer a little" you heard your friend laugh, shaking her head at your words "be careful girl. You still have to do the biology project with him" you rolled your eyes "I will babe, don't worry. If he doesn't want to do the project afterwards, I'll do it alone" you finished doing your makeup, it was very light, but it made your features stand out. Making you feel confident. "I wish you were in my class thought, I have to do the project with Soobin and the man does not leave me alone" this time she rolled her eyes. "I wish I could help you, like those guys don't get tired of fucking?" You started putting on your high heels, making yourself a little but taller. Your height had always been one of your insecurities, as you were smaller than the average girls. Making you look weak and fragile, something you hated. Because you were neither of those. "Right? Like can't they do anything else? It's like they think with their dicks and not with their brain" she looked at the clock and then gasped "it's already half past seven y/n, you should get going" you looked at the clock yourself and nodded "true, I'll call you afterwards okay? I love you" you sent her a flying kiss before ending the video call. Quickly you placed in your purse your keys and also your phone. Looking at yourself in the mirror one last time. That dress made you look stunning. And you liked that.

    Once you got there the party had already started. Music blasting loudly from the speakers, people dancing on the living room, red cups in their hands, definitely filled with alcohol. You went to get yourself a cup, searching for the kitchen, or somewhere where the alcohol was. And while you were doing that, a pair of eyes landed on you.

    Yeonjun bit his lower lip seeing your small figure on that tight dress, it made all the curves on your body stand out. And it made him go insane. He already had some alcohol in his body. So he wasn't exactly thinking straight. "Fuck. Is that the girl you wanna bang?" Soobin's mouth was hanging open while looking at you "Yes. But she's mine. Don't try anything with her" he warned his friends, placing his cup on the table.

    He watched you struggle to find the kitchen for a few minutes before approaching you, a snug smirk all over his face. "Are you lost baby?" He said holding you by your hips, pressing your body against his. Your back on his chest. "Yes" you pouted, already putting your charms into action "I can't seem to find where the alcohol is" you turned around, purposely rubbing against him while doing so "Do you know where I can have a drink?" Your pointer finger was now on his chest, drawing little figures. Yeonjun looked at you like you were his pray, almost jumping on you and kissing you all over "of course I do baby, follow me" he smiled.

    You smiled to yourself while walking behind Yeonjun, you could feel his friends gazes all over you, so without thinking twice about it you delivered a wink on their direction, seeing how Kai almost chocked on his drink, making Beomgyu start to laugh loudly.

    You giggled softly and then Yeonjun pulled you into a room, you thought it would be the kitchen, but it definitely wasn't that. A big bed was inside, and you couldn't believe it. Was that his plan to fuck you? Cause it definitely wasn't going to work. You weren't even drunk.

    He closed the door behind you and pressed you to it. His face dangerously close to yours. "Did you dress like this for me?" You thought for a bit, and then nodded "of course I did, you were the one who invited me after all" his hand caressed your waist while he looked down, seeing how the dress revealed enough of your cleavage to make him crazy. "I'm glad you came, this party wouldn't be the same without you" he leaned closer, now placing a little kiss on your neck. Your hands were on his body, caressing his skin under his white shirt. You could see how hard he was, and that just made you smirk, thinking about your next movements.

    "You're so hot" he whispered his hand slowly making it's way to one of your breasts, but before he could, you stopped him. Gripping his wrist. He looked at you frowning and you just smiled and shook your head "I didn't come here for you to fuck me Yeonjun, I came here to have fun. So please just take me to the kitchen so I can have a drink. Or I'll go there myself. And maybe with one of your friends" you shrugged your shoulders and he stood there all tall looking down at you "you're not going to leave me hanging like this y/n. You can't do that." He gripped your wrist, placing them at each side of your head "of course I can. You can't fuck me without my consent Yeonjun. That would be rape" he immediately let go of you.

    You moved away and opened the door, leaving. Yeonjun stood there frustrated, he couldn't believe he got played by you. "Fuck" he grunted while pushing his hair back annoyed. You would definitely pay for that. He knew you were just playing games with him, and he didn't like that. He was the one that did that. He was the one that took control of the situation. Not you.

    Once you got to the living room again Soobin approached you, waisting no time. He knew you didn't do anything with Yeonjun. As it was quite obvious. His friend lasted a fucking long time, and he always made the girls look like a mess afterwards. And you looked just as fine as when you walked in. "Hi" he smiled at you, looking friendly. Maybe a little bit too friendly. But from far away you could see Yeonjun coming back to his friends, so you decided to play even more with him. Now your plan was to make him jealous. Once his eyes were glued on you and the tall boy you smiled "hi, can you give me a sip of your cup?" you pouted "Yeonjun didn't give me anything. He's a meanie" you exclamed crossing your arms, making your chest area stick out. His eyes immediately went there before looking back at you. "Of course pretty. Here" he gave you his cup and you grabbed it. You started drinking purposely dropping a few drops on your exposed chest area "Fuck! I'm so clumsy" you faked annoyance. Soobin stayed quiet for a few seconds, simply looking at the drips dissapear on your cleavage.

    "Do you want me to get you some napkins?" He finally spoke up and you shook your head "no, it's fine. I was quite hot, so this helps a little with the heat" you fanned yourself with one of your hands and gave Soobin his cup back. "Well, I'm going to go dance now" you stood on your tip toes struggling a bit to reach him and the boy noticed, bending so he was now on your level "thanks" you kissed his cheek and then ran towards the group of people who were dancing like there was no tomorrow.

    Soobin stayed in that position for maybe too long because Yeonjun came by, hitting his arm. "Dude, she's my girl" he frowned "well technically she's not thought. She's not your girlfriend or anything" he shrugged "yeah but I was the one that made a move on her first. And even invited her" "and how did that go buddy?" He said filled with amusement, making fun of his friend "fuck you Soobin, honestly" "I bet she will. She was all over me" the black haired boy pushed his friend, tired of him. "Oh shut the fuck up" he walked away, needing to consume more alcohol.

    "You should have seen his face Karina" you laughed while taking the dress off "he was truly dumbfounded, thinking he would get what he wanted, but instead getting nothing. Also, also, his face when I flirted with Soobin? Absolutely hilarious, he was all mad and jealous. It was so obvious" now she was laughing "you did such a good job, now he's probably jerking himself off while thinking of you" you looked at the screen of your phone wide eyed "do you really think that?" She nodded "probably babes, he seems to want to fuck you so badly" she giggled "he does..." You stood there, the image of the boy touching himself while thinking of you making you feel all hot and bothered. You shook your head trying to ignore that. "Anyways, I'm going to go to sleep, I hope tomorrow doing the project nothing bad happens. And tell me all about it, good night" you nodded "good night" you ended the call and sat down on the bed. Your head now thinking about Yeonjun.

    You sat down on the sofa, waiting for your biology partner to show up, or text you that he wouldn't come. As you weren't sure if he would. You did text him after school inviting him over so you could get this over with.

    While you were distracted looking at the tv the bell rang and you stood up quickly. Looking at yourself in the mirror. Smiling. You had on a blue cropped turtle neck and black skirt, making you look innocent and naughty at the same time.

    You opened the door and his eyes immediately went to your legs before looking at you. "I thought you wouldn't come after yesterday" you snickered and he let out a grunt of annoyance. "I just want to do this and get it done as fast as possible" you nodded at his words and closed the door "I'm glad that we agree at least on that"

    You lead him to your room, closing the door, just in case. You sat down on your bed, purposely making your skirt ride up. He tried to keep his eyes away from you, sitting down next to you and grabbing the biology book. Starting to read the pages. It was so boring, but it was better than falling into your temptations.

    You whined softly, not amused by his reaction. As he didn't really seem to notice it. It was like he was trying to ignore you. And that was no fun. You sat closer to him pretending to read the same thing. "I don't understand this" you pouted and pointed at one of the sentences, wanting to get his full attention on you. He looked at you and you looked up at him, making those sweet innocent eyes that made him go feral.

    "Do you think I'm stupid y/n?" He said while closing the book angrily "what? I never said that, what do you mean?" You once again faked innocence, but Yeonjun was way over that. Knowing for a fact that you were everything but innocent. "You left me hanging yesterday, and even flirted with my best friend in front of my face. And now you're gonna act all innocent when I clearly saw you ride up your skirt so I could see your thighs? For fucks sake, I'm not stupid got it?" His body was tense, and you could sense that he was actually mad at you. Maybe you crossed the line?

    "Do you want me?" "What? Why are you asking me that out of nowhere?" You frowned "answer." He leaned closer and you froze, not really knowing what to say. "If you say no you're going to stop acting like a whore and we're going to finish this damn project. But if you say yes, I'm going to fuck you so hard you're not even going to remember your name" he whispered the last part, making you nervous "so what's it gonna be baby?"

    You stayed quiet for a bit, you couldn't deny that his attitude made you feel extremely aroused. His intense eyes on you just made you want to have him. And maybe after all it wasn't a bad idea. Yeonjun was one of the hottest guys you've ever met, and he was basically all over you. You needed to use that on your favor.

    "Yes. I want you Yeonjun, so badly"

    Those words were enough for him, he caught your lips in a kiss. A rough and desperate kiss, as he had been waiting for this. You tried to get some dominance in the kiss by bitting his lower lip but his large hand wrapped around your neck. Pulling you away. "I'm the one in control babe. Don't even try." He warned making you whine. He squeezed your throat and you gasped, trying to get some air. "You've been such a bitch to me yesterday. You definitely need to get punished. Maybe that will make you come to your senses and remember that no one, absolutely no one, plays with me like you did." He was serious. And you could tell by his facial expression.

    "Now the safe word is biology. No matter how many times you tell me to stop, I won't until you say biology. So remember it." He let go of your neck and manhandled you until you were in front of him, ass facing him, head pressed into the book. A smirk decorated his face once an idea popped into his mind. He stood up and grabbed two pens, one for him, and the other one for you. "One of your punishments is going to be writing about our project, all alone, while I have fun with your body. Got it?" You nodded "use your words whore" "yes. I got it" he handed you the pen and a piece of paper before heading back to be behind you. "Start."

    For some reason it seemed to be pretty calm, you started writing, nothing really happening. Until you felt Yeonjun open your legs. The cold tip of the pen made you wonder what he was writing on the inside of your thighs. When he was done he threw the pen to the ground. Pleased with what he had put there. He pushed your skirt up, not wanting to take it off. As it looked good on you.

    He approached his face to your clotted core, making you whine and stop writing "did I say you could stop writing?" He frowned and you started writing again, your letters looking all messy and shaky "you know, if you hadn't been a bitch yesterday I would have eaten you out. But you don't deserve that. You're only going to please me. You don't deserve to get pleased. Whores like you don't deserve such privilege" he spanked you and took your panties off, admiring how wet you were. He shoved the piece of fabric into the back pocket of his jeans, wanting to take it as a souvenir.

    "Already so wet? You're so pathetic y/n trying to be all bold with me, when in reality you want me. Isn't that right?" You hid your face upon hearing his words, not wanting to admit any of that "aww is the baby shy now?" He laughed at you "don't you think it's too late for that huh?" His hand made impact on your ass once more. Leaving a big red mark. Yeonjun would never admit it out loud but the size difference between both of you made him even more aroused. He wanted to ruin your tiny body. "Answer me y/n" "n-no" you shook your head and he pulled your hair, making your back straight "Don't fucking lie" his finger pressed against your entrance "you're so fucking wet" he gathered your juices with one of his fingers, bringing it to your field of vision "see? So fucking wet" he now brought the finger to your mouth "suck." You looked at him while frowning shaking your head "I said suck you bitch" he held on tighter to your hair making you yelp. Yeonjun took the opportunity and shoved his digit into your mouth, making you taste yourself.

    "I can't believe you're still being a brat. You just like to see me mad don't you? I bet that's what makes you wet." He let go of you, now pressing your head into the book "keep writing slut. You're not done with that" He leaned down, blowing hot air into your heat. Simply teasing you. His hands roamed your thighs, sometimes squeezing your ass. But he never touched where you needed him the most, it felt like torture, and you knew that he wanted that. He wanted to punish you. Make you feel what you did to him yesterday.

    "I'm done" you stuttered once you finished and he smirked. He held the piece of paper in front of your face, ripping it into a bunch of tiny pieces "what- why did you do that?" You asked while looking down at the now broken paper. It took you so long for absolutely nothing. And you couldn't even do anything, as you still were half naked with your ass facing upwards. "To teach you a lesson sweetheart. Don't mess with me" he held your chin and smiled at you petting your head lightly. "Now kitten, you'll do everything I'll ask you right? You're not gonna be a brat again." You frowned at him "no! You just destroyed my hard work! Why should I listed to you?" You pulled your face away from his hand and he looked at you in disbelief.

    "Are you serious y/n? Don't you fucking learn?" He held your face once again, easily squishing it, delivering a harsh slap to your cheek. Making your eyes water up as you didn't expect that. Now your whole face felt hot, you definitely were red, and not from the slap. Feeling ashamed of yourself. "Are you going to behave for once? Are you slut? Huh? Can you do that? Or is your brain so small that you can't even comprehend simple tasks?" You wanted to answer back a snarky remark, or simply tell him to fuck off.

    But at the same time, you wanted to behave. Wanting to be fucked by him. You couldn't handle it no more. Your bratty facade disappearing. Now you were ready to be his perfect little slut. To let him do whatever he wanted to you.

    "Yes, yes, I'll behave, I promise, I'm sorry, sorry. Please..." You looked up at him with puppy eyes, the prettiest pout decorating your face "please what baby?" He tilted his head "please fuck me already, please, please" you begged desperately, holding onto the hem of his shirt. "But you don't deserve to be fucked kitten. You've been so bad" he shook his head "I'm sorry, please. I won't do it again. I really won't. Please. Please" you sounded so pathetic, but to Yeonjun it was the most beautiful cries he's ever heard. He saw how tears started to stream down your cheeks and he dried them up while smiling at you. "Promise you'll be good?" He asked and you nodded eagerly "yes, I will. I will behave, promise"

    Seeing you so desperate made him hard, you could definitely see the bulge in his pants. And it just made you even more impatient.

    He started to take off his pants and also his underwear, making it slow and teasing, just to make you suffer a little bit more. "Open" he ordered and you immediately complied, opening your mouth as wide as possible, so his size would fit. He pushed in while easily holding your head in place, as it was small enough for him to hold it easily. He started thrusting, picking up a quick pace, as he was almost as desperate at you. Maybe a little bit more. He couldn't do any of this yesterday and that lingered in his mind all night.

    With a last deep thrust he came in your mouth, pulling out completely, seeing his cum inside. Without thinking much he held your face in place, now spitting into your mouth, seeing how it mixed with his semen "Swallow it all. Be grateful for what I gave you." You closed your eyes and decided to swallow everything fast, not thinking too much about it. "Very good. It took a little bit of fighting, but now you're all good" he smiled.

    You saw him move, his body now behind you. And you felt excited, as he was finally going to be inside of you. He turned you around. Making you face him. He looked down and smiled, just now remembering what he wrote on your thighs. He got an idea and immediately put it into plan. He searched for his phone, recording you in that position, making sure your face showed up clearly "Read it out loud" he ordered and you looked down, your face heating up. You shook your head slightly and he frowned "I can't say that out loud... Not when you're recording me..." He frowned at you "Read it out loud or I won't fuck you y/n." you whined at him but it was useless. You knew that if you didn't say it, he would actually not do anything. And just leave you there. "T-this fuckhole b-belongs to Y-yeonjun" you looked away in embarrassment once you saw his big smile, now recording what he wrote and your cunt.

    He now stopped recording, placing the phone on the bedside table. He slammed into you, already setting a fast pace. Not even letting you get used to his big size. He looked down at your small body compared to his. Making him go even harder with you. Wanting to break you.

    His hand went to your neck as he squeezed it lightly, enough to make it pleasurable. No one ever had been so rough and harsh with you. But you were enjoying every second of it. You never thought that being treated like that would make you feel aroused. It was a whole new experience that would make sex probably pretty boring afterwards.

    Yeonjun kept moving his hips as fast as he could, enjoying hearing your moans and whines of his name. Your hands all over his back, leaving small scratch marks. The whole experience was simply amazing, as he didn't think you would be up to be like this for him. All whiny and weak, making your size seem even more small in your eyes.

    "Does it feel good?" He whispered into your ear, lips leaving soft kissed all over your ear lobe. Moving down to mark your neck. "Yes, yes, yes, so good" you nodded words coming out slurred barely even understandable. "I guess I fucked you dumb didn't I baby?" He laughed at the eagerness of your nods, as you probably didn't even understand what he told you.

    Yeonjun felt close to his high so he thrusted as deep as he could, hitting that spot that made you dizzy over and over. And without previous warning you came, your legs trembling your body shaking. He held you into place as he also came a little bit after you. Filling you up. Just like he had imagined. "Fuck that felt so good" he munbled, now laying down next to you.

    You had your eyes closed as you tried to collect your thoughts and catch your breath. That was the most intense orgasm of your life.

    "We have to do this again some day" he said and you nodded.



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    FEMALE!READER X KANG TAEHYUN (TXT) AGEPLAY (BABYING) also this one isn't very much smut it's a lot of fluff

    You find it absolutely adorable whenever Taehyun asks you if the two of you can play on the play structure near your shared apartment in downtown San Francisco, whenever he wants the two of you to play a little game of hide-and-seek or decorate your friend’s house for their birthdays. It's something you've always found endearing, something sweet, at how he likes to keep his childhood as close to him as possible. And you've always just kind of rolled with it, seen how things go. Things never really came up about it until one day when he asked you a question that… shocked you, to say the least.

    “Y/N, this is honestly a really awkward question for me to ask, but can we maybe try something new tonight? I mean, like- we normally resort to bondage but could we maybe try… age play?”

    You're stunned into silence for a few seconds while you mentally process what Taehyun just asked you. “Uh, yeah, sure! I mean… what did you have in mind? I've always found it pretty cute when you just act a little childish but what else did you have in mind?”

    “I don't really know,” he says, letting his head rest on your shoulder. “Maybe you just really baby me for a bit?”

    “I think I can do that, yeah,” you reply, grinning. Little does Taehyun know that you already have a thousand ideas running through your head, starting right at that very moment.

    And so, after the movie ended, you had Taehyun’s form pinned underneath you, your hands resting above his shoulders and your knees straddling his waist. “You look tired, baby. Do you want me to tell you a story?” Taehyun nods, smiling. You shift your weight to pet his cheek gently and begin forming bits and pieces of a story together in your mind before weaving them into words. “Once, there was a little boy who swore to his best friend that they would get married one day. But the little boy’s friend said they couldn't. So his friend told him: ‘don't you get it? You're a prince, you're supposed to marry a princess, not me.’ The prince was stunned, why couldn't he marry whoever he wanted to? So what if he wanted to marry his best friend, someone he had known since the two of them were just children playing together in the palace gardens, maybe fighting with wooden swords made from scraps at the carpenter’s shop or pretending to slay dragons in the knight’s training rooms… things every child should do.” You pause to adjust your arms so that you're resting on your elbows. Taehyun is so close to you that you can see the stars in his eyes and feel his silent breaths tickling your face. “One day, the prince went to his parents, the king and queen of the kingdom, and asked them why he couldn't marry his friend. When his parents heard this, they were astounded. ‘You will never marry him!’ His mother said, the color drained from her face. ‘Why would you ever say something like that, son!’ His father said. ‘You are to marry a princess, not a knight!’ And the prince didn't understand until he spoke to the palace diviner, who calmly explained that in the kingdom he lived in, boys had to marry girls, they couldn't marry other boys. The prince ran back to his room where he began crying, crying so much that he cried himself to sleep. He swore that one day he would make things right, make it so that in his kingdom, people could marry whoever. And so, sixteen years later, once the laws had been changed and celebrations had happened, the prince- now a king- was standing on the altar, awaiting his true love, his friend since the beginning. They were married and lived happily ever after.” You coo when Taehyun yawns sleepily below you, his eyes drifting closed. “Awe, baby, I haven't even gotten a kiss yet!”

    “Sorry, Y/N. It was just a beautiful story and it made me really sleepy.” was

    “Don't apologize, Taehyun. If anything, I'm flattered.” He leans up and smiles, kissing you gently. Before long, you’re making out with him passionately while he’s pinned under you, grinding up into your crotch pathetically and whining like a bitch in heat, making you grin. “You want me?”

    “Mhm…” he continues gently kissing your lips as you’re talking to him, not letting you get a single moment without his lips coming into contact with yours, even just for a fraction of a second.

    “Well then, I should just give my baby boy what he wants, shouldn’t I?”


    word count: 802 words

    totally thought this was in my queue oops

    #carmen! #carmen writes #carmen writes smut #carmen's kinktober #carmen's kinktober 2021 #female reader#smut#kinktober#kinktober 2021#taehyun smut#txt smut #tomorrow x together smut #taehyun ff#taehyun fanfic#taehyun fanfiction#taehyun#kang taehyun #kang taehyun smut #kang taehyun ff #kang taehyun fanfiction #kang taehyun fanfic #txt fanfic#txt fanfiction#txt ff #tomorrow x together fanfiction #tomorrow x together ff #tomorrow x together fanfic
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    #ask and ye shall - an indeterminate amount of time later - receive #big thanks to all the anons who showed love for this au and gave me so many lovely ideas #especially the one who came up with the title #credit to you whoever you are #in case it's not immediately clear from the outset: I Am Not A Marine Biologist #there are many benefits but alas. they are not for me #this is fluffier than a baby sea otter #who also features prominently in this story #enjoy! #happy supercorp sunday #supercorp#supercorp fanfic#supergirl#kara danvers#lena luthor #dings dot txt
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    não superestimem uma pobre jovem desocupada com um picsart em mãos (totalmente feita com o picsart, sim)

    #harmonix#dayaze #pedidos de capa #capa para fanfic #capas para fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa para spirit #itzy#txt#book covers#book design #book cover comissions
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    **✿❀LINE 12: EXCITED❀✿**

    warnings: suggestive if you squint really hard (skip if uncomfy)

    in the span of 2 months, y/n and taehyun had progressed from enemies to acquaintances. the hate between them seems to have decreased gradually as they spent more time under one roof. they can now at least see each other's faces without throwing shades and actually wish good mornings and good nights (y/n claimed this as a progress), and that's why y/n almost flipped out when she saw taehyun shooting daggers at her the first thing in the morning, without any reason AT ALL and ignored her good morning wish.

    i thought we're way past that already?

    "im sleeping at beomgyu's tonight," he said without even sparing a glance at her.

    "i'll be inviting ryujin then,"

    "okay what ever, i dont really care,"

    "what the hell is wrong with you?" y/n snapped, they sounded exactly like when they were talking to each other for the first time, and she didnt like it, not even one bit.


    "you know what? what ever. it's not even worth it," y/n stomped to her room.

    y/n's waiting for ryujin to arrive, taehyun already long gone, at least that's what she thought. so she walked around the house with just her oversized white tee and her panties. i mean, when else can she wear the most comfortable clothes in the world, right? ending up with an ice cream tub in one hand, and a novel on the other, y/n sprawled comfortably across the couch.

    about an hour in, she jumped into a standing position when she suddenly heard taehyun's door creaked open. you see, the living room and taehyun's room is just three steps away and that's why y/n didnt have enough time to bolt to her room and it certainly didnt help when she acted like a deer caught in the headlights, freezing in her track completely.

    "why are you still here?" she asked after a few seconds of silence, taehyun now standing in front of her, seeming unable to move completely too.

    "that beomgyu shithead forgot to pick me.....up," y/n suddenly felt very self-aware now, after noticing how taehyun eyed her up, from her bare legs, trailing up and slightly stopping at her chest.

    "stop staring, you pervert," y/n exclaimed, her hands automatically went to block her chest from his view.

    suddenly aware of his action, taehyun cleared his throat, eyes wandering everywhere except on the girl in front of him.

    "there's not even much to see," he said, trying to act like he didnt just ogle at her a few seconds ago.

    "well, i dont think your friend there agree with you," pointing at taehyun's growing bulge, she left to her room snickering.

    'fuck' taehyun inhaled sharply.

    right before y/n closed her door, she heard beomgyu barging into the house, chuckling at taehyun's state.

    "someone's a little excited," beomgyu had teased him, causing y/n to double over, laughing.

    "WHAT? YOU FLASHED HIM?" ryujin asked.

    she had finally arrived, now sitting on the couch facing each other, just gossiping.

    "I did not dumbass!"

    "technically, you did. that white shirt is like- see through," ryujin said in a matter of fact way, munching on her chips.

    "NO IT'S NOT, OKAY AT THIS POINT YOU'RE JUST EXAGGERATING," y/n laughed as her hands went to ryujin's laps, slapping them playfully.

    later that night, y/n had shoved the white shirt deep under her wardrobe, changing into a blue one, not wanting to go through such embarrassing moments anymore.



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    if there's anything y/n's good at, it's differentiating her feelings between love or hate. it's so distinct, she really doesn't get it when people say they have mixed feelings about something, cause to her, love is LOVE and hate is, well... HATE. LOVE is like her feelings for prodsputnik, an anonymous soundcloud artist she adores which she may or may not have a stan account for. HATE is like her feelings towards her roommate, kang taehyun. she even claimed that researchers are bullshitting when they say there's a thin line between hate and love. but what if y/n figures out that prodsputnik and kang taehyun is the same person? will the line between love and hate stay thick and clear as fuck (y/n's words) to y/n or will it get blurry?

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