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    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    word count:

    I threw on my signature cashier smile and greeted the customer, “Welcome to Coffee Project! What would you like to order?,”

    “Oh hi Y/N I didn’t know you worked here,” I was suddenly creeped out at the person. “Oh my god is he going to kill me,” I thought. Sweat was forming in my forehead. “Um do I know you?,” He then removed his mask and istg i saw my soul decend to heaven.

    “Oh hey yeonjun is this for takeout or dine in?,” I calmly spoke as I was about to take his order. “How is she not screaming,” Yeonjun thought before taking his order.

    After I gave him his order inside a paper bag and was about to walk back to the cashier station, Yeonjun grabbed me by the arm, “This might sound weird but can I have your phone number?,” I can see Yeonjun trying to cover his flustered state behind his mask.

    “It’s going to be for school purposes right?” I questioned him suspiciously.

    “Yeah definitely,”

    Little did she know, Yeonjun had a slight small interest in his seatmate.

    // Time skip

    I arrived at the dorm greeted by my friends eating at the kitchen counter. “Oh hey Y/N! How’s your shift?,”

    “Yeonjun went to the cafe,” Suddenly silence engulfed the dorm kitchen.. and then questions came A LOT of questions came.

    “What did he order?,”

    “What’s his new hair color?,”

    “Did you guys talk?,”

    “Did he blind you with his gorgeous pretty face?,”

    “GUYS HE ASKED FOR MY PHONE NIMBER OKAY?,” I slightly screamed. Then silence came before chaos arrived. All the girls were scrambling asking questions. Some were screaming. You felt like some dorm neighbor might come to your dorm and complain about why there’s a Zoo in your dorm.

    “It’s for school purposes guys!”

    “Yeah sure…” The girl thought that Yeonjun asked my number for romance. I got no time for romance. I was always into romantic movies but never into real romance because of standards and fear of being heartbroken. I explained them on how it was only for school before saying my goodnights and going to bed.

    taglist : @bubblejunnies @heejake-en @snowfalltxt @theskzvibe @lost-leopard-beanie @endzii23 (send an ask)

    masterlist | chapter eight

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  • sm-entertain-me
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Silent Strokes (M)

    Synopsis: Taehyun tries his best to keep quiet while you sleep soundly next to him, hoping you wouldn’t wake up to find him in a compromising position.

    Contains: Kang Taehyun x (f) reader, adult language, smut, explicit depictions of unprotected sex, masturbation, handjob, fingering, mutual masturbation, soft/sleepy sex, prasie kink, creampie.

    Envy coursed through Taehyun’s veins as he watched you sleep, jealous that you were able to fall asleep so quickly while he was stuck staying awake while counting his 3,000th sheep. Small snores fell from your lips as your eyelids twitched to indicate you were in the deepest REM sleep possible, dreaming away peacefully while Taehyun huffed in a frustrating manner. He had tried every possible tactic he could think of to help him fall asleep, but nothing seemed to work. Well, all except for one thing he knew would definitely put him to sleep... But he kind of needed you in order to do it.

    Sighing upon realizing it would be rather rude of him to wake you up, Taehyun shuffled uncomfortably next to you as he considered his options for the night. The guys would definitely be pissed off at him if Taehun didn’t get enough sleep and walked into practice tired, but it’s not his fault that his mind was racing due to it being award season. He knew he had a responsibility to the group and being well rested was part of that responsibility, groaning slightly as he tried his best to chase sleep.

    The longer Taehyun tossed and turned next to you in an attempt to find the perfect sleeping position, the more desperate he became. In a fit of frustration, Taehyun’s eyes looked over at you to admire your face, him smiling lightly to himself as he continued to allow his eyes to travel south. His eyes were delightfully reminded that you were dressed in only an over sized t-shirt that belonged to Taehyun, earning a muffled groan from Taehyun as his hands finally slipped past the waistband of his briefs. Since he couldn’t get the real thing, he would have to settle for second best.

    Carefully listening to every single sound that came from your lips to make sure you wouldn’t wake up, Taehyun gripped his semi-hard cock tightly, wrapping his fingers around the base while slowly dragging upward. The pressure Taehyun applied to his steadily hardening member increased with each stroke, biting his lip to keep his soft moans to a minimum. Taehyun’s goal was to work him into his climax at the fastest rate possible, this strategy allowing for the least amount of time for him risking waking you up. He knew better from the last time he made the mistake of waking you up before 8AM, the blood curdling shrieking like a banshee playing in his mind over and over again.

    But he didn’t have time to concern himself with how cranky you got in the morning, Taehyun’s only job was to get get himself off a quick as possible so he wouldn’t have to deal with you waking up next to him and having a rather awkward conversation. That was quite possibly the very last thing that he wanted to do at 3:29 in the morning, Taehyun huffing silently to himself as he continued to increase the speed of his strokes. 

    While Taehyun was busy pleasuring himself next to you, he couldn’t help but to pull the covers away from your body slightly to reveal your sleeping figure, the action causing you to turn so that you were now on your back. As you turned to your current sleeping position, Taehyun happened to look down and notice that you were not wearing any underwear. He knew that you had a habit of not wearing underwear nowadays since it has its benefits, but he wasn’t prepared to see your glistening folds barely contained by one of his oversized sleep shirts. Taehyun let out a soft groan that had crept up his throat, his eyes fixated on the sight in between your hips while he continued his rapid strokes.

    A weird slapping sound penetrated the subconsciousness of your dreams, causing you to stir slightly in an attempt to wave it off as some random item that went bump in the night. But as time went on, you could hear the noise intensify while increasing in rhythm. Your ears slowly began to tune to the sound, trying to figure out what exactly was the source of the noise. That’s when you could hear soft grunting, the proximity being so close to your ear that there was absolutely no denying that those belonged to the man who was supposed to be sleeping next to you. When you opened your eyes to check on your sleeping boyfriend, you were rather astonished to see Taehyun with his eyebrows knitted together, grunting as he thrusted his cock shallowly into his tightened hand.

    “Taehyun? What... What are you doing?” You asked groggily, turning slowly to face Taehyun completely in order to get a better look so you could confirm what was happening in front of your eyes. As you stared at Taehyun, he quickly shunted his motions and became wide eyed, refusing to look at you as he stayed perfectly still. He probably thought that if he was completely still, you would leave him alone and go back to sleep. But that wasn’t exactly what you had in mind as you looked down at Taehyun’s cock, pulling his hand off of himself so that you could replace the sensational feeling wrapping around his lengthy member, “All you had to do was ask.”

    “I didn’t want to wake you up, jagiya,” Taehyun whined as he watched your hand tighten around his cock, licking his lips while your hand traveled up the length of his shaft slowly. You nodded slowly in response, understanding that he was just trying to be considerate since you had pretty much tore into him last time for waking you up. But the difference between this time and last time is that you would gladly wake up to help Taehyun with his situation, last time he tried waking you up because he was craving kimbap and made the mistake of assuming you would gladly make it for him after getting five hours of sleep. 

    Taehyun was delightfully surprised to see your tired eyes harden to something lustful, you staring into his eyes to show you meant business as you continued to stroke Taehyun’s cock while switching the amount of pressure applied. You would work your way slowly up his shaft until you go to his tip, rolling your wrists in a complete circle to stimulate the most sensitive part of him properly. This made Taehyun jerk his hips into your hand, a stifled moan slipping past his lips as he continued to remain enamored with the sight of your hand pumping him to his full length.

    You could tell Taehyun was getting needy, grunting softly as he occasionally thrusted his hips into your hands if he deemed your pace too slow. Luckily for him, you were feeling particularly generous as you continued to stroke his thick member before you reached over to place his hand in between your thighs. When Taehyun felt the familiar wetness of your essence coat his fingers, he immediately began to trace sinful shapes into your bundle of nerves so you could get as needy as he was. It never takes long for Taehyun’s fingers to make your thighs start trembling, and tonight was certainly no exception.

    Only about fifteen seconds of Taehyun’s expert fingers and sinful tapping had passed before you began to feel your core tightening in the most pleasurable way possible, this becoming apparent to Taehyun as two of his fingers were stuffed deep inside of your slit. A smirk appeared across his face as he could feel your grip on his cock faltering due to Taehyun’s fingers providing a welcome distraction, Taehyun reaching down to remove your hand since you were clearly not able to focus nearly as hard as Taehyun. You started the night by having control over Taehyun, but like always, he got the upper hand.

    “Taehyun, I want you... Now,” You whimpered out softly to the attractive male next to you, Taehyun propping his head on his hand while the other was working magic in between your thighs. He loved watching all of the faces you would make for him, knowing he was the one making your feel so good. Although he wanted to watch your lips quiver and eventually hang open from wanton moans, Taehyun decided that it would probably be beneficial to you both to bury his cock inside of you instead of just his fingers. Besides, you did make your intentions rather clear considering you demanded Taehyun instead of asking.

    Obliging your desperate request, Taehyun slowly slipped his fingers out of your dripping heat, you whining softly from the absence inside your core. But it was for the best as Taehyun shuffled away from you so that he could remove his boxers while you removed his shirt, waiting patiently for your boyfriend to join you on the bed. When he did, he carefully climbed on top of you so that he supported his weight on either side, looking down at you and flashing a cute grin before nestling himself in between your thighs, “I’ll be gentle, I know you’re still sleepy babygirl.”

    Nodding slowly at Taehyun’s consideration for your sleepy state, you spread your legs out a little more to Taehyun could reposition himself, shallowly thrusting into his hand to ensure he was at his full length. He wanted to make sure that he would be pleasuring you with everything he had to offer, although you were pretty sure you had managed to get him to that point earlier with your hand. It didn’t really seem to matter who was able to achieve such a feat as Taehyun was now teasing your folds with the leaking tip of his cock, smearing drops of precum all over your slit before shoving himself in completely.

    Your hands reached up to grab at Taehyun almost immediately, crying out from the delicious burning sensation in your core due to Taehyun’s cock parting them harshly. As your hands finally found purchase on his honeyed skin, you slowly began to drag your nails down his back as his thrusts began to increase in speed. Each subtle movement of your nails had Taehyun biting back moans, goosebumps flowing all over his skin from the stinging sensation down his back.

    “You look so beautiful like this,” Taehyun praised as he looked down at you with a softened expression, a sharp contrast to what was going on in between your thighs. While admiring your slightly fucked out features, Taehyun couldn’t help but press his palm to the side of your face, his thumb stroking the side of your cheek softly. Although Taehyun was doing some rather sinful things in between your thighs, he was making sure to take care of you and not overwork you since you were already groggy from being woken up. Not that you were complaining though, it was a nice change up from your usual rough encounters after long nights at the studio.

    Instead of caressing your face softly, Taehyun opted for grabbing both of your hands to lace his fingers with yours, shockwaves pulsing through your bodies at the intimate touches. He then held your hands slightly above your head, not to pin you, but just to hold you still while he admired you from above. Taehyun’s blown out pupils fluttered from your eyes that were closed in pure bliss from your plump lips that had been long parted due to your soft moans and gentle hiccups. This alone sent an interesting throb to his member, reminding him that he was pretty close to his release despite you not reaching your climax yet.

    “Baby,” Taehyun cooed, keeping his hands laced with yours as he began to kiss down the valley of your breasts, thrusting his hips slowly but rather deep into your yearning heat. All you could do was whimper in response, feeling the heat between your bodies start to become unbearable as well as feeling your climax starting to build much quicker than you thought. But both you and Taehyun knew you needed something a little extra, Taehyun picking up on this as he began to remove his hand in favor of traveling in between your bodies, “I’ll make you feel really good, okay? Let go whenever you need to, I’ll be right here for you.”

    Taehyun’s fingers attaching to your aching bundle of nerve seemed to be delivering the perfect amount of stimulation due to how much louder in pitch your moans had climbed, Taehyun looking down at you with piqued curiosity as he wasn’t sure you were capable of making such lewd noises this early in the morning. But he didn’t seem to care too much, smirking slightly as he continued to thrust deep inside of you while flicking mercilessly against your clit. The longer he flicked his expert fingers against your nub, the harder the grip tightened around his cock, indicating that you were right on the edge. It would only be a matter of seconds before Taehyun was able to make you see stars, Taehyun whispering soft praises into your ear to get you there much faster than either of you had anticipated.

    With a pathetic whimper of something that sounded like Taehyun’s name, you were sent reeling into your orgasm, nails continuing to drag down Taehyun’s back as your vision began to blur from the euphoria coursing through you. You could feel your legs begin to tremble from the sensations running ramped through your brain, inadvertently wrapping your legs around Taehyun and pulling him closer to you so that you two could be the closest you could ever be. You hadn’t realized you did it until you came face to face with Taehyun who’s jaw was currently hanging open, slowly succumbing to his own desires.

    “Oh Y/N,” Taehyun groaned out, his hips stilling against yours as you soon felt the familiar sensation of Taehyun’s cum filling you to the brim. He continued to thrust into you softly, panting into your ear as he slumped into the space next to your ear in exhaustion. While he lay next to you in a state of complete tiredness, you couldn’t help but tangle your fingers into the back of Taehyun’s head to stroke his hair absentmindedly. You always knew that Taehyun loved when you stroked his hair, knowing that he would probably appreciate it even more at this particular moment. Taehyun started to stir a little as you continued to stroke his hair, him lifting his head to look into your eyes and flash a toothy grin before collapsing next to you.

    It took a lot of convincing for you to keep Taehyun up so you two could get cleaned up properly, but you did manage to get him sat up and ready to join you in the bathroom. However, that seemed to be the furthest you were able to progress in your plan as you had been waiting in the bathroom for at least ten minutes, you huffing in frustration and doing whatever necessary before returning back to the bedroom. Once you returned, you were greeted with the lovely sight of Taehyun sleeping soundly in the bed, soft snore escaping his lips. A smile crept its way onto your face as you walked over to Taehyun silently, leaning over to press a gentle kiss to his cheek, being careful not to wake him as you whispered,

    “Goodnight Taehyunnie, sleep tight.”

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    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ‘praying to god that one day you’ll be mine.’

    hello, everyone! welcome to my first collab for writers of ateez, seventeen and txt.

    the theme for this collab is: summer rain angst.

    what does it mean? well, summer rain angst (i made this term up), is essentially a story that starts with a happy, light-hearted tone, fluffy, but the twist at the end breaks the reader’s heart. it’s a false hope for all who anticipate genuine happiness and love.

    your story should be happy one, with a hint of angst maybe, but the ending is devastating to the reader. here are some prompts to help you:

    i. character a being left behind by character b for their partner, not knowing that character a was their true soulmate

    ii. character a attends character b’s wedding as they’re dying slowly of the hanahaki disease which is only revealed at the end

    iii. character a lied to character b and never loved them. character b chooses to knowingly live in the lie because they hate the truth.

    * optional: base it off a song! if you can’t choose one, i don’t mind giving you one as well :)

    guidelines to participate:

    slots are available based on a first come, first serve basis !! only one slot per member.
    please reblog this post to get more people to join! the more, the merrier as always <3
    nsfw content is allowed, but minors are not allowed to write such content.
    there isn’t really a minimum word count, but try to make it the length of a one shot !!
    you need to have discord to participate in this collab for easier communication !!

    how to join:

    send me a dm or ask stating the member you wish to write for and i’ll send you the discord invite link asap
    reblog the post please :< it’ll help me reach more writers who are interested !!
    sign up deadline: 31st january 2022
    drop out deadline: 28th february 2022
    synopsis drop deadline: 30th april 2022
    final fic drop deadline: 15th june 2022


    ateez: hongjoong (@fciryhj), seonghwa (@woahhwa), yunho, yeosang (@vampireyeosang), san (@atozfic), mingi (@halaboyz), wooyoung (@sunlightwoo), jongho
    seventeen: seungcheol, jeonghan (@changminurheart), joshua (@junjungsunwoo), jun, soonyoung, wonwoo (@fciryhj), jihoon, minghao, mingyu (@p8rasite) seokmin, seungkwan, hansol, chan
    txt: yeonjun (@traxxmatic), soobin, beomgyu (@stealanity), taehyun, kai
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    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    im so mad i wanna finish my makokuu fanfiction asap. this day was so exhausting i need some fluff in my life

    #txt #ive only written one fanfiction so far bruh #makokuu #kusuke x makoto #makoto x kusuke #teruhashi makoto#makoto teruhashi#mugami tooru#saiki kusuke#kusuke saiki#fanfic#fanfiction
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    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ⊳ 11:15 pm + bakugo katsuki

    you sighed, quietly closed the door behind you and sank in the warm, comforting scent of your sweet home, so warm, so sweet, it is too good to be home in the coldest winter.

    "here comes the idiot trying to overwork themselves." in the dark apartment, his voice startled you.

    "oh- uh- hello babe." you grinned innocently in your thickest coat sprinkled with water, bangs were wetted by the rain, finger clicked the corridor dim light on.

    bakugo was standing there, the familiar grumpy expression with his arms crossed, had seemed to be waiting for you for the longest time.

    "don't 'babe' me you extra, I should've known you'll be home this late." though his words were not very endearing, his hand made its way rubbing your cold cheek, eyes softened.

    "sorry, katsuki, an unexpected obstacle has occurred, we haven't untied the knot yet, so was just trying my best to contribute my advantages to find the villain." you melted in his touch while babbling, his hand was warm.

    he was just about to scold the agency for letting this happen, but then he thought about you, so passionate about your work, he felt guilty.

    "you- didn't wear your mask on the way home?" he asked surprised when his thumb interacted with your cold little nose.

    "I think I forgot it at my office, I'm sorry." that was the second time you told him an apology.

    "idiot, so stupid of you to not take care of yourself. if you got sick, I swear I would kill you." bakugo voice sounded disappointed.


    "shut up. I've heard enough." he kissed your nose. "welcome home. give me your bag and go take a quick bath."

    "thank you, I love you." you pecked his cheek and quickly dashed into the room, leaving the katsuki with his cheek tint pink.

    "tch. what an idiot."

    reblogs are appreciated ♡ !!!!

    © 2021 dreamesamu. All rights reserved.

    #txt submitted !! #bnha x reader #bnha fluff #bnha x you #bnha#bnha fanfiction#bnha imagines#bakugo fluff #bakugo x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou fluff#bakugou headcanons #bakugou x you #mha x y/n #mha imagines#mha fanfiction #mha x reader #mha headcanons #bakugou katuski x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader
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  • hee420seung
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    enhypen and s3xt0ys


    warning: smut (obv)


    heeseung (includes anal penetration)

    he loveeees using toys on you, he keeps a rabbit ear vibrator is his room to use on you, his biggest fantasy is to tie you up and over stimulate all of your holes and sentitive touches with each appropriate toy. you had both discussed what type of toys you like, you wanted to try a butt plug for the first time. the mention of this got heeseung excited knowing he had a new way to pleasure you.
    "i bought one," heeseung says pulling out a purple velvet pouch, pulling out a buttplug with a pink heart jewel at the end.
    "it's so pretty," you say observing the toy.
    "it'll look even prettier when you arch your pretty little ass up so i can touch your pretty cunt." he says as he traces shapes on your thigh innocently.
    your cheeks flush as the thought set butterflies from your stomach to your core,his erotic comment dances with the thoughts in your brain causing you to crave his touch.
    your ass rises up, heeseung squirts lube on your tight hole. he sticks a finger inside to train the virgin entrance; he hums at the tightness as you moan at the sweet stretch,he slowly pulls it out, causing you moan even harder, he slowly pushes it back in, adding another finger after a couple of entrances, training you gently and patiently.
    he squirts more lube before pushing the metal toy inside of your tight entrance. you grip the sheets and muffle your moan into his pillow as the stretch gets drastic.
    "it's in, you did so good baby, and it compliments your pretty pussy." he says admiring the pink jewel that makes your folds look prettier.
    heeseung grabs the rabbit eared dildo vibrator to stimulate your soaking entrance, he pushes it inside of you, your tight asshole clenches around the buttplug unlocking a sweet sensation everytime heeseung pulls the dildo in and out of you.
    the buttplug almost declines the clenching of your soaking wet cunt around the dildo, you push your face into his pillow as the new sensation sends your breath into a different pattern.


    jay would also love using toys, if he could sit and play with your pussy all day he would. he loves the different sounds you make with each toy. your soft masked whimpers blend into the buzzing of the pill vibrator fills his ears with beautiful music.
    his favorite thing to use on you is a clear glass dildo, he loves that he can see through it as he pushes it in and out of you, the visual of your soft pussy clenching onto the dildo as he pulls it out drives him crazy, the folds holding onto the glass until it can't no more.
    he picks up the speed, pushing it in and out, you find yourself overwhelmed by the sudden change in pace causing you to force your legs together. jay holds your feet up, pushing your thighs to your chest giving him access to your soaked cunt, he pushes the glass dildo back inside you giving you no control of the pace.
    you cover your mouth knowing that you'll struggle with keeping quiet.
    "baby you're clenching so good for me." he says we he watches your walls pulse around the glass, his pace goes faster causing your whimpers to get harder to mask.


    he wouldn't bring it up, but when you do he gets excited about it. he loves to please you, and he loves when you tell him what he can do to make you feel good. you pull out a vibrator, showing it to him.
    "it kinda looks like a microphone." he responds taking it out of your hands, you smile.
    "there's 5 different speeds, you just turn it on and press this button to change different speeds, you hold it onto my clit, i usually use the third speed, i also slowly rub it up and down."
    "can we do it now?" he responds.
    you lay down naked in his bed with spread legs. jake pulls lube out of his nightstand, squirting some right onto you, he uses the pad of his thumb to lubricate the soft areas around your clit. he turns on the vibrator to the 3rd setting, without hesitation, he spreads your folds to press the vibrator onto your clit, immediately you arch your back and throw your head back as your eyes roll to the back of your head. jake rubs the vibrator in soft up and down motions, a couple whines escape your lips.
    "you look so pretty like this," -- a whole new experience became his favorite thing to do, he turns the speed to max causing the nerves connected to your clit to vibrate, making your lower body to shake in a pleasuring sensation.


    he wouldn't care for them too much, he loved touching you, he loves the way you feel on his fingers, he loves when your pretty cunt feels velvety because of how wet you are.
    he did get excited when you him if he could use a vibrator while fingering you. he was happy to oblige.
    his slender fingers rub your wet folds, hovering up over your clit, he remembers the seafoam green bullet vibrator you brought.
    he giggles awkwardly not knowing how to turn it on "-- how do i turn this on, love?"
    "it's hard to see but there's a button right here, there's 3 different speeds."
    he nods turning on the vibrator, you lay comfortably on your bed as he rubs your clit with his thumb to prepare it for the sensational buzzing. holding the bullet to your clit, you moan as is slender pointer finger pushes inside of you, he slowly moves it out in twisting motions, adding his middle finger he forms them in a hook shape up strokiny your g-spot with each re-entrance his fingers make. the vibration continues as you ride both the vibrator, and his fingers.
    your mouth opens wide as both pleasurable spots become stimulated at the same time. the vibration on your clit makes the entrance of his fingers feel 10x better than they usually do.
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  • hee420seung
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    making out w enha members (as kai songs)

    + 14:06

    heeseung - ride or die

    his lips would be soft, you'd be sitting on his lap with his hands running up and down your waist, your hands rested behind his neck as you twirled and tugged at the hair on the back of his head. his hands run under your shirt, caressing your waist. you adjust closer onto him, grinding sofly, you moan, he smiles with a slight chuckle. everytime heeseung touched you, or even made eye contact with you, your stomach would tighten then fill with butterflies that would steal the air from your lungs. he worships you, feeling every curve in your body as he softly nibbles on your bottom lip then tugging it back afterwards, you never failed to feel his smiling lips as they press up against yours.

    jay - nothing on me

    similar to heesung, you would sit on his lap. his strong desire to stimulate all five senses, before your lips collide, you both find comfort in one anothers gaze sight, as jay traces hus his fingers all around your curves touch before jay reaches his lips to your neck, smelling your sweet fragrance smell . you adjust his chin to press his lips to yours, immediately his tongue begs for permission inside, granting it he finally gets a taste of you, admiring your flavor he grinds his hips up into yours causing you to whimper in his mouth hearing.

    jake - hello stranger

    jake is super passionate about you, he wants to know everything about you. what he can touch to make you feel good, what he can say or do to give you butterflies, he wants no detail unknown. his lips touch yours softly, his strong hands caress you in a way you could almost melt. jake loves to kiss you, even if it's just a soft peck, his passion burns whenever he touches you, he lays above you, his lips so soft, his scent so warming. he loves nibbling your lips, his eyelids remained relaxed as he let his plump lips speak the language.

    sunghoon - amnesia

    sunghoon loveessss touching you, his emotional passion is very different around you than anyone else. sunghoon only thinks about you, his mind races with thoughts of you whenever you're around, he often looks at his hands in remembrance of how they felt around your body. he loves having you as close as possible, you're his comfort, his favorite book that he never gets sick of reading. his cold soft hands caress your face as his vanilla scented lips met with yours, he's gentle, caring. you send his mind into static, you fill his thoughts, he aches for you when you're gone. every moment his lips share time with yours, he treats it like it's his last taste of you, leaving you thinking about his lips at night when he isnt in your grasp.
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  • gyuury
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    pick up! thirteen; souper sad

    warning(s): none(?)

    masterlist | prev | next

    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    taglist: @tyunni @enhyphun @uygmoeb @junityy @softforqiankun @luvshota @xysthe @primorange @gyuza @jongsaengseong @90s-belladonna @sunshine-skz @pr0dbeomgyu @beom1e @bigtittietoji @luv3iza @kac-chowsballs @leeis @ifwtyun @baekhyunstruly @day6andetcetera (bolded couldn't be tagged!)

    #txt smau#txt angst#txt fluff#txt fanfiction#kpop smau#soobin smau #choi soobin x reader #txt socmed au #txt fanfic#txt imagines#soobin imagines #choi soobin angst #choi soobin fluff #choi soobin#kpop#kpop fanfiction#kpop angst #kpop social media au #yeonjun angst#kpop fanfic #txt x reader #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together #txt scenarios#soobin scenarios#soobin blurbs#soobin headcanons #tomorrow by together
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  • lvlyeon
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    a high-school student, whose name is taehyun, visits the dock after a while to collect himself before his upcoming college entrance exams. but then he decides to sing, and things took a unexpectedly good turn.

    PAIRING. kang taehyun x kai kamal huening (don't like, don't read)

    THEMES. fluff , non binary! huening kai , high school student! taehyun , angst if you squint , high school au

    WARNINGS. none

    Taehyun sat on the edge of the dock, eyes on his bare feet that were lightly touching the water underneath him. He sighed as he looked back up to the view.

    The moon was shining bright (as always), with little specks of light known as the stars littering the navy night sky. He felt a wave of momentary pleasure wash over him and he sighed once more.

    Studying for college entrance exams next month has truly taken a toll on him, he pulled all-nighters to study and refused to eat until he was dragged outside of his bedroom by his mother and her constant nagging. ‘And I promised myself to stay healthy.’ He chuckled in irony.

    He wished he was a mermaid as he was fascinated about them from the moment his mother talked about some mermaid folktales. Their life underwater, how their bodies have adapted to live in the sea, if they have any similarities with humans, he was curious about them. ‘But they’re not real Taehyun, pull yourself together.’

    Those tales mother told him were only stories passed down from generation to generation. They were only made to distance young children from the harsh reality of this world, and for that sole purpose. He kept telling himself this throughout his years of living, but he can’t help but wish those tales were real, that mermaids actually exist.

    He shook his head in frustration. “No Taehyun, not now.” To pass the time, he started singing.

    “On my pillow,
    Can't get me tired.
    Sharing my fragile truth,
    That I still hope the door is open.”

    Singing was his passion, his dream. And he was determined to reach towards it by excelling in classes and exams.

    “Cause the window,
    Opened one time with you and me.
    Now my forever's falling down,
    Wondering if you'd want me now.”

    Luckily, his mother supported him all the way. He was sure that without her, he wouldn’t have made it this far in life.

    “How could I know,
    One day I'd wake up feeling more.
    But I had already reached the shore,
    Guess we were ships in the night.
    Night, night.”

    He poured out everything into singing that song. His frustration, stress, rage, all of it. He knew that he sounded angry and stressed when the song was supposed to sound calming but sad, yet he didn’t care. All he knew was that he had to sing to let his feelings out.

    Once he stopped singing, he felt relieved. It has always been like this. He gets angry, then he sings, which calms him down. It was some sort of coping mechanism, he thought. His lips curled into a small smile as he looked down at his reflection. Then he saw something weird, like it was sparkling?

    He looked to the right and his mouth gaped at the sight of a mermaid. But mermaids weren’t real, right? They only exist in folktales, right?

    “Hi there!”

    "Oh uh um… hi," Taehyun stammered. 

    They looked like a guardian angel. Literally. 

    Their wet hair was light brown and they had to move their bangs so it didn't cover their eyes (which he found to be cute of them). Their eyes were dark brown which showed through their hair and he swore that he saw stars in them.

    ‘How is that possible?’ he thought. And their tail was glittering gold along with their fin which he thought fit them well. 

    Taehyun suddenly remembered he had to talk, and he wanted to hit himself for being awkward. “My name's Taehyun. Kang Taehyun. And you are…”

    “Kai Kamal Huening. Just call me Huening Kai.” 

    ‘Shit even their voice is pretty.’

    “Oh really?! Thank you Taehyun!” Huening Kai exclaimed. Did he just say what he thought out loud? Now he really wanted to hit himself in the head. ‘Great job for talking impulsively, Kang Taehyun.’

    “And your voice is so… how do I say it? Marvelous! Yeah, marvelous. When I was swimming from afar, I heard a voice so beautiful and entrancing at the same time that I couldn’t help but find out who was singing to listen,” they said as they swayed their body to exaggerate. Taehyun punched their arm lightly and whined to stop with the compliments. 

    “But you like it, don’t you?” Huening Kai poked at his sides. It was true. He really liked the compliments. They made him have more hope in himself, like he was getting closer to his dream of becoming a singer. 

    “So,” Taehyun started, "what’s your gender?” 

    “I'm not a girl nor a boy.”

    “So you're non-binary?”

    “What’s that?”

    “Literally what you explained your gender to be.”

    “Oh, I never knew that humans had a name for that.” Huening Kai giggled, which sounded like music to Taehyun’s ears.

    Silence came over both of them as they looked out into the distance once again. Then Taehyun felt a hand laced in between his right hand. Huening Kai was holding hands with him. “Oh my god! I'm so sorry I did that out of habit I'm-”

    “It's okay.” He laughed at the mermaid's cuteness, “I just... have never held hands with someone who I just met. But really, it’s okay.”

    Huening Kai hummed and didn’t say a word after that. A few minutes of comfortable silence later, Huening asked if Taehyun went to the dock often.

    “I mean I guess? When I feel anything bad, like sad or angry, I come here. Just because the view itself calms me down and I get to have some alone time here too. Now I have exams starting tomorrow so I come here to collect and keep myself from going insane.” He chuckled. Huening hummed again in understanding. 

    They talked some more until it was three in the morning. Then they said their goodbyes by hugging. Taehyun watched Huening Kai swim back to the ocean, and realised that he never felt this happy, never smiled this much in a while.

    The mermaid that was next to him that night made him happy and he was thankful for their existence.

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  • getosatoru
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    if you haven’t read first love, late spring honestly do yourself a favor, it’s a delicious, exquisitely written story

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  • carcinogamer
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ok im going to sleep now

    #sleeping sounds miles better than fanfiction #i can think about cenarios while falling asleep isnt this the best #txt
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  • alwayshaveneverholdd
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✧・゚:*Fαιɳƚ Vσιƈҽʂ*:・゚✧

    ・゚Pαιɾιɳɠ: Side star seeker!taehyun x female!OC, star seeker!TXT

    ・゚Gҽɳɾҽ: psychological thriller, fantasy, based on TXT Universe

    ・゚Wαɾɳιɳɠʂ: strong language, mention of death, violence

    ・゚Wσɾԃ Cσυɳƚ: 1289

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Oɳҽ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    Drawn by the name, I stand in chaos

    Seoul, South Korea | 20 December 2021 | 11:31 PM

    The math is easy, but the decision is not. She has 6,000 won to her name, neatly folded in the front pocket of her purse. In her left hand, she’s tightly holding a bottle of soju. Her feet carry her through the aisle and toward the clerk at the cash register. A wiser purchase could provide a meal for the night or something that can go further; maybe even last the weekend.

    Despite these thoughts, she continues toward her original destination, pulls out the pitiful bills from her purse, pays the 1,700 won, and leaves the convenience store with her alcohol. A sense of disappointment washes over her as she looks down at the green glass in hand—as a recently graduated university student, she should be able to make better decisions. But she’s still twenty-two, and people can and do make stupid decisions at any age. Besides, the soju will work together with her layered sweaters and coats to protect against the freezing snow outside.

    The one streetlight across the alley dims and brightens in uneven rhythms, adding creepiness to the already dark night in a dangerous neighborhood. She squints her eyes as she gazes at the table set up underneath the haunted light. It has a ragged tablecloth thrown over it, scattered junk sitting atop the cloth. The person standing behind the table is an incredibly old grandma bundled up in warm clothing.

    She approaches the table, momentarily looking both ways up and down the pitch-black alleyway as she crosses. “할머니,” Excuse me, she begins once she's close enough to the table. Now face-to-face with the old woman, she notices the hundreds of wrinkles on her skin that must hold many stories. Her gaze travels up to the woman’s eyes. One is cloudy blue, probably robbed of sight during the days of the war. The other is a bright hazel with lots of green. What beautiful eyes she has… “괜찬세요? 이곳은 밤에 안전하지 않아요—” Are you okay? This area isn’t safe at night—

    The old woman says nothing, only smiles a terrifying smile, and hands her a book from the table. She’s a bit confused and beginning to feel fear crawl up the back of her neck along with unwarranted goosebumps, but the design of the book sucks her in enough to numb her senses. She takes the brown leather book in her hands, eyes tracing the design until it’s burned into her mind: a circle, the inside holding both a square and a diamond overlapping each other. There’s something magical about this book.

    “얼마에요?” How much is it? she asks before lifting her head. The old woman only stares back at her, still wearing that smile of nightmares. Maybe it’s her crooked and rotting teeth, or the way her eyebrows draw in like she’s angry.

    Not waiting for an answer, she pulls the remaining 4,300 won out of her purse and hands it to the old woman, who takes it and waves her away.

    She dips her head before trudging up the alley, shoes crunching the fluffy white, where it slopes up, up, up—a neverending hill of asphalt. As she approaches the abandoned tenements, she turns the book over in her hands. It's calling to her, faint voices whispering sinfully into her ears. She wants to open it so badly but decides to wait until she gets home. Quickly shoving the book into her purse, her attention is suddenly stolen by yelling coming from above.

    “죽어!” DIE!

    Her head tilts up just in time to see someone fall out of a 4th story tenement window with a guttural yell. They fall straight into a frosted Cinnamon Curl Birch tree, landing beneath in a pile of trash, their head barely missing the over-filled dumpster by no more than an inch.

    Suddenly feeling like she’s in a movie, she rushes over to the person. As she approaches, she grimaces at the way their body is limp, probably pierced by a misshapen can. Kneeling beside the body, it appears to belong to that of a young man with fresh dark roots giving way to dirty-blonde hair that was probably dyed months ago. He’s got a busted lip and a fresh abrasion on his forehead but doesn’t otherwise seem to have any external injuries, but he's definitely not dressed for the cold. She blinks a few times, debating whether or not to touch him. A single snowflake lands on his right cheek and she decides that it's a sign from above as more snow begins to fall from the sky.

    Thinking back to a post she saw online, she picks up his wrist, placing two fingers on the left side. Feeling no pulse, she begins to breathe heavier, heartbeat quickening. She applies more pressure, but still feels nothing. “그가 죽었다 아니면 내가 멍청인가?” Is he dead or am I stupid… She drops his wrist, urgently shoving her fingers into the soft spot beside his larynx. His pulse is weak but it’s there; she relaxes, but only for a moment before digging through her purse to pull out her phone. “어떻게…구급차를 불러야 해—” What should I do...I have to call an ambulance—

    “하지마세요.” Don’t. His hand grabs onto her wrist faster than she can comprehend. Icy breath catches in her throat. His eyes are half-open, the left one seeming to be completely black with a golden shape in the middle—but he blinks and it’s replaced by a normal sclera, iris, and pupil. I need to lay off the soju.

    He moves at a delayed pace, trying to support himself enough to get up. “잠깐—” Wait— She tries to help him and stands to bring him to his feet, but he ultimately collapses against her with a groan.

    “아 시빨,” Fuck, she says, peeking around the dumpster to see if anyone is around. She drags him into the middle of the street, her hands tucked into his armpits. She can only think about how scary this is, how gross it is, and why this is happening to an ordinary person like her.

    She lets herself fall stumble back, landing on her ass with this unconscious stranger’s head resting on her lap. There they sit in the snow, almost begging to become victims of hypothermia. Shivering, she gets out, “어떻게 옮길까? 어떻게…뭐야 시빨…” How am I gonna move him? How…what the fuck…

    Distant whooping and hollering call her attention toward the upper part of the hill where her apartments are. A large figure is skipping and jumping down the hill toward them. “누나!” HEY! he yells as he approaches. “아래 뭐하세요?” WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?

    A long, long sigh escapes her as she watches him get closer. Of course, during the strangest event of her entire life, her oddly manic neighbor just has to show up. His full height is even more obnoxious once he stops next to them, landing hard on his feet and making some of the slushier snow rise up and land on her arm. His cotton-like bleached hair is wild-looking as always, sticking this way and that. She truly wonders where his parents are every time she sees him.

    “왜 얘?” What, kid?

    He gushes, cheeks and nose rosy pink from the cold. He rocks back and forth on his heels. “애인 옮기는 거 도와줄까요?” Do you need help moving your lover?

    “애인이 아니야.” He’s not my lover.

    “나도 알아요 그냥 말하고 싶었어요.” I know, I just wanted to say it.

    She sighs again, pointing to the window he fell from. “제 방으로 옮기는 것을 도와주실 수 있나? 저 건물에서 떨어졌어” Can you help me carry him to my room? He fell from that building right there.

    The kid picks up the fallen young man without hesitation; a little too comfortably. She stands and the kid helps the young man onto her back so she can carry him up the hill. He’s not super heavy, but enough to make the trek up the hill feel like a snowy crag.

    “그런데,” By the way, she starts, the kid walking beside them. “이 사람 알아?” Do you know this guy?

    He nods with a small smile. “거짓말을 잘해요.” He’s a good liar.

    Only able to brush off the ominous answer with a laugh, she looks away toward the asphalt beneath her aching feet. “진짜로, 너 그 사람—” Seriously, do you know— She looks back to find only the steady drift of snow from the sky accompanying her and the stranger on her back. “—아니...이상해 뭐야...”—him…weird…

    Ever since she moved into the dinky room for rent in a seedy part of Seoul, strange occurrences have plagued her, but nothing quite like this unconscious person falling in front of her; it’s almost as if he were presented to her for some reason.

    Out of sight, the book lay forgotten in her purse.

    #txt #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together #star seekers #the star seekers #txt universe#taehyun#txt taehyun#kang taehyun #txt kang taehyun #kai#heuningkai#heuning kai#txt kai#txt hyuka #txt huening kai #kai kamal huening #txt fanfic #tomorrow x together fanfic #txt fanfiction#txt fantasy#kpop fantasy #kpop fantasy au #nap of a star #magic island#txt frost#txt scenarios#txt fluff#txt angst#txt thriller
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  • txtville
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago


    contains: cursing, pictures of food(?), ugly keyboard smash

    word count: 302+

    correction: instead of “why is there only four” is “why is it only three” its a typo im so sorry 😢

    “Good morning class. Welcome to your second year of college. I hope you all have a wonderful summer break.”

    The class then proceeded with hell. 5 hours have passed only 30 minutes remaining before the class will be dismissed. I was trying to gather consciousness, my head was swinging back and forth, left and right trying not to get caught sleeping by the very strict teacher.

    My seatmate suddenly tapped me on the shoulder. “Here try drinking this to stay awake,” He placed the coffee bottle on my desk. Aww how sweet.

    “Oh, thank you so much! May I know your name perhaps?” I smiled.

    “My name is Choi Yeonjun,” He smiled back

    You were about to make a conversation with your new friend when the teacher ruined it by walking in the class and proceeding with the class introduction.

    / Time skip

    The class was fully dismissed, you immediately ran out of the classroom and head to the restaurant where you and your friends planned to eat together. You then saw your friends sitting at the reserved dining table. They looked like they saw a ghost from the look of their faces.

    You sat down, you were confused and concerned. “I can’t believe I breathed the same air with Kai Kamal Huening,” Haesoo said her voice laced like a zombie. “Taehyun was a few centimeters behind me,” Seola then rested her head in the table and acted like she was about to cry.

    All of your friends then started to follow Seola’s actions. Laying their heads in the dining table as you stare at them with concern. Yes, you are VERY concerned. Who’s Kai? Why are they crying over Taehyun? You were never updated with the recent kpop artists so that’s one reason why you’re confused.

    “Ummm Yeah I think you guys are just hungry because I’m hungry too— Ah yes waiter! we would like to order….”

    note: just letting u know that seatmate and deskmate are the same terms (even though no one asked) since i noticed that I keep on changing those words

    taglist : @bubblejunnies @heejake-en @snowfalltxt @theskzvibe @lost-leopard-beanie @endzii23 (send an ask)

    masterlist | chapter seven

    #tomorrow x together #txt fluff#txt smau#choi yeonjun #on the red carpet #yeonjun au#txt#yeonjun ff#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun smau #yeonjun social media au #txt social media au #txt au#yeonjun fanfiction #yeonjun x you #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun x y/n #yeonjun fanfic #txt x reader #yeonjun scenarios#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun headcanons#txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt headcanons
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  • flwrkisses
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    txt's reaction to their partner pouting at them when they're busy.

    winter break is finally here, and i'm trying to figure out if i should do some type of 12 day of christmas type thing... each time i start i never finish sigh.

    request: 'can i request txt w/ an s/o who pouts when theyre doing something/concentrating? <3'

    genre: super fluff! established relationship.


    yeonjun had been intently watching his own practice video their choreographer had taken. he had been watching for any mistakes, over and over again because he was sure there were a couple in there. "junnie?" you called out as you walked out of your shared bedroom and yet no answer. it wasn't usual for your boyfriend to ignore you but he was so engrossed in the video. after calling him a couple more times you just sit next to him and pout at him without saying a word. after a while he could feel your eyes on him, making him pause the video and look up at you. his eyes would go wide and of course he'd pout back at you. "what's wrong baby?" he'd ask as he put his phone aside to attack you with kisses all over your face.


    of course your boyfriend had been engrossed in a new game he had bought for his switch. it was pretty typical for him, you knew he would be really into his game but when you wanted to tell him something he hardly even gave you a second glance. "soobin? did you hear me?" you asked and he just responded with a quick hum. he obviously wasn't listening which resulted in you pouting and whining at him. the sound of your whines made him pause his game and look at you. "ayyye are you alright?" he chuckled at your pouty face before raising his hand and ruffling your hair.


    beomgyu would probably be watching a video on tiktok or something. he would be in awe at something so simple like an elephant crushing a watermelon. he'd probably wave his phone in your face to have you see it too. it was so incredible in his eyes that he had completely tuned out the attempts in conversation you had made. you pushed his phone away and pouted at him which only made him realize what he had unintentionally been doing. his eyes would grow bug at the sight of your pout, and his hands would come up to squish your cheeks together. "where you talking baby? im so sorry i didn't hear you! DONT POUT PLEASE I'LL MELT!"


    your very handsome boyfriend had been on his phone answering a couple texts as his head laid on your lap. you played with his hair gently, smiling softly at how comfortable he looked with his head against your thighs. you softly placed a kiss on his forehead and said softly something along the lines of how lucky you were to have him which got no answer. at first you didn't mind it but after 3 or so minutes you look down at him. he was probably really focused on making sure there were no typos in his text, which you knew he cared about a lot, but you couldn't help but pout a bit and move your hand from his hair. once he noticed your hand stray from his dyed strands he couldn't help but look up at you and notice your pout. his eyes would grow wider than they naturally were, before asking "oh no... i did something didn't i?"


    kai would never intentionally ignore you, he just was so into the game on his phone that he hardly noticed that you were trying to have a full conversation with him. at first you thought he had been listening and responding to you, but unfortunately he had been just making  concentrated comments about his came not even aware of you standing at the bedroom door. you pouted your lips a bit and let your body flop on the bed in front of him which finally gained his attention. "oh! you're so cute when you pout!" he exclaims as he sets his game aside and goes to squish your cheeks.

    ❁ requests are now open! ⤞ click here !

    for more of my work: masterlist.

    - mari x

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  • park-jimin97
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    fair ground

    huening kai x reader


    a/n: man this boy is so sweet & kind that I just had to write something for him. this is just a lazy drabble about young love & innocent dating! also I’ll be referring to him as Kai in this :) and as always, feedback is appreciated!

    disclaimer: all stories are acts of fiction and are in no way a real representation of the band or idol mentioned.


    “Oh come on!” Kai groaned as he watched the small basketball fall over the side of the hoop for the millionth time. He had been playing this game for a total of 5 minutes while you sat back and watched, amused at his desperate attempt to add yet another plushie to his collection. It was your idea to bring Kai to your hometown fair, unaware at how many game booths there would be. You shook your head at him when he asked you for another dollar, telling him he’s already spent $20 so far on a $5 stuffed rabbit.

    “We literally have 3 right here,” Your rebuttal backed by the large grocery bag sitting on the ground, filled to the brim with toys and various stuffed animals. “Also what is the need for this thing? Like why are you so determined to have this?”

    “Because,” He pouted, sitting beside you on the small bench, taking your hand in his. He gave you the most dramatic look he could as he explained his need to win, “That thing looks just like Soobin. Oh don’t look at me like that you know that it does!”

    You rolled your eyes at him, pulling your hand from his. You looked at the little white rabbit hanging up on the booth wall and giggled at the sight. It really did look like him. It sported a little red tuff of hair with a pair of black glasses to match its red cardigan.

    “Fine. But on one condition. I get to play this time”

    Kai pouts again at your suggestion before caving in and telling you to go for it reluctantly. You stood up from the bench and walked over to the basketball booth, handing the attendee a dollar before grabbing the ball from the table. With a swift motion you tossed the ball towards the wonky hoop, throwing your arms in the air when it went into the net. The man at the table laughed as you cheered, handing you the little white rabbit.

    “Here,” He says as he reaches for a bear plush with a similar style. “For beginners luck.”

    You thank him as you take both from his hands, studying the bear as you walk away. The tiny bear had a green sweater on with black fur and big button eyes.

    “Well well well, we have a little Beomgyu now too” You joke as you hold the bear up so Kai can see it.

    “I hate you,” Kai joked, standing up from the bench while grabbing the bag full of his winnings.

    “Sureeeee” You poked his side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. He gave you a quick peck on the top of your head as the two of you strolled along the pathway. “Now cmon, you can go buy me a funnel cake to thank me for winning that toy.”

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  • meidreamsdelivery
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    《Hot springs are not the only hot thing》

    [TXT Beomgyu, R18 oneshot]

    Pairing: Dom!Beomgyu x Sub!reader

    Summary: Beomgyu and you visited the hot springs hoping to rewind and have some time to yourselves. All's good until Beomgyu decided to tease you a bit. P.S. His nickname for you is berry.

    The hot springs shined radiantly as Beomgyu sat comfortably in the warm waters of the hot springs. He let himself relax while enjoying the feeling of the warm water against his skin. He could feel the warm water release all the tension from his muscles. "No matter how many times I've been in one, I can never get enough of hot springs." Beomgyu sighed out. "Yeah, this is life." You took a few deep breaths and your chest heaved along with them. With your naked body submerged into the clear, steaming warm water until reaching your shoulders, you laid in the springs with your back resting against the springs' side and your legs spread.

    Beomgyu unconsciously stares at you longer than he should. His eyes roaming across your slender figure until they landed on your curvaceous breasts. The water was so limpid that he could see the pink flesh of your nipples clearly. The fact that you had been taking good care of your figure didn’t help to dim the fire of lust inside of him. Seeing the mouthwatering sight of your naked body, he could feel his member fully awakened in his hands. "Hey berry, come a little closer to me." He gestured you towards his front and wrapped you around his arms. Out of nowhere, you felt his lips brush against your neck and he landed a soft kiss there, causing you to squirm in his hold.

    "Your neck's a weak spot, right? It tickles? Is that so?" He asked in an alluring voice. "Then, does it tickle here?" His hands moved from your arm to your back, giving it a nice massage by moving his fingers in a circular motion while the other hand moved to your chest, tracing his index up and down across your luscious chest. His featherlight touch made you shudder and a whimper escaped from your mouth which in return made him form a smirk on his face.

    "If your voice is too loud, other people will hear, so you have to suppress your voice." His hand quickly moved to cover your mouth. You tilted your head to see some silhouette approaching a nearby spot in the hot springs and shivered at the thought of being caught by others. “You know what? I think that's enough hot bath for me. Perhaps I should take my leave now.” You were about to get up and grab your towel that was placed on top of a nearby rock, when suddenly Beomgyu pulled you back into his broad chest. “What the-?!” You struggled to get out of his grip. (Omg, our bodies are so close now.) You tried your absolute best to steady your pounding heart. You swore you could feel your face burning and your core throbbing against your hands. You held your head high with your face completely turned scarlet to avoid his hungry eyes. You thought of something, anything, to let your mind ignore the soft sensation of your globes with your nipples, now hard as rock, brushing against his skin.

    "Hey berry, stop wiggling around. Spread your legs for me. That's right." You felt your legs being prodded open and a finger was inserted inside your pussy. "Oh, it's nice and wet. Also, this place had swelled up and stiffened." He teased. "Mm, I'm the same. Being unable to be loud, the openness of an air-open bath really turns me on. Somehow, it feels very lewd." Satisfied that you've stopped fidgeting, Beomgyu slowly pulled both of his hands away from his crotch. Out of the corner of your eye, you're now able to see his fully erect penis stand out proudly and solid in rigidity. His lips curled into a perverted smile as he wrapped your pussy with his right hand and slowly stroked it while the other returned to your back.

    “Damn berry, never thought that you're hiding such a beautiful pussy under your clothing. I like it~” He commented sultrily, his stroke was steady and slow. You held onto the edge of the springs as you tried to hold out a groan and gazed upward with your eyes closed shut. Beomgyu smirked at you and stopped stroking your pussy, much to your disappointment. “Hey berry, you must address me as daddy,” He squeezed your clit to make his point; this time you couldn’t hold out your groan. "WH-WH-WHAT?!? There is NO way I would call you tha-AHHNNN!!” Your protest was cut short when Beomgyu squeezed your clit very hard.

    “Hey berry, do you seriously want to be a bad girl?” He snarled and ended his sentence by licking your cheek. You flinched but not from the wet, warm contact of his tongue, rather from what he had just said. Chill runs through your spine because the idea of your punishment if you defied him ran through your mind. “Sorry…gyu-I mean d-daddy, I'm a good girl. Not a bad girl. Can daddy please…please let go of my pussy…” You pleaded through gritted teeth.

    Beomgyu had a smug look on his face, pleased that you've finally submitted to his will. His grip on your pussy didn’t loosen though. “Say please, daddy?” Beomgyu breathed as he nibbled on your earlobe.

    “Please…daddy?” You whispered the last word and felt your pussy being released. You gasped, feeling relieved and stroked your pussy to soothe the pain. Beomgyu wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug. “There there. That wasn’t so hard, was it berry?” He cooed while patting your head gently. "Come here, berry. Can you open up your legs and straddle on top of me?" You turned around, placed your hands on his shoulders then climbed onto his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck. You looked down to see that his cock was fully erect and throbbing deliciously.

    "Heh, berry, enjoying what you see~" He licked his lips slowly, wittingly making you more aroused, before staring at your lascivious brown eyes, eyes that are full with lust and greed for his large, visible cock. "Lower your hips just like that. You're doing good, berry." He hummed in approval when you sank down on his lusciously hard cock. You started moving up and down as your arousal became unbearable.

    "Omg berry. Your insides are so hot that it feels like I'm about to melt. Such a wonderful pussy." He complimented you while embracing you. It was then at that moment, his cock reached your deepest spot, hitting it at great frequency. “Yessss…!” You managed to hiss out through your closed throat. "Shh, be careful. Your voice is loud again, berry." He spanked your butt playfully at his remark.

    "I like this position. I can see everything from here...your expression...your milky tits, your hardened nipples," Beomgyu slid his hands upward, over your hips and ribs until he was drawing lazy circles with his thumbs on the sensitive skin of the sides of your breasts. You shivered at the contact and his hands slid forward to cup the full weight of your breasts. His thumbs continued their lazy circular motions, skimming the edges of your nipples, taunting you despite the heat of the springs.

    He leaned in to place gentle kisses down the side of your jaw, railing down your neck even as he lightly, playfully, pinched the engorged tips. You gasped, fingers clenching in his hair, and he did it a second time, finally earning another moan from you. "Hey, is there not somewhere you want me to touch more or something you wish for me to do?" Grinning against your neck at his accomplishment, he continued to explore the various erogenous areas of your breasts while discovering others along your neck and ear. You ran one hand down the back of Beomgyu’s neck, nails trailing against his skin, earning you a shiver and a nip to your lip; you tugged his brown locks in playful reprimand for the action and moaned loudly when he bit down on your nipples.

    Something clicked inside Beomgyu at the sound of your moan; he loved the sound that you'd made and he’s very ecstatic being the reason for eliciting such a response. "Your voice is leaking out, berry. Your insides are also twitching so much." He chuckled at the sight of you being such a slave for his cock.

    "Could it be that you're about to come? Then let's come together." He grinded against your pussy and groped your chest. "COME ON, BERRY!! MOVE FASTER!! COME FOR ME, COME!!!" Faint moaning could be heard as he kissed you passionately so as to keep quiet. Soon, the climax die down.

    "Today, we came together, didn't we? Even though we just bathed earlier, we're covered in sweat." Both of your faces were flushed red and streaks of drool were escaping from the corner of your mouth. You could feel your consciousness slipping away after such a heavy and intense lovemaking. Beomgyu sensing that you've exhausted yourself, lifted you out of the waters and mumbled, "Come here, I'll wash you clean before you catch a cold."

    ~The end~

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    Rules: write the latest line from a WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. Make a new post, don’t reblog.

    Tagged by @athina-blaine !! Also im breaking the rules and doing a full paragraph


    That's it, isn't it? Wil's guitar. The final, missing piece to his ironic, unfinished symphony. His personal memorial. Tommy pictures it now: leather strap slung over his shoulder, hands hovering over well-worn wood. Not quite touching-- Wilbur never had gotten around to teaching him-- but reverent fingers tracing the strings, fluttering over the fret. Tapping out the off-beat rhythm of a song Wilbur had sung, back when loneliness grew over their home with the tenacity of jungle vines.


    Tagging @misterghostfrog @eeveecat1248 @sailingthenightsea @nervousn8 @bellovebug and anyone else who wants to do this!!

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    i had to abandon myself (you took all of me) chapter 4

    Read on AO3 ★ Start from the beginning


    “A month,” she says, glancing up at the distant form of the Lan cultivator.

    “A month,” Wei Ying agrees.


    And that month, like many preceding it, goes by quickly. There is much to do in the settlement—planting new crops and planning out field rotations, settling in the chickens, and trying to work out their future finances enough to plan for buying some more livestock. Goats, Liushu says, would be good for clearing out weeds and overgrown areas outside of the cleared settlement. And if they’re going to expand to keep a constant cash flow, they need all the help they can get.

    And outside of the settlement, it seems that Lan Zhan has also seen some luck in looking for the reference materials that Wen Qing needs. Packages from him arrive in Yiling on a near-weekly basis, containing not just the texts that Wen Qing asked for, but supplemental treatises and research, as well as more supplies for the settlement as a whole. It feels, strangely enough, like the presents the son of a merchant family would give to the daughter of a farmer he’s going to marry. And, why the hell does Wei Ying’s mind go to that comparison?

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    pick up! twelve; twitter dms

    warning(s): just them messing around

    masterlist | prev | next

    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    taglist: @tyunni @enhyphun @uygmoeb @junityy @softforqiankun @luvshota @xysthe @primorange @gyuza @jongsaengseong @90s-belladonna @sunshine-skz @pr0dbeomgyu @beom1e @bigtittietoji @luv3iza @kac-chowsballs @leeis @ifwtyun @baekhyunstruly (bolded couldn't be tagged!)

    #txt smau #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together #txt x reader #txt fanfiction#txt fanfic #choi soobin x reader #soobin scenarios#soobin smau #choi soobin fluff #txt crack#kpop smau#soobin headcanons#soobin imagines#txt imagines #soobin x reader #yeonjun fluff#soobin blurbs#kpop#kpop crack#txt headers#txt scenarios #txt socmed au #txt social media au #kpop social media au #soobin crack#soobin fluff #choi yeonjun x reader
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    Boom! It’s finally updated, and this time I’ve got the next chapter drafted (or halfway drafted?) so it won’t be too long until the next update!

    Chapter 4 is ready for reading!

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