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  • cacaitos
    21.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    People linking songs from spotify and random covers of songs from soundcloud are going to jail.

    #txt #bloody hell how come the og song is never here. now i have to see whatever bnha fic they're tagged in
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  • rae-blogging
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    pairing: choi yeonjun x gn! reader

    genre: angst

    warnings: none

    w.c. 112

    you see him sometimes, from the other side of the road and when your eyes meet, you imagine all the things we could have done differently, all the hurt you could've avoided. sometimes you wonder if you'd be together had that call never come or were you and yeonjun bound to go astray anyway? it's just a moment's vulnerability, those few seconds might not seem like much but it's your 'what if' and then he boards the bus. always the same destination, always the same flinch when he realises it's time to leave and then he's gone. you never cross the road and he never stays. you are each other's possibilities. just two strangers with names.

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  • wandavicky
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • jakeabel
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    HELP why did i call it this

    #i’m on. the school computer with my ghoul 😩 fic and my t*rented spn episodes likeeeeeee #sorry i’m aboutt to fall asleep at my desk im losing jt #txt
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  • wandavicky
    20.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • kisateta
    20.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    “and maybe if i knew what i going into or if i had some sort of warning on how it’s going to be, then i would’ve been prepared. but i’m not. it’s like im blind and there is no way to know what will come for me when i step in. so maybe i should give up and stay where i know i will be safe. it’s not worth, it’s probably not worth it.”

    #txt #yotasuke style mental breakdown <33 #gonna make yotasuke go through all my issues i guess
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  • omgsoholy
    20.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    pining at its finest — kang taehyun

    genre: fluff, bff to lovers, very light angst

    pairings: taehyun & reader

    cw: none

    "I mean, you wouldn't mind being my fake boyfriend. Will you?"

    — i just want to say thank you to the one who suggested this prompt! from this ask hehe anon i hope u like this, this is for you <33

    now playing: heartbreaker - 5sos, perfect - one direction, just friends - mika 🌼

    He likes you. He swear he liked you too much that it couldn't be considered anything but love. Not the kind of love that brothers share - just like what he always describes it to the both of you and to his friends (which are not your friends). It's a very different kind. And a special one. He didn't know where did it happened, or when did he start seeing you in this light - your laugh that sounded the most contagious before became like the bell of the ice cream truck and he's the kid whose heart starts leaping the moment he heard that familiar sound, your every expression - especially when you're the most concentrated - the little details of you, the habits, your preferences—he knows it all. It's ridiculous. He really had no idea that one day he will just wake up and suddenly, everything is about you.

    He's not complaining though, because in his point of view, he could never fall for someone the way he did with you. He couldn't look at somebody else the way he do to you whenever your eyes meet, he couldn't feel those emotions with someone the way he did whenever he's around you.

    And the fact that you're each other's bestfriend made things a hundred times better. It's like, everytime you enter the frame everything just turns dreamy and hazy in a very good way.

    But he should feel jealous right now - just like what he's roommate, Sunghoon have always told him everytime he talk about you during their weekly game night. Because the way you look at other people, the way you talk about them, and the way you feel embarrassed whenever they're around. He should feel envious of those people whom you used to like and it frustrates Sunghoon because the guy was so clueless of what it actually meant. It's like he's alright with just yearning for you, he's fine with having you so near to him yet so far to his heart.

    He tried to remember his friend's words as he soothes you from your sulking state, gently patting the large tip of fingers on top of your head, quiet giggles erupting from his pretty lips. This kind of Taehyun irritates you but it also melts your heart how the sound of his laugh could ease the worry and pain from your heart, he's literally a ray of sunshine to your mess of emotions self, he's your bestfriend and you hold him dearly to your heart. You sigh as you got reminded of why you we're here in the first place, your problem.

    "I just- I don't understand why am I feeling this way?" you complained for the third time, pout visible with the way you enunciated the last words.

    "How long we've all been friends, Taehyun?" you added, moving your head in his direction, lazily gazing at him.

    "5 years? maybe 6 I don't remember exactly..." he answered. Even though he's staring at the sun slowly bidding everyone's goodbye, he's well aware of your stare and he's focus is all on you - even though he's not looking at you - and he finds you extremely adorable right now.

    "Okay! Let's say... all of us been friends for 5 years, and those years that passed I never seen him like this? And three days after that epiphany we're receiving a stupid news that he's in a relationship? Like... what the actual heck is that?!"

    "Remember you liked Karina, dude? Have you forgotten about that?" he laughed, teasing you about those days when you're simping over the transferred student. You playfully smacked him.

    "Sorry, sorry..." he muttered through his giggles, before soothing his chest out of habit.

    You sighed as his laugh died down.

    "But like... in a serious note, I actually think that's why you didn't see him the way you did today? And..."

    "Let's not include her in the topic! It's done already, my problem right now-" you interrupted. You didn't want to hear him right now but he is determined to let you know whatever it is that's on his mind. His ready to slap some senses to you.

    "I know, I know. Okay, let's say..." he started before sitting up and moving closer to you, getting serious with his explanation on your dilemma.

    “Let's say, you liked Jake sooner then you tell him, and it just happened that he likes you back. You know what that means, right?" you listen intently, but this is not the reply that you want - though you cannot deny that you needed to hear this. It's just that, you hate Taehyun, you hate your bestfriend so much because he's always right and he knew you too well.

    You frowned by the thought of Jake liking you back. You couldn't deal with that, and you never thought of being in that situation, ever. Maybe it's not for you. Besides, you don't have the ability to receive that kind of love. Or- You're just not used to that. That's all.

    "You already know that I don't want that. I just like the chase, the thrill of liking someone with the uncertainty of them liking me back. I don't know if I would be ready for a relationship, Tae..."  you took a deep breath before tilting your head back to him only to find him already looking at you. He'd been looking at you like this for years and you are clueless. Those eyes that mimics the sun, shiny and mesmerizing, you could stare at it for hours if not that he was your bestfriend and it would be too weird to do that, right? You're basically siblings at this point, it would be incest if you liked the way he looks at you like you're his world. You closed your eyes to shake the thought.

    He grinned, giving you a light nudge of shoulder afterwards. You cannot deny, that this is the most familiar face in your mind, the only face that you would trust your life with, and the only face that you would want to take you home when you're almost passed out drunk after a party. He turned his head away from you, you're not yet done admiring him.

    "Well... Are you going to the party this summer?" you can hear the sound of his breathing. It's odd but nice. It makes you feel alive at some point.

    "Are you coming?"

    "Of course I will, if you're coming too." he assured you, mindlessly putting his arm on your shoulder. This is a normal thing for the both of you, because you can get fidgety whenever you're nervous and he was so used to comfort you through skinships - hugs, head bumping, you name it; but in a very brotherly way.

    "Then I'll go." you leaned against his frame.

    "Even though Jake and his girlfriend are there?"

    You scoffed, smirking before laughing sarcastically. "I'm fine." you mumbled as you remember what had happened just hours ago at the cafeteria.


    You are sitting next to Taehyun, his presence alone makes you feel a lot more comfortable, opposite of the way you feel towards the couple across you.

    It was the usual get together of your circle of friends, nothing special except for the newbie that Jake brought here to eat with all of you. She's not the mean type, also not the type who would talk bad behind people's back, she's actually sweet and nice to be with- if she's not Jake's girlfriend, it would be nice to be friends with her, but maybe not in this lifetime. Because right now, it would be much better if her and his boyfriend would be gone from your view.

    "Are you okay? We can just eat outside." Taehyun whispered carefully, you almost forgot he was beside you. You huffed.

    "No, I'm fine. You're here, you can easily distract me with how loud you chew your food." you knew he meant it in a thoughtful way and you feel bad for answering him like that but you bet he's used to your remarks. He wouldn't mind.

    He smiled to himself, before proceeding to start his meal. You took a quick glance to the couple before turning your head to your bestfriend's plate. You don't understand his odd taste for food, you can't deny that sometimes his strange food combinations did tasted good at some point but stir friend noodles with tomato ketchup? That's new.

    "You want some?" Taehyun teased you with a big grin on his stupid face, moving his plate between the both of you. You know he take these things seriously and it makes your heart warm that he's so diligently partaking on this distraction act. But ofcourse, you would never let him know that.

    “No, I'm fine." you dismissed, shaking your head.

    "Then get this boiled egg, instead." he commanded, before rolling the egg on his tray, the sound of its shell cracking got some of your friends' attention.

    "No- I said I'm fine-"

    He clicked his tongue before offering you a bite. You know you can't resist a soft boiled egg, so you did as you told. Smiling before rolling your eyes at him.

    "Where's my thank you? You didn't even thank me!" he accused, holding onto his chest dramatically. Acting as though you really hurted him.

    "Yah! Why are you-" you were interrupted by a series of giggles from the woman across you. You whipped your head to her direction only to see her smiling mischievously right at you, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively as though she's telling something so obvious. You pulled your eyebrows together, before scrunching your nose as she lean her cheeks on the palm of her hand.

    "You know guys for bestfriends, you two look undeniably good together." she started, making everyone on the table silent. You swear you heard the buzz of a fly somewhere behind you. It's quite uncomfortable.

    "I don't know about you guys but I'll ship you too. You would definitely end up together." she added nonchalantly. It doesn't baffled you even the slightest bit, you're used to those remarks. Those years spent with your bestfriend. I mean, someone who looks as good as your bestfriend, and ofcourse you- you can't deny you two would make a great couple but you never actually took it seriously. It was like a silly idea that should never be taken into consideration. Not at all, it's weird.

    So instead of exaggerating your reaction, you went for a light scoff, letting out a series of fake laugh afterwards contrary to the flustered state of the man beside you.

    "You're- You're absolutely getting it wrong..." Taehyun rambled, moving his hand dismissively to prove his point. You pinched Taehyun's side from underneath the table. He doesn't have to make it look like it wouldn't really happened, you would look stupid. You thought.

    You nudged his shoulder before leaning slightly against your bestfriend.

    "Why are you exposing me like that?" you blurted out to the woman in front of you. Shooting him daggers, and glares. Sending him signal to change the topic, pretending as though you just got caught red-handed and that you don't want to confess your feelings for your bestfriend. Gladly, Jake took the initiative by bringing up a different topic to talk about before sending a wink to your direction. He thought he's helping. You scoffed before rolling your eyes secretly.


    "Why? Why are you laughing?" Taehyun asked with a smirk.


    "It's not nothing if you're smiling like that! Tell me!" his lips are moving cutely with the way he's talking right now, he has that habit ever since and you find it cute, ever since.

    "It's just... I don't know I'm excited." you smiled before turning your head his way.

    "What is going on in that evil mind of yours!" he poked your temple which earned a glare from you.

    "They think we're a thing..." you started, almost mockingly. Taehyun froze from his seat, it sounds odd coming from your mouth. He's not used to you talking like that.

    "Would you mind if we take this thing on another level?"

    "What do you mean?" he whipped his head at you almost immediately.

    "I mean, you wouldn't mind being my fake boyfriend. Will you?" He knew it shouldn't hurt this way, because it's always been like this. You never saw him anything but a brother, a great friend who shares the same trauma, someone whom you relates the most, and he's certain that you would ever see him as someone whom you can be romantically involved with. He's not a masochist, and he had always despised the feeling of pain but with you, he learned to love the mini heartbreaks you gave him every single time that he spent with you. Well, simply because he's also happy whenever you're around, what can a poor lovesick heart do? Besides, he doesn't mind. As long as it's you, as long as he could be with you. He would endure it all.

    So he smiled, a genuine one, before nodding. "Of course." he answered.


    tell me what you think! +343569

    to masterlist…

    ©omgsoholy; i do not allow any form of translation or reposting. just please, don’t? but I’m glad u like it though <3

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  • commanderogerss
    20.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I can't read your mind, gotta say that—

    Fanfic for MERWeek. Fic partly inspired by this fanart by @ghostgreen. Set after the events of ME2 but no major spoilers. Sorry it’s so crappy, I didn’t have a major outline and had to get a covid test today so I’m all out of sorts. 

    ship: Shepard/Garrus but mostly gen.  word count: 1529 summary: ME2 crew go to a tropical planet after the suicide mission. They all do beach-like activities, until they all fall into some unexpected weather.

              It felt like moments ago they were all on the ship screaming to get away from the collector ship before it blew to smithereens. And now if that was a movie, cut to everyone screaming with a freeze frame.           But Shepard decided, that today they will all take the day off, and go to a beach. Joker suggested to go to Earth, but there's too many people there and Shepard wanted to lay low for a bit. Instead, it was decided to go to the Exodus Cluster where there is a tropical beach-like planet available for Shepard and the gang to hang out and not have to worry about, well, really anything.

              And so, one by one they fell out of the ship to make their way closer to land. Joker came and joined them, he trusts EDI will look after the ship. Everyone wore bathing suit-like attire. Some chose to stay in their regular uniforms like Tali, who explained that she has some cooling systems inside her suit, Mordin is fine in his outfit and so is Joker. Kasumi also didn’t want to change out of her regular outfit but due to the humans mentioning how hot it’ll be, Kasumi chose bathers over a jacket. Garrus, Jacob and Thane is wearing board shorts or swim trunks depending on the person. Jack and Miranda wore bikinis.           Grunt decided to wear shorts big enough for him, and Zaeed’s wearing a rash suit with matching leggings. Legion didn’t really need to wear anything he just knows he can’t go near the water. Lastly, Samara, Chakwas and Shepard all wore one piece bathing suits, but unlike Samara and Chakwas, Shepard wore board shorts with it.           “I don’t know, Shepard,” Garrus begins to talk. “I don’t get why humans go somewhere to just… relax.”           Shepard is pulling their board shorts up before smiling at Garrus. “I don’t know, it’s just, something fun to do! Now, do Turians need sunscreen?”           “Sunscreen?”           Pulling out a small wooden step ladder, Shepard oozes white cream onto their legs, “it protects you from the sun, blocks out the ultraviolet rays,” they say while they’re spreading the lotion up one leg to the other.           “Not… really? Turians have thick skin and scales, maybe if you want to put it on the thinner skin parts just in case,” he says with a smile. Shepard can’t help but roll their eyes.

              Eventually, they touch down on the planet. Joker parks the ship on the sandy beach and everyone grabs the gear they need for their beach fun day. Shepard has ordered online some beach gear and stuff that they were able to pick up at the Citadel. It mostly involved beach bags and beach towels, along with balls to play vollyball, a net, some umbrellas and chairs. Lastly, some stuff for the water.           Shepard helped pick a spot nearest to the water but close enough to see the ship in case someone decides to steal it with the whole crew inside. Afterwards, they helped everyone set up chairs and nets. Before they left the ship, Shepard took some glasses and a large black sun hat.           “Why all the protection?” Garrus asks poking at Shepard, who stifles their laughter.           “I’m squishy, so I need protection!”           “I’ve seen you charge at the Collectors, I don’t think you need protection!”           “Hey, Garrus, stop it,” Jacob says.           “Just ‘cause you humans are all squish.”           Garrus hooks the net onto the pole and helps the rest. Shepard looks at the whole thing and smiles to themselves, very happy with the outcome.           They all finish setting up, and once they do they begin to play. Shepard joins in for a round of volleyball, it begins as a game of humans vs aliens, with the humans winning but only by 1, then it came to old squad vs new squad. Switching out so it goes between two players. Then eventually it comes back to 3 players.           Shepard finds their way over to Joker and Chakwas who are sitting in the beach chairs with an umbrella shielding them.           “It’s nice here, Shepard,” Chakwas says with a smile as she goes from the book she’s reading to Shepard’s face.           There comes a smile and a laugh, “I just thought we should have some down time. Before we’re off to another mission, or, I’m bound to get arrested for working with Cerberus,” Shepard says with a sigh.           “Won’t be long, there’s bound to be news about the Omega-4 relay,” Joker responds. Unlike Chakwas, Joker has some earphones in his ears, with an old way to listen to music. Must’ve found out while they were docked at the Citadel or Omega.           “I’ve heard word about something to do with reapers in the Batarian system,” Shepard says as they go and sit down on the sand underneath the umbrella.           “We’ll scope it out then,” Joker says.           Shepard smiles and nods as they watch people play volleyball, until ten minutes pass and they decide to go out into the water. Relaxing and floating in the ocean.           “Shepard, do you humans do this for fun?” Samara asks as she floats next to her friend.           “Yeah, I mean, do you not do this?”           “Not really, I’ve always wanted to feel the care-free approach to things you humans have.”           “I’m glad you get to experience it a little bit now. Even just for a moment.”           “Thank you, Shepard,” she says with a smile.           Before Shepard could find themselves getting pruney, they walk onto the sand and sitting next to Tali and Garrus who were speaking.           “Have fun in the water?” Garrus asks behind his own sunglasses.           “Yeah, didn’t want to get pruney,” Shepard says before looking at their fingers and seeing it getting wrinkly, slightly, a frown coming onto their face.           “Pruney?” Tali asks.           “Have you seen a prune before?” Shepard asks, the Quarian and Turian both shake their head. Shepard can’t help but chuckle as they sit on the towel while drying themselves off. “It’s a dried plum, it just get wrinkly and humans get wrinkly whenever our hands or feet get wet.”           “Hmm…” Garrus hums.           “Don’t even say it,” Shepard quickly cuts him off before Tali makes gagging noises.           “But why wrinkly?” Garrus asks. He’s been around Shepard long enough but never really asked them this question.           “I think it’s to do with our grip or something like that. Like if we want to pick up something in the water it’s not going to slip away.”           “Oh, interesting,” Tali says nodding her head.           Once dried off, Shepard goes for the sunscreen to apply it again. “Humans are crispy, aren’t they?” Garrus says.           “Shut up,” Shepard says with laughter.

              Though what feels like almost instantaneously, the weather started to pick up. Grey skies out of nowhere, wind getting louder and louder. Shepard looks up and sighs, they wanted a nice day, and for everyone to end in laughter and just, you know, have a good day. But Shepard looks at the sky and shakes their head. This isn’t going to go to plan, and they knew that it’s only going to get worse.           “TAKE ANYTHING IMPORTANT, THAT YOU CAN AND GO TO THE SHIP!” Shepard screams.           Shepard takes the bags and puts the towels into it. Others grabs chairs, or umbrellas. Jacob asks Joker if he can hold him, with Joker almost jumping into the Cerberus soldier’s arms who is being held like they’re a newlywed couple.           No one goes for the net.           “We need the door opened so we can all board, there is a storm incoming, and looks like it’ll be a nasty one,” Shepard says over comms. And just as they finish the back hanger falls down slowly, in what feels like an hour everyone is able to get on with Shepard, Garrus and Tali making it just in time. Joker gets put down and makes his way quickly to the elevator with mostly everyone in tow.           “Welcome, aboard,” EDI says almost in a joking matter.           Joker gets into the chair and does what he needs to do to get them away. Shepard is hot on his toes and watches out of the window the slow devastation the storm is becoming.           “Seems like a cyclone is approaching,” Miranda says from her datapad.           “Hopefully it’s not coming after us,” Shepard says tensing their muscles.           “By my calculations, Shepard, it would seem it is unlikely,” EDI pipes up.             Garrus finds his hands on Shepard’s shoulder as he looks out too. “Net’s gone,” he says as he notices the nets and poles flying off.           “Let’s hope that it doesn’t puncture a hole somewhere,” Joker says as they ever so slowly make their decent off of the planet.           “Can this thing go any faster?” Shepard almost growls.           “You know what Shep, why don’t you do it?” Joker asks as he continues punching at the buttons and steering the ship out of the way of chaos.           “Shepard, Joker is doing everything he can,” Garrus calms them down. But as it feels like hours to actually do something, it’s only mere seconds when they finally zip out from the planet.           With no pole shaped hole in the ship either.

    #merweek2021#mass effect #mass effect fanfiction #fanfiction#merweek #game: mass effect #*mine#*mine: fic#txt
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    20.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    fandom is dying and I gotta accept me and the other 5 ppl still making gifs aren’t gonna stop that ✌️😔

    #txt #gifs have gotten amazing on this site and seeing everything get less than 500 notes is disheartening and 500 is a lot actually now on tumblr #literally nobody cares anymore idk how I can have thousands of followers and get like 20 notes on gif sets #like do yall not care anymore???? #I care rip and I’d love to create more and write more fics but it’s fkn shit bc even on ao3 ppl don’t give kudos anymore #I have one fic from 2017 that has as many clicks as mine from 2021 and it has 5x the notes #and tbh my writing has only gotten better so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #anyway. crisis abt maybe leaving it all behind but the mass effect brain worms are still too strong but maybe after idk
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  • cotccotc
    20.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    i can’t find that post i made a while back to track my progress on “spearmint” but update !! it’s at 4k :)

    #txt with v ☆ #this fic has become my passion project & also the bane of my existence #i only say the latter portion bc i know EXACTLY what i want to happen throughout the whole thing but it’s hard to put into words lmao #but i always end up editing what i’ve already written when i work on it lol #and i have random dialogue written in between scenes bc i’m too lazy to work on description yet JSJD #but she’s coming along #give her some time #but Eventually … she will be my favorite fic i’ve ever wtitten #*written#wtf #maybe i should take a break. JSJDJJ
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  • trixiewilliamson
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m writing part 2 of next best twin and do you guys have any ideas about what could’ve happened to kt’s parents? because I wanna properly flesh her out and since she was predominantly raised by her aunt and grandfather I just wanted to establish a bit of why??

    #because I’m gonna go into the twins’ parental issues and maybe eddie’s a little #and I don’t wanna leave her out or ignore how that would be for her?? #but since nina’s died in a car accident I was just trying to think of idk a backstory #and I’m coming up kinda blank so I would really appreciate input idk #also if there’s anything you super wanna see in this fic hmu #coz like I can’t guarantee anything but any kiper/twins hcs could be fun to hear since piper/kiper is sorta a blank canvas #house of anubis #txt
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  • youbeomgyou
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Halloween IS A State of Mind (disponível para doação);
    #capa para social spirit #capa pra social spirit #capa pra fanfic #capa social spirit #capa para fic #capa spirit #capa para fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa de fic #tomorrowxtogether#txt beomgyu#capa simples#halloween
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  • youbeomgyou
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    Não odeie os jogadores, odeie o jogo (adotada); insp.
    #capa para social spirit #capa pra social spirit #capa pra fanfic #capa social spirit #capa para fic #capa de fic #capa para fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa spirit #capa de spirit #capa para spirit #capa divertida#txt soobin#hueningkai txt#txt beomgyu#txt taehyun#txt yeonjun#tomorrowxtogether
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  • kiesapphic
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    new plan! gonna reread may the wolves forget ur name just to feel something <3

    #hopefully im bad with timing but 🤞 #crazy fic it's literally my joker it's ny all the young dudes it's my not easily conquered etc etc #if I reread it tonight and don't cry ill be pissed 😔 #.txt
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  • chi1de
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    i finally made a new carrd!! its in my bio also, and since i havent brought it up since i’ve remade, i have a genshin server! we dont have to be mutuals u can just hop on in!

    #🗯.txt #pinning this for now #w the server i would prefer if u at least follow me tho :x #the link is the inv btw #OH the server is 18+ … we go a little ham in the bad fic friday chat
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  • matthewbeilschmidts
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    if i dont finish this prucanfic ima end it all

    #im WRITING #trying to finish the fic i started #in 2015??????????? #pray 4 me #.txt post
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  • muselin
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    See You Later - Part 1

    Who: Beomgyu

    Group: TXT

    What: Beomgyu/f!reader, collegeAU, slow burn, eventual smut, college student!Gyu, model!Gyu

    Word count: 2,238

    A/N: this is for @bluekais ❤ Hope you enjoy! Sorry that it's taken so long! There will be a Part 2 coming but I got myself elbows-deep into Kinktober so might take a while as well 🎃



    The dissatisfied noise leaving your lips had become habit by now. Just his presence annoyed you, but the fact that he had the nerve to show up late to class almost every time, carrying that stupid skateboard, made your blood boil a little bit. He never studied, never did the assignments, always showed up late and he was still somehow passing this class. This class that you had worked so hard to get into and had to keep working so hard to stay in. It didn't come naturally to you but it did to him and it made you green with envy.

    "Ah, Beomgyu-ssi, how kind of you to join us," your professor quipped sarcastically as Beomgyu beamed a smile that was frustratingly charming and headed for the only empty space in the auditorium which, to your displeasure, happened to be next to you.

    You didn't acknowledge each other as you continued scribbling furiously into your notebook while Beomgyu sat with his chin leaned on his hand. You noticed that he hadn't taken out anything to write with.

    "Now I will hand out your assignments for the next lecture. Remember we have study week, so you will have one week to complete these. Please remain in your seats as you are now."

    Your professor proceeded to hand out stacks of papers and you couldn't help noticing that he was handing only one stack for every two students. He was making his way down your row and dropped off an assignment right between you and Beomgyu.

    "I can hold it for us," Beomgyu smiled pleasantly as he looked over to you, seemingly unaffected by your sour expression. As the two of you read the instructions for the music production assignment, Beomgyu would stop and mutter to himself every once in a while: "Hmm, I already have a bass guitar for this," "This would be very easy to add a snare to," "I just need vocals and someone to match the drum line to this".

    "Alright, everyone ready?" The auditorium hummed with mumbled "yes"es.

    "Good," your professor continued, "you will be doing the assignment in pairs, in the order that I've handed the assignments out to you".

    You groaned inwardly, noticing yours and Beomgyu's names at the bottom right corner of the cover page.

    "Class dismissed!"

    You were unsure what to do. You'd have to spend quite a lot of time with Beomgyu to finish this but you didn't have his number and you didn't even know which dorm he was in. Before you could open your mouth to ask Beomgyu when you should meet up, he was getting up and slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

    "See you later, Y/N," his voice laced with his regional dialect reached you as an afterthought.

    "Tch. Fuck you too, Choi," you muttered.


    It had been four days since you last saw Beomgyu and you were getting nervous. You had started the assignment early and done as much as you could do. You hated to admit it but you really did need him for this. You had worked out a base melody but it was too bare and uninteresting and you knew from hearing him talk to himself that he knew a lot of elements which could add flare and points to the assignment. You hunched over your laptop, browsing the music library. Begrudgingly, at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, you decided to email him through the university central email list.

    ### 22:01 ###  Hi Beomgyu, it's Y/N, your partner for the music production assignment. I've thrown some things together but we need to meet to do the rest. I realised I didn't have your number or your dorm address, let me know when we can meet up. ###

    You waited for a while after pressing send, just in case he was on his emails right now. At midnight you gave up and went to sleep.

    ### 03:44 ### Hi! Sorry about that! Can you bring what you have over to mine at about noon tomorrow? Here's the postcode ###

    You woke up to the reply from Beomgyu and nearly panicked that you would be late. He didn't live close by at all, the post code seemed to be for a swanky area of newly built apartments downtown, miles away from your suburban campus.

    You showered and dressed as quickly as possible. You weren't dressing up for anyone. Jeans, sneakers and a flannel shirt was all Beomgyu was getting from you. You grabbed your laptop and equipment and headed out the door.


    At 11:55, you knocked on Beomgyu's door. He lived on the 13th floor and on the elevator up to his apartment you hoped to whoever would listen that this wouldn't turn out to be as unlucky as the out-of-order sign on the second elevator.

    The front door clicked and opened to reveal a somewhat sleepy Beomgyu, dressed in a tshirt and pyjama bottoms.

    "Oh, Y/N, you're early," he said, then looked at his watch. You found this ironic, considering he never showed up to class on time.

    "Well, not by much. Can I come in?"

    "Sure," he said, opening the front door widely for you to walk in past him. "I'll make coffee," he yawned.

    As you walked past him you couldn't help but note in your head that he smelled really good. You weren't sure if it was his cologne or laundry but it was the kind that settled pleasantly in your chest and made you want to breathe in deeper. You stopped that train of thought harshly as soon as you felt your mind drift that way. You were perfectly happy with feeling generally mildly annoyed with Beomgyu. It was your comfort zone, even if having to work with him was pushing it.

    "So how come you don't live on camp-- Wow..."

    Your jaw dropped as you walked into the apartment. It was nothing like the cramped dorm rooms you and your friends shared on campus. It was bright, spacious and well-decorated, with huge windows and a view that rivaled the best hotels in the business district.

    "How the fuck are you affording this," the words tumbled out of you with little grace before you could stop them.

    "Well, since you ask, I work a lot of side jobs," Beomgyu said nonchalantly as he poured water into the kettle in the open-plan kitchen.

    "Really? What do you do?"

    "Uhm...," he scratched his neck sheepishly, "at the moment I model."

    "You? You model?"

    "Yeah, why," he tilted his head at you, looking at you quizzically.

    Those big brown eyes, the soft curves of his lips, his chiseled jawline... And his hair looked really soft too. Suddenly from thinking nothing of him you were imagining him as a model. You wondered what he modeled for. Could it be fashion brands? Lifestyle? Prints? Maybe even swimsuits? He always wore those baggy jeans and t-shirts, but maybe...


    "Oh," you snapped back to him, realising you hadn't answered him. "Yeah I just... didn't know, that's all."

    "Uhm, cool. Why don't you drop your stuff off in the room down the hall, the one on the left?"

    You nodded and picked up your laptop bag and equipment, your feet sinking into the plush carpet as you padded down the hall. You nudged open the door to the room he'd pointed you to, jaw dropping again for the second time today as you walked in.

    The room was a small makeshift studio, with mics, a sound control board and several guitars. Several notepads were strewn about along with a few used coffee mugs and muffin wrappers. It seemed to be the most lived-in space of Beomgyu's house so far and you were suddenly starting to understand why he never seemed to pay much attention to the classes. You dropped your bags off in the corner and sat down at his computer, looking at the various pieces of equipment connected to it.

    "How do you like your coffee?"

    You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard Beomgyu's pleasant voice reverberate in the room. You hadn't heard him come in after you. Covering up your startled reaction, you mumbled your preference and he returned shortly with two steaming mugs, setting them down on his desk.

    "Um, so... For this assignment I've tried layering the melodies but it's very bare. I thought we could use it as a starting point and build on it," you said, trying to sound more businesslike.

    "That's good, thanks. I actually don't have a lot of time so a head start would be good. I have an hour now but then I need to head out."

    Your brow furrowed. An hour? It had taken you three days to put together what you had so far.

    "Let's see what you've got," Beomgyu reached for the USB stick in your hands and plugged it into his computer. He downloaded the files and ran them.

    An unobtrusive melody filled the small studio. He listened politely, head tilted to one side until it faded out.

    "Um... Yeah, I don't play guitar so I wasn't sure what would sound good with that," you started, hands playing with the edges of your shirt nervously. You hated feeling incompetent, especially in front of Beomgyu.

    "Yeah, no offence, but it does need a lot more than that," he said. "Let's see what I can do with that."

    You sat in your chair and watched him plug one of his guitars into the amp behind you. He tuned it according to the scales in your melody and started to play along.

    "Nana naaa," he hummed along quietly. "I don't know about that bar, what do you think," he asked you.

    "It's not bad but I think it can go for longer," you replied. Beomgyu nodded, stopping the recording and starting again.

    You watched him get lost in his own world as the notes coming from his guitar breathed life into your melody. You watched his fingers strum and pluck, watched his lips open and close in concentration, occasionally the lower one being worried by his teeth. You watched his long hair fall into his face. You simply watched Beomgyu in his zone, not noticing when he stopped playing.


    Your eyes focused and met his deep brown ones, your lips tensing as you tried to seem attentive.

    "Yeah? Yeah, that was good, let's add that in," you spoke quickly.

    "Cool," Beomgyu then stood up and reached behind you to switch off the amp. You couldn't stop yourself from breathing in again when his chest and neck nearly brushed across your face. His warm hand dropped to your shoulder, giving you a casual pat.

    "Why don't you sit at the computer and keep replaying the recoding while I write down the chords," he suggested.

    "Okay, sure," you stood up in the cramped space and there was barely room for you two to switch places. Beomgyu's hands instinctively came up to your waist to steady you as he brushed past you. Your breath hitched but you said nothing as you sat down at his desk and started the recording.

    Your combined melody filled the small room and you found yourself nodding along. You hated to admit it but you liked it much more with Beomgyu's additions. You played it several times while he wrote down the chords.

    "Right, awesome," he drawled in his dialect after he was finished. "I have to get dressed and head out now, but if you want we can meet up again later today. I won't be done until quite late but I sleep late anyway."

    "How late are we talking," you asked suspiciously.

    "I would be done about 11, we could meet back here," Beomgyu offered.

    You hesitated for a second. It was a lot later than what you considered acceptable but at the same time you didn't trust Beomgyu. You weren't sure you would get any more time out of him than this.

    "Okay, deal. Message me when you're done and I'll head over."

    "Cool, here's my number," Beomgyu grabbed your phone to type his own number in and called himself. "I'll see you later then. You okay to let yourself out?"

    "Yeah, I'm good. See you later, Beomgyu."

    He left the studio and went into the room across, which you guessed was probably his bedroom. You copied the new files onto your USB before you packed up your things and left the studio as well. On the way you saw that Beomgyu's bedroom door was ajar. You saw him standing with his back to the door as he was pulling his t-shirt over his head. Your lips tensed into a line as you tried to not to make any noise and not even to breathe.

    You stood frozen in place as your eyes traced the lines of his back muscles to his pretty shoulders, not missing his toned arms flexing as he reached up to push the t-shirt over his head. Your gaze trailed back down his body to his hips where his bottoms were slung low, exposing the two cute dimples at his lower back. He didn't look like he was wearing anything underneath.

    Beomgyu dropped his shirt to the floor and you suddenly darted down the corridor, panicked that he would turn around and see you. His bottoms dropped down just as he heard his front door open and shut.

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    Pairing: Gryffindor!Beomgyu x Hufflepuff!reader

    Words: 2.9k

    Warnings/rating: SFW, Hogwarts!AU, Friends/Annoyances to Lovers, Beomgyu is both chaotic and soft, breaking and entering occurs, reader is clumsy, Beomgyu is the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, brief appearance by Slytherin!Yeonjun, reader previously had a humongous crush on Ravenclaw!Taehyun (so that's fun), brief mention of Hufflepuff!Kai, I swear I also love Soobin but he didn't make his way into this fic (whoops)

    Author's Note: This takes place in the same universe as my story Chameleon Boy, just several years later after the BTS crew has graduated. Loosely loosely based on Loser=Lover, in the sense that these two didn't get along but Beomgyu always wanted to impress her/liked her. Feedback is always welcome...enjoy!


    “Good game, Violet.” Gryffindor’s shaggy black haired Keeper bumps shoulders with you, a smirk turning the corners of his mouth.

    Still euphoric over the unexpected win your team had pulled over Gryffindor, you turn, eyebrows knit in confusion.

    He reaches behind you and gently tugs on your ponytail, making you realize...oh. He’s talking about your hair. Freshly dyed purple at the ends, just to change things up for your 6th year. Wait, why does he think it’s okay to tug on your hair?!

    “What is this, grade school? Leave my hair alone! And my name’s not Violet,” you huff, swatting his hand away.

    He shrugs, the smirk still lingering on his face. “I know. You’ve got a lot of bite for a Hufflepuff, you know? I thought you were supposed to be kind or something…”

    “I am kind. To people who don’t pull my hair.”

    “Oh, lighten up, Vi. You’re clearly the MVP of the game, go celebrate with your friends. I’ll see you in class.” He bumps shoulders with you again, saluting you as he walks off to join his Gryffindor teammates.

    Choi Beomgyu. Star Keeper for Gryffindor, team captain. Potions mastermind (to the chagrin of Slytherin house, which you had to admit you enjoyed). Prankster extraordinaire, second only to the legendary Fred and George Weasley.

    You knew each other through Quidditch, though not very well. Usually you’d be the one telling him good game, as Gryffindor blew through the competition on the way to the Quidditch Cup. You supposed it was nice that he came over and told you good game...it was a good game. You’d made several spectacular saves that had cleared the way for Kai, Hufflepuff’s Seeker, to catch the Snitch early in the game.

    But that didn’t explain why he felt the need to give you a nickname and pull on your hair. He was cute, and could get away with a lot, but this was too much. If he tried to say something else in class, you’d give him a piece of your mind.


    “Your Pygmy Puff matches you...maybe I should call you Puff instead of Violet, huh? Since you’re in Hufflepuff too and all.” Beomgyu sidles up to you, peering over your shoulder at the purple creature cupped in your hands. You can feel your eye twitching as you turn to glare at him.

    “Do not call me Puff,” you hiss under your breath, quiet enough so you won’t draw your professor’s attention.

    “Violet it is, then!” His eyes sparkle with laughter, and he’s clearly working very hard to contain himself from bursting with glee.

    You let out a loud hmph, and turn away from the boy next to you. This does nothing to deter him, as he simply follows you so you’re making eye contact again.

    “What do you want, Beomgyu? Is there a specific reason you’ve chosen to torment me, or did you just randomly choose someone when you rolled out of bed this morning?” You nod towards his mop of hair that is messier than usual. He hurriedly runs his hands through his hair, which does nothing except make it worse. You can’t help but laugh, which makes his own grin grow wider.

    “Can’t I just spend time with my favorite Hufflepuff Keeper? C’mon, don’t be mean, Violet…”

    You scoff. “We barely know each other, Choi. Quidditch is the only time we ever interact.” He rolls his eyes at your statement.

    “I know that, that’s why I said you’re my favorite Hufflepuff Keeper, not my favorite Hufflepuff. You’ve got to work to earn that title.” He winks obnoxiously at you.

    “Don’t get too cocky, you’re no Kill ‘Em Kim,” you reply, referencing Gryffindor’s captain that graduated two years prior.

    “You think you’re so smart, but guess what? I know that too, Vi…I've got my own charms, I don’t need to copy Seokjin.”

    “And what are those? Your hyena laugh and your need to piss off every Slytherin with your pranks?”

    “So I am charming to you, then. Good to know,” Beomgyu cackles (like a hyena, as you pointed out). “Speaking of those pranks you mentioned, it’s been a while...wanna help me with my next one? Come with me to Hogsmeade and we’ll go to Zonko’s. I’ll show you just how smart I really am.”

    You narrow your eyes at him. “Why are you so interested in hanging out with me?”

    “I’m interested, because you’re interesting, get with the program. You dyed your hair, you must have known it would draw attention to you. So here I am, drawn in by the siren call of your purple strands. Don’t leave me to crash on the rocks, Violet...I’m just asking to go to Hogsmeade.”

    There’s several beats of silence as you stare at Beomgyu. He doesn’t get uncomfortable, doesn’t look away. He just holds eye contact with you as if you’ve known each other for years.


    He whoops with delight, drawing an irritated stare from your professor. Beomgyu at least has the sense to duck his head at this, suddenly very interested in the Pygmy Puff in your hands, pink dusting his cheeks.

    You can’t help the smile that fights its way onto your face at his reaction, and he catches it, looking awfully pleased with himself.

    What had you gotten yourself into?


    A few days later, you’re trudging up the path to Hogsmeade with Beomgyu by your side. The two of you are trailing behind your best friend Evelyn and her nemesis-turned-possible-love-interest, Yeonjun.

    “Five galleons on them dating by Christmas,” Beomgyu suddenly whispers in your ear, the sensation sending visible shivers down your spine. “Are you okay? Here, take this, I didn’t think it would be that cold today.” You suddenly are enveloped by a gold and maroon striped cardigan, the boy walking alongside you giving you a lopsided grin as he sees you relax into its warmth.

    “...thanks,” you mutter quickly, too embarrassed to tell him you’re not shivering from the cold. You look ahead to see Yeonjun elbowing your friend in the side while laughing aloud. “I think you’re right about those two...she always acts like he annoys her, but I think she secretly enjoys the attention,” you gently poke fun at your friend.

    “Junnie’s a good guy. Annoying sometimes, but he can’t help it, he’s a Slytherin.” You raise your eyebrows in surprise.

    “How do you know Yeonjun? This is my first time meeting him in person, even though she talks about him all the time.”

    Beomgyu leans in conspiratorially. “Well, funny you should ask, Violet...Yeonjun was the victim of my very first Hogwarts prank. It wasn’t as good as the ones I do now, but I did manage to turn his eyebrows pink.”

    Your eyes widen in surprise. “Your first prank was on a Slytherin who’s older than you?”

    “What can I say, I live life dangerously.” His eyes sparkle with laughter as his hand brushes yours as you walk side by side. Before you can reply, he’s grabbed your hand and is dragging you forward, breaking into a run as Hogsmeade comes into view.

    “See ya later, losers!” He cackles as the two of you sprint past Yeonjun and Evelyn, heading straight for the entrance of Zonko’s.


    An hour later, the two of you emerge from Zonko’s surprisingly empty-handed. You had convinced Beomgyu that pranking the entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team was, in fact, a bad idea. He had whined at you continuously for being ‘too serious’ and ‘mean’, but you had stood your ground, promising to buy him a Butterbeer for his troubles.

    “You just don’t want me pranking Taehyun...don’t think I don’t notice the way you look at him.” Beomgyu glares at you, bottom lip jutting into a pout.

    You match his glare even while you feel the heat emanating from your cheeks. “I had a crush on Taehyun when I was like, 14!” you sputter.

    “You didn’t even go with him to the Yule Ball that year, can’t have been that significant,” he shrugs.

    The heat on your cheeks is now spreading through the rest of your body. “If you must know, I didn’t go with anyone to the Yule Ball because no one asked me.”

    Beomgyu’s glare softens as he glances over at you, rubbing the back of his neck. “I would’ve asked you if I’d known you back then.”

    “No, you wouldn’t have. We were both on our respective Quidditch teams by then, and you knew me. You went with that French girl, the 6th year? Beauxbatons champion?” you scoff.

    “But I didn’t really know you...I just kind of knew of you. We hadn’t had a class together or anything…” he trails off quietly.

    You can’t stop the snort of derision that comes flying out of your mouth. “Gyu, stop. I don’t need your pity, or anything else...now that you know me, would you really ask me to anything like the Yule Ball?”

    “...yes?” Beomgyu’s eyes widen as he raises an eyebrow.

    “Tell me why.”

    “You’re cool, good at Quidditch, smart, way smarter than me. Funny. And you’re pretty, obviously.” He ticks off each adjective on his fingers, no trace of humor on his face.

    You narrow your eyes, and he holds his hands up in surrender.

    “What?! I’m just telling the truth!” he exclaims.

    “...you are, aren’t you? You just...say what you think, all the time.” You stare in disbelief at the boy in front of you.

    “Yeah? Why would I not? Sure, some people think I’m stupid, or brash, or whatever else. But the people who are important know me for who I really am. People like you.” Beomgyu elbows you playfully before locking hands with you, dragging you to the opposite end of Hogsmeade.

    You’d deny it to anyone who asked, but you can’t help your stomach doing a flip as he intertwines his fingers with yours, a grin working its way onto your face.


    Your grin leaves your face as you stumble into Beomgyu, who has suddenly stopped in front of a large, derelict house. The air feels stale around you, and the hustle and bustle of the village has been left behind.

    “W-what is this place?” you squeak out.

    “The Shrieking Shack...it’s supposed to be haunted. Voldemort used it as headquarters during The Battle of Hogwarts, and it’s where Severus Snape was killed,” Beomgyu breathes reverently.

    Your hand is on Beomgyu’s arm in a vice grip, your knuckles turning white. “So why are we here?”

    “We’re going inside, I wanna see what it’s like. It’s gotta be so cool!” The shaggy haired boy beside you looks genuinely excited, no trace of nerves. He walks toward a boarded up window, you following closely behind. He starts poking around the edges of the window, pulling gently at the boards at first, then with more force. Suddenly, there’s a large crack as one of the boards splinters in half, leaving a small opening behind.

    “After you, Violet,” Beomgyu smiles at you, his hands cupped together to give you a boost up to crawl through. You swallow thickly before stepping into his grip, grabbing onto the opening and squeezing your way through, tumbling onto a dusty landing. You cough as the dust settles around you, Beomgyu calling up to you to make sure you’re okay.

    “I’m fine...it’s just dusty!” you call back, scrambling to your feet. All of a sudden, there’s a loud noise from outside...as you try to peer out of the opening you just came through, you find yourself nose to nose with Beomgyu, whose head is hanging through the hole in the window.

    “I took a running start, jumped and climbed up,” he huffs, his breath fanning out over your face from how close he is. You back away hastily, but stay close enough to offer him your hand to help him through the hole that’s too small for his lanky body. He shoves his hand into yours, and you pull while he attempts to leverage his long legs to his advantage. It feels like you’re playing tug of war with each other for a few minutes, until you’re falling backwards onto the floor in a mess of limbs.

    Beomgyu’s long hair is falling into your eyes, he’s elbowing you in the side and your legs are awkwardly tangled together. As he pulls himself up onto his elbows, you find yourself gazing up into his eyes. The two of you freeze momentarily, not speaking and just staring at each other. Suddenly, he unfreezes himself, only to land a quick kiss on your cheek. He then offers you his hand as he scrambles off the floor, which you take, only to crash into his chest as he pulls you up. He grabs your arms to steady you, catching your gaze once again. Have his eyes always been this pretty?

    A laugh makes its way past your lips, which leads Beomgyu to let out his signature cackle as well. “Let’s explore!” he exclaims, barreling off towards the staircase to the second floor. You follow closely behind, staircase creaking under your combined weight. The two of you peer through each doorway, nothing particular of note to see. Lots of dusty furniture, boarded up windows with streams of sunlight fighting their way through, and a general eerie vibe throughout the house. Deciding there’s nothing of note, Beomgyu begins to descend the stairs with you trailing behind. Just as you’re about to reach the bottom, your foot falls through a step, the rotted wood giving out underneath you. You windmill your arms, trying to keep your balance but to no avail. You fall headlong into Beomgyu’s waiting arms in what feels like slow motion. He had turned when the step broke, and prepared himself for the inevitable disaster that was to follow.

    You look up at him, his arms tucked underneath yours, hoisting you back onto your feet. “You’re really falling for me today, aren’t you, Vi?” he smirks, helping you dust yourself off.

    “You wish,” you snap, embarrassed in more than one way.

    “Maybe I do.” He shrugs, giving you a smirk before heading towards the front door. “But right now, I think you owe me a Butterbeer?”


    You stride over to your table, two mugs of frothy Butterbeer in tow. You slide one over to Beomgyu, who’s sitting across from you. He raises the glass towards you and then takes a large gulp. As he places it down on the table again, he’s left with a mustache made of foam.

    You laugh at how goofy he looks, shaking your head at him. He raises an eyebrow questioningly at you, and in reply you lean over the table, swiping your thumb slowly over his upper lip, removing the offending foam. His eyes go wide, looking more shocked the longer your hand stays touching his face. As you go to sit back down, he catches your hand in his and holds it across the table. It’s your turn for your eyes to go wide.

    “What are you doing?” you murmur.

    Expecting a brash, confident answer, you’re shocked when the boy across from you matches your tone-quiet, unsure, and nervous.

    “...I just wanted to hold your hand.” Beomgyu looks up at you shyly through his shaggy hair, a small smile gracing his features. You give his hand a small squeeze in reply, lifting your Butterbeer to your mouth to hide the smile threatening to take over your whole face.


    The two of you spend the rest of the afternoon hand in hand, exploring the shops in Hogsmeade. You make sure to steer clear of the Shrieking Shack, and any of the other old, possibly haunted buildings in town.

    As the sun starts setting, you begin the journey back to Hogwarts, one hand filled with bags of candy from Honeydukes, the other intertwined with Beomgyu’s. Just as the castle is coming into view, you suddenly trip over a tree root in the path, losing your balance. Your bags go flying to the ground, your grip on Beomgyu lost as you flail helplessly, trying to keep yourself upright-but to no avail. The ground is swiftly approaching, and just as you squeeze your eyes shut...you stop.

    You carefully open your eyes, and see the path several inches from your face. Turning your head, you see that Beomgyu has also dropped his bags, and both his arms are wrapped around your midsection, keeping you from hitting the ground. He gently squeezes you as he pulls you upright, concern etched across his face.

    “Violet, are you okay?” He looks you over, checking for any injuries.

    You can’t help the grin this time, and there’s no Butterbeer to hide behind. Before you can think too hard about it, you push upwards on your tiptoes and land a quick kiss on Beomgyu’s lips. You can feel your cheeks flaming, but you can’t seem to bring yourself to care too much.

    “Just falling for you, Gyu. That’s all.”

    Your reply paired with the kiss leaves a dopey smile on the boy in front of you’s face. He recovers after a few minutes of shock, leaning in close to you and surprising you with another kiss. This one’s a little longer, his mouth molding to yours and applying insistent pressure that leaves you slightly lightheaded. As Beomgyu leans back, he gives you a smirk matched with one of his signature cackling laughs.

    “I knew it.”


    Check out my other work here!

    Taglist: @hyungieyoongi @alpacaparkaseok @derinxfam

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    𝐁𝐄𝐓≛ 0.3 the homewreckers

    ᜊ seoyeon. your typical third year sorority girl. she's very popular on campus and is the life of all parties. has some weird type of beef with reiko?

    ᜊ beomgyu. a third year vocal major at hybe university. beomgyu's best friend is seoyeon, who he met in high school.

    ᜊ sunoo. a first year vocal major at hybe university. sunoo is seoyeon's younger brother who's always willing to throw hands for her.

    ᜊ jungwon & riki. both are still attending highschool at belift high. bestfriends with sunoo. (they won't be too involved in the plot, but they might make cameos. I wanted to include profiles for them because I can't leave these precious boys out)


    ⇦ previous | next ⇨

    SYNOPSIS. after jake takes a new liking to his friend's diligent liberal arts partner, he decides to start a bet with his friends. "lets play a game. whoever can win her heart gets anything, anything they want."

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  • shiggysvixen
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Writing smut is so hard when your not h word

    #🍓.txt #i think imma go read some monsterfucking fics and see where that leads me
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