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    Taegyu night <3

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    [10:01am] txt as your bestfriends 🥺 except crush!taehyun

    “my life is falling apart! I'm sick and I look like I've been dead for 3-4 business days straight!” you say with your head in your hands,, you woke up late, and not only late! but sick too!

    but being sick sure as hell won't stop you from coming to school, there was no way, no fucking way, you were going to pass on a school day full of ogling your long time crush—taehyun

    and that leads us to where you are now, sneezing and sniffing while having a full blown breakdown in the school canteen, sitting right beside bestfriend!beomgyu and across off bestfriend!hueningkai

    “nothing is going right! I look ugly today and guess what? taehyun isn't even here today!! or am I also going blind?? is this what it is? god? sir? is it my time already??” you bang your head on the desk and your friends watch in silent amusement

    “well I, for one, think you rock the whole half dead look you have going on”

    “shut up gyu!”

    soft hours: open,,,,, tagging <3 @sherlockholicsbysoobin @cesiareads @iminchaosnow

    #cerisetalks#kpop#kpop boys#kpop txt#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff#txt bestfriends #kpop tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together members #tomorrow x together yeonjun #tomorrow x together soobin #tomorrow x together taehyun #tomorrow x together beomgyu #tomorrow x together hueningkai #txt yeonjun#txt imagines#txt soobin#txt beomgyu#txt taehyun #txt huening kai #txt timestamp#txt members#fluff#kpop imagines#kpop fluff#kpop timestamps#wholesome
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    CHOI LINE REACTS TO... bts being your older brother

    PAIRING! choi line x f!reader ; brother!bts maknae line x f!reader GENRE! fluff ; best friends to lovers ; crack ; humour ; established relationship WARNINGS! mentions of cheating ; mentions of food WC! 1.2k NOTES! i was gonna write this in paragraphs but i got lazy and i havent written a full length anything in weeks so this was the easiest way for me rip

    ## YEONJUN

    it’s not uncommon for yeonjun to run into the members of bts around the company

    he wouldn’t say he sees them often but he’s seen them enough for it to become a normal thing

    he doesn’t even get flustered anymore so score

    however, when he passes by THEE kim taehyung in the halls and he tells him that he has been looking for him everywhere, he can’t deny he started fanboying

    why has taehyung been looking for HIM???

    that’s when his senior pulls out a very familiar looking purse and hands it to him

    “can you give this to y/n when you see her? she left it here yesterday—you know how forgetful she is”

    the rest under the cut!


    of course HE knows how forgetful you are, he’s your boyfriend

    but the question is, how does TAEHYUNG know 🤔

    at least now he knows why the purse looked familiar now

    yeonjun agrees anyways and takes the bag

    he was seeing you later that day for a date and he figures he could also ask you then why taehyung had your bag in the first place

    then taehyung tells him to “take care of y/n” and goes on with his day

    yeonjun is so confused

    he doesn’t know how taehyung knows the two of you are together or how he even knows YOU

    at some point during his dance practice, he ends up forgetting about it all until

    kim y/n...kim taehyung...

    and everything falls into place in his mind

    he finally understands why he would see you everywhere at the company long before the two of you started dating

    later, when he sees you for your date

    “y/n, you will never BELIEVE what i just discovered”

    ## SOOBIN

    soobin usually treats you to lunch

    it’s the least he could do seeing as he is so busy all the time

    he would pick you up from the hybe lobby and the two of you would head to the café together

    but today

    you were nowhere to be found

    he waited for ten minutes thinking that maybe you were just running late but eventually figured that you weren’t coming today

    you had been swamped with school lately so he understood that you might not be able to come out

    he was a sad boy ☹️

    soob decides to go to the café anyways just to get something to eat and guess who he sees when he walks in

    you sitting at a table laughing with some other guy 🧍‍♂️

    he couldn’t see who you were with because they were sitting opposite you with their back turned but he knows a guys back when he sees one and that was definitely one

    he didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he wished he knew what you were doing here with somebody else

    he doesn’t make his presence known because he hates confrontation but he can’t deny feeling a bit annoyed

    then the guy pushes out of his seat and stands up to walk around next to you and soobin can finally see who stole his girlfriend from him

    and it’s fucking park jimin

    his senior kisses your forehead before leaving the café and soobin’s jaw is on the floor

    he leaves quickly before either of you could see him and goes to their practice room to stew over what he just saw

    soobin didn’t know the two of you were so close, hell he didn’t even the two of you KNEW each other

    eventually you showed up in the practice room too, apologising for missing your lunch because “something came up” and soobin can’t help it anymore

    “y/n...are you cheating on me with jimin sunbaenim? because he is way older than you and i saw him kissing you and—”


    you were MORTIFIED at the accusation and soobin...soobin was


    like this emoji 😯😯😯 was him

    “park jimin....is your brother...”

    “i can’t believe you thought i was CHEATING”

    “do you think you can get me an autograph 😯”


    ## BEOMGYU

    it was a pretty normal afternoon, you were coming over to visit him at the dorms like you sometimes did

    he was just a bit more excited to see you than normal because he was finally going to confess to you

    okay so maybe he was a little in love with you whatever doesn’t matter

    he was pretty sure you were in love with him too, or at least had a crush on him so he was pretty confident about his plan

    that all went out the window when you arrived

    you looked as beautiful as ever and you had a massive smile on your face that made him a bit weak in the knees which was normal, so not the problem

    the problem was what you were wearing

    over your clothes, you had on a way too big plain black jacket that you had pushed up your arms

    it was so long that it stopped at your mid thigh

    this jacket was very clearly not yours and the only explanation for whose it could be and why you were wearing it was that—and it pains him to say this—you had a boyfriend

    now you may be thinking he’s jumping the gun a bit here buT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CAN YOU BLAME HIM??

    the rest of the day he couldn’t hide his annoyance at the fact that you were still wearing that stupid jacket

    there was air conditioning in the dorms you didn’t have to keep it on 🙄🙄

    you noticed his behaviour and asked him what was up

    he didn’t mean to but he just immediately blurted it out



    “my what 🧍‍♀️”

    “the boyfriend whose jacket you’re wearing 😔”

    and then

    you laughed in his face

    poor boy is so confused and starts pouting and whining 😭

    you explain that you are wearing your BROTHER’S jacket because he was the one who dropped you off

    cue more confused gyu

    “you have a brother 🧍‍♂️”

    “yes i do you know him actually 🙄”

    “who is it wtf”

    “jungkook 🧍‍♀️”

    now it’s HIS turn to laugh in your face

    you try convincing him but he’s just like “thEre’S nO waY yOuR bRotHeR iS jEon junGkOok oF Bts”

    he is in for a surprise when jungkook comes to pick you up when you are done hanging out

    like his jaw dropped

    went from being a brat to such a kiss ass in record time

    “i can’t believe you never told me your brother was THE jeon jungkook”

    “well it’s not like you’d have believed me🙄🙄”

    after his little fanboy moment he realised he could go through with his plan and ask you out

    “so, what im hearing is your single 😏 you want to go on a date 😏?”

    “i mean i guess since you like me so much 🤥 but you’re going to have ask my brother for permission 😁”

    he genuinely couldn’t tell if you were joking or not (you were) and ended up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with jungkook later that week

    he got his date though so 😁

    tagging. @igyus @afiaaaa19 @samu-sorbet @mjnisode @tyunni @k6ho @sungsunnie (taglist)

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    This fluffy taegyu has entered my mind once again

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  • enhanote
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    ♡ TXT OT5 what they like about you,

    gn!reader, warnings none.

    ෆ yeonjun. he adores seeing you in his clothes. since you guys share likings in some types of clothing— like his unbearably cute crop tops or his big, big sweaters, or even his cardigans. whenever you stayed over at his, you’d wake up in those fuzzy blankets of his, his scent still wrapped around you despite his absence in the room. he’d most likely stare (not in a creepy way) at you, sleeping soundly while cuddling him in his sweaters. his heart would literally threaten to bust out of his chest !! just being able to hold you like this, while you took in his warmth twice as much, was endearing.

    ෆ soobin. your curiosity. i think he’d be so interested whenever you spoke about your favorite things, even if they were totally bizarre. you’d most likely have ‘what type of bread is the best bread’ discussions at least twice a month. you’d love to just talk to one another, therefore those random facts you could remember, you’d blurt them out in the most unexpected moments, earning this sudden rush of excitement from soobin. he’s simply love to listen to you, and smile at you rambling on and on about a topic you were passionate about.

    ෆ beomgyu. he adored your laugh. he noticed you had different ways of laughing in different situations, too. i feel he’d most likely name all of your ways of laughing just to make you laugh even harder. you’d have giggling fits all the time !! i see beomgyu as such a playful guy, and he’d most likely show that caring yet super playful side with you, too. once, he pranked you with one of your teddy bears going missing. after finding out it wasn’t true, you had to laugh (trying not to cry), while threatening to hit him with said little teddy bear. overall, your relationship would be filled with jokes and lots of giggles.

    ෆ taehyun. similar to soobin, he loved listening to you speak; he adored your voice. the softness in you voice when you were waking him up, leaving sweet ghosts of little pecks on his face. the loudness of it whenever you squealed about one of his performances, making him blush like a little boy. the quietness of it whenever you shared kisses and repeated how much you loved each other through them. the endearing sound of it when you told him how proud of him you were. it was absolutely everything; your voice gave him the warmth your hugs could.

    ෆ huening kai. your personality. it was the first thing that attracted him to you; your nurturing nature, that kindness that made you seem better than anyone else (though you would never admit that), your confidence, too, it drove him insane. more than loving you, he admired you for your maturity. he himself was a bit more childish. yet when it came to you, he loved being able to see you in your most vulnerable moments and being able to take care of you was an absolute plus to him. a lover of those little details that made you you.

    © written by enhanote, 2021.

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    Click click 📸

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    16.09.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Summary: Nothing bad happens when you visit presumably haunted houses on Halloween, absolutely nothing.

    Genre: Horror, I guess some angst as well, sprinkle of fluff 

    Warning: Blood, demons, nightmares, visions from nightmares, screaming, crying


    Walking side by side, hand in hand you and your boyfriend got closer to the dark house as you started clutching the flashlight in your other hand with each step you took. This was such a bad idea. 

    Why did you say yes to this? 

    Why did Beomgyu say yes to this? 

    There must be something seriously wrong with both of you. Going to the supposedly haunted house on your favourite holiday might just be the stupidest idea you agreed to. 

    “Ready to go in?” Beomgyu asked you as you two stepped up to the front door of the house.

    “Sure, but you know we could just not.” You tried reasoning, “We don’t have to.”

    He hummed, “We kind of do. Yeonjun dared us.” You immediately rolled your eyes at that statement. Just because that clown dared you to do something doesn’t mean you have to actually do it. You were never playing Truth or Dare with him again.

    “Ugh let’s just get this over with.” You pointed the flashlight at the door, grimacing at the old wood that was rotting away. Your boyfriend however walked up to the door and opened it, albeit with a little more force, and suddenly you were in.

    The inside of the room looked like any other haunted house you saw in horror movies. Dusty, dark and ominous. There was old furniture covered in white sheets, but some uncovered and as you stopped at a couch the first thing you thought of was that your aunt has a couch like this, both were very unattractive.

    “Hey baby come check this out!” You jogged to where Beomgyu was standing holding a frame with an old looking photo inside it. It was a picture of the previous owners, or so you suspected, but your eyes caught something in the corner. “Look, you see that in the corner?”

    You nodded, “I was actually just looking at that,” you took the photo from his hands, Beomgyu walking away from you to another room of the house, “What even is that?” You questioned as you moved the picture up and down, a face showing in the corner whenever you moved it up. “Creepy.” You said putting the frame back down. Turning around your eyes followed the flashlight as you moved it around the hall in search of your boyfriend. 

    “Beom? Babe?” Your feet seemed to carry you on their own to the direction where you last saw your boyfriend go as the floor creaked under them. Suddenly you turned towards the grand staircase after hearing a thump over there. You tried squinting your eyes to see better while you shined your light towards it. “Hello? Anyone there?”

    You now understood the characters in horror movies more when you yourself started walking towards the sound to investigate it. A shiver ran down your spine at the gust of wind that seemed to pass you, carrying your hair with it, yet you saw no open windows anywhere. “Beom if this is you it is not fucking funny!”


    A scream fell past your lips at the voice whispering in your ear, then another scream but this time it was not one from you. You ran to the source of the scream you recognised as Beomgyu’s, getting into the room you desperately called his name, shining the light around the room in search of him. Walking over to what seemed like a cabinet you jumped with yet another scream as your boyfriend jumped out yelling, “BOO!”

    You put your arm on your heart to steady it’s fast beating as your ass of a boyfriend laughed at your fear stricken face. “You complete idiot,” you hit his shoulder with the flashlight, “You could have given me a heart attack. You know how worried I got when I heard you scream?”

    You were pulled into his arms, relaxing when you felt the warmth from him, “I’m sorry babygirl, but that was part of the bet.”

    “Ugh I’m killing Yeonjun when we get back to the dorm.” Putting your head on his shoulder you started breathing normally again, scratching your arms. Taking your hand in his, he led the two of you out of the house and back to the dorm.

     “So that thump on the stairs and the voice was you?” You questioned after a few minutes of silent walking.

    He looked at you quizzically, “What are you talking about?” 

    You rolled your eyes at him, “The thump and voice saying ‘careful’, that was you right?”

    He stared blankly at you, “Babe I waited in that room the entire time, I didn’t even walk out until you came in.”

    You thought it through, if it wasn't you and it wasn’t Beom, then either you experienced a real paranormal activity or he’s teasing you to scare you more. Deciding on the latter option as the correct one you simply laughed and bumped his shoulder with yours. 

    The 25 minute walk passed quickly and soon you were back in the safety and warmth of TXT's dorm. After punching Yeonjun in both his shoulders, you decided to make some hot cocoa for yourself. Grabbing all the ingredients around the kitchen, and the mug from the cupboard, you started making the cocoa. Placing the mug on the counter you went on to heat up the milk. 

    Humming you waited for the milk to warm up so you could put the cocoa powder in, except you were cut off from the process by a loud bang which pulled a surprised little scream out of you. Looking towards the source of the bang you found the mug broken on the floor. Many footsteps came towards the direction of the kitchen to see what happened.

    "(y/n) everything okay in here?" Soobin's voice spoke first while the rest looked at the mess in front of them. In an instant Beomgyu was next to you and helping you pick up the broken pieces.

    You looked at Soobin giving him a short nod, "Yeah, I must've put the mug too close to the edge and it fell off." Throwing away the pieces you pick up another mug, this time keeping a hold on the handle. "Sorry for the mug everyone," you gave them a sheepish smile, scratching your arm.

    "It's alright Noona, we have more mugs." Kai waved it off.

    "Kai how many times have I told you that you don't have to call me that?"

    "Enough for me to remember, but ignore." He laughed, walking to the living room with the others to continue watching the movie.

    You felt a hand on your waist, turning to look towards the person you were met with Beomgyu's smile, "Are you sure you're okay?" 

    You gave him a smile of your own while nodding your head and a kiss on the cheek for good measures. The night continued on with you watching horror movies, you all finished the movies around midnight, opting on going to sleep as they had a packed schedule tomorrow, even if you tried convincing them they should go earlier. 

    You could’ve sworn the dreams you had were placed there to mess with you even more than you already had been through the night. Images of dark hallways that spun in circles, shadows following you and screams emanating from the end of the hallways were swimming in your dreams, pulling you from sleep. 

    Opening your eyes after not being able to fall asleep again for who knows how many minutes you slipped from your boyfriend’s arms, scratching your own and looking at his sleeping, peaceful form one more as you left the room to not wake him or any of the members up. Deciding to get a water bottle and turn on the TV to watch something, you got comfortable on the couch, watching until you got tired enough to fall asleep again.

    As it seems God wasn’t on your side as you couldn’t even close your eyes without remembering your dream, flashes of the shadows and various other terrifying faces screaming in your face flashed through your eyes, ringing deep in your ears. You dropped the water bottle as you covered your ears in an attempt to drown them out, eyes tearing when none of it stopped, only getting louder. The ringing in your ears was too much, the high pitched screams that made your skin crawl pulled a choked sob from your throat.

    As fast as it came it disappeared, leaving you shaking on the couch expecting the worst, expecting something to happen again but nothing did until you uncovered your ears, seeing red on your palms. With a shaking hand you brought it to your ears, feeling a wet spot and when you looked at your fingers you confirmed what you thought.

    Rushing to the bathroom you grabbed a clean cloth, soaking it in water as you cleaned the blood that was dripping from your ears. Tears build up in your eyes once again, falling freely down your cheeks as you cried, in confusion, in fear.

    Cleaning your ears and making sure they weren’t bleeding anymore you washed your face from tears and to wake you up more, there was no way you could sleep after what just happened and you weren’t even going to try. Drying your face with a towel you looked at yourself in the mirror only to see another face behind you.

    Dark bangs covered its eyes but not enough to not see them, it didn’t even have any eyes! Only holled out sockets that were spilling a dark crimson blood from them, its mouth was pulled into a sinister smile showing off the razor sharp teeth that were hiding beneath.

    “I told you to be careful, didn’t I?” Its neck cracked painfully to the side, a bone sticking from it. You couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, couldn’t do anything except watch this thing in the mirror. Gathering some courage you glanced behind you only to be met with an empty space where the thing should have been standing. Confused you turned back to the mirror only to see the creature still standing there, still giving you the same sinister smile. 

    It started stalking towards you, you desperately looking behind yourself to catch it and back to the mirror as it was moving in closer. A hand was stretched out to you, boney long fingers with sharp nails coming through the mirror to scratch at your cheek.

    “Stupid child, you should have never went into the house.” The voice terrified you beyond anything you've seen in horror movies, it opened its mouth, skin around it stretching and breaking until it was opened as large as your head. In one swift motion it clasped its teeth around your head as a scream finally reached from somewhere within you.

    The guys woke up when they heard your screams, Beomgyu jumping from his bed to hurry to where you were and they found you on the floor of the bathroom, screaming, crying and thrashing around. Beomgyu was by your side trying to get you to calm down but you wouldn’t let him touch you, screaming whenever you felt a hand on your body. He watched with a heavy heart as you were forced to calm down on your own without being able to hold you close and console you himself.

    “Baby are you okay?” Beomgyu asked worriedly.

    You looked dead in his eyes before saying, “There was something in the mirror.” A chill went through all five boys, your voice so low and groggy from crying yet so serious at the same time.

    Yeonjun’s voice caught your attention as you slowly moved your gaze to his, “What do you mean something was in the mirror? What was?”

    You hang your head, your body starting to shake once again. All of them thought you started crying again, until they heard a low laughter coming from you.

    Beomgyu grabbed you by your shoulders, “(y/n) baby are you okay?” But the laughter only grew louder.

    “Stupid humans,” you jerked your head to look at them, dark crimson blood oozing from your eyes and a menacing smile on your lips, “she’s mine now.”

    “Wh-what are you? Leave her alone!” Beom was screaming, tears falling from his eyes. He was shaking the thing’s shoulders because he refused to believe that was still his sweet girlfriend.

    “You should watch what house you’re entering next time, Choi Beomgyu.”

    #txt #tomorrow x together #txt fic#txt fanfic #tomorrow x together fic #tomorrow x together fanfic #choi beomgyu#beomgyu #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x reader #horror#x reader#reader #txt x reader #tomorrow x together x reader #angst#fluff#demons#paranormal#horror fic#halloween#ominous
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  • milki-bear
    16.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    2:35am ⭑ kang taehyun

    fluff, 285 words, gn!reader, established relationship, no warnings.

    you wake up in pitch darkness, sweating and breathing heavily, heart pounding against your chest. the thoughts of your nightmare still vividly running through your mind.

    “hey.. hey are you okay?” taehyun, your lover, asks you gently while softly rubbing your back. upon hearing your screams for help he woke up with a start.

    you immediately turn to him and wrap your arms around his waist as tears stream down your face and pool into his shirt.

    “shh, it was just a bad dream. just a dream, okay love? none of it was real.”

    “i don’t think i can fall back asleep yet..” you mumble.

    “come on” he says as he reaches for you hand, not questioning him you follow his instructions as he leads you out your shared bedroom and into the lounge. he picks up a blanket off the couch and continues leading you out on front door.

    “what are we doing out here?” you ask whilst sitting down next to taehyun on the porch.

    “watching the stars” he says simply as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    so there you find yourself wrapped up in a blanket out on the porch at midnight with the love of your life, stargazing. pointing out all the different shapes you see and telling each other the names you each come up with for them.

    you snuggle up into his arms when you feel the breeze brush past the shoulders, sending a shiver up your spine, luckily he seems to radiate warmth.

    taehyun tells you stories of the greek gods while you lay beneath the moonlight, every worry you felt before disappears and you fall asleep to the sound of his voice.

    © milki-bear—all rights reserved. do not translate, reproduce, or repost my works. any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited.

    #milki writes. #🍨—tomorrow x together #kang taehyun #taehyun x reader #txt x reader #kpop imagines#kpop#kpop fluff #tomorrow x together #txt taehyun#txt fluff#kpop drabbles#txt imagines
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    txt - you’re being bullied

    Pairing: TXT x Reader | Genre: angst, fluff | Warnings: bullying, bruises, some blood, swearing | WC: 0.9k

    A/N: Will switch on and off from sister to partner

    request(s): txt reaction to their little sister coming home physically hurt because of bullies at school? pls i love y’all’s angsts sm!!! combing with Txt reaction to you being bullied

    Choi Yeonjun

    (partner): When you didn’t show up to homeroom, he knew something was wrong. You had been quiet and timid all week; nothing like your usual, bubbly and loud self. The two of you may not have been dating for long, but Yeonjun knew you well enough to know something was going on. He found you on the rooftop, your go to place when you needed some air, although this time, you were staring off into the distance with tears streaming down your face, “Y/N?” He said quietly as he walked next to you. You sniffled and held out your phone to him, “Make them stop, Jun. Please," He glanced at your phone, body filling with rage as he saw the messages from random people calling you not-so-nice names. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest as you cried. “I’ll make them stop, baby. I promise.”

    Choi Soobin

    (sister): When you came home with a bruised eye and scraped knees, Soobin knew the bullying was a lot worse than what you had initially told him, “Y/N, what happened?!” He practically screeched as you stepped inside. You refused to look up at him, feeling embarrassed, ashamed and scared. “I-I’m okay,” You stuttered and he clicked his tongue. You were his sister and he knew you like the back of his hand, “You’re not okay. Let me clean you up and then you’re telling me everything. I want names, Y/N," That was his ‘dad’ voice so, you knew you had no other choice. Soobin was going to go straight to the principal tomorrow, maybe even the kids parents. First, he needed to make sure you were okay.

    Choi Beomgyu

    (sister): Beomgyu was annoyed at first when your parents had told him to pick you up from school. He had argued that you were perfectly capable of walking yourself home, but they had told him he needed to regardless of his complaints. That’s what being a brother is, his dad had told him. However, now he was glad that he had to come pick you up. When he walked up to the school gates, he wasn’t expecting to see you surrounded by a group of girls who were pulling at your hair and clothes, yelling out taunts as you did your best to fend them off. When he barreled through the crowd of onlookers, he pulled you behind him, eyes raging at the girl in front of him, “You think this is fucking cool? You’re nothing but scum. Don’t you ever touch my sister again or I swear you won’t be able to touch anything ever again," He grabbed your wrist and pulled you along behind him. You smiled at his back, grateful that he had come to your rescue.

    Kang Taehyun

    (partner): When you came home from work with tears in your eyes and blisters on your heels, Taehyun was livid. You had told him earlier in the week that your new boss had been extremely demanding. Making you run and grab him coffee, sending you to run errands instead of him doing them himself. Going off on you when he deemed you were working to slow or not doing it to his standards. It was bullying because you were a female in a predominately male workspace and while you wouldn’t accept it, Taehyun was going to fix it, “Go shower and I’ll meet you in bed,” he said through gritted teeth, grabbing his jacket and slipping on his shoes, "I’m taking care of your problem. He’s never going to treat you like that again.”

    Huening Kai

    (sister): Hueningkai was fuming. Pacing back and forth in your bedroom as you quietly sniffled and played with the hem of your skirt. You had come home with some scratches on your arm, your hair pulled out of its braid and a bloody lip. You had no choice but to tell him what was going on now. You told him how the girl at school was jealous of you, that Hueningkai was your brother. That she had gotten angry when you told her that you were not going to introduce her to him. That she had been taunting you and messaging you repeatedly since then, never giving you a moment of peace, “Please, Kai,” you sighed out, “I just need my brother right now,” He stopped, looking at you with a frown before opening his arms to you. You immediately threw yourself into them and he rubbed your back, kissing the crown of your head. He made a silent promise that he was going to protect you better and he was going to fix this.

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    So you're telling me that Taehyun was grinning this hard while Beomgyu was messing around during the encore stage??? 🥺🥺💕

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  • taegyu-blue
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    :] ✌

    #we're getting a virtual concert in october!! i can imagine how much our boys have been wanting to perform concerts 🥺 #txt fluff#txt#txt taegyu#taegyu#txt taehyun#taehyun#beomgyu#txt beomgyu #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together
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    Beomgyu talking about love while looking at Taehyun...

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    16.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    The 🥺 eyes

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  • jueunnn
    16.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ nine. pilates and sucrose

    warnings ; profanity but what's new!

    a/n ; to everyone who's been feeling bad for soobin already: i'm sorry yikes

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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    Good morning :)

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  • jueunnn
    16.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 : ̗̀➛ eight. soobin and statistics📉

    warnings ; profanity but that’s about it, beomgyu starting to be a little true to himself :’D

    accept call | deny call

    "hey, pretty."

    "beomgyu." you said a little too excitedly. you quickly toned your voice down before continuing. "what's up? need anything?"

    "just wanted to see how my favorite person was doing. y’know, the usual daily routine." you could almost hear the smirk in his voice, and you loved it.

    "favorite? give me a break, i bet you say that to everyone." you retorted, silently praying he would insist on his words. and that he did.

    "i most definitely do not! i really had a lot of fun hanging out with you," he said, "i've missed it a lot. i've missed you a lot."

    you bit back a blush and flopped down onto your bed, legs kicking behind you like a lovesick middle schooler. "i've.. missed you a little bit too maybe."

    beomgyu chuckled softly into the phone, his voice sweet as honey but edged with a slight rasp. "you're just as cute as i remember, y/n. bet you're cheeks are bright pink right now, huh? you always got embarrassed so easily." he teased.

    "i'm not!" you protested, your cheeks very much bright pink, "i'm very calm and collected at all times, thank you very much."

    then a sudden memory sparked in your head, and you cursed yourself for not remembering before. "hey, by the way," you said suddenly, "how are your parents doing?"

    you raised your eyebrows in concern as you heard beomgyu choke in surprise and break into a series of hacking coughs. "can we, uh, not talk about them?" he said finally, his voice uncertain. "it's kind of a... sensitive topic. y'know. divorce is tough!"

    you hummed sympathetically as he hurried on. "so i was wondering," he continued, "do you wanna go out tomorrow after school?"

    "again? you've been taking me out pretty often lately, you sure your friends aren't pissed?" you said, for once daring to tease him. soobin had already booked your afternoon that day, though, so maybe you would be the one to decline beomgyu this time.

    he laughed. "they're both dicks, don't worry about their shitty feelings. and y/n?"


    "it's a date this time."

    fuck it, soobin and statistics could wait.

    𝘭𝘪𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘦 ; in which kim y/n is severely infatuated with notoriously flirty choi beomgyu, to her absolute rage. getting over a year long crush isn't going to be easy- but you bet your ass she's going to try. choi beomgyu himself, on the other hand, has very different plans. he's gonna try his very damn best to get the girl.
    𝘵𝘢𝘨𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 ; @atinyyylove @cha-raena @belovedgyus @pr0dbeomgyu @meiiiwa @chishiyas-backstory @hainaz @90s-belladonna @iuwon @00-baejin-05 @envy-brr @shinkailovebot @lokideadontheinside @loveliestfelix @vantaelic @247byun @milkycloudtyg @jiminaaaahhhh @msxflower @hwallswrld @urresidentdrugdealer @nshitae send me an ask or comment to be added!! (bold couldn’t be tagged)

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  • igyus
    16.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    PROJECT: GOLDEN BOY ( teaser )

    pairing: choi beomgyu x f!reader

    genre: meet ugly, college au, crack + fluff

    warnings: some suggestive themes + profanity

    wc: teaser - 1k, actual fic - 10k??

    synopsis: Choi Beomgyu is known for one thing and one thing only, and that is being the notorious player of BigHit University. The only problem is that his reputation isn’t true, and Beomgyu is fed up with it. Luckily on one fateful night, he meets you and comes up with a plan to flip the way everyone views him. But with all odds against Beomgyu, you aren’t sure if anyone can help the poor boy.

    notes: let’s hope i finish this soon

    also note that a lot could change once i finish the fic and revise everything. think of this as a rough draft?

    general taglist @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @yyxy27 @spookybias @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @girlsfortxt @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @beogyuu @sungsunnie @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742

    send ask to be added to taglist !! <3

    The dining hall was typically empty at night, sometimes there were occasional students getting snacks. When you entered, it was basically deserted except for two students eating cereal together and one standing by the dispenser. You walked up towards the counter, deciding to get yourself a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately your craving was crushed once you saw it spilling onto the floor from the broken dispenser. A tall boy with long brown hair stood in front of it, muttering curses under his breath.

    “What did you do?” You sighed, exasperated. The drowsiness was slowly getting to you and all you wanted was a bowl of cereal before going back to sleep. The boy whipped around in surprise and you recognized his face instantly. Choi Beomgyu.

    “I— I don’t know, it just broke.” He stuttered, shrinking under your venomous gaze.

    “Yeah, and I'm a runway model.” You scoffed before rolling your eyes. Beomgyu got the memo that you didn’t believe him one bit. You put down your bowl, about to get a bagel instead before Beomgyu stopped you.

    “Wait.” He mumbled, pouring half of his cereal into your bowl. Since his had accumulated a large amount due to the broken dispenser, he decided to give some cereal to you. It was a nice gesture, and the smile he gave you afterwards made you feel warm inside.

    “Thanks.” You said softly, grabbing a plastic utensil before taking your bowl to one of the round tables. You began to eat your froot loops in silence, not noticing Beomgyu sitting in the chair across from you. The action was odd and you looked up at him with a curious gaze.

    “Can I help you?” The question came out rather snappy, but you didn’t intend to be rude. You were just exhausted. Beomgyu looked at you warily, absentmindedly swirling his spoon around the bowl.

    “Uhm— I just wanted to clarify that what you saw earlier was a joke. I don’t actually need all of those condoms.” Beomgyu explained sheepishly, the tips of his ears turning a shade of red. You snickered, watching as the boy’s embarrassment only grew at your amusement.

    “I don’t really care.” You mumbled before taking a bite of your cereal. Beomgyu sighed, not even touching his.

    “My friend dared me to take all the free condoms from health services. I’ve never even slept with anyone before so I don’t know what I’m gonna do with all of them.” Beomgyu continued despite your words. You froze at what he said, letting your spoon drop back into the bowl.

    “You’ve never slept with anyone?” You asked, shock evident on your face. Beomgyu squirmed uncomfortably in his seat before nodding.

    “But isn’t that what you’re basically known for? Using girls like tissues?” You asked, making the boy wince at your analogy. He was supposed to be the notorious player of your school and a douchebag to everyone he came in contact with. But the boy who simply shyed under your gaze did not fit that description at all.

    “I’m a— virgin.” Beomgyu said so lowly that you almost didn’t hear him.

    “A virgin?” You gasped, gaining the attention of the two other students in the cafeteria. Beomgyu sent you a harsh glare at the sudden outburst.

    “Yes, do you want me to spell it out for you?” He snapped, and you raised an eyebrow, the sass catching you off guard.

    “Yeah, yeah, I get it. I just thought you were some douchey player because that’s what everyone says.” You shrugged, finishing off your bowl of cereal. Beomgyu still hadn’t touched his, and the colorful loops floated around in the milk, turning the white liquid into a rainbow hue.

    “It’s just a rumor and everyone ran with it.” Beomgyu replied, a frown on his face. It seemed like that rumor troubled him.

    “How did your reputation come to be?” You asked, curious as to how Beomgyu received the ‘player’ label. Beomgyu sighed, pushing his bowl to the side and resting his hands on the table.

    “There was this one girl obsessed with me in freshman year. We dated for a bit but that was before I found out how psychotic she was. Anyways, she was really upset after we broke up and made up a rumor that I cheated on her with all of her friends. And her psychotic friends made it seem like the rumor was true.” Beomgyu explained, his face showing nothing but annoyance. You actually felt— kind of bad for the guy.

    “That sucks.” You mumbled, giving him a sympathetic look.

    “Apparently people also assume that I sleep with girls from SM University too but, it’s fine I definitely don’t care.” Beomgyu uttered sarcastically, running his tongue over the inside of his cheek.

    “Why do people think you’re mean? Haven’t they tried talking to you?” You asked, your drowsiness disappearing as the conversation became more important than your sleep.

    “Because of my reputation, no one wants to talk to me. Except for the girls at parties who just want a quick fuck.” Beomgyu mumbled bitterly.

    “I’m just lucky to have my best friend, Yeonjun, but other than that it can be pretty lonely.” He added, avoiding your gaze. Beomgyu didn’t want any pity and that was obvious, but you felt really bad. It sucked to have a horrible label put on you that was hard to shake. Especially if he was expecting to have a good time at college.

    “What if we found a way to get rid of your reputation.” You spoke up, an idea coming to mind. Beomgyu perked up in his seat, finally looking up at you. It was then you got a good look at his face. Even in the dim lights of the cafeteria, Beomgyu was very handsome. Him being some loser virgin definitely threw you off since you assumed that he would use his good looks to his advantage.

    “How could we possibly do that?” Beomgyu asked, leaning closer to you from across the table. You thought for a moment before another idea popped into your head.

    “We’ll make a foolproof plan to turn you into the ultimate— golden boy? Yes, golden boy.” You spoke up, a smile coming to your face at the idea. Beomgyu looked at you weirdly, already having very little faith in the plan.

    “Don’t give me that look, you don’t even know the plan yet.” You groaned, stomping your feet under the table like a child. Beomgyu chuckled at the action, leaning back into his seat.

    “I’ll write this down later but I think tomorrow would be good since there’s going to be a party. If people see that you’re not there to sleep around, I'm sure that will begin to sway opinions.” You added and Beomgyu gave you a thoughtful look.

    “Alright, I’m in.”

    #txt imagines #txt x reader #txt x y/n #txt beomgyu#txt scenarios #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x you #choi beomgyu scenarios #choi beomgyu imagines #beomgyu imagines#choi beomgyu#beomgyu fluff
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  • sunshinelixie-lee
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago


    ○brother au ♡lover au ◇bestie au

    Tomorrow by Together 투모로우바이투게더

    Yeonjun 연준

    coming soon...

    Soobin 수빈

    coming soon...

    Beomgyu 범규

    coming soon...

    Taehyun 태현

    coming soon...

    Huening Kai 휴닝카이

    coming soon...

    Extras 추가

    ✿ works/series

    ♡ my besties who write tingz for me

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  • azure-arcanum
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The fate of a prisoner

    PART 2

    🦋 PAIRING: volleyball captain!Yeonjun x Student!reader
    🦋 GENRE: Royal!au, extraordinary you! like au, high!school au, storybook! au, drama!script au, slow burn, strangers-to-enemies-to-lovers, angst
    🦋 Word count : 1.34 k
    🦋 Warnings: Mentions of jail and death
    🦋 Synopsis : You travel inside a story book with your crush. Interesting right? But the thing is that your crush is the prince who don't seem to remember anything from real world. Worse is that you're not any princess but a prisoner who is about to get executed by the prince himself. That's the fate of the character you are going to be, can you change it for the sake to remain alive? How far are you willing to go?
    You came to your room after dinner and decided to finally read the script against all the protests going inside your head telling you not to do so. But oh whatever, you were curios and you had to read it anyways.
    You completed reading by early midnight and dozed off.

    You woke up with an uneasy feeling, your bed feels like hard ground and there's no fan in the ceiling when you squeezed yours eyes open.

    WHAT THE HELL? Where am I? You shot up and sat trying to observe your surroundings and yourself, you were wearing some old dusty cloth but what seems to be more shocking were the bars, more like bars of a jail standing stiff and tall in front of your eyes.

    What kind of a dream feels so real?

    You decided to get up and inquire about your situation. You went near the bars and tried to search for someone. A guard was standing right next to your locked cell's gate.

    "Excuse me, may I know what place is this and what am I doing here?" You asked with utter eagerness.

    Weird enough, instead of answering your question, the guard went the other way. "Hey! HEY! COME BACK! I WANT ANSWERS!" You screamed at the top of your lungs but in vain.

    While he was gone leaving you frustrated, you tried to calm yourself down and scanned through the portion of the area visible in front of you, the area seems large and there were no signs of any human other than you.

    Is it some sort of a horror movie set up? Why are you alone here? You felt shivering so you rubbed your forearms. Soon you heard heels clicking against the ground and some guards following the said person in heels. Yes! Finally someone was coming to your rescue or so you thought.

    You let out a sigh of relief when you finally got to see the face of the person, it was Yeji. At this moment you didn't bother to think what she was doing in such glamorous long gown looking like a royal, you only cared about getting out of here as soon as possible.

    She came face to face and before you could open your mouth she started speaking. "Oh so now you are pretending to forget everything to play innocent and get out of here?" Huh? Her words threw you in a spiral of confusion. She continued, "We already gave you enough chances to realize your mistakes before we took any serious action so that the reputation of the duke stays afloat but looks like your obsession for my brother went too far leading to your own destruction. Now pay for your sins and wait till you get executed."

    She turned her back and started walking away. You were almost in tears not able to process whatever she said right now.

    "WAIT! B-brother? Which brother of yours have I fallen in love with? I thought you were a single child Yeji." Yeji was already not ready to listen to you but she stopped in her tracks and came back in front of you again.

    "What did you say?" She asked with a face which looked like as if you said something forbidden.

    "Wh-what? I thought you were a single child."

    "No, not that. My name, what did you call me just now?"

    You blinked in confusion. "Y-yeji?"

    She frowned and the guard next to her commanded, "Pay respects to her highness, duchess Seo."

    "Pfft- highness? Duchess?" You looked at everyone with confusion spread on your face.

    "That's enough let's go." Yeji stormed away furiously.

    You blinked at the ground looking here and there, just then it clicked you, am I inside the story of the script or something?

    You gasped, no matter how much you try to think of other theories, only this one proves to be unbelievably believing. You scoff. Why why why? You've read so many webtoons and stories about such plots but everywhere they either start from the first or middle of the story. But you? It's already nearing the end. Shouldn't you too get a chance to change your fate as a villainess to a better person not minding other's business? And what happens next, after execution will you wake up in real world or die for real? Then are Yeonjun and others are here as well? Do they not remember who they are just like Yeji?

    So many questions and no answers was already driving you insane.

    You sit back down and started sobbing. God, why? You started to complain while looking at the ceiling. The next moment you wipe away your tears and thought crying won't help you so you should do something before its too late. You looked around. A spoon lying on the ground. Will it be enough to dig a tunnel? How long will it take? You started to laugh out loud at your own stupid idea and again the next moment you started to cry out loud realizing there's no way out.

    The guard standing outside really thought you've gone insane.

    "Mr. Guard may I know today's date?" you managed to ask after many attempts of calming down. "16 September 1721" the reply came.

    Woah I can't believe I time travelled 2 centuries back, is it what you call though? But this isn't real past right? Uff! You scratched your head in frustration making your hair a mess.

    You finally gave up and lied flat on your back on the ground staring blankly in the air. Is this what it feels like when people are hopeless about life?

    You heard a plate slid to you. "Here! Eat!" A guard came to deliver the dinner but you had no appetite, at least not anymore after the smell of the stale food made its way through your nostrils.

    Of course it's a jail! What can I even expect? You closed your eyes and did not realize you fell asleep.

    "Brother I thought only my family knows about my birthname, how did duchess Y/N know about it? Did you tell her?" Yeonjun shot his head up from the papers and frowned. "What? What are you talking about?"

    "Yeah she called me by that name, moreover she seems to have forgotten about you, she went like 'brother? what brother?' What do you think, is she acting? But then again how did she know my name? Or wait! What if she's a spy trying to destroy us, her intentions sure were ugly!"

    "Looks like it though, I think we should keep a close eye on her and--" Yeonjun got cut off as a guard barged in. "Apologies your highness, since two days Duchess Seo hasn't eaten anything and upon checking we found out that she's having exceptionally high fever."

    "What are you waiting for? Go and call the royal physician." Yeonjun ordered and went back to his desk. He rubbed his temple with index finger and thumb. "Now what is she up to? Is she trying to gain my attention while falling sick? So childish ugh." "Don't worry brother, she'll just be fine, evil people don't die fast and once she recovers, we should strictly interrogate her." Yeonjun agreed in admittance.

    You tried to open your heavy eyes and you heard a loud voice of a male. "What do you mean by that? She literally is on her death bed, that child is having such a high fever due to a disease we don't know a cure to! Your negligence today will result in her death anytime"

    Seems like someone was scolding, you tried your best to look at the person and saw him wearing doctor's attire. Ah! This must be a hospital then. Did they talk about death, was it about me dying? A tear escaped your eyes when you felt a hint of peace, a sign that you were actually dying.

    You started hearing screams slowly losing their volumes. "Doctor! Doctor! Her heart beat is fading" "Quickly pass me the syringe" "Oh God no she's dying" ...

    You finally closed your eyes.

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    #yeonjun volleyball captain #yeonjun angst#yeonjun fluff #yeonjun story book au #yeonjun royal au #yeonjun x you #the fate of a prisoner #txt x reader #yeonjun x y/n #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun au
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  • ib9gyu
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    ✿: closer / c.bg

    warnings: angst , sad ending !!

    better if read while listening to: in my little mind - hodge


    "i love you" beomgyu shouted in the streets late at night, for all the world to hear. you laughed and punched his arm, wishing this moment could last forever.

    "to everybody who can hear, i love beomgyu more" now it was your turn to shout, your echo filling the small park. beomgyu turned around and cupped your cheeks, giving you a quick peck and resting his forehead against yours.

    "please dont leave me, ever. you're all I have" you let out a small chuckle reassuring him that could never happen, unaware he would break the promise one day.


    "you were all I had beomgyu" your voice cracked as you spoke into the phone. his phone number on the line, you knew he would never receive it, yet a part of you had hope he would call and tell you it would be okay.

    "why'd you leave me, you promised me" tears filled the plush you were hugging, your words went in vain as you were trying to send a voicemail to a boy who now doesn't exist, a boy who was buried in a graveyard. a boy who gave you his word yet broke it with no hesitation. you hated him, no, you wanted to hate him.

    "i wish we could go back to the nights we spent together, remember that gyu" a sad chuckle escaped you, the empty response on the opposite line making it hard to talk.

    "remember when we went to that park by our apartment, and we yelled at the top of our lungs. i miss those moments so god damn much" the memories stinging back into the front of your brain, burning on the way there. you slowly walked over to his room that you still hadn't packed up, the smell filling your lungs, it screamed beomgyu, it was a smell you wanted to last forever and ever.

    "i know somewhere deep inside, you wanted to stay, you wanted to keep breathing, but i know that you had given your all so there was nothing left to give, you did well my love, you did well" and with that, the line went blank, your sobs heard around the house. it would get better you tried reminding yourself, like he always did.


    a/n: i hate myself, this is making me cry and the music GOD PLEASE. i absolutely hate angst but why is it my forte 🤨🤨 i pulled a txt and said "crying crying crying" ❌❌❌

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