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    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


    summary. txt's reaction to being called embarassing nicknames by their s/os in front of the members.

    genre. fluff, crack

    warnings/notes. cringey nicknames, playful teasing.

    wc. 0.6k

    pairing. idol!txt x nonidol!gn reader.


    you and yeonjun were sat comfortably on the couch, watching a movie along with the rest of his members. your boyfriend had his arms wrapped protectively around your waist and had his head placed on your chest. to you that didn't seem like the most comfortable position, but yeonjun seemed to love it. "puppy, are you sure you're comfortable?" you spoke, a little too loudly, before realising what you had said. yeonjun looked at you with wide eyes, a smile threatening to spread across his face. soon, yeonjun went bright red as you heard the members snickering blatantly at the nickname. "puppy? i'd have thought yeonjun hyung was dom-" beomgyu spoke, but was interrupted by the pillow hurtling towards his face. "i like puppy," yeonjun whispered in your ear once everyone had stopped teasing the two of you.

    rest below the cut !


    calling soobin "bunny," wasn't an uncommon thing in your relationship; soobin loved when you called him that and was completely used to it. but using it in front of other's was always a red zone— seeing as it could be perceived as quite a sexual name, as well. so, when you called him bunny around his members when asking him to pass you your phone, he went completely stiff. "soobin?" you asked, confused why his ears had started to turn red. turning to your right, you saw yeonjun choking back belts of laughter. raising your eyebrow, you slowly realised you'd called him bunny. seeing soobin covering his face as the younger members jeered and called him bunny as well.


    it had started as a joke once beomgyu had begun to grow his hair out. along with his hair, he had grown a certain amount of sass, leading you to call him princess whenever he'd flip his hair. however, 'princess,' became a common nickname for you two, and neither of you realised or said anything about it. "princess, here," you said, giving beomgyu a bottle of water once he finished their dance routine. unphased, he thanked you for the water, finishing most of it. "princess?" yeonjun spoke up. "huh?" beomgyu asked, looking towards him. "(y/n) calls you princess?" soobin continued. "oh, yeah," he shrugged. the boys were slightly confused, you could say.


    taehyun listened to you complain about your classmate, passing comments about she was way out of line, etc. "angel, you need to understand the intensity!" you groaned. hearing a splutter from your right, you turned your head, confused. "what?" "you call him angel?" kai asked you, chuckling as he chewed his food. going silent, you blushed slightly when you realised you'd called taehyun angel. feeling an arm wrap around you, you turned your head to your boyfriend. "call me that more often," taehyun nuzzled into your neck.


    "hi bambi," you greeted, leaning into kai's wide embrace, as he let you inside the front door. "i missed you," he whined against the top of your head, waddling to the couch with you still in his arms. "he really does look like bambi," taehyun commented as kai plopped down on the couch with you, yelping as he heard taehyun. "why are you here?" kai blushed. "do you think i'd miss finding out what (y/n)'s nickname for you is?" taehyun chuckled. groaning, kai begged him not to tell the rest, even offering to do his laundry. "deal!" taehyun said, leaving the living room. "do you not like bambi?" you asked, pouting. "no! of course i do," kai assured you, "i just don't want anyone else to call me that." kai placed a peck on your cheek before taking you back into his arms, squeezing you with all his might.

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    18.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Goodnight :)

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    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    They have such pretty eyes 💕

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  • s-uwu-binie
    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hold me tight ✦

    ➻ choi beomgyu x reader (gender neutral)

    ➻ fluff

    ➻ requested by anon ❣️

    ⤷ a much needed cuddle time with bf!beomgyu

    harmonies from the strings of the guitar filled the room. beomgyu sat beside you while you placed your head on his shoulder. his fingers softly picked at the chords, which only lulled you closer to the verge of sleep. beomgyu noticed this, so he began putting the guitar away to let you sleep in peace, making you falter a bit in your position on his shoulder. 

    “where are you going?” you asked in your sleepy state. 

    “let me just put this away. i’ll be back in a second,” beomgyu started to stand up again but was held back by a soft pull on the hem of his shirt. “please don’t leave me.” you dragged out your words. 

    beomgyu’s heart clenched in affection as he looked at your hooded eyes. he sighed and settled to put the guitar on the other side of the couch. then he turned back at your form. you lied on the couch without much care about your surroundings, eyes closed. beomgyu bent down in front of you very quietly, careful not to disturb your peaceful bubble. 

    “bub, let’s move to the bed.” beomgyu slightly nudged you. “you’ll be more comfortable there.”  

    “no, don’t wanna move.” you turned on your side, facing him. “i’m already comfy here.” 

    beomgyu chuckled again at your blurred words. he raised himself on the little bit of room left on the couch in an attempt to cuddle you. once satisfied with his position, he pulls you into his arms. “better?” he asked. “much,” you buried yourself deeper into his broad chest as you felt the sense of sleep overcome you. beomgyu watched over you as you slept, hands tracing patterns on your back at a comforting pace. “sleep well, angel.”

    all rights reserved © s-uwu-binie

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  • taegyu-blue
    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The fact that he barely looked away from Taehyun for the whole of the 26 seconds...dang I wish someone looked at me like that

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  • taegyu-blue
    18.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    🐿: for the photocard, it's me

    🐻🐧: ohhh!!

    🐻: it came out really well! wow let's not show them

    🐿: *laughs*

    🐻: no but I think it came out so well?? I wanna keep it forever! [MOA] go see it yourselves~

    #translation may be slighttttly off cuz i translated myself #video ctto#txt fluff#txt#txt taegyu#taegyu#txt taehyun#taehyun#beomgyu#txt beomgyu #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together
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    18.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    listens + talks a lot

    #haha its funny tho bc they both talk a lot #txt fluff#txt #tomorrow x together #txt beomgyu#taehyun#txt taehyun#taegyu#beomgyu#txt taegyu #tomorrow by together
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  • taegyu-blue
    18.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    🐿: i'm the most cool-headed member of the team

    ⚡️🖋: *shocks him*

    🐿: oh. what was that???

    👥: cool-headed.. he really is cool-headed... that's incredible

    ⚡️🖋: *shocks 🐻*

    🐻: AAAAAHHH!&!!;$(!:&>}£|>#¥%

    👥: there see that's a normal reaction!

    #the fact he huddled into taehyun when the pen shocked him...pls he's so babie #txt fluff#txt#txt taegyu#taegyu#txt taehyun#taehyun#beomgyu#txt beomgyu #tomorrow x together #tomorrow by together
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  • twentycentimeter
    18.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ゚★ “Only me.”

    Pairings: positions!beomgyu x reader

    Note: i just had this thought all of a sudden… this one took place before the positions beomgyu fic, they’re still friends here lol. *not proofread

    He doesn’t know he could be like this. This is new to him. There is an uncomfortable feeling inside of him, and he cannot fathom what it is. “Where is this coming from?”, he hissed, moving his head back as he groaned quietly.

    Meanwhile, you’re at the opposite end of the office but your laugh can be heard clearly from where he was. It’s your laugh, he is so sure about it. You’re currently on your break. Beomgyu saw you walk out of the office with the new guy - he was your intern which is why you’ve been hanging out with him more often than him. But he cannot help but feel like it is too much. Those things are unnecessary, you having lunch with that guy is unnecessary, and you laughing like that with his jokes that’s not even that funny is so unnecessary - to him.

    He’s not mad at you, he is mad of the situation he was in. It was his place, that should be him being with you all the time, that should be him beside you, that should be him being showered with your attention. He is so frustrated, it’s almost embarrassing. He doesn’t know that seeing you like that with other man can get him so worked up. He is not even your boyfriend.

    “Oh god, this is so ridiculous.” you huffed as the both of you sitting outside the convenience store. The coffee went cold and he’s been silent since the both of you went outside of your office.

    You know this behavior, you know where is this feisty attitude is coming from but you want him to say it out loud. You want him to admit it, you want to see his flustered face as he say those words.

    You waited for him to say something, still no respond. You’re getting impatient, he really is something.

    “Hey, I have to cancel our movie night tommorow.”

    Now he’s glaring at you. “What? Why?” he was practically whining at this point, his eyes turning into this pleading expression. He looks so freaking cute and endearing, it’s disgusting but you decided not to let this go easily.

    “I’m coming over at Liam’s”

    “Liam? Your intern?”

    “Yes, what about it?” your eyebrow arching at him, you cannot help the small smirk showing on your lips.

    “I- Why? I mean-“ he sighed, thinking of the smartest remark to make you change your mind but his emotions are mixing up and it’s getting out of hand. He wants to throw a tantrum right then and there.

    He shoot you a glare once again. “Then go, I couldn’t care less.” he scoffed before turning his attention to anything but you.

    This is so entertaining to watch. Usually, it was him making fun of you and your jealous ass because he is a natural charmer that it seems like every person he interacts with couldn’t help but to fall for his angelic face and sweet personality. You cannot help but let out the laughter you’ve been holding in, holding your cheeks as it was hurting already.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “You’re ridiculous, Gyu.” he rolled his eyes before crossing his arms against his chest.

    “You know I’m fucking with you, right?” your laugh died down when you see his expression. He literally believed you. God, the pout on his lips is so adorable. You wonder if he was a literal child trapped in a man’s body by how he was acting right now. Where does this brat Beomgyu came from?

    “Gyu?” you tried to get his attention but it seems like he was so caught up with his thoughts.

    “Ok, fuck. I’m jealous! Happy?” you didn’t expect he would literally say it, word by word. Just like how you want it.

    “I’m so jealous because you’ve been having so much time with each other! I hate that you eat lunch with him instead of me, i hate that he makes you laugh with his lame jokes, i hate that he wants to be close to you, and i hate that you’re being so friendly with him!”

    “What’s wrong with that?”

    “It’s because we’re friends, and I don’t want you guys do the things we do. Don’t be friends with him, Y/N.” his voice went a little bit quiet. This is it, this where all these emotions came from. He is scared, and jealous, and threatened - that you will the same friendship with thst new guy. He doesn’t want to pressure you even though he really does want to date you so bad. Everything is up to you - no rush, no pressure. But he also wants some reassurance that what you have is something special to you too.

    You giggled before moving to sit beside him. He’s still sulking but you don’t care - laying your head on his shoulder before muttering. “He’s not even my friend, gyu. He’s an acquaintance, you’re my only friend. I thought you know that.” he smiled. The cheeky one and you couldn’t help but mirror it.

    “Promise?” he turned to look at you in the eyes. His eyes looks like he was about to cry, but you guess it’s just the cold weather.

    “Yes, promise.” you answered before snuggling closer to him. His head leaning against yours as he engulfed you in a tight hug.

    “Y/N…” you hummed.

    “Don’t hang out with him, please?”

    “You know I won’t. I’m just joking, I don’t even let people enter my house. Only you.” he chuckled under his breathe.

    “Only me.”

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    18.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Good morning 💕

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  • luv-hye
    18.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    to catch a falling star | teaser

    ➥ pairing | choi yeonjun x fem!reader

    ➥ genre | stardust au, royalty au, bickering strangers to lovers, fluff, angst, suggestive and occasional smut

    ➥ summary | when choi yeonjun decides to retrieve a fallen star for his father, he never expects the star to be human, or for the star to be ridiculously beautiful.

    ➥ release | TBA

    ➥ teaser word count | 309

    ➥ note | no idea when i'll finish the first part but hopefully i'll be able to post it next week, hope y'all look forward to it!!!

    "Slow down—"

    Beomgyu yelled before he lost his footing and fell butt first onto the muddy forest floor.

    He could only clamp his eyes shut and pray that the maids would be able to get the dirt out of his new velvet trousers. If Yeonjun didn't drag him out of the palace at midnight, his trousers would still be spotless and most likely smelling of lavender.

    This was definitely not a good idea. He should talk him out of it, maybe it wasn't too late to change his mind. What the hell was he talking about? There was no stopping Yeonjun and that stubborn head of his.

    Hearing the sound of rustling, Beomgyu opened his eyes only to see Yeonjun standing over him. "Do you want me to carry you on my back?" he asked in his usual deadpan tone. The younger could only sigh and shake his head.

    "No? then come on."

    He helped him up and pulled out a small linen cloth from his coat. To Beomgyu's dismay, he started wiping his face. "Had mud on your face. We should keep looking, Taehyun said that we'd land somewhere near the star," Yeonjun folded the cloth and put it back into his pocket.

    "Are you sure the star is close? I mean we're practically in the middle of nowhere."

    "Taehyun's never been wrong before, and I'm sure he won't start now."

    "Always the optimist."

    "Ah, always the pessimist," He chuckled.

    Beomgyu couldn't help but laugh himself. Yeonjun was right, maybe he was looking at things the wrong way— Suddenly, they stopped. There was a large crater in front of them, most likely where trees used to be. From the depths of the crater, there was an ethereal light. A faint hum filled the air. The soft vibrations around them raised the hairs on Beomgyu's neck.

    Something was wrong.

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  • markley
    18.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    siren choi soobin

    he was absolutely breathtaking.

    the boy couldn’t have been much older than you, but his eyes, half-way hidden behind a large rock, glistened with the knowledge of a hundred lives.

    his hair was as blue as the sea he float in, bright hue covering his pitch black eyes; eyes that bore into your figure, curious.

    and his voice- oh his voice. it was a simple melody, but beautiful nonetheless. he spoke quietly but surely, a whisper into the salty air. you didn’t understand a word that left his soft lips, but his song welcomed you closer still.

    without a single inhibition holding you back, you walked into the water, cloth sticking to your skin. he did not break eye contact once, nor did he quiet his song. his beautiful, beautiful song. his calm melody and kind eyes drew you closer and closer until he grasped your hand.

    you were in front of the boy now, and his song did not yet fade. his were are soft but they glistened with sharp scales, and he was smiling as he sang, and every tooth making up the grin was sharp. yet, you found nothing wrong with the angelic boy.

    even as he led you deeper into the sea— the endless, dark sea— you did not even consider breaking away from him. even as you were submerged, and water filled your lungs, you did not shake him away, for his eyes had grown hungry and his song had grown loud, and who were you to deny the beautiful siren his meal?

    #tomorrow x together #txt fluff#txt angst#txt blurb#choi soobin #soobin x reader #txt x reader
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    17.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    i think i’m fluent in english now because of this app

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  • ssagggitta
    17.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    i want this moment tattooed on my brain

    #tomorrow x together #txt #txt huening kai #txt taehyun#txt soobin#txt yeonjun#txt beomgyu#txt fluff#txt post#txt icons #txt soft edits
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  • gorgugplushie
    17.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    HATE writing fluff fics i have to get up from my computer every 3 secs bc i cant handle it.

    #its too cute and sweet im going to eat my laptop #and also i suck at writing fluff #GAH. guys. cant stop thinking abt fig purring bye #gorgug txt.
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  • http-seung
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    —# skinship with stray kids

    fluff ; 1081, just soft skinship with stray kids <3

    ˗ˏˋ chan loves having his hand around your waist. he always shields your smaller frame behind him when you're on a crowded train. chan kisses the top of your head to calm you down, and it works when you're elated or downcast. you find yourself often tangling your fingers with him to balance yourself when you're fixing your shoes and socks. he slowly creeps up behind you when you're cooking for him, pecking your shoulders and giggling when you jolt at the sudden being behind you. you often comb your fingers through his hair after a long day of work as he nuzzles his face into your chest.

    ˗ˏˋ minho takes baths with you, having you relax against his chest in the warm water of the tub. he has his arm rested on your shoulder when you two watch a movie. he could listen to your angelic giggles for hours on end when he pouts his lips to get you to kiss him. on that note, he never forgets his goodbye kisses, 'i'm home' kisses, goodnight kisses and good morning kisses. he tries his hardest not to peck your cheeks when they're filled with the delicious ramen. he holds your hand tight when it's raining so you don't fall into a puddle. he's sure he can never hold back his smile when you jump up and down after getting a good grade on a test or finally finishing that assignment you've been dreading to do.

    ˗ˏˋ changbin stays up with you until late nights as you two are on your way to finish the snacks-filled shelves in the kitchen. he has you in his lap or between his legs when you two play video games together, doing weird dances when your team wins. changbin likes it when you cuddle against his back early in the morning as an excuse to hide behind him from the sunlight shining through the curtains. he presses his nose against yours, smiling before pecking you at the same spot. changbin brushes his fingers through your hair when you're lying on his chest, listening to his calm heart thumping against his ribs. he swings your arms back and forth when you're on a date at the park, squeezing your hand tighter when you're crossing roads.

    ˗ˏˋ hyunjin laughs at the stupidest jokes you make. you two brush each other's hair, decorating it with slightly withered flowers you picked from the garden hours ago. he holds your arms tighter when you're walking on the pavement, and when there's a streetlight or a fire hydrant ahead, he'll pull your onto his side, instead of letting go of your hand. hyunjin laughs and lets you feel tall for once, holding you up by the waist so you can reach for something he easily could without even tip-toeing. he's often sprawled across the couch, noodle arms and legs wrapping around your form like a bear hug. gives you a piggyback ride on the way home even if his legs hurt, sometimes even going as far as getting you some ice cream; tickling your thighs when you tease him without giving a taste of the choco-chip flavour.

    ˗ˏˋ jisung 's smile gets deeper when you poke his cheeks. he pulls your head onto his shoulder when you fall asleep on the train so you don't get a cramp. he tugs at your shirt when you don't pay attention to him for a while. jisung holds your pinky or makes you hold the end of his sleeves when you're in a crowded area so he doesn't lose you. falls asleep only if he's spooning you or if he feels your hand around his waist. he can't stop laughing when you're laying on top of him like a human blanket, his vibrating chest reverberating against yours. jisung can't help but giggle during the kiss when you accidentally brush your fingers against the sensitive spot on his neck.

    ˗ˏˋ felix massages your shoulders and neck and you're whining at him about how good it feels. you give him a kiss on his jaw before giving one on his lips. he nudges you with his hips to try to get your attention when the two of you are cooking together. felix stroked the back of your cold hands with his warmer ones to keep you warm too; and sometimes does this by holding your hands and shoving them in the pockets of his coat, having you waddle behind him almost like a back hug. felix gets excited pretty easily and at the smallest of things, and when he does, he's tugging your hands to show you what fascinates him so much. felix never forgets kissing the tip of your cold nose when you two are making snowmen late in the evening.

    ˗ˏˋ seungmin keeps it subtle. not at home though— once the two of you step past your apartment door, he's smothering you in kisses and giggly cuddles. he dries your hair for you after a shower, which often ends up in him also brushing it until it's free of tangles and knots. you can see the light in his eyes glowing brighter when he leans in to push a strand of hair behind your ear, because you can't do it yourself due to being so immersed in the book you're reading. you're the more jumpy one in the relationship, which also equates to you constantly tripping over and hurting yourself over things; but seungmin's always there for you, looking after you when you're sick or hurt. he'd do anything to remove that pout on your face, kissing it until you're smiling.

    ˗ˏˋ jeongin often has tickle fights with you (i think we can all tell you wins). he puts on accessories on you by himself, no matter if it's something as simple as a wristwatch or it's the silver necklace with a pink diamond engraved into it. jeongin doesn't think he's going to ever forget how you taste like mint and vanilla on his lips after a sweet kiss. jeongin is babied by most around him, so it only comes naturally for him to do it with you; checking your temperature when you tell him you feel unwell, or tying your shoelaces for you when you don't think you can bend down after all the running and chasing you two just did. he's often kabedon-ing you, giggling at the flustered look on your face before pecking your temples and pulling away.

    a/n: thank you for 1k followers!! here's a gift hehe <3

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  • duskyskz
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Send me a fake fic title and I'll write a drabble inspired by it!

    I write smut, angst, fluff and fantasy


    #stray kids smut #stray kids#txt fluff#nct 127 #stray kids imagines #nct imagine #nct 127 fluff #txt#hueningkai#yeonjun
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Night night!

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  • fischlyn
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    AMBER AND JEAN ; cuddling headcanons
    warnings : cursing (jeans part)
    includes : amber + jean pegg | fluff | sfw | x reader
    note : first writing piece, hooray!! i love them sm <3 requests are open atm!! ( june 13 2021 )
    i get the feeling that amber is super cuddly! i image her laying her head on the crook of your neck with your arms interlocking while talking, if thats an easy visual to imagine!
    also i think she’d be rly rly eager to cuddle w you!! amber simply loves your cuddle time ^ __ ^
    she’s a on the hot/warm side due to her pyro vision, but it doesn’t bother you that much, i would think :0
    in summary, 11/10 would cuddle with amber again
    fucking hell yes!!! jean would be so nice to cuddle with, her cuddles & hugs are literally prefection
    in my opinion, her cuddles with look something like this — jean sitting down with you on her lap while she occasionally plays with your hair!
    i think jean would think shed prefer to be the big spoon, however if you want to or she just wants to be the small spoon sometimes,o think that it would work as the other way around too! n __ n
    knight gf, shes absolutely wonderful <33
    #🔮.txt #🔮.writing #genshin#genshin imagines #genshin impact imagines #genshin amber#genshin jean#amber#jean#jean gunnhildr #jean x reader #amber x reader #amber fluff#jean fluff #jean gunnhildr x reader #fluff#genshin fluff
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  • taegyu-blue
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Before I forget! This blog hit 1000+ posts today :) Thank you everyone for being here as this blog has grown and will continue to grow :) It's been such a joy running this blog, and I promise to carry on spreading love to all who need it 💕

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