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    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • skiiyoomin
    25.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    finally my first post for TXT, i was really excited to start the masterlist for them 😋

    warnings: fluff fluff and more fluff

    main masterlist

    Yeonjun as your boyfriend

    yeonjun as your boyfriend?? ohohoho you better watch out

    he took advantage of his flirty behavior to swoon you

    until he finally had the guts to confess

    he made sure to make your first date the most memorable date you've ever been to

    Yeonjun is a pretty classy guy and leans more towards fancy dates

    although fancy restaurant dates are typical, none of you thought of it that way

    not to mention, Yeonjun would take any chance he could to see you dressed up ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

    but he also loves indoor dates just as much

    he thinks it has a nice and comfortable atmosphere

    and it gives you both the perfect chance to get to know each other better and better

    he has a competitive nature that leads him to wanting to be the best boyfriend ever

    does anything and everything you could possibly think of

    from surprise visits to random gifts

    he will do whatever he possibly can to see the smile he loves so much

    despite his busy schedule, it's always endearing how he makes time for you, wanting to spend quality time

    you know how he flirted a lot before dating?

    yeah well now he's like a 100x more flirty

    this little tease takes any chance he can to make you flustered af

    not just that

    he's all in for the dad jokes and cringy pick up lines

    although you always get a good laugh out of them

    if you visit him during work, you bet he's on his knees proposing

    he loves your surprise visits, and it makes him so gleeful seeing you interested in his work

    as flirty or confident as he may be, he also has his shy boy moments that make your heart burst every single time 😭

    he feels so shy whenever you ask him to rap or sing for you but he does it anyway 🥺

    especially if you praise him afterwards god damnit imma burst

    he LIVES for PDA

    like he always needs to be touching you in some way

    whether it's by holding your hand or hugging and kissing you

    he doesn't give af where he's at, he wants to show his love for you 😤

    and just as clingy as he is in public, at home, he's twice as much

    whenever he comes home after a long day at practice, all he looks forward to is your warm embrace and soft kisses

    if you're shorter than him... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    he will never stfu about it like omfg 😵

    you can't reach something? this bitchass won't do shit about it 🤡

    most of the times you have to do something for him, like giving him a kiss

    pls reassure him as much as you can 🥺

    as cocky as he may seem, he always feels so warm and cared for when you praise him and shower him in affection

    and it never fails to make him genuinely smile with a soft blush on his cheeks sobs

    he has this habit of holding your cheek and pressing butterfly kisses all over your face

    the last place being your lips

    he hates arguing or fighting in general, due to this he avoids causing any fights

    he doesn't want you angry at him or with a frown on your face :(

    and if you do argue, most of the times it's over petty things caused by exhaustion

    he just wants you to be happy with him and enjoying yourself

    have you seen those lips???

    literally the softest lips you could possibly kiss

    he loves when you sit on his lap and nuzzle your face in his neck

    and he'd cup your cheeks and softly press a kiss to your lips with a little smile 🥺🥺


    he loves pressing his forehead against yours and stare into your eyes with so much love like shqjdjw 🥺🥺

    someone give him the best boyfriend award istg

    Yeonjun is the best boyfriend you could possibly ask for 😭😭

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  • enluv
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    seeing their s/o in another groups merch

    — ot5 txt x gn!reader

    genre: fluff! no warnings whatsoever, just pouty txt!

    ◖ yeonjun!

    He would be so offended, but in a totally joking way. He really doesn't care because let's be honest he probably likes the group too but he will definitely tease you. "Wowwww my s/o likes another group more than mine? Wowwwww y/n wow," and you're just like okay whatever dramatic ass. He'll laugh about it though because like I said he's only joking around!

    ◖ soobin!

    I think that he'd acknowledge it but not really care too much. You're free to wear what you want, he's not going to tell you to not wear something. I do however think the other boys would tease him so bad though. They'd find the situation really funny, especially since he's leader. I can already hear Beomgyu or Yeonjun being like "Soobin look at y/n, oooh they like that group more. How do you feel?" while shoving a pretend mic in his face. Now that probably annoys him but you wearing another groups merch...not so much!

    ◖ beomgyu!

    Sigh. This man will whine until you change into TXT merch. Sorry, I don't make the rules here. He will be so hurt, like why would you do this to him? Why must his s/o like other groups! He's joking...kinda. Will toss you some of their merch though and be like, "Next time you should wear this." Then he'll walk away with a little smirk, you know the one.

    ◖ taehyun!

    He literally does not care. Wear what you want baby, he couldn't careless. You wanna wear a potato sack? Go ahead! A garbage bag? Go ahead! He doesn't care. Yeah he'll notice it, but to be honest he just doesn't care. You're your own person and he's fine with whatever you decide to wear. Will the other boys make a big deal? Most likely (looking at you beomjun) but he'll just tell them to shut up.

    ◖ hueningkai!

    I'm a bit mixed on how kai would react. On one hand, he would probably be a bit happy about it, especially if it's a group that he knows and is close with. He'd even go as far as asking said group if he could have some merch to gift you. On the other hand I could see him become a bit pouty about it, not because he's jealous or upset but because he wants you to show off TXT too!

    coco's final note: this was inspired by a hq reactions one I read a while back but I don't remember who wrote it :(

    #txt fluff#txt reactions#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt headcanons #txt x reader #txt ot5#choi soobin#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#hueningkai#choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun imagines #soobin imagines#beomgyu imagines#taehyun imagines#hueningkai imagines #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together scenarios #tomorrow x together crack #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together
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  • mallo-person
    25.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Am I just thinking about Tails doll atm? Yes.

    Anyways a headcannon i have for him is that he's mute, and in a small AU I made he made a lil speaker thingy he can connect to the spot where the zipper ends/begins on his neck, he has a robotic voice like Alexa or somthing. Idk I havent thought of a voice yet lol.

    #tails doll#sonic#headcanon #♣️.txt #hahah yeah i am having a *fun* time with just thinking about this boi /sarcasm
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  • catboycaesarzeppeli
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Suzi q is very into scrapbooking and joseph isn’t the most photogenic person on the planet so 9 times out of 10 he is blinking or gets his picture taken at the wrong moment but suzi thinks hes still cute

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  • feralblr
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    dsmp character species/abilities list (personal headcanons) !!

    dream: a changeling/lich. he is mysterious, and refuses to tell anyone this however he does shapeshift in front of others.

    georgenotfound: a mushroom warlock, who's pact was made with dream when they were young. not completely mortal

    sapnap: a fire genasi from the nether. was literally born in fire

    callahan: a satyr, with a reindeer appearance. greek myth definiton (hence the dteams jokes about him getting many women), and a demigod.

    alyssa: a spirit tied to the land, she protects it and keeps it thriving

    awesamdude: a creeper centaur. can't explode, but when enraged a faint hissing sound can be heard similar to a rattlesnakes warning sound. (sam nook is created almost exactly in his image)

    ponk: a dryad associated with lemon trees

    badboyhalo: a wither demon.

    tommyinnit: an imp with red devil horns + tail.

    tubbo: a goat-kid faun.

    fundy: a shapeshifting fox-person.

    punz: a human, however his ender eye amulet communicates with him often which makes it seem like he is clairvoyant.

    purpled: a mutant alien raised by a human on a different planet. has enhanced abilities.

    wilbur soot: before dying he was human. now that he's been revived he is an undead zombie.

    jschlatt: a ram faun.

    skeppy: a diamond golem.

    eret: a descendant of herobrine. abilities unknown.

    jack manifold: previously human. after evading permanent death he is an undead zombie.

    niki nihachu: a human.

    quackity: a shapeshifter with small duck wings. he can glide and make a perfect imitation sound of a duck.

    karl jacobs: a human evading mortality through time-travel.

    hbomb: a human-- but classified as a magical girl. has a transformation from his regular form to a catgirl maid.

    technoblade: an anthropomorphic piglin.

    antfrost: an anthropomorphic cat.

    philza: immortal angel of death. he has wings large enough to fly with, that were destroyed after shielding his son from l'manburg's destruction.

    connoreatspants: a kemonomimi of a blue hedgehog. do not call him a furry.

    captain puffy: an anthropomorphic sheep. not to be confused with a faun.

    ranboo: half enderman / half unknown. all abilities are already canon.

    foolish gamers: human-like totem of undying with metallic golden skin-- demigod of rebirth. patrons are sharks. possesses lightening summoning abilities.

    hannahxxrose: a dryad associated with roses.

    slimecicle: a slime who has morphed into a human over thousands of years.

    michael mcchill: a human.

    #txt#dream smp#dsmp#dsmpblr #dream smp headcanons #dreamwastaken#tommyinnit#ranboo#quackity #not tagging everyone but yes this is everyone! #long post
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  • ghostingtrackone
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    ✧ how they kiss you ✧


    pairing: txt x gn!reader

    genre: fluff!

    note: why am i blushing writing this :’) i hope u love! thank u anon for ur request! <3


    oh GODDD

    very passionate kisser

    also kisses you according to the situation

    like if you pass a test he gives you a couple of sweet pecks

    but if you look GOOD he’ll have to contain himself from swallowing you whole PELDKSJFJDNFNDJFJ

    kisses you in a way where you don’t want it to end,,,, like is he holding a spell over you?!?!?!

    nibbles on your lip 🥺

    will bring his hands to your face while doing it

    just picture two main characters kissing in the rain

    that’s both of u every time :’)


    forehead kisses. so many of them.

    secretly loves when you return those too hehe

    he’d wrap his arms around you trying to jokingly suffocate you and attacks you with smooches 😞😞😞😞😞

    or when you both are cuddling late at night and he brings you closer to him,,,

    he starts to kiss u on ur lips softly 💔

    you can feel him smile in between them

    not that he’s not passionate, he’s just very delicate when it comes to any action that consists of holding or touching you

    and the delicacy is what brings heat to ur cheeks :’)

    “one more kiss?”

    u don’t have to ask him twice


    make out sessions. period.

    a TEASE

    will straight up kiss you hard right

    and when you’re leaning in for more,,,

    he pulls away and giggles

    but when you pout

    he gives you a million more of them

    kisses ur nose at times

    it catches you off guard but you blush everytime

    but he’s also really soft, especially when you have a bad day

    like he sees you upset and he’ll give you some pecks as a small act of him showing he’s there for you 🥺

    you just feel his emotions by the way he kisses u


    his favorite place to kiss you is your temple

    and your jaw

    he greets you everyday with a kiss on your cheek

    it’s what you look forward to each time you’re going to see him

    the small actions he presents is one of your favorite things about him

    because sometimes the small actions are what mean the most

    hard and long kisses may be rare

    but when they happen.... omg

    you cherish those moments

    he’ll smile at you whenever you both get a bit intimate

    but he doesn’t know you’re looking forward to sharing another moment like that with him again ;)


    kisses all over ur face

    short and sweet kisses

    when you’re concentrated on studying or cooking something,,,,

    he’ll come up to you and give you a kiss on top of your head

    just bc he thinks you’re so cute :’))

    or when you’re both bored

    you sit on the couch and face each other right

    and he’ll lean in to give u a kiss

    and then u lean in to give him one

    then it becomes a competition of who can give a better kiss :’)

    but you both do it because u love kissing each other so much 🙈

    #i’m blushing i CANNNTTTT WAHHHH #txt headcanons #txt x reader #txt imagine#txt scenario #txt x y/n #tomorrow x together #choi yeonjun#yeonjun#choi soobin#soobin#choi beomgyu#beomgyu#kang taehyun#taehyun #kai kamal huening #hueningkai#txt fluff
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  • mjnisode
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    how txt confessed

    fluff, crack, mentions of alcohol / drunkenness

    yeonjun confessed in the passenger seat of your old car, very drunk and disoriented. a slurred “i love you” resounded through the car and nothing but the sounds of the car speeding through the empty streets. “me too,” you say as you continue driving with your cheeks warm and a smile on your face. “i love you too, yeonjun.” you look over and the motherfucker is fast asleep. just passed out LOLL you take care of him and as you’re about to leave he grabs your wrist and whines for you to stay so you very reluctantly get in his bed and sleep in his comforting arms. in the morning yeonjun is obviously very hungover, so even as he tries to make you go home you stay and make sure he’s alright first!! but at one point as you start to leave his room he goes, “oh, and about that ‘i love you’ i told you yesterday. i wasn’t lying about that.” “well neither was i.” how he even remembered saying that you have no clue.

    soobin did it in the spur of the moment, as the two of you where together sitting on the floor of his room as you held odi in your hands, a smile wide on your face. he just blurted it out like it was nothing. just him saying “i like you.” silence ensues and soobin starts to stammer and give excuses for what he said, already starting to regret it. “soobin sir you said it five seconds ago you are not taking that back.” you say sternly but with a twinkle in your eyes and a smile on your face. “and yes i like you too! right odi, you know i like him right?” and on cue odi starts hissing at you. lil brat of a hedgehog but he sends the two of you laughing up a storm

    beomgyu being the trickster he is would be joking about you casually and you would play along. this was natural in the friendship you two had. “y/n is stupiiiid,” beomgyu would say jokingly as you roll your eyes. “cmon you know you love me.” “man i DO love you. how did you know?” his tone of voice had changed from lighthearted and mischievous to somewhat more quiet and deeper … it was much more serious than the beomgyu you knew. he suddenly smirks and leans in, and you were seeing stars like what was this man doing wtf. but then he gets all giggly and laughs at your shocked face before carrying on and becoming his jokester self again … man. hours later he would say “oh yeah btw… i do like you. a lot ;)”

    taehyun’s way of confessing was extremely casual, he simply asked if you wanted to eat out one day which happens on a normal basis and you accepted. you have to take note, he takes you to a more fancier place than to the fast food shops the two of you hang out in, not to mention how now both of you were pretty dressed up. halfway through the meal, he goes, “so… is this a date?” and you honestly freeze up on the spot but then reply with “if you want it to be.” “i would love it to be a date.” and then you guys pretty much start dating! it honestly feels like the experiences the two of you shared as friends except now the two of you share secret kisses behind the backs of others and butterflies flitter around in your stomachs more often than not.

    hueningkai would do it the way people in romance movies confess, but in an extremely endearing and non-cringey way because HE is hueningkai!! you were visiting his house when suddenly he starts calling you over to his piano where he was at. “okay y/n, i want your feedback on this new song i wrote.” and so he starts playing literally an entire song talking about how wonderful you are and how much he likes you with the last line ending with a “do you like me too?” as he nervously stares at you anticipating your answer you giggle and say, “is that even a question?! i’ve had the biggest crush on you since i MET you.” and so the two of you start dating each other!

    #pls send in reqs!! #mjnisode#txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #txt scenarios#txt imagines#txt fluff #txt x reader #txt headcanons#yeonjun#choi yeonjun#soobin#choi soobin#beomgyu#choi beomgyu#taehyun#kang taehyun#hueningkai #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun imagines #soobin x reader #soobin imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #taehyun x reader #taehyun imagines #hueningkai x reader #hueningkai imagines
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  • ponysweet
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    okay so i'm kinda warming up to discoshy a bit. but i like lesbian fluttershy, but i ALSO like nonbinary discord. so nonbinary lesbian discord & trans lesbian fluttershy, that's the au.

    #.txt #everyone says discord naturally gives nb vibes #and now i'm shaping it into nb lesbian discord au #lesbian discoshy au #discord is a character i could imagine as literally any gender or sexuality tbh #so i'd have many different headcanons for them #agender gay discord? aroace discord? nonbinary lesbian discord? #bisexual discord. pan ace discord. anything goes baby #infinite discord headcanons
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  • crazypyp
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    okay but like Tokoyami would totally get a shit ton of tattoos when he’s older & they all fit around the same aesthetic.

    Also one of them would totally be “Revelry in the Dark” tattooed somewhere like his ankle or something. 

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  • csbinnie
    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    TXT IMAGINE . . . idol!y/n and soobin MCing together

    prompt ⋆ hi! can you do a story about idol!y/n + soobin MCing together? like only the company knows about your relationship but COINCIDENTALLY you get put together to be MCs together, soobin tiny flirts with you, fans go crazy over you two, and both companies have to come out saying you two are both in a relationship

    you and soobin had been dating for just over seven months when your company told you that you would be MCing with him.

    and while you were very happy about being able to spend more time with him, you were also nervous. what if you messed up and exposed your relationship???

    to be honest, you were really nervous to start filming, but then it turned out to be really fun to see your boyfriend all the time

    you got to see each other almost every week and hang out way more than you did before when you had separate schedules

    little did you know that your happiness was so obvious to everyone else too

    when the episodes finally started airing and everyone got to see you together, it became very clear very quickly how much you clicked

    soobin was always making tiny flirty comments towards you

    “today we’re wearing cowboy outfits! don’t you think y/n looks so cute in her hat everyone?”

    “this next song suits y/n very well, don’t you think, everyone? it’s about hidden love.”

    and other little flirty things like that

    even just the way you look at each other catches the audience’s attention

    a lot of edits start popping up everywhere either shipping you or speculating that something might be going on

    but the kicker is when, one day, after shooting the two of you leave in the same van

    you’re both wearing your puffy black coats and waving at the cameras in most of the paparazzi photos, but those aren’t the ones that catch the public’s attention

    somehow, someone got a photo of soobin kissing your cheek on the way out of the studio

    to this day, soobin denies seeing the cameraman, but sometimes you wonder . . .

    because the very next day the news of your “budding” romance was EVERYWHERE

    soobin was almost giddy over getting to show you off, finally, but you were sick with worry

    luckily, you didn’t need to be

    your companies released statements about the situation within a week and the public was in love with the two of you together

    maybe it was because they had had the whole time you were MCing to get used to you together, or maybe you were just that cute

    who could say?

    but regardless of the reason, you’re an item, officially, and have been ever since <3

    TAG LIST . . . @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3

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  • skiiyoomin
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    ayoo so i finally finished both BTS and ENHYPEN bf headcanons and now imma move on to TXT bf hc, this is also a heads up so y'all know that requests for TXT are very much open as well as BTS and SKZ and ofc ENHYPEN (but enhypen requests are through the roof rn so im sure you know that)

    anywaysss thank youu!! ❤️😗

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  • pankracy
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #.txt #btw considering ru/po communication headcanon; #I cannot remember if I talked about it before (most likely) #or also if it was someone's hc that I adopted #so credits to the author lol #also sorry for editing it like 6 times #hetalia#aph poland
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  • jiminaaaahhhh
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝔽𝕒𝕚𝕣𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕞𝕡𝕠𝕠

    pairing: beomgyu x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 564

    warning: none

    summary: Y/n just looked like a fairy. Even as a child. The bubbles around her making her look more innocent and sweet. Beomgyu couldn’t help but fall for her.

    a/n: I'm sorry that I am late on my updates,,, schools is very rude these days :(

    You and Beomgyu had been friends since the two of you were practically babies. Both your fathers had been friends since grade school, and eventually, both your mothers had also become best friends. Beomgyu was a few months older than you as he was there in the hospital when you were born.

    "Look, Beomgyu, this is your best friend, yn. Look at how cute she looks!" Beomgyus' mother coos as baby Beomgyu looks down at you. You had seemed to be crying, which had initially made him cry, but he had looked at you with big doe eyes.

    Beomgyu was like your little bodyguard. No boy was allowed to talk to you unless he was there. Beomgyu was possessive of you in a cute way. He always helped tie your laces and held your hand while walking inside the school.

    Both your and Beomgyus' mom teased the two of you about how you both looked so cute together. But both of you would shriek in hatred. The both of you would always have sleepovers at each other's house. During these sleepovers, one thing the both of you would look forward to was bubble baths.

    You would put on your bathing suit as Beomgyu would put on his swimming trunk, and the two of you would sit in the bathtub filled with bubbles. The entire bathroom would be filled with water and giggles from both of you.

    "You look like a fairy yn!" Three-year-old Beomgyu said as he patted your head.

    "You look like a wet dog." You say, giggling as Beomgyu pouts at you. He looks at you with a glint in his eyes as he grabs you and pushes both of you underwater.

    When the two of you come back up, you smack his arm, almost in tears.

    "I thought I was going to die!" You whine.

    "Yn! You can't die when you're with me!" Beomgyu says with a giggle as he holds you close to him.

    "I'm home!" Beomgyu announces as he walks into your shared apartment.

    "You look tired. I'm running us a bath." You say as you brush his hair out of his face.

    "Us a bath?" Beomgyu asks, taking your hand and placing a kiss on the inside of your wrist.

    "Yeah. We have been doing that when we were three. What's wrong about it now?" You ask as you walk into the washroom, filling the tub. Beomgyu sits in his swim trunks as you sit opposite in your swimwear.

    "Not going to lie, this feels nice," Beomgyu says as he pats the bubbles in the water.

    "Beomgyu, we're twenty, and you're still doing that thing." You said with a giggle.

    "Can you wash my hair?" Beomgyu asks, ignoring your remark.

    "Anything for you, babe." You say with a smile as you massage his scalp.

    Beomgyu closes his eyes, pulling you close as you massage his head, lathering the shampoo. You swirl his locks, trying to make it look like the poop emoji.

    "Your hair looks like the poop emoji." You say with a smile. Beomgyu laughs at you as he puts a mass of bubbles on your head.

    "And you still look like a fairy," Beomgyu says as he pecks your lips.

    "Hate to say it, Gyu, but your luck has always been as a wet dog." You say as Beomgyu tackles you in the water.


    #txt#txt moa#txt smut#txt imagines#txt icons#txt reactions#txt cute#txt blog#txt headcanons#txt post#txt beomgyu#txt layouts #choi beomgyu scenarios #beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu smut #beomgyu#beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu txt #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu #choi beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu ff #choi beomgyu angst #txt beomgyu smut #beomgyu smut#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu fanfic#beomgyu fluff#beomgyu fic#beomgyu ff
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  • chandinii
    23.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    can i get more writer moots or ppl to interact w pls :')

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  • sunny-saimota-flower
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Honestly Shuichi's Danganronpa S swimsuit sprite just fuels my sh and trans hc for him like. bro why you wearin a coat? why do you need to cover your arms huh?

    #trans shuichi saihara #shuichi saihara#ndrv3 shuichi#drv3 shuichi#danganronpa shuichi#danganronpa headcanons#danganronpa #danganronpa s ultimate summer camp #danganronpa decadence #new danganronpa v3 killing harmony #danganronpa v3 #ndrv3 killing harmony #drv3 killing harmony #🌻.headcanons #🌻.txt #self harm mention #sh mention
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  • goshikitsutomusmommy
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #txt #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #kpop #kpop x reader #kpop x gn reader #soobin#choi#choi soobin#soobin choi #soobin choi x reader #jealous!soobin x reader #choi soobin x reader #soobin choi x you #choi soobin x you #soobin hcs#soobin hc#soobin headcanons#soobin headcanon #susss. writes #jealous!soobin x you #txt soobin x reader #txt soobin x you #mc soobin x reader #mc soobin x you #soobin headcannons#soobin fluff#jealous soobin #txt x reader #txt x you
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  • csbinnie
    23.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    TXT REACT TO . . . finding out that their s/o’s ex did not treat them well

    prompt ⋆ hello!! if it is okay, i would love to request for a txt reaction when they find out your first bf / your ex did not treat you that well? thank you so much if you choose to do my request <3


    he’s absolutely furious. the thought of anyone being mean to you makes him so genuinely upset. he would do his best to just be comforting and not show how angry he is, but you can tell by the way he’s shaking.

    “i’m sorry, angel,” he says, wrapping his arms around you carefully. “i’ll beat his ass if you want me to.”


    more than anger, bin just feels disgusted. how could anyone treat you badly? you’re the kindest person he’s ever met, he can’t imagine being someone lucky enough to date you and not treasuring you.

    “well, he’s an idiot,” he frowns, reaching out to pat your head. “who could ever be cruel to you?”


    you’re beomgyu’s favorite person in the world. he can’t stand the thought of someone hurting you and he honestly would go pick a fight if you don’t stop him. beomgyu is a ride or die kind of person.

    “are you serious? do you want to go key his car? we can go right now, my afternoon is free.”


    in the past, he always got a bad feeling about your ex, but he never did anything about it. now he feels sick thinking about all the times you were clearly upset and he didn’t do anything about it.

    “i’m so sorry for never noticing how he was hurting you,” he says, holding one of your hands gently. “i feel so awful. you should never have had to deal with that. you never deserved any of it.”


    he just doesn’t even know what to think or feel. all he knows is that the thought of you being hurt in any way is just too horrible to even consider. he would try his best to be a really good boyfriend to make up for the way you’ve been treated in the past.

    “you don’t ever need to worry about that kind of thing again. i’ll always protect you from being hurt, i promise.”

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    22.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    🗒txt as your unrequited crushes!!

    txt members as those unreturned feelings you wish you could let go of :*)
    tags; angst, fluff, ouchies but yk, young love or whatever, grammatical errors, college/high school au!
    warnings; feelings of inadequacy, mild jealousy, self-deprecation, cursing

    note; not used to doing hcs yet, so this is messy.. 😓 but also, i saw the boys rejecting in the same way, so some of these r left for interpretation or indirect rejections!!!

    tbh the hcs just get longer&longer as u read on

    ⌗ choi yeonjun!!

    popular boy alert 🚨🚨

    guys fucking everywhere, its so hard to get rid of him, and whenever you see him hes with a biiig group of ppl you dont know

    youd gaze at him smacking his leg in doubled over laughter and feel an invisible barrier between him and yourself

    but for some reason he always makes sure to say hi to you in the mornings or include you in class activities

    and hes unfortunately very funny, and devastatingly pretty, so you cant exactly hate him just bc hes popular

    your feelings probably start when youre both assigned cleaning duty or youre stuck next to each other in a group setting

    and either way with how you meet, he makes jokes and chats with you the whole time whilst asking questions about yourself

    and either way with how you meet, he makes jokes and chats with you the whole time whilst asking questions about yourself

    and either way with how you meet, he makes jokes and chats with you the whole time whilst asking questions about yourself

    it makes you feel weird in general bc no one with that many friends would want to do smthng like that, but then you realize maybe thats why hes got so many ppl hanging around him

    after that, whenever he makes plans he always makes sure to ask you if you want to join,, and youre always confused

    after that one lengthy convo suddenly youre on his friend list now??? does he just put ppl on that randomly and quickly??

    you almost blocked and ignored him the first time he sent you an invitation, convinced it was either a prank or the wrong number

    "me and some other kids from this class are eating out tonight, wanna come?"

    "excuse me, who is this??"

    if you do agree to one of these plans though, more often than not itd be you clinging to him bc hes quite literally the only person you know

    but its thrilling in a way to be technical friends with someone so fun and laid back. hes just so likable and all his mannerisms are just somehow cool, you cant help but want to be associated with that

    and with the way he notices you and makes you smile, itd be hard not to fall for him

    plus.. hes a natural flirt. charmer, whatever you call it when he smirks. you dont know if hes doing it in a friendly, fun manner or hes actually flirting

    hes a tucks your hair behind your ear when listening to you talk, throws in an "ahh, youre so pretty today," randomly in conversation, idly playing with your fingers kind of flirt

    he always keeps his arm around your shoulder, like, always. it has you questioning and scared if youre maybe too sweaty sometimes, but its just always there

    when youre next to each other, walking, sitting, in fucking class if its possible?? he somehow does it everywhere, and yet also somehow makes it look like he isnt desperate to do it either

    plus petnames. you see how he called wooyoung "cutie" and "darling" on that vlive?? it comes out of his mouth so smoothly you almost assumed it was a part of his vocabulary since birth

    and its especially bad for your heart when youre just simply trying to tell the dude about class that day TT geez...

    if you ever mention that youve never tried smthng (boba, sushi, anything really), will absolutely look at you incredulously before planning to go try it

    "you—you what? do you live under a rock? no, no, we are going there next week."

    "?? i have plans next week."

    "not anymore, make room for 3pm. im paying."

    oh yeah, he also NEVER lets you pay. its stupid, and even in group settings he somehow manages to convince everyone that its on him! no matter how stubborn the people are

    all too quick though do you realize that all that you are is one of his friends. one of the many people surrounding him almost at all times

    hes just as attentive as he is with you to his male nd female friends, as well as quite actually everyone else in your damn class (why does he have to be so kind?)

    he flirts with them too,, all too often do you have to swallow that lump in your throat when watching him call his girl friend an exaggerated beautiful goddess

    you know hes either joking or teasing—or both, with some truth, because hes never totally serious with it, but never not serious (whatever that means, but it makes sense in terms of yeonjun)

    but you just cant help but tell yourself that all those times hes done the same with you were all fake, sweet lies

    and you dont exactly have a deep connection with him, nor do you exactly know too much about him, so its all a weird conflict of emotions

    youre his friend right?? just not close enough to text him at 4am, or to have vulnerable, soft moments together... it feels so distant, so out of reach

    maybe youll have the confidence one day to send him a text, ask him to hang out one on one instead of a group thing

    would he even make time for you though?? these sorts of things take planning, and youre almost certain his schedule is full, since hes just around everyone

    it feels bad, and youre full of anxiety by the end of the time youve decided that tomorrow!! youll send him that text tomorrow

    or next week, yup !!

    ⌗ choi soobin!!

    hes absolutely perfect.

    you probably met him through a mutual acquaintance on a friendly outing or randomly in class

    "is this seat taken?" sort of meet cute

    you guys would hit it off right away, and you honestly couldnt even begin to describe how perfect of a person he was

    hes protective, attentive, and this has got to be more than any boy, or friend for that matter, has ever been willing to do for you

    hes protective in the sense that hed ward off any creeps on trains with his staggering height (albeit maybe unintentionally), and then grab your waist so you dont stumble

    attentive in the way that he buys you coffee or any of your favorite drinks before your morning class, and will memorize your order. it means a lot bc he has to wake up extra early, the coffee lines are always way too long in the mornings ☕️

    he lets you take his notes and cram the day before any big test or exam, offering to quiz you afterwards if youre up for it too

    for someone whos self-labeled himself as lazy, choi soobin sure is good at putting in effort for you :')

    there to listen to any woes or complaints about any professors you have, and it feels like an actual friendship—if you ignore your festering feelings

    it happens one day, you cant exactly pinpoint when, but it happens. youre all of a sudden conscious of yourself giggling at your phone when you realize how deep in you are

    at first, you had just seen him as your tall, cute friend that youd be mistaken as a couple with.. but suddenly all those teasing comments from mutual friends has you impossibly flustered

    it doesnt help that hes so, so sososo affectionate. in a casual way though, oh yeah. just grabs your hand or hits your shoulder when he laughs too hard, and absolutely does he back hug you

    "[name], have you eaten yet? we can grab lunch later at the food place you like."

    you can feel his chest on your back and it drives you insane, but for the sake of keeping it cool you shove that all down

    his back hugs are almost just,, all consuming?? in a way? they envelope you fully, and sometimes on cold days you just sink in and it feels like your own coat lol

    hes a tall dude, so whenever he hugs he either drapes himself over you or hugs you in a way that makes you feel so safe and secured it should be illegal

    and his flirting... should you even call it flirting?? maybe youre reading into it too much

    ^ like the way hed wipe off any excess foam on your lips, or when he offers you food and goes "say ah~" before feeding it to you

    bc friends do that. for sure, its totally fine and cool, but then he laughs so hard he has to rest his hand on your thigh. rest, as in it stays there for longer than your heart can handle

    holds your hand when youre least expecting it. walking on the street, when youre focused in on an essay, playing around—its just bad for your health each and every time

    youre not exactly sure what to do anymore when that old lady down the block from your apartment calls you a "lovely young couple!"

    usually youd brush her off and promptly correct her, but now thats soobins job, because youre too busy losing your shit over his large hand being interlocked in yours

    ultimately, you would feel like itd be best to just wallow in your feelings and think abt how cutely shaped his lips are T_T

    bad, but... what was the better option?? risking a friendship with the first boy you found that wasnt scum???

    if you do decide to risk it all and confess, oh boy, youll be the one feeling more guilty by the end of the day

    hed be so apologetic, telling you that he didnt mean to lead you on, and if you dont reassure him the dude would swear to repent for the rest of his life

    soobins really too nice.. which is why this would hurt even more

    its sort of cute, how much hes fretting. tell him that you just wanted to get it off your chest, but still hope to remain as friends and things will go back to normal

    well, as normal as it could be. you both have to ignore how he hesitates and then retracts his hand when hes laughing too hard and has to lean on you

    also the fact that his hugs arent as warm, hes so reluctant to even touch you now, and instead of wiping off any foam himself, he hands you a napkin

    its bittersweet really 😓

    ⌗ choi beomgyu!!

    yet another mfker you cannot get rid of!!

    not bc hes necessarily popular, hes just everywhere. beomgyu is somehow just someone everyone knows, and often you would find him annoying a rando teacher

    you sort of grew up with him though

    going to the same elementary, middle school, high school etc. he was always just the kid in the class over or the guy you slept next to during kindergarten nap time 💤

    hes known for being a bit bratty and excitable, but tbh youve probably only had one or two conversations with him?? ^^;;

    hes amusing, and when hes around you love watching his antics

    the way youd fall would be at a party

    not a crazy, wild, totally off the hook!!! party, but a small sort of gathering your class put together to commemorate the end of the semester

    everyone was chatting and sipping something (hell if you knew), and he was playing his guitar like some sort of mystic indie boy about to change your life

    you went up to him (mightve been smthng in that drink, wow) and ask how he even got the thing there, and he replied with something both cute and humorous enough to make you giggle

    he was funny, not that you had expected him not to be, but you hadnt thought he would answer so quick and wittily when he hadnt interacted with you much either

    his skills on the guitar werent a joke though. the way he played was like he was humming, making you hear invisible lyrics that werent there, it was just impossibly soft but loud. sickly poetic, right?

    and you noticed that whenever he would mess up a chord, he would scrunch his nose up a bit—which you found cuter than you shouldve

    plus over the whole school year he had grown his black hair out, letting it curl to frame his face and the back touch his neck

    it was... brutal to say the least how good it looked on him. and brutal for you how you didnt realize how good he looked before ..

    you would be knocked out of your observations (read: admirations) by him asking you for a song recommendation, and youd just have to give one from the top of your head

    "oh! i love that song!"

    he said it with such a big smile that it had you beaming with pride in your music tastes

    was this really the boy youve seen around all your life?? you were that blind? 😵‍💫

    the way hes strumming, smiling softly under the dimmed, tinted lights has you unconsciously blurring your surroundings, only focusing on him

    afterwards, you would ask for his number with the lame excuse of "since we have such similar taste in music!!"

    from then on whenever you found a song that you thought sounded like him, errr... reminded you of the songs he liked.. youd send it to him

    and whenever youd run into him on school grounds, your only talking point would be "oh!! heres the cd you wanted to borrow haha"

    its always a quick thanks! before hes gone, and you cant help but want to go to more parties in hopes hed be there again

    youre not sure youll ever be able to get over him bc now whenever you listen to any song you think "oh.. would beomgyu like this??"

    the thing is, he would also send you songs back 😓 which makes the whole thing even worse

    "heyy!! this melody reminded me of you!! its pretty sweet lol :]]"

    and you almost faint at the message, was there supposed to be a double meaning??

    if it goes on for long enough i feel like beomgyu would make a whole playlist for you, and it just about sends your body into overdrive..

    theres just something so special about a whole playlist dedicated to you, he listened to these songs specifically and thought of you!!

    occasionally, or if you ask for them, beom sends you videos of him playing his guitar

    sometimes its soft indie, sometimes its a riff on the electric guitar you cant quite decipher, but each time it makes you press the replay button

    if youre lucky, his playing could be accompanied by gentle humming or murmured lyrics

    ..its genuinely so quiet you cant hear sometimes, but that doesnt matter much when each time he sends a video, youve already made sure to turn your volume up impossibly high 🔊

    whenever youd see him on campus youd flash him a smile and usher him over to listen to what you had playing, but it always felt like he left too early ://

    these conversations felt so brief. you were close but yet.. so far???

    honestly though, all of these messages and texts late into the night are mostly about songs? you wish you knew about his other interests

    with the way things were looking, there was no way he would realize your feelings, and you were running out of these songs quicker than you wouldve liked

    you hovered over your text before quickly deleting it

    "do you think you could teach me guitar? :)"

    could this be something more? or were you just doomed to just looking at him with lovelorn eyes??

    well, cant give you too much hope!!! this is supposed to be unrequited after all, ahh

    ⌗ kang taehyun!!

    i struggled a bit too much on this one..

    100% class president or representative

    youve seen him around and hes maybe asked for you to hand in a sheet like once or twice, but otherwise you dont really know him

    you would admire him heavily though, for both his grades and his looks. he seemed so far above all the rest at times, almost otherworldly with how compassionate and smart he was

    it all starts when either you ask him to tutor you (nervously, fidgeting lol) or the teacher suggests it

    he says yes (ofc, so nice), and the first session ends without any conversation outside of learning, and you cant help but feel stiff around him

    its up until the third time you met after class that taehyun suggested you take a break, right after you struggled with his explanation

    youre a bit embarrassed that he thought you needed a break, but.. what exactly does a break entail??

    he asked you for your drink of choice and left to the vending machines, leaving you to sit there a bit confused until he returned shortly after with 2 cans

    you thanked him and told him that you could pay him back, and he refused your insisting until you decided to cave in and open your beverage, seeping in slight awkwardness

    but then he opened his own soda and it just EXPLODED like a fountain ⁉️ the carbonated juice was everywhere, and you had to back up a bit to not get it on your pants

    he was panicking, quickly trying to cover the spray with his hand, then his jacket, his eyes impossibly wide n mouth open,, and you just about burst out in laughter

    soon enough he would be laughing also, his hand still over the top, and the both of you making eye contact as the fizz stops entirely and the giggles die out

    you felt a bit guilty, laughing at him.. 😓 but hes always so calm and collected, so seeing him with such an expression made him seem so endearing

    you would apologize and hed just wave you off with a chuckle (which made that organ in your chest thump louder than it shouldve), but you have to wonder.. when was his soda even shaken up??

    you had a sneaking suspicion he did it on purpose, but for what?? to make you laugh? you didnt wanna get too ahead of yourself, but you wouldnt put it past him

    the type of person to sacrifice his own dignity to get someone to loosen up, that was the kang taehyun you observed ♥️

    the next few sessions incorporated small breaks in between, which you noticed usually happened when you got stuck and overly frustrated.

    by the end of these breaks though, youd always be laughing or smiling to yourself, mind cleared from any fog

    he made you less stiff in various ways, doodling crude drawings, telling you embarrassing stories, all of the works!! it felt nice, and you felt almost special to be seeing him like this...

    during the fifth session, he would talk to you about his magic tricks!!! you had expected to be doing origami or drinking pure sugar by the machines again, but he suddenly pulled out a whole deck o cards

    the way he spoke about it and demonstrated them made your pulse quicken.. he just looked so passionate, so animated and eager

    if you stared at him long enough hed offer to teach you some magic, and his eyes would positively light up if you agree

    mess up a few times and he would go, "here, let me," and envelope his hands over yours, properly moving them in the correct manner

    "can you try it on your own?"

    you dont have the heart to say you cant, because as soon as he had touched your skin, your mind blanked entirely 😵‍💫

    taehyun also isnt the type to be offset by eye contact either, so when you catch his gaze he holds it and even has the nerve to ask, "what? are you having trouble with something?"

    and sometimes he gets too close when explaining stuff and it has you sweating buckets, confused on whether it was his long eyelashes or nose bridge that had you distracted

    tbh im not sure you would even be able to confess properly before being rejected indirectly, bc such a person as kang taehyun has a lot of people pining after him

    —and hes surely bound to notice one of them, right?

    it would be a day free from tutoring when you decide to visit the library to return a couple of books

    its almost immediate when you spot taehyuns hair, having gazed at it so many times. you didnt think much of it though, bc taehyun is top of your class, so of course hes in the library!!!

    you would turn the corner to say a quick greeting, but stop in your tracks at the sight of him next to another girl—one you didnt recognize from his group of friends

    it wasnt a tutoring or study session, no way, there were no textbooks in sight. plus, there were drinks by their side, her beverage and his usual soda, and theyre laughing, flirting—blushing.

    a clearer look at her face tells you that you do in fact know her, and shes the vice president with high grades and a pretty face, the one thats practically his only equal.

    the greeting you had prepared was swallowed down by your throat

    hes so close to her now, and you want to cover your ears, but you hear it anyway—

    "do you want to learn a magic trick ive been working on?"

    and you dont think youve ever left a building faster than you left that library behind, urging down your tears in the process

    ⌗ huening kai!!

    long bc i am in l-word with him and i want to h*ld his h*nd 🤢

    the boy you stared at sometimes during your teachers ramblings. you swear its bc youre zoning out and hes just,, there

    —but when he smiles your heart does a small pitter patter and it doesnt feel healthy.. ヾ(´・・`。)ノ his lips curves in such a way that makes your eyes widen slightly bc wow, fuck, are you an angel?

    incidentally, youve also accidentally made eye contact with him during some of these moments, and always does he look away first

    it feels like puppy love, and you almost tell yourself its a mutual crush, but youve never really spoken to him have you?

    its a seating change that gets the both of you closer, bc who would actually approach first??

    you didnt think much of it when your teacher made you all pull numbers for seats, but then he plopped his backback down on the chair next to you

    and all so suddenly does your heart skip, hop scotch, and reverse all at once

    you tell yourself to act casual, cool, level headed and introduce yourself

    "hello, my name is [name] [l. name]. i hope we can get along."

    you applaud yourself, mentally giving your back a dad-worthy clap in pride—but oh fuck, you said all of that without making eye contact

    thankfully, huenings the type of boy to just laugh (albeit a bit awkwardly) and introduce himself back, and he does just that

    first stage: cleared!! but.. whats the second stage?? youre not sure....

    the boys a great seat mate though, not raucous or painfully oblivious to his surroundings like the other boys in your class

    hes a bit clumsy, but its somehow a part of his charm ♥️

    he also drops his pencil and desk supplies frequently, most of the time to simply twirling his pencil around or knocking things off with his arm nd elbow

    once, you mustered enough courage to be the helpful deskmate! and pick it up for him, but his hand was faster than yours

    —which, ended with your palm on top of his, and with an embarrassing squeak you had to pull it off hastily

    he gave you a glance and a smile that sent your face into a hot blaze, uttering a small "thank you," even though you technically didnt even do anything except squeak (oh god)

    if you ever lose your textbook or forget it for a day, he is always willing to share (that whole cutesy desks together thing, looking over at each other to see if theyre done reading) 📖

    —actually, hes willing to just give up his whole textbook entirely

    youve compared him to an angel before, because theyre both known for their innocuous demeanor and infinitely generous personalities, and its fairly true

    your teacher was very strict with forgetfulness, constantly reminding your classmates that it isnt a trait that should be common among young adults such as yourself, so sharing textbooks was still frowned upon in your classroom

    instead, students would be basically publicly humiliated before being sent out of the classroom to grab an extra textbook from the library 😓.. jerk

    when you had rummaged through your bag and found nothing, you had already resigned yourself to being scolded like a 5 yr old like many others were before you

    but all of a sudden, a coy hand slides that hardcover book you oh so dreaded seeing (but needed) over to your desk

    you glanced at him like he just offered to sacrifice himself into a volcano for your sake, and he just simply smiled at you and sent you a cute wink like (^_-)☆

    before you can even think of giving it back to him, your teachers voice cut off any coherent thoughts you couldve formed

    "huening kai, correct? wheres your textbook, mr huening?"

    "ah," he smiled sheepishly, standing up from his desk. "i forgot it today, sir."

    the angry old man rant from your teacher lasted 5 mins minimum before huening was sent for his walk of shame to the library

    and when he made it to halls, he caught your eye again, and sent you an impish grin that set your heart aflame

    oh god, huening kai is a boy. thats not good, not good at all, because now hes not just an angel.. hes a boy with a strangely heart thumping mischievous streak to him

    also if youre noticeably down, hes all more than willing to doodle in the corner of your notebook, accompanied by words of encouragement and later a juice box on your desk :')

    return the doodles and it might develop into games of tic tac toe, and then childish hand games—but huening kai is cheater

    how youre able to cheat in simple juvenile games like that, youre not entirely sure, but he managed to do it anyway and giggles innocently when you catch him

    youd always let him off and the cheater goes and does it again, but it doesnt matter too much as youre too caught up in his laughter to care

    being next to him also warrants much more opportunities to stare at his face, or more so just glance at it

    hes got a sixth sense or smthng, always being able to catch your eye and make you smile awkwardly before turning back to your desk ^^;

    but even with all these small moments, it doesnt feel real—maybe like youre still in a pipe dream, hoping for him to like you, when all of your friends tell you that he clearly does

    so when you go to enter your classroom in the morning, hoping to maybe get an answer that day, you had to stop short

    not because of anxiety or nervousness, no, because you could hear his voice casually deny any crush on you to your classmates

    "[name]? oh no, the both of us are just friends. shes cool and all though, you should talk to her sometime too!"

    his tone was kind, full of friendly cheerfulness that made you somehow sick. never once did you think hearing him with a smile would make you feel this way.

    it couldnt have been a misunderstanding, because why would he say it so normally if it werent true, right?

    you entered the classroom, saying your usual greeting to him (he smiled and said good morning), and you almost immediately had to leave to the clinic—because you couldnt take the normalcy

    your teacher sent you off with a quick message to not stray and mess around in the hallways, and you stood up to leave

    but before you can make it a foot away from your desk, huenings hand caught onto your wrist

    "are you feeling ok?" he whispered, concern clearly laced in his eyes. your head ached more, and your shoulders felt heavier than ever

    "im fine," you said back, pulling his hand off your skin. it burned. "ill be back soon."

    you fully planned to ditch the class, spending the period rotting under the clinic bed sheets until you no longer felt nauseous

    how was the read?? did u enjoy it? i always listen to feedback, so if u have any writing advice or want to be friends, im always here :D
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