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    𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪 𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕤

    pairing: taehyun x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 2450

    warning: sexual jokes, based around some of the seven deadly sins,

    summary: Y/n was the devils’ little demon. She ran all the errands and did all the dirty work with pleasure. Oh, she was ready to start collecting souls. However, her latest mission was to collect an innocent soul or make sure they join the demon side.

    a/n: I am back people! I hope you enjoyed this, I wrote in a span of a few days, just felt like making this a little elaborate if you may. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great rest of the day and night! Love you guys! also i hope this is sort of a return gift as it’s my birthday today haha

    Everyone stared at you as you walked down the halls. You had a smirk placed across your lips as you confidently walked down the college halls. You had attended college so many times that both your hands and feet were not enough to count.

    But this was fun. It was like a game. Find innocent souls, and sell them to the devil. And make them the advocate, just like the little advocate you were. But you were a pro at this game. You had been collecting souls since forever.

    You looked at everyone, seeing if you could find someone who was worth your interest. But you couldn't find anyone yet. A hand slung around your shoulder. You turned to look at your best friend from hell. He sent a wink your way as you rolled your eyes.

    "Looking good, Luxuria (the sin of lust). So what is your human name?" You asked the man next to you as he winked at some passersby.

    "it's Yeonjun, my darling, Choi Yeonjun. Don't you think it fits me?" He asks as he holds you by your shoulders so that you can examine him.

    "I think everything suits you if you ask me. It's not fair." You mumble, a pout forming on your face.

    "Oh dear, Avaritia (the sin of greed), I am born to fit in anything and everything." He says as you scrunch your nose in disgust. Luxuria always made dirty jokes. Sometimes disguising them in innocent ways. It was his way of toying.

    "What's your name, by the way?" He asks, looking at you cheerfully.

    "The same as always, yln yn." You say as you tuck a piece of hair behind your ear.

    "Hmm, so what is little yn thinking about now? Did you find your target?" Yeonjun asks you as you look around.

    "I don't know yet. No one has caught my eye yet." You mumble, still looking around till you see him.

    There he stood. Talking to a boy with dark hair. He stood out with his silver hair gleaming under the sun. He caught your eye.

    "There, that guy. He looks like he could work well in hell." You say as Yeonjun observes him with you.

    "That's Taehyun. Apparently, he's straight. Otherwise, he would have been mine." Yeonjun says with a smirk.

    "Whatever, Yeonjun. He is mine now." You say with a smirk of your own.

    "Go ahead, go on. Taehyun is hard to talk to anyway. You see him there? That's my boy Soobin. He is joining me on the lust side." Yeonjun says, booping your nose.

    "Don't forget Junnie, no falling in love." You say as you kiss his cheek and walk towards the boy who was known as Taehyun.

    "Same goes for you, Ms. Greedy!" Yeonjun hollers as you flip him off.

    You walk towards the grey-haired boy, catching his friends' attention. His friend whispers something to Taehyun as he turns around to face you, surprise evident on his face.

    "I heard you are good at studies. I need tutoring." You simply state your business, hoping your lie was true.

    "Is that so? What subject?" He asks, looking at you from head to toe.

    "Math? Or was it Chemistry? Maybe both." You say as he scoffs at you.

    "You didn't really hear about me, did you?" Taehyun asks, looking away.

    "You're right." You say, feeling a little nervous.

    Nervous? And you? That is a first.

    "I can tutor you for math. Every day after five at the library." Taehyun said, looking at you with an intense gaze.

    "Fine by me." You say with a smirk on your lips as you start to walk away. But a grip on your wrist stops you from leaving.

    "What's your name?" Taehyun asks.

    "Guess we'll find out at five, now, won't we?" You respond as you walk away from the gorgeous man, your heart doing somersaults.


    It was astonishing how this boy had simply agreed to tutor you. Maybe he was just as interested in you as you were in him? Obviously, the motives were different. You sat in the library, thirty minutes before you had decided to meet him.

    Someone pulled the chair next to you as you turned your gaze towards them.

    "Ah, Acedia (the sin of sloth), nice to see you when you're not napping around." You say with a cheeky smile.

    "I have started my process with the kid who's friends with your guy." He says, resting his head on the table. You pat his head before pinching his cheek.

    "Shouldn't I be doing that to you? After all, I am your older brother." Acedia says with a soft smile.

    "Well, true, but right now, you look adorable, Choi Beomgyu." You say, tilting your head a little.

    "There he is, your target," Beomgyu comments as he sits up straight. Taehyun walks in with Hueningkai, spotting you almost immediately. Taehyun spares Beomgyu a glance before pulling the other seat next to you.

    "Did know there was a plus one," Taehyun says, looking at Beomgyu from head to toe.

    "Is this a habit, Taehyun? Checking people out, I mean. Not that I mind check me out all you want." You say with a smirk, resting your arm on the back of your chair.

    "I- it's not what I was doing," Taehyun says, causing a blush to show on his cheeks.

    "Weren't you leaving? Beomgyu?" You say as Beomgyu nods at you, then eyeing Hueningkai.

    "Walk with me, Hueningkai?" He asks with a bright smile as Hueningkai nods his head yes.

    This leaves you and Taehyun alone.

    "So, what is your name?" Taehyun asks.

    "Yn. Choi Yn. Now, let's do some maths." You say, removing your books as Taehyun silently nods his head yes.

    "How come I have never seen you before?" He suddenly asks.

    "I'm new, that's why." You say.

    "And you already need a tutor?" Taehyun questions as you look at him, surprised.

    "Cute." He comments at your flustered state, making you more flustered than you already were.

    What was going on? Why were you getting flustered?


    "Yn is in love!" Yeonjun sang as Beomgyu, and you clapped your hands on your ears. This had been going on for the past thirty or so minutes.

    "Listen, I get that this is in your waters, but please s t o p !" You say, annoyed.

    "My dear yn, this cannot be helped. As happy as I am that you are slowly falling for someone without knowing, this is against the rules. Things have just gotten interesting." Yeonjun says as you roll your eyes.

    The three of you were in your room back in the underworld. It was common for the advocates to come back home after causing a little chaos.

    You sighed as you shook your head at the older male. You knew you didn't like Taehyun. Maybe you were just feeling under the weather. But that was impossible since you were a demon. You were dead; you couldn't get sick. But you could feel emotions.

    You shook your head as you went back to planning out how you were going to get Taehyun's soul. You needed a way to get it. No matter what. It was yours to take, and you were going to make sure of it.


    When you opened your eyes next, everything seemed dark. You couldn't see anything ahead of you. It was like someone had blindfolded you. Everything seemed moist and wet. You turned around to take in a better look at the place.

    There it stood. A lone stool with light shining over it. It almost looked like a scene from a movie.

    You walked towards it, looking at the book that lay on top of it. The book looked old as you carefully opened it and flipped through the pages. But one specific title caught your eyes. 'Sinners play Saints' is the game of collecting souls.

    But what took you aback was the awful note the devil had forgotten to mention to you. You tore the page as you put it in your pocket. Yeonjun and Beomgyu had to see this.


    You woke up with a jolt. Your hand reached down to your pocket, looking at the folded paper. It was real. You didn't know where you had gone, but the rule existed. You had not dreamed of this.

    You had rushed to Yeonjuns room, pounding on the door. He swung it open, looking extremely startled.

    "What is wrong with you? Even Beomgyu woke up!" He asked, annoyed.

    "Look at what I found." You said as you showed him the sheet.

    'Every Queen has a King.' was written on the paper.

    "How is that possible?" Yeonjun asks.

    "It's called love. Something you are an expert in." You say with a chuckle.

    "So, does that mean Taehyun is your king?" Yeonjun asks, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

    "What, no! It means nothing." You lie, knowing that maybe this really was the reason why your heart had been fluttering.

    "Let's get ready to go to school yn. Maybe you will meet the boy who will be the King of Greed." Yeonjun says as you scoff at him.


    When you opened your eyes next, everything seemed dark. You couldn't see anything ahead of you. It was like someone had blindfolded you. Everything seemed moist and wet. You turned around to take in a better look at the place.

    There it stood. A lone stool with light shining over it. It almost looked like a scene from a movie.

    You walked towards it, looking at the book that lay on top of it. The book looked old as you carefully opened it and flipped through the pages. But one specific title caught your eyes. 'Sinners play Saints' is the game of collecting souls.

    But what took you aback was the awful note the devil had forgotten to mention to you. You tore the page as you put it in your pocket. Yeonjun and Beomgyu had to see this.


    You woke up with a jolt. Your hand reached down to your pocket, looking at the folded paper. It was real. You didn't know where you had gone, but the rule existed. You had not dreamed of this.

    You had rushed to Yeonjuns room, pounding on the door. He swung it open, looking extremely startled.

    "What is wrong with you? Even Beomgyu woke up!" He asked, annoyed.

    "Look at what I found." You said as you showed him the sheet.

    'Every Queen has a King.' was written on the paper.

    "How is that possible?" Yeonjun asks.

    "It's called love. Something you are an expert in." You say with a chuckle.

    "So, does that mean Taehyun is your king?" Yeonjun asks, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

    "What, no! It means nothing." You lie, knowing that maybe this really was the reason why your heart had been fluttering.

    "Let's get ready to go to school yn. Maybe you will meet the boy who will be the King of Greed." Yeonjun says as you scoff at him.


    Over few months, Taehyun had become your closest friend in the history of having human friends. You were all smiles around him, and he was all smiles around you. Beomgyu and Hueningkai had also been getting along very well, and so had Soobin and Yeonjun.

    You could see how Soobin's cheeks were always dusted pink whenever Yeonjun would flirt with him. That boy had no shame. Beomgyu, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and you had already started a bet about how long it would take for them to start dating.

    "So, where are you really from?" Taehyun whispers in your ear. All of you were at Soobin's house, watching a horror movie.

    "What do you mean?" You ask back, keep your eyes on the tv screen.

    "You know what I mean." He says, his breath hot on the tips of your ear. You were glad for the room to be dark so that no one could see the blush dusting your face.

    "I am from here itself." You lie.

    "Lies. By now, I have managed to understand when you lie and when you're honest. And from all these deductions, you have been lying from the start. So, mind telling me the truth now?" He whispers as you gulp, looking at him.

    His face was close, and it made your heart beat faster. The two of you stared at each other. Your eyes drifted to his lips for a second before they met his eyes again. You gulped again, not knowing how to answer him.

    "Um, if you want, my room is down the hall; please don't do anything weird." The two of you heard Soobin say.

    "Thanks, Soobin," Taehyun says as he gets a hold of your hand and takes you to Soobins room. You could hear Yeonjun snicker behind you. You turn around to flip him off, which only makes him laugh harder.

    "So, now tell me," Taehyun says as he sits you down.

    "Well, there is nothing to tell." You say, laughing awkwardly.

    "There clearly is. You lied again." Taehyun says.

    "I'm just not comfortable telling you." You say. You were sure if you could take his soul just yet.

    "Do Yeonjun and Beomgyu know?" Taehyun asks as you slowly nod your head yes. He just looks at you. Staring at you with such intense emotions that you just wanted him to kiss you stupid and tell him everything about your plan and apologize.

    "Do you not trust me?" Taehyun asks, hoping that you would assure him.

    "It's not that I don't trust you, I do, but it's just that I can't tell you. Not now at least," You mumble.

    "Why not?" Taehyun asks.

    "Do you know what are sins, Taehyun? Or rulers of sins in the underworld?" You ask as Taehyun furrows his eyebrows.

    "Yeah, they are the sins that are ruled by the people who seem to have sinned the most. I think I would do well in greed because I am greedy for good scores and being the one to outshine everyone." Taehyun says with a laugh as you stare at him.

    "Right, now if I were to tell you that this is true, would you believe me?" You ask, unsure.

    "Is it true, yn?" Taehyun asks as you nod your head yes, timidly.

    "How do you know it's true?" He asks.

    "You're talking to the Queen of greed here." You say with a crooked smile.

    "You're the queen of greed?" Taehyun asks.

    "Yes, and I am here to take your soul. I shall do it not since you already know about me." You say as you raise your hand.

    "Wait, so this is it? You tell me and take my soul? Yn, I don't think you understand, but the longing looks I send your way, or right now, the way you were looking at me is making me feel things. Such things are commonly known as love. And from the way you were looking at my lips, make me think you feel the same way." Taehyun said, looking almost heartbroken.

    "You're right, I want you to kiss me stupid, and I want to spend more time with you because I am indeed in love with you," You say as you pause for a second, "But there is another way that we can stay together. Forever. If you become the King of Greed. With me by your side as the Queen. Though you will have to leave everything over here. Your family, friends, everything." You explain.

    "Okay, I'll leave with you," Taehyun says, taking a step closer to you. You look up at him, "Think this through Taehyun, there will be no way to go back once you agree. Your family won't remember who you are, and neither your friends until they reach the underworld. You won't exist in this world anymore." You whisper.

    "Take me with you, please. In these few months, you made me realize that there is no world without you. I don't want to live in a world without you, yn." He whispered against your lips. You hadn't known when he had come this close, but you sealed the gap between the two of you, molding your lips together.

    It was everything you could have asked. Taehyuns lips were hot against your as they moved at a fast pace. It felt like you were breathing again. You felt complete. The two of you pulled apart, inhaling some air.

    "Welcome to the kingdom of Greed, King Kang Taehyun." You said with a smile as he smirked.


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    there's this one spot on the beach where rikki and zane consistently go to meet and hang out. if i remember right the girls don't really hang there, just rikki and zane, so i've designated it their spot

    #i like to think this is like. the halfway point between where they both live. or maybe it takes them equal time to get there from where they #live with rikki swimming since that's her favourite way to get around. or or! it's where something important in their relationship happened #for the first time like back when they were sneaking around trying not to get found out #my headcanon for rikki and zane is that they both had tiny hate crushes on each other before rikki saved him from sharks or kissed him on #mako or even before they got stuck on the roof together. like maybe when rikki first saw him she was sort of like 'ooh he's pretty cute' #until he opened his mouth lol. or maybe zane always thought she was pretty even when they were lowkey enemies but never made the connection #all this is to say that maybe when they started dating in secret they were hanging at their little secluded spot on the beach. and it came #to light that they both had small crushes on each other even before they got locked out on the roof together (why else would rikki kiss him #on mako? why else would he kiss back?) and then that became like. their spot. or whatever #let me just say that rikki would never let him live it down if she knew zane thought she was cute prior to them actually getting to know #each other. and vice versa #theanxietymeetmeatourspot.mp4 #the h2o writers: *put 0 thought into any of their choices* #me: but what if everything meant everything #😤😤😤😤 #also i just like. love the idea of rikki and zane having a spot that's just theirs. like the moon pool is for rikki and the girls. but the #spot in the dunes is for rikki and zane. sigh #h2o just add water #zikki #.txt #queue
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    okay. what do we think of the semi-popular fandom headcanon that rikki is short for something? something like frederica perhaps. and the gang finds out via her dad referring to her by her full name

    i don't vibe with it personally but i do enjoy the potential of terry calling her by cutesy terms of endearment and the girls taking the piss out of her for it

    #by 'semi popular fandom headcanon' i mean i saw it in like one fic years ago lmaooo #but i feel like rikki can be short for rachelle or raquelle or something? i looked this up a while ago and those two came up #i can totally see maybe rikki's mum being called one of these names and rikki being named after her and like. wanting to be distanced from #her as much as possible. so maybe her birth cert and other legal documents actually says rochelle but she's down as rikki in school and most #other places. and everyone knows her as rikki #also. trans!rikki or nonbinary!rikki are also concepts i can get behind #but the way terry canonically calls her 'love' and 'sweetheart' more than her own name... i'm soft #h2o just add water #h2o: just add water #h2o #.txt #queue #the potential of rikki changing her name when her and zane get married. and zane seeing that her real name is actually frederica or some #shit like. she would never ever live that down
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    #elrond#bilbo #elrond and bilbo #lotr #lord of the rings #tolkien#jr2t#headcanons#my headcanons#tolkien headcanons#writing#my writing#txt#gandalf#the hobbit#th #doing this today bc i had to sleep yesterday #might wind up doing gil-galad #bc i'll use any excuse to talk about him
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    how beomgyu shows affection !

    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader wc: 448 genre: fluff warnings: none notes: repost bc tags weren’t working before ©gyuuss do not copy or modify my work

    i. playing with your hair/tracing patterns on your skin. beomgyu absolutely loves running his hands through your hair or braiding it. he adores the way you curl into him whenever his fingers run over your scalp. if you have short hair/curly hair, then beomgyu will just mindlessly trace his fingers over your skin. he notices the way it calms you, your eyes beginning to close as he traces tiny hearts on your stomach.

    ii. writing songs for you. apparently beomgyu is romantic so i wouldn’t put it past him to write a song for his s/o. he would present it to you on your birthday, feeling extremely nervous since he had never serenaded you before. you definitely shed a tear or two (or way more) once he was done.

    iii. checking up on you. beomgyu always wants to know how you’re feeling, whether it be good or bad. he doesn’t care if you need to rant, he actually encourages it. beomgyu knows how hiding your feelings can only make a person feel worse, so he never wants you to hold back. he’ll be there for you, either on the phone or simply sitting right next to you. beomgyu will listen to you talk about your day or something you’re frustrated with. he doesn’t turn his attention away at all and always has advice/commentary once you’re done.

    iv. frequent dates. beomgyu loves taking you out! typically your dates consist of binging netflix, napping together or late night runs to the convenience store due to beomgyu’s busy schedule. for special occasions, he’ll tend to plan fancier dates because he believes that you deserve it. you don’t mind what type of sage you have with beomgyu, just being in his presence is enough.

    v. neck kisses <33 beomgyu loves kissing your neck and waiting for your flustered reaction afterwards. sometimes he’ll leave butterfly kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh. but typically he just loves placing kisses on your neck before burying his face there. if he wants to tease you, he’ll lightly nip at your skin and feel satisfied when your breathing begins to speed up.

    vi. explaining how different things reminded him of you. you are on his mind nearly all day every day so of course there will be things he sees that remind him of you. it could be as simple as an accessory or a cute dog he saw in the park. he always rushes to text you about his findings. if he does happen to see you that same day, he will explain with such eagerness and excitement that it makes you fall in love with him even more.

    taglist @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @karsohn @yyxy27 @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @spookybias @girlsfortxt @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend

    #txt headcanons#txt drabbles#txt scenarios #txt x reader #txt beomgyu #tomorrow by together #txt x you #txt x y/n #txt fluff#beomgyu scenarios#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu x reader #beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu imagines #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu x you #beomgyu x y/n #choi beomgyu
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    Billy likes to give Steve his jackets whenever he sees the other get cold and Steve likes to give Billy his sweaters that are a little too big for him when Billy’s the one who gets cold instead.

    #Soft boys keeping each other warm #Steve has so many sweaters and he’d give some to Billy bc the other doesn’t sometimes wear enough for the cold weather #And sometimes Steve gets cold even when it’s summer and Billy gives him his jean jacket that Steve can just wrap around himself #<3 <3#harringrove#steve harrington#billy hargrove #billy x steve #harringrove fandom#harringrove headcanon#hc#writing#text#hairspray boyfriends#stranger things#st #stranger things season 2 #st s2#txt#au#headcanon
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    Anybody wanna send me some skz requests? I’ve got the itch to write 😌

    #he writes#skz#stray kids #stray kids imagines #stray kids headcanons #stray kids smut #stray kids fluff #bang chan#lee felix#lee know#changbin#han jisung#jeongin#hyunjin#seungmin#request #sub!bts #sub!txt #sub!idol
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    Okay okay hear me out *pulls up conspiracy theory string board and clears throat*

    Senator Fives

    Now I know what you're thinking:

    Becca, are you insane? He hates paperwork and politics and is definitely a thrill seeker who loves battle and is definitely probably a himbo. Cody or Rex or one of the higher ups should be a Senator


    Consider the coconut:

    Look at the way he's given impassioned speeches to his fellow brother

    How he's willing to go the extra mile to get to the truth even if it puts himself in harm's way

    AND the fact that he isn't in charge of a battalion/Platoon/unit/etc due to his ARC trooperness, meaning if he was shifted to working as a Senator, while sucky it will be to be down an ARC, there wouldn't really be a power shift in the 501 st.

    He also knows Anakin, has seen the way Obi Wan negotiates, has definitely probably i would think? Met Padmé.

    He's pretty averagely known while not being too respected to the point of people not willing to tell him if he fucks up

    Would absolutely work with every single commander and battalion to make sure everyone is heard


    Some Senator: While it is important to fund medical supplies for our army and our affected planets, *1* believe we should divert funding to infuse more business into out economy

    Fives: I beg your pardon?! You want people to die so you can have more cash in your pockets? With all due respect, go kark yourself

    He's got the bark, but he's also got the bite. He's sassy, but he's also highly determined. And above all else, he's a freethinker and definitely a loyal brother

    Case. Closed.

    Well I mean you can comment on it if you want dhshhahdhs I wrote this all down originally on a notepad at like 2am so shhh dhshshhs

    #Senator Fives #ARC Senator Fives #arc trooper fives #trooper fives#Fives #star wars fives #clone wars fives #star wars #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #sw#tcw#sw tcw#fives headcanon#fives au#nrb drabs#nrb txt #clone trooper fives #clone trooper#clone troopees #LIKE JUST THINK ABOUT IT OKAY? #I feel like he would be such a badass #he wouldnt take shit from anyone #except rex because rex will always be in charge in his mind #i often thought of Cody as senator but #i prefer the headcanon of him as mand'alor of the vode #and for most of star wars the leader of a planet is not the same as the senator #so it makes sense! #this is probably written bad but dhshhsh i dont care #oh and also? Secretary Echo. his second in comnand who keeps him on time and on track.
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  • aster-may
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Adding onto the 'Darius and Eberwolf were Lilith's friends at Hexside' headcanon - They attended her Coven Initiation and helped cheer her up when her mother didn't.

    Imagine them getting ice cream for her when they find out Gwen didn't attend. Darius making little comedy shows with his abominations while Eber dragged them around the boiling isles to make sure Lilith would stay happy for the whole day instead of letting her mope around.

    #the owl house #the owl house season 2 #the owl house season 1 #toh #the owl house lilith #the owl house darius #lilith clawthorne#toh lilith#toh darius#darius toh#lilith toh #the owl house eberwolf #toh eberwolf#eberwolf toh#txt #.txt #headcanon #the owl house headcanon #please give lilith actual friends #someone that isn't hooty or eda #or luz either cause luz is everyone's friend
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    Sims be looking at the camera aka me when I was giving them makeovers.

    #txt#rambles #the sims 2 #like 3 sims already did it #one legit jumpscared me #it's lincoln of all people who accidentally gave me a jumpscare wtf #even though one of my headcanons for linc is he's somewhat aware of the 4th wall. #like linc i know you are aware of the watcher but geez let me do me stuff in peace
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    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    i wish i still loved you

    pairing: choi soobin x gn!reader wc: 1.1k genre: angst warnings: super heartbreaking + no happy ending ©gyuuss do not copy or modify my writing.

    Soobin had practically skipped over to your place, excitement bubbling through him. The man bit his lip to hide a smile, only being able to think about you.

    He had planned to take you out on a surprise date, hoping to lift your mood that had seemed so sour lately. He had made sure to look his best and even stopped by the local flower shop to buy your favorites. Soobin was so excited as he knocked on your door, but the wide smile he held on his face soon fell when he saw your expression.

    “What’s this?” You asked slowly, your eyes trained in the colorful flowers. Soobin assumed that you might have been feeling down so the smile returned to his face as he held them out to you. His gesture was so innocent that it made you feel sick.

    “They’re your favorite. I wanted to take you out on a date so I thought these were a nice touch. But you don’t look well, so we can just stay in.” Soobin explained, waving the colorful bouquet in your face. You didn’t take them, looking at Soobin with a solemn expression. The man’s smile dropped once more and he wondered what was going on. Had he upset you? Soobin never wanted to be the cause of your discomfort.

    “Come in, we need to talk.” You said softly, making Soobin’s heart drop to his stomach. He hesitantly walked through the door, closing it behind him with a shaky hand.

    That phase was almost never good, and his brain couldn’t help but swarm with possibilities (mostly negative) about what you wanted to say. Soobin felt terrified in the moment and his heart began to race at a fast pace.

    “I don’t know how to say this.” You mumbled, tears welling up in your eyes. Soobin felt his heart do a nervous flip. He didn’t want to assume the worst, but it was hard not to when you didn’t even bother to look up at him.

    “Baby, what’s wrong?” Soobin asked, reaching out to touch you but his hand was pushed away. His concerned expression turned into an offended one, making you feel even more horrible. You had never denied Soobin’s affection before and he knew that, but you couldn’t string the poor man along any longer.

    “Soobin— I don’t love you anymore and I’m really sorry for that.” You spoke up, tears falling rapidly down your face.

    Soobin’s face dropped at your words and he felt his body go cold. He looked at you with wide eyes as his breathing sped up, hoping that what you had said was just some horrible nightmare that he would soon wake up from.

    “How long?” Soobin asked, still in complete shock. You watched the man wearily, knowing that he was still processing what you said and would break down at any moment.

    “About a month.” You admitted, looking away from his face. Soobin felt his heart shatter into small pieces and his body go numb, the flowers falling from his grip.

    “So that means all of the affection, all of the dates, all of the ‘I love yous’ in the past month were fake?” Soobin asked, his voice cracking slightly towards the end. He tried so hard to hold back his tears but he couldn’t help but break down when you slowly nodded your head.

    “I’m so sorry, Soobin. It was just so hard to tell you.” You cried, rapidly wiping the tears away from your face. Soobin kneeled down onto the ground, his legs feeling like jelly. All he felt was pain, his chest physically hurting as he began to sob.

    Soobin’s worst fear was his significant other falling out of love with him. He always thought that was the most crushing heartbreak. Soobin always promised himself that he would never do that to someone. If he loved you, then he knew that he would never stop. But it seemed like you didn’t make that same promise to yourself.

    Soobin was so unbelievably in love with you. He practically worshiped the ground you walked on, adoring every single detail about you. You were like his sunshine, instantly making his day brighter just by appearing in front of him. You made him feel safe, comforted and Soobin couldn’t imagine life without you.

    You were his whole world.

    But as Soobin sat crying into his arms on the ground, he began to realize how stupid and naive he had sounded. The unfortunate truth was that not all relationships worked out, and of course Soobin wasn’t clueless to the fact. But he had reason to believe that you would be different, that you would be the couple who stuck together until the end. He had hope, but that was instantly crushed in only minutes.

    “I feel so stupid.” He sobbed, embarrassed for letting you lead him on the past month. Soobin should’ve known. He should’ve noticed the way your smile dropped quicker than usual after he kissed you, or the way you shrugged him off when all he wanted to do was cuddle you to death. Or even when you stopped saying ‘I love you’. He should’ve fucking known.

    “You’re not. This isn’t your fault, Soobin.” You spoke up, leaning down and rubbing his back in what you hoped was a comforting manner.

    “You’re an amazing guy and you will find someone who’s going to love you with their whole being.” You added, trying to hold back your sobs. You felt horrible, wishing that you felt the same from when you had first met Soobin. Every night for the past month you had cried to yourself, praying to anyone that your romantic feelings for Soobin would come back. Even if you didn’t love him anymore, you cared about him deeply and never wished to break his heart.

    “But I only want you.” Soobin mumbled in between cries making your chest tighten. You never wanted to put Soobin in such a terrible position, but you also couldn’t let him continue to treat you like royalty when you didn’t even deserve it.

    “I’m so sorry.” You mumbled, pulling the boy into the hug. At first, he seemed as if he wanted to pull away, tensing up. But the second you slid your arms around his waist, he went limp, gripping onto your shirt as if you were about to disappear at any moment.

    You both sat crying on the floor, holding each other one last time. The moment was so heartbreaking, and you knew that you would never forget Soobin’s tear stained face and the distraught look in his eyes.

    “I’m so sorry.” You whispered once more, knowing that you caused his pain when all you were supposed to do was love him. Oh how you wished that you still could.

    taglist @junityy @koishua @hanniesss @iuwon @choiwrld @bluhr @faetarou @tyunni @karsohn @yyxy27 @dj-fart @pr0dbeomgyu @envirae @girlsfortxt @xysthe @changmin-wrlds @sooblvr @eternallyhyucks @rae-blogging @iminchaosnow @jannine00742 @chaoticdreaminisode @hobistigma @yeoforce @butterfly-skinnylegend

    #txt drabbles#txt scenarios #txt x reader #txt angst#txt headcanons#txt soobin #soobin x you #soobin x reader #choi soobin #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin imagines #soobin imagines#soobin drabbles#soobin scenarios
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  • soleilsuhh
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    tomorrow x together hc ⊹ °.   * attractive things they do

    yeonjun - the way he lies down with his hand behind his head while he lazily watches you get ready for work in the morning or for night outs with friends; his eyes are soft and hazy as they trail after your movements. and when you point out that he’s staring, he simply shrugs and says, i can’t help it you’re too pretty as he flashes a smirk your way.

    soobin - the way he rolls the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows and unbuttons the top three buttons after a long night in a suit. he’s not one for teasing or making fun of you but whenever he feels your eyes on him, it kinda flusters him and he tries to hide that by cradling in the crook of your neck and pressing a soft kiss on your skin.

    beomgyu - the way he holds his tie between his teeth while collecting his hair. at first he thinks nothing of it until he catches your eyes, and he kind of just smiles to himself, that obnoxious little half-grin on his face as he ties his hair, and when he’s done, he looks at you as if to say i saw that.

    taehyun - the way he says your name in the middle of a conversation you’re having. sometimes it’s a playful drawl to capture your full attention, sometimes it’s soft but firm to let you know he’s serious, and sometimes it’s just gentle and sweet, a smile on his face, saying your name just because.

    huening kai - the way he leans in closer to hear what you're saying, especially when you're in a loud area. maybe it's the promixity and the feel of his warm breath on your skin, or the way he casually leans in even further to quietly talk in your ears, but it never fails to make your heart beat faster. and when he notices that you're flustered, it makes him a little flustered too as he sheepishly lets out a small laugh and looks at you with that amused and goofy half-grin.

    #txt imagines#txt fluff #txt x reader #txt reactions#txt headcanons#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txt blurbs #txt soft hours #yeonjun imagines#yeonjun fluff#soobin imagines #soobin x reader #beomgyu imagines#beomgyu fluff#taehyun imagines #taehyun x reader #huening kai imagines #huening kai fluff #tomorrow x together
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  • plistommy
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    tall bottom short top? *cough cough* harringrove

    #THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS NOT BIG #like at all #but still ;) #for the jokes #steve’s long legs make him so tall #like a model #LOL #and his thicc hair too #steve harrington#billy hargrove#harringrove#stranger things #billy x steve #harringrove headcanon#harringrove fandom#text#txt#meme
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  • sooblvr
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    txt & matching outfits

    pairing ot5 x gn!reader // genre fluff, slice of life // warnings none // word count 0.6k


    he’s been trying to convince you since you started dating. you always decline because your mind jumps towards the ugliest, most cringe couple outfits

    but oh my it’s like you don’t know your own boyfriend

    you were out shopping for something to wear to your mom’s birthday party when you saw the cutest sweatshirt !!

    and obviously, mr stubborn virgo wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass him by

    “I say we get matching ones” “yeonjun, what am i even going to pair this with?” “did you suddenly forget you’re dating the fourth generation it boy”

    you’d never admitted it, but you did end up enjoying your matching fits

    —rest of the members under the cut !!


    soobin is definitely the boyfriend who loves the idea of more private relationships, and therefore wants to drop hints to everyone via subtle details like matching clothes

    the way he just knows exactly what you’re gonna like

    he gave you his hoodie you had always stolen and bought himself a matching one

    immediately you both had to try them on and see how adorable you looked

    he already has a highlight story for the times you guys have matched accidentally, and now he’s gonna add the ones of you matching on purpose

    his favorite one is the one where he rests his head on top of yours and you look so confused but still smiling


    out of all of them he’s probably the most playful. he’ll send you really ugly matching ideas and tell you it’s goals or something. makes you wonder if he really styles himself of if yeonjun is doing the lord’s work

    you needed to see if he was actually serious

    on one of your dates, you asked him to take you to a mall. as you looked through, you made the most awful outfit 

    the pieces were nice on their own, but never together, yet he had the audacity to “love it.” so of course, you bought the fits and walked around in them

    0/10 experience, beomgyu was making fun of you the whole time. he was also kind of enjoying it ?? he appreciated that you were in this together

    after that, you stuck to only matching the shirts


    you need to do the convincing here. i'm sure he’d be more than happy to comply, but never with anything weird or even just funny. you have to be fashion icons together

    more than clothing he’d like matching earrings 

    either way, i feel like matching just kind of happens. like soobin, sometimes you just match accidentally- you’ll wear the same color, or the hoody is the same, things like that

    so on one day when you guys pick up the same jacket, you rolled with it.  you had a little matching moment

    he actually ends up enjoying it and loves when you wear the same thing or similar without intending to. calls it a special occasion and all

    this one’s the deep but very deep down softie


    this one’s another playful one !! if he’s gonna gift you something matching it’ll be what you least expect. a scarf, socks, anything weird but funny. he’ll also tell you to stop copying him

    you already share your clothes so matching comes naturally

    “you love me so much you have to dress like me” “it was literally your idea to match” “shh i know you simp and that’s all that matters” “you need to get off twitter”

    he loves it though, and when you’re not around he’ll tell everyone you’re so cool for letting him play dress up

    also matches jewelry but the type that’s like those friendship bracelets. you two get together and make each other rings, necklaces, etc

    it’s not always matching, but it’s cute

    ᝰ — taglist; @igyus @sanciaga @junityy @kwonhowsshhh @taejinxkoya @myluv-yeonjun

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  • hoziersgf
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    #*i spend a shit ton of time reiterating that season three isn't canon to me but for the purpose of this post it is! #zane bennett #h2o just add water #h2o: just add water #.txt #ask#answered #thanks for the ask! #no one asked but my headcanon for post-series zane is that he uses his money and connections to run for office and campaigns for #marginalised communities. i think growing up in such immense wealth and then seeing how rikki was raised would ignite something in him when #he realises not everyone is afforded the same privileges as he. anyway
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  • hoziersgf
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    i'm surprised emma wasn't more shook after saving zane from certain death drowning at the lorelei wreck. rikki, too, is relatively chill after she rescues him from what was about to be a shark attack. like that's so much responsibility to put on teenagers, saving someone's life, and it isn't really expanded on in any meaningful way

    #not really going anywhere with this but again. in a more mature AU we'd get an insight into the emotional fallout of this for the girls #my headcanon for our universe is now that emma had saved zane's life tons of times over the years as he's a bit of a daredevil and thinks h #can beat the local swimming champ. so she's saved him from drowning a ton before and idk. maybe even did some junior lifesaving or somethin #as for rikki. idk. maybe saving zane from the sharks was less emotional for her because she is totally chill with sharks and doesn't really #even see them as a danger as a mermaid #the h2o writers: *putting absolutely 0 thought into any of their choices* #me: 🤨😒😕🤔🤨👀🔍 #.txt #queue #h2o just add water #h2o #h2o: just add water
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  • trash-hours
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    TXT Headcanon: S/O Wears Glasses

    Request: Helloo! How are you? Can I request a txt reaction to their s/o having a myopia from -5 and worse (i'm not sure if those are the correct terms sorry) and wearing prescription glasses Thanks in advance, you seem like a nice person and I hopefully I can interact more here ^^

    A/N: Bestie I’m blind af (and nearsighted) so this one felt personal lmao but I did it headcanon style instead of reaction style—i hope that’s okay! Also, thank you for enjoying my writing! I hope you continue to interact here as much as you like ☺️

    To my knowledge, all of the members have had some degree of vision impairment (with Soobin, even trouble with colors!), so my headcanons are based on that information. If I’m incorrect about this, I apologize!


    It’s a trade-off

    Soobin can see at least better than you and you can see colors better than him

    He likes the team aspect of it

    He doesn’t really think about it much other than that!

    To him, it’s just a fact of life

    He’ll help you find your glasses the way you would help him look for his wallet

    He’s all too happy to accompany you each time you go shopping for a new pair too

    He takes finding the Perfect Pair for you very seriously

    Even though he thinks you look cute in all of them

    the rest of the members below the cut!



    Like he keeps a stockpile of contacts and an extra pair of glasses around in case you forget yours or they break somehow

    Thinks you look So Cute in glasses 🥺

    He’ll see you ready to go somewhere in your glasses and be like “I want to look cute too”

    He disappears into his room and comes back on with a pair of his own

    Even if they’re just fashion glasses

    Also makes sure to have lens cleaner on hand at all times

    He knows it’s annoying to have dirty glasses so he’s got your back

    If you’re in a pinch, he’ll use his shirt to clean your glasses for you :(


    Sigh this boy is annoying 😭

    Jk he only is sometimes

    But like he’ll sometimes see you struggling to read a sign without your glasses and be like “and that says…?” thinking he can train you to see better or something tf

    Like “SIR i am trying to SEE not learning to read bye”

    But he actually understands because he used to wear glasses too

    He’ll sneak your glasses carefully into his pocket if he sees you’re about to leave without them

    He’ll make you have the whole “ugh i forgot my glasses” moment for his own fun before he gives them to you though

    But he remembered and that’s the point

    Will also take your glasses and model them on himself

    Give him all the compliments he loves it

    Even if he can’t see


    Similar to Soobin, Taehyun doesn’t think too much about the fact that you wear glasses

    What he does think a lot about is how inconvenient glasses are

    Like you have to make sure you don’t forget them if you take them off during the day and you have to clean them

    He thinks contacts are much easier

    He’ll probably try to convince you to wear contacts instead

    But if you can’t or don’t want to, he’ll leave it alone

    Remember, it’s not that serious to him

    He just wants you to be the most comfortable and to have the easiest time throughout the day


    Kai is the sweetest

    He goes out of his way to praise you about how cute you look in your glasses

    He does this because he knows he doesn’t like to wear his out and he doesn’t ever want you to feel insecure in yours

    He likes when the two of you get home and he can take out his contacts and put his glasses on too

    He looks at you with the most satisfied smile

    Like “now we’re twins” 🥺

    He sees it almost as a bonding thing

    He’s glad you two can relate on something that is a big part of your day to day lives

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