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  • bad4amficideas
    06.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Imagine being the single Robin of Batman...

    And get Yandere!Talon!Dick and (ageup!Yandere!AlGhul/Demon!Damian...

    Maybe maybe maybe Joker!Tim a Deathstroke!Jason and SirenRaised!Batgirls(StephMin), or Cass could be Dami bodyguard if Shiva or Cain keeped her and Barbs ofc a girlboss who is no sidekick of anyone

    OR OR OR Could you imagine Barbs as a Ragdoll like Sally villain, raised under SCARECROW!!! that would be a fucking nightmare everyone.

    No, wait, what about Cass being adopted by Nora Fries and being "only thing left" to Mr.Freeze 🤔

    Tumblr I need yellow in mobile app tysm



    Someone write any of this, I'm thrist 🤤

    #free prompt #👾.txt #yandere jason todd #yandere tim drake #yandere dick grayson #yandere stephanie brown #yandere damian al ghul #yandere cassandra cain #yandere dc comics #yandere dc imagines #dc imagines #if you added isekaied robin then would be a cheff kiss imagine #in this house we yahey! isekaied!reader
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  • hee420sung
    06.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    making out w enha members (as kai songs)

    + 14:06

    heesung - ride or die

    his lips would be soft, you'd be sitting on his lap with his hands running up and down your waist, your hands rested behind his neck as you twirled and tugged at the hair on the back of his head. his hands run under your shirt, caressing your waist. you adjust closer onto him, grinding sofly, you moan, he smiles with a slight chuckle. everytime heesung touched you, or even made eye contact with you, your stomach would tighten then fill with butterflies that would steal the air from your lungs. he worships you, feeling every curve in your body as he softly nibbles on your bottom lip then tugging it back afterwards, you never failed to feel his smiling lips as they press up against yours.

    jay - nothing on me

    similar to heesung, you would sit on his lap. his strong desire to stimulate all five senses, before your lips collide, you both find comfort in one anothers gaze sight, as jay traces hus his fingers all around your curves touch before jay reaches his lips to your neck, smelling your sweet fragrance smell . you adjust his chin to press his lips to yours, immediately his tongue begs for permission inside, granting it he finally gets a taste of you, admiring your flavor he grinds his hips up into yours causing you to whimper in his mouth hearing.

    jake - hello stranger

    jake is super passionate about you, he wants to know everything about you. what he can touch to make you feel good, what he can say or do to give you butterflies, he wants no detail unknown. his lips touch yours softly, his strong hands caress you in a way you could almost melt. jake loves to kiss you, even if it's just a soft peck, his passion burns whenever he touches you, he lays above you, his lips so soft, his scent so warming. he loves nibbling your lips, his eyelids remained relaxed as he let his plump lips speak the language.

    sunghoon - amnesia

    sunghoon loveessss touching you, his emotional passion is very different around you than anyone else. sunghoon only thinks about you, his mind races with thoughts of you whenever you're around, he often looks at his hands in remembrance of how they felt around your body. he loves having you as close as possible, you're his comfort, his favorite book that he never gets sick of reading. his cold soft hands caress your face as his vanilla scented lips met with yours, he's gentle, caring. you send his mind into static, you fill his thoughts, he aches for you when you're gone. every moment his lips share time with yours, he treats it like it's his last taste of you, leaving you thinking about his lips at night when he isnt in your grasp.
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  • francy-sketches
    06.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just put water in a pot of boiling oil 😘😜🤪😋🥰😁😍 #girl

    #.txt #i may have forgotten you're not supposed to do that #all for some fucking tiramisu ravioli they tasted disgusting -_- #imagine hot tiramisu reduced to a gray mush and encased by burnt pasta
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  • 5csbin
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    no sleep.                                                                         

    (INCEST SMUT). brother!yeonjun x sister!reader.                                     warning! just straight incest

    full story below

    choi yeonjun tossed and turned in his bed at three AM, unable to get his eyes to close. it was all because of you, his stupid sister.

    you had worn nothing but a tank top and the smallest shorts all day, the hot sunny days weren’t helping as well.

    you haven’t been wearing a bra either, which meant he could see your nipples pressing against the thin fabric of the tank top. your shorts weren’t helping, allowing him a nice view of the bottom curves of your ass.

    yeonjun hated himself for thinking of his sister like this, but your body was just too perfect to not imagine fucking.

    he just needed to relieve himself, jun’ tossed the covers off of himself and pulled his boxers off.

    he grabbed his hard erection and began stroking it, moaning quietly in relief at the feeling. yeonjun couldnt help but just imagine being completely buried inside your body, slick, tight inner walls gripping his cock as he pounded you.

    you would be moaning and writhing underneath him, begging for more as he fucked you silly.

    yeonjun was close to cumming now but stopped, wanting to cum while he was looking at his sister, knowing you were a heavy sleeper.

    yeonjun slipped out of bed and going across the hall and into your room, his heart pounding along the way. he silently shut the door and tiptoed inside to not wake up your parents.

    he turned around and looked at you, you looked so cute when you were sleeping. you was laying face-down, mouth barely open as you quietly breathed.

    your smooth skin was perfect, your graceful neck just adding to how beautiful you were. But that's all yeonjun got to see, since your blankets were pulled all the way up.

    jun gently pulled the blankets down your body, growing harder as more skin came into view. you were still wearing the tank top and shorts, and yeonjun was at the perfect angle to see the tiniest bit of your butt.

    but he wanted more, so holding his breath, his heart pounding, yeonjun grabbed the waistband of the shorts and pulled them off your hips.

    yeonjun pulled them all the way down to your feet and pulled them off completely, leaving you naked from the waist down.

    he climbed onto the bed and straddled your legs, reaching out and grabbing one cheek in his hand.

    a bit of precum dripping out of the tip of his cock, which was rubbing against your leg. stopping and eyes going wide when you stirred.

    he sat still for a few seconds, throat dry and heart pounding as he made sure you were still asleep.

    then he let out a relieved sigh, he sat upright and gently poked your ass with the tip of his cock.

    yeonjun began stroking it, the chance of being caught along with the sight of his sister's perfect ass right in front of him making the pleasure spike.

    he pumped his cock hard, eyes drifting off to your face, which you were still peacefully asleep.

    his eyes moved to your soft, plump lips, which he imagined wrapped around the base of his cock, the rest of it deep down your throat.

    he grunted as his balls tightened, his motions stuttering as he cums, coating your ass in a layer of it.

    yeonjun groaned and collapsed on the bed next to you, looking at your sleeping face, whose eyes were wakening.

    “jun?" you said groggily. yeonjun remained still, seeing his life unravel before his very eyes.

    "yeonjun , what are you doing in here?" you asked, still not awake enough to comprehend that you both were naked.

    "just thought i’d pay you a visit," yeonjun replied, his voice a little higher than normal.

    "okay then, goodnight." you said, instantly falling back asleep, rolling over onto your side, still facing him.

    yeonjun let out the breath he had been holding and slipped out of the bed, he was just about to put your shorts back on when he caught sight of your pussy.

    the lips seemed to be moist, glistening a bit.

    yeonjun swallowed hard, unable to get himself to stop even though he had almost been caught.

    he debated it for a few seconds before climbing back into bed with you, this time behind you.

    he reached a hand into the bottom of your shirt, skimming it up your stomach to cup a firm, average sized breast.

    he then moved the hand back down, heading over your shaved pussy and spreading his sister's pussy lips before dipping a finger into your heat, which was slick and tight.

    yeonjun gently lifted your left leg just enough to get his cock through, the tip now prodding your pussy lips.

    he pushed the head in, your walls gripping him, slowly pushing into his sister until he was completely buried inside of your body, your walls pulsing around him.

    yeonjun almost came again, incredibly turned on by the fact that his cock was completely inside of you and didn't even know it.

    he slowly pulled out and pushed back in, not noticing as your back arched the tiniest bit.

    he kept up the slow pace, his long, thick cock pushing against the walls and brushing your cervix with each stroke.

    you stirred again, but yeonjun didn't notice, too distracted in the feeling of your pussy.

    he did notice, when a small group hand started massage their clit as he thrust into them.

    he immediately stopped, finally noticing that his sister's back was arched and that you was panting, sweat already making your skin glisten.

    "(y/n)?" yeonjun choked out. "jun," you moaned back. "why’d did you stop?"

    "what?" he said. "but i.. im your brother!"

    you couldn’t help but giggle. "funny coming from you, you're the one who snuck into my room and proceeded to come on my ass before fucking me."

    yeonjun flushed still not moving. "god yeonjun. i teased you all day jun! please don’t stop!" you admitted, grinding your hips to get some friction.

    but yeonjun pulled out, and flipped you onto your back, shaved pussy bare for him to see.

    "you think you can tease me?" yeonjun questioned. "it’s not like you didn't want to fuck me, now come on!" you cried, writhing underneath him.

    "im not continuing until you apologize," he said, knowing how stubborn and prideful iou can be.

    "im not apologizing for doing both of us a favor," you said, stubbornly.

    “you’re going to apologize whether you like it or not," he replied, leaning down and kissing you for the first time.

    you kissed him back hungrily, with you’re soft lips. you stilled, when the tip of his cock lined up with your pussy lips, breaking it when he pulled back again.

    you were looking at him questioningly when he suddenly pressed the head against your entrance again, this time letting it pop in.

    he let it sit there for a few seconds, your walls trying to draw it in, before pulling out.

    yeonjun let his head go inside again, smirking seeing you buck your hips. "its not going to do any good," he said.

    "jun," you pleaded. "jun what?" he asked, pulling back out again. "jun, please," you said, panting. "that’s not going to cut it," he replied, pushing the head of his cock into yours again.

    frustrated tears were in your eyes, almost making him lose his willpower. but in yeonjun’s perspective you needed to be taught a lesson and he felt there was no better way.

    "all you have to do is apologize," he said gently, brushing your clit with his thumb, making your hips buck again.

    the sight of tears beginning to form in your eyes almost made him give in, then "junnie, im sorry for te-teasing you. now please…fuck me."

    your eyes slid closed in ecstasy as he buried himself to the hilt inside of you, their chests pressed together.

    his cock pushed against your walls perfectly, pussy gripping and massaging him as he pumped into you.

    he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you as he pounded his cock into you, the sound of their slapping skin reverberating around the room.

    you cried out into his mouth as an orgasm pulsed through your body, pussy clenching on yeonjuns cock as it coated it with your glistening cum. yeonjun continued to piston into you, making you moan and writhe, cum shooting onto his shaft. yeonjun slammed into you a few more times, then grunted as he shot strings of cum straight into your ready womb.

    he pulled out and began rubbing it up and down your slit, still hard. "y/n," he moaned as you completely took control, holding his wrists down with your hands.

    "jun," you breathed back, arching your back as you let herself slide down his length.

    you raked your nails down his chest as you began bouncing on him, you fought to stay focused as another orgasm tore through you, making you come on his cock again, and continued bouncing, tits matching your movements.

    you brought your hand down to very lightly brush your clit, crying out as an aftershock hit you. yeonjun was thrusting up into you, his hands on your hips, pulling you onto him harder as he pumped into you.

    "you like the feel of me in you, y/n?" he grunted, making your mouth fall open wider.

    "you like it when i fill you up?" you moaned and another orgasm threatening to overwhelm you.

    yeonjun swallowed hard as he looked down and saw his cock disappearing into your body again and again, the feel of your wet, velvety walls gripping him threatening to send him over the edge.

    he grinned up at you and hoarsely said, "you like knowing I'm going to shoot another load into you, don't you?"

    you cried out and gripped around his cock again, your eyes not leaving his. he felt his balls tighten as he watched your perfect breasts bouncing as you rode him, face all flushed, and eyes clouded with lust and pleasure.

    he slammed you down on him and shot stream after stream of cum deep into your body, sighing in pleasure.

    you collapsed on him, exhausted, your head resting on his shoulder and small breaths tickling him.

    he grabbed the blanket and managed to pull it over both of them, then hugged his sister before rolling them on their side. you were barely awake, your eyes half closed, “night, jun."

    yeonjun grinned at you as he very gently pulled his soft member out of you. "anytime," he said, giving you a quick peck on the lips. "goodnight.”

    you smiled a little and fell asleep.

    yeonjun slipped out of your bed and tucked you in, giving you a kiss on the forehead before leaving the room. he snuck out, making sure to catch one last glimpse of your peaceful face before closing the door.

    then he smiled and made his way back to his room, glad that he had such a great sister.

    this is very different lol. 

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  • gyuury
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    pick up! thirteen; souper sad

    warning(s): none(?)

    masterlist | prev | next

    — synopsis: you've got dumped by your boyfriend of 2 years, and now you're depressed. how do you cope? by drinking of course. anything else? oh right, by ranting to his now abandoned number through voice message while you're completely wasted. but what happens when the abandoned number had a new owner and he has actually been listening the whole time?

    taglist: @tyunni @enhyphun @uygmoeb @junityy @softforqiankun @luvshota @xysthe @primorange @gyuza @jongsaengseong @90s-belladonna @sunshine-skz @pr0dbeomgyu @beom1e @bigtittietoji @luv3iza @kac-chowsballs @leeis @ifwtyun @baekhyunstruly @day6andetcetera (bolded couldn't be tagged!)

    #txt smau#txt angst#txt fluff#txt fanfiction#kpop smau#soobin smau #choi soobin x reader #txt socmed au #txt fanfic#txt imagines#soobin imagines #choi soobin angst #choi soobin fluff #choi soobin#kpop#kpop fanfiction#kpop angst #kpop social media au #yeonjun angst#kpop fanfic #txt x reader #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #tomorrow x together smau #tomorrow x together #txt scenarios#soobin scenarios#soobin blurbs#soobin headcanons #tomorrow by together
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  • flwrkisses
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    txt's reaction to their partner staining their pants with period blood.

    i have so much content for you all! im so excited to get to posting these next couple days! i was only gone a week and i missed you all so much :(

    request: 'Can you write a TXT reaction, about her girlfriend stains her pants for the period? please ♡'

    genre: fluff, established relationship.

    warning: mentions of menstruation, and blood. reader is still gender neutral because periods happen to people of all genders with uteri!


    your boyfriend is extremely protective of you, he's always keeping an eye on you to make sure you're alright. so when you get up from the chair you had been sitting in and he notices the blood stain on the back of your pants he takes his jacket and ties it around your waist. he didn't want anyone whispering or making fun of you under their breaths, after all it's a natural thing your body does and it probably took you off guard anyway so he tried to conceal it the best he can until you guys can get to a place where you are able to change.

    "hey, baby don't sweat it. it's normal, no biggy okay?"


    at first soobin wouldn't notice, it was hard to tell if you were standing still but when you walked off to get something he noticed something on the back of your pants. when you come back, he stops you a second and gently turns you around until he notices what exactly it is. if he didn't have anything to cover you with, he'd tell you to stand against the wall while he runs to the shop next to the little cafe you both have been having a short coffee break at. he'd know you wouldn't want to walk around in stained pants all day.

    "i'll wash these when we get home okay? don't worry about it okay? it happens~"


    surprisingly beomgyu is very mature about the situation. he's usually always fun and games but, when he notices the stain on your jeans he walks up behind you. he probably hates that he has to cut the date short to take you home to change but he wants you to be comfortable. so he probably walks behind you to the car and only once both of you are situated in the car is that he pops a little teasing joke. either way he doesn't just stop the date once you make it to your house, he actually stays with you to cuddle once you've changed into your fuzzy pajama pants.

    "hey, i know i made a joke earlier about it, but i want you to know that i didn't want to make you feel embarrassed. im sure you know it's a normal thing-."


    having a sister, taehyun knows exactly what goes through someone's head when they are told their period blood stained their pants. his sister always told him to kindly let the person know even if he did not know them because he'd be doing them a huge favor. so, when he noticed the stain on your pants he ran to his car to get his sweater to wrap it around your waist. he then asked you what you wanted to do, all options were open. go home? buy a pair of pants somewhere? try and get the stain out? and he'd do what ever you chose to do in that situation. listening was key in this situation to make you more comfortable.

    "i promise im not horrified, it's just a little blood. i have an older sister she trained me well."


    like taehyun, kai has sisters an older and younger one so although it was a little weird to him while growing up, he got used to periods and period talk. he later realized how important it was for him to know about since he wanted to make his friends and future partners who have a period feel comfortable and safe with him. at first when he noticed the stain he wouldn't know what exactly to do, he would probably debate with himself hoe to even approach it. he'd walk up behind you, walk you back to your seat and get what ever it was you were looking for himself. he'd probably limit you getting up after he let you know what had been going on, and probably when it was time to go, he walked behind you to make sure no one had been looking.

    "hey, it's alright. trust me, you wont scare me off with a period mishap, happens all the time! who cares?!"

    ❁ requests are currently closed!

    for more of my work: masterlist.

    - mari x

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  • choi-y-n
    06.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Fluff | College AU

    I wrote this awhile back when my second year in college started :> will be posting a txt college au series soon!

    [Warning : Mentions of insects and a dissected frog]

    The all-around lovely biology student who is secretly the campus radio’s dj

    Not a lot of people know that he is a music prodigy, the only people who knows about him are his hyungs and few music majors who ask help from him, but he never brags about him being a music prodigy

    L O O K S O F A N A N G E L,,, Psychology! Taehyun secretly thinks this guy is really a living angel cause he’s too precious and kind :’<< Like he just smiles then flowers bloom, his dead beetles come to life

    You’re probably wondering why this talented man is taking Biology and not pursuing his family’s origin? As much as he loves music he has a knack for this things,, He thinks it’s fun finding out how things came to be and why were they like that,, yes biology can suck when there are chemicals you need to understand, but Kai found it challenging and used it as his motivation

    Probably named one of his plush after an experiment he did,,, he mumble terms and names of different animals or plants in his sleeps that makes Taehyun worried

    Scared Nursing! Beomgyu with his dissected frog project and his preserved bugs,, likes to go to the school’s garden to sleep cause his course takes a lot of brain juice, so Engineering! Soobin has to wake him up so he doesn’t miss his classes, but sometimes skips class with Fine Arts! Yeonjun

    Is the campus radio dj and everybody is curious on who this secret dj is,, everybody loves his music taste because it can vary from soft to rock plus his angelic voice that everyone swoons over,,, He auditioned for the role with the help of his sister who was one of the people incharge of the radio show and his hyungs were really happy about it

    Goes by as Dj K and is very good at his job,, gets a lot of listeners because of his cute laugh and his cute humor,, people be wondering who this guy is but heck listening to him host and give advices feels like cloud 9 “Hi guys this is Dj K! I know these days have been tough on us since our finals coming up. We’re stressed and irritated, but if you ever feel like giving up or crying, just cry. It’s okay to be weak, it doesn’t make you look bad. Just know that this will pass.” Literally everybody is swoon,, and let’s say you had a crush on both Huening kai and Dj K

    You have a silent crush on Kai like you admire him from a far and always wish him the best because he deserves it,, but you thought becoming his friend is too farfetched that’s why you just admire him from a far,, you also have a growing crush on Dj K,, cause his voice is like an angel and his music taste is I M M A C U L A T E somehow you find asking yourself that what are the chances that Kai and Dj K would be the same person,, what are the odds?

    Lucky for you his sister was ur senior and you are really good friends with Lea where she sees you as her own little sister,, but it’s funny that Kai doesn’t particularly know you like he knows your name but he doesn’t know what you look like,, you haven’t told Lea that you have a crush on his brother but she heard you speak about her brother very highly and mentioned that he was cute nevertheless she supports you

    The school upcoming festival is drawing near, different departments were making different booths and attractions. You were part of the helping committee where you help different departments on what they need and such. It was quite stressful since you get to deal with different complains and different problems, it didn’t help that it was raining on your way home,,

    Now you went to school with a throbbing head and fever,, you regret running home in the rain,, you had to go the school to prepare for an upcoming school festival,, they were many workloads and paper work that you had to arrange and somehow you manage to conceal that you were sick,, by the end of the day you were reaching your limit suddenly you got a call from Lea asking if you can meet Dj K to sign some papers,, Lea didn’t know that you were sick but she also took the opportunity to see some romance bloom,, you on the other hand is in the verge of combustion cause one you were sick and reaching your limits and two YOU WERE GOING TO MEET DJ K!!

    Gathering up the remaining strength you have and made your way to the Uni’s studio, only to find out that nobody was there,, reaching your limit you laid your head on one of the tables there and completely passed out,, meanwhile Kai was just on his way to the studio after getting a message from his sister that he needed to sign some papers and found a girl with her head on the table,, He was going to wake you up but only to panic because you were burning up and breathing heavily,, you manage to open your eyes but everything was blurry all you saw is a faceless blonde guy and said “Dj K..” before passing out again,, PANIC Kai!! He knew he had to bring you to the infirmary so he gently picked you up and made his way to the infirmary

    He messaged his sister that somebody passed out in the studio and she immediately replied “Y/N PASSED OUT?? WHERE R U?? IM OMW!” He looked backed at your sleeping figure,, he finally met the infamous y/n his noona was talking about,, he didn’t know you’d be this cute,, When Lea got to the infirmary she thanked Kai for bring you here and told him that she felt really bad for asking you that favor and that she should’ve know that you weren’t feeling okay,, Kai immediately reassured her that it wasn’t her fault and that you’d be okay, so she told Kai she’ll just finish fixing the events with the student counsel then when you wake up she’ll treat you guys and asked Kai to watch over you she did in fact notice the small blush on her brother’s face,,

    While Lea went to get her bag, Kai sat beside your bed and waited for you,, only to fall asleep on the small space on your bed,, this dude was pretty tired too :<

    When you woke up, as you shifted to get up you felt there was something heavy on your arm once you finally open your eyes you were shocked to find Huening Kai sleeping soundly,, You had so many questions on your head like did you past out on the hall? How did Kai end up beside you? Did you finally meet Dj K? What was going on? Not long after you woke up, Kai woke up too and found your shocked face,, “Hey did you sleep well?” still a bit groggy “What happened-“ “Y/N!! OH MY GOSH FINALLY YOU’RE AWAKE!!!!” Lea immediately hugged you “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick and most importantly why did you go to school when you are sick : ((“ You assured her that you were okay but no protest would be okay to Lea. Kai saw why his sister liked you, you were a very hard worker he found himself admiring you for that

    So you guys ended up going to a restaurant before sending you back to you dorm, Lea said she felt bad so she must make it up to you, as Lea went to go get your order you were stuck with Kai and the awkwardness was growing,, “Thank you for bringing me to the infirmary” You managed to try to converse with him, Kai smiled and said he was welcome you swear you felt like you were gonna explode, “I don’t think I introduced myself yet, but I’m-“ “Y/N, Noona talks about you” You were shocked that Kai knows your name and that Lea tells about you then awkward silence you were thankful Lea came back,, afterwards Lea got a call that she was needed again so she asked Kai if he could bring you back to the dorms, which he happily agreed

    The walk was a bit awkward, but you managed to finally start a conversation with kai, you found that he was a really fun guy to be with his jokes and his laugh was quite adorable you swore you heard his laugh from somewhere but you just can’t point it out, once you guys got to your dorms you thanked him once again before he headed off he asked if he could have your number if ever you guys wanted to hang out more,, you swore you thought this must’ve been the luckiness day for you, but only to realize that you didn’t get Dj K to sign the paper that Lea needed so you immediately texted her about it then she replied “I though you already met him??” and you were like “Really?? All I remember was passing out sorry Unnie :<< I’ll make it up to you!” then she replied “Don’t worry about it Y/N, I was the one who asked you a favor so please get well for you to make it up to me oki??” afterwards you passed out

    When you woke up the next morning you swear your feelings for Kai grew from silent crush to please be mine crush, He greeted you Good morning and for you to get well soon he also asked if you eaten yet and your day just went well by you and Kai texting each other, you told him you’ were going to go to school tomorrow since you feel much better Kai protested and insisted you need more rest but you told him the help committee needs you, “Tomorrow’s the first day of the festival, Do you maybe want to hang out?” HOLD UP- Did Kai Kamal Huening asked you to hang out with him??? Were you seeing things right?? “Sure it would be fun!” you replied to him and little did you know Kai was looking forward to it too

    The school was bustling with booths and attractions and you remembered why you always love events like this, you went to help different booths and departments that needed your help and it was your break you got a text from Kai asking if you were free and asked you to meet up with him,,, you met with him by the claw games and oh my god He looked amazing! You know Kai was handsome but when he looked at you and smiled you swore it felt like the world has stopped, at the claw game you guys were laughing your butts off because he was trying to win a plushie for you but you won it for him instead “I SWEAR IT’S RIGGED Y/N I ALWAYS GET LUCKY HERE” Kai sulked “Or maybe I’m just better than you” you smiled “Take that back!!!” Kai sulked even more, at the claw game you bumped into Soobin, who was shooting winks at Kai and told you that you’re in good hands only for you to blush hard and tell him you two weren’t dating Kai had to shoo his hyung away “Have fun you two!! Nice meeting you Y/N!!” Soobin said as he went about his way leaving the two

    You guys talked more and got to know each other, you found out he was a music prodigy and also learned about his 4 hyungs who sounds so amazing to be with,, you wished to meet them,, Suddenly kai got a call that he was needed in the Radio station,,which made you a bit sad that your hangout was cut short but then you realized that he was heading to the station where Dj K was so you asked Kai if he met Dj K, he was shocked at the question because he was Dj K “I swear I love his music taste and his cute humor. I love how he can cheer up my day whenever I feel so stressed,” as you continued to tell him about your admiration for Dj K he couldn’t help himself but be in awe that’s where he realized he liked you, “Could you get an autograph for me? If you can” You asked him “I’ll give you even better, I’ll tell him to meet you” Kai ruffled your hair and smiled and went his way,, now your heart was pounding even more you swore he would be the death of you

    Time was fast, you didn’t even notice it was already sun down and you suddenly got a text from Kai if you could go to the studio so that you can meet Dj K you swore you could’ve faint because finally you were going to meet Dj K,, You arrived at the studio and greeted Lea “Kai asked me to meet him here-“ “Oh Kai! He’s over there!” Lea pointed inside the broadcasting room and saw Kai speaking into the microphone “This is Dj K signing off for today, enjoy the rest of the night!” were you hearing things right???? Kai said he was Dj K??? You were glued to the ground, now things were patching up that why Lea asked have you met Dj K when you fainted and how Kai’s laugh sounded like Dj K and the fact you gush over Dj K to Kai when he was Dj K himself, everything makes sense now. As Kai stepped out of the broadcasting room he immediately saw you and smile “I’m Dj K nice to meet you! Kai told me you were a big fan of mine?” He laughed. You were too shocked to process anything, you didn’t know what got in to you but you started running away, which left Kai shookt “Go after her!!! Don’t worry about here” Lea smiled 'finally some action' Lea thought. Good thing you weren’t far enough and caught up with you and grabbed you by the arm “Hey what’s wrong?” Kai asked but all you could do was stare at the ground “I just feel embarrassed..” you knew you couldn’t face him at that moment “Why?” he asked softly “Because I like you, and I feel embarrassed that I was clueless and-“ you were cut off by Kai placing his hand against your cheek and made you look at him “Can I kiss you?” Kai asked staring at your lips. There was dead silent but you slowly nodded with Kai slowly closing in. His lips were soft like cotton and you felt like you were on cloud nine as Kai placed his hands on your hips and your found its way to his neck, what added was it started raining getting you guys soaked, the both of parted for air and just smiled at each other “I like you too, would you know would like to go out on a date with me?” He asked and you couldn’t agree more.

    Guess what? The both of you got sick the next day, Lea swore you two were a bit troublesome but she was really happy for the two of you! When the two of you recovered you guys went on your first date then the next and the next and the next until one day he asked you to be his girlfriend “I thought I was already your girlfriend” que in Kamal blushing 10x,, You finally meet his hyungs and they swore to protect the 2 of you which leaves Kamal shooing away hyungs,,but they are really happy for the both of you *Soobin sobbing in the corner bcoz his baby finally has someone* You and Tae became bestie after visiting their dorms a lot,, you call yourselves as the sunshine protector duo

    You help each other out whenever one is having a hard time in college coz honestly it's really draining, but y'all give each other courage AND HUGS,, He shows you his preserved beetles collection "Let's go picnic sometime, so that we can catch butterflies and beetles for you projects" TACKLES YOU WITH KISSES COZ HE COULDN'T ASK FOR MORE

    You make sure that he doesn't skips his class and makes sure he eats cause you know how tired he is after lab hours and lectures,, Beomgyu swears you guys are weird for capturing insects and y'all chase after him with a beetle on hand hehe,, Taehyun swears he hears your name a lot whenever Kai sleeps he's like *barf* couples, but deep down just get this man a lover too.

    KAI IN A LAB COAT WITH GOGGLES ON DANG WAT A SIGHT, whenever you see him you just feel so proud of him cuz you know your boyfriend will be succesful in whatever he does,, You know he's a music prodigy but you never heard him sing,, and when he sang to you for your monthsary you swear you just heard an angel singing ;-;

    You get to meet his family over the breaks, you were quite nervous because you don't know if they will like you,, [cue in the "Oh Soobin I like you! meme] they all love you and was thankful that Kai has someone like you <3

    The Huening sisters love you more than Kai which makes him happy because his family loves you. You swore that they made you feel so safe and you were really grateful that you met and have Kai in your life <3

    "Hey yn wanna see Kai's embarassing videos as a kid-" "HUeniNg bAhiYYih DONT U DARE"

    General Taglist: @erynandreaaa @00-baejin-05 @definitelynotcesia @btxtreads

    Other members: Yeonjun | Soobin | Beomgyu | Taehyun | Huening Kai

    #txt aus#txt ff#txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt fluff#txt drabbles#txt headcanons#txt reactions #huening kai au #huening kai imagines #hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai fluff #huening kai headcanons #tomorrow x together headcanons #tomorrow x together imagines
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  • nobodydean
    06.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    always on my give dean a breakdown agenda but literally i would’ve forgiven him for everything if he had. i basically already do but oh if i’d seen him bust up one more hotel room for the road and then collapse on his knees full blown sobbing hyperventilating gasping out that he couldn’t do it and giving up. babe it would all be over

    #give dean a breakdown give dean a breakdown! the man has spent fifteen years going through every terrible thing imaginable give my guy some #catharsis already!! #txt
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  • yeonyeonyeonjun
    06.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    ɪ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ

    pairing: yeonjun x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 320

    warning: none

    a/n: this is sort of based on how i feel during my exams and shit like that. tho i don't have a yeonjun to comfort me :/


    It was late at night. The moon shined bright through the window, being the only light in the darkroom. The ceiling fan is the only background noise except your sniffles. You rubbed your eyes, trying to get rid of the tears.

    He pulled you closer to him, holding you as you cried some more. Your back was pressed against his front as his arms were wrapped around you tightly, bringing all the comfort you ever needed.

    You had just had the worst day of your life. The test you had been studying for ages was finally over, but you couldn't help but think that you had messed up. What was worse was that you didn't know who to call other than your best friend that you were sure you were in love with.

    So here you were, him holding you, placing kisses on your temple, cheek, and sometimes in the crook of your neck. You tried to not feel anything about it, knowing he only sees you as his friend.

    "It will be fine yn, I know it. I know you." He whispers, his breath hot at the tip of your ears.

    "But I don't know. I don't know anything anymore." You say as another sob escapes past your lips.

    "I know I love you," Yeonjun says as he pulls you even closer, placing a kiss on your cheek.

    "What?" You manage to whisper, ignoring how loud your heart was beating.

    "I love you, yn. I always have. You are going to ace this like the little nerd I know you are." He says, looking in your eyes with adoration. You wipe your tears away as you smile wide at him.

    "I know I love you too, Yeonjun." You say, smiling wide at him as he pulls you in a hug.

    The two of you stay that way, in the darkness surrounded by the warmth you shared with the other.



    #txt#txt reactions#txt post#txt yeonjun#txt icons#yeonjun drabbles#yeonjun angst#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun fanfic #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun imagine#yeonjun#yeonjun blurbs#choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun fanfic #choi yeonjun fluff #choi yeonjun drabbles #choi yeonjun scenarios #choi yeonjun angst #choi yeonjun au #choi yeonjun timestamps #choi yeonjun txt
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  • emotrait
    06.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i think that the fact that sometimes i can be a strong 8/10 DESPITE the fact that i dont even have my ears pierced is. a feat to be proud of

    #i just never get AROUND TO GETTING ANYTHING DONE #like the prequel tattoo ive been wanting for years #txt#dl #imagine how hot id be if i did get everything I wanted
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  • lemon-boy-stan
    06.12.2021 - 15 hours ago


    Beomgyu slammed the TV remote and the screen flickered to black.

    He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

    There had been so many kids who'd gone missing this Summer, and now, all of a sudden, they start caring that his friends are gone?

    It would be fine if they had a search party or something, but did they really have to accuse him of abduction and possible murder?

    Sure, he might be the only one of his friends left, and he might be giving the police all kinds of leads, but surely they couldn't think he was able to kidnap five teenagers?

    God knows he could be next!

    summary: derry, maine, 1989. there have been a collection of missing persons cases, but that doesn't stop the losers club from having fun. y/n and her friends are determined to have a good time, and nothing is going to get in their way. genre: fluff, crack, it 2017 au. pairing: choi beomgyu x reader

    prev <- next -> series masterlist -> series playlist -> add yourself to the taglist! (or send an ask to be tagged)

    tags: @fictional-character-whore; @fourthirtyone-am; @wooyukh; @sweetrainwrites; @pinkheadflowers; @wonclusion; @wh4txium1n; @yolk-ashi; @kac-chowsballs; @chillfilms; @epiphany-beom; @erosoobin; @soobin-chois; @ibunnyw0n; @the7thcrow; @solarswonderland; @yeonwon; @biuebinnie; @strawbrinkofdeath; @jenowithjaem

    #tomorrow x together #txt#txt smau #tomorrow x together smau #txt imagines#txt fluff#beomgyu#choi beomgyu #beomgyu x reader #beomgyu fluff#beomgyu scenario#beomgyu smau #beomgyu social media au #txt social media au #LO$ERS. CBGYU
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  • stewy
    06.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    uhh if stewy was there kendall wouldn't have attempted suicide. just saying

    #.txt #like.. he would have one person at a wedding can you imagine having no one at a wedding #kendall roy
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  • blu-joons
    06.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Overworking ~ Choi Soobin

    Your eyes immediately went wide as you watched Soobin’s body tumble to the floor in the blink of an eye, darting up and out of your chair. The whole room fell silent as you ran across to where he laid out in the middle of the room, kneeling down beside his head, barely able to look down at him.

    The rest of the boys all stepped back in panic as you took your jacket off and placed it underneath his head. Once you had taken in a deep breath and composed yourself, you turned back to look at all of the boys, requesting all of the things that you knew Soobin would need from them.

    It had felt like the inevitable with how exhausted Soobin had been over the last few days, but him collapsing was never something that you thought would actually happen, glancing down at him so peaceful, completely unaware of the scare that he had given to everyone else around him.

    “Please, just wake up,” you whispered down to him.

    You remained by Soobin’s side, waiting for his body to find the energy to stir again, whilst the boys all came over one by one having found the things that you asked for. After a few minutes, a faint groan came from Soobin as his body slowly stirred, eyes flickering open.

    “Take it easy,” you immediately spoke up, resting your hand against Soobin’s arm to encourage him to take it slow. He could barely open his eyes up properly as he looked up to see the ceiling, and then to his left to where you sat by your side.

    A faint smile appeared on his face of apology as he met your eyes, seeing the concern in an instant. A sigh soon came from him though when the realisation sunk in as to what had happened, still feeling the aches across his body from how tired he was.

    “Are you alright?” You anxiously asked, studying him closely, checking over as much as you could.

    Soobin’s head shook as he remembered what he was in the middle of, placing his hands down onto the cold floor of the practice room to pull himself up. Your head shook, but Soobin refused to listen, positioning himself so that he was sat up properly, smiling apologetically to everyone else too.

    “Lay back down, give your body a moment,” you asked of him, sensing the guilt that was beginning to kick in for him by the look in his eyes. The group were busy, and Soobin collapsing was only going to extend the time that they were going to have to be in the studio for.

    “I’ve got to get up and get dancing again,” Soobin tried to tell you, but before he could move, the other four boys sat with the two of you on the floor too, refusing to budge as they silently let Soobin know that you were right, he needed to rest.

    Once he found himself cornered in, Soobin began to give his protest up, nodding his head to let everyone know that he understood what was being asked of him.

    “Have a drink and just take a moment to relax,” you suggested, picking up the bottle of water that Beomgyu had bought to you. “All of you have been working so hard, but you’re doing too much, you can’t carry on like this when this is the consequence of it.”

    “We’ve got to get the routine done to perform at the charity event next week,” Soobin reminded you, taking a small sip from the water bottle, “we’re going to be here all night now.”

    “We can go again tomorrow,” Yeonjun interjected, “the only thing you should be doing is sleeping.”

    “What about you guys?” Soobin asked, but each of the boys agreed with Yeonjun too, “we need to make the most of the time that we have. Give me five minutes and I’ll be up on my feet again.”

    Their heads all shook as Taehyun glanced across at the clock, noticing just how late it was. You had been at the studio visiting for hours, and you didn’t even arrive until you had finished your day at work, allowing it to settle in for Soobin as to just how long they had all been working, and at what a scarily intense pace that work was done at too.

    Before he could protest with anyone, the four boys all stood up from the floor, making their way over to the row of chairs at the side of the room, placing their coats on and picking their bags up too, throwing them over their shoulders.

    “We’re going home now, and the two of you should too,” Kai spoke across to Soobin, “we’ve got plenty of time, leaving a little bit early today isn’t going to do us any harm.”

    “Get a good sleep in you, that’s the best thing you can do for this routine now,” Taehyun added.

    “They’re right,” you laughed as Soobin’s eyes looked across to you, “you’ve collapsed Soobin, I think it’s about time that you start listening to your body a little more.”

    His head nodded, bidding goodnight to the four boys as they left the studio, giving the two of you some space. As Soobin went to stand, you reached out and stopped him, encouraging Soobin to continue to take it easy for a while.

    “Just relax for a few more moments, you’re overworking.”

    “The longer we spend here, the less time I get in my bed,” Soobin joked, “that’s all that I want.”

    “That’s the first time I’ve heard you say that in a long time,” you smiled in reply, stunned by the new attitude in him. “But I still think you should give yourself five minutes, wait until you’re absolutely ready to be back on your feet.”

    “I’m lucky you were here tonight, I’d be a bit stuck if I’d have passed out just with those four looking after me,” Soobin gently laughed, “I’d probably be in the back of an ambulance right now with how much they all panic.”

    “They care,” you reminded him, taking a hold of his hand, “as do I. I know how much all of this means to you, but you’ve got to start listening to your body Soobin, you can’t keep pushing tiredness aside and treating it as something that’s unimportant.”

    “I think I’ve learnt that the hard way today.”

    Your head nodded back at him as he let go of a sigh, stretching his legs out properly to try and wake them back up again. “I get that you want this routine to be perfect, but you’re going to be no good for anyone if you go up on that stage half asleep, you could have passed out on the stage, or in the middle of the street too.”

    Your words were a huge reminder for Soobin of how important it was that he took care of his body. The group meant the world to him, but as his incident had shown him tonight, his health was a lot more important than all of that.

    “My car is parked downstairs, so we don’t even have to walk home tonight either,” you smiled, “you can just lay back and sleep whilst I drive you home.”

    “Thank you for always taking care of me Y/N.”

    Your head shook back at him as you stood up from the floor, offering your hand out for Soobin to take as he tried to do the same. “You do a terrible job of looking after yourself, so I’ve got to look after you for you.”

    The smile on Soobin’s face grew, “I promise that from now on I will do a better job of taking care of myself Y/N.”

    “If not for me, then do it for the group, please.”

    “I promise,” he agreed, “something like that will never happen again.”

    “I hope so, you gave everyone quite the fright.”



    #txt#txt imagine#soobin#soobin imagine#choi soobin #choi soobin imagine #txt reaction#txt scenario#txt soobin#txt drabble #txt one shot #txt fluff#soobin scenario#soobin reaction #soobin one shot #soobin drabble#soobin fluff #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together imagine #tomorrow x together soobin #kpop#kpop imagine
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  • gorechoi
    06.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    iii. diary of a wimpy kid.


    prev . masterlist . next

    FUN FACTS. taehyun has two original songs on soundcloud. soobin has his left arm covered in tattoos and a tongue piercing. salem originally started as an independent band and only the past year got signed into a label.
    warnings. mentions of drugs (as a joke). swearing as per usual. *typo on the 8th pic : “came over”.

    taglist ( open! ) — @junluvr @delicateflowersaestheticpony @belovedgyus @helianthes @beom1e @spinstersisters @txtville @jejenono-ren @yoonsupremacy @pessimist-sky @bigtittietoji @txitzy @milkycloudtyg @en-sun

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  • iyeonjuni
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    casted // chapter 4: gold digger

    prev / masterlist / next

    taglist [OPEN]: @luvrbin @fairybinie @txitzy @love-hyuka @junityy @tulips4u @myluv-yeonjun @hoshi4k @i6hoons @minhyunct @chloracha @scintillasofbeomgyu @99swinwin @ifwtyun @pr0dbeomgyu @nyujjan @txtville @day6andetcetera @paralumanniluna @beombon @pinkheadflowers @butterflx @rjsmochii @blank-velvet @belovedgyus @odxrilove @soobin-chois @ahnneyong @yeonyeonyeonjun @rinyx @hobistigma @gyuulvr @helianthes @prettygirlchaee @milkycloudtyg @enhacolor @gorechoi @clarakyunisageek @stray-bi-kids @bubblejunnies @grassbutneo @bamnamgyu @makiswrld @marsophilia @juoirs @beomkihao @nshitae @lilacarat @dekusgirl @beomgyugyu @bbhsblog

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  • youthdrugabuse
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    some jokes write themselves man 💀😂

    #.txt #amarris.txt #no. i don’t feel bad for laughing. #imagine how many ppl kept love ones in their care from getting vaccinated bc of anti vax lies and ended up indirectly #killing them or themselves. #most of who are disabled/caters of disabled (who should know better!! jesus.)
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  • pink-blushers
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    STALKER ; ch. 2 ー again?

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    words: 0.3k ; there’s some written part here hoho

    masterlist ; prev // next

    “Y/N!!!!” someone shouted from across the room.

    “gosh, jake stop shouting, it’s not like y/n gone missing or something” hitomi rolled her eyes

    “my teacher just told me we’ll perform together again after your concert next month!” he said excitedly

    “Really?”, the boy nodded his head in excitement

    “ay Jake, you coming? sunghoon probably mad if we’re taking too much time” jay shouted from outside of the class

    “yeah, wait for me”, he then turned his head to face y/n again, “alright see you again i guess?”

    “yup, see you jakey” y/n nod her head slowly and smiled, jake ruffled her hair

    “for god sakes, you two are in the same class,” minju pushed jake away, “you’ll see each other again after lunch so now go”

    jake dashed to jay, with him still staring at y/n with bright smiles. you can hear a loud thud, he probably hit a table or something judging by his small whimper. the other 3 let out a loud sigh,

    “minju don’t be too harsh on him,” y/n laughed, holding her friends arm trying to calm her down, “you know how excited jake is when it comes to performing”

    minju let out a groan, no y/n he’s excited because he can spend more time with you

    “he’s just a bit too loud sometimes you know”, well y/n do agree with this one so she giggled and nod her head

    “okay so what’s today agenda?” nako asked, while opening her deliciously packed lunch box

    “cheer practice after school, can i have this?” hitomi pointed out the octopus shaped sausages in nako’s lunch box, nako then gave one to her.

    the girls start exchanging stories about their current activities these days. y/n smiled while listening to their stories, finally a pretty normal day after awhile. she doesn’t have piano lessons today, her piano lessons is a bit… tiring these days. especially her last lesson. she keeps playing in the wrong tempo and ms yoon is probably irritated by it, she didn’t really show it but her eyes do. of course she spends her weekend practicing, and probably today too… after keeping up with her studies, she probably gonna spend the rest of her day practicing.

    well, that’s until her phone buzzed. an incoming mails from ms. yoon. without even opening it, y/n already know what the text is about. she closed her eyes and sigh silently.

    jay would call this “the series of jake being the most obvious person and y/n being the oblivious person on earth”, yup clearly happened not just once or twice

    jake and jay spend their lunch with heeseung and sunghoon, usually near the school’s field

    y/n and her friends packed their own lunch most of the time! they like to steal each other foods too

    and looks like taehyun notice someone is following him, and yes he still let that pass…

    taglist (open!): @navsnct @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers @ilvaussie @summery-bat

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  • i1bin
    06.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    late night calls with yeonjun were nothing new when he wasn’t with you.

    he’d pick up the phone to you rambling on and on about how you can’t sleep.. of course, being the good friend he is, he’d always offer to stay up with you until you grow tired. 

    and you’d do exactly that, words mumbling as you keep trying to talk about your week. 

    but the talking would come to a sudden stop after a few minutes of.

    yeonjun talking about his own week, not realizing you were sleeping like a little puppy on the other side of the phone.

    “y/n? you there?”  ...  “g’nite, hope you’re sleeping well.”

    it always ends the same way, 

    yeonjun lazily hanging up the phone with his eyes heavy. a soft smile spreading across his face since he knew you were getting the rest you deserved. he’d finally go into his own little dreamland after setting his phone down.

    #yeonjun #yeonjun x reader #yeonjun fluff #tomorrow x together #tomorrow x tomorrow #tomorrow x together fluff #txt#txt imagines#txt fluff#txt reactions #txt x reader #yeonjun go night night
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  • tenderfrailty
    06.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    nuevo comienzo: a tenderfrailty collab

    a new year means a lot of things: new opportunities, new experiences, new beginnings.

    but it can also mean the end of some things: the end of a cycle, the end of what we thought would last forever, the end of what cannot go back to what it was last year.

    nuevo comienzo means new beginnings.

    what do you picture this 2022 will bring to these characters?


    will close on DEC 31!


    Hello! I’m excited to announce my first ever collaboration, just to give us all a little something to look forward to in 2022. Any author is welcome to join! There will be 69 slots open (the number is not intentional I swear), following the number of members of the groups I stan, which are BTS, NCT, STRAY KIDS, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN. They will be given in the common first come first serve method. I will let you know through a direct message after you fill out the form application if the member you applied for is still available. In the case that they weren’t, I would let you choose for another if you would be up for it!

    The overall theme is NEW YEAR and what it could possibly mean for some people: new beginnings maybe, or the beginning of an end; a friendship? a romance? it is up to you! as long as it is within the broad concept of what makes the start of the year a turn of a new story – or a continuation perhaps. There are no prompts given, for what I intend with this is for you to let your already amazing imagination and creativity flourish with the incredible stories you will create! This is hosted with the intention to show off how incredible you are, and that no matter what, you will always be appreciated here in my humble blog <3

    To participate, please read the rules below first carefully, and then fill out the form at the end!


    𖧷꙳໋͙ THE RULES

    ⌕ Minors and adults are welcome to participate alike, but MINORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WRITE ANYTHING REMOTELY NSFW, and the most suggestive thing I will allow is making out and slight touching, meaning only slightly suggestive content will be allowed, NOTHING ELSE.

    ⟜ On the topic of smut and such, ONLY those who are 20+ in international age will be accepted to publish nsfw works.

    ⟜ Smut will NOT be allowed for: Jisung (NCT), Sunoo (ENHA), Jungwon (ENHA), and Niki (ENHA).

    ⌕ Warnings about the content of the story MUST be stated at the beginning. The “read for more” icon is mandatory after the 500 word count, which includes the general aspects of the post (meaning paring, summary, genre, etc.) first key: make me

    ⌕ No dark concepts or stories will be allowed. Meaning, no yandere.

    ⌕ The intro of the story must include: paring/s, genres, word count, and warnings. Anything else you’d like to include is up to you.

    ⌕ There is no minimum nor maximum word count.

    ⌕ NOT ALLOWED: r@pe, su!c1d3, d!scrimin4t10n, y4nd3rℇ, g0r3. Come on guys, let’s not make 2022 that dark, okay? second key: want a

    ⌕ The most a story can be is a one shot, no series will be allowed.

    ⌕ Member x member, member x oc x member, and poly fics will be accepted!

    ⟜ For fics that involve 2 or more members, since in the form I added the ‘poly’ option for every group, this will mean that ONLY ONE PERSON will write a poly fic for whichever group they choose.

    ⌕ Submissions will be accepted all throughout JANUARY, but the FINAL DAY is JANUARY 31. Since the purpose of this collab is about the new year, and even in January we’re all getting accustomed to it, that will be the final date for the submission. If there’s an event that truly prevents you from uploading the story at the given final date, an exception will be granted if you wish so. third key: new life

    ⌕ YOU MUST REBLOG THIS POST if you want to join and take a slot before sending the application form. Hopefully to get more authors to join!


    You have to be following me! I’ll be checking!

    Reblog this post.

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    5 slots available!

    PARK JIMIN -> @fluffyydumplings

    JEON JUNGKOOK -> @jungkooksbroski

    POLY -> @jayhopely

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    LEE DONGHYUCK -> @lettertothesoul

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    CHOI YEONJUN -> @jungkooksbroski

    CHOI BEOMGYU -> @faiiriegyuu

    POLY (TAEHYUN & HUENINGKAI) -> @traxxmatic

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    JEONG YUNHO -> @fciryhj

    6 slots available!

    JAKE SIM -> @emeraldenha

    YANG JUWON -> @gongiz

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  • zinccalli
    06.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    wip i guess *throws up

    (do not reblog please and thank you if that is ok :])

    #all the wonky stuff i will fix later MY TABLET IS AT 20% #i also might scrap or give up on this cause It Kinda Sucks and doesn't look like how i imagined it all but.. idk ToT #cdrm is supposed to be doing the like. #the hand motion where you bend all your finger joints at once like the halloweeny hand motion #unfortunately i cannot draw hands and do not attempt to ♥️ #.txt #art
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