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  • 4oh3dotzip
    16.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    anyway i would absolutely love it if transphobes can make a sentence that actually makes sense i cannot understand a word they are saying

    #og#txt #imagine being so sad you hate on people that have no impact in ur life and have a 3rd grade writing level #with a bonus of 2nd grade level science and reading comprehension
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  • euryalex
    16.06.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    the mcu doesn’t have a single good theme. the amazing spider-man 2 the electro suite on the other hand...

    #💜.txt #Text #imagine another company owning YOUR character and TREATING IT BETTER #imagine being that much of a fuck up!!!!
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  • inkmaze
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    omg.. wait... that diy moss rug.. in combo w these little knitted mushrooms I saw a pattern for... omg.... the dream....

    #txt #i dont need another project but can u IMAGINE..... #i think the mushroom pattern may have been free too so even better ..... #craft inspo
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  • lilhana3
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • evannotoven
    16.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    [TXT + Love Live!]

    Soobin as Hanayo Koizumi

    “The ocean is great. When I look at it, my worries that seemed so big become small.”
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  • stay-midnight
    16.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    so im gonna answer asks tomorrow since im too sleepy- its like 3am here i swear ill answer if i dont you guys can attack me with pitchforks. Anyways, I’m opening requests again! I will only take the 3 requests tho and i dont want to have to get stressed. Plus, they will be an upcoming series this September if possible and i need to plan that out! a

    So yeah, Requests Opened! Gimme yall imaginations, remember to read the rules though!

    The 3 requests will be announced tomorrow!

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  • ghostingtrackone
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    two halves of one heart - hueningkai

    pairing: hueningkai x gn!reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 1.1k

    summary: with success comes more time spent apart, but you understood this though. hueningkai? refused to let you forget he was there, even if he does it in the ways he shouldn’t

    prompt: #24 - “i don’t need money, all i need is you”

    note: i’m finally back! i’m so happy i got to write hueningkai fluff! enjoy <3

    being heuningkai’s childhood friend has always held a special place in your heart. you’ve watched him develop into his full potential and only wish for him to unleash more of it. from him showing you the songs he wrote on the piano in elementary to him showing you his first album after he finally debuted, you admire his growth the most.

    you always let him know how proud you are of him as you go to cheer him on as much as you can. and if you don’t get to, you still celebrate by spending the day together at the park you two grew up at and talking until dawn. it’s what a genuine friend does, and you’ve never doubted that he supports what you do just as much.

    as more success comes along for him, you spend weeks apart at a time. you miss him, but this only makes you appreciate the days you get to see him even more. you might be okay with times like these, but he feels like you might think he’s pushing you away. so to make up for this, he tries to go all out. he takes you to amusement parks, wins you all of these prizes, he gives you gifts whenever you’re together, he’ll even rent out a whole theatre to watch a movie that you were excited for with you. you know this is just him trying to show his appreciation, but you weren’t materialistic or conditioned to accept somebody doing the most for you. if anything, it made you uncomfortable because you felt as if you were taking advantage of his success. and you couldn’t do that even if you tried your hardest.

    he comes over to your place and when you open the door, he’s dressed up very elegantly. you let him in and ask, “kai. why are you dressed in a suit at 4 pm on a monday?”

    “i have the day off and i made us reservations at the restaurant i told you about. they’re at 6, so you should get ready.”

    you try your best to hold back a groan and you slightly pout. “why are you doing this?”

    he furrows his brows. “why not? why can’t i treat you to a nice dinner? you deserve it, y/n.”

    “no, kai. i mean why have you been doing things like this for me the past month? you’ve been showering me with gifts and always taking me out. i really appreciate everything you do for me, but you know how i am. i cannot keep accepting all of this!”

    “but i want you to. listen, you’ve been there for me since we were kids. you’ve always supported me in not only my career but whenever i have the days when i’m emotionally exhausted. even when i feel happy, you’re there. i know we have our separate lives, but i don’t like knowing that i may come off as if i’m pushing you away. after over 10 years of friendship how can i? we’ve-”

    “you don’t have to worry about that, kai. you’re not pushing me away. i would never let you.” you smile at him and take his arm in your hands to help him relax from the rant he was about to go on. “i’m understanding, remember? you always tell me it’s your favorite thing about me. and my favorite thing about you isn’t stemmed from the materialistic...” you trail off as you start to get a bit nervous.

    he looks at you and you look away. “what are you trying to say, y/n?”

    then the feelings you’ve been trying to avoid start to slowly wash over you. yes, kai was your best friend but you’re not going to deny that maybe you wanted something more than that. could it be that everytime you see him after long periods, your heart flutters? or could it be that he always tries his best to take care of you, even if he does it wrong?

    you sigh and look up at him. “what i’m trying to say is, i don’t need money. all i need is you. whenever we say goodbye, i always look forward to the next time i see you. yes, i miss you playing songs on the piano for me. yes, i miss the days of excitement when you debuted. but we’ve only been creating more memories kai, despite not being together everyday like we used to. and aside from that, i love seeing you on tv and giving the performances of your life. you never changed with me. so please don’t think that you have to make up for something that’s out of your control, because you never fail to make me feel cared for. that’s something that cannot be bought.”

    from the outer perspective, it couldn’t be more obvious that he has strong feelings for you, and it goes beyond friendship. but to you he was simply being hueningkai, always thoughtful and loyal at heart. his actions can’t mean that he likes you as more than a friend... right?

    at this point you’re looking down again, your face a bit hot. he lifts your chin up so you could look at him and says, “i hope you know that you are deserving of appreciation. i could show you all forms of it, if you’d let me?”

    you look at him and open your mouth slightly in shock. he almost giggles at your reaction. “if i let you what?-“

    “if you let me show you more forms of appreciation as more than just your friend. as more than someone you’ve known since you were young. as more than someone who can’t stop counting down the days to see you everytime you leave them…” he loses his train of thought after looking in your eyes and now you’re both blushing.

    “kai…” you say after a minute of thinking about how you both got to this position. was it always meant to be like this? were you supposed to end up with him in the end? that’s what it felt like. and the only ending you’re thinking about is how this is something you don’t want to reach it. “i’d love for you to show me.”

    he lights up and he feels his nerves simmer down, almost at the same pace your heart does. “i promise i’ll try my best to not go overboard sometimes…” he giggles shyly.

    “mmm sometimes?” you giggle too, and you bring him in for a hug. “all you need to promise me is that you’ll stay here with me and that you’ll play the piano for me from time to time.”

    “i’ll play the piano for you as many times as you want.” he kisses your forehead and somehow it naturally feels like it’s what he should have been doing all along.

    #tomorrow x together #hueningkai #kai kamal huening #txt imagine#txt scenario #hueningkai x reader #txt x y/n #txt x reader #txt fluff#hueningkai fluff
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  • fomu
    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    whenever i find a gross blog on here, in my head i think "i wonder if [redacted] interacts with them" and 9 times out of 10 they do

    #imagine surrounding yourself with such vile people 🤢 a normal person would never #☆.TXT
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  • dreamlikequality
    16.06.2021 - 9 hours ago


    me: wow uh oh. i need to ground before i get funny ideas again!


    me: by daydreaming <3

    #.txt #no joke if something is clearly fiction compartmentalized i ground on it as if it was reality #but it does just sound so funny #like ah yes im grounding from my imagination by using my imagination #remind you of anyone? @ a certain pair of eyes
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  • snezhnayah
    16.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    dni w me if u use interactive map to look for shit like the anemo and geoculous

    #i could never bc imagine pulling up an entire map just to find that shit 😁 #itd make the game x10 times more boring for me #i like roaming around and running into them <3 #i say this as if i don’t need to lvl my anemo statue to lvl 9 while im at 7 #🐋.txt
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  • pufflix
    16.06.2021 - 15 hours ago


    pairing: choi beomgyu x gn!reader

    wc: 0,3k

    genre: fluff, comedy, boyfriend!au, drabble

    summary: prompt 19 “are you even listening to me?” “no but if it’s any consolation, you’re really pretty.”

    tw: one (1) peck, tickling

    note: part of ficscafe’s dialogue prompt event! pic from here

    networks: @ficscafe @multifandomnet @k-dinernet


    “You’ll never believe what happened at the dorm this morning,” your boyfriend starts as soon as he sits on the couch. “I thought Kai was going to slap me into oblivion but Soobin hyung saved me…”

    You try to listen, you really do, but Beomgyu’s eyes are sparkling as he animatedly narrates his anecdote and you guess you’re too fond of him because you start daydreaming inadvertently.

    “…and I’ve never felt this relieved than when Kai put down the frying pan.”

    Beomgyu expects an answer from you, but you’re so lost in his eyes that you don’t realize he’s finished yet.


    Daydreaming about your boyfriend isn’t rare, but usually he isn’t right in front of you while doing so. He brings a hand up and shakes it slowly in front of your face while you imagine yourself kissing his soft cheeks and cuddling him on the couch, or reading a book as he gently falls asleep on your bed.

    Wait. You are on the couch with your boyfriend, who happens to conveniently be within your hug range.

    “Are you even listening to me?”

    “No, but if it’s any consolation, you’re really pretty.” You wink to smooth him up a little bit more.

    Beomgyu can’t help the giggle escaping his lips because his lover (you) is too cute and he’s too deep in love to be mad at you for this. So he leans forward, gives you a peck, leans back and smiles sweetly.

    You treasure the sight for a few seconds before taking him into a tight hug. “I might have stopped listening after you sat down, was it thrilling?”

    “Not that much, but do tell me about your day, love. I’d love to hear about it.”

    You let go of him with a sheepish smile but his genuine grin encourages you to answer. “Nothing special happened, except I ate lunch with a friend and watered my plants.”

    “I’m sorry, what did you say?” he asks in a jaunty voice, pretending he didn’t hear.

    You roll your eyes but accept his tease because, well, it’s deserved. Doesn’t stop you from shoving him further into the couch to tickle him, though.

    #ficscafe#kdiner#multifandomnet#choi beomgyu#txt #tomorrow x together #scenarios#imagine#drabble#blurbs #txt x reader #txt beomgyu #choi beomgyu x reader #gender neutral reader #fluff#comedy#humor#event#boyfriend au #boyfriend!beomgyu
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  • catgirlerismorn
    16.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    i really want honey toast but i don't own a toaster this is a tragedy

    #i don't own one bc i usually hate toast i think it is boring #also because honey is Expensive and i'm allergic to a lot of it #imagine being allergic to honey. cringe #it's not a 'true' allergy i just have REALLY bad pollen allergies #and enough of that is in a lot of honey here that it makes me react #which is just so cringe #.txt #i look at my allergies just like wow that's cringe #IMAGINE dying to a peanut. a legume. that's peak cringe
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  • lilhana3
    16.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    ships are now open! ships for boy groups such as treasure, the boyz, stray kids, enhypen, txt and more are open! I’ve limited the groups and have stopped doing ships for monsta x and golden child. look at my rules before requesting if you need to know what to write!

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  • jinnie-forthe-winnie
    16.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Taehyun fluff

    Word count:

    Sana had taken her seat at the front of the class beside her best friends, Hyuna and May. Her friends handing her a snack the had been raving about all week from the vending machine.

    Popping one of the cookie balls in her mouth she looks at the schedule on the board. It seemed as per usual, except there was a long work period in the part of the day.

    “They are good” Sana says pleasing her friends with her answer.

    “Well I guess this could be a new weekly treat for us!” May says stealing the snack bag from Sana, taking half the contents of the bag in her hand. Sana rolls her eyes and turn to her friends Hyuna who was doodling in her own world.

    “Hey Earth To Hyuna!” Sana says tapping her pen down near her page. She successfully gets her friends attention.

    “What project are we working on today?” Sana asks worried she forgot one.

    “Probably a new one, and looks likes it is in pairs.” She says pointing to the numbers going down the chalkboard, 13, the exact split of the class.

    “Damn it, I’m the one left out this time aren’t I?” Sana asks exasperated.

    “Yes you are, sucks to suck doesn’t it Sana” May happily calls from her other side.

    “Hey don’t use my sayings against me!” She cries back with a pouty face. May brings her hand up and pats her chin.

    “I’m sorry my baby.” She says bringing a pout to her own face. Rolling her eyes she then slouches in her chair, upset over having to find a new partner.

    It normally meant she would have to work with one of the dumb kids, or the super shy kids, which never made a good duo for her since she already was shy.

    The only other people she would be willing to work with is Huening Kai and Taehyun. Although Taehyun is pushing it, do to her big fat crush on him. Huening Kai would definitely be the better of the two. But that wasn’t going to happen, the two were always a pair. The two are seen together all the time, probably due to them both being in a boy group.

    The first half of the day goes by without any hitches. But now that is the the fourth quarter of the day Sana is getting nervous about her partner. She never normally liked working with other people, but she knew that it wasn’t an option in this class since the teacher was very strict about it.

    Her friends trade places so Sana is on the far right, and May is in the middle. This allows the two to be first to pick. The teacher had always done the same picking process, starting from the first desk she moves like a snake asking for your partner. This is probably why most of the shy people sat in the very back left corner. If it weren’t for her friends Sana would be sitting with them too.

    “Well students, I will explain the new project and then you will get all paired up.” The teacher says gaining attention of the class. “You are to make a presentation about a pop culture icon, and explain effects they had on their industry, their culture, and any ideas or causes they believe in. A full description and outline will be found online. This will be due next week on Friday.” She ends her speech and moves to the chalkboard, calling out the first students name.

    The project seems easy enough, there are plenty of options, and plenty that you knew a lot about. You had no idea who would be your partner so you planned on passing once it got to you.

    “Hyuna and I are a pair” May calls out after her name was called. The teacher writes their names and moves on to Huening Kai who sits directly behind you all along with Taehyun.

    “Huening Kai?” The teacher yells out.

    “Han and I are a pair” he calls out to the teacher. Sana’s head spins around in confusion to Huening Kai, not taking the chance to look at Taehyun.

    From beside Sana the two girls giggle trying not to look at her. “What’s so funny” Sana asks laying her down on her desk looking at her friends faces.

    “Nothing, just thank us later, and thank Huening as well.” Hyuna says winking at Sana.

    “What are you talking about?” She asks confused.

    “Taehyun?” The teacher calls out. His face is red as he gets ready to reply.

    “Ah I’m pairing up with Sana” he says, Sana head turns around this time going to Taehyun. His face was tomato red, which is the colour Sana’s would be soon.

    “Your welcome” Hyuna and May say as Sana turns back and sets her head on the desk.

    “I hate both of you” she says annoyed, yet almost thankful, not that she’d let her friends now that.

    “You won’t be saying that will you start snogging next week” Hyuna replies quietly.

    “Two things, I won’t be snogging him, and you need to stop reading Harry Potter, who says snogging!” Sana whisper yells over to her.

    “Oh shove off” Hyuna says successfully making them all laugh.

    Not even ten minutes later Sana is standing beside Taehyun in the hallway off to the library. Both silent as they walk together. As they enter the library Taehyun makes for the computers, but stops as he feels an arm grab his upper arm.

    He softly turns to loon at her, her hand is pointing to a part of the library he’d never ventured. “It quiet back there and I have a laptop we can use instead” she says pulling his arm lightly towards the direction where she wants to go.

    Normally that spot was occupied by the trio, but the other two had gone to another part of the library letting Sana know that it’s all for her and Tae. As they pass through shelves of books, he noticed they are in the historical fiction section. The one section that hardly ever gets used, except for history projects, but only when you have to have a book reference.

    No one is in the aisles, Sana finds the back corner and let’s go of Taehyun. She sets her bag down, she grabs the shelf that is on wheels and moves it up. She moves her arm in a way that tells him to go inside. Behind the last tall book shelf there is a rather larger gap. There were cushions and some supplies obviously left by the trio from other projects.

    “We found this spot two years ago, be glad you’re the fourth person in here.” She says sitting down on the cushion, pulling out her laptop.

    “It’s nice back here” he says following along and sitting on a cushion.

    “We’ve slowly been bringing things back here to make it better, we’re just trying not to get caught and have it cleared out.” Sana says looking at him.

    “They should make this an actual book nook, it’s comforting” he says sliding the cushion over to beside her.

    “Yeah that can happen after we graduate, for now this is our spot” she says to him, he smiles at her and holds her gaze. The two hold eye contact for a moment before they both realize what they are doing.

    “Ah who would you like to the project on?” He asks her leaning back against the wall.

    “Maybe Bangtan, most people will do Western Artists so maybe we can have a project no one else is doing” she says fiddling with her keyboard. “If that is alright with you” she asks meeting his gaze once again.

    “Yeah, I could always see if I could ask them a few questions” he says.

    “Oh yeah I forgot your from the same company” she says smiling. “How is your group doing right now any way?”

    “We’re doing good, We are writing for our bee comeback for next year.” He says with a smile on his face. “I’ll give you a hint on one song, you know new rules?” She nods her head eagerly, “ well I suppose I wrote a sequel to it.” He smiles when he sees her clap her hands in excitement.

    “So it’s either, old rules, more rules, broken rules or maybe no rules!” She says happily, “you know new rules is by far my favourite song of yours right?” He nods, though he doesn’t tell her he wanted to make the song for her, since he had always heard her singing it around the school.

    By the start of the week they were both done the project, they were just waiting on Bts to send them a blurb for their presentation. Now that they were done they spent the work periods in the nook alone. Often times talking about his group and your dreams.

    He couldn’t help his feelings for Sana as she told him about why she wanted to be a teacher. She looked so happy talking about it, which made the smile grow on his face. Their moods seems to be based solely on the others mood.

    As Sana finished her story she noticed his genuine smile on his face looking at her. This made her blush and turn away looking at the bookshelf in front of them.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?” She asks him without looking at him.

    It is now his turn to blush, “i think its sweet how passionate you are about it, it makes me smile” he says putting his hand on her knee.

    This makes her turn back to him, her eyes meet his. They both slowly start leaning in without thinking. As they close in her eyes flutter closed as she waits for impact. He takes this as a chance to move his body to get a better angle, his right arm is holding him against the wall, his left hand going to the back of her head.

    Their lips hardly touch, for a couple seconds they hover over each others lips. Gaining confidence Taehyun moves his face forward enough for your lips to be fully planted against each other.

    Slowly their lips move together into a kiss, an awkward one since both of them have a big smile on their face. Once their smiles tame down they continue softly kissing in the back of the library.

    Breaking apart they look each other in the eyes, Sana breaks into a fit giggles seeing his silly smile on his face.

    “I know I should take you out dates before I ask you this, but would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asks moving his hand from the back of her head and down to her cheek.

    She nods and moves in to peck his lips, holding it for a moment before moving back. “Yes, I’d like to be your girlfriend Tae” she says putting her head onto his shoulder. His head moves and rests on hers.

    “Oh my god they were snogging May!” Hyuna’s voice comes from the other side of the bookshelf. Huening Kai, Hyuna, and May, all pop up from the ground and move to the moveable shelf, peering over to see the two. The couple blushes, she hides her face in his chest as he puts his face into her hair.

    “They’re so cute!” They all say high fiving each other.

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  • scr8fty
    16.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Hmmmm what if I draw and rig a whole model and make a whole set up and make a music playlist but never actually do the streaming

    #just <3 lemme imagine it #txt
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  • coochihas
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    #imagine me saying this in that 'mmm epcot ball' tiktok audio #idc aboht bb and i dont wanna know anything about it #but that lil undertaker guy is neat #.txt
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  • yeonieluvs
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    𝘁𝘅𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: 𝗮𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝗮𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝘁𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂

    requested: yes

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings & notes: insecurities (weight, smartness, clinginess etc.), mentions of bullying from the past (kinda..? huening’s part), crying, anxiety and stress :(, just a lot of emotions and comfort, not proofread, i fear this got kinda repetitive,, i had a long break from writing reactions but hopefully this is alright!!

    choi yeonjun

    you were just having a chill dinner with the members

    just happy to spend time together with your boyfriend and friends after their busy promotion schedules

    and then the comment slipped past huening’s lips

    “wow y/n, you must have been hungry to eat that much”

    yeonjun could immediately see both your and the maknae’s face falling

    huening hadn’t meant it, and yeonjun knew that

    but jjun still couldn’t help but frown, looking at his younger sternly 

    before turning to you with a worried expression and placing a hand on your thigh in comfort :(

    he’s a protective boyfriend 

    and that doesn’t change even if the comment comes from someone he’s close with

    he knew that you were insecure about your weight

    eating around others could be hard for you at times, because you feared that people would judge your eating habits

    and now huening had (albeit accidentally) done exactly that

    “i’m so sorry y/n i didn’t mean it that way”, huening is a sweetheart and would apologize immediately :(

    you’d just brush it off but yeonjun knew that it had made you feel bad,,

    and anything that hurt you? he would not let it go too easily

    wouldn’t bring it up for now, but after you had gone home he’d have a chat with huening and the others in a more serious setting

    and the next time you see him he’d be literally showering you with compliments :(

     peppering your face in kisses and just making sure you know how extremely much he loves you!

    jjunie would never let anyone get away (at least without a few stern words) with saying something hurtful to you, accident or not :( 

    choi soobin

    soobin had agreed to help you with your studies

    the current courses you had going on were way too complicated for your liking and you were beginning to get really stressed

    look, your boyfriend didn’t necessarily like studying 

    but he would go through it to spend more time with you and to help you out :(

    ...even though he began to regret his decision when it came to this one exercise

    no matter what either one of you did you just couldn’t get it right

    soobin could see you getting even more frustrated than him though, so he was going to propose a break before you completely burnt yourself out

    but taehyun happened to walk into the room in the middle of it, questioning what you two were struggling with

    against his better judgement, soobin let the younger take a look at the question, a sigh leaving his lips at his comment

    “you really didn’t know how to solve this?”

    taehyun was sarcastic and he loved to tease his friends, most of the time you were able to take it easily too, knowing that taehyun was just joking around

    but today was just not your day

    you couldn’t help the angry tears for bubbling in your eyes, the comment being too much for you to bear at the moment

    all you could hear was just “are you really so dumb you can’t even figure this out?”

    soobin was the leader for a reason, so he didn’t really hesitate in these situations despite usually being the shyer type

    he’d immediately make tyun apologize (even though he had probably noticed the reaction himself and said sorry already) before asking him to leave the room, just wanting to be alone with you for a while

    he’s a bit hurt that taehyun said something like that to you when obviously sensing how stressed the both of you were, but he also knew that it wasn’t anything he meant personally

    more than that he was just angry at himself for not making you take a break sooner, it really hurt him to see you being this anxious :(

    literally would not let you get back to working before you had calmed down, talked with him and taken a proper break

    in the future he’d be a lot more careful when it came to these things

    and also made sure that you knew how extremely smart and capable you were, even without knowing the perfect answer to every single exercise

    choi beomgyu

    it was your and beomgyu’s date night!

    you hadn’t been able to spend time with him in that kind of manner in a long time so you were super excited :(

    because of that giddiness you had even done the decision to doll up slightly, putting on your nicest outfit

    you were never really one to care too much for your fashion, preferring to go for comfort rather than looks

    besides, you always felt slightly awkward when dressing up well, almost like you didn’t really belong into the category that you tried to fit into

    tonight however, you felt fairly nice, happy smile gracing your lips as you made your way onto the dorms to meet up with gyu

    it was exactly the reaction you were looking for, pleasantly surprised face greeting you as your boyfriend looked at you up and down in wonder

    he wasn’t used to seeing you like this, and while he did find you beautiful no matter what it was a nice surprise :(

    what neither of you expected though, was yeonjun’s comment from inside the living room, the model looking over your way in surprise as well

    “I didn’t expect such a fancy outfit from you y/n!”

    it was innocent, actually meant more as a compliment but it still reminded you of your prior uncomfortableness, the way you usually didn’t want to dress up like this

    you bottled the feeling up though, just nodding your head before asking beomgyu if you could leave

    beomgyu knows you enough to know when you’re not feeling your best, however he wouldn’t pinpoint why your mood had dropped immediately

    it was only once you were at the restaurant eating your food that you mentioned it, his face falling even more as he understood :(

    literally wouldn’t stop complimenting you and how you looked tonight, his first instinct is always to make you feel better

    once he’s back at the dorms he would just be slightly confused on what to do though, since he wanted to bring it up with yeonjun but didn’t necessarily know how to

    he knows yeonjun didn’t mean it like that.. and he’s his friend y’know? 

    sometimes talking about more serious things especially when there’s a lighthearted conversation ongoing can be hard

    luckily the members know him well too, so if he wasn’t able to talk about it at first they would bring it up for him and present a situation for him to speak with yeonjun

    jjunie would be apologetic of course, saying sorry to both beomgyu and you once he saw you again next time :(

    kang taehyun

    comebacks were always a hard but a rewarding time

    on one hand it was amazing to see your boyfriend perform and do what he loved doing

    but it was also painful to be away from him for such long periods of time

    because you couldn’t spend much time together physically, you settled on texting and also facetiming whenever possible

    sometimes you felt guilty when seeing taehyun pick up your video calls, a tired smile on his face as he recounted to you the earlier happenings of the day while asking for your own set of news

    still, whatever you said he always pulled through and made sure he had even a bit of time for you, no matter how tired he was :(

    you appreciated it,, but you still couldn’t help but be a bit worried for him at times

    however you allowed yourself to be a little “selfish”, after all you missed him dearly and adored these little moments with him

    it was one of those nights when you were just talking to each other on the phone, softly laughing as he told you the stories of his members from the showcase that day

    but then beomgyu barged into the room and you could hear him beginning to say something before he interrupted himself

    “you’re talking to y/n again? how many nights has it been this week?”

    it was supposed to be light hearted teasing, but it was the middle of the night and you were tired

    that meant you were more easily affected and that questioning did not help your earlier feelings of guiltiness

    taehyun probably knew it as well, or maybe he was just annoyed by beomgyu too 

    but you could hear him saying something back to the older, slightly grumpy 

    before the door closed and beomgyu was presumably out

    “i choose to stay up with you, i wouldn’t be here if i didn’t want to”

    taehyun said that a moment after silence, reassuring you

    and that alone immediately made your heart feel lighter

    he just always knew what to do to make it alright

    huening kai

    it was just something in your nature, being emotional

    ever since you were young you were always regarded as the crybaby, whether it be because of books, movies or just random animal videos on the internet

    it was something that you had grown embarrassed of, something that you were made to be embarrassed of, the way tears could creep up on you so easily

    however after meeting huening you no longer had to worry about it

    the very first time you cried in front of him (because of a penguin video he showed you) he had just been extremely worried!

    fearing that something else might have happened to start the reaction :(

    you had expected the teasing and nicknames to follow you again, so you were afraid to tell him about your feelings

    but instead huening had just listened to you explain what had happened carefully and comforted you and just been understanding

    he always said how your crying wasn’t a weakness

    instead it just showed just how sympathetic and kind your heart was :(

    tonight you were visiting him and the others at their dorms, when soobin had gleefully invited you to meet odi!!

    the little baby hedgehog combined with your lack of sleep the other night made you even more sensitive than before, and before you knew it you were already crying from the cuteness overload

    “it’s just odi, why are you crying?”

    soobin was genuinely confused,, even more so when you seemed to get even quieter after his comment and really seeked out huening’s touch

    your boyfriend hadn’t realised what had happened at first either, until your conversation from the past played out in his mind :(

    maybe it was meant innocently but it may have still awoken bad memories

    he’d ask you first if you’re comfortable with telling soobin and depending on your answer this might go two ways

    if you give him an ok to tell soobin, he’ll tell him the basics of it and soobs will understand and then tell u he’s sorry :(

    and he’ll let u hold odi afterwards!! :3 agreeing with huening by saying that there’s nothing wrong with your sentimentality, instead he’s happy that odi is so cute that he’s able to evoke such emotion,,,,

    if you’re not comfortable he’ll just tell soob that he didn’t do anything wrong but that you’ll be leaving now because you need your boyfriend’s comfort

    either way, his first reaction much like the others is making sure that you’re alright and comfortable and only then he’ll be ready to talk about it with his members

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