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    dandelions - c.sb

    non idol!sb x gn!reader

    wc: 4.6k (excluding the A/N)     genre: fluff     warnings: the intro is pretty long, just to build some background, but other than that, none! this is based on the song, happy birthday soobin <3

    Throughout your whole life, fate was never something that you believed in.

    The idea of someone coming into your life at the “right time” had been difficult for you to understand. The more that people had gone in and out of your life, the more you distanced yourself from this narrative. By the end of everything, there was little to no hope left inside you, and you thought it would never grow ever again.

    Until you met him.

    You and Soobin shared a class together during the summer. It was a tight class, so you were already feeling quite comfortable in the setting, knowing that you wouldn't have to make conversation with most of your peers. You decided to sit somewhere near the front, mostly to avoid anyone ever looking back at you, waiting for someone to grab a seat next to you. You noticed that everyone around here seemed to know each other, as they greeted one another with hugs and handshakes after taking their seats.

    So everyone knew each other already. Great.

    As time went on, hearing your peers interact with one another started to make you feel lonely. The more you sat alone and heard conversation amongst the other students, the more discouraged you became. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken this class, you thought to yourself. You couldn’t help but look around at your peers, a tight smile placed upon your lips as you watched them interact with one another. You felt the pit inside your stomach grow and began to feel the tears well up inside your eyes as your eyelashes fought them back with their blinks. You messed around with your pencil, pushing the lead out and pushing it back in. You glanced up at the clock, seeing that there were only five minutes before class had begun. A sigh escapes from your lungs and your head can’t help but sink itself on top of your desk, where your folded arms welcomed it in its place.

    You just wanted to become friends with someone that you actually liked. Most of your friends either ghosted you, or you distanced yourself from them because you felt like you didn't belong. Part of the reason you even took this class was that you had nothing to do during the summer. You were going out of your comfort zone, socializing within this class anyway. You just wanted to make a friend, spend time with someone.

    You just wanted someone to be there for you.

    At this moment, you heard the empty seat next to you scoot back and forth, the person fixing their position.

    Your eyes widen as they land on the person next to you. He positions his feet under the table as he brings himself closer to the desk, seeming to have had an awkward encounter with the rather small area, given his big figure. Your head hadn’t lifted itself from your arms on your desk, only titling to your right side, where you could catch a glimpse as to what he looked like. Some of your hair was covering your eyes, blocking most of the view. The only thing you could make out was his dark hair, which was carelessly off to the side, but not too messy. It’s as if he kept fixing it throughout the day, a habit you also shared. You couldn’t last one day without touching your hair or fixing it every minute.

    Your gaze begins to move past his hair, as you continue to take in his other features. He had worn these slightly thick pair of glasses, the dark color complimenting his hair well. They shaped his face perfectly, something you were envious about considering your pair was bigger than you’d like them to be. His nose would scrunch as he looked at his phone, presumably to make sure he was in the right class. His lips would purse off to the side, displaying a rather deep dimple on his left cheek to make its appearance. You hated that part of you wanted to poke it and wanted to find out if there was another one shared on his other cheek, coming to the conclusion that there probably was. You quickly disregarded this thought.

    You reach the end of your observation with your eyes fixing on his clothes. You could only look at his upper body, his legs hiding under the table, also with your head not being able to look that far down considering your placement. He’d worn a black button-up, with a fresh white t-shirt under it. A silver necklace was dangling from his neck as he shook his left leg, a movement you could feel even if you were hiding on top of your arms. His outfit was simple but clean. The black complimenting both his hair and glasses, the white shirt adding some color to his appearance. You observed people a lot, their clothes too, and you came to the conclusion that he had probably been wearing black jeans with a new pair of converse, because who wouldn’t choose to wear new shoes for a new school year.

    With all this time spent observing this guy, you thought several minutes passed by. You even thought class started by now and you were about to be scolded for appearing to have fallen asleep, on your first day.

    But it was only ten seconds.

    Crazy what the mind can make you believe.

    Seeming to have realized he’s actually seated next to someone, the boy looks at you, eyebrows raised in realization, his mouth open as some teeth appeared. “Oh–sorry, is this seat taken? I didn’t ask, I probably should’ve, I can go-”

    You were hearing his voice for the first time. The slight deepness threw you off a little, but there was a sweet tone hidden under it. He flips his phone in his hand, waiting for an answer from you. You bring your head away from your arms on your desk, folding your hands together, looking towards his way. You shake your hand and give him a small smile. “No, don’t worry, I was actually hoping someone would take it.” You add, your voice a little unsteady.

    This guy was attractive. Really attractive.

    He nods in response, a relieved smile forming on his face, showcasing the dimple on his cheek once again.

    “I’m Soobin.” He greets. He places his phone on his desk as his hand hesitantly makes its way towards you, ready for your hand to shake it. Within these seconds, you thought he was probably the most endearing guy you’ve met. You figured he was a nice guy just based on your observations, but this confirmed it even more. His leg still hadn’t stopped moving, but the dimpled grin never left his face.

    “I’m Y/N.” You respond, your hand finally shaking his. You two give each other a firm handshake with a welcoming smile, yours finally appearing and his growing even bigger. As you shook his hand, you realize that he had soft palms, a little cold from the cool air in the room.

    You just met, yet you wanted to hold his hand forever.

    “Y/N. I like that.” Soobin comments, his face flushing a deep red after realizing how weird his comment could come across. Never had you thought your name was anything special, but hearing him say it out loud gave your stomach some sort of fluttery sensation you couldn’t explain. You flush in response, but your nod sends him an inaudible thank you.

    Your gazes are still on each other as you enjoy this new interaction. At this point, Soobin has what is probably the biggest grin plastered on his face, his eyes almost disappearing within the smile, making you wonder if his cheeks would start to hurt any minute now.

    You hear the bell ring, seeing your teacher begin to write on the whiteboard. Before you could bring your attention to the front, you couldn’t help but notice one thing.

    You were still shaking hands.

    Within the span of six months, you and Soobin grew closer than ever. You started to hang out in non-school settings, and any awkwardness you once felt was non-existent at this point. By this time, you two were practically conjoined by the hip, unable to ever be apart from each other.

    You got to know him better as a person, being exposed to all of the great qualities he had. Soobin was kind to everyone, and he was always so gentle with the people he encountered. He was such a good listener, and you loved how easily he was able to retain information because what you had told him weeks ago, he’d be bringing it up now. He was also just fun to be around. Every time you spent time with him, all of your worries seemed to have disappeared. With his comforting presence, you felt that you were able to be your true self around him. You were able to confide to him about anything, not worrying about him judging you, an issue you’ve had with past relationships in your time. The way he cares for others, how pure his heart is, the amount of love he had to share with people. There was a lot to admire about him, and you found it difficult to even conclude what those things were. He was just that special to you.

    Soobin was unlike anybody that you’ve ever known before. Even though you had always dreamed of being with the right person, no one came close to him.

    It was no wonder you began to grow feelings for him.

    You came to this conclusion when you noticed that the more you hung out with each other, the more butterflies that began to grow inside you. Anything he said to you made your heart race faster, ready to beat out of your chest. You even noticed that anytime people would come across more on the flirty side with him, the jealousy would hit you. It made you more upset knowing that Soobin seemed to be going along with it as if he was oblivious that he was even being flirted with. This only made you feel like you had no chance, and that he would never see you that way.

    One day you had stumbled across a site that had caught your eye alongside the road.

    A dandelion field.

    You made your way onto the field, bringing the blanket that was inside your car with you. You settled it onto the ground, and seated yourself, taking in the view around you.

    It was more of a grass field, just with a lot of flowers around it. The air was nice and cool, softly blowing the grass and flowers in different directions. The sun was near to being set, and the ambiance of the color and the warmth it provided made the scenery much more beautiful.

    Dandelions were supposed to be lucky, right?

    You never really believed in luck, or fate for that matter, but something had changed in you.

    Soobin had changed you, for the better.

    Being around him all this time, you were beginning to welcome hope back into your life. Soobin was like your hope that you had been missing in your life. With his optimism and his encouraging words, the version of you that rejected all good things that could happen to you was suddenly welcoming those things with open arms. The way he would look at you, you've never felt more alive. You felt free from bottling your emotions inside after all this time. Soobin’s whole presence was everything to you.

    You lay the blanket on the ground, as your body takes its seat. You pick up a dandelion from the ground and twirl it around your both hands, staring at it longingly. You admire the white fluff placed on top of the soft stem that had been a little wet from the moisture of the ground. You looked at it for a good couple of minutes or so, almost like you were searching for an answer.

    An answer, that is if your best friend could ever like you back.

    There wasn’t much that you could express. All you knew was that you loved Soobin so dearly, and you just wanted him to know that. He made you happy.

    You take in a deep breath, inhaling the crisp air around you. You stop twirling the flower and bring it closer to you. You close your eyes and hold the flower dear to you, afraid that it’ll fly away somehow. Your mind was clear, with only one thought you were ready to wish.

    Won’t you let my darling know?

    You exhale a long breath as you readily blow on the flower. You open your eyes, watching the flower’s bracts fly away into the air, the wind taking it in its direction. You bring your legs closer to your chest, admiring the sight even more as your head nods in satisfaction.

    You came to this field every day. You’d only ever blow one flower each day, convincing yourself that if you’d blow more than one it’d ruin your chances somehow. Even though you felt some content coming to the field every day, your fate lying into the flower and watching it fly in the air, there was still some doubt in you.

    Would all of this even work?

    You’re choosing to rely on a dandelion field instead of bringing yourself to tell Soobin yourself. You guessed that was your way of avoiding rejection you could potentially be facing. You thought to yourself, could Soobin even sense that you liked him? Would all of your wishing come true, and he’d miraculously like you back?

    That is what he proved exactly when he confessed the same feelings for you, asking you out just two weeks later.

    It wasn’t extravagant, you two were just studying together at your school’s patio area. Every time you looked up at him, he was always looking right back at you. You had asked him if anything was wrong, and that’s when he told you directly.

    I like you.

    Your eyes widened at the revelation, but you couldn’t help but give him the biggest smile you could possess. You two just sat there, your gaze set towards each other. The way he was looking at you, you could see the whole universe in his eyes.

    You saw forever in those eyes.

    You had no idea if this was due to your wishful thinking, or the dandelions themselves, but it happened. He feels the same way about you and wants to be something more with you. Soobin can’t help but smile during this, displaying the eye smile that you always adored and loved. He made you feel safe, you felt like maybe there was something to look forward to in life, knowing you’ll be spending it with him.

    You felt okay.

    Three months later, and here you two are, ready to arrive at the next location for your date. You’d been on dozens of dates, but the feeling of excitement never left you. You enjoyed every minute with him, you enjoyed every activity you two did.

    Although you must say, you’re not enjoying the blindfold on your eyes right now.

    “Okay, we’re out of the car now! Can I take this blindfold off now?” You ask your boyfriend, as he guides you to walk in front of him with his hands on your shoulders.

    “No, we’re not there yet. Five minutes, I promise.” He reminds you in a sing-song voice, emphasizing the last word in the process.

    “That’s what you said five minutes ago Soobin,” You complain, a frustrated sigh leaving your lungs. You had no patience for this.

    “This is the last five minutes, I mean it this time,” He confirms, rubbing your shoulders a little.

    “You know, someone might think you’re kidnapping me right now. I could call the cops on you if I wanted to and you’d be arrested! You wouldn't handle jail.” You ridiculously point out. You’re speaking nonsense at this point, in desperation to arrive at this location faster.

    Soobin brings himself close to your ear, letting out a small chuckle that sends you chills down your body. “If I was in jail you wouldn’t have anyone to kiss, would you now?” You’re thankful that your eyes are covered, or else he would’ve seen them widen in their sockets. He seems to know this, knowing that these things always fluster you. He gives you a kiss on your head and announces, “We’re here!”

    Your hand starts to lift the blindfold off when Soobin’s hand interrupts you. “Wait, wait, wait, not yet!”

    You let out another groan, stomping your foot several times. “Then why say we’re here if I can’t even take it off.”

    Soobin lets out another chuckle as he walks you further. You weren’t really annoyed, nothing could ever bring yourself to get annoyed by Soobin. But to be fair, you’ve had this blindfold on for the last forty-five minutes, and you were worried your makeup would begin to smudge.

    As if your thoughts completely took over you, you start taking in your surroundings as much as you could. Soobin began to walk you slower, meaning that you both were closer to your destination. The further you walked, you felt prickling against your exposed ankles, but not too sharp. In fact, it almost felt a bit ticklish for you. The wind blew calmly in the air, and you took this opportunity to get a good whiff of it. The air was crisp and relaxing, the more you breathed it in the less worrisome you felt the longer your boyfriend dragged you against your will.

    But you knew that air too well, you knew this ground too well.

    Could it be?

    “Okay, I mean it this time, we’re here! You can take it off now,” Soobin releases his hands away from your shoulders, using them to give small claps.

    Your hands slowly release the blindfold, the fabric finally being freed from your eyes. You had to blink a couple of times due to the fact that you hadn’t seen anything for so long. Once your vision is clear, you see what’s in front of you, and where your boyfriend has taken you two.

    A dandelion field.

    The same dandelion field you always went to.

    Almost as a reflex, your hand makes its way to cover your mouth, as you look around the field in awe. You hadn’t been here since you and Soobin started dating, but nothing’s changed. The flowers are still where they are, the air is still clean. The fact that it’s near sunset, the same time you would always be here.

    And this brings you to tears.

    How did he know? You never told Soobin you have ever been here, this was something that you kept to yourself. You found it embarrassing if he ever found out just why you went there in the first place. A tear falls down your cheek, sending a cold sensation down your face. You can’t even wipe it away.

    “So, do you like it? Not gonna lie, I almost forgot how to get- hey are you crying?” Soobin stops himself as he brings himself closer to you, seating you both on the blanket below you, which he must’ve prepared while you were looking off into the field.

    You didn’t answer him, instead choosing to focus your gaze on the dandelions in front of you. Your eyebrows furrowed in thought as your head tilted slightly to the side. There were still tears in your eyes, but they couldn’t make their way down your face, almost like they’re confused themselves.

    “Y/N, what’s wrong? Do you not like it? Oh God, you’re not allergic to these things, are you? I should know these things-”

    “How did you know?” You barely let out a whisper, interrupting his panic session.

    “How did I know what?” You turn to look at him. Soobin is mostly concerned, but just as confused. His eyes are looking past yours at lightning speed.

    “How did you know about this place?” You ask again, this time more clearly. You watch his head shift back, stunned by your question. He looks around the field a couple of times, before meeting your eyes once again.

    “I saw it when I was on my way over to your place last night, I took a little detour. I knew I wanted to take you here so I didn’t tell you about it,” He explains. Soobin scoots closer to you as he crosses his legs near his chest and brings his head down slightly. “Do you…not like it?”

    Your eyes widen at his question, immediately wanting to reassure him otherwise. “No! It’s just,” You look at him again, the concern still written on his face. You sigh and begin to fidget with your fingers, trying to find the right words. “I’ve been here before.”

    Soobin blinks a nod at your answer, uncrossing his legs and shifting in his position. “Oh, well, that’s good right?”

    Your silence comes back again. All that was heard was the light wind blowing in the air, flowing through your hair. “It’s embarrassing,” you mumble out.

    Soobin places his hand on your leg, using the other to shift your gaze towards him. You see his reassuring smile on his face, his eyes seriously looking into yours. “Baby, nothing you say to me is embarrassing. It’s just us here.”

    You give a small nod, and his hand leaves your chin but the one on your leg still remains. You watch the dandelions move freely against the wind and bring yourself to speak.

    “I used to come here before we dated,” You begin. You check in with him to see his reaction so far, only to see your boyfriend nodding to this information. You continue, “Nobody knew except me, I did this more for myself I guess. I…I liked you a lot, but I was too afraid of ever telling you. So, I came here to,” You pause, as you look up at the sky, seeing all the stars glimmer, realizing that the sun has already set by now.

    Soobin hums, signaling you to continue. He would always do this whenever you spoke, it’s a habit of his. You always appreciated the sign that showed that he was truly listening to you.

    Which helped you continue on.

    “I came here to think about you, to think about what we could be, what I wanted us to be. I’d come here every day before sunset to just…wish upon these dandelions that one day you’d be mine and that we could become something more,” You turn back to see the tree you were leaning against, a small smile appearing on your lips, “This is even the same spot I would sit at too.”

    You look towards your boyfriend, his eyes never have left yours. There’s a shy grin on his face, which soon forms into a soft laugh coming out from him. “Crazy.”

    Your eyebrows furrow together, confused with his response. Was he calling you crazy? You were starting to regret this confession, wishing you had never hinted you were familiar with this location in the first place.

    Soobin plays with the laces on your shoes, finally speaking up again. “Would you believe it if I said I used to come here too?”

    Your furrowed eyebrows change their position to raise instead. A silent gasp escapes from your lips as your eyes blink continuously in shock. “What?”

    Soobin fondly looks at the flowers in front of him, nodding in confirmation. “I would come here before sunrise, in this same spot actually.” Your head gawks forward after hearing this. He even sat at this same exact spot?

    “But…I thought you said you saw this place before you came to my house last night?” You recall, trying to piece this puzzle together.

    “Never said it was my first time.”

    His eyes are still set on yours, his grin turning into a smirk as he tilts his head in response. You can’t help but let out a scoff out of astonishment.

    “I used to do the same thing, wishing on the dandelions, I mean. I was going to tell you when we came here, but I wasn’t expecting this” He adds, this time a little more shyly. Your shoulders shrug in agreement, your mouth still opens as you process all of this.

    “That’s– that’s crazy.” You conclude, referring to the same choice of words Soobin used earlier.

    Just how did you both manage to come to the same location, the same spot, different times of the day, to do the same thing?

    Maybe fate really did exist.

    “I used to think to myself, how people would always say that love comes once in a lifetime,” Soobin thinks out loud, still looking towards the flowers on the floor. “Never used to believe it before. But when I met you, all of that changed. My perspective changed and I realized,” Soobin brings himself to look back to you, your gaze never have left him. He reaches for your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours as he brings your hands closer to his.

    “That I’m pretty sure that you are that love of mine.”

    He was being dead serious, his eyes expressing his realization. You returned the same look.

    Because he was that love of yours too.

    “Y/N, when I think about my future all I can think about is you,” Soobin admits, grasping onto your hands in emphasis. “You’re my future, I see you being in my future. You’re my forever.”

    You attempt to blink back your tears, but they’re already making their way down your cheeks. To his instinct, Soobin brings a finger to wipe it away, cupping the side of your cheek.

    “Soobin, I feel the same way. So much so, that it’s crazy. You’re the best thing that’s happened in my life, and you’ve opened my eyes to things I couldn’t see before,” You reach for the hand that was cupping your face, choosing to hold his instead so you were holding both of his hands. “I see you being in my future too, forever.”

    Soobin can’t help but smile at this, his eye smile melting your heart. The amount of love you had for this boy is insane, you couldn’t even express it.

    But what matters is you both knew. You both felt the same way.

    You want to spend forever with each other.

    Soobin lets go of one of your hands, using the free one to reach for a dandelion. He rips it from the ground, placing it between you both. He smiles, and you knew just what he wanted to do.

    “To forever,” He proposes, his eyes never leaving yours, showing so much admiration.

    “To forever,” You repeat, moving some of his hair to the side so you could see his face better in the night.

    As if on cue, you both blow on the flower at the same time, watching the particles fly in the wind, spreading into different directions. Your lips place on his, giving him a sweet peck you were waiting too long to do. He softly laughs in between the kiss and embraces you onto his side as you watched the flower fly into the wind.

    Everything about this was special, what once was you wishing for each other on your own time, was now what became a night where you did this together.

    As you watch the sky, your thoughts began to rush through your mind. You were lucky to have found Soobin when you did. He made you feel things you’d never felt, believe in things you’d never believed in before. No one would come close to him, there is no one else better. He was your person, and he’ll always be the one for you.

    You couldn’t wait to see what the future had to hold for the both of you.

    You couldn’t wait to spend forever with him.

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    © fairybinie

    A/N: as you probably put together, this is a special fic for soobin's birthday! this is based on the song called dandelions, which is a song that's very meaningful and personal to me. it probably sounds crazy, but this song has gotten me through a lot of tough times in my life, so it's my all time comfort song. it reminds me a lot of soobin, and i didn't realize it until i became a moa. i listened to it and realized that wow, it reminds me of soobin so much. all of the lyrics in this song remind me of him, and there are even some references of the lyrics in this fic! even if it might be cringe lolz. the way that this song comforts me, and what it means to me, is exactly how i feel about soobin. i've only been a moa for about 4 months, but i couldn't imagine what my life would be like if i hadn't noticed soobin. he means so much to me, and it doesn't take much for him to make me feel better. i love everything about him. i love how caring and attentive he is with others, i love his passion for his work and how hard he tries, i love him as a leader, i love how much he interacts with moas. i just love him. it's hard to put it in words, but i think you guys have seen me express it numerous times. that being said, this fic is pretty self-indulgent. dandelions being my comfort song, soobin being my comfort person, how this song reminds me of him. the pic i used is even from cat and dog era and i wasn't even intending on that but we all know how much i love cat and dog soob choco ball my beloved. i've been going through some terrible things in my personal life. soobin, txt as a whole have gotten me through it and give me the happiness that i desperately need. writing this was a healing moment for me. i hope you guys listen to this song and i hope it brings you some peace and comfort like it does for me. happy birthday soobin, my love <3     - val

    pspsp: sorry for the slow posting life has been a bit crazy. i do plan on being more consistent, once i get college stuff out of the way. i'll try to post during this time though, so if you want to request anything here's an anonymous form you can fill out! and if you want to read the works i have so far, here is my masterlist!

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    free love | choi soobin

    happy birthday, soobin!

    pairing: soobin x gender neutral reader
    genre: fluff
    warnings: none
    notes: this makes me miss someone :( hope you guys enjoy, though!

    he sleeps peacefully next to me, snuggled up in a shawl shielding him from the cold. a smile makes its way to my lips as my eyes fix onto his —pure, beautiful, and angel-like. did he always look this good as he slept? i never knew how he effortlessly took my breath away every time, but hell, i'd kill to have more of him than nothing at all.

    he makes me think of things i never knew i'd think of before.

    "i want to live forever with you." i whisper in his ear as i scoot closer to him. he's warm—kind of like how i'd feel whenever i pressed my cheek against the refrigerator sides when i was young.

    he responds with a short hum, and i giggle.

    "let's build a home together," i proceed, my gentle hands making their way to his soft, raven hair. "raise odi, sean, and maybe another furry friend. i know you'd like that."

    his love for animals is just unimaginable, and it's become one of the reasons why i've grown fond of him. i would listen attentively as he told me about odi's new tricks, or how he misses sean while under his family's care. i could listen to him blabbering all day long.

    "would i be so demanding to ask for a house up on a hill, my love?" i place a peck on his forehead. "next to the water with the prettiest scene... what color of picket fence, though? i like white."

    i never saw myself living somewhere far off the city, where life was fast-paced and so busy that i lost track of time. but right now, all i need is him. wherever he is is home.

    "would kids be welcome in our future home?" i mumble. "how many would you like? two? three? wait, twins are really cool! i want to have twins, binnie!"

    my smile grows wider as more images form in my silly head, so immersed that it didn't occur to me that he has already woken up. i feel his head on my shoulder, and he sighs in content.

    "tell me more." he says, voice deep and hoarse.

    "have i disturbed your peaceful slumber, my dear?" i ask, the tip of my nose brushing against his lovingly.

    "you did," he replies. "now tell me what you're thinking, pretty."

    "i want to spend more days and years with you."

    he smiles, gets rid of the shawl and pulls me into his lap. i let out a short yelp, to which he cackles loudly, echoing all over the beach. the sunset beam illuminates his soft skin and makes his eyes sparkle more than they do; i could've fainted in his arms.

    we both share a moment of silence together, staring at the big ball of light slowly sinking into the vast horizon of the sea. he pulls me closer, and instinctively i melt in his sweet embrace. it's as if we were two puzzle pieces—a perfect fit and incomplete without the other.

    he was the light of my life.

    "can't get you all of those stuff yet, y/n." he confesses, hands clasped with mine as he looks at me with adoration. "but i've got free love to give you. always."

    "i'm so in love with you."

    "so am i."

    © 2021 all rights reserved | shinramyeonz on tumblr.

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    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    have i told you lately, i'm greatful you're mine — choi soobin.

    HAPPY SOOBIN DAY! wow i love this bun so much, and hope he has a great birthday and the rest of such a great year! i have finally finished and hopefully passed all my finals so a lot more posts will be on their way!!! yay!! but i hope you enjoy this. it made my heart all mushy and happy.

    genre: super tooth rotting fluff, established relationship.

    summary: the beauties of lazy days with the perfect boyfriend choi soobin.

    song: nothing — bruno major.

    "we'll play nintendo, though i always lose. cause you'll watch the tv... while i'm watching you."

    soobin always seemed to bask in your presence. he was always so happily content with you around he, could never ask for anything more. you made him smile with nothing but a look, you made him laugh with nothing but a single word and that never changed when you'd play games. as focused as you thought he would be, he was always distracted. by what exactly? well you. the love im his eyes only grew each time you muttered out a curse under your breath in concentration at the game. he may have been distracted but soobin always made sure to give you a run for your money while playing games. he says it's the proper 'boyfriend' thing to do, get you  frustrated to see that funny look your get on your face only for him to forget he's even playing with his eyes fixed on you. it happens every time you both sit down to play games together, each and every single time yet, some how you don't seem to notice how much he loves to watch you successfully beat him in something as simple as mario kart.

    "dumb conversations, we lose track of time. have i told you lately, i'm grateful you're mine?"

    for some reason each time you slept over at your boyfriend's house it would end up in the two of you talking till the early hours in the morning. it was ridiculous, the way you both talked about everything and yet nothing at all. switching topics from time to time and laughing each time you'd check the time to see another hour had passed. often times you both had nothing but sleep ridden all over your bodies, yet your minds were still awake and wanting to spill your thoughts to each other. sometimes the conversations turned into pointless debates about things that no one truly cared about and regardless of how silly it was, soobin never failed to end the conversation reminding you how grateful he is to have you. someone to laugh with, someone who didn't question his way of thinking, someone so happy and content to just lay in bed, staring at each other in the dark and talking for hours.

    "we'll watch the notebook for the 17th time. i'll say 'it's stupid' then you'll catch me crying."

    soobin wasn't always one for sappy romantic movies, he always whined about how cheesy they were but for some reason he never stopped you from rewatching for favorite sappy drama filled movies. he always jokingly complained about how the love shown in those movies were unrealistic and what he would do if he where in those situations. his over dramatic problem solving always made you laugh which was exactly what he had been going for. what's ironic, is no matter how much he teases you for liking these dumb and cheesy movies, he always got into it towards the middle. it didn't matter if he had seen the movie with you millions of times before, by the end of it you'd catch him with tears in his eyes. it was your turn to tease him now.

    "but, there's nothing, like doing nothing with you."

    you could go on a million extremely exciting dates out on the town with your oversized boyfriend. you've been to the beach, the amusement park, arcades, restaurants... just absolutely everywhere and yet, none of those dates ever held a candle to lazy days in your shared apartment. soobin cherished doing absolutely nothing with you, because that is when he would do all of his favorite things with you. despite the grey clouds and the patter of rain outside, inside it seemed as if the sun was shining on the both of you while you played nintendo, watched sappy movies like the notebook, and had endless conversations while professing your love for each other.

    there is nothing, like doing nothing with choi soobin.

    ❁ requests are currently closed !

    for more of my work: masterlist.

    - mari

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  • zinccalli
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    um. well it appears i may be in a bit of a pickle

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  • park-jimin97
    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    fair ground

    huening kai x reader


    a/n: man this boy is so sweet & kinda that I just had to write something for him. this is just a lazy drabble about young love & innocent dating! also I’ll be referring to him as Kai in this :) and as always, feedback is appreciated!

    disclaimer: all stories are acts of fiction and are in no way a real representation of the band or idol mentioned.


    “Oh come on!” Kai groaned as he watched the small basketball fall over the side of the hoop for the millionth time. He had been playing this game for a total of 5 minutes while you sat back and watched, amused at his desperate attempt to add yet another plushie to his collection. It was your idea to bring Kai to your hometown fair, unaware at how many game booths there would be. You shook your head at him when he asked you for another dollar, telling him he’s already spent $20 so far on a $5 stuffed rabbit.

    “We literally have 3 right here,” Your rebuttal backed by the large grocery bag sitting on the ground, filled to the brim with toys and various stuffed animals. “Also what is the need for this thing? Like why are you so determined to have this?”

    “Because,” He pouted, sitting beside you on the small bench, taking your hand in his. He gave you the most dramatic look he could as he explained his need to win, “That thing looks just like Soobin. Oh don’t look at me like that you know that it does!”

    You rolled your eyes at him, pulling your hand from his. You looked at the little white rabbit hanging up on the booth wall and giggled at the sight. It really did look like him. It sported a little red tuff of hair with a pair of black glasses to match its red cardigan.

    “Fine. But on one condition. I get to play this time”

    Kai pouts again at your suggestion before caving in and telling you to go for it reluctantly. You stood up from the bench and walked over to the basketball booth, handing the attendee a dollar before grabbing the ball from the table. With a swift motion you tossed the ball towards the wonky hoop, throwing your arms in the air when it went into the net. The man at the table laughed as you cheered, handing you the little white rabbit.

    “Here,” He says as he reaches for a bear plush with a similar style. “For beginners luck.”

    You thank him as you take both from his hands, studying the bear as you walk away. The tiny bear had a green sweater on with black fur and big button eyes.

    “Well well well, we have a little Beomgyu now too” You joke as you hold the bear up so Kai can see it.

    “I hate you,” Kai joked, standing up from the bench while grabbing the bag full of his winnings.

    “Sureeeee” You poked his side as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. He gave you a quick peck on the top of your head as the two of you strolled along the pathway. “Now cmon, you can go buy me a funnel cake to thank me for winning that toy.”

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  • jenzyaa
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    distant shores

    choi soobin x reader ★♡ slight angst, fluff [wc: 1k+]

    in an attempt to feel your fingers again, you buried them in the golden sand laying all around you. the multiple layers that you were wearing did a worse job than usual in shielding you from the cold.

    and you thought to yourself, that perhaps, it wasn't the coldness of the weather that left you shivering in place - but the cold, lonely feeling that continuously spread inside of you.

    your winter vacation had gone everything but according to plan. what was supposed to be a fun time spent with friends turned into you finding out they were not the people you thought they were. you wondered why they had bothered keeping up an act for that long and even invited you to go on vacation with them just to end up ditching you.

    why waste their time pretending to be your friends just to tear you down? you figured some people just were that spiteful. it was the toughest pill to swallow yet, since you always tried to see the good in people.

    with that said, understandably horrified, you refused to go back with them, which is why you settled on booking the next available flight back home.

    so with one night left, you sat at the beach in the middle of winter covered from head to toe in your thickets clothes, and wondered if you even wanted to go back anymore.

    if only you could restart in life. or better said, if only you had the opportunity to do exactly that.

    you pulled your legs closer to your body and rested your chin on your knees. your tired eyes were deeply fixated on the angry night waves that made you feel understood. it was almost like you saw your emotions reflected there in the water.

    confusion. denial. anger. hurt.

    it was hard to accept reality as it was sometimes. one moment everything had been fine, and you felt genuinely happy, and in the next moment everything was stripped of you in the blink of an eye. life was truly unfair, but you wondered just what you had done to deserve any of this.

    despite the loud sounds emitting from the never ending sea in front of you, your ears picked up the faint sounds of footsteps approaching where you were sitting. they came to a halt next to you, and from the corner of your eye you saw legs.

    okay. maybe you hadn't thought any of this through. no matter how good it felt to have your angsty main character moment, that definitely didn't mean you were okay with the possibility of being kidnapped. in a foreign country at that.

    oh, god. what if they were here to sell your organs on the black market?

    before your paranoid thoughts got the chance to take over your already restless mind, the stranger plopped down next to you with a heavy sigh.

    with uneven breaths, you slowly and hesitantly turned to look at whoever was next to you.

    your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. it was a boy you guessed to be around your age. and to your surprise, the expression on his face wasn't much different from your own.

    a few moments of silence passed by before you parted your lips to speak. but he beat you to it.

    "rough night, huh?", he asked you in english. he had a slight accent, but figuring out where he came from was the last thing on your mind.

    he wasn't looking at you. instead, his eyes were fixed on the sea in the same way yours had been just moments ago.

    hesitantly, you nodded. "yeah."

    he smiled a bittersweet smile as he mirrored your soft nodding. "yeah. me too."

    unsure of what to say to that and with the heaviness surrounding you two, you looked down at the sand. maybe you should've got up at that moment and run. after all, it was never a good idea to let your guard down around strangers. however, as paranoid as you had been just then and there, you couldn't bring yourself to move at all. because you couldn't help but feel a certain feeling of comfort around this boy you had never in your life met before.

    maybe you were crazy or foolish, or maybe you had simply read too much, but in that moment, you felt understood. and you could tell he felt the same by the way he turned to look at you with a knowing expression.

    "wanna talk about it?", he asked with a slight smile, his sharp eyes looking into your wide ones.

    and that's how you ended up sitting at the beach for half the night, the cold long forgotten as the warmth of his presence engulfed you. neither of you knew the other's name, or anything else for that matter. yet you talked, and talked, until you felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulders.

    you told him about your problems and fears, and in return, he told you about his. he told you how he was on vacation as well. how he had planned to surprise his girlfriend only to find out she was cheating on him.

    it came as a surprise to both of you just how much you understood each other. and as the sun began to rise and you both said your first and last goodbyes, you saw in his eyes that he felt the same comfort and relief you did.

    and as you sat in the plane on the way back home the next day and drifted off to sleep, you dreamt of him. you dreamt of the tall stranger with brown bangs and black eyes, with the beautiful smile and deep, soothing voice that you didn't want to forget. you thought of him as you awoke, and you thanked him.

    you guessed it was true what people said, that every bad thing is followed by something good. by falling out with bad people, you built a special bond with someone else. you felt refreshed.

    after all, he had been at the right place at the right time. just what were the odds?

    and despite having agreed to remain strangers, you found yourself hoping to run into him again.

    you didn't even know his name, but his face had been deeply engraved into your mind by the time you stepped out of the plane with a newfound feeling of hope.

    and in that moment you made yourself a promise to not forget him, no matter what.


    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #txt x reader #choi soobin x reader #soobin x reader #soobin angst#soobin fluff#txt fanfic#txt #kpop x reader #txt oneshots#txt imagines#😔😔 #i want a soobin in my life #txt fluff#txt angst
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  • en-sun
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    A little too cold...

    TXT Soobin

    fluff, ficmas 2021, <500 words, gn!reader insert

    Taglist: @eeunoia , @querenciaa , @studioreader , @ddeonubaby , @enhacolor , @90sclub , @girlfromkwangya

    Permanent taglist: @kyswoo

    Soobin stood in awe of the winter wonderland before his eyes. The first snow of the year falling right in front of him. He turned to you with a dazed smile, and watched as your breath turned to fog.

    “Isn’t it beautiful y/n?” Soobin rhetorically asked. His eyes met yours as you finally looked at him. You gave him a lopsided grin and nodded slightly.

    “Snow is always pretty, bin” 

    Soobin’s eyes lit up with glee as he stuck his tongue out to try and catch a snowflake. His heart thumping when you giggled at him. One large flake fell onto his tongue and he began jumping up and down. 

    Without a chance against the slippery ground, his jumping led to him falling. With a light thump his bottom hit the ground. His cheeks flushed as you chuckled at him. 

    “Good idea, Bin! We can make snow angels!” You laid down beside him and began spreading your limbs. Soobin was grateful for you not embarrassing him. He followed your lead and sprawled out.

    After a couple minutes you both grew tired and cold. Soobin stood up first, and helped you on your feet. 

    “We should head home and dry off.” He suggested. 

    “We should, but first… I want a kiss.” Soobin’s eyes grew wide at your flirtatious comment. With his cold hands he held your face and kissed you gently. You both smiled at the gesture before setting off on your journey home.

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  • spaceaqueerious
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    uh oh

    i’m getting plot bunnies (do people still use that term)

    #🥲 #this always happens when i get obsessed with a song #both of my published oneshots are the result of this phenom #i am getting Inspired™ #i wanna make art and a fic and this time asra is my victim #i should do neither of those things bc i already have wips 🥲 #pain#txt post
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  • naein
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lost Sorrows part of STUCK IN THE SIMULATION, collab event hosted by @127-mile.

    Sicheng is put on hold. The air is safer when unmoving; as inevitably persistent, it prevents him from flying.

    CHARACTERS: Dong Sicheng | WinWin, Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul | Ten, Nakamoto Yuta, Moon Taeil, Qian Kun, implied NCT ensemble KEY WORDS: AU! Simulation, Utopia to Dystopia, references to winwin/yuta, references to winwin/taeil, possible to interpret winwin/ten, (very) winwin-centric, angst, feels, poor poetry WARNINGS: implied anxiety issues and ocd-like tendencies, fear of conflicts, possible to interpret internalised homophobia, implied guilt- fear and philosophical/ethical questionings, referenced loneliness, alcohol briefly mentioned, ambiguous/open ending WORDS: 3713 AO3: Link

    Read completed fic below!

    BEGINNING NOTE: This ficlet is part of @127-mile's collab event: STUCK IN THE SIMULATION. First, I want to thank Èmi for getting to be part of this collab—although, I did think I was going to finish this during the first month of joining! Thank you for your patience!

    The prompt: "The world as we know is no longer. When the survivors were found by the scientists who had predicted what would eventually happen, they were put into a simulation to keep them alive until it was safe to walk on earth again. The simulation could have given the survivors a world where it is safe to walk around, to live, but unfortunately, it is not. At least not for everyone. Utopian, or Dystopian, it is hard to tell which survivor got which. I guess it is time to find out."

    This story is a snippet based on the simulation concept. Chosen theme is: Utopia to Dystopia. Due to unforeseen circumstances I've not been able to go into as much detail on this story as I had wanted to; hence, a lot is left for the readers to fill in the blanks themselves (and I do apologise for that); and I'm at fault for any grammar mistakes and errors. I'll add a note at the end with some clarifications on the set-up of this -verse in case it will help; and if you'd like to try reading this without any spoilers, do skip the end notes for now! Thank you!

    This is an AU, characters are based off NCT's idols but are by no means associated with the artists or the company itself. We take no claims on the real people referred in this story. Everything is fictional. No copyright infringement is intended.

    -————- ✼ -————-

    Time flashes and contorts and twists and turns and folds in on itself and Sicheng has no time, none whatsoever. There is nothing left. His eyes are burning and Sicheng wonders what will happen to him—to his friends who he thought were just beside him a second ago, to himself: Sicheng, the boy who was meant to be nothing but wants too much. The boy who lost himself.


    Days are passing by like blurred sceneries outside a window. Sicheng is the passenger on a train. He’s not sure where they’re heading, but he feels safe. Something about the squareness of it all makes him calm.

    He’s not actually on a train, but he believes he almost could be. Sicheng is moving at a pace that seems to harmonise with the people around him. They all walk as one, yet individually. He never really questioned how it came to be; how their inner pulse picked up the rhythm of those around them—but nevertheless: it’s working. There’s no hassle, no stressful collisions. Sicheng has never seen a single person stumble into someone else during his entire time here (only a limited share of those small interactions, hurried waves, and greetings—enough to make his heart jump up his throat). It’s a miracle perhaps, and Sicheng never believed in miracles but sometimes, he’s inclined to say ‘maybe, just maybe, they exist’.

    Days are easy around this place. Sicheng is content here. It’s peaceful, like the surface of undisturbed water. It’s predictable. Sicheng has a place here; he knows he has a beat. Like a rhythm. It’s on repeat. Just as it is for everybody else.


    Days are uneventful. It’s kinder on his heart, and kinder on his mind. There’s no risk of his organs racing ahead of him. Sicheng feels in control. He’s pretty certain that once, he wasn’t.

    “Are you happy?”

    Sicheng has to turn around, but he’s only turning his head a little. There’s no strain, nor is he surprised to see that it’s Ten who’s walking up to him. Sometimes he’s like a cat, but the presence is serene enough for Sicheng to not tense up.

    Ten lives just down the street. Not far away at all.

    Right now, Sicheng is seated on grass. The slope is covered in seamless endless fields of green (straws fine, and soft to the touch), heading towards a gentle curve of water dividing the land on Sicheng’s side, and the other.

    Ten squats down beside Sicheng, who has his legs crossed in front of him, leaning on his arms a little behind him for support. Sicheng is grateful for the time he spent practising. His muscles seem to remember, still able to provide all the strength he could need. Perhaps, that too is a miracle. Sicheng has a lot to be grateful for. He tries not to forget.

    “Me?” Sicheng replies mildly.

    The question didn’t sound like one that should be aimed at anyone. Yet, Ten only cracks a half smile at him. He’s not mocking, but Sicheng can tell Ten is finding it a little funny. Still. Everything here is gentle. More gentle than Sicheng deserves—probably. Maybe he’s the luckiest alive.

    “Yes,” Sicheng adds, blinking slowly, “How could I not be?”

    “How could you not be,” Sicheng hears Ten repeating his words back to him, though they fall from Ten’s lips like tiny droplets—a soft Summer downpour.

    Ten has an ability to ask questions that make Sicheng feel wrong footed. Not to the extent that Sicheng has ever asked Ten to stop—something about it makes Sicheng want to hear more, he wants to know what Ten has to ask him.

    “Why do you ask?” Sicheng blurts, still perplexed and unable to hide his curiosity.

    “Why?” Ten ponders, though he’s looking a little smug now, “I want to make sure you’re doing well,” he says, sounding honest as he pats Sicheng’s shoulder.

    Sicheng isn’t keen on physical touch, but something about Ten’s small intrusions feels a little grounding. As if it’s more real than the earth he sits upon. Firm, but not harsh. Soft, but not feather-like.

    A very odd thought.

    “How… are you?” Sicheng asks then, shifting on his place; and yes, he can still feel the quality of the grass underneath him still.

    “Enjoying my interaction with you,” Ten replies noncommittally, “One never knows how long it’ll last.”


    It’s the final sentence that keeps lurking in Sicheng’s mind. It’s present at night when he closes his eyes; and it’s still there in the morning when he opens them to a room painted in misty pink and corral mysteries.

    A part of him feels uncertain. It’s as if he had jumped into water that was all too cold. It comes with an alarming shock (a little too quick to process in time), and a looming headache that freezes the body and turns it into stone. Time is not set here, however. This is fine. It’s always been?

    Sicheng resolves to ignore it as much as possible. The headache leaves him alone when he focuses on other things—and he realises, he’s more comfortable this way.


    On a day out, Sicheng is walking on the smooth ground. No stones that can happen to end up in his shoes. This street has been cared for, paved to present an ideal solid ground. Sicheng knows it to be true, or else: how could it be this even?

    Approaching, is a figure with a content look on his face, his teeth shine white like the clouds above them as he gives Sicheng a small wave.

    “I was hoping to catch you,” Kun says.

    Sicheng nods in acknowledgement and is relieved that Kun never asks for anything else.

    “I’m not sure I consider myself caught,” Sicheng replies, but he’s smiling.

    He’s in a good mood. Kun means good news. Sicheng is safe.

    “Only if you’d allow me to,” Kun corrects with a gentle spark to his eyes, “There’s someone new moving in—do you want to welcome him; only if you want to?”

    Sicheng is not the best at being a helpful welcome committee on his own, but Sicheng feels alright here. He’s allowed to be himself. If things take time, no one would notice.

    Sicheng lets his smile linger. It will be alright.


    The new lad is short in stature: cute, if Sicheng is honest. He has a timid smile, looks up at everyone through his eyelashes, and Sicheng felt akin to this man.

    For a flash of a second, Sicheng sees someone else. There is dyed hair taking an aim for his shoulder. It’s pretty, but all things here are pretty.

    “Pleased to meet you,” the new one tells Sicheng with a gesture of a bow, and Sicheng has to pull himself back to the present.

    Was that what it was like to experience flashbacks? Sicheng is fairly certain he’s never had any of those before. He can’t remember when he had first met the person with pretty hair—it’s almost as if Sicheng had conjured up an entire daydream all on his own. He can’t remember the scenery that would have fitted them. Whatever—whoever it was. It must have been the start of something big, complex and… unforgettable?

    Now, however, the young man takes a chance at meeting Sicheng’s eyes; and although it’s not the bright eyes like stars on the darkest of nights that Sicheng can’t figure out why his mind tries to recall—instead, there is a dark pool of untold stories and enveloping comfort, that steals all of Sicheng’s momentary worries away.

    There is a coming and going here, Sicheng can tell. The people that have left are many, and those who join keep collection onto their street. Sicheng has never questioned their reasons. He supposes everyone has their own quests to complete.


    It’s only when Ten is looking at him down by the water again, and if Sicheng didn’t know better, he could have guessed that was an infinitesimal crease between Ten’s eyebrows.

    “How do you find the new chap?” Ten asks, and he’s still looking at Sicheng—although Sicheng is looking at the calm surface of the water, just barely glimmering with reflections of the moon.

    “He’s fine,” Sicheng says, and means it.

    “Not like Yuta?”

    Sicheng turns his head. The name does ring a bell, but the headache is back, and Sicheng can feel a tickling that seems to vibrate into his very bones. It isn’t exciting. It feels off.

    “Hm?” Sicheng looks at Ten, but Ten isn’t looking at Sicheng anymore—at one point, it changed.

    “Was that a mistake?” Ten says as if, to himself alone.

    Ten looks concerned, and Sicheng wants to wipe that expression off of Ten’s face. Ten doesn’t deserve to be feeling like that. He’s always helpful, and he has his own life to tend to. Whatever that is.

    Sicheng realises, he doesn’t know what Ten does. He lives down Sicheng’s street. That, Sicheng knows.

    “Don’t worry,” Sicheng says, and Ten’s shoulders visibly relax.

    He can see Ten’s throat working even so.

    “I hope you’re right,” Ten stands up.

    It’s not the first time Ten has said things that make Sicheng uneasy, yet Sicheng wants to keep Ten around. He prefers to keep them all around, all the neighbours and brief visitors, travellers and passerbys—but mostly, Sicheng likes the time he has on his own. He appreciates the moments when he can simply enjoy the view.

    The view now is Moon Taeil. Taeil is the most recent guy to have turned up on Sicheng’s (and the others’) street.

    Taeil is kind, attentive, quiet when Sicheng wished someone could be, and a friendly hand to hold without needing to hold it physically. Taeil keeps to his own house. It’s easy that way. Sicheng realises he can acquaint himself with Taeil slowly. Any pace seems right. Taeil doesn’t demand anything else; he looks content this way.

    It’s Sicheng’s nights that are different. He dreams of a man that is lively, inventive, full of imagination, and entirely unhinged. For some reason, Sicheng wants to claim Ten to have expressed the latter—but Sicheng knows too, that it’s true. Why? Sicheng isn’t even sure he knows this person. Someone who is everything he isn’t: who overwhelms, and excites in unlimited quantities. A bit like a reminder of Ten—even though Sicheng is certain he has never seen Ten behave that way before. In his dream, the man tells him: “You tell me: what is better, a drink or a dance?” and Sicheng had to look up to realise he had addressed Sicheng—out of everyone. “For who?” Sicheng then inquired. Sicheng learned that the man in his dreams has bright teeth like Kun. “For me—or, for you?”


    Sicheng is pretty sure that life is divided into sections. Almost like chapters. There’s a coming and going, right? Things move on and they’re already scripted in advance. Sicheng feels it on his skin. There are moments that appear to have been cut out, and parts which were added for a special effect. Sicheng has often wondered if he ever will learn what effect they really have; what role they have to play. Perhaps he could read a preview of the next turn for him on, over his shoulder one day?

    There’s voices filtering inside through his window one morning, and Sicheng hurries out. Something in the air feels familiar, and it’s making his hair stand on end. Could it be that he’s always been afraid of conflicts? Yet, why is it that Sicheng’s instincts move him out to attempt to intervene? As if he’s trying to do something else, as if he had already tried to stand by another time.

    “I just want to help!”

    Sicheng can’t tell what has gone wrong, but in front of him: Kun is upset, and so is Ten. Something is not right, and Sicheng attempts to observe that even the sky looks to agree.

    “You’re making it worse!” Kun is almost screaming, and it looks like the sky is about to cry.

    Sicheng licks his lips, as he comes to stand in-between them. His blood is singing in ways he doesn’t think he’s ever felt before. His entire being is screaming ‘wrong’!

    Which is peculiar in itself. Sicheng can tell he recognises this experience all too well. In a dream? Maybe.

    “Calm down?” Sicheng tries, and his voice might be too quiet, but the both of them fall silent with an effectivity as though he had been screaming with all his capacity.

    For a moment, Sicheng wonders if they can hear his thoughts too.

    Ten can only be described as looking sorry—genuinely sad; whilst Kun’s entire form appears troubled (Sicheng could easily picture a cloud around him, evidence of the engine still running hot). What happened? Sicheng isn’t calm. He feels like a thread stretched far too tightly.

    “I care for him,” Kun says, he’s still talking to Ten; and Sicheng feels an odd sting humming around his chest.

    “You’re not real,” Ten retorts too calmly.

    Sicheng can feel his eyes blurring. Something is really wrong. He wonders if this is what a heart attack feels like. The world is caving in, and the sky is bursting out in protest—or perhaps, in sympathy. The rain is cool against his skin. Sicheng wished it was snow. Let it be gentle .

    “Are you?” Kun throws back, but Sicheng is falling to his knees as if the words hit him and not Ten.

    “This is wrong,” someone says, or perhaps it’s Sicheng, but he’s fairly certain it’s someone else.

    He doesn't think he could have produced any words at this moment.

    “I don’t want to leave when you’re making trouble—again,” Kun possibly says; and then it’s dark.

    Sicheng wishes there would be no disputes at all. He wants them to get along, and to be happy. He wants it back. He wants it to be easy.


    When Sicheng comes to, the air is as mild as ever. There are no disturbing sounds, no dark clouds, no rain (not even snow) and no clenching around his heart. He assumes he’s alive, and breathing.

    The day passed with no further questions asked. Sicheng doesn’t have any. All is well. Easier than he thought.


    It’s difficult to remember what happens at night. Mostly it seems like the in-betweens of moments, of days that blur together and emerge into a single fragment as enough proof of his existence. A memory from a childhood, details lost to him, but the lingering feeling of a vivid experience still lingering on the inside of his eyelids. As if he could reach it, see it clearly even, if he just gives himself a second to breathe.

    Most nights lack reason to mention. It’s possible that for a few seconds in the morning, there is a faint smell of nostalgia in the air. Sicheng is pretty sure that he’s never seen those bright eyes before, nor the blinding smile like those of a million dollar ad for another stupid toothpaste, so heavily edited it’s not even realistic anymore. Hence, the face in his mind can’t be real.

    There’s a twitch to Sicheng’s fingertips, as if they want to disagree.

    It has happened before—and it happens again, again, and again.

    The face isn’t even fragmented now. It’s not even a puzzle. It’s a vivid picture, as colorful as the long dyed hair framing his features, and Sicheng can’t ignore it. It gives him chills when he thinks about it, and just like all other things in life that makes his skin itch: he chooses to move on.

    It would have been easy, had he not woken up seeing that smile over and over again.


    Taeil looks worried.

    “It’s nothing,” Sicheng says before Taeil has had the time to ask; after all, Sicheng knows Taeil won’t ask unless Sicheng wants to tell.

    Sicheng is grateful for the space. But often he dares not speak without permission—and with that single thought, Sicheng can see that very face haunting his nights on a bright day like this too. Sicheng can’t really put his finger on it… but he’s sure he’s had conversations about this before. He’s sure… for some reason that he can’t name at all, that the face belongs to someone called Yuta—but why?

    The sun is sprinkling the world in sparkling champagne, a lustrous shine softening it all further. Sicheng wonders if maybe that is the reason he can see that face in daytime, the day provided is all too dreamlike for the crisp, or even scorching presence of Summer’s more common gifts. Yet, Summer here isn’t an excruciating nightmare. It’s bearable. It’s a fresh spring river, scattered in light greens and small flowers.

    “If you insist,” Taeil replies, but he doesn’t look like he’s offended by Sicheng's unspoken distress; and Sicheng trusts that it’s okay.

    It was different in the beginning. Sicheng can still remember the confusion. How he tip-toed around everything—and everyone. He could barely breathe (yet he could)—let alone do things; or anything. At the start, things happened too quickly—or too slow. It took quite some time to adjust. It’s impossible to figure out when that was. How long ago it all started. Sicheng sometimes finds himself trying to remember how it was before all of this. It still comes up blank. He danced, possibly. At times, maybe he sang? But… could Sicheng even sing? He hadn’t tried in a long time. All of it was an uncertain vast land in Sicheng’s mind; growing smaller and smaller by each new moment. He isn’t so sure he really needs to clear up that fog at all. He manages just fine this way. Simple. Safe.

    The times when the entire world seems to tremble: are those snippets that happen every now and then. Mostly at night. Is that what happened to… Yuta? Whatever that was.

    For most of the time, here however, Taeil and Sicheng spend their time in silence. Watch the sun set, and wait for the moon to greet them. They sit until the stars dare say hello, and then they go back. Sicheng can see Taeil’s small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Sometimes it looks as if he wants to say something—but he doesn’t.


    Eventually, Sicheng is ready.

    “Am I ungrateful if I say, it feels like I’m missing something…?” the feeling has been sitting deep, at the pit of his stomach and made a home there, and Sicheng can’t stand it much longer.

    It’s a feeling that almost makes him sick to the point of: his body wanting to get rid of whatever is so terribly wrong. Sicheng can tell that he can’t go on like this, and something needs to be done about it. But… how do you ask for help, where you have none to talk to?

    “I’m sorry,” Taeil says, as if he is the reason for Sicheng’s ache.

    “Don’t be.”

    “Right,” Taeil smiles, but it looks a little weak.

    Taeil is different in that way. He is happy—but not all shining teeth and extravagant words. Sometimes his frame is edged with something heavy: as if sadness was a concept Sicheng knew well—then, that would be its certificate of companionship.

    “I did wonder when you would bring it up,” Taeil continues, he doesn’t look at Sicheng—and Sicheng is, for once, a little put off.

    He wishes Taeil would look at him, just so he could convince him it was okay.

    “Yes?” Sicheng says, because there is something about Taeil; the way he contains all secrets in the world and makes Sicheng feel as though he knows without asking.

    “You miss them… don’t you?” Taeil looks up, his eyes are clear, but they shine more than they did before.


    There is silence. The one Sicheng embraces and cares for; the one Taeil carries with him in his bag to pick up whenever it might ease the cold air surrounding them.

    “All of them. Us,” Taeil says, as if he is the communicator with the very Heavens and Earth and Universe, “You?” Taeil looks to Sicheng then, and Sicheng could imagine a tear escaping down his smooth cheek.

    How do you miss something you can’t remember? Sicheng wants to ask, and perhaps he did, because Taeil smiles, although a bit sadly: “You do, if you want to.”

    There is a burning pain and it has put a target in the middle of Sicheng’s chest now. It hurts.

    “It’s difficult, right?” Taeil looks as if he can feel it too.

    “Will it get easier?” Sicheng asks, although he doesn’t truly understand what’s going on.

    “Depends—sometimes—sometimes… not.”

    “Why would I want to?”

    “Remember?” Taeil confirms with Sicheng, “Do you want to keep letting them go?”

    Who? Sicheng begs to ask, but he already knows.

    “When did they go?”

    “When it got too… much.”

    “It’s hard.”

    “Isn’t it all?” Taeil’s voice is softer than Sicheng thinks possible.

    There was a moment when things changed. Somewhere. Sicheng can almost remember it now. A time of uncertainty that had them all under new pressures. There was a choice then.

    “What was it?” Taeil asks.

    “A chance to… remember,” Sicheng breathes.

    Under night lights’ gentle caress Sicheng tries to recall, but almost can’t. He fears Taeil is right, that he will have lost himself too. Sicheng wants to cry, but this isn’t a place for the ugly and imperfect. It slips in anyway, and is sucked right out the moment it breathes up a storm.

    “Are you even real?” Sicheng’s voice is thick with unshed tears.

    “Even if I’m not—who says this isn’t?” Taeil looks calmer with the possibility of nonexistence than Sicheng wishes he would be, “Oh… I’ve made you upset.”

    Sicheng tries to laugh it off.

    “No, no haven’t,” he tries although he knows Taeil is right.

    After a while, Sicheng adds: “Is this goodbye?”

    “Is it?” Taeil tilts his head a little, “For me—or for us?”

    Sicheng sits beside Taeil until dawn is upon them. Goodbyes hurt, but losses scorches. It wasn’t Taeil that upset him; and not Taeil who’s time was up. This time: it is Sicheng’s.

    -————- ✼ -————-

    END NOTE: First of all, thank you so much if you read through the entire short story. I'm incredibly grateful for any likes and feedback, it really means so very much to me! I'm sorry if this was a bit on the way-too-confusing side! The story is a bit like pieces and patches after all.

    In case you've come to this section to get some hints on how this simulation actually works: - Sicheng is in a simulation and all people he meets are pure simulations (though conjured from his own mind/memory of them) - During night, it seems the Utopia setting of the simulation isn't working as well. - When things go... 'badly', more and more pressure is gathered in Sicheng's mental limit of 'too much'—which the simulation translates into: not happy > must remove. Therefore, characters that drop off and aren't mentioned again are the ones the simulation are trying to remove from Sicheng's conscience. Some characters try to alter that, on Sicheng's behalf—or in ways Sicheng remember them acting, we don't know; but that is what leads to the final calling of Taeil making Sicheng realise that this is what's up, and perhaps, Sicheng isn't actually getting any happier. - In short: do take care of yourselves. Pain is difficult, and communication and friendships and all, are complex matters. Things do hurt, but... to always remove grievances doesn't necessarily mean everything will get better (this is NOT to say that you should endure anything anyone does to you! Please do not do that! You deserve better! This is merely to hint also, towards the thing of: extreme emotions sometimes, can also bring you closer together). - Maybe disappointing, but this story isn't exactly a ship plot; however, you can read as much as you want into anything here anyway.

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    Shop till you drop!

    TXT Yeonjun

    fluff, gn!reader insert, less than 500 words, ficmas 2021

    Taglist: @eeunoia , @querenciaa , @studioreader , @ddeonubaby , @enhacolor , @90sclub , @girlfromkwangya

    Permanent taglist: @kyswoo

    “Babe, do you think your mom will like this?” Your boyfriend, Yeonjun, asked you. You turned from the aisle in front of you to look at the man behind you. Yeonjun held up a dark red candle for you to smell. You sniffed the candle and sighed.

    “Didn’t you get my mom a candle last year for Christmas?” you reminded him. His brown eyes widened at you in realization.

    “I completely forgot. Do you think she would like a small blanket?” Yeonjun pondered. You shrugged your shoulders. You placed the candle back on the table that he picked it up from.

    “I think she would like anything you got her, she loves you more than me.” you laughed. Your boyfriend winked at you. He started to walk away from you.

    “I’m going to look at the blankets.” he shouted as he walked away. You smiled at his retreating figure and turned back to the sweaters you were looking at. You picked a beige knit sweater for your mom and headed after your boyfriend. You reached the blanket section and saw him holding two in either hand. You tapped him on the shoulder causing him to jump in place. Yeonjun turned to look at you and held one of the blankets to his chest.

    “How dare you!” he silently shrieked. After calming down he spoke again, “ Anyway, should i get the blue fluffy one or the purple”

    “Blue, it goes with her decor more.” Yeonjun nodded at your words, and placed the purple blanket back on the shelf.

    “Did you get what you needed?” he asked you while looking at the sweater in your hand.

    “Yeah, my mom is pretty easy to Christmas shop for. Do you need to get anything else?”

    “Maybe… I think we should look at the plushies before we go. Might find something for hyuka.”

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 23 Strings of blood

    (Warning: Intense g/ore.)

    The location Y/N sent ended up leading Sunoo to an abandoned warehouse. Why she was there in the first place, he had no idea. The further he drove away from the bustling lights of the suburban city, the more he was starting to doubt if the location had somehow been the right one.

    He still couldn’t ignore her request, and at this point, he could be led to heavens-knows-where and still be determined to keep Y/N safe.

    But the thought that perhaps this was someone else pulling a nasty prank or even some twisted bastard trying to misguide him could be a very real possibility, and if the stalker that Y/N told him about had her kidnapped, he would walk to fire to get her back.

    Regardless, he drove on, hoping that he would see Y/N and not some strange person waiting for him at the destination point.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    It was a real possibility, after all.

    His thoughts were cut short when he came face to face with a man whose face was covered up with a mask. Perhaps he was in the wrong place?

    There was no indication.

    “Where have you taken Y/N?”

    Though Sunoo wasn’t screaming out his demands, his words were thickly coated with rage. He had hoped that he would be able to reason with the man in front of him, but in the back of his mind, someone who would go that far had little need for morals, normalcy, and any semblance of sense.

    It was an obsessive stalker he was dealing with. Maybe he had already known what was coming, but he couldn’t help but hope that Y/N would still be okay. In hindsight, she might have been, if this stalker prioritized her safety over all else.

    “What makes you think I’ve taken her?”

    The masked man’s voice was unknown to Sunoo, but it was deep and velvety, the smooth tone almost lulling one to sleep without much effort. But the tension in the air around them made it ridiculously hard to even relax, and every fibre of the violinist’s being was on high alert.

    “I’ll ask you again, what have you done with Y/N?”

    There was a heavy pause before the masked man chuckled, almost mockingly.

    “You’re so trusting, dear violinist. So utterly in love with her,” he said, “I guess that’s one thing we have in common.”

    Sunoo did not utter a single word, for there was no reason to entertain the masked man.

    “But as you know, there can only be one in her life, and you, my dear violinist, are an utter eyesore.”

    Eyesore? Him?

    The subtle rage had slowly erupted into more genuine fury, though not at the claim that he was an eyesore, something about the masked man’s tone made Sunoo’s skin crawl.

    He took a step forward, trying to figure out how he was going to get himself out of this, and maybe find Y/N after this.

    And the masked man beckoned him closer.

    But the faintest pain he felt on his cheeks stopped him in his tracks. Something had cut him, and he wasn’t even aware of what. Sunoo lifted his hands up to his face and was horrified to see his own blood on his hands.

    What had cut him?

    “Surprised?” The tone was mocking, still. “It’s a special setup I created just for you, dear violinist.”

    The dear violinist was starting to really piss him off.

    “The area here is covered with hair-thin wires, one false move, and you could lose a limb,” the masked man said, finally.

    “But don’t worry, if you don’t struggle, there wouldn’t be much cutting I’d have to do.”

    There was one lingering question in Sunoo’s mind—what did the masked man mean when he said don’t struggle, and why did it have such devastating implications?

    The masked man seemed to nod in Sunoo’s direction, and before the young violinist could figure out that it was indeed not for him, a pair of hands had come up behind him and started choking him with a thick rope.

    So that was what he meant—

    But there was no time for that. As the young violinist struggled against the rope and the assailant behind him, his fingers had caught the razor-sharp wires that the masked man was talking about.

    And was cleanly sliced off.

    “No more violin playing for you, it seems.”

    The pain had kicked him into overdrive, and as adrenaline coursed through his body, he only struggled more fiercely. But the consequences had been too much for the young violinist who had very little experience against harsh situations like these.

    Though he was willing to survive, he was fighting a losing battle.

    Little by little, the flesh on his fingers, arms, and legs had all somehow caught on the wires, and though not all of his limbs were cleanly sliced off, pieces of clothing, skin and flesh littered around him.

    All while an unknown assailant was choking him to death.

    As his vision blurred, Y/N’s face popped up in his mind. The only regret he had was that he didn’t listen to her…if he had stayed with her, perhaps he would see her again.

    Little by little, the life in the young violinist’s eyes faded, and as he struggled one last time, he lost his consciousness and fell limp against the assailant behind him.

    He supposed that the one last piece he played on Christmas Eve was indeed his swan song.

    It was Christmas when the police were made aware of a crime scene through an anonymous tip. The local police precinct, with Chan in tow, had found the body of the world-famous violinist—or what was left of it, anyhow. The other detectives figured that it was a clean decapitation, but…it clearly meant something.

    Placed against the corpse’s chest, was a single violin with one string intact, the rest of the strings were severed and ripped apart, and the bow in the young man’s hand was broken into two pieces.

    It was a sight that nobody would ever want to see.

    Written across the wall above where the body was found, were letters, making up a coherent sentence:

    “Will you love me now?”

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: I hope you were as grossed out as I was while writing this chapter. Or maybe just unsettled, like I was. The main reason why I used pronouns and descriptive titles for Sunoo is due to my own personal issues lol I’m squeamish.

    Also, I think I’m gonna refrain from writing gore (or at least excessive gore) after watching Hellbound and playing through the Tsurumi Island quest yells.

    Masterlist << previous | next >>

    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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  • inthezoyne
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    I hate having to play through an entire chapter just so I get to the place where I find the pig noise and kill it it's so frustrating. 

    #twewy #I'm trying to get all the secret reports and scramble slam is blocking me #I can oneshot these pigs now but they're on the other side of the map and that's not fair #.txt
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  • raspberrygyus
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 22 Faint cradling of Christmas lights

    (don't forget to read the text portion at the bottom!)

    Turned out one of the violinists had called in sick—was that even possible, Sunoo wasn’t sure. They knew that it was off-season for him, at least, and wanted to ask for a favour.

    Just one performance, nothing more, they begged. We’ll even pay you handsomely, they added.

    For a gifted violinist like Sunoo, it was never really about that money, but bills still need to be paid, and food still need to be bought.

    He stared back at Y/N—who was still sitting on the bed—and made his way over to her so he could share the news with her. He wasn’t keen on leaving her behind in the apartment, and with the new development that he learned, he was more hesitant to accept the offer than before.

    He wasn’t sure how she would take it, especially in such a fragile state.

    “The local orchestral hall wants me to do a performance tomorrow,” he started, “because one of the original performers called in sick.”

    Y/N didn’t look too persuaded on that matter.


    She knew she shouldn’t be too selfish, but there were parts of her that screamed that she should take her mental health into consideration and if that meant keeping the one good thing in her life close to her, perhaps she should.

    On the other hand, she really didn’t feel like tying him down like this. Especially when he was so world-renowned and showing his face anywhere would garner him more exposure. Not to mention the amount of love he had for music, there was no reason for him not to accept.

    “Does it…have to be you?”

    Damn selfish self. She couldn’t help but lower her head as she spoke, hoping that she wouldn’t have to see the expression he had on his face.

    When she looked back up at him, she was slightly shocked to see such a genuinely concerned look on his face. It was such a soft stare, and she wanted to cry.

    “It doesn’t have to be me, I’m sure they’ll find someone else if I end up rejecting them,” he contemplated. “But…”

    Maybe the decision had already been made in his head, she thought.

    “It’s okay,” Y/N said, finally, “you should go, you’ll do wonderfully. Don’t let me stop you.”

    She was caught off guard when he pulled her into his arms, and to her. However, regardless of her surprise, she wrapped her arms around him and fully buried herself into his embrace.

    “I really don’t want to leave you alone, Y/N,” he said, wistfully, “I really do want to spend every waking moment with you.”

    She leaned further into him, “I won’t go anywhere.”

    “You promise?”

    He felt her nod her head.

    “I have no plans, and…I really don’t feel like going anywhere, so you don’t have to worry,” she said, after much thought.

    When they finally pulled apart, she gave him a contented smile.

    “It will be ok, I’ll get to watch you when they preview the show online, right? Most orchestras do, don’t they?”

    He thought for a moment, then nodded. “Usually…”

    The smile on her face only widened with his answer. “I won’t go anywhere, I’ll keep the doors and windows locked, I’ll stay here, and I won’t go anywhere. And then, when you come back, we can celebrate Christmas eve together with some hot cocoa, and spend the rest of the Christmas morning together.”

    She leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

    “How does that sound?”

    Damn, he really loved her so much.

    “I love you, Y/N, so much, did you know that?”

    She only smiled more.

    Yes, everything will be ok.

    (The first two screenshots are in sunoo’s POV, the third one is in yn’s POV.)

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: OHOHOHO. Please be prepared for the next chapter, it will pull at your heartstrings.

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    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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  • junnieismylove
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago


    Choi yeonjun x female reader

    Summary- you have been experiencing some unexplainable events which were quite ignorable for some time but as you started to get more comfortable the events grew more frightening you, so your friend tells you about this person who can help you but things turned out to be something much more than you expected!

    Warning- mature content (smut ahead), foul language, frightening scene( even tho they are not scary)

    Word count- 3.6k

    I have been experiencing some odd stuff, like loud thuds in the guest room, things shattering in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Creaking and scratching. Sometimes I feel someone is laying in the bed with me at night and I am even terrified to look at my back. I feel unsafe, and it gets even more dangerous. 

    One morning I woke up with a bruise on my neck like someone left it there. I am sure that it could’ve not been me sleepwalking. Even if it was me,  the bruise was not looking like something a piece of furniture would give. I was beyond scared, knowing the fact that…

    I live alone

    I would get chills down my spine, goosebumps feeling something just passed through my body and the sudden temperature drop tells me that I am not alone in this house. Something much more that I can’t  imagine living under the same roof as me, it's inhuman and beyond this world.

    Before moving here i did hear the rumors of this house being haunted by some entities but i didn't put much thought to it now i regret, plus no one even told me that is it bad or good or just straight up demonic..i don’t know what i am dealing with, but looking from my experience it's something evil.

    I would hear my neighbours whispering as I got out of the house to go to college. They whisper stuff  like how do I live in this house alone? Or how am I even alive?. i have never heard of any deaths here after the murder of the two boys, that is said to be what haunting this goddamn house. 

    The story is that two boys lived in this apartment and they got murder by theives, the theives didnt get anything since they both were pretty much broke, like me they were college going students. But when one boy was about to call the police, the thief slashed his throat instantly . killing him, the other witnessed and froze watching the lifeless body of his best friend, the blood pooling underneath him staining the wooden floor. The thieves didn't want to get in trouble, so they stabbed him too..and then ran away but soon they were caught by cops. Sometimes I think it's pretty sad, how those thieves ruined the boys' lives. Tears form in my eyes thinking they would've been happy enjoying their lives. But they were destined to be sent to God at that time.it actually happened 4 years ago so it’s not an old story!!

    But i am scared because recently too i woke up with a bruise on my neck which almost looked like a hickey, even my friends misunderstood it for that..Gosh the boy ghost is horny!!, but it's concerning. Day by day the spirits are getting active and more communicative like I've tried talking to them several times, no response but after i am done it starts knocking and creaking as far as breaking stuff..

    Getting fed up with all of this, I told everything that has happened to me to one of my friends who specifically told me to stay away from that house, she gave me a ghost hunter. At first I thought it was a hoax but then she told me he has been to over 50 houses. I widened my eyes at the number,

    Freaking 50

    She says that he has a special gift of being a medium. Medium is someone who has psychic abilities which may include seeing spirits and vision instilled by the spirit world, they are also the one spirits use to communicate with the human world. They are not exorcists, they are not qualified in this field but they are definitely someone who investigates why, what,how,who, which and where of the hauntings and then tells you if there is a need for an exorcism (cleansing) or not. So believing her I gave a call to him and told him everything that has happened to me in these past few days, we set up a meeting to talk more about, he definitely seemed professional but his deep sexy voice tho….umm stop thinking about that you horny ass.

    Now I am here waiting for him, looking at the clock from time to time. The condition is getting worse day by day from the minute i called him, it’s like the spirits have sensed and it got more aggressive. I have thought of leaving the house but my friend told me that now they have latched onto me, wherever i go, they will be with me. Th bruises are the evidence that they will not leave me at all. From that day i started to live in fear. Everyday i wake up with a small , fresh bruises on my legs and neck, even in weird places like my inner thigh. Sometimes I think the spirit just marks me as it’s. Weird!!

    Just then I hear the doorbell ring indicating he must be here. I get up from my sofa and start walking to the door, as soon as i touch the doorknob, it burns my hand, tf- its freaking burning. I touched it again with my finger and now it’s gone. Is the spirit playing tricks on me? I roll my eyes and sigh before opening the door, of course they don't want him here.

    I open the door to see a fucking hot man standing in whole black attire. This. is. the. Medium. ok now i wanna see how large his- ok gurl stop it get some help, why am i so thirsty? Anyways….the intimidated look followed by a sweet smile…Oh lord fuck the duality!!! I wanna scream but i can’t. I need to keep a straight face, why is my body reacting like this? I don’t want him to think that he has an impact on me.  I shake my sinful thoughts away and put on a smiling face hiding the heat that is running around my body.

    “Hi i am y/n” “i am yeonjun! Nice to meet you ``I smile, waving my hand at him,gesturing him to come in, he nodded while stepping inside my house, I closed the door behind me and turned around seeing him standing in the hallway scanning the house. His facial expression told that something’s wrong, he felt someone’s presence. I called out for him but he didn’t listen so I tapped on his shoulder gaining his attention. He told me that he needs to go to every corner of the house so that he can investigate properly.

    I started to give him the house tour. Any room he goes into his facial expression changes as if he saw something or hears something. There was one room that was actually, i was forbidden to go there. People say that's the most active room and that’s where the second boy died. I had the room keys so one day i decided to open the door when the owner specifically told me not to, but me being the curious brat and still regret what i experienced.

    When I entered that room, the sudden temperature drop gave me goosebumps all over my body, feeling like someone’s eyes are on you. The immediate fall of the book that was kept far on the desk that had no chance of falling and getting shivers down your spine when you felt that someone just pass through you and the worst was yet to come

    I saw someone standing behind the curtains….

    I went to check and to my horror there was no one, and that was my que to get out of the room as soon as possible. I ran outside the room, locked the door. Taking a moment to breathe and processing what had happened. I packed my bags and went to my mom’s home for a few days to get my mind off of that room. After coming back to the apartment everything was quiet only for it to get more intense.

    “Take me to the room” I flinched when he suddenly asked me to take him to the room, I widened my eyes, in complete shock “what room?” I asked hoping that maybe he is talking about the rooms in the house but why would he say singular room and then “no, the forbidden room!” i was beyond shocked by his abilities, i couldn’t believe my ears, because

    I never brought up the forbidden room for him to suggest otherwise..

    “How did you-” he cut me off “i sensed it, being the most active room in the house the vibe is too strong, 2 boys died in that room right?” I nodded. woah.. I didn’t expect him to know. Maybe he searched for it but why would he ask me? Idk this feels complicated, i am stunned by his powers. At this point all I can do is follow his instructions. 

    I rummage through my cupboard finding the keys which I swore I'd never touch but I have to now. I feel a cold metal thing touch my fingers knowing that it's the keys. I grab them and lead him to the room. Fidgeting with the keys, i was really nervous to open the room, my hand was shivering, resulting in the keys not getting into the keyhole but i unlocked it. 

    The door opened with the creak and the sudden cold temperature hit our faces which sent chills over my body. I hid behind Yeonjun, feeling safe with him. He enters the room and his expressions get intense, not gonna lie it's hot.. Why am I like this? He immediately started investigating the room with me on the door not daring to enter the room.

    Now that i see him properly, his black attire looks fucking hot, with his bisceps flexing when he holds something. Him biting his lips in concentration makes my mind go crazy and that damn tongue flicking over those lips which I badly want then on my- STOP you horny hooman...ughh!!!! You know what fuck this ghost shit!!! I smirk at the idea that popped into my mind. Nothing that happened that much anyways since he stepped into the house, maybe the spirits went away in fear. Who knows? Imma go grab the opportunity!!

    I start walking seductively towards him. “Is it just me tipping or it has become hot here?” he chuckles, still not looking at me focusing on his work. “Usually the places where there is a ghostly presence  always have a cold temperature but i must say you have  good flirting skills”. I blushed heavily when I saw his lips curl up in a smirk. “Who-who said I am flirting? I am not”. I put on a tough girl face in front of him but from inside I am melting from the hotness he is radiating.

    “Ok then!!” I frowned upon hearing his dry answer. Tf- how could he not even glance at me. He is so busy with his work that he can't even get a hint that I badly need him. It’s been a while since I have had hookups and one night stands. I don’t do relationships, I am gonna have to marry one day so why not enjoy while it lasts. I just remembered that I am wearing a mini dress that stops just above my mid thigh!! Well well…..

    I went to pick up the book that fell on the ground when I first entered this room. I bent down seductively and pushed my hips further up so that he could see a bit of my pink lacey underwear .“This was the book that fell on the ground when I first entered this room!” I can feel his eyes on my hips...I playfully grin knowing my plan is working. 

    I get up, turning around to show him the book, but when I do I immediately meet his eyes which were filled with lust at this point. Goosebumps spread over my body as his intense gaze makes me wet.

    Well looks like i am not gonna be able to walk for weeks!! Oops, just dug my own grave.

    He extended his hand and signaled me to give him the book, I am scared tbh.. I gulped and started walking towards him, when I extended my hand to give him the book he let the book drop on purpose and held my hand instead, pulling me closer. He pinned me to the nearest wall with him caging me in between his arms. My breathing became uneven as he leaned in, our faces dangerously close, his hot breath fanning over my lips. “I got the hint babygirl!!! You know I have been to so many houses and I know girls swoon over me but I have never seen someone so bold like you!” I purse my lips into thin line in order to not smile at the sudden compliment.

    I don't know why I am suddenly feeling so shy that I don't even dare to look at him. He hooked his fingers under my chin to make me look at him. “Aww!! What happened to the bold baby just now huh?” he smirks, licking his upper lips. Stop!!! At this point a swimming pool is gonna be formed in my panties. I was burning with desire. All I wanted was his touch all over my body. “You know what fuck the ghost, ill just fuck you” i smirk giving him the permission. 

    He crashed his lips onto mine in a heavy make out pushing his tongue in my mouth making me choke out a moan. Our tongues fighting for dominance and ofc he won. I wrap my hands around his neck threading my fingers in his soft lock and his hands tightly wrapped around my waist. The intensity of lips and tongue just made my mind go crazy. He taps on my thigh indicating me to jump and wrap my legs around his waist. He started walking out of the room making his way towards my bedroom, our lips still connected.

    He lays me on my bed hovering over me as he attacks my neck leaving a trail of wet kisses as I let out a moan when he starts to suck and bite my neck leaving purple marks all over. He travels his kisses from my neck to my cleavage pulling away to take off my dress. He holds the hem of my dress and looks me in the eyes. I nodded and he slid the dress from my body, I shivered when his cold fingers came in contact with my thighs softly creating a tingling effect. 

    My breath hitched when he took off his shirt revealing the sexiest body i have ever seen. He smiles playfully “I am not gonna ask that question cuz I know you like what you see!” I chuckled at the playfulness but then suddenly I let out a shaky breath when his lips came in contact with the plump portion of my breast. I was just left in my pink bra and panty while he was still wearing his pants. 

    He unclip my bra hook and take it off. My breast fell to the side as the cold breeze hit them, hardening my nipples. But soon gets warm when he takes one nipple in his mouth and starts sucking on them like a baby wanting to drink milk and his hand fondling my other breast. I moan loudly when he roughly sucks my nipples. I pull on his hair as I become desperate. He releases my nipple with a pop sound. Taking care of the other nipple just like he did with this one. 

    He kisses just above my belly button and traces every curve of my body with his lips and fingers. He stops at my abdomen to take off my panty. My breathing becomes uneven, my chest heaving up and down. I hissed when his fingers touched my clit, making circles and eights.

    “So wet for me baby!!!”

     My mind went blank as my mouth just let out a string of moans. He hovered on top of me again while his fingers doing wonders on my clit. Taking the cue that I am ready he inserts his middle finger resulting me to moan loudly.  He thrusted his fingers at a slow speed adding one more as he sped his hand movement. His thumb on my clit stimulating me, sending me on edge.

    I started clenching on his fingers indicating that I am about to cum. As I was about to reach my high, he took out his fingers. I whined and opened my eyes to see him smirking. He unbuckles his belt and removes his pants along with his boxers. He sighed when his dick sprung out hitting his stomach. Man!! He is hard...woah!! 

    He aligned his dick in front of my entrance and intervened his fingers with mine pushing in me slowly. I close my eyes tightly as its been months since i haven’t had sex. We both moaned in unison when he fully pushed inside me giving me time to adjust. He kisses me to make me relax as I get adjusted to his size, he starts to thrust slowly but hard. He groans at the tightness of my walls around him, I clench hard making him lose his mind as he starts to thrust at a rapid speed.

    The sound of sinful moans and skin slapping could be heard as he had my hands intervene with him above my head while he thrusted in me at animalistic speed. My head spins around, i couldn’t see anything clear as i clench hard around him making him groan. 

    “Fuck i am cumming!! YEONJUN!!!”    "fuck me too!!"

    I threw my head back, tears welled up in my eyes as I hit my orgasm hard, coating his dick , while he moaned loudly, pulling out as he shot his seeds on my stomach. His body gave up as he passed out on top of me. His face in the crook of my neck, we both panted heavily. I look over to the door feeling someone’s eyes on us again.

    Yeonjun rolled over to the side as he put the blanket on us both. I snuggled up to him feeling his warmth,  we were about to doze off when we heard loud noises from the kitchen. We jolt up on the bed. Thinking about what it could be. We looked at each other deciding that we should go check, ofc that was what he was here for. We clean ourselves with the wet cloth and put on our clothes.

    We went to the kitchen on tippy toes so as to not make a sound. We reached there to see my plate was shattered on the ground and all of a sudden one plate just straight launched on us. I screamed and hid myself behind yeonjun. “This house needs cleansing!” i gasped loudly “you mean exorcism” he nodded “you know what you should stay at your mom’s house today, i'll send a priest tomorrow to practice exorcism here!!! 

    “Actually my mom is out of town and my friends' houses are  far away. It'll take me two hours to go there, all my friends have their houses near my college plus it's almost night!!” I bit my lips thinking what should i do now. “My apartment is near where I live with my brother, if you want you can come there ok?” I nod immediately. I don't have any choice.

    “I HAVE GIVEN YOU NO PERMISSION TO FOLLOW US !!” he yelled these words, i guess one has to say these words for the spirits to not follow people. “Let's go!!” I nod and take my phone from my bedroom and get out of the house…

    No one’s pov

    “Yo boy he took your girl in front of your face!” a boy’s voice could be heard laughing hysterically. “Shut up taehyun, it's not funny!!” another voice said, pissed off, he clenched his teeth, if he wanted he could’ve killed yeonjun on the spot but he didn’t because of her.

    “Oh get over it soobin it's not like she was gonna be yours anyways, you are the ghost boy with a human crush, ohh good story idea, a story with funny sad ending.” Soobin looked at Taehyun dead seriously, not even smiling. “Ok i am sorry but look on the bright side we got free porn!” He smiled at him widely, showing his teeth. Soobin didn’t find his comment amusing. 

    “I wish i wasn’t dead!”

    “I know it's hard!! We had dreams which were destroyed by those thieves. I still get so many story ideas like i just got one but i can’t write it but dw we will find them and kill them that's how we will be get peace anyways i know how to get your mind off her '' taehyun smirks, confusion was visible on Soobin’s face. “I know many ghost girls you can hook up with!” Soobin sighs and thinks for a moment, acknowledging that ofc he doesn’t have any chance he eventually agrees to taehyun’s offer. 

    “Yes that’s my buddy come on” taehyun swings his arms around soobin’s neck struggling to keep them as he was smaller than soobin. “That plate throw was good tho!!” Soobin put on a smug face “I know right!!” they chatted and laughed and in a blink of an eye….

    They vanished into thin air
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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 21 Reminiscing, Sunoo

    Y/N woke up with a splitting headache on the day before Christmas Eve, and she immediately regretted everything she had done the night before. Though it was a slow process, most of her memories flooded back. Snippets of the events that occurred pieced themselves together to form a perfect recreation, except, it wasn’t really perfect, was it?

    After torturous nights of nightmares she had to subject herself to, the raw emotions she felt was real enough for her to cower in the room she was staying in for a good few days until Sunoo, the good boy that he was, managed to convince her to get out to get some fresh air. He never asked about her experience in the dream world, and never prodded her like an interrogator. All he did was take her hand and lead her in the right direction—all of which without her knowing, god bless him—and allowed her to heal in her own way, her own pace.

    And all this, all of this, done just for her, even though he, too, had been struggling, because the young boy whom she had known all her life, would rather be a selfless person for the one he cared about.

    She told him to make a name for himself, and then confess to her then—but all of that was just a way to push him out into the world to experience all that he didn’t before, in hopes that he would find something special to his heart and forget all about her.

    She told him to make a name for himself, and then confess to her then—but all of that was just a way to push him out into the world to experience all that he didn’t before, in hopes that he would find something special to his heart and forget all about her.

    It was fruitless, she realized, because this happened, and she supposed that he had been back prematurely. The name for himself he had made—the name was already vastly known throughout the orchestral world, and one that was widely known across the globe, something she was very proud about.

    And yet, the feelings she held for her were still tightly wrapped around him. Maybe she should have put out the candle before the flames grew too big, even for her to put out.

    Regardless, the night prior, she had dragged him out to drink because it was too much for her, and she needed an outlet, erase all that hindrance, erase all that stress, and erase all that trauma she had held so tightly onto, in hopes that she could start a new page all by herself. Sunoo wasn’t going to stay with her forever, and she needed to stand on her two feet, all without someone to lean on.

    And yet, ironic as it was, she ended up being a lightweight and ended up getting drunk after only two glasses, and it had put a lot of burden and stress on the younger man who had courteously allowed her into his life, once more.

    Maybe she hated herself for that, but the headache wasn’t earning any favours at this point.

    Sunoo chose that moment to enter the room, with more room service than any luxurious hotel could afford, and sat beside her, all while offering her the best hangover medication she could ever ask for. Scratch that, it was just one of her favourite drinks, mostly. Although chocolate milk was far from the best hangover cure, she loved the stuff and it also promoted more liquids into her body and she did not want to die from dehydration just yet.

    She was kidding, by the way.

    With that, Y/N greedily took the cup with both hands and chugged it in one go. Sunoo, the ever-good boy, rubbed her back to help her to not choke, and also to help soothe any lingering negative emotions she might have had from the past few days.

    The chocolate milk moustache didn’t help.

    And Sunoo broke into laughter, because Y/N was just the cutest person in his eyes, after all.

    “…what…” she asked, almost begrudgingly. The slightly accusatory glance she cast in his direction did not dampen his mood, it seemed.

    “You have a milk moustache,” he responded, jovially, and fetched a piece of tissue from the nightstand before offering it to her.

    Y/N, on the other hand, quickly took the tissue before covering her mouth area with the tissue, effectively erasing the (adorable) mistake.

    With that out of the way, he leaned forward, and wrapped his arms around her, the previous smile on his face slowly dissipating.

    “You scared me last night.”

    The earlier mood, like the smile on Sunoo face, had also vanished, as a sense of dread slowly crawled back into her mind. Whether or not she was ready to face everything, whether or not she was ready to explain, and to have someone else carry the burden with her, she wasn’t sure, but with all that had happened, she felt like she owed him an explanation.

    “Did I…do something again?” The words came out hesitantly, and Y/N, despite already having asked the question, wanted nothing more than to retract it in fear of hearing something she wasn’t quite ready for.

    The memories of her dream were vague at best, and if he told her she was calling out to Jake yet again, she might just break.

    “No,” Sunoo answered, “you were crying.”

    A sense of relief, and then:

    “It was a heart-wrenching sob,” he continued.

    Something seemed to be tearing at her from the inside.

    “I’ve never felt so hopeless, you were just sobbing so miserably but there was nothing I could do to alleviate that sadness you hold so close to your heart.”

    Sunoo pulled back and stared into Y/N’s eyes.

    “I just wanted to make your pain go away, somehow, but…”

    Y/N shook her head, tears already forming at the corners of her eyes. She placed her hands on top of his and rested her forehead against his shoulder.

    “I need to tell you what happened.”

    Because the longer she put it off, she felt like it was going to eat her alive. And maybe those therapists were right, or rather, the words Sunoo said to her before were right, it would be better to share the burden than for her to carry it alone. She realized this now, and while it took her days of ramming her head against a metaphorical brick wall for her to understand that, she didn’t have to do that, now. She had Sunoo.

    And it was better to let him in than to leave him out.

    “About everything,” Y/N said, finally.

    They said the truth would set you free, but in this case, it wasn’t freeing, but at least someone else knew what she was going through.

    Time went by, events that had led up to Jake’s untimely demise had been explained with as much detail as possible, and despite taking half a day to cover everything that had happened up to this point, she had opened her heart to him. She expected him to be mad, frustrated, and furious.

    And mad he got.

    She didn’t think she had ever seen him so outraged. But as his anger died down, slowly but surely, he once again held her in his arms. She knew he did it for her, in hopes that it would calm her, and it did, but it didn’t really put out that tiny sense that he was going to do something stupid to compensate…

    She just wanted it to be over.


    Sunoo, who had still held her in his arms, rocking her slightly, hummed in response.

    “When this is all over, let’s go somewhere together…”

    Her voice was soft, and as time went on, a sense of relief started settling in. Maybe she would trade the world for him…

    The evening quickly rolled by, and as the sun finally set on the night before Christmas Eve, Sunoo’s phone started ringing.

    [Unknown number is calling.]

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: Sorry for the late chapter, life happened, and had lots of work to do.

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 20 Nightmares

    Running. And running.

    It seemed nonstop.

    Her lungs were aching, desperate for air, and yet, her legs did not give out. A sense of dread, the looming of the unknown, and the lure of danger all prompted her to run even faster.

    There was a layer of thick fog that surrounded her, the space around her, and it seemed to only stretch on further. The more she ran, the denser the fog became, and yet, she could not afford to stop.

    When the fog finally cleared, she found herself in the middle of a field. The sand beneath her shoes crunched with every step, and at this moment, she stopped to survey her surroundings. Gone was the feeling of being chased, but something else had taken its place.

    The inevitable march towards disaster.

    Her heart rate started picking up, and she could physically feel every single heartbeat. Before she realized it, her heart was thrashing violently against her ribcage, threatening to leap out of her chest to escape the cage that held it captive.

    Her body began to shake uncontrollably, and with each passing second, the notion of death inched towards her, looming over her very being. The ground had opened up then, and like the jaws of a rabid beast, she was swallowed whole.

    And then she saw Jake.

    She was positive that it was him because even from a distance, her heart knew who her best friend was. Perhaps it was a second chance, and yet, he had his back to her as if forsaking her.

    Realization hit, then. Jake passed away because of her. Why wouldn’t he hate her? He had his life stolen from him, his dreams cut short, and his future erased, all because of her.

    And she tried to call out to him, tell him that she was sorry, because it was her fault, it was all her fault…

    … and yet, he wouldn’t turn around to face her.

    She tried to run towards him, but the more she ran, the further away he seemed. This was a relentless process until all of a sudden, time seemed to stop, and she seemed to make way…

    …but she realized it was all for naught. She had no right to stand next to him, not after what happened. No matter how many times she remembered him telling her that it wasn’t something she could have helped, she was ultimately reminded of the fact that she had been the one to take everything away from him.

    This thought struck her like a nasty car crash, violent, ugly, and agonizing. She wanted to take his place, she wanted to give her own life to him to make up for everything, but it was useless.

    With one last attempt, she cried out his name for one last time before she was sucked out of that space—she could only watch hopelessly as the space that once held Jake collapsed into nothingness.

    Her heart was really torn out of her chest, then.

    She could watch helplessly as the gaping hole in her chest became bigger and bigger, as her body slowly started to melt away into a puddle of blood.

    And then she woke up.

    Y/N was shaken awake, it seemed. As she finally regained awareness of the space around her, a sudden realization hit her—she was dreaming.

    Beside her was Sunoo, who knelt beside her, his hands clutching on to hers desperately, almost afraid to let her go.

    “You were screaming in your sleep.”

    Ah, she didn’t realize. What had she been doing all this time? The dream felt so real.

    “You were screaming Jake’s name.”

    At the mention of her best friend’s name, she broke down in tears. Sunoo could only stare on, watching Y/N, almost heartbroken at the scene in front of him.

    (He could only wish he could take her pain from her, if only for a little while. But he couldn’t, so he gave her the next best thing.)

    As she wept, Sunoo brought her closer to him and held her as she cried. If she could vent out her frustration by crying until her energy ran out, then he would give her that. If she wanted more, then he’d be willing to give her more. But for now, it was enough.

    For the longest time, they stayed as they were, in each other’s arms.

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: I want to note that in the last chapter I made a small mistake. I didn't realize that I hadn't indicated that Y/N had told Sunoo that she was going out on a Friday before Sunghoon's weird secret/rumour/scandal fiasco started up, and that's why Sunoo asked her why she wasn't going out. It was a lapse in judgment on my part, sorry about that. Also, sorry for the heavy word vomit, I wanted to break up this chapter and the next chapter (which is also going to be a written chapter)

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    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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    12:01 am

    Huening Kai / 629 words / angst / fluff

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It was embarrassing enough having to explain your situation with the guy you were talking to, especially since you weren’t sure if it was going to go anywhere after this. Huening Kai hated to see you so down, making it hard to tell your emotions since you were currently just a blank canvas.

    He threw an arm over your shoulder to pull you closer into his warm body, “I know there probably isn’t much I can say to make things better but remember that any guy would be lucky to have such a pretty, funny, and sweet girl like you. It’s their loss in the end for not giving you more time of day,” He pouted slightly, trying his best not to break his character.

    You closed your eyes before letting out a deep sigh, “I just hate the dating scene nowadays. It’s so hard to find a guy worth worrying over and it’s such a waste of energy. Why can’t my guy just be handed to me on a silver platter? I’ve been waiting so long to find him and be happy. I’m tired of being alone,” You whined, hiding your head in his chest as he held you tighter.

    “Hey, I’m here silly,” Huening Kai chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a bit as you smiled from his comment before lightly smacking his shoulder.

    “You know what I mean, Kai! I’m going to die alone at this rate,” You exclaimed, realizing how calm you began to feel from being in Huening Kai’s presence for the first time as you snuggled further into his touch.

    “Now you’re just being dramatic. If you still aren’t married by 35, I’ll marry you,” He stated casually, even though his heart was racing from his sudden proposal.

    You lifted your head to look into his eyes, “Really? You’d marry me?” You asked as he nodded his head, “You know that would mean you’d have to kiss me right? I’d want all the romantic things I’d expect from anyone else I’d dated,” You suggested, growing closer to him to see how he would react, but he didn’t budge.

    “I can give you all of that, just say the word,” Huening Kai smirked as he gazed down at your lips before returning back to your eyes, trying his best not to kiss you then and there.

    You smirked, licking your lips as you admired his facial features. His soft pink lips, high cheekbones, sharp nose and jawline, and his piercing, yet soft eyes. Even after knowing Huening Kai for over 3 years, it felt like you were seeing him in a new light after that comment.

    Your hand moved to caress his cheek, looking for any signs of discomfort, but none became present, “You wouldn’t mind if I tested that out right now, would you?”

    “Absolutely not,” He whispered, one hand finding your waist and the other resting on the smalls of your back as you leaned further into him.

    It felt like time stopped as you approached his lips, pausing to take a breath of courage before you pressed your lips against his in a slow, but passionate embrace. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as you pulled him closer to you to deepen the kiss unconsciously, but Huening Kai felt like he was sent to heaven, not realizing how long the two of you kissed for. That was, until your phone buzzed from a text message, making the two of you part.

    “Don’t answer it. I don’t want this moment to end yet,” He whispered against your lips before pulling you back in for another sweet embrace. At this point, you could care less about that other guy and his intentions for you, all you cared about was this moment with Huening Kai.

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 19 Confessions

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: Yes, Y/N did lie to Jay.

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    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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    [ 𝘀𝘂𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝘁𝘅𝘁 ]

    𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐤

    you can find rooms suited to your preferences according to the room theme, the time period of your stay and your room type.


    honeymoon (fluff) 💞

    stairs /j (angst)🧂

    classic (comfort) 🍪

    cartoons (humour) 💥

    𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗼𝗱 𝗼𝗳 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘆:

    < 1 day (drabble) 💬

    1 - 3 days (oneshot) 💫

    > 3 days (series) 🪴

    𝗿𝗼𝗼𝗺 𝘁𝘆𝗽𝗲𝘀:

    ░0░1░ 🄲🄷🄾🄸 🅈🄴🄾🄽🄹🅄🄽

    ░0░2░ 🄲🄷🄾🄸 🅂🄾🄾🄱🄸🄽

    ░0░3░ 🄲🄷🄾🄸 🄱🄴🄾🄼🄶🅈🅄

    🚪 hot chocolate 💬💞🍪

    ░0░4░ 🄺🄰🄽🄶 🅃🄰🄴🄷🅈🅄🄽


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    slow dancing in the dark — kang taehyun.

    i've been having a bit of a rut when writing and luckily writing this is letting me get out of it. so thanks for the request love!

    request: "Could I request TXT Taehyun surprising his s/o with tickets to one of her fav band/artist concerts after they have a hard week."

    genre: slight angst, reader is going through a tough time, fluff, comfort.

    warning: mentions of depression, slight self  deprecation.

    summary: you're tired, stressed and over all not happy with the way life is going, so your loving boyfriend taehyun tries to make you feel a bit better.

    it was 3:46 in the morning when you happened to look away from your laptop screen and notice the time. you were in shock, how did you stay up doing work from home for so long? you could have sworn it had only been 30 minutes since when you had sat down at 8. this wasn't rare, often times you'd come home from work just to do more work and to repeat the tiring process over and over again.

    the days felt like an endless cycle, no matter how you chose to spice things up the days seemed to be melting together. it was hard to tell apart what had happened yesterday from something that happened weeks ago. so to say that this point in your life wasn't the happiest was an understatement. you had been struggling with the mundane nature of life which eventually made you depressed. it was hard to even go out to do anything that wasn't work related and you knew it wasn't healthy.

    it was nearly 3:48 in the morning when you heard the doorknob jiggle slightly and the door be pushed open gently. it was your boyfriend, taehyun coming home from a very long shoot. you knew if he saw you up he'd scold you for not getting proper rest but, all you wanted was him at the moment. "baby?" he said from the door way as he took his shoes off and walked into the living space. the lights were dim, the only thing shining on you was your laptop screen and a small lamp next to the couch. "hey how many times did i tell you not to sit in the dark on your laptop? your e-" he nags but you cut him off with a small smile. "i know~ my eye sight can get bad~ i know."

    taehyun never meant to sound like a worried mother but, he always worried and cared for your well being. "what are you doing up so late?" he asked before sitting next to you, his body simply melting onto yours. you pressed a loving kiss to his temple as his head found it's place on your chest. "nothing special, just working like i always am." you sigh softly. work really seemed to be the only think you've been doing these days, even on your few days off you were doing things for your job, it truly wasn't fair and you knew taehyun felt a certain way about how your job feels about you.

    "mm you work too much." he mumbled against your skin before picking his head up to look at you. his eyes were drowning in tiredness and his body craved your gentle touch around his sore muscles. "i know my love, i can say the same about you." you shot back gently, cupping his face lovingly and smiling at him, pressing a quick peck to his lips. taehyun let out a pleased sigh before shaking his head gently. he may have been tired but it didn't stop him from being reasonable. "i love what i do, but you... you feel stuck and you tell me you feel stuck all the time my love. you work so hard for a company you don't care about." he trailed off and laid back against the plush couch. "you work hard because you like to prove to yourself that you can do it, not because you love it... and i think that's a big difference. if you loved it you wouldn't dread getting ready for work each morning~."

    what he said was true, it was really special the way taehyun could read you and understand your feelings. it's been month after month of seeing you in such a mind set and he noticed you weren't as happy as you usually were. at first he though it might have been him, but he soon realized that he was the only thing able to pull you away from work, the real reason you were going through these depressive state of mind. "i didn't think you noticed." you admitted and looked over at him, happy that the dim lights covered the way your eyes slowly watered. "i'm sorry if i worried you." you added to which taehyun shook his head.

    "why are you apologizing? you've done nothing wrong." he frowned and tilted his head. he should he the one apologizing for not noticing sooner. "i've been depressed and i never want to go out anymore or go on dates..." you sniffle softly at your new realization. as a result of your days feeling the same you had lost motivation to go out on dates, or just go out in general. you went straight to work and back thinking your life was too hectic to go out and have fun. taehyun never said anything about it since he figured you had been going through a tough time. staying home with you was great in his eyes, more time to be with you physically.

    "hey, thats not a problem baby. you're tired~ i understand. i don't mind not going out as long as i'm with you." he explained honestly, his voice soft and comforting. "yeah but i bet it's hard watching other people go out to dance and have drinks with their partners-"you tried to object but he cut you off. "we can dance and drink here if you're not ready to go out, it's not a problem. what's stopping us?"

    you gave him a bit of a confused glance before closing your laptop gently and placing it on the coffee table in front of you. "don't look at me like i'm crazy." he chuckled  despite the sleep evident in his eyes. he ended up getting up and looking for something diligently on his phone. to which you decided to tease him by saying "no screens in dim rooms! you know that ruins your eyesight." all he could do was smile and look up at you, there was so much love in those tired eyes. you knew it was just about 4 am and you both needed rest and yet, your boyfriend was there listening to you and helping you feel a bit better.

    before you knew it a soft song started playing from his phone which he had set down on the coffee table before reaching his hand out to you. he would admit it was cheesy, the whole slow dancing in the living room idea but, he just wanted to make you smile tonight. "tae no no, come on lets go to bed you're exhausted." you protested and he just brushed it off. he wanted to dance with you in the living room like those cheesy romantic movies. "you love this song, lets just dance to this song." he smiled softly and finally took your hand in his to pull you up to him gently. as you swayed with him you realized the song he had put on. it was one of the slower songs from one of your favorite bands.

    the fact that he remembered this song you showed him almost a year ago made your heart flutter. he truly was determined to make you feel better than you were and he truly was succeeding. you relaxed for the first time in a while and rested your head against his chest as you both danced together hand in hand. the moment was soft, beautiful, almost like a little reset to your night. you were thankful for him because without him, you weren't sure where you'd be. "feeling better?" he whispered into your ear. you responded with a happy nod, to which he smiled in return.

    "would you be able to ask for a day off in about 2 months?" he posed the question as the song was nearing it's end and the dancing motions were slowing to a halt. you looked up and contorted your face in question, "ah, yeah i can why?" you asked. it wasn't often that taehyun would ask you to take a day or two off, but it was normally because he had the day off as well and wanted to do something. "if you're up for it, i got us tickets to go see that band you really like... maybe we can dance to this song live." he chuckled once he saw your eyes go wide.

    "you're joking with me right? like you're just sleep talking right?" you asked in disbelief. you had really liked this band for a while, and often times you would send him sweet lyrics from songs they would write to your boyfriend. taehyun would also sit and listen to you rant about their music and them as people because he always found it so fascinating seeing you be so enthusiastic about something you enjoyed. so, when he noticed you were feeling a bit off he thought maybe doing something you'd be interested in could help boost you up a tiny bit more.

    "no i'm not joking my love, i got the tickets because you've been working so hard... and i think we should go do something you'd really enjoy together." he answered honestly before you pulled him down to meet your lips for a sweet kiss. "i love you taehyun, you really are amazing." you hummed softly to him as you pushed some of his hair behind his ear.

    "i love you more y/n."

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    for more of my work: masterlist.

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