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  • s-uwu-binie
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    hold me tight ✦

    ➻ choi beomgyu x reader (gender neutral)

    ➻ fluff

    ➻ requested by anon ❣️

    ⤷ a much needed cuddle time with bf!beomgyu

    harmonies from the strings of the guitar filled the room. beomgyu sat beside you while you placed your head on his shoulder. his fingers softly picked at the chords, which only lulled you closer to the verge of sleep. beomgyu noticed this, so he began putting the guitar away to let you sleep in peace, making you falter a bit in your position on his shoulder. 

    “where are you going?” you asked in your sleepy state. 

    “let me just put this away. i’ll be back in a second,” beomgyu started to stand up again but was held back by a soft pull on the hem of his shirt. “please don’t leave me.” you dragged out your words. 

    beomgyu’s heart clenched in affection as he looked at your hooded eyes. he sighed and settled to put the guitar on the other side of the couch. then he turned back at your form. you lied on the couch without much care about your surroundings, eyes closed. beomgyu bent down in front of you very quietly, careful not to disturb your peaceful bubble. 

    “bub, let’s move to the bed.” beomgyu slightly nudged you. “you’ll be more comfortable there.”  

    “no, don’t wanna move.” you turned on your side, facing him. “i’m already comfy here.” 

    beomgyu chuckled again at your blurred words. he raised himself on the little bit of room left on the couch in an attempt to cuddle you. once satisfied with his position, he pulls you into his arms. “better?” he asked. “much,” you buried yourself deeper into his broad chest as you felt the sense of sleep overcome you. beomgyu watched over you as you slept, hands tracing patterns on your back at a comforting pace. “sleep well, angel.”

    all rights reserved © s-uwu-binie

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  • diffuserlover
    18.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    For the rest of eternity

    - fem!reader x Taehyun (all members are in the story)

    -Little fluff; angst; supernatural?? Horror??

    -TW: death and blood 

    -Friends to lovers

    -Description: You and your best friends are taking a road trip when all of the sudden fog appears and you guys have to stay at the only place you could see through the fog. Motel Light. 

    this is my first story and it kinda just popped up in my head please don’t judge lol

    “Please tell me everyone is ready to leave” Yeonjun yells. 

    “I can’t fit my last suitcase in” Beomgyu whines. You were already sitting in the back of the van we rented. You turn around. 

    “How many suitcases do you have” You ask as you see Soobin walking over to help Beomgyu. 

    “3″ Beomgyu says looking down. 

    “You know the limit was 2 and a backpack” Soobin says smacking him. They soon enough figure out how to stack the suitcases. You turned around as Taehyun sat next to you. Beomgyu got into the middle seat next to Hueningkai. Soobin got into the passengers seat while Yeonjun drives. You guys were expecting to be in the car for about 9 hours, then stop at a hotel, and then drive for another 9 hours. You really didn’t know where you guys were going, you were just driving around and enjoying your last summer together. Yeonjun was going to college in the United States. He took a gap year and everything cause he didn’t want to leave. Soobin is moving as well but it’s just an hour or two drive from Seoul. 

    “Blast the music” Hueningkai yells rolling down the window. You all laugh and roll down the windows and blast the music, singing along and having fun. 

    Yeah that only lasted for about 4 songs before Beomgyu accidentally hit Hueningkai and they started arguing. Anyways long story short Yeonjun put them in time out and it’s awkwardly quite in the car. Thank god you had Taehyun next to you. He hands you an airpod and turns on a movie on his phone. As you and Taehyun are like 1/3 into the movie Beomgyu speaks. 

    “There is nothing to do” He whines. You roll my eyes at Beomgyu’s statement. 

    “You have a phone right?” you say to him. 

    “Stop sassing me” Beomgyu says. You laugh slightly at his words. 

    “me sassing you? oh my god” you say sarcastically. 

    “No more fighting” Soobin says. All of you end up doing your own little things. you and Taehyun watch movies, Beomgyu playing Rhythm Hive too loud, Hueningkai had his headphones in, Soobin was annoying Yeonjun, and well Yeonjun is driving. 

    It’s been hours in the car, around 6 hours. All of the sudden the car got cold, the heat stopped working and then fog surrounded the car, it was impossible to see anything. 

    “This wasn’t on the forecast” Soobin says.

    “We should pull over” Taehyun says. 

    “It’s like 12 am is it safe to just pull over” Hueningkai says. 

    “Wait look! it’s a motel, we can stay there” Beomgyu says. The Motel sign was the only you could see “Motel Light” it said in white lights. 

    “Good idea” Yeonjun says carefully pulling into the parking lot. The fog seemed to disappear but it somehow got colder. You all start to file out of the car.

    “Soobin and I will go get us rooms stay here” Yeonjun says before locking the car. Beomgyu and Hueningkai were sharing a blanket. Taehyun wraps a blanket around your shoulders. 

    “I don’t like this place” Beomgyu says. 

    “What does it not live up to your 5 star hotel needs” Hueningkai teases. You all join in on teasing Beomgyu. But you have to agree with him, this place didn’t give off nice vibes. All of the sudden their blanket is blown away in the wind. 

    “Shoot” Beomgyu curses under his breath. 

    “No funny business, these were the only rooms they had” Yeonjun says handing you and Taehyun a key. Room 45. 

    “Why are we all so far apart” Taehyun ask looking at our numbers. Beomgyu and Hueningkai has room 22 and Soobin and Yeonjun had room 9. 

    “These were the last rooms they had” Soobin says. You look up at the sign. “it said Vacancy and then switched to No Vacancy. But you are the only ones here? there is no other cars?” you thought.  

    “Come on let’s go” Taehyun says grabbing my bag for me.

    “I can take my bag” you say.

    “No it’s alright I got it” He says. you turn back to the others. 

    “Night guys” you wave at them. 

    “Night kiddo” Yeonjun says smiling at you. We all part ways. You and Taehyun are close like really close, but this is something you guys have never done. Sleep in the same room. Just the two of you. You are even more nervous because, well you have a crush on Taehyun. You open the door for the two of you and their was only one bed. You both blush looking away from each other slightly. 

    “I’ll get ready quick, then you can have the bathroom” He says rushing in the bathroom. You fish out your toothpaste and toothbrush and a change of clothes. It took Taehyun a good 3 minutes to get ready in the bathroom. You then get ready. You walk back out to see Taehyun running his hand through his brown hair. “Why does he have to be so cute” you thought shaking your head before putting away your stuff in your bag. 

    “It’s almost 11, we should get some sleep “ Taehyun says. You nod hoping into bed next to him. It was a little awkward. You laid facing away from each other. Taehyun shut off the lights. Soon enough you both were passed out. 

    You woke up hearing a scream. The alarm next to you said 3:07 am. You were scared to say the least, it’s the literal witching hour and you hear a scream. 

    “Tae? Taehyun? did you hear that” You ask shaking him awake. 

    “Hear what” He says confused turning on the lamp. 

    “Nothing, nothing sorry” You say laying back down. As your head hit the pillow there was pounding at the door. Taehyun and you both sit up. He went to talk but you put a finger over his lips. You get up and walk over to the door. Taehyun follows behind you. You nervously look into the peep hole. You see Yeonjun knocking on the door covered in blood screaming to let him in. You swing the door open yelling “Yeonjun” but there was nothing there. Not even a speck of blood. 

    “You saw Yeonjun” He asks. You nod confused on how you just saw him. 

    “Your probably just tired, maybe it was someone else?” Taehyun says trying to convince himself as he closes the door. You sigh still confused on how the hell Yeonjun as there. As you two walk back to the bed the pounding starts again. This time you can clearly hear Yeonjun yelling “let me in”. Taehyun rushes to the door. He looked through the peep hole and gasps. He then swings the door open. This time Yeonjun was still not there but there was a trail of blood, like blood that had been dragged. Taehyun steps out and looks in the direction it lead to. On the wall at the end of the hall it says “One down 5 more to go” written in blood. 

    “This has to been a joke” You say freaking out a little bit. 

    “I don’t think it’s a joke” Taehyun says. 

    “Let’s go check on Soobin and Yeonjun then?” You ask. Taehyun nods grabbing your hand. You try not to blush as Taehyun leads you down the stairs and across the motel to room 9. He knocks. 

    “What are you guys doing up?” Soobin answers rubbing his eyes. 

    “Is Yeonjun in there” You ask looking into he room.

    “He left to get us water like 15 minutes ago” Soobin says. 

    “You don’t know where he is?” Taehyun asks. 

    “Should I?” Soobin asks concerned. 

    “Just look and we will explain” You say grabbing Soobin’s hand and dragging him to the wall of blood. But when you go there. It was gone, the blood and the writing. 

    “It was just here! Taehyun and I just saw it!” You say standing there. 

    “Nice try you guys, go to bed i’ll see you in the morning” Soobin says walking off. The two of you go back into your room.

    “I know I didn’t imagine that, you saw it too” you say sitting on the bed. 

    “there has to be a reasonable explanation for this” Taehyun says. 

    “Then let’s find it” You say. He looks at you confused. 

    “As in explore this motel” He asks. You nod. 

    “Let’s do it” He says. You both get up and leave the room walking down the stairs again. 

    “We should start at the front desk” Taehyun says. You agree. When you guys get to the front desk nobody was there as expected cause it’s 3 in the morning. Taehyun rings the bell. You look around. 

    “Hello?” You say. 

    “How can I help you?” You hear a voice behind you. You both turn around as you grip onto Taehyun’s hand. There was a lady in her 70′s to 80′s. Her hair was a light grey curled like a movie star back then, she was wearing a white night gown. The scariest part about her was her piercing blue eyes. 

    “We were wondering if you have seen our friend he said he was getting water, we thought he might have been here” Taehyun says talking to the lady. As she steps closer, you see her hands stained red. 

    “No i’m sorry I haven’t” She says. She looks at us. 

    “Would you two like to have some tea? you seem rather cold” She asks. Everyone single part of your body was telling you no but yet you said “yes we would love to” Taehyun looks at you like you were crazy after the old lady turned away. You guys follow her to a big white door, you enter a room that looked much nicer than the other rooms and it was bigger. 

    “Here sit i’ll get the tea going” She says. 

    “why would you say yes” He asks you.

    “I just feel like she knows something” you tell him. 

    “But she just might be the owner, we don’t know” He says. 

    “Exactly we don’t know” you say. Taehyun was about to say something back before the old lady comes back. 

    “Here you go” she says handing you each a cup. 

    “So what’s your name? do you own this place?” Taehyun asks. 

    “I’m Greta, my husband used to own the motel before he he died” She says. 

    “Oh i’m sorry” you say feeling bad for her. 

    “It’s alright dear, your names?” She asks us. 

    “Jaehyun and (make up a name)” you say. 

    “What lovely names” She says. 

    “Thank you” Taehyun says. Taehyun and you didn’t drink the tea she gave you. Taehyun started small talk with Greta. 

    “I think we should go back to our room” you say. You weren’t getting the best vibes from this room or her. 

    “Leaving already?” She asks tilting her head. 

    “Yeah we have to get back on the road in the morning” Taehyun says getting up. 

    “It was very nice to meet you Taehyun and y/n” Greta says, her eyes flash red. You and Taehyun run to get the others. 

    “None of you are leaving” Great yells before the door shut behind us. 

    “We have to leave now” you says rushing over to room 22. Taehyun bangs on the door. 

    “Come one get up” You yell. Beomgyu opens the door his silver hair a mess. 

    “What do you want?” He asks. You push behind him and drag Hueningkai out of bed. 

    “We are getting Soobin and Yeonjun and we are leaving” Taehyun says to the guys. 

    “Let me get my stuff together” Hueningkai says. 

    “No!” Taehyun and you shout. You and Taehyun drag the others to Soobin and Yeonjun’s room. 

    “Why are you two so on edge” Beomgyu asks. When you get to their room, the door was cracked. Taehyun steps forward pushing you behind him. You tell the others to stay quite. Taehyun pushes open the door and there was blood everywhere in the room. On the walls, on the floor, and on the bed. 

    “What kind of sick prank is this” Beomgyu asks. 

    “2 down 4 to go?” Hueningkai says looking up. You all look up to see writing on the ceiling. Then you hear the water running. 

    “Soobin come out, the prank is over” Beomgyu says. You all walk closer to the bathroom door, as you got to the door handle you see bloody water coming out of the bathroom. 

    “Leave come on let’s go” Taehyun says grabbing your hand and running to the car. 

    “None of us can drive” you say. 

    “Beomgyu is taking classes” Taehyun says throwing the keys to Beomgyu. 

    “Wait what if Soobin and Yeonjun could be alive” you says feeling guilt bubble in your stomach. 

    “They aren’t alive by the amount of blood that was everywhere” Hueningkai says. 

    “It doesn’t feel right, I feel like we could still save them” you say.

    “It’s too dangerous, we need to leave” Taehyun says to you stepping closer. 

    “Give me 5 minutes to search the motel and then I will be back and we can leave” you say. 

    “I’m not going to let you do that” Taehyun says distressed. 

    “Why do you care so much if I go leave for 5 minutes” you say starting to get mad. 

    “Because I don’t know what I would do if you died” You look at him confused. 

    “I really like you y/n, gosh I might even love you” Taehyun groans. you try to fight back a smile. 

    “I really like you too Tae” you say wrapping your arms around his torso hugging him. You look up at him and it’s like time had stopped. This is what you have always wanted, to be with him and you finally could. 

    “Nobody is leaving” Greta says. You all turn to see her standing next to Yeonjun and Soobin. They were pale, chains on their neck and arms, Yeonjun’s blue hair had blood in it. They were covered in blood and stab wounds. 

    “I was going to be nice to you y/n, you and Taehyun looked so in love and I just love young love. But you lied to me and I got mad, nobody lies to me” Greta yells pulling out a thick knife that glowed blue. 

    “What’s wrong? your getting a permanent room here at Motel Light for free” Greta says quite creepy. 


    Taehyun grabbed your hand as the four of you ran to get safety. 

    “y/n!” you heard Yeonjun yell. You let go of Taehyun’s hand and stood staring at Yeonjun. He was no longer covered in blood and he looked normal, his pretty blue hair styled to perfection, he was wearing a look you picked out for him. 

    “Hey kiddo, don’t you want to stay here with me? forever” He asks walking closer to you. 

    “Let’s go” Beomgyu says grabbing your hand. They drag you into an empty room and into the bathroom. You all huddled close hearing the sounds of your best friends begging you to come out and stay with them. 

    “We are never getting out” you say. 

    “Someone has to be a distraction” Hueningkai says. 

    “No, they would never make it out alive” Taehyun says. Hueningkai got up. 

    “What are you doing” Beomgyu asks. 

    “I’m going to be the distraction” Hueningkai says. Tears flowed in your eyes immediately. 

    “No, don’t you dare walk out that door Kai Kamal Huening” you say. 

    “Beomgyu has to drive and you two deserve a chance to be in a relationship, i’m okay with this I promise, you were the best friends I ever had in my life. Thank you” Hueningkai says. 

    “Please don’t leave” Taehyun says in tears. You all were in tears.

    “On my cue make a run for it” Hueningkai says. 

    “Love you guys” He says running out. You all get up. 

    “Come and get me” Hueningkai yells. As you guys run to the car you hear Hueningkai’s scream. It broke your heart hearing him scream and beg for his life and there was nothing you could do about it. Beomgyu gets into the car. Taehyun opens the passengers seat and shoves you in. You watch as Taehyun goes to open the back door but it wouldn’t open. 

    “Unlock the door Beomgyu” you say stressed. 

    “It’s unlocked” Beomgyu says. You reach over to try to unlock it but it kept locking. When you looked out the window you saw Greta right behind Taehyun. 

    “Taehyun!” you yell trying to open your door. You watched as Greta grabbed him.

    “Let me out! I need to help him” You cried as you tried to open the door. 

    “Go! Leave i’ll find my way back to you, Beomgyu don’t you dare unlock that door” Taehyun yells. 

    “I can’t leave him” you cry as Beomgyu starts to pull out of the parking spot. 

    “Stop moving the car” You cry trying to stop him. 

    “Take care of her” Taehyun says before you watch as Greta stabbed him in the stomach. Your heart broke into a million pieces as you pulled out of the parking lot. He was gone. The love of your life was gone and you never got to tell him that. As you pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street everything went black






    “That fog was thick back there i’m glad it only lasted a few seconds” Beomgyu says laughing slightly.  

    “My boyfriend is a pretty good driver considering he doesn’t even have his license yet” you say to Beomgyu. 

    “Thank you girlfriend” Beomgyu laughs grabbing your hand and kissing it. 

    “Focus on the road you dummy” You say laughing. Beomgyu gives you the biggest smile. 

    “I love you” Beomgyu says.

    “I love you too” You say smiling. 

    All existence of Hueningkai, Yeonjun, Soobin, and Taehyun was wiped from you and Beomgyu’s mind. All traces of them were gone, no hints, nothing was left. They are trapped at Motel Light knowing their best friends forgot about them. Knowing that the love of Taehyun’s life was in love with his friend for the rest of eternity. 

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  • yeostars
    18.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #txt smut#soobin smut #choi soobin smut #yeonjun smut #choi yeonjun smut #beomgyu smut #choi beomgyu smut #txt reactions
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  • datastits
    18.06.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #even julian getting exposed didnt change much? things just went back to normal #which BY THE WAY why was there no scene with garak being surprised or upset he didnt know or figure it out #no garak reaction to augmentation no garak reaction to changeling julian what are they even doing with him #im going insane i didnt miss anything right wtf #txt#elim garak#julian bashir#ds9#ask
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  • ssagggitta
    17.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    i think i’m fluent in english now because of this app

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  • http-seung
    17.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    —# skinship with stray kids

    fluff ; 1081, just soft skinship with stray kids <3

    ˗ˏˋ chan loves having his hand around your waist. he always shields your smaller frame behind him when you're on a crowded train. chan kisses the top of your head to calm you down, and it works when you're elated or downcast. you find yourself often tangling your fingers with him to balance yourself when you're fixing your shoes and socks. he slowly creeps up behind you when you're cooking for him, pecking your shoulders and giggling when you jolt at the sudden being behind you. you often comb your fingers through his hair after a long day of work as he nuzzles his face into your chest.

    ˗ˏˋ minho takes baths with you, having you relax against his chest in the warm water of the tub. he has his arm rested on your shoulder when you two watch a movie. he could listen to your angelic giggles for hours on end when he pouts his lips to get you to kiss him. on that note, he never forgets his goodbye kisses, 'i'm home' kisses, goodnight kisses and good morning kisses. he tries his hardest not to peck your cheeks when they're filled with the delicious ramen. he holds your hand tight when it's raining so you don't fall into a puddle. he's sure he can never hold back his smile when you jump up and down after getting a good grade on a test or finally finishing that assignment you've been dreading to do.

    ˗ˏˋ changbin stays up with you until late nights as you two are on your way to finish the snacks-filled shelves in the kitchen. he has you in his lap or between his legs when you two play video games together, doing weird dances when your team wins. changbin likes it when you cuddle against his back early in the morning as an excuse to hide behind him from the sunlight shining through the curtains. he presses his nose against yours, smiling before pecking you at the same spot. changbin brushes his fingers through your hair when you're lying on his chest, listening to his calm heart thumping against his ribs. he swings your arms back and forth when you're on a date at the park, squeezing your hand tighter when you're crossing roads.

    ˗ˏˋ hyunjin laughs at the stupidest jokes you make. you two brush each other's hair, decorating it with slightly withered flowers you picked from the garden hours ago. he holds your arms tighter when you're walking on the pavement, and when there's a streetlight or a fire hydrant ahead, he'll pull your onto his side, instead of letting go of your hand. hyunjin laughs and lets you feel tall for once, holding you up by the waist so you can reach for something he easily could without even tip-toeing. he's often sprawled across the couch, noodle arms and legs wrapping around your form like a bear hug. gives you a piggyback ride on the way home even if his legs hurt, sometimes even going as far as getting you some ice cream; tickling your thighs when you tease him without giving a taste of the choco-chip flavour.

    ˗ˏˋ jisung 's smile gets deeper when you poke his cheeks. he pulls your head onto his shoulder when you fall asleep on the train so you don't get a cramp. he tugs at your shirt when you don't pay attention to him for a while. jisung holds your pinky or makes you hold the end of his sleeves when you're in a crowded area so he doesn't lose you. falls asleep only if he's spooning you or if he feels your hand around his waist. he can't stop laughing when you're laying on top of him like a human blanket, his vibrating chest reverberating against yours. jisung can't help but giggle during the kiss when you accidentally brush your fingers against the sensitive spot on his neck.

    ˗ˏˋ felix massages your shoulders and neck and you're whining at him about how good it feels. you give him a kiss on his jaw before giving one on his lips. he nudges you with his hips to try to get your attention when the two of you are cooking together. felix stroked the back of your cold hands with his warmer ones to keep you warm too; and sometimes does this by holding your hands and shoving them in the pockets of his coat, having you waddle behind him almost like a back hug. felix gets excited pretty easily and at the smallest of things, and when he does, he's tugging your hands to show you what fascinates him so much. felix never forgets kissing the tip of your cold nose when you two are making snowmen late in the evening.

    ˗ˏˋ seungmin keeps it subtle. not at home though— once the two of you step past your apartment door, he's smothering you in kisses and giggly cuddles. he dries your hair for you after a shower, which often ends up in him also brushing it until it's free of tangles and knots. you can see the light in his eyes glowing brighter when he leans in to push a strand of hair behind your ear, because you can't do it yourself due to being so immersed in the book you're reading. you're the more jumpy one in the relationship, which also equates to you constantly tripping over and hurting yourself over things; but seungmin's always there for you, looking after you when you're sick or hurt. he'd do anything to remove that pout on your face, kissing it until you're smiling.

    ˗ˏˋ jeongin often has tickle fights with you (i think we can all tell you wins). he puts on accessories on you by himself, no matter if it's something as simple as a wristwatch or it's the silver necklace with a pink diamond engraved into it. jeongin doesn't think he's going to ever forget how you taste like mint and vanilla on his lips after a sweet kiss. jeongin is babied by most around him, so it only comes naturally for him to do it with you; checking your temperature when you tell him you feel unwell, or tying your shoelaces for you when you don't think you can bend down after all the running and chasing you two just did. he's often kabedon-ing you, giggling at the flustered look on your face before pecking your temples and pulling away.

    a/n: thank you for 1k followers!! here's a gift hehe <3

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  • transboydororo
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    a trans reading of shin sekai yori...

    #.din #.txt #its the laser focus on puberty its the societal repression its the feeling of guilt from disappointing your parents its the masks #fuck it its the water its the jungian psychology its the fucking queerats. #UGH. reading saki as a repressed trans man who has been forced to conform and connecting her visceral reactions to the queen rat and tomiko #hi. is anyone else here. does anyone else want to discuss a transgender reading of shin sekai yori.
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  • sweetiejunie
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Txt reaction when you invite them to babysit with you

    Genre: fluff





    He’d agree to go with you but only because he thought he’d be able to spend alone time with you and the baby would be asleep for most of it

    But he was wrong

    It was cute at first but eventually yeonjun got sick of watching you give of your attention to someone thats not him

    Tries to get your attention whenever he thinks the kid is being cuter than him

    Tries to act even cuter than the kid

    It becomes a competition that only he’s aware of

    The baby is just existing and yeonjun is well, being yeonjun

    Once you pay attention to him he’s happy but then the kid makes a noise and your attention is back on the kid

    And then yeonjun would whine again and the cycle continued

    Pls he’s so cute

    In the end, he just loves you too much and watching you give any living thing more attention then him hurts. But if you insisted he go with you again then he cant say no to you.



    He would agree just because he wanted to play with the kid

    Actually helps you watch the kid

    Like takes care of them as if he’s the one getting paid for babysitting duty

    Plays/ entertains them while you’re busy or just need a break

    Please he loves the fact that you can act like a little family

    Sure you both had your pets but this was the first time you were watching another human being

    If the kid did anything bad he would help you teach and correct it

    Kid: “y/n you’re no fun.”

    Sb: “come on now, dont say that. She just wants you to be safe.”

    If the kid started crying he might panic a bit but he’ll know how to help and comfort them

    Loves taking care of kids and if you ever asked him again he wouldn’t hesitate to join you.



    Doesn’t know why he agreed, but he did and there’s no backing out now

    At first he acts jealous if youre not giving him attention

    Probably sits at the corner of couch and sulks for most of the evening

    But eventually when the kid starts making fun of you or making sarcastic comments, he laughs and joins in

    If the kid threw something at you he would find it so funny

    He’s almost like the kid’s own hype man

    Kid: “Y/n how do not know how to ride a bike? Even i know how to do that. Aren’t you like 30?”


    You: 😀🔪

    If he accidentally did something that made the kid cry he would just be like “I didn’t do it i swear” 🙌🏻

    Safe to say by the end of it he and kid would be best friends. 10/10 he would definitely join you again.



    He would go with you for a few reasons, one of them being that he thought the kid might not make it to see the next day if you were left alone with them

    He loves you but sometimes you could be rather clueless 🥴

    He’s another one that would help you watch the kid

    But more from a distance

    Key word: watch

    After all, he’s not the one getting paid for this

    Lowkey backseat babysitting

    Sits on the couch most of the time watching you try to feed the kid and instead getting it dumped over your shirt

    Or when you try to play with them they take the toy and throw it at you

    He just watches and laughs

    But if you really need help he wont hesitate

    Th: “gosh y/n. Im starting to get more worried for you than the kid. S/he seems to know how to take care of him/herself.”

    Probably joins you in the future, cause he enjoys you trying to care for a kid. He finds it funny but also he just wants to help you.


    Huening Kai

    He’d be so happy to help you

    But he’ll mostly just play with the kid

    If anything bad happens he’d most likely freeze or panic

    Like if the kid falls and starts crying he probably wont have much of a clue what to do

    He’d try to comfort them but it won’t work and they’ll start crying harder

    Kai: “Y/N HELP!”

    Or if the kid says something rude to you it would just be ✨nervous laughter✨

    He’d be so grateful you were there and he wasn’t the one on duty

    He loves the playing part of babysitting but not the rest

    Next time if you invite him again he might hesitate cause he thinks he won’t be much help. But after some reassurance, he’ll accompany you again.


    Hope you liked this!!!🤍

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  • luvningkai
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    [ 11:41 pm]

    “we look like idiots, yeonjun!” you roll your eyes and laugh at your boyfriend, who danced in the rain. your clothes and hair drenched yet that didn’t seem to stop your heart from pounding fast at the charming sight of yeonjun.

    he looked good. he always did.

    “come dance with me!” he says before grabbing your hand and forcing you to dance with him. if anyone had pass by, they would have absolutely thought you both were crazy.

    but none of that matters. moments like this is what made your heart warm, and because you’re with yeonjun.

    yeonjun pulls you close to him, raindrops rolling down both of your cheeks. yeonjun flashes a warm smile before holding your cheeks like they were the most fragile thing in the world and places a kiss on your forehead, nose and lips.

    “god, i’m so in love you.” he says softly and almost quietly but loud enough for only you to hear.

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  • soofiles
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    — ❝ SO CLICHE !

    ( PRESENTING ... a tomorrow by together series made from top ten cliche tropes seen in movies + books. there is no official release date as to when they're gonna be posted. all works + covers are mine ! )


    ❀ — it's been a while since you've seen choi yeonjun once again and you don't complain. but when he comes knocking on your door at three in the morning soaking wet wearing a grey sweatshirt and black joggers, you can't help but let him in.

    ( CONTENT ) — yeonjun x fem!reader, yunho (ateez) x fem!reader. exes to lovers au, fluff, tons of angst (i'm sorry

    𖦹 LIKE GLUE !

    ❀ — everything is going well until you get handed, by mr. kim himself, a clipboard with the tasks that you'd have to help the class with. luckily (or not so), you had choi soobin by your side to help you out. the same soobin that wrote a love letter to you at the age of nine years, the same soobin that hopes you don't realize just how much he still likes you.

    ( CONTENTS ) — pining!soobin x fem!reader. stuck together au, fluff, humor. slightly angsty but not really, soobin is a huge hopeless romantic (so is the reader tho).


    ❀ — thanks to your advice, choi beomgyu took up the chance to join the lacrosse team in hopes to finally get a girlfriend. but, what happens when he realizes that the only girl he's looking for, is you?

    ( CONTENTS ) — oblivious!beomgyu x pining!reader, beomgyu's a lil slow in this sorry guys


    ❀ — kang taehyun wants nothing else but normality. so when you unintentionally find out that he is the son of the second most richest man of seoul, he doesn't hesitate to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't rat out his little secret. but truthfully, you could care less.

    ( CONTENTS ) — richkid!taehyun x fem soccer player!reader, secret billionaire au. fluff, humor, light angst. taehyun has a dark/kinda sad backstory.


    ❀ — you swore to yourself that the last thing you'd ever do, is fall in love with one of your brothers friends. i mean, they had to be as obnoxious as him, right? wrong. kai kamal huening is the exception.

    ( CONTENTS ) — hueningkai x taehyun's sister!reader. like one year age gap, it's not that wide. younger!reader. brothers best friend au. fluff, humor.

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  • channoticedmeuwu
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    p : yeonjun × fem!reader | g : fluff, humor, fake dating!au | w : none but they consume candies
    a/n : WVIAGSIDVD my first txt piece of writing BDKDBKD I hope it's good AAAA

    — [22 : 14 HRS] "fuck you."

    yeonjun chuckled as he popped one of those sugar dusted gummy sweets into his mouth. he glanced over to his right, y/n sitting there with an angry look on her usually adorable face. they sat on her house rooftop, staring at the moon.

    "we weren't supposed to be caught yet!"

    "then why did you kiss me?"

    "I didn't! You kissed me!"

    he ate another one, "and what's the issue with that? I thought we were pretending to be in a relationship? If anything, this'll make it more believable."

    "but I wasn't supposed to be caught by my own brother!"

    yeonjun sighed, licking his lips, facing his friend. "you want me to be your pretend boyfriend or not?"

    "well, does it look like I have a choice left?" she snarled at him, "we have to act now."

    he took one sweet out of its packet and held it in front of her lips, signalling her to open her mouth. she did so, and he slowly pushed it between her lips.

    he leaned closer as he spoke, "now just chew and let me handle the rest."

    he saw her look at him with her eyes sparkling in the moonlight, her lips red as she chewed. "what'll you do?'

    "oh, nothing, just make everyone believe it's real."

    "and if we get caught?"

    "just eat," he said, stuffing another one in her cheeks.

    "you're lucky I like these things."

    yeonjun chuckled, slowly tucking the loose strand on her face behind her ear as she chewed, giving him a death glare. He then muttered, lost in the way her hair looked between his fingers.

    "You're lucky I'm not kissing you instead."

    main taglist (hmu to get added!) : @heephoria @navyhyuck @allegxdly @stayctday  @yunntext  @neotism  @jungwon-luv-bot-pt3  @bluejaem  @leetaeyonglover  @radiorenjun  @sleepylixie @oifelixcmerebrou  @coffeevddict @mrkcore @imdamnconfused  @reinjunn @sicluvz @hyuckefi @your-local--trashcan
    I'd appreciate if you'd give me a little feedback on the drabble if you read, whether it's an ask, a reply or in the tags of the rb! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
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  • 80hdean
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I don’t want to call it prematurely but I kind of think the latest sobsicles fic might have actually cured me of some of my winchester derangement syndrome ?

    ✨I may have been granted early release from turbohell✨

    #fic#fic rec #spoilers for the fic here in the tags so reader beware! #BASICALLY like sobs said ‘hey I think it’s fucked up what dean did to jack! I think I’ll fix that’ and then DID #THE MOST catharsis I’ve had in 7 months like I’m breathing different I swear #I’ve read so so so much fic w jack in it but almost no one is able to tackle it head-on without being somewhat ooc or making a notable edit #to the canon in some way #and no this fic isn’t fully canon compliant but it’s very very close and does not shy away from what dean did nor does it handwave away #jack’s responses/reactions NOR does it take shortcuts with the process like #it’s done in a pretty healthy way? and the ENDING LIKE DDDDAMN HE RLY DID THAT 😭 #also the fic has cas leaving for ship reasons but I also believe to protect jack to a degree and that’s so in character for #dadstiel #yaknow and like I do actually think that would be a huge kick in the pants for dean to get his shit together #anyways god bless sobsicles for this fic bc if I can let go of my mega issues with the dean-jack dynamic #by finally having a satisfying headcanon Way Out #then maybe I can let go of this show and have my brain back? maybe?? #might be too optimistic but a guy can dream #I’m still riding that post-fic high rn I made that fic last like 4 days bc I wanted to s a v o r it #so worth t #magpie dot txt
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  • shxyerahol
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    #the handmaid's tale #my reactions: in that order #txt
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  • lqsience
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    pairing: txt x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive ig

    word count: 467

    warning: none i hope, if there are please let me know

    requested: no


    he loves messy makeouts. lots of pulling on the hair, saliva flowing down your mouths. you love it when it's messy, the messier the better to be honest. he may be a bit rougher with you than you expected, but he always makes sure you're okay with all the actions he wants to make. consent is the number one priority for this boy. he loves to have his hands on your body, whether it be in your waist or on the small of your back kind of guiding you into a more comfortable position.


    he's soft. there's no denying it. nearly always making out starts just from feather kisses planted on both of your faces. he loves kissing you as he feels the most connected to you when it happens, he doesn't know why he feels this way but for sure that moment is magical for both of you. he loves to have you on his lap, he feels like he has a bigger control over you in that position and even tho he doesn't mind when you take control, he likes to have his arms around you.


    this motherfucker teases you. every time. he leans closer and closer, and when you're about to kiss he pulls away and grins. he aspires to make you beg, literally. if you won't beg and please for him to kiss you then he won't make it happen lol. but if he doesn't feel like teasing, then expect soft beomgyu that needs to be taken care of. then he likes when you're soft with him when you plant light kisses on his face, neck, shoulders to make him forget about all his worries.


    he's flirty but also soft. it's a great balance, he knows when to switch from teasing you to making you feel protected, loved. he wants you to be close to him when you make out. he wants to feel your warmth. lots of giggles between breaks for air. I feel like taehyun needs some kind of reassurance when it comes to kissing? I don't know but make sure you tell him that you love him and that he's great. he also makes sure to tell you the same though.


    this boy :(( he's awkward but at the same time adorable. okay, he's an adult already but I feel like he's inexperienced in every aspect, to be honest. so when it first happened you both were kinda clueless, but you talked it out and figured out what you both like and all. at first, he was insecure about where to place his hands, if he can touch you but when you guided his hands he felt much better and loved. you're both precious but making out doesn't happen often with you two.

    txt m.list | main m.list

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  • yeonieluvs
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    𝘁𝘅𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: 𝗮𝗻𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝗮𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗳𝘂𝗹 𝘁𝗼 𝘆𝗼𝘂

    requested: yes

    genre: angst, fluff

    warnings & notes: insecurities (weight, smartness, clinginess etc.), mentions of bullying from the past (kinda..? huening’s part), crying, anxiety and stress :(, just a lot of emotions and comfort, not proofread, i fear this got kinda repetitive,, i had a long break from writing reactions but hopefully this is alright!!

    choi yeonjun

    you were just having a chill dinner with the members

    just happy to spend time together with your boyfriend and friends after their busy promotion schedules

    and then the comment slipped past huening’s lips

    “wow y/n, you must have been hungry to eat that much”

    yeonjun could immediately see both your and the maknae’s face falling

    huening hadn’t meant it, and yeonjun knew that

    but jjun still couldn’t help but frown, looking at his younger sternly 

    before turning to you with a worried expression and placing a hand on your thigh in comfort :(

    he’s a protective boyfriend 

    and that doesn’t change even if the comment comes from someone he’s close with

    he knew that you were insecure about your weight

    eating around others could be hard for you at times, because you feared that people would judge your eating habits

    and now huening had (albeit accidentally) done exactly that

    “i’m so sorry y/n i didn’t mean it that way”, huening is a sweetheart and would apologize immediately :(

    you’d just brush it off but yeonjun knew that it had made you feel bad,,

    and anything that hurt you? he would not let it go too easily

    wouldn’t bring it up for now, but after you had gone home he’d have a chat with huening and the others in a more serious setting

    and the next time you see him he’d be literally showering you with compliments :(

     peppering your face in kisses and just making sure you know how extremely much he loves you!

    jjunie would never let anyone get away (at least without a few stern words) with saying something hurtful to you, accident or not :( 

    choi soobin

    soobin had agreed to help you with your studies

    the current courses you had going on were way too complicated for your liking and you were beginning to get really stressed

    look, your boyfriend didn’t necessarily like studying 

    but he would go through it to spend more time with you and to help you out :(

    ...even though he began to regret his decision when it came to this one exercise

    no matter what either one of you did you just couldn’t get it right

    soobin could see you getting even more frustrated than him though, so he was going to propose a break before you completely burnt yourself out

    but taehyun happened to walk into the room in the middle of it, questioning what you two were struggling with

    against his better judgement, soobin let the younger take a look at the question, a sigh leaving his lips at his comment

    “you really didn’t know how to solve this?”

    taehyun was sarcastic and he loved to tease his friends, most of the time you were able to take it easily too, knowing that taehyun was just joking around

    but today was just not your day

    you couldn’t help the angry tears for bubbling in your eyes, the comment being too much for you to bear at the moment

    all you could hear was just “are you really so dumb you can’t even figure this out?”

    soobin was the leader for a reason, so he didn’t really hesitate in these situations despite usually being the shyer type

    he’d immediately make tyun apologize (even though he had probably noticed the reaction himself and said sorry already) before asking him to leave the room, just wanting to be alone with you for a while

    he’s a bit hurt that taehyun said something like that to you when obviously sensing how stressed the both of you were, but he also knew that it wasn’t anything he meant personally

    more than that he was just angry at himself for not making you take a break sooner, it really hurt him to see you being this anxious :(

    literally would not let you get back to working before you had calmed down, talked with him and taken a proper break

    in the future he’d be a lot more careful when it came to these things

    and also made sure that you knew how extremely smart and capable you were, even without knowing the perfect answer to every single exercise

    choi beomgyu

    it was your and beomgyu’s date night!

    you hadn’t been able to spend time with him in that kind of manner in a long time so you were super excited :(

    because of that giddiness you had even done the decision to doll up slightly, putting on your nicest outfit

    you were never really one to care too much for your fashion, preferring to go for comfort rather than looks

    besides, you always felt slightly awkward when dressing up well, almost like you didn’t really belong into the category that you tried to fit into

    tonight however, you felt fairly nice, happy smile gracing your lips as you made your way onto the dorms to meet up with gyu

    it was exactly the reaction you were looking for, pleasantly surprised face greeting you as your boyfriend looked at you up and down in wonder

    he wasn’t used to seeing you like this, and while he did find you beautiful no matter what it was a nice surprise :(

    what neither of you expected though, was yeonjun’s comment from inside the living room, the model looking over your way in surprise as well

    “I didn’t expect such a fancy outfit from you y/n!”

    it was innocent, actually meant more as a compliment but it still reminded you of your prior uncomfortableness, the way you usually didn’t want to dress up like this

    you bottled the feeling up though, just nodding your head before asking beomgyu if you could leave

    beomgyu knows you enough to know when you’re not feeling your best, however he wouldn’t pinpoint why your mood had dropped immediately

    it was only once you were at the restaurant eating your food that you mentioned it, his face falling even more as he understood :(

    literally wouldn’t stop complimenting you and how you looked tonight, his first instinct is always to make you feel better

    once he’s back at the dorms he would just be slightly confused on what to do though, since he wanted to bring it up with yeonjun but didn’t necessarily know how to

    he knows yeonjun didn’t mean it like that.. and he’s his friend y’know? 

    sometimes talking about more serious things especially when there’s a lighthearted conversation ongoing can be hard

    luckily the members know him well too, so if he wasn’t able to talk about it at first they would bring it up for him and present a situation for him to speak with yeonjun

    jjunie would be apologetic of course, saying sorry to both beomgyu and you once he saw you again next time :(

    kang taehyun

    comebacks were always a hard but a rewarding time

    on one hand it was amazing to see your boyfriend perform and do what he loved doing

    but it was also painful to be away from him for such long periods of time

    because you couldn’t spend much time together physically, you settled on texting and also facetiming whenever possible

    sometimes you felt guilty when seeing taehyun pick up your video calls, a tired smile on his face as he recounted to you the earlier happenings of the day while asking for your own set of news

    still, whatever you said he always pulled through and made sure he had even a bit of time for you, no matter how tired he was :(

    you appreciated it,, but you still couldn’t help but be a bit worried for him at times

    however you allowed yourself to be a little “selfish”, after all you missed him dearly and adored these little moments with him

    it was one of those nights when you were just talking to each other on the phone, softly laughing as he told you the stories of his members from the showcase that day

    but then beomgyu barged into the room and you could hear him beginning to say something before he interrupted himself

    “you’re talking to y/n again? how many nights has it been this week?”

    it was supposed to be light hearted teasing, but it was the middle of the night and you were tired

    that meant you were more easily affected and that questioning did not help your earlier feelings of guiltiness

    taehyun probably knew it as well, or maybe he was just annoyed by beomgyu too 

    but you could hear him saying something back to the older, slightly grumpy 

    before the door closed and beomgyu was presumably out

    “i choose to stay up with you, i wouldn’t be here if i didn’t want to”

    taehyun said that a moment after silence, reassuring you

    and that alone immediately made your heart feel lighter

    he just always knew what to do to make it alright

    huening kai

    it was just something in your nature, being emotional

    ever since you were young you were always regarded as the crybaby, whether it be because of books, movies or just random animal videos on the internet

    it was something that you had grown embarrassed of, something that you were made to be embarrassed of, the way tears could creep up on you so easily

    however after meeting huening you no longer had to worry about it

    the very first time you cried in front of him (because of a penguin video he showed you) he had just been extremely worried!

    fearing that something else might have happened to start the reaction :(

    you had expected the teasing and nicknames to follow you again, so you were afraid to tell him about your feelings

    but instead huening had just listened to you explain what had happened carefully and comforted you and just been understanding

    he always said how your crying wasn’t a weakness

    instead it just showed just how sympathetic and kind your heart was :(

    tonight you were visiting him and the others at their dorms, when soobin had gleefully invited you to meet odi!!

    the little baby hedgehog combined with your lack of sleep the other night made you even more sensitive than before, and before you knew it you were already crying from the cuteness overload

    “it’s just odi, why are you crying?”

    soobin was genuinely confused,, even more so when you seemed to get even quieter after his comment and really seeked out huening’s touch

    your boyfriend hadn’t realised what had happened at first either, until your conversation from the past played out in his mind :(

    maybe it was meant innocently but it may have still awoken bad memories

    he’d ask you first if you’re comfortable with telling soobin and depending on your answer this might go two ways

    if you give him an ok to tell soobin, he’ll tell him the basics of it and soobs will understand and then tell u he’s sorry :(

    and he’ll let u hold odi afterwards!! :3 agreeing with huening by saying that there’s nothing wrong with your sentimentality, instead he’s happy that odi is so cute that he’s able to evoke such emotion,,,,

    if you’re not comfortable he’ll just tell soob that he didn’t do anything wrong but that you’ll be leaving now because you need your boyfriend’s comfort

    either way, his first reaction much like the others is making sure that you’re alright and comfortable and only then he’ll be ready to talk about it with his members

    #txt x reader #tomorrow x together x reader #txt imagines#txt reactions #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together reactions #txt headcanons #tomorrow x together headcanons #txt fanfic#txt fanfiction#txt fluff#txt angst #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together fluff #tomorrow x together angst #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader
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  • eviebyme
    15.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Astrology Compatibility Shipping

    Hi Darlings💕

    ✨Astrology Compatibility Shipping Requests are officially open✨! For these requests I will ship you with the most compatible member from the groups of your choosing based on your birth charts. However, there are some new rules and guidelines:

    Rules and Guidelines

    First, please specify which group(s) you would like to be shipped with. Please request up to three groups. The more groups requested, the shorter the explanations will be. For example, a request with one group will have two or three definitions while a request with three groups will have one definition for each.

    Second, I will be accepting two types of Compatibility Requests:

    Shorter Shipping Requests that will say who you are most compatible with and compatible placements - no definitions.

    Longer Shipping Requests that will say who you are most compatible with, compatible placements, and definitions.

    The shorter requests I will be able to do WAY quicker and more often than the longer requests - but I will be accepting both. Please specify whether you would like a Shorter Ship or Longer Ship.

    ⭐️How I Interpret Compatibility: Here⭐️

    Third, please send either your birth chart, the date and time you were born, or your placements. Please let me know if you want me to tag you in a post and not share your info! If you are sending your placements please send:

    Your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars Signs

    Your Ascendent Sign

    Your Placements for your 5th and 7th House (If you do not know what time you were born, don't worry about these!)

    Here is a link to create a detailed birth chart: Birth Chart (but feel free to use another one!)

    Also, if you want to send an anonymous request you can send an emoji with your request so I can tag you in the post (just in case you want to keep your info private). For example, you can be “anon ⚡️”

    Fourth, since I don't want to keep opening and closing my requests, I will leave them open for now. If you send a request and don't receive a reply after a while, please feel free to send another - I really don't mind. Just keep in mind I will not be able to complete all requests!

    Fifth, and final, the Compatibility Readings with Your Bias Request are still closed! But, I will still be posting for this series. I will prioritize the shipping requests but I will also be accepting asks for Ideal Type and Type of Boyfriend. I will update the Works in Progress Page periodically.

    If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi, feel free to send me an ask or a message. I'm looking forward to hearing from you - have fun!


    ✨Works in Progress✨

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    #I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT #she DID ask me what i was into atm and i told her guardian shl and legend of hei #omg #🐌.txt #ignore my face looking like that its been a day but my reaction.. omg
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