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    16.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    CHOI LINE REACTS TO... bts being your older brother

    PAIRING! choi line x f!reader ; brother!bts maknae line x f!reader GENRE! fluff ; best friends to lovers ; crack ; humour ; established relationship WARNINGS! mentions of cheating ; mentions of food WC! 1.2k NOTES! i was gonna write this in paragraphs but i got lazy and i havent written a full length anything in weeks so this was the easiest way for me rip

    ## YEONJUN

    it’s not uncommon for yeonjun to run into the members of bts around the company

    he wouldn’t say he sees them often but he’s seen them enough for it to become a normal thing

    he doesn’t even get flustered anymore so score

    however, when he passes by THEE kim taehyung in the halls and he tells him that he has been looking for him everywhere, he can’t deny he started fanboying

    why has taehyung been looking for HIM???

    that’s when his senior pulls out a very familiar looking purse and hands it to him

    “can you give this to y/n when you see her? she left it here yesterday—you know how forgetful she is”

    the rest under the cut!


    of course HE knows how forgetful you are, he’s your boyfriend

    but the question is, how does TAEHYUNG know 🤔

    at least now he knows why the purse looked familiar now

    yeonjun agrees anyways and takes the bag

    he was seeing you later that day for a date and he figures he could also ask you then why taehyung had your bag in the first place

    then taehyung tells him to “take care of y/n” and goes on with his day

    yeonjun is so confused

    he doesn’t know how taehyung knows the two of you are together or how he even knows YOU

    at some point during his dance practice, he ends up forgetting about it all until

    kim y/n...kim taehyung...

    and everything falls into place in his mind

    he finally understands why he would see you everywhere at the company long before the two of you started dating

    later, when he sees you for your date

    “y/n, you will never BELIEVE what i just discovered”

    ## SOOBIN

    soobin usually treats you to lunch

    it’s the least he could do seeing as he is so busy all the time

    he would pick you up from the hybe lobby and the two of you would head to the café together

    but today

    you were nowhere to be found

    he waited for ten minutes thinking that maybe you were just running late but eventually figured that you weren’t coming today

    you had been swamped with school lately so he understood that you might not be able to come out

    he was a sad boy ☹️

    soob decides to go to the café anyways just to get something to eat and guess who he sees when he walks in

    you sitting at a table laughing with some other guy 🧍‍♂️

    he couldn’t see who you were with because they were sitting opposite you with their back turned but he knows a guys back when he sees one and that was definitely one

    he didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he wished he knew what you were doing here with somebody else

    he doesn’t make his presence known because he hates confrontation but he can’t deny feeling a bit annoyed

    then the guy pushes out of his seat and stands up to walk around next to you and soobin can finally see who stole his girlfriend from him

    and it’s fucking park jimin

    his senior kisses your forehead before leaving the café and soobin’s jaw is on the floor

    he leaves quickly before either of you could see him and goes to their practice room to stew over what he just saw

    soobin didn’t know the two of you were so close, hell he didn’t even the two of you KNEW each other

    eventually you showed up in the practice room too, apologising for missing your lunch because “something came up” and soobin can’t help it anymore

    “y/n...are you cheating on me with jimin sunbaenim? because he is way older than you and i saw him kissing you and—”


    you were MORTIFIED at the accusation and soobin...soobin was


    like this emoji 😯😯😯 was him

    “park jimin....is your brother...”

    “i can’t believe you thought i was CHEATING”

    “do you think you can get me an autograph 😯”


    ## BEOMGYU

    it was a pretty normal afternoon, you were coming over to visit him at the dorms like you sometimes did

    he was just a bit more excited to see you than normal because he was finally going to confess to you

    okay so maybe he was a little in love with you whatever doesn’t matter

    he was pretty sure you were in love with him too, or at least had a crush on him so he was pretty confident about his plan

    that all went out the window when you arrived

    you looked as beautiful as ever and you had a massive smile on your face that made him a bit weak in the knees which was normal, so not the problem

    the problem was what you were wearing

    over your clothes, you had on a way too big plain black jacket that you had pushed up your arms

    it was so long that it stopped at your mid thigh

    this jacket was very clearly not yours and the only explanation for whose it could be and why you were wearing it was that—and it pains him to say this—you had a boyfriend

    now you may be thinking he’s jumping the gun a bit here buT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CAN YOU BLAME HIM??

    the rest of the day he couldn’t hide his annoyance at the fact that you were still wearing that stupid jacket

    there was air conditioning in the dorms you didn’t have to keep it on 🙄🙄

    you noticed his behaviour and asked him what was up

    he didn’t mean to but he just immediately blurted it out



    “my what 🧍‍♀️”

    “the boyfriend whose jacket you’re wearing 😔”

    and then

    you laughed in his face

    poor boy is so confused and starts pouting and whining 😭

    you explain that you are wearing your BROTHER’S jacket because he was the one who dropped you off

    cue more confused gyu

    “you have a brother 🧍‍♂️”

    “yes i do you know him actually 🙄”

    “who is it wtf”

    “jungkook 🧍‍♀️”

    now it’s HIS turn to laugh in your face

    you try convincing him but he’s just like “thEre’S nO waY yOuR bRotHeR iS jEon junGkOok oF Bts”

    he is in for a surprise when jungkook comes to pick you up when you are done hanging out

    like his jaw dropped

    went from being a brat to such a kiss ass in record time

    “i can’t believe you never told me your brother was THE jeon jungkook”

    “well it’s not like you’d have believed me🙄🙄”

    after his little fanboy moment he realised he could go through with his plan and ask you out

    “so, what im hearing is your single 😏 you want to go on a date 😏?”

    “i mean i guess since you like me so much 🤥 but you’re going to have ask my brother for permission 😁”

    he genuinely couldn’t tell if you were joking or not (you were) and ended up having a very awkward and embarrassing conversation with jungkook later that week

    he got his date though so 😁

    tagging. @igyus @afiaaaa19 @samu-sorbet @mjnisode @tyunni @k6ho @sungsunnie (taglist)

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    16.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    txt - you’re being bullied

    Pairing: TXT x Reader | Genre: angst, fluff | Warnings: bullying, bruises, some blood, swearing | WC: 0.9k

    A/N: Will switch on and off from sister to partner

    request(s): txt reaction to their little sister coming home physically hurt because of bullies at school? pls i love y’all’s angsts sm!!! combing with Txt reaction to you being bullied

    Choi Yeonjun

    (partner): When you didn’t show up to homeroom, he knew something was wrong. You had been quiet and timid all week; nothing like your usual, bubbly and loud self. The two of you may not have been dating for long, but Yeonjun knew you well enough to know something was going on. He found you on the rooftop, your go to place when you needed some air, although this time, you were staring off into the distance with tears streaming down your face, “Y/N?” He said quietly as he walked next to you. You sniffled and held out your phone to him, “Make them stop, Jun. Please," He glanced at your phone, body filling with rage as he saw the messages from random people calling you not-so-nice names. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you to his chest as you cried. “I’ll make them stop, baby. I promise.”

    Choi Soobin

    (sister): When you came home with a bruised eye and scraped knees, Soobin knew the bullying was a lot worse than what you had initially told him, “Y/N, what happened?!” He practically screeched as you stepped inside. You refused to look up at him, feeling embarrassed, ashamed and scared. “I-I’m okay,” You stuttered and he clicked his tongue. You were his sister and he knew you like the back of his hand, “You’re not okay. Let me clean you up and then you’re telling me everything. I want names, Y/N," That was his ‘dad’ voice so, you knew you had no other choice. Soobin was going to go straight to the principal tomorrow, maybe even the kids parents. First, he needed to make sure you were okay.

    Choi Beomgyu

    (sister): Beomgyu was annoyed at first when your parents had told him to pick you up from school. He had argued that you were perfectly capable of walking yourself home, but they had told him he needed to regardless of his complaints. That’s what being a brother is, his dad had told him. However, now he was glad that he had to come pick you up. When he walked up to the school gates, he wasn’t expecting to see you surrounded by a group of girls who were pulling at your hair and clothes, yelling out taunts as you did your best to fend them off. When he barreled through the crowd of onlookers, he pulled you behind him, eyes raging at the girl in front of him, “You think this is fucking cool? You’re nothing but scum. Don’t you ever touch my sister again or I swear you won’t be able to touch anything ever again," He grabbed your wrist and pulled you along behind him. You smiled at his back, grateful that he had come to your rescue.

    Kang Taehyun

    (partner): When you came home from work with tears in your eyes and blisters on your heels, Taehyun was livid. You had told him earlier in the week that your new boss had been extremely demanding. Making you run and grab him coffee, sending you to run errands instead of him doing them himself. Going off on you when he deemed you were working to slow or not doing it to his standards. It was bullying because you were a female in a predominately male workspace and while you wouldn’t accept it, Taehyun was going to fix it, “Go shower and I’ll meet you in bed,” he said through gritted teeth, grabbing his jacket and slipping on his shoes, "I’m taking care of your problem. He’s never going to treat you like that again.”

    Huening Kai

    (sister): Hueningkai was fuming. Pacing back and forth in your bedroom as you quietly sniffled and played with the hem of your skirt. You had come home with some scratches on your arm, your hair pulled out of its braid and a bloody lip. You had no choice but to tell him what was going on now. You told him how the girl at school was jealous of you, that Hueningkai was your brother. That she had gotten angry when you told her that you were not going to introduce her to him. That she had been taunting you and messaging you repeatedly since then, never giving you a moment of peace, “Please, Kai,” you sighed out, “I just need my brother right now,” He stopped, looking at you with a frown before opening his arms to you. You immediately threw yourself into them and he rubbed your back, kissing the crown of your head. He made a silent promise that he was going to protect you better and he was going to fix this.

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    ##all about yoohyeon's relationships with her family!!

    ##YOOHYEON: my family means everything for me, i do this for them.

    ##her mother!!

    name: nam yeeun
    birthplace: ilsan, south korea
    birtbday: may 25, 1964
    occupation: dance instructor

    her mother is her biggest supporter honestly. when she first moved to korea, she had a hard time adjusting to everything, so she fell into a depression and she really wanted to go home. her mother knew how bad she wanted it, so instead of tell her to quit and come home, her mother came to korea and stayed in a hotel as close to the company for 2 straight months just to be with her.

    ##her father!!

    name: nam doyun
    birthplace: gwang-ju, south korea
    birthday: february 26, 1962
    occupation: architect

    her relationship with her dad is okay, it's better what is was from when she first moved to korea. it wasn't like he didn't want to go, he just felt that singing should just be a hobby while she studied. this put a strain on their relationship, but as time went on, and he saw that she was happy, he put his worries aside so they could work on their relationship.

    ##her brother!!

    name: nam yeonsung
    birthplace: seoul, south korea
    birthday: july 26, 1990
    occupation: high-school teacher

    they both annoy each other even when they're miles apart. they annoyed each other when they were together, that's just their relationship and everyone has excepted. they love each other yes and will protect each other, but they will kill each other if in the same vicinity. lowkey influenced her to move to korea when he abruptly began a teacher at the high school she was attending. she had to get out of there before the "your brother is attractive" comments started.

    ##her sister!!

    name: nam hana
    birthplace: seoul, south korea
    birthday: july 2, 1997
    occupation: model/youtube

    her best friend, and at one point, her only friend. her sister is the light of her life, she doesn't know where she'd be without her. during school, she was bullied a lot, so she mostly hung out alone, so her and her sister formed a special bond and did everything together. she helped her through a lot of situations, and still continues to help her to this day.

    #kpop reactions #kpop added member #kpop addition #txt additional member #beomgyu#txt oc#soobin #txt 6th member #txt reactions#yeonjun#txt scenarios #txt sixth member #tomorrow x together reactions #tomorrow x together sixth member #tomorrow x together 6th member #tomorrow x together #taehyun#huening kai
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    i wanna make a new story post.....but i also wanna start a pokemon randomizer nuzlocke........

    #txt #this is my new fav reaction image good bye
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    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    masterlist | three | five

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan @enhanote @urresidentdrugdealer ( send an ask to be added )

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    14.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    I really don’t have an excuse for this I just wanted to make Ariel into Kon

    #bc that’s totally a common reaction #to see your favorite Disney princess & be like hey! I could make this into a dc character! #txt#my edits#I guesssss
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    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    masterlist | two | four

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup @pr0dbeomgyu @hoodiebangtan ( send an ask to be added )

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    14.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    big spoon vs little spoon

    all members x gn!reader, fluff, word count: 551, established relationship, lowercase intended.

    a/n ; this is a repost from my previous theme so I apologise if you’ve read it already, please still give it lots of love! <3

    i. YEONJUN

    — big spoon ; this boy loves being the big spoon ! he really likes resting his head into the nape or side of your neck and planting tiny kisses there 🥺 he loves how you react by blushing and telling him to stop. he thinks you’re so adorable and being able to literally engulf you in cuddles and make you blush so easily boosts his ego a tiny bit ! though he loves being the big spoon he isn’t opposed to being the little spoon sometimes if you want to be the big spoon (he enjoys it a lot but won’t tell you this).

    ii. SOOBIN

    — doesn’t care ; loves both equally and doesn’t have a preference, as long as you guys are cuddling he’s fine with anything. there are some days where he would want to wrap his arms around you enveloping you with his warmth and holding you like that for hours (your his baby after all) but other times he enjoys being the little spoon! overall he just loves being near you, hugging you and showing you the affection you very much deserve!

    iii. BEOMGYU

    — little spoon ; likes to be the little spoon but would never say it out loud. this boy loves being babied, cuddled and falling asleep in your arms. but don’t let the other members know this bc he would never live this done and he’s got a reputation to keep ! he literally just wants to be held :(( after long days of work, coming home with sore limbs from the endless dancing he’s done all day all he wants is to be in your arms, so he’ll wait from you to come home so that he can pull you into a great big hug and snuggle with you all night.

    iv. TAEHYUN

    — big spoon ; when you guys cuddle he wants to be the big spoon ! he loves feeling like he can protect you and likes feeling like the bigger one in the relationship. even though he’s the bigger spoon you will probably have to ask him for cuddles because otherwise he won’t initiate it but once you ask he is more than happy to cuddle you for as long as you want. he will intertwine your fingers as you lay together or even kiss the back of your hand. another reason he likes being the big spoon is bc it allows him to hide his blush :(( though this boy acts like he doesn’t like affection he’s a big sweetheart and gets so easily flustered by you. 🥺


    — big spoon ; this one may surprise you but kai would adore being the big spoon, mainly because it allows him to warp his arms around your waist and rub your tummy (and this boy loves your tummy a lot.. and i mean A LOT). he would always be asking you if you want to cuddle which ofc you say yes too just to be able to give you belly rubs! you’re kind of like his own personal pillow that he can hug when he’s tired, he just thinks you’re so soft he cannot resist.

    © milki-bear—all rights reserved. do not translate, reproduce, or repost my works. any form of reproduction is strictly prohibited.

    #milki-bear #🍨—tomorrow x together #milki writes. #txt #tomorrow x together x reader #tomorrow x together #txt x reader #txt headcanons#txt reactions#txt fics#choi yeonjun#choi soobin#choi beomgyu#kang taehyun#huening kai#txt fluff#txt drabbles#txt scenarios#txtwriters
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    everytime i open my watch later playlist i’m reminded of my past

    #i can’t never scape the #m #every once in a while a gachha video will appear in my feed #and i will click it cuz im stupid #and be consumed by gacha reaction channels #i will never be able to move on #🌙.txt
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    👻 02 — time of need

    masterlist | one | three

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is @90s-belladonna @yoonsupremacy @bls-luv-me @pcybuttercup ( send an ask to be added )

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    👻 01 — creative burnout

    masterlist | prev | two

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks @igyus @02heartbreakhotel @terrytaehyunnies @xysthe @samu-sorbet @oobsworld @ch3rry-k4is ( send an ask to be added )

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    12.09.2021 - 4 days ago


    < warning(s) : profanity, mention of sleep paralysis, mention of demon >

    heeseung's pov :

    y/n's pov :

    summary \ y/n works at a their parent's bakery and it's like enjoying a calm sunset. though, not on saturdays. when heeseung walks in and picks up his usual order.

    tags \ drama, humor, social media!au, non-idol!au, bakery!au, enemies to lovers!au, uni!au

    pairing(s) \ uni student!heeseung x gn baker!reader, [redacted]

    a/n \ also, i apologize for the short chap! my head hasn't been that healthy lately but my baby heeseung is

    taglist \ @hoonbokki @punneysushi01 @leejeneo @mykalon @nyfwyeonjun @ghjasksdk @kookaine @jensrose @enhyphun @echelhoops < send me an ask to be added to the taglist !! >

    <- masterlist ->

    #enhypen #tomorrow x together #enhypen social au #txt social au #enhypen imagines#txt imagines#enhypen scenarios#txt scenarios #enhypen x reader #txt x reader #enhypen reactions#txt reactions
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    12.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    TXT Reaction: Crush Liking Another Member

    Request: hey ^^ g'morning, can I request a txt reaction to their crush liking another member, sad times are reigning my heart today. thanks and love your writing.

    A/n: This is gender neutral and somewhat angsty because that’s the vibe I got from the request <3


    Everything about watching from the sidelines as his crush likes Yeonjun instead of him is hard for Soobin. Of course it hurts that they most likely don’t like him back, but it also hurts that it’s Yeonjun in particular because he can’t blame them. Yeonjun is easy to love. Yeonjun is a lot of things that Soobin doesn’t see in himself. Of course his crush likes him: he’s assertive, bold, and he never backs down from anything. He tries not to make it obvious because he doesn’t want it to be awkward when everyone hangs out together, but everyone can tell something isn’t quite right with him. Even when pressed, he insists everything is fine. He’s just tired. He won’t admit his feelings or get in the way of what could be a good thing for the person he cares about and one of his closest friends.

    the rest under the cut!


    Yeonjun is really good at hiding his feelings for his crush. He’s typically more expressive of his feelings, good or bad, with his members, but he doesn’t like to let others see him down. Portraying confidence is a strongpoint of his. He treats them just like anyone else so no one ever has to question him. The only time he struggles to hide his feelings is when he sees them curled into Taehyun’s side, their arm across his waist to hold him close. That hurts because he has imagined that scenario with him in Taehyun’s place every time they hang out. When his crush notices his demeanor shift and asks him about it, he eventually blurts his feelings out of frustration and leaves without letting them respond. He doesn’t want them to stop liking Taehyun now. He wishes they would have liked him in the first place. He tells them to not bring it up again the next time they’re together so everyone can just move on.


    Beomgyu isn’t usually the type to tell his crush about his feelings for them whether he thinks they’re reciprocated or not. Knowing they like Hueningkai only makes him feel validated in not sharing his feelings. It really hurts him, but he deals with it privately for the most part. He is a little quieter if they’re around but he is still friendly and doesn’t make anything feel tense. Instead, he listens to sad songs in his room at night in an attempt to pile on all the hurt at once so maybe, just maybe, it will hurt for less time. It does work, eventually, but he always carries a small bit of heartbreak attached to his crush. His feelings are deep.


    Taehyun is most likely to hold small amounts of resentment for both his crush and Beomgyu at first. He’s upset that they don’t like him and he’s upset with Beomgyu for being someone they do like. He’s a bit cold to them both for a while. Since he likes to play cold anyway, no one thinks too deeply about it and he’s grateful for that. He gets over it quite quickly, though-- his rational nature overtaking his hurt feelings. He is nothing like Beomgyu and his crush likes Beomgyu’s type. There’s no point in being upset about that because it just means they weren’t meant to be. He’s eventually able to go back to a normal, friendly relationship with his crush because he now only sees them as a platonic companion.


    Hueningkai is hurt that his crush doesn’t like him, but he’s able to find a positive in every situation. They like Soobin and that doesn’t feel good. Kai wants to be the one to hold their hand and take care of them, but he’s grateful that someone like Soobin is doing so if he’s not. The fact that his crush likes Soobin just motivates him more. He isn’t as old as Soobin yet, so by the time he’s Soobin’s age he’ll be just as likable, right? And he can even learn from Soobin! He manages to change his perspective enough to avoid hurting for too long. He even starts to see his crush and Soobin as a unit and can't even believe he thought they were ever for him to begin with.

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    12.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Happy YeonJun’s Day ❤️‍🔥

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  • 0x1lovebot
    11.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    ❁۪ 。˚ ✧ tomorrow x together as study buddies ❁۪ 。˚ ✧

    gender neutral! reader.
    a/n; in honor of my first day of school being on monday I present this to you😌


    he doesn't study with you because he hates studying😭

    so he's really just there for moral support

    he cheers you on and brings you whatever snacks/drinks you want!!

    but he also makes sure you take breaks and don't overwork yourself

    he thinks it's amazing how hard you work but also would never put himself through that shit😤

    [rest of the members under cut!!]



    he pokes you

    he gets all up in your face and you have to push him out of the way cuz you can't see your textbook

    he even throws pens at you

    he just wants you to give him kisses and attention

    "y/n give me attention!!!🥺😩☹"

    "jjunie I'm trying to study."

    "fine I'll just go get attention from soobin or something😤😤"

    your brain is too occupied to even respond to him


    he tries his best to study with you!!

    he really, really does!!

    but the topics are too boring so he ends up just staring at you the whole time.

    he thinks the face you make when you don't understand something is extremely adorable😌


    honestly the best study buddy on the planet😌😌

    taehyun makes sure you stay on track and don't get distracted

    he even puts both of your phones in another room just to be sure

    quizzes you with flashcards

    for every answer you get right, he gives you a kiss.

    he even brings snacks so that you dont get sluggish in the middle of studying.

    helps you with whatever topic you're struggling with even if it takes a while for you to understand it

    he just wants to make sure that you understand everything so that you pass your classes I want a taehyun so bad yo😔


    tbh you guys don't get much studying done

    everytime your eyes met his, both of you would just start laughing!!

    the 2 of you would literally go from 😐 to 🤣 to 😭 in a matter of minutes

    all study material would be forgotten as the 2 of laughed until your stomachs hurt and there are tears in your eyes

    sadly neither of you passed your tests😔

    permanent taglist; @snghnluvr @shrutiajit @bakukags @witheeseung @binniesbf @ezakaru @pc-yeolie @dear-dreamie @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @3ggieyolk @hoonbokki @love-4-keum @sunshinelixie-lee

    © 2021 copyright. all rights reserved. 0x1lovebot.

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    11.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    👻 the spook troop

    the spook troop — started 7 months ago. they visit rumored haunted buildings in the hopes of catching real ghosts (they haven’t yet). they don’t take themselves too seriously and almost everything is they post is a joke. the videos featuring their friends always do well. none of their videos have blown up—yet.

    masterlist | prev | one

    taglist! — @tyunni @wonielvr @enhyphun @sungsunnie @bluhr @eternallyhyucks ( send an ask to be added )

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    👻 letterboxd ceos

    y/n — the president of the film club. is saving up for a new camera. wants to direct movies in the future.

    yoon — isn’t in the film club but hangs around their meetings anyway. one of the spook troop’s first subscribers. swears she’s psychic.

    jongho — y/n’s co-president. has never been in a fight. makes fun of yeji’s kpop addiction but has a secret twice acc.

    yeji — only in the film club because she needed an elective. constantly changing her hair colour. has beef with yeonjun.

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  • girlsfortxt
    11.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    👻 mystery inc

    taehyun — 1/2 of the spook troop. does not believe in the supernatural. does the research and picks all the places they visit.

    hueningkai — 1/2 of the spook troop. swears up and down that a friendly ghost helped him out of a slide he was stuck in when he was 8 years old. organises their equipment and edits their videos.

    yeonjun — president of the dance club. lends the spook troop his car on the weekends. has beef with one of y/n’s friends.

    soobin — a part of the film club. sometimes films the spook troop’s videos. scared shitless of everything supernatural.

    beomgyu — y/n’s neighbour. the spook troop’s biggest fan. no one knows if he really believes in ghosts or not.

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    #👻 — ghosting series #ficscafe#txt smau #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader #kang taehyun x reader #taehyun reaction#taehyun imaginanes#taehyun scenarios#hueningkai reactions#hueningkai scenarios#hueningkai imagines #txt social media au #txt imagines#txt scenarios#txt reactions #txt x reader
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  • girlsfortxt
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    PAIRING — kang taehyun x gn!reader ; huening kai x gn!reader

    — taehyun and hueningkai run a small youtube channel where they visit “haunted” buildings around seoul. when they are down a cameraman, they ask you, the film club’s president, to fill in. they don’t expect to actually see a ghost—or for you to become one. ( loosely based on danny phantom )

    GENRE — smau ; ghost hunting au ; supernatural au ; high school au ; strangers to lovers ; crack ; fluff ; humour ; light angst

    WARNINGS — swearing ; descriptions of violence ; mentions of blood ; injuries ; ghosts ; jokes about dying

    send me an ask to be tagged! header by @samu-sorbet <3 !

    PROFILES — mystery inc ; letterboxd ceos ; the spook troop

    👻 01 — creative burnout

    👻 02 — time of need

    👻 03 — an offer you can’t refuse

    👻 04 — christopher nolan’s tethered

    👻 05 — the creeps ✏️

    👻 more spooking soon...

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