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  • taehyxn-sxmp
    23.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    TXT As Things I've Heard or My Friends have said while playing roblox

    - Yes I play roblox lmao

    Soobin: "DON'T CHASE MY SISTER!!" Yeonjun: "I don't wanna play RoCitizens because I wanna show up my new avatar I bought with ✨my robux✨" Beomgyu: "Santa Claus is a 'women'" Taehyun: "Omg a goth girl! Slap me!" Huening Kai: "Stop kissing me!!!!"

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  • leebrc
    22.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    ♡︎.• ᵗᵃᵉʰʸᵘⁿ

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  • cxndyseung
    22.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    random taehyun aesthetic icons 🤍

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  • flixkles
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    TXT as shit I’ve seen on tumblr:

    Soobin: why are you like this

    Taehyun: I used too much no tears shampoo as a kid and haven’t felt a single emotion since

    #source: incorrect konoha quotes #incorrectkonohaquotes#funny txt #incorrect txt quotes #choi soobin#kang taehyun #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Frost is a BANGER

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  • sunghoonight-x
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    tomorrow x together and date ideas!!

    ↳ yeonjun

    is either going to go for a classic movie and dinner or something extravagant like a picnic under the stars with a whole orchestra ensemble.

    ↳ soobin

    more of the type to like a quiet date. maybe a nice little cafe date with shy hand holding and soft pecks. either that or something cute like building a pillow fort together and then cuddling in it.

    ↳ beomgyu

    chaotic dates. things like walking in a crowded street while sharing headphones and holding hands, karaoke battles, or something calm like movies and cuddles. there's no in-between.

    ↳ taehyun

    something a bit more...private? would enjoy quiet dates like a nice dinner with cuddles afterward or things like cooking together! nice warm walks and lots of subtle hugs.

    ↳ hueningkai

    something small but extravagant! building pillow forts, going shopping together, or buying snacks from a convenience store and sitting at a bench together, eating them.

    #txt fluff #tomorrow x together scenarios #yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai #tomorrow x together
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  • txt-audio
    22.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #txt nap of a star #the dream chapter: star #tomorrow x together #p: youtube#y: 2019#soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai#m: a
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  • yeonieluvs
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    𝘁𝘅𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻: 𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂'𝗿𝗲 𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗲 

    requested: yes

    genre: fluff

    warnings & notes: soulmate!au, language (sh*t?), uuhh,, I don’t think there is anything else, this is just pure softness

    choi yeonjun

     yeonjun is a natural charmer, a natural flirt

    however when finding out that you are his soulmate? someone that is literally destined to him by fate??

    he gets a bit shy

    like first of all he’s already so endeared by you and the idea of you

    that he’s just incredibly happy and smiley the whole time when you’re getting introduced to each other

    but he’s also not like… as energetic as he usually is?

    but rather more laid back and just like :] already lowkey having heart eyes for you

    though I do feel like he’d be one of the most natural either way

    just asking for your number and if you could go out to eat sometime!

    (and obviously you’ll say yes… I mean he is literally your soulmate...)

    choi soobin

    soobin is literally so shocked 

    but I don’t mean this in a bad way!!

    it was just something that happened so unexpectedly, that it takes a little while for him to realise what it means

    after he wraps his head around it, he’s like extremely happy though

    also kind of shy and maybe a bit embarrassed of his initial reaction (just staring at you with his mouth agape in shock lmao)

    you would probably need to make the “first move” or like… talk to him first

    but if soobin can see you’re really shy and reserved as well

    he’ll just swallow up the embarrassment and start talking to not make you feel uncomfortable or awkward :(

    the first meeting might be a little bit shaky

    but the more time you spend together, the more sense it makes for the universe to put you two together

    choi beomgyu

    gyu can be quiet with new people

    and that doesn’t change even when you’re his soulmate

    the first time you meet can be a little bit awkward, because he’s kinda shy and more reserved

    also kinda like… observing you in a way? 

    and it might make you a bit nervous (but actually he’s just noticing how cute you look when embarrassed)

    much like yeonjun he’ll just ask you for your number and you’ll probably talk more over text, than face to face at first

    part of this is because you got kind of intimidated by this super beautiful person being your soulmate and being so QUIET, so you weren’t even really sure if he actually wanted to see you again…?

    nothing could have prepared you for the energy ball coming at you when you do see him the next time though lmao

    boy is literally so excited, much more verbal with what he’s thinking now that he’s gotten to know you a bit more

    after that you’d definitely be talking to each other with much more than just texts

    kang taehyun

    he pretends to be cool but he’s actually losing his shit

    like outside he might look like he’s okay, just smiling at you invitingly with that beautiful smile of his

    but inside he’s kinda like aaaAAAAAA

    he doesn’t have that much experience with these kinds of feelings so it just feels foreign to him

    not to even mention the fact that you are his soulmate and not some silly little school crush-

    he’d be really sweet though, without a doubt someone that could make you feel comfortable immediately!!!

    he would probably ask if you have somewhere to be

    and if you happened to be free he might ask you for a small “date” immediately

    I have a feeling that even with the whole business of soulmates, tyun first wants to get to know you as a friend

    once you do eventually start dating, he would probably admit that he basically fell for you at first glance though...

    huening kai

    the most excited visibly, but he would not know how to control his feelings

    like,, it’s literally a mess,, 

    on one hand he is super excited and happy as said

    but he’s also so nervous and oh my god, this is literally the person that was fated to be with him

    if you were comfortable with it, he’d really want to hug you just to ground his emotions somewhat

    because of his excitement he might end up asking you to hang out immediately without even realising you might have somewhere else to be

    if you need to decline because of prior plans he’ll be so embarrassed and just do that cute awkward chuckle

    before offering you his number instead which you’ll immediately take of course!

    lots and lots of cute messages, he probably cannot stop texting you before knowing when he’ll see you again

    literally giddy about the first meeting of yours for at least a week before calming down (a bit)

    #txt x reader #tomorrow x together x reader #txt imagines#txt reactions #tomorrow x together imagines #tomorrow x together reactions #txt headcanons#txt fanfic#txt fanfiction #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff #yeonjun x reader #soobin x reader #beomgyu x reader #taehyun x reader #hueningkai x reader
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  • txt-audio
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #txt nap of a star #the dream chapter: star #tomorrow x together #p: youtube#y: 2019#soobin#yeonjun#beomgyu#taehyun#huening kai#m: v
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  • taegyu-blue
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Goodnight 💕

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  • sunghoonight-x
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago


    └➤ tomorrow x together (txt)

    tomorrow x together

    bumping into hyung line at a library!! || fluff + gn!reader
    txt and date ideas! || fluff + ot5










    #tomorrow x together #yeonjun#soobin#beomgyu#taehyun#hueningkai #tomorrow x together scenarios #txt scenarios
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  • taegyu-blue
    22.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Perfect side profiles

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  • blogjunnie
    22.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    B30MGYU L4YOUTS 🦆💭

    like or reblog if use !
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  • seodami
    22.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Gym surprises | KTH

    Genre: Fluff, simping, (((suggestive???no?)))

    Warning: thirsting over muscles, being awkward, mentioning of sweat

    Word count: 1376

    Pairing: Kang Taehyun x reader (gn)

    Note: so so I just imagined going to the same gym as Taehyun after watching talk x today and he would honestly be a great gym buddy fr love his determination! Go go Taehyun!✨ anyways please don’t sexualise him I just think he has been working great on himself and has great physics! He is really working hard!

    Sweat was dripping down your forehead, over the bridge of your nose onto your fitted red sport shirt. You quickly let go of the handles, belonging to the hanging leg raise workout equipment of your local gym. You tried standing.

    Your feet were still wobbly from the previous exercise, now having to mainly focus on the intense pain in your abdominal muscles. With a quick movement you grabbed your small towel and dabbed away the fresh sweat on your face. A long sip of water closely followed.

    Still with heavy breathing, trying to calm yourself down, you took a glance around the almost vacant gym. There were not many people around at this hour. Most people decided to come near the afternoon.

    There was an older woman running on the track mill, humming softly to the tunes played from her headphones you believed. She obviously tried to block out the fast energizing sounds from the gyms speakers. You never minded them, being too occupied with your own thoughts anyway.

    Further on the side, there was a very muscular man, working further on his biceps and triceps, even though they probably already had the size of your head. There were some actual gym monsters here. You and your noodle arms couldn’t even dare to compare. But you still wanted to keep fit and sporty, not being the next bodybuilder.

    Your eyes moved towards the fully mirrored wall. Your eyes froze upon a head full of reddish hair. And an extremely attractive backside of a young man, probably around your age. Instead of being the decent human being, you should probably be, your eyes watched attentively how his muscles tensed at the impact of the weightlifting. His arms were smaller than the guy before but they looked just right on him. You already admired his hard working spirit.

    To put it into words: this guy was absolutely goddamn attractive in your eyes. He had a determined look on his face, his dyed sweaty hair was sticking to his forehead. Besides that, his facial features were just heavenly. Eyes as big as coins and a defined jawline, sharp nose.

    When your eyes met his suddenly in the mirror, it struck to you how long you must’ve stared at the stranger. You immediately averted your gaze, anywhere else. Oh look, what a nice water dispenser and wow, nice sweat stain on your shirt. The incoming blush on your face didn’t make it any easier.

    Suddenly remembering you still haven’t finished your set, you moved up your recently used machine, propping your back up against the backside and started moving your legs upwards. You just prayed that he didn’t just catch you staring at him so obviously and that wasn’t looking at you now. Why was your life so humiliating sometimes?

    When you finished your set, you quickly moved machines, just thinking about moving out of his eye sight radius. To your disadvantage, you didn’t think clearly about where to go next, resulting in you awkwardly trying to find out how to work this machine in particular, you never happened to use before. Really humiliating Y/N, actually!

    No matter how hard you tried to move it, it didn’t budge by the impact. Not even an inch. This was just your lucky day. You were on the verge of quitting this unexplainable weird machine and moving on, when you suddenly heard a voice next to you.

    “Do you maybe need help with this?” Your head whipped in lightning speed towards the source of the soft voice, to your shock swing the blond haired attractive guy in front of you. He now had a grey towel hanging from his shoulder and a water bottle in his hand. The strands of his hair were still sticking on his damp forehead. You nearly choked from pure air, being in such close proximity to him. From up close, he looked even more handsome.

    Your eyes went wide, struggling to say anything. Your head was like cotton candy, nothing wise seemed to come out. You remembered faintly croaking out a strained and way too high ‘yes please’, when he started to explain you what you did wrong. You subconsciously held your breath, having him bend over to the front of the machine to adjust the settings more fitting to you.

    “It’s a tricky machine, honestly. I wouldn’t have understood it either without a coaches help.” He explained, his hand now resting on his hip bone. You noticed the thick veins along his strong muscular arm, making you literally wanna hold onto them.

    You looked up to him again. He had a gentle smile on his face. “Is it now better? You need to move this up in order to begin- yes just like that - perfect” he watched you finally being able to move on your own. You sighted in relieve, giggling slightly in embarrassment.

    “Thank you, oh god I must’ve looked so embarrassing.” He looked down swiftly on the ground before shaking his head laughing lightly. “No it’s all good. Not many people use this machine in the first place. I’m glad to help.”

    “You didn’t say it wasn’t embarrassing.” You chuckled, nervously trying to avert your gaze onto his shoes. He giggled childlike, not fitting to his first impression exactly, but still making you feel giddy. “Well, it looked a bit funny but it was cute.” He grinned cheekily. You flushed even harder, trying to persuade yourself that it was only looking like you just had finished a heavy workout.

    “Hey, if you have any more questions about equipment or else wise, I’m right over there. Don’t feel shy to ask.” He pointed pack to the place in front of the mirror, he was standing before. His other hand reached for his neck as he send you a last smile, seeing as you nod and thank him again.

    You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, feeling the typical symptoms of an incoming crush. In the corner of your eye you saw him get into position again. Your eyes met again for a swift moment before you both looked away. Were you really that easy to be swooned? Yes you were.

    Half an hour and three more exercises machines later, you finally figured out a plan inside your tiny head. You couldn’t just let this chance slip away like the other ones. You were a goddamn strong woman who can pursue her own desires. And you were feeling surprisingly bold after this small encounter, so why not giving it a shot? The worst thing could happen was that you need to change gyms. You could live with that.

    So after finally collecting all your courage you possibly could have, you went to the counter, asking for a piece of paper and a pen, quickly writing your phone number and name in large letters.

    With a last deep breath, your feet carried you over to the other end of the gym, where the attractive boy was now working hard on the lat pulldown machine. Standing in front of him, you suddenly felt shy again, twiddling with your fingers.

    He stopped to greet you again with a bright smile. Without much overthinking, you pressed the small piece of paper in his sweaty hand. He looked up to you with big sparkling eyes as if you should elaborate.

    “Just...just you know, if I need anymore advices.” You managed to say, feeling your cheeks warm up once again. Before he could reply anything, you already muttered out a high pitched ‘bye’ and turned around to head towards the changing cabins. You gathered your belongings and left without making a scene or embarrassing you even further. Your whole car ride home was filled with doubtful discussions with yourself.

    What you didn’t saw, was his relieved gentle smile after he opened the folded piece of paper, finding your phone number and name on it. Y/N...

    So instead of having a shower on top of his priority to do list after going to the gym today, it changed to texting your number with the best feeling of confidence in his system.

    #kpop#kpop imagines#imagines#kpop fanfiction#kpop imagine #txt soft hours #txt #tomorrow x together #txt timestamps#txt fluff#txt scenarios #txt kang taehyun #txt taehyun#kang taehyun#txt drabbles #txt taehyun imagines #taehyun imagines #kang taehyun imagines #Kang Taehyun imagine #txt imagine#txt imagines #kang taehyun fluff #kang taehyun timestamps #txt x reader #txt x y/n #taehyun fluff#taehyun fanfic #tomorrow x together fanfic #tomorrow x together imagines
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  • evannotoven
    22.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    [TXT + Obey Me!]

    Taehyun UR

    #taehyun icons#taehyun edits#taehyun moodboard#taehyun layouts #kang taehyun moodboard #kang taehyun icons #kang taehyun#txt imagines#txt au#txt icons#txt edits#txt moodboard #tomorrow x together #my edit#my moodboards #obey me game #obey me male mc #obey me #obey me satan #om! satan #om! #satan #satan x mc #satan icons #obey me imagines #obey me icons #obey me moodboard
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  • yeostars
    22.06.2021 - 7 hours ago


    request: i was watching this tv show and it made me wonder how would txt react to you texting another man and then one day while yall are out he sees the man >:)

    warnings: none really

    requests open for reactions


    • begs to you to put your phone down and pay attention to him and you give in. but he feels guilty for being paranoid whenever you pick up your phone and texting, even though he trusts you so much. so he just says you should both go for a walk.

    • regrets it instantly when you shout at someone else and he recognises the name. a massive frown on his face when the man walks over to you both, it’s evident he’s not happy now. grabbing your hand, standing closer to you. sending subtle glares over to him and you are almost about to scold him for trying to cause a scene

    • “i think it’s time to go now.” he would try and tug at your hand and you say your goodbyes and try and reassure him that it’s nothing and explain the reasonable explanations as to why you have had to text him so often.


    • he will remain rational, not bringing it to because he doesn’t want you to think that he doesn’t trust you he’s just feeling much more insecure now only because you’ve told him about all your friends, even your male ones. he has no idea who this one is.

    • it’ll be when you’re out with dinner with soobin and all of a sudden another person comes up to your table and strikes up a conversation with you. you can see the confusion on his face and then you watch all the pieces click together and then you watch him frown at the realisation.

    • when he finally leaves then he will air all the feelings he was holding in and how and why he didn’t tell you you would feel bad that he had been holding that in the whole time and reassure him that you’re not interested in anyone else.


    • he’s jealous when you’re texting him and beomgyu will let you know that, he asks how you know him just because he doesn’t like the feeling of being insecure and feeling like something is going on. however, he believes you straight away when you tell him because he knows you wouldn’t betray him.

    • but it’s a different story when he actually sees him in real life, he has an attitude on him. even if the other man is trying to be nice to beomgyu, he has a sass about him that shows he’s not happy. he’s already trying to pry you both out of the conversation and walk away because if you’re his friend beomgyu doesn’t want to ruin it. but he doesn’t want to be there either.

    • so pouty after, just wanting a lot of attention to be honest, and reassurance for him. also wants to know everything about that man and gets red in the face and embarrassed when you tell beomgyu that your friend has a girlfriend and is very much not interested in you.


    • he’s the most calm and his laid back attitude means that he’s not too stressed or anything about you texting someone else. he’s confident in the fact of nothing would happen that he should be worried about

    • it’s only when he’s face to face with the man that’s when he’s slightly :/. he’s not to proud to admit when he sees another attractive man. then he would compare himself to the man and he would slowly start to feel much worse about it but still keeping it to himself for a while.

    • it’s only when he overthinks it so much he has to tell you, and then you get so sad looking at his sad face and you spend as long as you can complimenting every single feature on him because he’s so much better than anyone you’ll ever know. for sure.


    • pouty pouty, please i can see him just stood there with a frown on his face and his slight whiney voice when you ignore him for your phone and he asks you a bunch of questions as to why you’re not talking to him and when you say you’re texting someone he stops talking to overthink.

    • when you start talking to the man while he’s there he won’t say anything, just silently watching from stood behind you listening to the conversation when he just wants to leave the conversation and he starts to feel more and more sad

    • just give him a lot of hugs and attention and he will soon forget that the conversation and everything and then when he’s feeling better you can tell him that there’s nothing for him to feel panicked about.

    #txt imagines#txt fluff#txt reactions#txt angst#yeonjun imagines#yeonjun fluff#yeonjun angst#soobin imagines#soobin fluff #choi yeonjun imagines #choi yeonjun fluff #soobin angst #choi soobin imagines #choi soobin fluff #beomgyu imagines#beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu fluff #taehyun imahines#taehyun fluff #kang taehyun imagines #kang taehyun fluff #hueningkai imagines#taehyun angst#beomgyu angst
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  • xxatinyminionxx
    22.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    TXT's Reaction To Catching You Singing Alone + Hearing Your Voice For The First Time 

    Requested?: Yes

    A/N: So the members are just chillin', walking down a hall when they catch you singing in one of the rooms by yourself. These are their stories-



    Man would be shocked that you could sing so well. He'd stand in the doorframe and admire your singing voice with a smile. He'd hope you don't catch him because he wants nothing but to continue hearing your voice. He's a believer in everyone having a unique voice and, maybe because it's you, but he LOVES your voice. If you do catch him, he would approach you asking, "When were you going to tell me you were a great singer?" Yeonjun would sound and look so offended. 


    First of all, he would feel honored to hear you sing. Also would feel like he shouldn't be there, especially since you clearly intended to sing alone. He would be at the door thinking about whether he should go or stay for a good while. You notice him staring within that time. He'd be quick to defend himself by saying he forgot something in the room you're in and realize that was a terrible lie. Then he'd sort of shyly admit that your voice sounds good and he'd love to hear more. 


    This guy would probably start singing the song you're singing with you if he knows it and/or welcome himself into the room. If you try to scold him or tell him to go away, nice try, but he's not going anywhere. Will sit/stand in front of you and tell you that you have a nice voice. Now expects you to sing if you want anything from him. 


    Laughs. Not because you sound bad or anything, but because you kept your singing voice from him. He lets himself in and compliments different aspects of your voice from tone to technique. "You're lucky I caught you in here. Could you keep your voice a secret from the others for a little bit longer? I want to have an 'I knew all along' moment." 

    Huening Kai

    Surprised at how good you sound with a hand clamped over his mouth. Would start clapping once you finish singing and enter the room, giving you a hug. "Wow Y/N you can sing too?! You're so cool!" He will tell literally EVERYONE at HYBE that you can sing. Be prepared to sing him to sleep.


    ©️ 2021 xxatinyminionxx. All Rights Reserved.

    #txt scenarios #tomorrow by together #tomorrow x together #txt imagines#kpop#txt #choi yeonjun imagines #choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun x reader #choi soobin imagines #choi soobin x reader #choi soobin #choi beomgyu x reader #choi beomgyu imagines #choi beomgyu #kang taehyun imagines #kang taehyun x reader #kang taehyun #txt huening kai x reader #huening kai#hueningkai imagine#minion works #gender neutral txt
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  • taegyu-blue
    22.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Say you love me, say you love me, until the end of the world....

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