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  • lyilenor
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    angst part of this fic is so good, romance part not so good.

    #.txt #writing talk #i do not write romance only angst so do not jump on me when the cute scenes are choppy and not at all cute #im only adding cute scenes so later scenes can be even sadder
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  • knightsblade
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    God once I’m done with these redesigns I really need to start posting stuff that isn’t just character portraits.

    #txt #It’s not like I never draw anything else but that usually goes in my sketchbook and I’m far too emo in there to ever share it #I should probably start working out plot points for their stories and stuff too #I don’t need to like. Actually write anything just bulletpoints #I want a vague timeline #My Amogus OCs got one I should be able to do it for my other characters
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  • maeples
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    writing out of order coming back to bite me in the butt 😭

    #hell doc #uh started writing the same scene twice ❤ #wasn't sure if i had just elaborately day dreamed it in my head or actually wrote it down so i just started writing it again #only to find it at the end of the doc #mae dot txt
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  • transbee
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #called it the exhaustion is beginning to settle in im gonna be knocked the fuck down in the next like 20 min. #until then i am going 2 keep writing down my spells lmao #.txt
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  • subbylittlething
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i'm fighting very hard at the moment, fighting within myself

    there is a truth that i have to accept, it's hard for me, but here it is:

    i don't have to put an emoji in every single message.

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  • tastyeyegushers7
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sibling slams open my door

    Sibling : sucker!!!

    Me;*slowy turn my tiny clay person only head and torso with one right arm holding a broken tooth pick facing my sibling *

    Sibling: what is that-

    Me: ...

    Sibling: ...

    Sibling: stop playing God x *proceed to slams door close*

    Me: never! *cackling *

    #my post#txt #something happen few minutes ago i decided write down before forget holy shi yo it was hilarious xd #we like name call each other by saying you suck or sucker to one another #just fun thing we do #xd #decide use x when being called my name/nickname so wont yah know have tell my irl name/nickname and crap
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  • changbin-froggy-jimin
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I wasn’t tagged by anyone so I won’t tag anyone but if you see this and want to do it go for it! You can totally say I tagged you if you like!

    #this could look completely different in a week lol #some have barely any because I don’t know them very well #not because my opinion of them is low or something #like I only know some suju members because they were on a nct life with Dream and I liked them in that #and I’ve seen tvxq host some stuff and also heard some solo/old stuff but don’t really know much #2pm is a group I’m seriously considering getting into and I know a couple of the members #(namely taecyeon(?) and Junho) #pentagon I know very little about but I have a good opinion of them #For winner I really enjoy what I’ve heard but really only know Mino (solo stuff it’s great tho) #so like some of them are for music and some are for the members lol #like I’ve listened to maybe 5 seventeen songs but they’re absolutely one of my favorite groups to watch so you know... #plus I have object permanence issues so if I’m not directly watching a group I tend to forget about them #also I love txt with my whole heart 💙🖤 #froggy writes#froggy creates
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  • taardisblue
    15.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    shout out to me for breaking 50k on bridges, exactly 4 months after I started jotting down my first plot notes for this fic with the words “quick one shot concept”

    #when will I LEARN #my first notes date back to feb 15 exactly I— #when will I be FREE #granted there’s a lot of commentary in there so the final fic might sit a bit below 50k #but like #whether it ends being 40 or 50k #we’re still VERY far from my original ‘max 15k one shot’ estimate djdhdjdhdh #writing #ANYWAY this chapter currently sits at like. 13k and is not done so. love that for me. #I’m probably going to end up splitting it though #11k felt like a bar that shouldn’t be crossed lol #I just hope it still makes sense if I do split it #god once I’m done I’ll put all my character and plot notes on a separate doc #just to see how much I have #I’m pretty sure I’m standing around 20ish k rn #also I was all like ‘can’t wait to finish bridges so I can go back to og fic for a bit’ #and now in the past like. 3 days. I got 4 separate ideas for other fics #And I still want to do timeloop #.........when will I be free Indeed #.txt
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  • spectroscopes
    15.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I have such a hilarious psychological complex where I’m more embarrassed about writing domestic fluff than basically anything else, it’s like for some reason fluff is the most depraved thing in the world to me.

    #.txt #i can't explain it like when i enjoy something that is fluff or write it myself it's like deeply humiliating to me #i am actually that person everyone complains about who thinks the full spectrum of human emotion only contains the bad ones #in all seriousness what is wrong with me
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  • datastits
    15.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ziyal honey im so sorry but your gaydar is fucking janked it is broke

    #please have you seen the way garak and julian talk. please stop flirting with him he a gay man #tora ziyal#ds9#txt #i know its bad writing but in context its so bad... ziyal how did you not Realize #can you imagine when garak finally pulls her aside like honey im dating the nice man julian i bring to lunches all the time #and he is getting a little annoyed that you keep trying to kiss me while we're on dates #so if you could.... you know *polite little head nod* #and she just goes oh my God how did i not Know #being trapped in that labor camp on that desert planet erased all knowledge of cardassian flirting from her mind
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  • nekromantiiks
    15.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Mad props to the people following this account who simply have to cope with me posting canon x oc content for a Homestuck fanventure I have yet to explain.

    #not art #.txt #i have set up a writing account for those curious #i will be making posts explaining things in a bit #i simply have to draft it all
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  • we-are-inevitable
    15.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    you don't write KISS for readers? you make readers suffer without kiss for slow burn? oh! oh! jail for author! jail for author for One Thousand Years!!!!

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  • ildivine
    15.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i kno i never shut the hell up abt connor teachin me a lot jus like i did w dean back in the day but zem frontin on sunday n taking tiny power naps n then being able to Do More Things was... ??? kind of rly intuitive. sure, we couldnt sleep, not even doze off, but ze took a lot of time jus letting my muscles relax n Rest.

    im terrible at relaxing n restin n dean still has trouble slowin down too even if hes p chill now n even tho i hadnt slept in 2 days a lil bit o power nappin rly jus gives ur brain n body a lil more energy n i guess thats how androids work. we had a lil bit of tossin the irony back n forth cuz i guess thats jus how androids function -- u kno, Without Needing Sleep -- but i didnt see em at all on friday cuz ze fell asleep after work n generally takes naps when ze needs em.

    i guess ze Is two years old... growin droids need their beauty sleep!

    as someone that also generally runs off 3-5 hrs of rest a night n sometimes doesnt sleep fur 3 days at a time, i guess ze settled into it, but theres definitely a... lack of functionality after a day n we do the zoning out thing. it was kinda nice lmao

    #>>.txt #i said beauty sleep cuz i think zes beautiful #neway i dunno its jus nice to write simp logs again #been a minute #dsfjsdfj
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  • vacanine
    15.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    idk if i would ever post my longer nsfw posts/stories bc they are embarrassing but g-d i fucking love writing them so much. i've been writing recreationally for a Very long time but i've hit a block when it comes to my favorite WIPs and characters - UNLESS i'm writing porn. i will crank out full-length chapters of just fucking. minimal plot required. it's incredible. g-d bless.

    dont rb////

    #absolutely i do miss being able to focus on non-porn related things with writing #and 100% do intend to revisit my swtor legacy series whenever i can #but fuck it's just nice to be good at something in the meantime #it's always felt so easy to write #fuckign sdkjsdkj writing w my pussy AND my heart #brain not required. its fucking great #.txt #1500 words into this and i have no intentions on stopping til this boy gets bred!!!!!!! #dont rb//////
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  • syriansakusa
    15.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i highlight WAY too fucking much when i read epubs...

    #its because i highlight everything in like the same color #like im like oh this is a really moving line to me *highlights* #oh this is a symbol/recurring motif/etc *highlight* #oh i can learn a lot about writing based on how this passage is written i should remember it *highlihgts* #how am i gonna go through all these highlights AGAIN.... #💭.txt #anyway im 354 pages into this book. i started reading it yesterday #im going HAM!! idk if im gonna finish it today though i could but i dont think iwant to
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  • lemoncupcake
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    more brio aus i need to read (someone write them pls):

    legally blonde/life of the party fusion au - beth had plans to be a hot-shot lawyer but then junior year of law school she gets pregnant with dean’s baby and “they” decide it’s best that she drops out to be a sahm for a little while bc it’s impossible for both of them to get their degrees with a newborn. the plan was always for her to go back but after kenny there’s danny then emma then jane and by the time she’s baby-free it just doesn’t make any sense to go back to school. and then beth finds out about dean fucking his secretary and he threatens to take away the kids in the divorce if she dumps him so beth decides that she’ll only let him come back home if she goes back to school (with the goal of getting her degree and then a job, so when she kicks him out again there’s no way he’ll be able to take the kids, since she’s now the primary caretaker plus making her own money). school is hard, though!! she’s really struggling to keep up with te way things are done now. enter rio, one of the assistant teachers, who somehow is always there when she’s on the verge of giving up to give her a “pep talk” (in airquotes bc there’s really not that much pep). and then basically the plot of legally blonde with the internship and the case and beth kicking ass while rio looks on, all heart-eyes. and then beth gets that divorce and brio live hea

    the queen’s thief au - beth as attolia and rio as the thief just works, my dudes. post-2x13 brio gives me major calf-love doesn’t survive amputation vibes, ya know? plus, turner as nahuseresh!!! like basically a fic where the events of queen of attolia happen to the good girls characters would be perfect, is what i’m saying.

    modern pride and prejudice au!!!! enough said

    #nbc good girls #good girls nbc #txt#*p #tv: good girls #d: beth + rio #before someone says it: no not me i wanna read them not write them
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  • snezhnayah
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    daily thinking abt how syd singlehandedly wiped out half the haikyuu fandom writers by making a personal blog

    #🐋.txt #truly the blueprint here #everywhere i go some random haikyuu blog has made a personal blog #go back to writing for haikyuu i don’t want you here dni dni dni
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  • onmentalsafari
    15.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Is there any better feeling than carefully crafting the first paragraph of a story to get it just right... hooking the reader with something vivid or unusual, giving them information in the right order to make them keep going, casually introducing important themes and ideas, and setting the tone of the narration... what a rush

    #txt pst #i suspect it's not good to dtart editing 30 seconds into starting writing #but i find that figuring out what i need from the first paragraph tells me so much about what the rest of the story needs to be like
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  • traumacure
    15.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    apparently my mom wants my little sister to stop spending time with my gf & i bc we're a "very bad influence" 🙃 also my mom's husband and my little sister's dad apparently both think she's only trans bc we influenced her to be by idk, being the closest people to her and also being lgbt?? i'm. seriously gonna lose it

    #just admit ur jealous that she likes us better bc we're the only ones who actually pay attention to her & make an effort to understand her #like oh my god do you want her to be even more isolated?? #is it such a bad thing that she actually likes spending time with some people in her household??? #also if you think her coming out as trans was out of the blue you clearly never made an effort to know her #the writing was on the wall idk how you could have missed it. actually i do know it's bc you don't fucking spend any time with her -_- #just. jesus christ what is wrong with my family #every parental figure i've ever had has been so deranged god bless! #vent#🏠#🚬#🗯#✈#🎮 #💙.txt
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  • jugn00-ish
    15.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    there's something about almost perfect things that pleases me so much. perfection is overrated, overbearing, pressurizing, boring, clichéd, tiring, overdone, all the wrong over's. whereas, things, people, actions, which are inches away from touching the everest of perfection, they are beautiful, refreshing, inviting, warm, hopeful, there's still room for more. there's always room when you are almost perfect. almost being the key word.

    #i love almost perfect things #breath away from being who they wanted to be but still somehow just right #writing #simran.txt #💗.txt
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