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    this blog is my fridge and my posts are the pictures i stick on it with a magnet : )

    #This is an old drawing I forgot I did #It saved very low resolution and blurry deal with it #kisame#kisame hoshigaki#itachi#itachi uchiha #if I drew this knowing what I know now miss uchiha would have gotten a smokey eye #cause red shadow smokey eye kicks ass #also that is an evil shadow palette i drew lmafo
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    Unwavering (Itachi x oc) pt. 2

    After a couple of days and letting at the facts sink in, I came to terms with everything. Itachi was no longer a Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, but a rogue one. The Hidden Leaf tried sending out teams to find any clues on the matter, but none succeeded. It's as if he disappeared off the face of the earth. Sasuke had woken up a day after I went to go see him. I've been keeping my promise and have been checking in on him once a day. The kids too focused on school and becoming the best to even notice me whenever I'm around. I'm not even on his radar, which is a good thing.

    I've been assigned a reconnaissance mission in the Land of Rivers, so I'd be gone a couple days. Captain Kakashi was ordered to stay behind, apparently, he had been summoned by Lord Third. The new ANBU member was assigned to cover me as back up. Before we took off, I had to stop by the academy to check up on Sasuke one last time. They were sparring with each other, but a cute little blond kid was picking a fight with Sasuke. I chuckled to myself. I came to learn the blond one was named Naruto. I did my research, and I liked the idea of the two being friends. Though, Sasuke didn't seem interested. I figured that as long as Naruto was picking fights with him, Sasuke wouldn't be so sad or lonely. Sasuke was in good hands. I made my way to the rendezvous point, and we took off.


    We were deep in the Land of Rivers; it had been three days since we've been out here, and we had yet to see anything worth reporting. It was my turn to stay up and keep watch over the campsite during the night. The sound of the nearby stream flowing through the breeze. It was the dead of night when I felt a presence. I activated my eye and finally saw something, well- someone. Without a doubt in my mind, I knew it was Itachi. He was quite the distance away; I don't even know if he had seen me. I never thought I'd see him again, like I said, he was untouchable in my eyes. I didn't think we'd ever hear from him again, at least not anytime soon. Maybe it was a coincidence... No, Itachi isn't that careless. I wanted to move closer, but I knew better than that. I missed him, but I couldn't let that get in the way; I never let it get in the way before. Could this have been all a set up? No, how could anyone know he was here? Had he been following me?

    His chakra grew closer. He definitely knew I was here, there's no mistake this was on purpose. I took up a fighting stance and looked over to my teammate.

    "Haru." I spoke. He didn't respond.

    "He's not going to wake up." I heard from across the stream. I almost forgot how fast he is. My stance was firm, I was ready to fight. "...Not soon anyway. I put him under a genjutsu with one of my crows." He said, then he leaped over me to land behind me. I quickly turned to face him, and I realized he looked different. It was him, but his eyes were different. He was also wearing a dark odd-looking cloak, nothing I'd ever seen before, and his headband looked like it had been striked through with a kunai. He definitely looked the part of a rogue shinobi.

    "Itachi-" I warned.

    "I see my request went through." He smiled, he smiled but it was a sad one. I deactivated my byakugan. "Listen, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but this was all planned by higher ups, and I did it all for peace. My clan was very defiant, they were going to revolt... I did what I had to do for the village... You don't have to believe me, I understand. But it's the truth."

    Wait, what? What did he just say? He looked at me without his sharingan. There were those familiar eyes, the ones from the real Itachi.

    "Let's say I were to believe you. Then what? You just got me out here to clear your name to me?" I asked, tears welling up in my eyes.

    "I just couldn't leave you behi-" He began.

    "But you can ditch Sasuke, your little brother that you love, might I remind you." I jumped in.

    "Can you let me explain? This is why I asked for you." He said sticking his hand out. I looked down at it and hesitated. Eventually I gave in. I had to know. He had all the answers I had been looking for. When I touched his hand, I was sent back to when we had first met at the academy's orientation. I remembered how nervous I felt by just standing next to him. His soft chuckle interrupted my thoughts. "There's my girl."

    I turned a bright red and there was no hiding it under the moonlight. He wrapped his fingers with mine and took us on a walk.

    "I suppose I'll start with what led up to that night." He spoke softly. He went into detail about how Shisui died, and that Danzo proposed the idea of wiping out the Uchiha for the sake of the village. Itachi concluded that this was the only way the village could know peace. He also cut a deal with Danzo regarding Sasuke and I. Sasuke was to live a good life in the village and I was allowed to stay in contact with Itachi. Everything now made sense, though it was hard to be okay with the fact that he murdered his own clan for the village. I didn't want to forgive him as easily, but it seemed like he had no choice.

    However, I felt at ease with the answers he gave me, but it was still so weird and unfamiliar being around him. I saw him differently. He no longer seemed like the kind person he once was and if it was all an act, he was good at hiding it. At this point we had stopped at about 100m away from where Haru slept. I had been sitting on a rock and he stood next to me. A thought crossed my mind, and it took a while for me to voice it out.

    "That night... I had heard something, so I activated my Byakugan and I saw you. Did you even know I was there?" I asked looking deeply into his eyes, trying my best to read him but to no avail, he was a closed book.

    "Yes... I saw you." He spoke in a soft velvety tone. "I didn't know they were going to assign you to that compound. I should've known though, when I asked to stay in contact with you, they were convinced you weren't going to agree." He explained.

    "When I saw the look on your face, I regretted everything." He grabbed my face with both hands. "When I looked at you, I felt it hit me all at once. I knew what I had signed up for but the look on your face, made me realized the monster I had become."

    "Itachi, I-" I began but he silenced me by putting a finger over my lips then placing his hand right back on my cheek.

    "No, It's okay. You don't have to defend yourself." He shook his head. "I understand and I hate for you to feel like you're being forced into any of this." I smiled at the worried look on his face.

    "Uchiha, I don't know what makes you think I have such a weak mind or conscious to think I could ever be forced." I chuckled and he joined.

    "I suppose you're right... I know it's a lot to take in, but I want to know what you're thinking." I overlapped his hand with mine and let out a sigh.

    "I admire your devotion to the village?" I shrugged and he dropped his hands from my face. I tried holding in my laugh, but I failed miserably causing him to chuckle. "We're terrible people for laughing."

    "You?" he snickered and rolled his eyes.

    "Oh, right..." I tightened my lips and looked down at my lap. "I missed you, and I wish things were different."

    "I know, me too." He smiled. It was quiet for a couple of seconds before he spoke up again. "How's Sasuke?"

    "He's coping with the academy." I looked at him, and confusion was written all over his face. "I mean he's focused on becoming a shinobi. He's doing great actually, top of his class... I would've thought he'd give into his sadness, but he got right back up and is kicking ass... Just like his older brother." I said, winking at the last part.

    "I hoped he would." Itachi smiled with his eyes.

    "He's doing good from what I've heard, I mean apart from being angry at you, but you can't blame him." I nodded. The look on his face was filled with hurt. "Sorry, I didn't-"

    "No, it's okay. I know what I signed up for." He patted my hand. "So, are you willing to meet up with me every now and then? Danzo knows and he can arrange a secret meeting for us, all you have to do is meet me halfway." He was looking into my eyes intently. Of course I wanted to meet up with him, hell I wish I could stay with him. But I couldn't say yes without hesitation. I sat and thought about it for a minute, ultimately, I couldn't resist.

    "Yes." I nodded. "I can't imagine my life without you in it."

    "Me too, that's why I had to cut a deal for us." He said still looking into my eyes.

    "How often?" I asked. "-are we meeting up, I mean. Or how are we doing this?"

    "I can't keep a set schedule... I've joined this group and their agenda isn't always scheduled out." He looked down at his cloak. I've got to admit, he looked better in his ANBU uniform, but this cloak is a close second.

    "What's this group anyway?" I asked. "I've never known you to do group projects with outsiders."

    "I'll tell you some other time." he said as he leaned in to wrap his arms around my hips and his head landing on my lap.

    "Fine..." I rolled my eyes. For the rest of the night we talked, as if nothing was wrong- as if nothing else mattered- as if he didn't just murder his entire clan at thirteen years old. Maybe in a different life, a non-shinobi world, we could've lived a happier life.

    I tried to memorize his face as much as I could, not knowing when I'd see him again was making the inevitable harder on my emotions. We were two thirteen year olds, meeting in secret due to village politics. I wasn't sure on how to process my emotions and thoughts; I was confused all the time. All of this was unfair. They took the most precious person in my life away, this resulted in me being angry half the time. However, all of those worries were washed away for the rest of the night.


    The subtle hues of orange, pink, and purple began to paint where the sky touches the earth on the East. Once it was noticeable that the sun was coming up, I looked up and sighed. Itachi noticed the tears forming in my eyes. He cupped my cheek and brought me back to him.

    "I'll be sending a crow in two weeks, so we'll meet up again soon." He smiled at me, trying hard to comfort me.

    "Yeah, but it's the thought of leaving. I almost don't want to go back." I pushed my way off the rock and through Itachi.

    "I know, but you promised." He said reaching out for me, my body turned back around to face him.

    "I know I did... but it's hard on me too." I said, tears leaving my waterline. "It's hard watching after someone who shares a similar face to the one I love."

    "If it's too hard then you don't have to." he spoke softly, never showing annoyance or ever raising his voice. "But will you still meet up with me?" He asked. Clearly, that didn't matter to him, and he intended to keep me around regardless. I had figured he would drop me as soon as I broke my promise as he'd no longer have use for me. I found it hard to see him as the Itachi I once knew, so it was safe to say that it was hard for me to trust him on somethings. So far, he showed sincerity behind his words, but I kept thinking he might switch up on me.

    "Yes. I mean, I'll keep my promise." I said. "I never break my promises, Uchiha." I sent a half smile his way. To be fair, I never broke my promises with him. He has me wrapped around his finger and I don't even know if he knows it. The groans coming from Haru caught our attention, he was waking up.

    "Okay, I've got to go now." He sighed looking down, and my heart pounded.

    "Okay, fine..." my body shivered, I had to admit that it was partially from the crisp morning breeze and the fact that I didn't want to part from Itachi. Haru groaned and moved in his sleep, causing me to look his way. When I looked back at where Itachi stood, he was gone. I activated my Byakugan to see if I could at least watch him take off, but it was like he was never here. He's so freaking fast. I quickly made my way back to where Haru sat and packed my belongings. Clearly this wasn't a legit mission, so there was no reason to stay any longer.

    "Haru, quickly, we're heading back." I said trying to hold back tears once again, I couldn't say I was getting any better at it, but people knew I was close to Itachi, therefore I didn't need to explain most of the time.

    "Yes, miss Kana." He said swiftly getting up out of his sleeping bag and gathering his things.

    Our trip back felt a lot briefer, we were no longer on our toes about our surroundings. I felt irritated and was determined to get home soon. I've got to learn how to be grateful, at least I got to see him again and got answers.

    "Miss Kana, is everything alright?" Haru asked from behind me. "We're going abnormally fast. Did you see something worth reporting?"

    "Huh? Uh- No..." I said wiping my tears away. Images of my night with Itachi resurfaced. "I'm just eager to get home, is all."

    "Of course, Miss Kana." He said.


    I told Haru to go back to the ANBU headquarters because I said I was going to go report our findings, or lack thereof. In reality, I was on a mission to find Lord Third which wasn't hard. I quickly made my way to the Hokage's office. I knocked on the door and waited to be welcomed.

    "Come in." I heard our leader's voice. I proceeded until I was standing before Lord Third and his shadow.

    "Ah, Miss Kana. We've been waiting for your return." Danzo spoke. I was currently on one knee before the two, I stood up after a couple seconds.

    "We didn't expect this to take more than two days. How did the mission go?" Lord Third asked.

    "Lord Third, the mission went well, there weren't any sightings of foreign entities." I explained.

    "No, the real mission." Lord Third eyed me. OH. He knew about the-

    "I've got to say Lord Third, I was blindsided. However, I've accepted the request and he is tracking." I said, carefully choosing my words as to not have an accidental info leak. Danzo must've told Lord Third.

    "Good... great fondness was shown over you and the other one." Lord Third spoke. That comment alone had my cheeks turning red.

    "Young love..." Danzo began. "It's endearing yet so dangerous."

    "I agree, so we ask of you to please be mindful. You're still an ANBU Black Ops member so keep in mind that your duties as a Kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf come first." Lord Third's eyes pierced my soul.

    "Of course, my Lord." I bowed. As I straightened back up Lord Third nodded and I took this as my cue to take my leave. I reached for the door handle when Lord Third spoke up once more.

    "I almost forgot to mention, but your team leader will no longer be Kakashi." His gruffy voice filled the room.

    "By chance would you know where he is? I'd like to personally give him my best wishes." I quickly turned back around to face him.

    "He should be down at the academy; he'll be mentoring the new up and coming shinobi." He replied.

    "Yes, I'll be leaving now." I said. I bowed once more, and I left. I quickly made my way over to the academy, which was perfect because I needed to check up on Sasuke. I saw that the kids were on their lunch break, so I sneakily made my way to where Sasuke liked to quietly have his lunch. He seemed so nonchalant, but I knew he was fighting his thoughts. He was about 8 years old, there was no way he was living a normal life after what he went through. I smiled through my mask. Disregarding the details of what led both of us here, Sasuke was adorable. Not comparable to his brother. Sasuke will always be the little toddler asking for his older brother, and in a way, he still was... he just wasn't a toddler anymore.

    Itachi filled me in on what had happened when Sasuke showed up. I had told him he was harsh on Sasuke but ultimately Itachi was convinced that this would keep Sasuke in the village as a respected shinobi and the strongest surviving Uchiha. I didn't doubt he'd be strong, but they're siblings... who's to say he won't turn out like his older brother?

    My thoughts were interrupted when the white-haired man came into my view in the distance. Without another thought I made my way towards Cap- I mean Kakashi senpai. That was going to take some time to get used to. As I approached him, I noticed he was talking to Asuma and Guy senpai however they looked like they were just about done conversating. I jumped out of the tree, joining their circle. It was weird to see him in a normal Jonin uniform. His hair and the bottom half of his face were the only thing that looked the same, he now wore the hidden leaf headband that covered his sharingan.

    "Ah." Kakashi spoke as he made eye contact with me through my mask.

    "Cap- I mean Kakashi senpai." I self-corrected. I bowed, realizing it was a forced habit.

    "You don't have to greet me like that anymore." He waved me off and I nodded.

    "Asuma senpai, Guy senpai." I acknowledged them. They simply nodded.

    "We'll celebrate later, Kakashi." Asuma spoke up, eyeing me.

    "Sure." He said nonchalantly. Kakashi turned to me as soon as they left. "So, you heard the news, did you?" He stood up.

    "Yeah, I- I don't know if this is a good thing or not." I chuckled.

    "Well, at first I thought it was a bad thing, but I've done some thinking and it's for the best." He sighed.

    "I have to say team Ro won't be the same without you around, but I wish you the best." I smiled even though he couldn't see it.

    "I know but you and Tenzo are still around, you guys will do fine." He smiled with his eyes.

    "Thank You, Kakashi senpai." I said.

    "How was your latest mission?" He asked. I was nervous, I had no idea if he knew or not.

    "It went well, it was just reconnaissance. There was nothing to report though." I explained the superficial part, deciding to not risk it.

    "Right..." He eyed me. He KNOWS. "Will you be going back?"

    "I- Uh... Yes." I admitted and with that he nodded.

    "I figured you would." Kakashi stood up. We started walking towards the courtyard.

    "It was a tough decision regardless." I explained. "But I promised to watch over the brother, now at least he can stay updated."

    "Yeah, that's why you agreed." He chuckled.

    "Well, that's how I tried to justify it to myself, at least." I said. "It's not easy pretending things didn't happen. "

    "Yeah, I'm not saying they're not, but I know you." He said.

    "That's fair." I mumbled. I always felt close to Kakashi senpai, I felt that our trauma was similar and that it brought us together, more or less. Now that he's no longer my superior, I felt like I could talk to him as a friend.

    "Listen, I don't know what he told you and I don't know why he did it, but I hope you know what you're doing." He said stopping in front of me.

    "I'm not going to start letting my emotions get the best of me, especially not now." I explained, defensively. "You saw it firsthand. I can handle myself."

    "I know, I'm just making sure." He threw his hands up in defense. We got quiet and kept walking then, Sasuke came into view. He must be done with his lunch. We kept walking, pretending to not know who he was.

    "So, when do you get your first team?" I asked, looking in Kakashi senpai's direction.

    "Next week." He replied, his hands in his pockets, looking indifferently.

    "Don't be too hard on them." I said, knowing how Kakashi senpai can be.

    "I won't do anything unjustifiable." He said.

    "Oh geez." I said, knowing that meant he was going to be ruthless. "Anyway, I should get going... I need to get out of these clothes and get something in my stomach."

    "Alright, I'll see you around, Kana." Kakashi stopped and gave me a small wave.

    "Keep my updated on your team." I said as I began to take off.

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    all my problems would be solved if i had a little kitty cat

    #or an uchiha catboy idk im not picky
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    I have fallen into a specific rabbit hole

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    Deidara cutting his hair to show the Uchiha crest on his back without having to tediously style his hair... all for Obito 🥲

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    iruka: uh kakashi? did you realize how odd sakura is???

    kakashi, sasuke, sai, and naruto: what do you mean? shes completely normal


    iruka: yeah…compared to you weirdos

    yamato: what have i been saying for the past year

    #sakura is badshit crazy #team 7 boys are just wild #except yamato #he’s so tired #pro sakura haruno #team 7 incorrect quotes #incorrect sasusaku#incorrect naruto#iruka sensei#kakashi hatake#captain yamato#sakura haruno#naruto uzumaki#sasuke uchiha#sai yamanaka#team 7#naruto
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    #Izuna#Uchiha Izuna#Naruto#Ask#OH#ALSO #THANK YOU SO MUCH #YOU'RE SO SWEET
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    a/n: i got very bored and fwb with sasuke crossed my mind, so i decided to make these headcanons!! i hope you all enjoy 🤍
    characters: sasuke uchiha
    warnings: nsfw, modern au, smut, friends with benefits, possessive behavior, jealousy, rough sex, choking, dom!sasuke, overstimulation, edging, praise, degrading, oral sex, m+f!receiving.

    Sasuke Uchiha:

    - i had an enormous amount of fun writing these because who doesn’t love sasuke?

    - to begin, you met sasuke at a random party. he was fine, and you were looking to hook up with him. eventually, the two of you fucked at that party, and that’s when everything got kicked off between you two.

    - sasuke was the once who seeked you out to start your little agreement. after some conversing with him, you both agreed to become friends with benefits. just sex, no feelings, which you didn’t mind of course.

    - you and sasuke connected so easily while having sex. it was like the two of you were made for one another, and it felt so good. there were times he’d pick you up after class to get a good fuck in for the day. the two of you would fuck as many times as you could to burn away stress from university, and it worked so well. you often craved each other throughout the day.

    - sasuke would do everything to make you go crazy. he’d often make you cum so many times that you’d forget how many times you hit your release. if he was feeling really cocky, he’d edge you and make you beg for him.

    - this guy would either praise you or degrade you. it would honestly depend on his mood and how much stress he had. it’s so fucking hot too.

    - “you love my cock don’t you? you’re such a fucking slut for it..”

    - sasuke loves to choke you sometimes. he’d place his hand around your throat and pump his cock into you. he wouldn’t go too crazy, but he loves seeing the way you get all excited whenever he puts his hand there.

    - he loves when you give him head. he’d put his hands in your hair and grunt when you suck him off.

    - but he also loves to pleasure you 😏. sasuke loves to eat your pussy. he’d place your legs on his shoulders and bury his face in your cunt. he’d love whenever you’d cum all over his tongue because he loves the way you taste. he will make your thighs shake.

    - you guys sometimes send videos to each other when you can’t see one another.

    - things started to change when sasuke began to become a bit more possessive over you. you noticed his mood would shift whenever he saw you talking to naruto, or even shikamaru. he’d often seem mad at you, and he’d ignore your texts.

    - sometimes he grew jealous, and it was kind weird to you. you two were just friends who occasionally hooked up.

    - one day, sasuke snapped and lost it when he saw you talking to itachi. you were laughing at something his brother said, and he was beyond annoyed. you should only be laughing about what sasuke tells you, not his brother.

    - he ended up messaging you and the two of you both met up at your usual spot. things took a huge turn when sasuke got a bit rough with you. he started biting your neck, which was a surprise because he never left hickies on you before.

    - once you both started having sex, sasuke edged you so many times you almost cried. he left you a whining mess, and you weren’t sure where his behavior came from.

    - “you’re mine.. i don’t ever want to see you around my brother, got it? i don’t want him thinking he can get a taste of your sweet pussy..”

    - his possessiveness made you even more turned on, and sasuke noticed. he had the cockiest smirk on his face.

    - from that day on, you only fucked around with sasuke, but sometimes.. you liked to mess around to see what he’d do.

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    Idc if I'm the only fan. I just want some fan or headcanon content of Guy so I won't go to sleep at night feeling like shit 🙃

    Tbh I want that in general with any character I like.

    Life is rough. Headcanon and fanfic stuff fills the void.

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    sasuke calling naruto a “loser” before collapsing when he shielded him from haku will forever be my fav moment lmao

    #Sasuke Uchiha#Naruto #my fav duo of all time
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    #too upset to study so..... #naruto#sasuke uchiha#my art
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    tw : oral (female receiving)

    gosh just.. pain with a tongue ring like .. UGH!

    imagine sitting on his perfect face while he teases your clit with the cold metal, his hands are wrapped around your legs keeping them in place and you can feel the rings on his fingers indenting on your thighs.

    you’re rocking your hips back and forth until eventually you cum in his mouth and cry out his name in pleasure, legs shaking and all.

    he’ll let you relax and wrap his arms around you afterwards, humming in approval, playing with your hair and bringing you closer to his chest.

    #naruto x reader #akatsuki x reader #uchiha x reader #pain x reader #pein x reader #akatsuki imagines#naruto smut
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    The Uchiha <3

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    i love how sasuke has never once had an ounce of loyalty to konoha, he's so iconic for that

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