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    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The name itself is power – first part

    „As he valued only power and possessed so much of it, Madara therefore disliked to waste it on unworthy causes or unchallenging opponents, claiming disgust when he was forced to.“ (Source)

    When we first see Madara in chapter 559, we have very little knowledge on who he is: he is an enigma, unknown, a blank page. Yet he is feared. Interestingly he is a blank page not JUST for the reader/viewer but also for the vast majority of the characters, as they only know Madara from stories and legends (Onoki and Obito at this point in the story are – if I‘m not mistaken – the only ones who have actually met Madara when he was alive and have real stories to tell).

    Few chapters later and we have the quote „the name itself is power“, which again clearly demonstrates how the characters within the story see Madara – powerful, dangerous, uncontrollable, vicious – almost a definition of evil. They are afraid of him, afraid of the mere possibility he could be alive (or revived) and as Tsunade states, this is what drew them into war.

    As such the word power is automatically part of of Madara‘s character profile, as a matter of fact, it (almost) seems to be his entire characterization. Madara himself is evaluating other characters by how much power they have (or lack); when he first encounters five kage, he comments on their defense and offense. Even before he made comments on Naruto‘s rasengan barrage (in both of these examples he actually gave compliments to these characters for their abbilities). Later in the fight between him and kages we see Madara doing the same to Tsunade, however this time, he is not impressed at all, quite the opposite, he freely states his disgust on weakness and especially weak Senju. And for the rest of the manga we see the same pattern – we see him fight tailed beasts, Naruto, Sasuke, 8th gates Gai and many other characters, some of them Madara praised, others he criticized.

    The point I‘m trying to make is quite obvious actually: Madara values power greatly, just as he values battle. But while I agree he most certainly values power, I firmly believe he values it because of something else. He doesn’t value power for it’s own sake. In these analyses I would like to concentrate on how Madara views power throughout his life, starting with his childhood. 

    Therefore in this particular post I would like to concentrate mainly on Hashirama‘s flashback, as it gives us at least a glimpse into Madara‘s psyche prior to him leaving the village.

    Chapter 621 is where Hashirama‘s flashback begins. It‘s interesting to note, that the flashback begins with battle between Madara and Hashirama and ends with Hashirama‘s memory of their first meeting. Why is this interesting? It is interesting, because the chapter begins with an end → at this time in the manga we already know a little about the fight between Hashirama and Madara, we‘ve seen the statues at the Valley of the End, Obito talked about their fight, Madara himself mentoined it etc.

    The chapter also starts with Madara we already know from 4th great ninja war – confident, dangerous, vicious, seemingly unstopable, godlike and arrogant even – and ends with Madara as a child and the very first thing we see is Madara...not able to do something, in this case to skip a stone across the river.

    Of course, he was a kid and it‘s logical to think that he had to learn and train to be as powerful as he is at war arc, but this gives us a new perspective on his character. So far, we saw him throwing meteors on the heads of his enemies, we saw the perfect susanoo, we saw his rinnegan and how effortlessly he has beaten the five kages AND we also saw other characters (including Naruto himself) call him a god, run away from him with fear in their eyes or stare at him in disbelief and wonder outloud „is this THE Madara?”. Up untill now he seemed almost untouchable for mere mortals (both in a battle and as a person), but that has changed.

    Even as a kid, Madara was already strong and very dangerous. As was stated by Butsuma Senju, he was able to defeat adult Senju on battlefield. But Madara deep down didn’t seem to think of himself as good enough (as shown, when he and Hashirama talked on the cliff), since he was unable to protect his brothers. His last brother was Izuna and Madara swore he would protect him no matter what. And with Hashirama coming up with the idea of village, Madara once again confirmed that if this village was ever to be created, he would be able to “watch over” and protect Izuna.

    What does this tell us about Madara’s relationship with power? He desired power, yes, but he desired it to protect what was dearest to him – his brother Izuna. He desired it, because he felt inadequate, uncertain and scared. Also, for a child born in a warring states period, to be powerful was quite literally the only way to survive.

    Both Hashirama and Madara shared a dream of better world, where children wouldn’t have to participate at wars. They both wanted to change the world. And here we see the second aspect of child-Madara’s perspective on power: only if they are powerful enough, others will listen to them and things might change. I believe this understanding of power stayed with Madara through his adulthood and elderly years as at 4th great ninja war he stated that “Power is not a will,” but that it is a “phenomenom that makes things happen”.

    When their families discovered that they are unknowingly meeting with an enemy, both had the same plan – to follow and if necessary kill the other boy. But Madara and Hashirama chose to warn each other using stones for skipping. And when the lives of their younger siblings were endangered, they used the skipping stones to save them. Madara chose to throw away his dream of peace (and with it his friendship), because he saw no way of it ever becoming reality. This to me shows that Madara uses his power only if he believes it will actually be efficient. He couldn’t see any way his and Hashirama’s dream of peace could come true, so he saw it as pointless to try, despite the fact he himself dreamt of such peace.

    This again shows that power is a phenomenom to Madara, a phenomenom that “makes things happen”, but it is not always enough. Hatred was too deeply rooted between the clans and peace was out of question. Ironically, his decision gave him a new power – his sharingan. He gained something because he sacrificed something else. If it reminds you of something, than you are correct: Madara said almost the exact same words in 4th great ninja war to Tobirama.

    I would like to end the first part here, because this is already too long. In the second part I would like concentrate on the treaty between the clans, Madara’s decision to leave the village and perhaps also 4th great ninja war.

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  • pervykage
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    personally if sasuke dies before naruto, i want naruto to take sasukes eyes. bro that shit would be insane

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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    continued from here × ; @uchiha--hikaku

    They hummed as he spoke, looking around the compound to get a feel of everything. All members looked almost identical, as far as looks go. Subtle differences here and there yet they all sport charcoal dark hair and maybe even darker eyes.

    ‘Spooky.. ’ The thought was fleeting as they returned the bow that was given.

    A smile was given, well as best of a smile they could give. It was still a lot better then what they do at the meer mention of a weapon. “Thank you for the welcome, Hikaku. You seem much more jolly than the last time we spoke.” Just a simple observation.

    “Has your day been doing well? ”

    Can't go wrong with small talk. They hope, slinging the scroll over their shoulder, K'in follows.

    #❝ clans clash but no one is heard — ❞ (naruto v.) #❝ back and forth but with no end in sight — ❞ (rp) #uchiha hikaku#//let's gooo
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Did my first watercolour painting in a while and I absolutely love it!!! At first this piece was supposed to be Obito in a supermarket however I came up with putting him somewhere in Ame where there are pipes and stuff.

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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Naruto meetup pics pt 1

    Notice two SNS cosplayers kissing in the first pic, a win for us shippers

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    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Breeding kinks are one hell of a drug 🤣🤣🤣

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  • twisted-whispers
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Vampire AU! ft. The Uchiha Clan

    The Uchiha x Citizen brainrot is strong with me today - consider a Vampire Clan!AU where they still considered an incredibly strong and versatile clan with the sharingan, but their clandestine secret is their vampirism.

    Madara, Obito, Itachi, Sasuke - all alive at the same time with some members moving deeper into the shadows once they’ve “passed”, but the term isn’t what mortals think it is - perhaps as vampires age they grow stronger, their influence and power creeping into the core of konoha, even deeper into the Land of Fire. 

    The Clan lead is always in the shadows -  Madara, followed by Obito and Itachi - Sasuke would be the newest and youngest vampire.

    Their numbers are steady and strong, but there is always a need for new blood.

    Pairing with another Shinobi is always a risk - regardless of their ability to watch and monitor their potential spouse, the possibility of something going wrong is too high. Especially with the potential to tangle their shinobi bloodline with another, if they were to ever turn their partner.

    Citizens are much easier to control once “picked” and the absolute chaos and pain of turning only makes the bond between partners stronger. With how many members there are in Uchiha, it’s easy to watch the countless towns and cities across the Land of Fire for a suitable other-half.

    Time, Fire and Shadow are all on their side.

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  • uchihaweek2022
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Prompt Voting Begins!

    Prompt voting ends December 20th! 

    Please read the note at the beginning of the form, as it’s very important. We were surprised with the feedback we received, so thank you!


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  • pervykage
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Loving Prayers (NSFW)

    OC: Takarra Uchiha

    WARNINGS: Soft sex, body worship, praising, slight breeding kink, mentions of pregnancy, begging, insecurity, soft Madara, a lot tamer compared to some of the other ones I have written, fluffy Madara, fluff

    Looking in the mirror, Takarra kept adjusting the ties of the yukata. It had been almost a whole year since she had Izuna, and she had felt more secluded about everything that had happened since then. Even Madara took notice, and the knowledge that Takarra started hiding her body from him was infuriating to him. He was confused, irritated, and annoyed when he heard the whispers about her.

    'I highly doubt that another child will be born from Takarra.'

    'Maybe Lord Madara will be looking for another wife'

    'Heh, those Senju's.'

    That sent him over the edge. He can handle talk about himself, but anything about his wife and the mother of his son sent him into a frenzy. Especially considering his most recent expedition made him leave his wife and son for a long while, he had nothing else on his mind other than those two.

    Throwing open the door to his and Takarra's room, he saw Takarra quickly shuffle to cover herself.

    "Madara!" She exclaimed. He slowly approached her, his eyes never leaving the way her hands held her clothes to her form.

    "Why must you hide from me?" Madara asked. She fell quiet as she turned her back to him and continued with tying the yukata.

    "I'm ugly, that's why," Takarra said. Madara frowned and exhaled as he approached her.

    "Don't say that, ever. You are not ugly." He said, gripping her upper arms and watching as her eyes swelled with tears.

    "That's not what everyone else says. I'm fat and ugly." Takarra sighed. Madara let his walls come down for the moment, and wrapped her in a bone-crushing hug, and lifted her off the ground.

    "You are not fat. You are not ugly. You had a child, you are a mother, and that in no way is an ugly thing. You carried a human inside you for nine months and pushed it out of you, nothing as beautiful as giving life to another can be ugly. Everyone else and their insignificant thoughts do not matter because they do not know the beauty of motherhood." Madara said. Takarra's eyebrows creased and tears silently ran down her face.

    Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and openly sobbed into his chest. Madara repeatedly kissed the side of her head as he set her back on the wooden floors.

    "Takarra, let me see you." He said in a soft voice. Takarra slowly nodded and let the yukata fall from her body. Madara stepped back and let his eyes wander her form, memorizing every little detail that she hated.

    The faint stretch marks on her stomach, the increased size of her thighs, every little thing had changed so beautifully and he couldn't stop his eyes from admiring everything about her.

    Kneeling down, his gloved hands ran down her sides to her legs. His lips also pressed soft kisses into the smooth supple skin that was dotted with even more of the faint marks.

    "Madara." She sighed, running her fingers through his thick dark hair.

    "Every night I stayed up looking up to the stars while thinking of you and our son. You and he were the only things that kept me going and dealing with your brothers. Will you allow me to make up for the lost time?" He asked, looking up at her.

    "Yes, just please...be gentle." She sighed. Madara nodded, standing up and peeling off his armor pieces.

    "Say the word and I'll give you anything you want, my sweet wife." He whispered into her ear. Takarra closed her eyes as Madara lifted her once again off the ground and walked her to their bed.

    Settling on the bed with her on his lap, his fingers pressed softly into her squishy skin and lips pressing into her neck.

    "You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and nothing will ever change that. No matter how bad you see yourself, no matter how many children you bring into this world, and no one will ever try and convince me otherwise." He said. She looked to the side and subtly bit into her lip as a light tint painted her cheeks.

    Leaning his head forward, he pressed his nose against her skin and breathed in her scent. Noticing her shudder, he pressed another kiss to her cool skin.

    "It's alright, there are no judging eyes here," Madara said. Smiling at her, he pulled off what remained of his clothes. She continued shuddering and her lip trembled.

    "Sorry, I'm a little cold." She said. He hummed and pulled a sheet from under her and wrapped her in it.

    "Better?" Madara asked. Takarra nodded and adjusted on his lap.

    "Are you ready?" Madara asked.

    "Yes, just remember." She said. He nodded as he pressed himself against her warm core.

    "Take a deep breath, my love." He said. She nodded and complied as he eased inside her slowly. He pressed his forehead against hers and let her take the lead.

    "Go on." She sighed. He nodded, hands never releasing his grip on her as he moved her up and down on him. Noticing the way her eyes were sealed shut and her lips pursed together, he stopped.

    "Don't force yourself, Takarra." He said, and she shook her head.

    "No, I'm fine. It's just-" She was cut off by a moan ripping through her throat. Madara smirked, now knowing that he is going to prove all of those stuck-up clansmen and Takarra's maids wrong. Madara continued his slow movements and watched Takarra's face for any signs of discomfort.

    "Madara, I-I-" She paused as she felt the ability to speak leave her and be replaced with the curdling sensation of the soft kisses to her cervix.

    "Yes, my love?" He asked and slowed so she may speak. She regained her breath and opened her eyes.

    "I want another." She whispered. Madara nodded and pressed his forehead to hers.

    "I'll give you as much as you want, my sweet wife." He said while pressing kisses to her neck. With his hands on her hips, he aided her in her up and down movements on him.

    "Please, get me-nah!" She cried. Her nails began digging into his shoulders, not at all phasing the powerhouse she sat upon. In fact, he wore a grin and activated his sharingan to burn this moment into his memory.

    "You are such a good wife to me, Takarra. I'll repay you for sure. Tell me, loud and clear. What do you want from me?" He asked. She bit into her life as she opened her eyes to stare into his scarlet ones. The look in her glossy ocean eyes made his eyes soften from the intense look to an adoring away.

    He slowed his thrusts to let her speak. Her hands cupped the side of his face and kissed his lips.

    "I want to birth another baby. Please. Give me more to love." She said as tears ran down her face. Madara nodded and kissed her cheeks.

    "Of course, my love." He said. Laying her down softly, he rested his weight onto his arms and held her legs over his forearms. His lips pressed against hers as he let her legs fall from his arms and rest on the bed.

    Still entwined in a passionate kiss, he dropped his arms to wrap around her back to hold her in a hug-like embrace. Her breaths fell in light moans and returned the embrace.

    "I can feel you getting close." He whispered. She nodded and her volume increased as Madara began thrusting faster to get her to that edge of glory.

    "Fuck, that feels so good~" She whined and arched her back off the bed as her thighs shook.

    "Let it go, my love." He whispered as he felt the ever-growing pit in his lower stomach start tingling. He pressed sweet kisses to her cheek as her thighs sputtered and tensed immediately as she finally reached the climax she had been dancing on.

    She screamed as the aftershocks ran like electricity through her. With quiet encouragements of praise and love, he quickly filled her depths with his warmth. He kissed the shell of her ear and let himself sit and rest while Takarra continued spasming.

    "You did so good, my love." Madara said, adjusting off the top of her body to lay by her side. He grasped and her pulled her into him and held her in a tight and sweet embrace.

    "I'm never going to let any cruel thought take you ever again. To me and our son, you are the most perfect person in the world. And I will kill anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. You are the only person I want to mother children for the both of us." Madara said. Takarra turned her head and kissed him sweetly.

    "Thank you. I love you." Takarra said as she felt the sleepiness clutch her body. Madara smiled faintly and kissed the top of her head. Pregnant Takarra will always be his favorite sight in the world.

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    Itachi; I was raised as an only child.

    Itachi; it really pissed off my brother.

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