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  • diamondcamefromhell
    18.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Blood Moon

    Part One of the Blood Moon series

    A/N: for A/N see after the fic

    Blood Moon summary: Lena (pronounced as Le-na, not Leena) is a renounced witch, a grisha feared. Aleksander goes by many names, not many of which ring true. The pair is similar in more ways than one, but also as different as can be. One seeks power, another fears what the hunger might cost them both, however there is something about the darkness that invited them both. They meet in the middle, where the world collides. 

    Important info: this takes place before the shadow and bone/six of crows, before there even is a shadow fold, and there isnt that much information about grishaverse in those times (note i havent looked much outside what books provide) i am taking a lot of creative freedom with it!


    Lena wasn‘t sure how she ended up here, but she knew better than to ask questions. Aleksander, as she knew him, was a kind man. To her. Or maybe she was just one more foolish girl to him, whichever it was, he had accepted her for who she was.

    A blood witch, many called her. All across Ravka and even beyond. They both had extraordinary talents, but for whatever reason, Aleksander was more accepted than her. Or, as accepted as grisha could be in these times. However, Lena remembered making the King himself kneel before her, then downing his entire army to do the same.

    The power she felt, the name she earned. She used to wear lifeless colours, blending in, but she wore deepest of reds now, which seemed to be more fitting. It matched Aleksanders black attire quite nicely.

    She counted herself lucky to even know him by that name, as he would never use it nowadays. He was known as something else, a shadow just passing through.

    Aleksander was looking at the girl now, remembering his own mother, who once pretended to go by that name too – just like Lena did now. To him, she was Telyna, but for many reasons she didn’t like sharing, she despised that name.

    Telyna was who she was before she became worthy of being a blood witch, it was a time of drowning and fear and pain. She broke through, but it cost her greatly, sometimes she wondered if it cost her humanity herself.

    Aleksander liked that about her, as she stood there, glowing and graceful, radiating the power she had within. He saw the army kneel against their will. The world could be theirs, as they knew it.

    But he needed to get stronger, to be worthy to stand next to her.

    Lena looked at the man as shadows danced around them and he caught her gaze, smirking. The shadow extended, and she couldn’t see the light anymore.

    “Impressive.” She said lazily, rubbing her hands on her cloak.

    “Not enough to take down an entire army.” He said, letting the shadows drop – sunlight returned making Lena cover her eyes.

    “No, I’m afraid not.” She agreed as he came to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. She felt the surge of power rush through her, as a reminder that he is an amplifier. Her mind for a second thought about what she could be is she bore his bones permanently, but she chased the thought away.

    “Together we could-“

    “Have the Ravka, Shu Han, Fjerda. Our reach might take Ketterdam and the whole world.” She finished as Aleksander just grinned.

    She glanced at him and he involuntarily stepped back. His face grew tense but there was playfulness behind his eyes.

    “I thought we agreed you wouldn’t do that.” She let him go, dropping herself to the grass and staring at the surrounding area. They were in an opening in a forest north of Ravka, close to the border.

    “I thought we agreed not to discuss your plans to take over the world, Aleksander.” He pressed his lips tightly. This was a discussion neither of them really enjoyed.

    “You almost took down the king.” Lena shot him a glance, sending him to his knees. He grunted but remained silent.

    “It was for his treatment of grisha. Now he may never forget that if we wished to, we could destroy him and all he stands for.” Her voice trembled in anger. “That was his final warning.”

    “Until he hurts another grisha.” Lena looked at Aleksander, who was still on his knees, staring at her. Shadows seeped out of him, seemingly not out of his will. She looked away.

    “Then I will have him bring me his own head.” She said through her teeth. The woman couldn’t see Aleksander grin, as if he was twisting up a plan.

    She only heard grass move and they were surrounded by darkness again. Even in it, she could see Aleksanders face change, as his shoulder relaxed, his skin began to glow. He looked better the further the darkness reached, and Lena wondered, what was happening to his soul in these moments.

    Was he letting the darkness out, hence the glow, or was he letting it in, nest inside of him tainting all there is, eating him from inside out.

    Lena has met Baghra once, even if she has been acquainted with Aleksander for some years now. The woman looked at her son with so much love, the girl felt herself grow jealous, even if just a little. But there was something behind her eyes there too, and only weeks later Lena had realized it was fear.

    At first, she thought that it was for him, but perhaps it was for the world. Aleksander seemed to grow more and more power hungry every day he spent traveling across Ravka with her. They had no goals. After their visit to the royal court, they were both, hunted and feared.

    But neither of those things really gave them power. And Aleksander wanted power.

    Lena was scared to let him too close. To drink up his darkness, out of fear for becoming more like him, for wanting the world. She hated herself for what she did at court, yet she felt ecstatic about it too – using her power to it’s full potential. The fear in their faces.

    She couldn’t see her cloak anymore, but the dark red was getting in her skin like permanent ink. She was owning the blood witch status. She loved being a scary story kids, to otkazat’sya. She was legend, she was seen and feared.

    She hated how it made her feel. But she loved it too. She understood Aleksander better than anyone.

    The sun reached her again as the man looked at her, gracing her with a full-toothed smile.

    “That was better.” For a moment, he looked like a child. They never discussed their true age, but in the many lifetimes they are yet to have, perhaps they were just kids now. Two small children playing with fire they might not be able to contain.

    “It was.” She said, against her better judgement.

    There was a steam nearby. She felt the water as she was a Tidemaker, a name that seemed to stick to those of Small Magic who learnt how to manipulate water. She couldn’t see it behind the trees, but her lips twitched as the tried to hold back a grin.

    She lifted her arm, twisting it a little, and then flicking it. Water rushed from its source, soaking Aleksander who seemed to be struck by it unexpectedly. He was staring at her in disbelief as she allowed the water to fully drop, her laugh echoing across the forest.

    “You should see your face.” She was bent over with laughter, but she still could see Aleksander biting back a smile too, until he burst out laughing. Lena knew he must be freezing though, so she did her best to get water off of him and his clothes once they had finished laughing.

    They set camp then, sitting close by the fire. There was a comfortable silence between then as it seemed they have had all of the conversations through the years. Lena still felt herself yearn to hear him speak, tell a story of his earlier life, but he didn’t have many happy ones.

    Nor did she.

    “Do you think there is more people like us?” She asked, curiously, watching the embers in the fire.

    “There aren’t anybody else like us.” Aleksander was looking at the girl, so she met his dark eyes. “And there never will be.”

    “What makes you say that?” Lena asked as Aleksander smirked, closing his eyes and leaning in. Her heart skipped a beat as the girl shut her own eyes, but the man simply landed his forehead on hers.

    “You and me, we are going to change the world.”


    A/N: Hey, hey, so, I am kinda back? Idk if I will be writing Y/N fics (tho I do plan to do it) Ive had this idea of Darkling [kinda] fic for awhile, and i have it started on AO3 HOWEVER, the story there takes place in Grishaverse as we know it, aka, around Shadow and Bone trilogy era, whereas what I am sharing here is the backstory of Lena and Darkling, so I hope y’all enjoyed?? Let me know what u think, anonymous feedback can be left on my ask page. This part is short and they all might be, so i can get them out faster, that is if you actually like it?

    either way, shooting my shot.


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  • lamaisongaga
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago


    Lady Gaga blessed us on this Saturday with a casual Instagram post to show off her outfit! The superstar is still busy with “House of Gucci” filmings in Rome.

    I’m happy to introduce you to not only one, but two new labels that just found their place in Gaga’s ever-growing closet!

    Florentina Leitner, a young Austrian designer who studied at Vienna Institute of Fashion, custom-made the black & pink (or pink & black) spiral faux fur coat in collaboration with Gaga’s longtime stylist Tom Eerebout!

    The design is based on the coat from Florentina’s “Midnight Vertigo” collection. This story begins, as most of hers do, with a movie. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’, Leitner says that she is drawn to its graphical language, particularly the main character’s nightmare scene. 

    Scottie has acrophobia or a fear of heights, and as such, he often experiences vertigo. Interestingly, Hitchcock illustrates this using tender imagery, flowers and bright colours. “I wanted to capture the same feeling of beauty and fear in my collection,” says Leitner. She likens this ‘beautiful nightmare’ to living life in lockdown during the pandemic; “…in such dark times there’s also beauty to be found.”

    The white & black tie-ye rib knit Sleep bralette ($66) and matching leggings ($60) are by athleisure brand Year of Ours!


    Year of Ours “Sleep” Bralette ($66.00)

    Year of Ours Leggings ($60.00)

    This is Gaga’s first time wearing a new pair of Thierry Lasry frames since 2012!

    These stunners are the Wavvvy 724 and feature a retro-inspired cat-eye frame with contrast white strips, tortoiseshell corners and brown gradient lenses.

    Last but definitely not least, she rocked a pair of UGG Bailey Button II waterproof black sheepskin boots ($180).


    UGG “Bailey Button II” Boots ($180.00)

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    10.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    dreamy fit

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    09.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Abigail’s black and grey robe on Days of our Lives

    Robinson Robe by Ugg at Nordstrom, $145

    See this outfit at WornOnTV

    #Days of our Lives #Days of our Lives Fashion #Marci Miller#Abigail Deveraux#DOOL#WornOnTV Shopping#Ugg
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    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    UGG x Feng Chen Wang

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  • essential-homme
    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    UGG x Feng Chen Wang

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  • verratensduo
    07.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Well after hearing about the chapter 139 spoilers....I wish I could day I was just disappointed but not surprised....but frankly I am surprised and really angry at this. Ugg. Fucked it like Game of Thrones.

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  • sophs-style
    04.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    Megan Fox was spotted out and about in Los Angeles on Thursday (1st April 2021).
    Megan wore an Urban Outfitters ‘Simona’ ribbed crop top and matching Urban Outfitters ‘Simona’ ribbed cardigan with light-wash Ksubi ‘Playback Karma’ high waist straight leg jeans. UGG Fluff Yeah Logo slides and a Bottega Veneta clutch completed her look.
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  • littlemix-styleblog
    24.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Throwback Jade On Instagram | 24th March 2020 Local Women’s Pink Disney Princess Team Oversized T-shirt: Sold Out UGG Scuffette II Cosmo Sheepskin Slippers, Pink: Sold Out 

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  • littlemix-styleblog
    22.03.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Jade On Jordan`s Instagram | 21st March 2021

    UGG Scuffette Cosmos Slippers Quartz: Sold Out

    #Little Mix #Little Mix Outfit #Little Mix Shoes #Little Mix Instagram #Little Mix Wardrobe #Little Mix Clothes #Little Mix Style #Little Mix Fashion #Little Mix 2021 #Jade Thirlwall Clothes #Jade Thirlwall #Jade Thirlwall Outfit #Jade Thirlwall Style #Jade Thirlwall Wardrobe #clothesjade#March21#UGG#Instagram
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    20.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    UGG Brands making very comfortable slippers since 1978. We are also selling this brands slippers and boots. You can buy from Tops and Bottoms USA. We ship all over the US.

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  • aonrivers
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Last night I dreamt...

    ...of a really fucked up dream. I went to this resort to have a dinner with my coworkers/department. And before I went I had to get my room and they were selling boots that I really wanted. They were Ugg's for $45 and I was super excited. So I order them and then the people wanted to take me for a ride in their car and I was like “yyyeah I gotta go”. So I go in to have the dinner and before food arrives, I state I have to check on Vi since they had a nanny. I go to my room, room 10, and find my door is a half door that's like a bar. I unlock and go in and I'm wondering why there isn't an actual door. I look around the room and the bed looks like a hospital cot. I find Vi in this bed like what they had at the hospital and she's smaller. They put tubes in her mouth and nose. She had bandages all over her. And I'm freaking out, yelling, "What did they do to you?!" And I go to take the bandages off and her skin was peeling with it. 

    Luckily the baby woke me up to eat. I didn't wanna see anymore.

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  • lesliasonsdemarieantoinette
    19.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Molly Goddard x Ugg

    Spring 2021


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    14.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ロドマンと揃えたくて…🏀 #ugg #dennisrodman (UGG) https://www.instagram.com/p/CMZxyN1D1YS/?igshid=2yiuaqz08j9q

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    14.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    刷鞋日#aj11 #asicstiger #ugg (在 Hongkou, Shanghai, China) https://www.instagram.com/p/CMZB85ylmdI/?igshid=2mm6ey5y2y82

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  • dotcolorful
    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I’m sorry, I saw this meme and I had to do this:

    #luke's dramatic entrance #cuz he's so extra #Luke Skywalker#ugg#uggboots #return of the jedi #mandalorian season 2 #live laugh love #anakin skywalker#rey skywalker#star wars #luke’s chanel boots
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  • lamaisongaga
    11.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Lady Gaga is a very busy woman right now. Besides launching a new Haus Laboratories product and working on the finishing touches of her upcoming jazz album with Tony Bennett, the superstar is also seen filming “House of Gucci” in Italy on a daily basis!

    Gaga changed into some loungewear and also brought out a new pair of UGG boots to relax in.

    She opted for a pair of light grey suede leather short boots with fur lining and rubber logo on the side.

    FYI: I won't be making blog posts for the costumes and instead, wait until the movie is released so I can create an entire blog post with all the looks included ;)

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