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  • Rambling Riverposting:

    We are collections of rivers

    Rivers can be killed. As much as the inhabitants of a river/environment can be killed, so too can the life-giving processes of a river/environment. I specify environments as rivers, because all environments have flows of water (as well as nutrients, minerals, organisms, etc). In thus way, i distinguish a river from a waterway of any other type — nonliving.

    Despite certain types internal plumbing cutting off the flow from anywhere outside pipes and storage tanks,, Wastewater treatment relies on introducing life (in bacterial forms) to digest our waste. The attempt at exclusion of all other life seems to be an attempt to reduce pollution, but seems paradoxical, in that it severely limits the surface area capacity of the system (which living waterways grow with soil and roots and topology of all sorts.

    The need for surface area is still known, in certain wastewater treatment plants, which use massive quantities of air bubbled up through wastewater to better support the bacterial digestion. What purpose does the isolation of waterflows serve? When in so many cases we see thatit is not a surefire solution to preventing pollution inside the system, and allows for outside flows to be silently criminalized or poisoned, or otherwise made impossible to access.

    Of course, there are potential benefits of water pipe transportand wastewater management, but the way its been done in the USA seems to be only for the profit of private investors, for the benefit of colonial and imperial powers.

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  • image

    FaceTime indeed

    #the way his hair is peeking out of his beanie #unffffff #and his eyes #are you kidding me?!? #ugh#🥺
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  • poor steve carlsburg. he’s too night vale to be in the “real world,” but he’s too normal to be in night vale.

    #ugh#sTeVe CaRlSbUrG #eh i can't hate anyone on this goddamn show
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  • What do you want to be when you grow up?


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  • ok no nuance november just before it ends except I dont know what nuance means and I dont care to learn or not explain myself

    spaces labeled “women and enbies” and people who’d define their sexuality as “women and enbies” makes me kind of uncomfortable because the latent message it sends is “this is for fem-aligned enbies” OR “amab enbies arent welcome here” and Fuck that. the gender identity and expression of literally every single nonbinary person is different and you cant just decide who you want and who you dont by still boiling it down to basically just someones assigned gender at birth

    #idk like #if u want to say ur not attacted to men just say that #but the phrase 'women and enbies' is just. #very White Feminist to me #and i dont like it #bc its playing into the 'enbies are just women lite' thing #ugh #idk i just dont like it #amab enbies youre VALID and i love you
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  • my eyes, my throat, my shoulders and my arms for some fucking reason, hurt so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #ugh #i feel so tired #but i'm gonna be fine #not today though
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  • Funny how i get all my motivation at night yet don’t have night vision

    #Ugh #the limitations of human bodies
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  • in case you’re wondering, I’m in Dragon Age hell and it’s all @simmancy‘s fault 😭😭😭

    #Sam Speaks#nonsims#Dragon Age #who needs a queue when you can kiss Cullen amirite #no one talk to me about the DAI fade level #I am not over it #And I'm too soft for this game how DARE they do this to me #I'll be over here crying. #No spoilers we're not done yet but just.... #UGH
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  • Is it a flawed line of thinking regarding transitioning to say to yourself “I’ll probably still be miserable with my mental health and body image if I do get top surgery/go on T” and focus on therapy or other ways of bettering yourself?

    I feel like I’m going to get dismissed and told to seek therapy if I say something like “pmt is making me so miserable I want to d*e” and my boobs hurt all the time and I want them off

    I literally don’t have the words for how shitty being seen as a woman is making me feel, physically and mentally like how would I even begin explaining this to my doctor?

    #I get lost in circular thoughts because my shitty body is one of the reasons I don't want to try and improve myself #ugh#gender stuff
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  • chuck s2 thread pt 23

    #WHAT HWATWHATWGAHWTAHEHHF HE #HEY GUYS WHAT THE HECK #WAT DA HAYL #FNNXNXNSNFKANDB ??????????3&;92&4$$;$ #&/!: #nov 29 2020 #SLOW DANCCEEEEEE SO TRUEEEEEEEEE #pls i just want chuck and sarah to run away together #ORION HAS THE JNTERSECT$3&;&:$:&4???? #BRUH WHAT #HE LOVES HERRR #BUT ALSO WHAT IS THIS MADNESS #THE FULCRUMS FULCRUM?? #full crum LOL anyways #WHAT #SHEN ME THE FUDGE #this is insane what the heck #i'm so#ugh#the twists #sick and twisted this show #keep opening twt to cope this is insane #THE RING??? #this escalated quickly #BRYCE DEAD???? #GENDXKKFNCNDNCJSBNDNDNFNX GUYS WHAT THE HECKJJJJJJJJKKKWKLDHFNSNSKNEJKSKKANDJDJFJDJDHDJSJSNSM #ITS NOT GONNA END HERE IS IT??? #hejdjsjfjdncmcncmdkfj????????????? #HE GOT REINTERSECTEDSHFK????? #WHAT THE HAYLLLL
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  • My insomnia has been so bad lately that I’m tempted to ask my doctor to nudge up the dosage a bit.

    #i keep getting restless leg syndrome or just straight up not feeling sleepy until way late #medicine cw#my life#text #i need to wake up at 6:30 and it is almost midnight #ugh
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  • tell me how tf i’m sposed to ask my ex to be fwb when he literally wanted our relationship to be like friends with fucking and the bf/gf label anyway

    #he's so good i'm sorry #ugh #plus i still kinda love him idk 🤪 #delete
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  • the fact that Taylor hasn’t sung Dear John anywhere else but during the Speak Now world tour because it hurts too much

    #leah rambles#Taylor swift #god I wish I could have experienced it live #THE FIREWORKS#ugh #fuck John Mayer
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  • Me: So my period it’s late-

    My mom: *FAKE GASP*

    Me: ???

    My mom: …ok, I would be worried IF you have a boyfriend, but you don’t.

    Me, thinking of my long distance girlfriend: No, I don’t. Maybe was the Holy Spirit. 🙏🕊

    My mom: “Red”!

    Me: just saying, but like… I would never do that, I think is gross-

    My mom: oh honey, it’s because you haven’t falling in love-

    Me: …I’m sex repulsed-

    My mom: when I was little I thought the same-

    Me: maybe when you were ten, I’m 23 and you had me at 22, mom!

    My mom: shut it-

    Me: i mean, I’m not like those people that see a person and think “I wanna top that-“

    My mom: *GASP* DON’T SAY THAT-!

    Me: but people think that-

    My mom: you don’t have to say it then!

    Me: …i already told you I’m asexual, mom! I DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX!

    My mom: *still talking about inappropriate language*

    Me: 🙄🙄🙄

    #I was so mad #I had told her about it like five times and she still acts like I’m gonna get married and have sex and give her grandchildren #IM NOT#UGH #please ignore this #I’m just venting #my stuff#asexuality#ace problems #this is acephobia? because I feel it is #i got my acepan flag and my mom gasp and said ‘that’s a gay think’ and because I didn’t want to explain to be ignore again apparently #I just said ‘yeah’
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    #ugh #flash is ending #its coming
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  • Am I watching a live stream, listening to music, making dinner, and working on two different papers all at the same time? MAYBE XOXO <]:^)

    #I’m disappointed in myself rn #all I gotta do is put my mind to this shit #GOD DAMN #idk why I’m doing this #but like #this is the most focused I’ve been all week #and by god am I gonna make it for all it’s worth #lmao#school#focus#mine#me#Trisha talks #I gotta fuckin write this shit #ugh #wish me luck #adhd
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  • Just finished Fleabag and those last lines just sent me 😭

    #i love you #it will pass #UGH#the feels#fleabag#television
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  • I bought a monster for tomorrow but I want it nowww

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  • anyways y’all it’s official. eren managed to steal my heart from semi. this isn’t a joke 😔😔

    #this man should’ve stayed in 2016 😭😭 #LIKE MY CRUSH ON YOU DIED BACK THEN #WHY IS IT COMING BACK NOW #i know i shouldn’t have rewatched aot #why was eren just so HSKSBSJ in first seasons #i’m#ugh#UGHHHH
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