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  • Ugh, I had a really weird experience tonight. A man approached my car after pulling into the parking spot and he was talking to me through the window and stood there till I came out. I’m a bit disoriented because I’ve been tired all day, it’s late, and I’m double masked with an N95 over due to the smoke/unhealthy air quality so my mind is drawing blanks.

    I’m feeling so uncomfortable because he was asking for money but then I didn’t feel comfortable attempting to get money out of my bag with it being 10pm, dark in the parking area, and not knowing the guy.. Just felt really uncomfortable like it was an ambush or something. Then he was standing there extremely hesitant and persistant.. asking me to get him food either at Mcdonalds or 7/11 which were a ways from my location. He kept telling me he was from a different country and was hungry, but very fidgety at the same time. Kept saying “Are you sure you can’t just goto Mcdonalds to get me some food?” I kept telling him I couldn’t and on the spot couldn’t think of how I could help him. There were plenty of cars around so I’m not sure why he singled me out. It’s along a main road with plenty of shopping plazas, bars, and people walking at night…

    I was able to bring a bag of food down to hand to him shortly after, but he was gone.. very abruptly. I feel unsettled because I couldn’t help him and at the say time.. I didn’t feel safe. I don’t like being approached by men.. Especially at night… In this strange world.

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  • if i said i liked drawing shoes. i don’t say it bc i did. no i didn’t <3

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  • I already don’t need an Aaron and Villanelle date, and I damn sure don’t need to see V take birth control for it!!! I better be wrong af!

    Maybe it’s Gemma!?! Maybe Eve finds it in Gemma’s stuff!? I can’t stop thinking about this


    Originally posted by darlingnisi

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  • //it’s 5:30am and I can’t sleep. I woke up about 2 hours ago and now I’m extremely nauseous for some reason. Sleep won’t come and I couldn’t be more irritated//

    #ughh wtf#ooc #behind the blog
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  • Just found out there’s a hate blog for fanfics and…do you realize these are just normal people writing for fun in their free time??? They don’t owe anyone literature masterpieces with perfect grammer and characterization. Like chill If they ask for critique please be respectful and polite, don’t write hateful rants.

    #ughh wtf #luckily i haven't gotten any hate yet #but pls realize these people are putting a lot of effort into something they are not paid to do #they do it because they enjoy it #please don't be an ass and discourage them from doing what they love
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  • the amount i want a relationship has reached critical mass

    #this week was cruel and depressing #bean's big gay sitcom life #ughh wtf
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  • Wow so yup I have an F in trig and I wanna fucking slam my head against a wall until my dumb brain falls out

    #UGHH WTF #all I can do is work hard af to bring it up
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  • -

    #Like 4 porn blogs started following me #ughh wtf#nida talks#personal
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    #it's so confusing #ughh wtf
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  • I just want to fall in love or some shit. Idek.

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  • It’s so hard to trust people now a days.

    With all the two faced bitches and liars,

    how can I just give my trust that easily because of them?

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  • There hasn’t even been a full week of school yet and drama already starts? Arright. That’s cool, because yknow we’re seniors and all… Not immature or anything. -_- Smh. I seriously don’t have time for this nor will I waste my time on it. Soooo. Maybe its time for you to grow up, fix that atitutide of yours and get over yourself, seriously.

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  • image

    At last! They are together 🥺😭💚🖤💙
    And just like Grimmel they will get a proper repaint, too! This time done by Yak 🥰

    #finally found them for a decent price #it's hard to get them from where I'm from #and they are sold seperately wtf #idk what to do with the other barf & belch #I should really start working on the diorama ughh #personal
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  • have y’all ever felt so good-looking when you wear a bracelet/some bracelets??????

    #have you ever #like wtf #why and how #why does this happen to me #ughh#howwww
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  • #ughh!!!! #i was rereading some chapters yesterday #he makes me so soft i’m in love wtf 💔 #my mans toshi #🧚🏻‍♀️ | asks
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  • I have been waiting for my computer to open up google chrome for 20 minutes

    #it usually takes a while for it to power up but it’s never taken this long #like literally wtf #is it a coincidence that this is the day after I update my mac #ughh #I’ve tried using an external harddrive to save my stuff and wipe #wipe my computer #but when I transferred the file to the hardrive #it said can’t open the files #F ME#other#personal
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  • //rant

    holy fucking shit I just saw a comment on a fic that made me livid. if you want to praise the author you can fucking do so without trashing/shaming other authors and shitting on their work, like !?%??  “…other, less talented writers do such and such” and then continue to describe why does that not reach their standards and how The Author has splendidly met their expectations like !?%?/ shut ??? up ???

    its such a disgusting comment i would have deleted it instantly or even asked them not to read my fic any further, since they are clearly not my audience. i would never want such a person to interact with my fic. aren’t we getting shit from all sides, you have to put down others in a fucking comment too? like ffs…

    edit: and you know what? this comment will float in my head from now on, reminding me what a shit writer I am, like goddamit did you honestly not think that other writers could stumble upon it or did you just not fucking care

    #i swear to god theres so many author shaming out there #sometimes some reader shaming is due #like wtf Cynthia did you fucking think before you typed that out?? #other more talented readers Would Have Not do that #ughh just the entitlement #it makes me so fucking angry #not all writers are native speakers Cynthia and some of us write as a hobby #not to engage your delicate tastes and stroke your literary standards with care like fuck off #this is just me fuming i do not want ppl to shame anyone okay #also this is why im profusely apologizing every time i DARE to share some writing #bc i know im not up to Some Standard and feel ashamed like ffs Cynthia #learn my mother language see how youll speak it with enough finesse
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  • I formed a mini trio in my ochem lab so I was gonna follow the 2 on ig because I thought we all were friendly friends buT THE ONE DUDE BLOCKED ME ALREADY LIKE LAB ENDED 20 mINUTES AGO???? AM I THAT WEIRD ???

    #like yeah i already know that but i hope he didnt think i was hitting on him #because i was nOT #I WASNT EVEN DOING ANYTHING CLOSE TO TJAT #I WAS LIKE PANICKING INTERNALLY THE WHOLE TKME SINCE I WAS BEHIND I BARELY SAID ANYTHING #like woah there u arent that cute #omf now im self conscious #do i like make too much eye contact #ugHH SORRY#IDKKK #lol niki wtf
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