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  • oh my god so, me and my mother finially sussed out why we have been struggling financially so much

    So, we get food stamps and since my sister is at college, its for two people, me and my mother. Itd be fine if we didnt have another full grown adult in our house which we do.

    itd also be fine if, he paid for his own food, but he doesnt. so basicly hes been Litterally eating us out of house and home because he eats about as much as both of us combined.

    and bless my mother, shes a saint. she doesnt wanna kick out him because hes her “boyfriend” even though hes been kinda a dick, and hes been so scared of the pandemic that he wont look for a job or even leave the house. And she doesnt want to make him homeless (even though he has money, just?? doesnt wanna spend it. for whatever reason.)

    Anyway. TDLR. mooch in our house, wont use his own money or get a job to buy food, would rather use our SNAP allowance.

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  • Since its going to be awhile till Im able to go anywhere, I am excited that tattoo shops are opening. Sucks i wont be able to get one yet but in the meantime, I was like ya know maybe try stretching my ears again? I know thats so 2011 and everyone probably took their plugs out and shit but i kinda just wanna like… get one of those kits and start from scratch? Just to teach me some patience and also just to like idk have some sorta body modification going on…

    #idk its stupid #i never really got to stretch my ears although i did have a industrial #i just thought it be cool #im bored on house arrest and making music and gaming only goes so far #ughhhh #are thosw things even safe?
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  • I’m just out here watching the most beautiful, kind, empathetic and soft girls falling more toxic men. And it’s killing me as I watch them throw away their life’s work, passions, hobbies, dignity all over some dude how fucked them over and broke their heart!!! Like bitch HE RAPED YOU TWICE, WAS PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE. WHY ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO HIM AND PROTECTING HIM AFTER HE’S DRAGGED YOUR NAME THROUGH THE MUD?????

    P.S. Yes, It’s a true story. No, I will not be sharing any details. She’s a friend.

    #i'm so fucking sick of this #i want to kill him #but she's like nooo #you'll have to kill me first #my shitpost #this post is not a shitpost #it's almost as if me shitposting on this god forsaken site has any meaning or consequences??? #literally a shitpost #shitpost#just ranting#venting #i scream into the void #screaming into the void #scream#like ughhhhh#ughhhh#ugh why#just ugh#like ugh #I want to kill him so bad
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  • Oh ughhh I want to gif again 😔

    #I haven't made any gifs at all in the last like.. 3 years maybe?? #so I can barely remember how to do it lol #but I really want to #but I I can't because my laptop is really old amd Idon't have any of the programs I used back then #ughhhh#😔#antonella talks
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  • i hate this goddamn country

    #ughhhh #devil.txt
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  • .

    #maaan I feel awful #I hate having such a delicate esophagus #my chest feels like I have knives inside everytime I breathe or gulp or more even #ughhhh #I feel terrible #:(
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  • .

    #stressed because i want to use my platform on twitter for activism #but like itll basically destroy my prospects of ever working for a top league team #and the whole point of wanting to work for a top level team is to destroy racism in sports #but how am i supposed to get there to do that #if im basically trying to infiltrate a racist institution #its just so confusing and frustrating #ughhhh#//#vent#jacq personal
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  • I just realized that my birthday plans have been ruined by covid-19

    #ughhhh #i just wanted to go to a baseball game #is that too much to ask for???
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  • I’ve been back in the United States for less than a year and the amount of uneasiness I feel has been tripled. I don’t know how normal Americans deal with it. The current political climate feels like a genuine weight on my chest and it’s crushing not just my mental health, but my soul. I feel like this entire country is a powder keg waiting to explode and I don’t want to be caught in the crossfire. 

    I’m a very fortunate person. I have an international education and could easily get a legal job practicing in a common law country and I have enough to civil law and EU law training where I could possibly test into a system. I’m admittedly sending applications and feelers to firms located in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore. 

    I realize I come from a place of extreme privilege and it’s so easy for me to escape compared to others, which really sucks. I’m an absolute bastard of a person, but I have high empathy and I don’t like the idea of escaping and leaving people behind, especially when it’s because they have no choice.

    Don’t like feeling like this.

    #ro speaks#personal #american psycho politics #ughhhh #it feels like I've been punched in the punch this morning #existential dread
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  • man FUCK the cops

    #like no discussion the system is CORRUPTED like we been fucking knew but #UGHHHH#>:( #im not saying that if ur a cop yoy are immediately a bad person or anything i just UGHHHH
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  • lifting my head from my pillow hurts my neck. i don’t like this

    #blue rambles#ughhhh #i feel like im falling apart
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  • calypsos reintroduction was meant to show that percy leaves behind a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes with his friends picking up the pieces. First nico with bob and now leo with calypso BUT Nico and Bob and that whole storyline was just so organic and it fit in well and I understood the curses by Akhlys and all of that.

    In a GOOD plot, the whole thing with Leo and calypso happens anyway but it doesn’t end the way it does. I’m not imaginative enough to tell you how it ends but Leo would still have built his raft, he would have still stood up to Percy and he would have still tried to find a way to save her WITHOUT FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER

    That would have shown character growth from a lonely boy looking for companionship to a self assured boy surrounded by his chosen family striving to save a lonely girl from a fate that should have been fixed. Leo did so much for his friends and the people around him that it was so out of character for him to die? And leave his friends? For some girl???? No bitch he would not have done that!!!!

    What’s a better way than for Percy to step back and take stock of the people who have helped him along the way and with the support of his friends, tried to go and help them again? CALEO WAS NOT IT RICK IT DIDNT SOLVE ANYTHING you identified something that was supposed to be character growth or a gotcha moment for Percy and instead butchered Leo’s, Frank’s and Hazel’s characters all at once (and Percys let’s face it I’m still bitter we didn’t get more depth into post Tartarus stress disorder)

    (btw all three characters mentioned above are POC is that a coincidence hmmmmmmm????)

    Anyways TLDR is that Leo had potential to turn from a young lonely boy thinking he would only be complete if he had a girlfriend into a satisfied content young man surrounded by friends and family who love and cherish him and someone who learns from Percy’s mistakes and thinks deeper about his own actions and consequences. We didn’t get that and that’s not Leo’s fault, it’s Rick’s.

    #sorry for the typos #im still very angry #leo valdez #that my favourite charavter got mauled to death #ughhhh#hoo discourse #heroes of olympus #pjo
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  • Cooper X Poy , recreating Yaya & Nadech photo from 8 years ago. the result 😍

    #my engineer cast #cooper patpasit#poy kritsanapong#cooperpoy#mypepo #cooper patpasit na songkhla #poy kritsanapong soonthornchatchawet #my gifs #so fuking cuteeee #ughhhh #more real then bohnduen
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  • I’m a fucking failure ✌🏼😆

    #i just need a new project to work on #ughhhh
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  • x

    #im gonna cry #i cannot focus rn #ughhhh
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  • #Anonymous#yyy #yyy the series #nottpun #the only thing that annoys the fck out of me is the fucking soundtrack #its so annoying omfg #i hated that song in why r u already #why did they have to carry it into yyy #ughhhh#anyway#anon#ask#answered #doreen answers stuff #ask me things! #bye
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  • it’s quite inconvenient that i have a cold during a pandemic, but that’s just my luck honestly.

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  • 🙃🙃🙃

    #still having damn problems with photoshop #when will this torture end #i may have to reinstall #or find another version #ughhhh #clarissa.txt
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  • Y’ALL

    there’s workmen at my house right now looking at the plumbing and guess where the plumbing is centred? the basement. so the work guy went the wrong way and, instead of making it to the back room with the plumbing, he made it to my room. that was the most awkward thing i’ve ever experienced

    #i just#ughhhh #yall im just sleepin here #full out pajamas and bed head #and i wake up when my bedroom door is opened #idk why its just a thing i do #but the door opens #and i turn around #and all i hear is #‘im sorry’ #before the guy turns after verry quickly realising he went the wrong way #my mum didnt tell me he was coming down here tho so the bathroom is also a mess #i have no more shame #me#my post#personal
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