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    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    The early bird gets the worm but the 2nd mouse gets the cheese

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    06.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Who wants to share stories about power level struggles in edh games?

    One of the more pressing issues to the format is when players disrespect the need for a rule 0/power level discussion. It

    Misunderstanding and ignoring this can lead to a bad gaming experience. It's important to note I don't consider winning a game the only good experience. Everyone being able to interact or participate is my key focus for a group of casual edh players getting together

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    MTG talk 10/5

    So I have not talked about magic the gathering much lately. Lets change that.

    First is I have not gotten to play any real paper EDH, or at least as much as I would like, based on my busy painting and market schedule. I am hoping with the winter months upon us I can change that a bit. I do want to get back into spelltable with members of the mtg tik tok community soon as well. But with what little time I have been able to play I have decided to try some small tweaks on some decks.

    For example, Judith that scourge diva of a card, is a deck I am building and trying oh so hard to avoid doing a net deck list. STOP, its not because I am shaming net decks, its because there are a decent amount of 4+ CMC cards in rakdos colors that I would love to build in with her. They just don’t happen to be the most efficient. And my main play group is constantly making moves towards more efficient and aggressive builds even for casual group edh.

    I think I proclaimed it here but just in case….Alela is my favorite commander. I have been playing various builds around her since she was released and don’t see any signs of stopping. Her ability to create cheap flyers and to support them is very fun to me. I try to not be the lock the table down guy without a plan but enchantments/artifacts are not something I have traditionally built a deck around as the main focus. This commanders triggered ability makes it easy to attempt, the colors make it easy to change up and get fresh experiences.

    Lets move away from commander and talk about historic. On Arena this is the only thing I am really playing at the moment and I have to admit I have noticed over the last 4 weeks just a large pool of different decks and different builds for archetypes. As a starting reference point I moved from gold 4 to plat 1 in the last season, so I played a good amount of games. I feel like I saw a few new different combo, life gain, control style decks on top of the classics for them. Historic horizons seems to have added some good cards but my main observation is Davriel may be one of the more played cards with the new arena only abilities. I have not seen much of the other unique cards in the format.

    Additionally I think this is as healthy and diverse I have seen the format since it started. When I can play against a few different builds that are unique within the common archetypes I think that is a good spot for a format.

    Finally lets talk about the new innistrad sets. This first one midnight hunt is exactly what you would expect. Very strong support for zombies and wolves. A little bit for the vamps. And some interesting lands/planewalkers/and under the radar rare cards. However I didn’t bring up the set to talk about the cards specifically, I brought it up because this is the first of a 2 part release….Innistrad Crimson Vow is coming next and coming soon. So my point here is watch how the market and the player base reacts to this release style. If successful I see this as something WOTC can do once to twice a year depending on design. If absolutely not well received then I would expect them to announce this was a one and done experience similar to DnD being what is announced as the last standard legal crossover. I have to give WOTC credit they are not only trying many things out but they are listening to feedback a little and reacting to it.

    Ok…so I think that is what I have for right now on the world of magic the gathering. I know I am really excited for all of next years sets and plan to release some predictions on a video and article release here this week.

    As always,

    Best of value.

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    29.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Me at work: hey we have a common question about caring for our patients and I need us to work together as a team to resolve.


    Me: ok thank you

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    28.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Sometimes I get my hopes up that we will be able to work together for our patients...but then remember personal politics is what's rewarded

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    27.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Who else is annoyed with machine gun Kelly?

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    09.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Something on my mind in regards to current events

    What a strange and scary time to be alive. I am a content creator, by no means am I a large influencer of any sorts. I think between all the apps I use I am in the 2500 total followers range. So a lot of my social media, close to 90%, is focused on my channel and my content growth. But jesus that other 10% these last few days/weeks/months have been heavy. Just today I woke up to a story about some adults in Arizona that showed up at a school with Zip Ties to take hostage the principal and staff because they were forcing kids to wear mask in schools. Early reporting is some of these guys don’t have kids at that school….

    We are seeing a lot of people threatening school boards, teachers, principals, and government officials with violence over mask mandates. In a lot of cases these people making the threats compare the mask mandates to Nazi Germany. Yes you read that comparison correctly.

    I am pro mask, pro vax, pro human, pro love, pro equality, pro peace. If I have a disagreement with someone I do not threaten them with violence. And what is comical to me is the people who are threatening violence would be angry and potentially dangerous if they were the ones being targeted like this.

    The world is quickly becoming a place where its not safe to have an opinion or to share it. The world is certainly a place where having opposing opinions can be dangerous. Now lets all agree that there are somethings we don’t need to debate…

    Equality for all people is a standard, not debatable. So anything about race, gender, religion, and so on im not going to entertain. Also if I ask science to do things like…..tell me the safe temperature to store and cook foods to, how to make a car/train/plane go, address many sickness and disease concerns, and much much more….i am going to trust them on a vaccine.

    There are a lot of people, and I do mean a lot of people, that are just wanting to be right but they don’t care to get it right. And every time I say that line to myself I am reminded of a friend who once replied to me when I said that.. “well yes of course I want to be right”. That to me is the issue….people are scared of being incorrect even if it means the correct answer is better for the collective bunch. Another way to phrase that….people are selfish.

    So selfish in fact that people who don’t have kids in a school are live streaming on their social media pages that they are headed to a school with zip ties to take people captive. And before anyone says anything to retort….what possible rational thing could they have been trying to do.

    Let me ask any of you still reading this a series of questions to end this article. I know my answers to them

    · If the person live streaming on Instagram going to a school with zip ties to take people captive over mask for children was black what do you think the response is?

    o What about middle eastern?

    o Better yet, anything other than a white person?

    · How does a person who did 10 min of google research and watched an echo chamber of social media post know more than the CDC/FDA/scientist?

    · How do you feel about grown men invading a school they don’t have kids at with the threat of violence they were bringing?

    o What if that was your kids school?

    · What realistic and moving forward solution can you offer if you don’t believe in mask and the vaccine?

    · What do you feel about the hospitals ICU beds across the country being filled with covid issues?

    · How do you feel about the fact we live in a country where right now if people disagree with you on something they are using violence in large groups to get their point across.

    I can tell you right now there is no rational person looking at these issues and thinking oh good for them freedom fighters. Again the key word is rational.

    And we can be honest, things will get a lot worse before they get better. My guess is the delta variant will get worse, ICU rooms will cross the threshold and begin to fail, and there will be some people who get hurt. Whether it’s the person invading the school or the teachers and kids…there will be issues.

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    02.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    the work of it all

    I am not sure how this will land exactly and I am tired of trying to mold this idea to try and avoid pissing anyone off so lets try this out.

    You know those people who are too committed to work and not enough to life. The people who are not necessarily over achievers but they are the people that spend way too many hours involved in their work. they could take work home and try to stay caught up while spending time with the family watching TV, they could lock themselves away in their personal office to work away, stay super long/late at the office, and so on. I am not talking about people who occasionally have to rise and work longer, I am talking about the people who believe even when things are going good they have to work OT/stay late and so on. I don’t mean to insult these folks as I actually know a few of them closely, but I have this level of sympathy or pity or whatever you want to call it but basically I feel really bad for these people.

    On the one side of this I admire their dedication on the other side I feel like they are giving more to a corporation than that corporation would ever joke about giving back. You see people pressured into long hours, burned out from the stress, and people displaying all the signs of someone who needs a little less stress in their job.

    I am a very dedicated individual but I also am a firm believer that my work life balance should always favor life work, like a 60-40 split. I don’t take work home with me anymore, but instead I stay in the office until the work is done. I don’t have any work related apps like email or schedules on my personal phone anymore, instead I look at my next days schedule before I leave the day before and from the moment I walk into the building until I leave I give a 100% focused effort.

    I don’t care for the idea of a 40 hour work week and think it’s a crock of absolute shit. If you go back and review the history of workers rights in this country you will see we have made only a fraction of the actual progress necessary. There is enough work, skilled people, and volume in any field to where you could hire more, pay more, and reduce hours. But there is always the people at the top who could lose money or the old generations who say that’s not how we did it before.

    I don’t think I am alone in my thought that hey screw this 40 hour stuff I want to be able to live my life. And you can probably tell I don’t think I am wrong at all.

    Lets look at it like this, does a happy employee who feels well paid and appreciated perform better than a dissatisfied one who feels underpaid? Just based on that info you know the right answer.

    I think the moral from me here is I have experienced that moment of holy crap I gave my all to this place and got shit in return. It is normally followed by thinking of all the things I sacrificed and missed out on, and the time it happened to me I decided no more. I will give my absolute best to anything I do. But when it comes to work I will only give that absolute best during business hours and on company property. Outside of that, its tonys time.

    Best of value everyone.

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    12.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Watch "Historic Anthology 4 review" on YouTube

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    14.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Why invest

    Something I hear a lot about from friends and family when they start to understand the money value in MTG cards is why hold on to the cards? Im sure most of us when trying to flex to non players about the value of our cardboard rectangles get asked a similar question. So here is my question, why would we not hold on to cards of value. 

    A lot of the following will depend on you personally, but for me i collect MTG card because of my love of the game. A polarizing fact about the game is that there is a secondary market where a lot of money moves around tied to these cards. I am by no means an expert or savant, but i know enough about the game to interpret information and be able to make informed or at least somewhat rational decisions. For example, to some folks the last few weeks of Reserved List cards spiking would be a sign to unload everything you can. But there are 2 types of reserved list cards( excluding the power 9 here). The first is the ones that are actually played, your dual lands are a good example. Cards like Humility, Moat, Food Chain, mox, metal worker, and so on. Cards that see play in at least EDH. The other group is cards that are just on the Reserved List. These are your low price bulk cards( for lack of a better term) that spike mainly because they are on the Reserved List. One of these groups is not like the other. 

    So with this example, we could rationally see that some of the price spikes from the last 4-6 weeks of the Reserved List are due to the cards power/popularity in a format and the others are just benefiting from their spot. If you are holding cards of the 2nd group and see that card spike hard i would 100% move on from it. Find a game store or sell it online and try to get some value for it. These cards historically spike and drop when the overall market is heating up, and over the last year the MTG market has gained a lot of traction in the right direction. I wont deny that i have flipped a few cards over the last year as there is a HUGE collectible boom happening. 

    Before you think negative, all proceeds from my MTG sales go to the channel or towards new MTG cards i want. So in theory im just trading lol.

    i know outside the RL this theory gets tough to use because it feels like anything can be reprinted at anytime. But if you play the game and pay just a minimum amount of attention to the right content there is value. 

    Again before you think negative, if i have a card i pull from a booster pack that is $1 at the time and gets put into my bulk stock but down the road shoots up to $10, if its still in my bulk stock and im knowingly just leaving it there....thats my own fault. Trade it for other cards with your friends if you dont like the idea of cash being involved. But having a card that is spiking in price(likely some sort of popularity or format reason attached) and then you are going to hold it back...thats on you. 

    i guess my point here is use what you know and what you learn from this game to help you get an edge in the value from your own cards department. Im not advocating scamming people or price gauging, but if a store can charge for the most value possible why cant i see it as well. Because remember with me its always about

    Best of value

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    21.01.2021 - 9 monts ago

    MTG article- its snowing

    Did anyone else notice those new snow dual lands? Sort of under the radar right now because of all the sauce and spice in this set. But make no mistake scouts, these fetchable dual snow lands, PRINTED AS COMMON RARITY, are pretty sweet and should be includes in most EDH decks. I don’t want to get too technical on that idea but there is in my opinion a lot more pro’s than con’s to playing these.

    Did I mention they were fetchable? Yes, they come in tapped but I don’t see that as too big of a negative. I don’t see playing this in the first or second turn of a game often enough for that to matter. So in an ideal state we already have a decent amount of mana and the ETB tapped doesn’t hurt too much.

    As a value based perspective we have to acknowledge these are one of the closest things we have gotten to a dual land reprint. Remember there is no drawback to playing a dual land, with shocks/ dual sided lands all have some level of drawback. The draw back on these is the easiest of the bunch to accept. This is based on my perspective. I know some folks would be happy with different cards instead of this. so I guess take it with a grain of salt.

    Interestingly enough I do think we will see the non-snow version of these very soon. How could they not? It may not be in this standard or even a standard legal product but I think its happening.

    Remember this is all for the casual friendly players out there in EDH world. Competitive wise this is suspect at best.

    Nothing much more to say about these cards right now. I think they replace guild gates (unless you are running tribal gates lol) and become close to an auto include in most EDH decks with fetchlands in them.

     As always, best of value.

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    19.01.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Kaldheim card review- Rise of the Dream Marn

    Um yeah im going to go ahead and just say this card is absurd! Tickle my nipple absurd. I dont give a rip about this outside of EDH for the sake of this article. I can not wait until i get to cast this in a 4 or more EDH game after a board wipe. Now the question has to be what is the payoff threshold, and that is going to be super low...like 2 maybe 3 tokens and boom i think this has paid for itself. 

    What makes this card sneaky good is the flat 3 CMC cost, even if you foretell, it still totals 3, and its at instant speed. Unless someone has a way to increase the cost to cast you are locked in at an amazing investment rate on this card. 

    When I consider the things im going to do with this card i am a little scared lol. 

    Remember instant speed, and in a multiplayer game you will likely not be the only one working to clear boards. You could play this off someone elses hard work. AND most of the time people with counters in hand are going to use them on the wrath effect card so in theory we should not see this countered much in EDH.

    Best of value

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    23.12.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Photos from my latest story. Full video can be found on tik tok and YouTube

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    20.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Kaldheim Spoilers- Canopy Tactician

    So I made a video talking about some of the new spoilers we have seen from the upcoming Kaldheim set and made a comment on this card i wanted to dive a little more into. 

    The card itself is not all that bad, elf lord with a mana ability. I think the more interesting thing is this card to me is an indicator of what we can expect in the future for creature lords. Most creature types with any sort of lord are at the 3 CMC slot, a few examples have started to come up of the 4 slot. Goblin Trashmaster and now this primarily. 

    I think this is the future of creature lords, they will start to be 4 CMC for the long running tribes that already have a plethora of 3 CMC lords, and they will come in a little bigger( 3/3 not the usual 2/2) and will have something else they can add to the game. Trashmaster helped goblins deal with artifacts, this helps elves get more mana. 

    Using this card design concept opens the door for a lot of new cards in the future. i am sure we will see some that have similar abilities as their 3 CMC counterparts, but I also believe we will start to get some that like the 2 examples listed here are actually rather powerful within the deck. 

    What creature types do you play the most? What are the lords you use? Or better yet, what creature type do you hate to see the most?

    Thank you for the read and as always best of value

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    14.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    MTG Arena December Ladder update

    Mid month check in time, for those of you not familiar I am trying an experiment on MTG arena with my beloved goblins. The goal is to prove they are playable and viable without needing Muxus to get there. Midway through December I have a few game notes I thought would be fun to share.

    ·          Krenko is going to be the key. No shocker here but Krenko is going to be the biggest reason this works or fails.

    ·          Snoop is nice, but I can live without it. I was a little overhyped for this card. I guess as I alter the deck its going to be harder to keep this in there depending on the direction.

    ·          I really wish there was another turn 1 play besides skirk, nothing else feels like it flows with the goal of speed with goblins AND help me like Skirk.  Let me get the lackey! I will even settle for legion loyalist.

    ·          I have seen a lot of weird decks at the platinum level. I ran into 2 different all counters decks, a mono black creature removal deck, and a few goofy combo decks.

    ·          I am yet to put a Phyrexian Tower in my deck. That is all I got there.

    ·          Gempalm Incinerator looks good in the deck so long as you only use its cycle ability. As a creature its rather trash. They could have at least made his toughness 2.

    ·          Am I crazy or is there a possible slot for Embercleave?

    ·          Control decks cause a little bit of a headache, longer grind it out style games are not a goblin decks best friend.

    ·          Ugin wrecks me, darn this freaking sprit dragon.

    ·          I have 2 loses now where I thought I played around the settle the wreckage and got got both times. The first one was not as bad as the second, I had some cards in hand and was able to at least play a spell or 2. The second time…I could not even mount a fight back and ended up losing pretty quick.

    ·          It is really hard to gauge this deck fairly some nights….those nights when I run into all these other goblin decks. Get out of here!

    ·          Mono red agro is an amazing matchup for me. This is by far the best matchup for me this month. The deck does not have enough of a punch to consistently take goblins in BO1.

    ·          I should really sit down and compile my stats to share. From my initial look, I am over 50% winning. Of course I am trying to grow this channel so take that as you want.

    ·          I wish there was different emotes on the game, “da fuq” would be my #1 suggestion.

    That’s the interesting notes for now. We had some laughs, some wins, some loses.

    Remember you can watch some of the matches I did commentary for on my Youtube page!

    As always,

    Best of Value Best of Draws.

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    13.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Historic most played creatures

    While working on the last little article i posted i was looking at the creatures that are played most and got a great chuckle out of the 6-10 slots. Goblins baby, its all about the goblin!

    I continue to try and reduce the need for Muxus and no real shocker its a pain in the ass. But a wonderful replacement is Krenko. 

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  • urbangirlscoutmedia
    12.12.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Historic Most Played Cards

    Thought this was interesting and worth a look. As of today 12/12/2020 thoughtseize is the most played card in the format, heck yeah! love that card and in the historic format its a great turn 1 play. In my mono black aggro build on Arena this is my favorite turn 1 play. its great to get that early game information and oh boy does it tickle me to make them drop an ugin or bolas into the yard.

    But what is really remarkable is that 3 slot....the cage. If you have followed my channels videos on youtube you have seen me try and play goblins without Muxus being the only way to win. A friend asked me why do it....because of that cage and the fact that it shuts muxus down. 

    These list are good to reference and check every once in a while. Fatal Push is another great example, cards get introduced and they dont warp the format, but they do impact it and become staples. 

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