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  • nereb-and-dungalef
    08.05.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Would anyone have information re: writing a musical with no official education in music?

    #trust me y'all I'll get a music education uhhhh after I spend a year in moldova #I'm reading textbooks n shit now so that's something
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  • deanpinterester
    08.05.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    also i watched the mitchells vs the machines last night and it was like watching an adam tots comic come to life

    #uhhhh me #especially the tech guy hs straight up looks like an adamtots drawing #the mitchells vs the machines
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  • deanpinterester
    08.05.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    i think people would have found the racism in s&b less egregious if alina had more time to spend with botkin, the only other east asian character, and had a converation with him abt being shu that doesn't boil down to "being shu bad" (which we already know because we see the way alina was treated!!). but alas "more fight training with botkins" was probably one of those scenes that would have been considered not plot important and cut out during the condensing, if it was there to begin with. in season 2 there will be two more major shu characters so let's hope we get some good conversating

    #uhhhh me #shadow and bone #maybe i just want to see more botkin ok
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  • randombubblegum
    08.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #ANGUISH SADNESS AND DRAMA #real talk though my fav tropes are like ummmmmm #mutual pining #fwb with feelings/fake dating real feelings #high school/college aus #i also like aus where they work a regular job like coffeeshop or flowershop #uhhhh #my secret passion that everyone yells at me about is i rly like actual unrequited love LOL i love misery #i dont care for established relationship or domestic fluff very much i like the feelings involved w getting together #and i also dont like gore :( #or major character death/trauma #but outside of that i like anything if its written well!!!!!!! #mail time!
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  • minty-fresh-kicks
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    didnt get the automaton card (😔) BUT i am so blessed to receive wife again anyways HAHAHHAAH i love you my dear muah muah muah 

    #it was worth the 600 prisms...i still got enough to guarantee the king card in june...... #i know im like known for screaming abt them like all the time (especially since this is the card with the ONE reference to satsuki) #[heavy eye roll but SL waters down everything anyways so what can i do] #believe me i am VERY happy to have another UR in such a short time span but im just unwinding from a day lol it was a good one tho ! #kissing my love on the mouth. what are you going to do. #SL ships it. K lab ships it. everyone ships it. you heard it from me guys. TSG real !! #/j /lh #after getting flowery invitation (the one i wanted the most) my hopes are now set on setsugetsuka and uhhhh #automaton ofc and i guess the forest concert one. im currently working towards milky way viola !! #second wife UR unit ...... i can smell it ...... just in time for our wedding ....... #the stellar garden
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  • lemememeringue
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    had a seizure. can't say I'm surprised by this turn of events. actually I can't say anything at all fjfhdh I rly need to learn how to sign ✌

    #mine #I'm so tense mum put the pain patches on my neck #and like... I'm an oily mess always so I have to lay in a certain position to make sure the patches stay #but like...I'm in pain and can hardly bend... and I can't talk... so trying to explain what I need is uhhhh struggle #I got it situated dw thanks cliff #I am kinda upset bc I had energy so I meant to shower and then suddenly it felt like a golfball between my eyebrows #and then I got super hungry and I couldn't talk #grandma fixed me some cauliflower and raspberries #I'm still hungry but I can't expect my jaw to cooperate much less my throat #so now I'm just in bed hardly able to move #I was tired but I guess the seizing is finally over bc I'm able to think sentences again #so now I'm bored #gonna listen to orville peck now bc I've developed a crush on his voice djfjdjfjfhfjf I didn't know he sounded like THAT
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  • queernami
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    get to know me <3

    as i was working on some requests, i realized that i haven't made an about me post in ....... like four years. so all of my one piece followers have NO IDEA who i am and that's so wild to me! so i thought i'd make a quick little post telling you about myself

    -i'm 21 years old

    -in college studying economics




    -lover of exploring/adventures


    -currently the nanny of three adorable babies

    -i have a deaf dog and two cats and i love them all with everything in me

    -i spend a lot of my time on tiktok and if we're friends i WILL send you all the ones that remind me of you

    -i cry a lot about the characters i simp over and i blame my pisces moon completely

    -i really enjoy writing but i sometimes find it hard to get the inspiration to. i'm very prone to writer's block, so those prompt posts help a ton!

    -my personal blog is @starryskygraci

    -my ko-fi is here

    -posts that are just me talking/rambling will all be tagged as #beep beep graci, so you can blacklist that if you're not interested <3

    -i make a lot of posts bc i'm excited to have people other than my boyfriend who like one piece and won't make fun of me for simping over so many of the characters

    #so that's me #about me#uhhhh #beep beep graci
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  • lilacborrower
    08.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    @trashynishiki someone asked for jack zimmerman w a nose ring?

    #omgcheckplease#omgcp#jack zimmerman #also i was goin thru the comic lookin for good pics of jlz and uhhhh #remind me to make smthn w that one panel of coach I #sam knows the one
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  • pvnkie
    07.05.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #uhhhh not to get like ParAsOcIaL oooh #or like too touchy with anons n followers n stuff #but uhhh yea this ask was really nice #n it made me cry a little n I feel better now so #thank you anon :] #I hope you have a good day!! thank you for helping me!! #yea 👍 #sorry if this is awkward I dont like emotions n cant express how I feel very well but thank you a lot #thanks for the ask! #for bad days <3
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  • anger-anger-anger
    07.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    My abuser is streaming on twitch today I wil spy on her.

    #I brought up my constantly checking their social media to one therapy I had one time for one session #who didn’t see anything wrong or at least didnt point it out which uhhhh #made me doubt her judgement bcuz that doesn’t seem healthy whatsoever
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  • transdeanwinchesterr
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i hate mal he sucks and there is no changing my mind

    #he just like dumps his ‘uhhhh u changed :(((‘ on alina and expects her to change back???? #where!! were!!! you!! when she needed u!!!! #fuck mal #just seeing him talking makes me mad #personal #shadow and bone
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  • pvnkie
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #oooh new name :D #I have a bunch of names in my notes that give me gender fbjdhf #like apollo n mercury n uhhhh #monty #yea I like m names ndmshd #ender!! #thanks for the ask!
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  • greatdisaster
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    stanley and xeno, but small

    #uhhhh obligatory 'dont turn me into a marketable plushie' joke #because i drew these while looking at my plushie of spike from cowboy bebop lmfao #still figure out how to draw them normally but drawing them as tiny little plush toys has been a blast #on a totally unrelated note if i had the money and if ebay/mercari/whatever the fuck had it: #i would literally pay anything to get myself that official ukyo plush. i want him so bad bro hes so small and cute and round and AHHHFHGGSDF #ok back to my discussion boards and trying to gather the brain cells to do them goodnight. or good morning. whatever. be well #dr stone #dr. stone #dcst#stanley snyder #xeno houston wingfield #dr xeno #dr. xeno #digital art
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  • borderlinedirk
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I can’t fucking expect people to coddle me when I’m fucking hyper independent and constantly stick up for myself. I get so fucking sad when people don’t look out for me and protect me when I literally don’t fucking need anyone to do that. It’s stupid and I’m tired of it.

    I’m just so tired of taking care of myself and forcing people to treat me right. I want someone else to do it. I want someone to care enough to do it.

    And I shouldn’t feel like this. I shouldn’t have to feel like this. The things that lead to this should’ve never happened and this is a stupid and frustrating way to feel. It hurts that no one wants to look out for me. And when they do all I do is crave more.

    I want them to focus all their attention on me and be the most important thing in their lives and that’s not going to happen. Because if it really did that would be annoying as shit but also it wouldn’t be healthy.

    But it’s nice to think about. And then when I stop thinking about it it hurts. Why didn’t anyone care enough to help me. Why is everyone such a damn coward except me!!! I wouldn’t be like that, I fucking stand up for myself and other people because I’m not a fucking pushover who lets people do whatever hey fucking want.

    And I hate everyone who made me like this. Who fucking stood there and let everyone hurt me and then only stepped in when it was too damn late and I was already fucked.

    And I can long for the care I never got all I want but it changes nothing. Even if someone gave that to me (which they won’t) it wouldn’t fix me, it might even make me worse. At least now I’m not reliant on other people to take care of shit for me.

    I want them to look out for me and I don’t want them to like someone else better than me. I want them to fucking protect me and it’s fucking pathetic.

    I don’t need protection. I’m doing that fine on my own. So why the hell does my shit brain do this every damn time I talk to them!!!!!

    #do not reblog #uhhhh #we need a new tag boys #S tag#whatever #I don’t wanna be me
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  • just-shapes-and-eats
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oh hey for once I’m posting something on here!

    Greetings, I’ll be trying to post some stuff (haha) here occasionally!

    If I don’t post you all are free to uhhhhh send asks n whatnot directed at me (if I can see asks, I might not be able to currently, so I apologize for if there’s a delay between now and later if anyone sends me smth)

    Also, You all May call me mod Gou, kheheh!

    #//projectile sobs// /lh #mod G0u #I think with my reappearance I should have a tag #Hope that uhhhh dento doesn’t mind me making this post lmao
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  • seaurchns
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    hey hey hey you can like characters while acknowledging they do not affect the plot like whatsoever

    #is this about eva sanchez. maybe #shes literally my favorite character after mattie but also!! you could remove her from the show entirely and the plot would not change!! #and people!! seem to insist!! that she is plot relevant and saying otherwise counts as hate!! #she is a good (albeit underdeveloped) character she just has about as much weight on the storyline as that one mention of jake gyllenhaal #am i going to delete this probably because like half the watt blogs follow me and im scared of you but uhhhh bye <33 #echinoideas
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  • deanpinterester
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    TYE: Gems & Their Alignments

    Alrighty so I did a bit of digging after that last post and here is my discovery:

    1) Diamond - Fortuna, goddess of Prosperity - power, ambition

    2) Roseite - Amare, god of Love - passion, compassion

    3) Veritum - Sapientus, god of Wisdom - truth, knowledge, curiosity

    4) Amber - Caldora, angel of Fury - hatred

    5) Nightstone - Formidite, angel of Fear - darkness, fear

    6) Prase Quartz - Denarius, angel of Greed - greed

    7) Kunzite - Aevietes. god of Time - time, patience

    8) Ruby - Tristius, angel of War - eternal savagery

    9) Moonstone - Moritas, goddess of Death - morality, death

    10) Sapphire - Laetes, angel of Joy - happiness

    11) Aquamarine - Compasia, angel of Empathy - empathy, sensitivity*

    12) Opal - Pulchritas, goddess of Beauty - beauty*


    The last two alignments are Sensitivity and Beauty, and the last two stones are Opal and Aquamarine. I don’t know which deities they align to, and which stone goes with which alignment, so if y’all remember anything from the books, let me know!


    Edit 1: I also found Compasia, angel of Empathy, which...I don't know where that one fits in.

    Edit 2: Compasia is the angel of Empathy AND Sensitivity. I still don’t know which stone she aligns with, but I want to sayyyyy Aquamarine.

    *Edit 3: Added 11 and 12, though I’m not 100% sure if they’re with the right stones. I also don’t know Pulchritas’s deity title, but I’m assuming it’s goddess of beauty (she is briefly mentioned when Adelina gets her first look at the Fortunata Court, when she sees a painting of her rising from the sea).

    #uhhhh me #the young elites #marie lu #ignore the last post i made saying there are 13 stones i just made a typo on the list hjsdfbsj #also i'm not 100% sure moonstone aligns to death but given that nightstone is aligned to fear i'm gonna assume it is
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  • deanpinterester
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    TYE fandom, do we know what each of the twelve crystals represent (the god and the alignment)? in book 1 i think we only get the explanation for the ones adelina aligned with, but not the others

    #uhhhh me #the young elites #marie lu
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  • marcvsjvnivsbrvtvs
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    antony and brutus are thematically comparable to gladiators in an arena, in which the arena is the theatre of roman power, and in this essay--

    #it's about different kinds of power in the theatre of politics #like. it's. uhhhh #it's like how there's an obvious class difference between antony and brutus but it doesn't exempt brutus from the unforgiving whims of power #there isn't even a particularly strong illusion of any kind of safety (see: his father) (see: the political alliances of that generation) #if antony was a victim to the social and systemic violence of rome than brutus was the victim to himself and his family #i like day dreaming AUs where he lives but god. i look at the gens junia of that time and im like. wow. #that sure is a snake eating itself alive! #anyway someone free me from my own mind im trying to draw a tree and i cant stop thinking about fucking gladiators #it's about the dialogue between those who have power and those who are oppressed by power and how it's acted out thru gladiators #and in the case of antony and brutus: octavian is the one with power and octavian is the one who wins #(in other news: my assassins creed AU where antony accidentally resurrects brutus and they kill octavian----)
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  • vuol-d-estate-la-magrotta
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I've been having a hard time restricting lately. Maybe I should just allow myself to go up to like 700-800 kcal for a few days, and then try to get back down...

    #ana restriction#ehhh #i just. im really happy lately. im in a love a little bit. and i just dont really feel like i want this self hatred to continue all the tim #but i also CANNOT out on any weight and everybody's been complimenting me on losing almost 7kg lately #and uhhhh #but i really want to eat #there are two typos in these tags that i dont really feel like correcting sorry yall
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