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  • Having so cleverly inspired and led the British people through six years of war, Winston Churchill’s political judgement seemed to desert him during his campaign for re-election in 1945.  His unfortunate speech during which he invoked the threat of a potential Gestapo in terms of Labour’s democratic socialism was seen as a defining moment.  

    Labour went on to win in a landslide, on their Welfare State manifesto, one crucial part of which was the welfare of service men and women, many of whom Labour contended had been abandoned after World War One.

    “…The gallant men and women in the Fighting Services, in the Merchant Marine, Home Guard and Civil Defence, in the factories and in the bombed areas - they deserve and must be assured a happier future than faced so many of them after the last war.  Labour regards their welfare as a sacred trust…”

    Labour held office for six years, until Winston Churchill led the Tories back into government in 1951.  

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  • Belly Mujinga was working at Victoria station when a man spat on her and a female colleague after saying he had Coronavirus.

    Within days, both women fell ill and Belly died just 3 days after being admitted to hospital. She leaves behind her husband and 11 year old daughter.⁣

    Belly pleaded with her bosses not to work outside of the ticket office as she had respiratory problems that made her particularly vulnerable. Despite this, they put her on the concourse and asked her to go back after the assault even though she was still shaking from the trauma. Belly reported the assault straight away to her bosses but they failed to contact emergency services. The suspect has still not been found 7 weeks later. ⁣

    52 transport workers have now died from Covid-19 and time and time again these workers have warned their bosses of how vulnerable they are in the work environment; from a lack of protection to staff abuse. This is no isolated incident. (www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-london-52650110)

    Govia Thameslink Railway knew of her condition and yet still put her on the frontlines during a pandemic. This is criminal negligence on every single level and her death and the death of dozens of workers is not inevitable. They were killed. ⁣

    Justice for Belly and for the hundreds of workers who have died and will die because of bosses and a government who think their lives aren’t worth protecting. ⁣

    May she rest in eternal light and peace. 💛

    You can donate to support her family here:


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  • Friendly Reminder

    There’s a lot going on right now, 2020 is a mess, and it’s okay to take a step back to look after your mental health. It doesn’t mean you care any less.

    We’re gonna get through this and you’re going to be okay.

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  • your black friends don’t owe you anything right now.

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  • Facism has slowly been creeping into all parts of our society. All over the world. Any place you look, you see it. And now this pandemic, this year, has finally made a lot of people open their eyes to what is happening. And if we don’t stop this now, we are just going to keep getting worse.

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  • I know we all love to hate Tumblr, and it very much is the wild west of the internet but to be honest I think in this day and age it is brilliant that we have a website which flies under their radar. It’s not being targeted by Russian Bots, it’s not having certain hashtags censored for spurious reasons, we haven’t got political posts being promoted.

    No-one is tracking it, it’s hard to associate a Tumblr with someone in real life, we can share things without being afraid about who might see it. On Tumblr we can talk about things like it maybe being better for the country if Boris Johnson died, without getting put on a list or scaring the neighbours, for example.

    Tumblr can be a resource. Tumblr can educate people. Tumblr can be used to share resources that might be difficult to host on other social media.

    #politics#uk politics#us politics #tumblr is a very anarchist website at the heart of it #and that is no bad thing
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  • I am fucking furious.  Boris Johnson you incompetent, self-serving, arrogant fucking twat!

    As for all those Brits who were gathered at the beach today - have you no fucking sense?

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  • #george floyd protests #uk politics#tories
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  • So like… It’s definitely not a coincidence that the government’s decision to have young children back in school means that parents who work in shops or other minimum wage jobs will be able to go back without the government having to be concerned about their childcare right? I just don’t see any logical reason why they would send infant school children, for whom social distancing would be hardest, back to school first, unless it benefits the government

    #uk politics #i mean obviously i dont actually know #but does anyone else think thats likely?
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  • #UK politics#coronavirus#covid 19#boris johnson #alexander boris de pfeffel johnson #boris is a fucking moron #fuck the tories #fuck boris
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  • matt hancock mentioning lgbt healthcare/essential workers at the beginning of the daily briefing today be like yes my party introduced section 28 and have historically opposed lgbt+ rights but happy pride :-) look our stupid blue tree is a rainbow now and that means it doesnt matter that our leader called gay people tank topped bum boys and gay people still cant give blood :-)

    #mine #ugh its so fucking disingenuous i actually want to scream #uk politics
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  • brighton and hove council won’t be reopening schools next week either. hahahahaaa….brighton doesn’t give a fuck. brighton has literally said:


    (vote in your local council elections, folks! you never know when you might be in the midst of a national pandemic and they’ll be your only protectors from the big bad guy who wants to get the economy going by killing teachers) 

    #uk politics #I love this city #difficult for me to relate to tory britain 'cause I live in brighton #all I know are seagulls and voting the correct way
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  • The irony of Boris Johnson being the first prime minister to fully devolve education to local authorities is not lost on me.

    Well done to all the councils doing the right thing and keeping school doors shut until it is safe to reopen.

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  • i want to state, for the record, that i am not and never will be on the same side as matt hancock

    #uk politics #what a fucking joke
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