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  • totallynotmystuff
    01.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Rafe Adler being bisexual is headcanon. I know a bi disaster when I see one!

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  • vgsedit
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    like / reblog if you save. DON’T repost. follow for more; requests are always open. remember, you can support me on ko-fi. ✧˖°
    #request#icons#uncharted #uncharted 4: a thief's end #uncharted 4#elena fisher#uncharted icons #uncharted 4 icons #elena fisher icons #video games #video games icons #games#games icons#gamingedit
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  • koreycinth
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Tribunal de Justiça w/ @intctheunkncnw​

    Os óculos de leitura eram empurrados para cima do nariz pela quinta vez, as lentes mais servindo de lupa para enxergar as letras minúsculas do próprio arquivo. Com papel em falta em casa e sem poder sair para comprar uma nova resma, Hyacinth quase se arrependia daquelas duas páginas por folha. Contudo, a sessão terminou e ela pode tirá-lo do rosto, pousando-os sobre outros arquivos espalhados no espaço reservado para si. “Três de uma só vez, Olwen. Três. E sinto que vai ser assim até o recesso do fim do ano.” Adiantar o trabalho tinha sido uma decisão que tinha concordado e assinado embaixo, só não achava ter tanto trabalho assim. Hyacinth se espreguiçava na cadeira de couro quando lembrou. Curvada sobre os papéis novamente, vasculhou nas pastas até encontrar. “Aqui, o que eu te prometi. Completo, com todos os testemunhos e um original da nota do policial no dia. Voi lá! Agora o que acha de sairmos? Merecemos um alívio alimentício depois de servir ao bem comum.”

    #━━ ˟ ⊰ ❀ INTERACTION ⋮ we are in uncharted waters #w. intctheunkncnw
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  • koreycinth
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Residência de @krmzi​, mas ocupada por uma Hyacinth

    ​Era a quinta vez naquele dia que a advogada tentava arrumar as malinhas da mudança improvisada. Uma semana inteira tinha se passado desde o último dia previsto para sua saída e a preguiça parecia perdurar. Mais tarde, dizia para si mesma quando aumentava o volume da caixa de som. Depois você faz isso, com a colher de sorvete pendurada entre os lábios e soterrada de cobertores. Hoje ela estava arrumada, não para sair de casa, mas para não parecer uma mendiga esquecida embaixo do viaduto. “O mundo não dá voltas, minha casa Crimson, ele capota.” Anunciou no lugar das Boas-vindas, lembrando da última vez que tinha aberto uma porta para a amiga. Deu um passo para o lado, permitindo que entrasse antes de atacá-la num abraço. “Que saudade de você, sua sumida. Esqueceu que tem uma amiga incrível hospedada na sua casa?” Casa essa que cheirava a diversas flores. E Hyacinth se convencendo que tinha encomendado tudo da floricultura das proximidades.

    #━━ ˟ ⊰ ❀ INTERACTION ⋮ we are in uncharted waters #w. krmzi
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  • supergamesofjackson
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Tom Holland is amazing because he is only 4 and he can read such complex words.

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  • thisisasamdrakeshitblog
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I've been thinking about what type of energy drink I think Uncharted characters would have.

    Nate: Redbull. The cans are much smaller than the others and therefore easy to travel with. He thinks he's a genius for thinking ahead. He's kinda smart for it, but don't tell him that.

    Sam: Rockstar. He says it's his favorite but he actually hasn't tried any others. He just thought the can looks cool

    Rafe: Monster. Specifically Monster Mules. Is it a good choice? Sure. But he acts like it's the only choice. He has also not tried any other brands.

    Sully: He only drinks coffee and that's fine.

    Chloe: Monster Zero. Also Pussy Natural Energy drink. She bought them because it was funny but they taste good so she keeps some in the fridge.

    Nadine: Had a sip one of Chloe's energy drinks exactly once. She thought it would be better with ice.

    Elena: Hi-ball. She needs the energy more than the flavor.

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  • naughty-dog
    01.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Dear team of Naughty Dog Studio, thanks for creating such awesome franchise “Uncharted”. I’m so obsessed with Drake’s adventures. Btw new trailer of Uncharted movie intrigues me so much, looking forward to February 2022 to watch this masterpiece👁👁So I’ve drawn this pencil art of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

    Artist - me (inst @ekatzn)❤️

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  • shawky
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    ❝  so  . . .  this  thing  we’re  after  .  what  was  it  again  ?  ❞  shawky  catches  up  alongside  madeline’s  stride  ,  matching  her  pace  after  a  few  minor  stumbles  and  tries  .  of  course  the  dirt  path  beneath  their  feet  is  uneven  ,  with  rocks  and  gravel  patches  𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎  𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗  𝚎𝚗𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑  to  send  shawky’s  occasionally  clumsy  self  staggering  a  bit  .  eventually  though  ,  as  his  boots  match  the  woman’s  elegant  gait  ,  shawky  feels  in-line  with  her  and  more  comfortable  in  asking  further  questions  .  ❝  i  wasn’t  necessarily  a  believer  in  magic  — —  well  .  UNTIL  I  MET  YOU  .  so  if  you  could  fill  me  in  a  bit  on  what  this  thing  does  before  we  take  it  . . .  ❞  this  isn’t  a  normal  adventure  ,  and  the  woman  walking  alongside  him  is  certainly  atypical  in  so  many  ways  (  good  ways  ,  ways  that  interest  a  curious  explorer  ,  ways  that  intrigue  him  and  make  him  WANT  to  learn  more  )  .  ❝  does  it  give  you  𝚙𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛  ?  does  it  . . .  turn  everyone  into  zebras  ?  like  — —  what  does  it  do  ?  ❞  obviously  an  outlandish  and  sarcastic  question  ,  but  maybe  shawky  can’t  help  but  try  and  make  @celestieu​  laugh  .  ❝  — —  and  how  much  𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚋𝚕𝚎  𝚊𝚛𝚎  𝚠𝚎  𝚒𝚗  ,  exactly  ,  once  we  steal  it  ?  ❞

    #celestieu #verse i.  he is terribly afraid of dying because he hasn’t yet lived  /  main verse #HI HI HI #so i read your uncharted verse as well as your modern verse #so i don't know which one you'd prefer to put this in #BUT! whichever you choose! #i hope this set up works for you? #♡
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  • rxmacase
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Uncharted 2 Lazarevic



    Under his employ is a private army of highly trained soldiers, including his right-hand man Draza , and treasure hunter Harry Flynn. Lazarevi serves as a major character and the main antagonist of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, competing against protagonist Nathan Drake to reach Shambhala. While you can strike him with your bullets and manage to do some damage, its not worth trying to do this, because its simply not. Because hes so buffed out on the Tree of Lifes sap, normal fire isnt going to do much damage to him. Fighting Lazarevic is, in premise, quite simple. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Walkthrough.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was first. The game follows Nathan Drake as he tries to find another treasure. It is the sequel to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. It was released in North America, Australia, Japan, and Europe in October 2009. Our policies can be reviewed here.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Failure to do so may result in deletion of contributions and blocks of users who refuse to learn to do so.

    The Trope workshop specific templates can then be removed and it will be regarded as a regular trope page after being moved to the Main namespace. All new trope pages will be made with the "Trope Workshop" found on the "Troper Tools" menu and worked on until they have at least three examples. Show Non-English Actors Hide Non-English Actors Takayuki Sugo. Pages that don't do this will be subject to deletion, with or without explanation.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009) Zoran Lazarevic. All new pages should use the preloadable templates feature on the edit page to add the appropriate basic page markup.

    Uncharted 2 Lazarevic Series Of Action

    The gameplay is described as Tomb Raider meets Gears of War, a combination of fighting bad guys, exploring the environment, and solving puzzles. They follow the adventures of self-styled treasure hunter Nathan Drake, supposed descendant of Sir Francis Drake, and his quests to find lost historic artifacts. PAGES WILL BE DELETED OTHERWISE IF THEY ARE MISSING BASIC MARKUP.Uncharted is a series of action/adventure platforming video games exclusive to the Playstation 3 and developed by Naughty Dog (creators of Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter). DON'T MAKE PAGES MANUALLY UNLESS A TEMPLATE IS BROKEN, AND REPORT IT THAT IS THE CASE.

    It follows Nate and Sully on their hunt for Iram of the Pillars (aka "Atlantis of the Sands"), a lost Arabian city filled with riches, and see them following in the footsteps of both Sir Francis Drake and T.E. Sully and Elena are along for the ride again, and the group are racing to find the stone before psychopathic war criminal Zoran Lazarevic can get his hands on it.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was released on November 1st, 2011. In this new adventure, Nate is tracked down by old associates Harry Flynn and Chloe Frazer, who want his help to steal the first in a series of clues left by Marco Polo that lead to Shambhala (Shangri-La) and the legendary Cintamani Stone. The trio soon find themselves in over their head, lost on an uncharted island and pursued by an avaricious loan shark, his henchman, boatloads of Mooks, and eventually something on the supernatural side.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was released on October 13th, 2009. It follows Nate, his old friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan and Intrepid Reporter Elena Fisher as they search for the lost treasure of El Dorado using clues from the diary of Sir Francis Drake, who may or may not be Nate's ancestor. Every game in the series so far has been very highly acclaimed.Uncharted: Drake's Fortune ( Uncharted: The Treasure of El Dorado in Japan) was the first entry into the series and was released in 2007.

    Along the way he encounters both Eddy Raja as well as Eddy's sister, Rika. In the comic, Nate is working for a man named Daniel Pinkerton in search of an artifact called the Eye of Indra. Caught in the middle of a rivalry between Jason Dante — his old friend — and Marisa Chase — the granddaughter of an archeologist who has mysteriously vanished without a trace — Nathan Drake races into the treacherous river basins, undiscovered temple ruins and karst caverns of Central America in search of a legendary lost city, only to find himself pushed to the edge of the Golden Abyss."Uncharted: Eye of Indra is a motion comic that precedes the first game. This is the official description of the title:" Uncover the dark secret behind the 400-year-old massacre of a Spanish expedition as Nathan Drake follows the murderous trail of an ancient and secret Spanish sect. This time, the villains are a shadowy organisation dating all the way back from the time of Queen Elizabeth I, led by a figure from Nate and Sully's past who knows their darkest secrets.Uncharted: Golden Abyss was developed by Sony Bend and released on Februat the launch of Sony Computer Entertainment's PSP successor, PS Vita.

    Uncharted 2 Lazarevic Movie Adaptation Of

    As a result, the movie's fallen back into Development Hell. Russell was originally assigned as the director but left the project due to creative differences between him and the studio as his script was over ambitious and too costly and his plot of the film had little resemblance to the "Uncharted" games. Since the Uncharted games were designed to look, feel, and play like a movie already, it may avoid the fate of most video-game-to-movie adaptations. There was also a six issue comic book mini-series released by DC Comics from late 2011 to early 2012.A movie adaptation of Drake's Fortune has been confirmed by producer Avi Arad.

    Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The sewers Drake and Flynn use to enter the museum. Created by Somefortunatesoul. The Abridged Series: "Uncharted 2 Among Thieves: The Abridged Series", can be found here.

    The minute you go into said doors, there are heavily armed mooks already in the room waiting in ambush. Already Undone for You The first game is infamous for this, Drake has the journal of Sir Francis Drake, the only way to solve puzzles to open doors in the ruins. Nate and Chase at the end of Golden Abyss Almost Kiss: Nate and Elena at the end of Drake's Fortune. While the AK-47 and SAS-12 (a pump-action only variant of the SPAS-12) keep their names, the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle is a Dragon Sniper, the Desert Eagle is called a Desert-5, and the Mossberg M500 shotgun is called a Moss-12. AKA-47: Done inconsistently.

    It should be noted that said zombies and yetis were created via biological means mistaken for the supernatural. Despite having seen all the supernatural stuff that happened since the first game (Zombies, yetis et al) both Drake and Sully are skeptical of the myth. This also crops up in Drake's Deception, where Iram of the Pillars, the lost city, is said to have been cursed by King Solomon, who supposedly sent a brass vessel with the spirits of the Djinn into the depths of the city, at least according to Sheikh Salim. Nate and Elena point out how arbitrary that is. Then Chloe gets this when they're in Shambala.

    Artifact of Death: El Goddamn Dorado. Armies Are Evil: Lazarevic's soldiers in Among Thieves. See a theme yet? In addition, Drake begins believing in the Iram myth after getting poisoned a second time.

    In spite of crashing through several large boulders near the track, it somehow picks up speed. Artistic License Physics: In the second game, a train car gets blown off the track by a helicopter attempting to kill Nate and starts rolling sideways down the track. It means "the gilded one", and the real El Dorado was a tribal chief who covered himself in gold dust. Nate realizes that El Dorado refers to the statue, not a city, when pointing out that "El Dorado" means "the golden man". Artistic License History: Combined with a little bit of Gratuitous Spanish. In the third game, the vessel of brass used to trap the 'djinn' in Iram, which is apparently the source of the hallucinogenic agent in the water.

    They're not actually automatic, but they've got a pretty good firing rate nonetheless. Automatic Crossbows: In Among Thieves.

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  • cryptidzero
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #uncharted #uncharted: lost legacy #chloe frazer#nadine ross#chlodine#sam drake #HES THERE. FOR A BIT.
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  • velassko
    30.11.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Uncharted 2 Villain

    0NavigationRedemption stories are some of the most engrossing tales out there. He is also a supporting character in the Uncharted comics and one of the primary antagonists of the non-canon co-op Adventure mode in Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. Granted, Lazarevi is no less popular. Even though Flynn is only the secondary antagonist in Uncharted 2, he is one of the most popular Uncharted villains.

    An Australian-born treasure hunter, constantly looking out for the next big thing.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Cheats. Uncharted 2 Zoran.Chloe Frazer is the tetartagonist of the Uncharted video game series, serving as the tritagonist of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a supporting character in Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, and the playable main protagonist of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. 10 Video Game Villains With The WORST Motivations Page 6 photograph. Rather than watching the hero fight the villain in a conventional journey, it's often more interesting to witness a villain growing into a hero.Doughnut Lazarevi Uncharted Wiki Fandom photograph. In addition, it flips traditional moral and narrative structures on their head.

    Formerly malicious figures have a change of heart, renouncing their evil pursuits and even aiding the other do-gooders. Villain" formula, some titles have steered their characters in a different direction. Cost: 1,500,000 Harry Flynn - Reach Level 20 Costs 50,000 Heist Drake - Reach Level 10 Costs 20,000RELATED: Villains Who Deserve A Standalone Video GameThough gaming has mostly stuck to the standard "hero vs.

    Either way, the end result is still the same. A few brave writers, however, have attempted such redemption narratives within a single title.

    #Uncharted 2 Villain
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  • nathandrakeisabottom
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I really believe that every "x reader" fic writer deserves to have their own private, personal work separate from their blogs. And I don't just mean whole private pieces. I mean having a google doc with all their works, and altering them to be specific to THEM.

    Yes!! Your favorite character WOULD love saying your name and running their hands through your hair!! There's no shame in reminding yourself that your pieces were originally made with the intent to be for YOU and you only.

    I love being able to give other people these little, fun, loving experiences through my writing, but I think for writers it's easy to feel like something is lost, cheapened, when you share it with others.

    So make another version that's just for YOU! Share with others AND also make it personal and intimate for yourself.

    You can do BOTH!!!

    #fanfiction#x reader#f/o #f/o x reader #fanfic #imagine your f/o #f/o x s/i #f/o x oc #f/o x y/n #f/o x you #I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I love making them say my name even if it's just a placeholder that I replace when I publish #and then replacing it in my google doc later :) #brb gotta make my shea x uncharted master doc that's chronologically in order of when I think they happen #and I wanna add little intermissions in between. mini scenes that are non-sexy and me personally just hanging out with them #and they say my name and I talk like me and they run their hands through my blonde hair and my little dark roots at the top :) #hey y'all update I f/o nate!!!! #but of course I'm still gonna post stuff for y'all too <3
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  • incorrect-uncharted
    30.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Nate: Look, I know we used to date, but let’s keep this professional, okay?

    Elena: Okay, what did I break?

    Nate: MY HEART.

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  • galasgamingcorner
    30.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Do you hear that?

    #unchartededit#uc3edit#gamingedit#dailygaming#gameplaydaily#uncharted#uc3 #uncharted: drake's deception #nathan drake#elena fisher#victor sullivan#mygamegifs #i hope this looks fine #i mean it looks okay in the queue #but so did my acv gifset #and tumblr turned it into a grainy mess upon posting
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  • incorrect-uncharted
    30.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Sam: Chewing gum helps me think.

    Nadine: Sam, you're wasting your gum!

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  • kirschtein-exe
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    lost legacy trio mini drawings

    feel free to use

    #uncharted #uncharted the lost legacy #lost legacy#samuel drake#sam drake#nadine ross#chloe frazer #best in the business
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  • crossmacase
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oceanhorn Monster Of Uncharted Seas Walkthrough



    It focuses on an unnamed boy protagonist's quest to find his lost father and defeat the living fortress, Oceanhorn. It was first released for iOS in November 2013, and later had. Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an action-adventure video game for iOS. Seas on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/walkthrough).5/5 - TouchArcade - "Must-have for any iOS gamer"Complete game walkthrough with videos to help you find all the 101 treasure locations for this cracking game.

    He is gone…The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas Walkthrough.

    Oceanhorn Monster Of Uncharted Seas Walkthrough Full Game Walkthrough

    Today, savegooglewave.com would like to introduce to you Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas 100% Walkthrough. It will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge. Savegooglewave.com is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. Oceanhorn guide This is a topic that many people are looking for. If you have any cheats or tips for Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Questions & Answers page.4/4 - Slide2Play - "a real gem on the App Store"This full game walkthrough for Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas (Vita) is currently in progress.

    It s called the hermit s island and let s get it started so press x. I make walkthroughs for video games and show you how to get and a hundred percent completion how to do absolutely everything in a game and get all of the trophies so on this video.We re going to explore the first area in the game. Now for those of you who may be unfamiliar with channel. I am bringing you a new game ocean horn horn monster of uncharted seas.

    It will guide your way to an island of a friend he will help you to prepare for what is coming and now. I will give you my old note from my travels. It is coming from me again this is all happening sooner than i thought i m forced to act whatever happens next.I m not going to lose you like i lost your mother this necklace is the last thing left of her keep it close and guarded around. I hear it s over that sounded cooler than the sea. My fate is tied to a monster from the depths of time roshan.

    Which is vagrant and here are the challenges for hermits island.Well i can t put the cursor down. If you go back to the title screen with that button that shows my level on the level. I haven t done any fishing yet but apparently there s fishing and when you get records.It s going to show them here. I ll show you the menu system here so we ve got this fish log. So let s uh hit start well.

    X.To pick them up and then press x. And i can also walk up the items or objects press. All i can really do is move around with the left stick and i can press square to swing this stick to attack. I can go back and look at the cinematics that have played here s my log for whenever i talk to someone or read something it ll show it there and here s my controls and settings alright.So right now. Smart guy read at least ten signs not far from tree get father s sword and shield here s my items and spells get none of that at the moment flashbacks.

    So like that point on that ledge. At the moment.So you can t jump in this game. Most of those i can t use yet so we ll come back to that like i said just move attack and x.

    I can t do anything with this well i can hit it i suppose.But that s not going to do much and i can also hold x to and you ll see like his stamina go down. But not too often really pick up some more coins. It again to throw it every once in a while they ll have coins in them. And it means the x button.So i can go pick one up press. I can t fall off of it so i can just run up against it and alright let s move forward.I ve got a sign here pick up a jar with the cross button.

    If it drains.I died which took away just half a health and put me back on the land. But there s my stamina draining. So i went into the water without any and i died. It s based off of stamina.So i just wasted all my stamina sprinting. But you can t go for long o or you die like that i forgot.

    Your father often visited this island on his travels. But because the mini map helped me out it shows that there s a treasure so i m gonna go pick that up and it gave me five coins these larger pieces of grass right here you can break those they ll have hearts and coins in them from time to time like i just got there let s break these maybe i can get a coin from one of them there we go all right.And let s talk to the hermit did you sleep well kid do you still have the same nightmare. I probably wouldn t look over here. You can see the treasure chest.Just below me so i ll head over to that this sign just says the hermit hut. Which it s doing right now.

    But that s all we can do this chest right here it needs something called a master key. So in here.I guess we could break a few things maybe get a coin. Yeah.Let me in your house. I guess we ll drop down and come back up that ll work. And it s being stubborn ah stop that now. Oh well i talked to him again don t forget your training run around the island a few more times.I m trying to go in this house.

    But i can t get to it so i have to wait maybe.It s something i can do later. I guess i could break these up.I don t know what that thing is i ve been curious about it. So i can t open that yet and nothing else over here. I am got a door right here this also needs the master key. But we don t have it right now so nothing to do here.Let s just exit and we will head this way the enemy here i can beat them up with my stick my depressing square another enemy.

    And everything you have collected is saved all the time we got some more grass and we ll head up here that coin down there i could get by dropping down. Whenever you see one and don t worry all your progress. Maybe go get some more grass nothing for me this is a checkpoint from the arcadian arcadian era.You will magically spawn next to it if something bad happens to you checkpoints can be found all over the world remember to activate them. But we won t be getting it in this video.

    It gives you 25 experience all right and nothing else for me up there i m going to head down and grab that coin on the way and now i m gonna head in this direction throw objects while carrying an object press keep pressing the cross button and target with left stick. Give me some a gym of some sort and here we go hermits picnic spot and nothing coming out of breaking those so let s open this chest.You found a rough explorer crystal. All right let s go down this ladder takes us to some caves got a baddie here whack whack whack.

    So i ll need to find another way to get to it so i ll head up this staircase whack that grass and head into this cave caves coins hearts and other items are hidden all over the world all right we re gonna head this way we can t get through that door it needs a key of some sort. There is boom and some more of those blue gems and there we go that s some money i ll take that i forgot a chest here i can t get to that it s on a ledge above. I ll kill him with the jar.If i can yes. They give me a bunch of those gym things and i think there s another enemy.

    But of course as soon as i get off of it it ll raise them back up. This is a pressure point.If i stand on it it ll knock down those barriers. Which gave me some more gems push objects with the cross button x button.

    Oh.I got smart guy read at least ten signs and that got me a trophy. I m talking about got some more grass.Didn t give me anything and what we got here this is a reset button it magically returns objects to their original positions and you can start solving the puzzle from scratch now either i don t understand it or it s broken. I can get that flying thing with it. We got another pressure point pressure plate there s no crate this time so i m just going to throw a rock on top of it that ll get the job done and more grass beat that up and may as well break.These vases maybe. I m gonna there yeah open that bad boy up get me another coin two more coins. You ve you got a regular key not the master key just a regular key.So that ll open that door back here.

    I m pretty sure it s broken because watch this i can put the rocks on the pressure plates.Which will open that up once i ve put them on both. And that gives me another trophy as well so sweet made progress with that and this tells me you can pick up many kinds of things so anyways what i was saying with this reset switch. Money collect your first 25 coins. Refilled and ten coins.The other challenge pocket. I get this you are a traveler. So now if i press.The options button.

    We go you got back your mother s necklace. We don t need to reset it anyway.I don t know why we would want to and here. But it doesn t actually do that just does nothing so i don t know what s up with that it doesn t seem to work well that s alright.

    So that doesn t really do anything we re just going to carry that around with us.

    #Oceanhorn Monster Of Uncharted Seas Walkthrough
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  • masoraholiday
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Uncharted 2 Gamefaqs

    0Uncharted 2 Gamefaqs Full Triple A#

    Uncharted 2 Gamefaqs Series Began With#

    Uncharted 2 Gamefaqs Series Began With

    For Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled five grenades at.This review contains spoilers , click expand to view.Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception is a game characterized by a truly cinematic action. HOST how-to-beat-uncharteds-final-boss. The main series began with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, released on the PlayStation 3 in 2007. The main series of games follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter who travels across the world to uncover various historical mysteries. Uncharted is an action-adventure game series created by Amy Hennig, developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation consoles.

    You take control of Chloe in this case as she is on the hunt for the Tusk of Ganesh, and tries to beat a war lord by the name of Asav. We have found For Stellaris: Console Edition on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 29 trophies.Naughty Dog brings us a lengthy DLC, from the Uncharted series featuring a story following the events of Uncharted 4 with Chloe and Nadine. Similarly to these popular heroes, Drake comes out of many seemingly hopeless and deadly situations not only thanks to his tremendous resourcefulness, but also due to his incredible luck.-Last two tier Amoebas are immune to vanilla strikecraft.

    As the story continues we find out a little bit more about the history of the characters. In the beginning of the game, we see the characters struggle to trust each other and work together. But 90% of it takes place in a jungle like all of the other Uncharted games (a change of scenery would be nice in this series). The lost legacy takes place in India, which is great because it is a new location.

    Uncharted 2 Gamefaqs Full Triple A

    Lost Legacy is a great expansion of the series and I hope to see a full triple A title featuring these two characters in the future. The characters seem to get closer as the story progresses with some minor bumps along the way. Nadine's story is a bit different and is satisfying to find out what has happened to her and shoreline, and how she acquired the organization. Come to find out she is finishing what her father began.

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