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  • 1.Patience: I am grateful for my patience. When I look at the people around me I notice that most of the world I live in is impatient. A microwave generation that is always on the go but takes little time to love their surroundings more than themselves. Practicing patience tested me and I grew into a woman that is more understanding.

    2.organized: Organization is important to me because I like things to have a place, kind of like a home they can say belongs to them if they could talk.

    3.Neat: Neat surroundings is like living on paradise.

    4.Understanding: I do not take too many things to heart the way I used to. I have learned to just listen and think before I say or react.

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  • How come most Middle Eastern women prefer to wear their head/facial coverings?

    • Just for like a side note: I don’t want to sound ignorant with any of this. I really just want to learn. I’ve never had any problem with seeing hijabs being worn here and there, younger actually assumed that it was a “pretty fashion-trend” or because of the Middle East tending to have more desert-like soil with hot weather, you wore it for protection…which in hindsight, yes I know I sound absolutely stupid. And that is why I’m making this post.

    I have always been thinking about this question and hoping to find someone who knows what they’re talking about and/or maybe someone who wears a covering themselves to help me gain a better understanding of things and how you feel on the matter.

    I only ever learned the straight-forward “American school definition” of what it meant to wear one or there would be shows/movies that presented wearing a Hibjab, Burka, or a Khimar as an obligation made by the men for the women to follow.

    But having been more exposed to seeing them, along with teenage girls who willingly wanted to wear their scarves was a big realization. Plus their were some that didn’t wear any covering at all, so I was confused on what was true.

    I see post of those that do wear them become scared, or very embarrassed, and upset when their scarf slips off of their heads or from around their face. Or this meme for example💀:


    Long story short, I just want to hear what you have to say. SO TEACH ME

    Ok…I’m done rambling :)

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  • This drawing features my OC Meetor, whose name I am thinking of changing.

    So. Why routines?

    For most of us autistics, routine is important. It keeps us centered and safe and feel like we’re in control.
    It may vary from place to place. At home it may be a certain way, and elsewhere a different way. But it is most importantly different for each of us. One example of routine may be that, due to some of us not being able to feel hunger, we take lunch and supper/dinner at certain times (12 PM and 5 PM, for example.) . Sometimes the routine is not so much about the time, but rather in which order we do things.
    Some of us may be more flexible in this sense, or even not need routine at all.

    Hope this helps!

    © Me, CelineDGD.

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  • Kedves Bloggerek/Youtuberek,…..

    Én értem, hogy szeressük önmagunkat, fogadjuk el magunkat, legyünk önmagunk…

    De egy kérdésem van: Ki vagyok én?

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  • People too often assume the worst out of each other. More often than not, I feel like we look at each other as inherently bad. I think this creates the most riffs in society.

    If we can take a step back, and stop being ready to tear each other down, we can approach each other with more empathy and understanding, even if we disagree.

    We all make some bad choices in life, but that doesn’t make us bad people. It makes us human. Stop trying to prove you’re right, and start trying to prove you’re understanding.

    #don't judge people #human#empathy#understanding #people are good #love#love everyone
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  • There has been quite a sudden demographic change in the group of Facebook users, of late. Have you wondered why your Boomer or GenX parents are suddenly taking to Facebook and why they can’t stop talking about it? Well, here’s one way to look at this:

    1. Peers Supporting Peers

    The primary reason for the middle-agers to have started using social media like Facebook is quite simply, peer pressure. Only, it’s no pressure. Our aunts and uncles have become unpaid promoters of Facebook by way of encouraging and convincing their peers to join the platform to ‘get with the times’.

    2. Find and Re-connect with People Long Lost

    With changing times, heavy national migrations and limited resources, if there’s anybody who has lost touch, it is the middle-agers. A huge part of lost connections has been a result of arranged marriages, work-relation relocation and sometimes just a change of heart. We have all heard them recite the stories of their youth when times were simpler and joy was not out of reach, stories about their friends, their professors and the little ones in their tightly-knit colonies. The emotion with which we have heard them tell us about all these anecdotes has eventually led most of us to try and get in touch with their long lost friends for them. It’s safe to say that the joy- the pure happiness they have found by way of reconnecting with an old-times has been moving. It tells us why their relationships were built of something else altogether in contrast with the delicate relationships we have now.

    3. Real-Time Communication: A-WHAT?

    These middle-agers are from times when sending letters were the norm and STD calls would burn a hole in their pockets. The dynamic shift in how communication is perceived has been massive. From waiting for days, sometimes months, to receive a reply from loved ones, to get a way to be in touch with them IN REAL TIME has been a weird blessing that nobody wants to miss out on.

    4. Connect with Youth

    Since we kids have grown up with the onset of technology as we know it, they have always struggled with the idea of how easy we made it look. How is it that a 2-year-old knows how to record a video on a phone while his 50-year-old grandfather struggles to understand the same? It’s honestly quite obvious: Technology was a new concept. Between bringing up a bunch of kids, ensuring their quality of life AND keeping up with the market scenario, there was little time to indulge. When IT took over, people thought of it as a passing trend, a FAD if you will. But then, it stuck. Who could’ve thought? Computers? What good are they for? It wasn’t an easy concept to grasp and neither did they have time to spare.

    Now these middle-agers see their kids and grand-kids who have grown up with technology, use it like bread and butter. It’s baffling. The social impact the times have had on the youth has left the older generation feeling somewhat out of the loop and the need to feel involved is REAL. Facebook has acted like an opening on that journey. They see their fathers and mothers using a new-age social media platform and they appreciate the effort that has been put in by them. An effort to learn, to crush their orthodox inklings and accept the present. It’s empowering.

    5. Media and UX

    Photos, videos, articles, statuses- WHAAAAT? Wait a minute, that’s information overload. Or is it? For those retired or in the last leg of their jobs, it’s the perfect thing to fill their time with. These are people who are done with most of their household duties, just waiting for time to go. With Facebook, they now have access to real-time updates of their friends and families. YAY TO GOSSIP.

    Facebook has a pretty straight forward interface with a variety of tools to explore. They now get to be a part of a bigger community with a click on a screen? How is that not a good idea? You now get a send baby videos to your grand-kids and tell them how they were the same. Commenting on their niece’s Europe trip pictures makes them feel complete. And if she replies to the comment? BINGO, she has now extended micro-emotions of feeling included and valued. Why didn’t they think of this earlier, they question themselves.

    It’s the simplest thing in the world to judge someone, but a little empathy goes a long way. It’s understandable to get irritated with the elders nagging you to teach them a few nicks but think about how you can alter a person’s mood just by sparing a few minutes to teach them how to send an emoticon. We are the by-products of our older generation and we owe it to them to empower them and help them understand things we are fortunate enough to call our bread and butter :)

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    Night Court 1988 “I’m okay, you’re catatonic”

    Harry’s Mel Torme music collection is ruined by Dan.

    Buddy is to be committed to a mental care facility by his (not in this pic brother) yet Buddy only wants to help his friend with his sorting out his understanding of life.

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  • #Holy mass#lukewarmness#indifference#understanding #a vital warning #this is actually terrifying #distraction#dishonor#disrespect #religion is all or nothing #brutal honesty
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    *5th M O N T H S A R Y*

    It didn’t start well kase nakalimutan niya. Kung hindi ko siguro sinabi, walang happy monthsary na mangyayari. Ang sama talaga ng loob ko kanina talaga. Umagang umaga, nananakit mata ko kakaiyak. Pero kahit ganun, mahal ko pa din siya. At sigurado akong mahal pa din niya ako kahit hindi na niya alam kung panong suyo pa ang gagawin niya mawala lang yung galit ko.

    I admit, I feel flattered kase sobra siyang hindi napapakali pag naiinis at bagting ako. Sobrang affected siya pag masama loob ko sa kanya at kapag umiiyak ako. Hindi na niya alam gagawin pag narealized niyang nasaktan niya ako. Somehow, masaya ako na sobra niya akong pinapahalagahan.

    Pero I realized kanina, ang selfish ko pala sa part na yun. I was consume sa nararamdaman ko pero I didn’t realized na nahihirapan siya pag nagagalit ako, pag feeling niya hindi niya ako napapasaya. Hindi ko naisip na natatakot din pala siya na baka iwanan ko siya, na baka mawalan na ako ng gana sa kanya, na kapag nakagawa siya ng mali hindi ako magdadalawang-isip na hiwalayan siya.

    Sobra akong naguilty na parang kailangan pa ba niyang maramdaman yun para ma-satisfy yung emotions ko. Yes, may mali siya. Pero I know may mali din ako. But still, panay ang sorry niya, panay ang suyo. Ayaw na ayaw niyang mawala ako. Sorry if you feel that way. Sorry sa attitude ko. Sorry for not understanding your shortcomings. Sorry kung hindi ako nakontento. Sorry kung naparamdam ko sayo na kaya kitang iwanan.

    I’m always left speechless tuwing pinaparamdam mo sakin na ayaw na ayaw mo akong mawala sa buhay mo, tuwing tinititigan mo ako kapag magkausap tayo, tuwing effortless mo akong napapatawa at tuwing sinasabi mong mahal na mahal mo ako.

    Thank you for opening up kanina. Thank you sa communication kahit na nasira ang phone mo, gumawa ka pa din ng paraan. And thank you sa pagiging honest sakin. At sobrang salamat sa pagiging patient at matiyaga sakin. 💪

    I know I turned into dinosaur kanina pero nung iniisip kita kanina, ang gusto ko lang yakapin ka. Parang kapag nayakap na kita, mawawala na lahat ng inis ko. Gustong gusto na kitang yakapin. Gustong gusto na kitang kasama. 😭

    I love you Mark. I may have a not so nice attitude at times, pero at the end of the day, ikaw at ikaw lang ang mahal ko. Maiinis lang ako, magagalit, sasama ang loob pero hinding hindi kita iiwan. Mahal na mahal kita. Mahal pa din kita kahit minsan bagting ako sayo. ❤


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