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    Sometimes if you feel they won’t understand or they won’t do anything to change the situation you don’t even bother explaining.You just keep everything to yourself.



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  • Strategies for Success: Understanding Consumer Trends

    Strategies for Success: Understanding Consumer Trends

    The key to successful marketing is building your brand and creating a loyal customer base that returns to your store to purchase again. You want consumers to recognize your brand, trust the quality, and anticipate new releases. Building your brand takes time and effort. From designing compelling consumer marketing assets to expanding your customer reach, in this blog series, I offer suggestions…


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  • I am hard of hearing and I would like to practice xylophone,

    Problem is I’m wearing NHS issue hearing aid,

    The hearing aid clash with the sound of xylophone,

    Cheap hearing aid cost £500 yet Smartphone have more functions than a hearing aid for the same price,

    Please hearing aids companies please explain,

    The price lists,

    Is pfft “ DISCRIMINATION ”,

    Hearing aids companies get ready for many “ i don’t want to spoil the surprise ”,

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  • [Today] The contradiction of myself.

    It’s late and it’s cold. It’s raining. I love the rain. I love stormy weather but… I don’t like the cold. I don’t like feeling cold. It reminds me constantly -like a slap in the face- that I’m alone.
    I have a very personal relationship with the cold. I start shuddering uncontrollably if I’m in the cold. Whether it’s a bath or just AC.
    I’m allergic to the cold.
    I also feel it when it’s not even…

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  • Day 54: The Value of Perspectives

    Day 54: The Value of Perspectives

    I’ve been meeting with a small group of like-minded friends for over 10 years now. We have read various spiritual books and share our perspectives on them giving each other a different insight or way of looking at the same thing we have read. We are each on the same journey but taking different paths so the perspectives we get are from our points of view. What gives a deeper understanding of each…


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  • I try to talk to my sister about things that are coming. I can see the changes. I tell her to cling close to God, make sure she is safe and do some preparation things but she just ignores me.  When she clings closer to God, she will start seeing what I am seeing. He will reveal it to her. When I text her, she doesn’t respond. She says that she is too busy and it stresses her out.  Just because you don’t want something to happen and you choose to ignore it, doesn’t mean that it will not happen. She knows this.  I don’t understand. 

    My heart is heavy today. One thing that WILL happen, the more you read, study and pray to God is that you will start noticing things. Things will start bothering you. You will start to notice all the craziness around you that was normal before. 

    People are becoming more wicked. It is like it is becoming a full time job just to keep up. Traps are laid out everywhere for your demise. I pray every time for people in the world and I ask God to take care of my family/friends and to put protection around us. 

    How does this not affect us.. It is like I am walking and I see people falling down around me. Front, back and sides but I am not TOUCHED. I am safe, but I still feel the sadness and agony of the others falling out around me.  

    It is like you are screaming at people to get off the train tracks. You see the train coming but they don’t. You see it get closer and closer but they don’t see, they don’t even try to look.  You are screaming, crying, trying to pull them off the tracks but they won’t get off.  Then the train hits. It hits them and you cry. You fall to your knees. You scream out wondering if there was something you could have said that would have soften their heart and made them listen to you. Something that could have saved them. 

    I am trying my hardest to help. My family thinks I am crazy and fanatical. I am pleading and pleading. The signs are HERE.  No one is listening. 

    My heart is heavy today.


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  • By Lynn Lorelie D. Opaon
    February 24, 2020


    “You have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as an end.” -Jessica Herrin, founder and CEO of Stella & Dot

    What I have learned in our lecture made me understand that doing business or having a business is not easy as it looks. There are always ups and downs in developing a business. After all, everything starts in creating or discovering small things that can make up to dreaming something great.

    There are plenty of things to consider in constructing a product or innovation to give support and make the things easier to the community. Especially during this pandemic and there is a lot of restrictions to be considered. That is why there are lots of business develop from the people who are staying home in order to feed themselves as they cannot go their jobs because of the pandemic.

    Today, there are lots of technopreneurs that develop products or services to give benefits to their customers especially online shop, delivery services, and any other services related to technology as face to face interaction is restricted. We have also assessed ourselves using Berkeley Innovation Index (BII), it is a concept and an open project to offer simple yet powerful ways to measure innovation capability in a holistic sense.

    Our groups also brainstormed on what product should we make or intervention that can make people’s lives easier. Also, we divided our task for us to work faster and efficient for our to be successful.

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  • The person that I am and who I’m becoming, people might not understand that. But its all good, because I understand myself and God understand me. That’s all I really need. Growth

    #womenempowerment #faithful #positivity #power #bossbabe #nevergiveup #godisgood #understanding #fashionblogger #clothingbrand #blogger #womensupportingwomen #explore #explorepage #blackownedbusiness #black #red #gold #TMZ #smallbootysmatter #petitefashion #petitewoman #blackgirlmagic #fashionstyle #bossladylife #happynewyear #happylife #happy #establishment #instagram

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  • Love WORD

    “What exactly does God want us to do?” the people asked. Jesus answered, “God wants you to have faith in the one he sent.”
    John 6:28‭-‬29 CEV


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  • Thinking horrible selfish things does not make you a horrible selfish person. However, the more you let those thoughts take over your mind, the more they build up. You risk exposing them to the world. They see the thoughts and think they’re indicative of the person themselves.

    Let’s make something clear: everyone has horrible thoughts sometimes. You can be the kindest, most charitable person on Earth and there will still be a selfish tickle hiding in the dark crevices of your mind. And that’s okay.

    These thoughts are what this page is about. I am releasing my horrible selfish thoughts so I can go out into the world and keep doing good. I can let empathy and kindness guide me out there while releasing my anger and greed and frustration here.

    I’ll say it now: this is not a nice place to be. This is not a place for “but what about die#@b+wo&s?” No. We don’t question here. We don’t tell people they’re horrible or selfish or nasty or greedy. We give people space. We don’t threaten, judge or harass. We listen or we leave.

    My submissions are open.

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  • — Eloghosa Osunde, from Reality Is Plasticine; Melting Clocks. Paris Review.

    I learned that God understands consent, 

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  • But Are We There?

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever!” Psalm 111:10ESV

    Have you ever felt bummed because you had believed a lie? We’ve all been lied to, swallowed the demonic lies hook, line and sinker. “Fear of the Lord” brings wisdom and discernment needed to know the truth.

    From the womb, our holiness church taught me the prophetic end times. ‘Last days are going to be horrible,’ with saint and sinner suffering from the ‘great tribulation.’ These times are very factual. But are we there…. Satan’s got his one world government ready to go. He’s pushing his agenda and fulfilling all of the things written on the underground internet for the creation of the tribulation.

    September 9, 2000 the Lord gave me a prophecy. Certain distinct events were mentioned. The first coming ‘event’ would change the world as I knew it, dated September 11, 2001. Following this event would come a time to seemingly deepened faith and return to church— short-lived. Next would come an unbelievable depth of depravity to the church and world, finances would suffer in accordance to the depravity. Because of the poverty, people’s giving financially to God’s church would be counted by God as righteousness. Someone-something was coming to change the face of our nation. After a great time of sadness, suddenly, we will find ourselves walking in the authority and power of King Jesus. We will do the miracles of the apostles as Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in Me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.” John 14:12NLT.

    There’s always been one problem with the prophecy God gave me and the timeline of the One World government. They don’t jive. Maybe my times were out of sync. But add to this little prophecy of mine, Bob Jones prophecies of 1986-1990 saying the year the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, God would begin His one billion soul revival. The Chiefs won last year, 2020. America will become a spiritual giant, with the news media will be televising healing revivals in the sports stadiums. Sounds far-fetched, right? Yet thrilling to the soul!

    Something birthed in my spirit during the past few weeks. The wisdom of the Lord has birthed an understanding of times and events. I can’t explain what’s going on, other than I’ve got renewed ‘hope.’ All the doom-n-gloom prophecies are being pushed off to a different time— not yet. There’s a birth coming. Just like sensing it’s time to push for a baby to be born, I’m sensing the revival is almost ready to push itself into our dark world. The lies of the one world government are not coming to pass just yet. No longer do I believe them, hook, line and sinker. God is going to have His day! His revival! His one nation under God time.

    With the demonic theft of the election, satan’s underworld thought they’d done in God’s plans. HA! Can you feel the contractions in time? We don’t have to believe the lies. Satan didn’t win and hasn’t won. His agenda 2030 is off the table. God has the revival 2021 beginning. Things are going to happen at an unbelievable pace. Changes nationally are going to be massive. Be ready for exposure of evil so vile you can’t open your eyes to view it, of people involved so vast in number and network your mind will boggle. When you begin to see these things you will begin to understand, how great is the wisdom of the Lord. Your heart will sing to the King for His goodness. “His praise endures forever.” Prepare your heart in worship….. It’s your choice. You choose.

    PRAYER: Father, Sovereign God thank You! Your revival is coming. Glory! Bring it on in Your wisdom, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray.

    by Debbie Veilleux
    Copyright 2021 You have my permission to repost this devotional for others. Please keep my name with this devotional as author. Thank you.

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  • My emotions are fucking everywhere and I hate myself more than anyone ever could.

    What’s eating me is that I don’t understand. I don’t understand why he wants to call me at 1am-4am, but still act cold & mean and not want anything to do with me entirely. I don’t understand why this one wants to try to be with me still even though the feelings we had are gone. I don’t understand why my emotions are everywhere and I just don’t want anyone except the soulmate I KNOW FOR FUKIN SURE is out there. I don’t understand why I didn’t leave sooner to worry about myself. I always put others first and I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what I should do next besides cry and work until I get to be where I want. I don’t understand why I push good things away before they get a chance to leave me themselves. I don’t understand why I (STILL) care so much about someone who literally trashed my name and hurt my heart so bad. I don’t understand why this one wants to act and treat me how he should have from the start, NOW, when I’m not even in love anymore. I don’t understand why she won’t answer me even if it’s been years since she graced my inbox. I don’t understand myself. I don’t understand how I am even fukin here and awake. I don’t understand these feelings I want to yell out at the top of my lungs. I don’t understand this emptiness that I have the urge to fill with alcohol and antidepressants. I don’t understand why I crave someone’s skin whom I have yet to met. I just really don’t understand why am I such a fukin mess that can’t come together.

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  • “Unwilling to tolerate life’s ambiguity, its unresolvability, its inevitability, we search for certainty, demanding that someone else must provide it. Stubbornly, relentlessly, we seek the wise man, the wizard, the good parent, someone else who will show us the way. Surely someone must know. It simply cannot be that life is just what it appears to be, that there are no hidden meanings, that this is it, just this and nothing more. It’s not fair, not enough! We cannot possibly bear having to live life as it is, without reassurance, without being special, without even being offered some comforting explanations. Come on now! Come across! You’ve got to give us something to make it all right. The medicine tastes lousy. Why should we have to swallow it just because it’s the only thing we can do? Can’t you at least promise us that we will have to take it just once, that it won’t taste that bad, that we will feel just fine immediately afterward, that we will be glad we took it? No? Well then, surely, at least you have to give us a lollipop for being good. But what if we are talking to ourselves? What if there is no one out there listening? What if for each of us the only wise man, the only wizard, the only good parent we will ever have is our own helpless, vulnerable self? What then?” ―Sheldon B. Kopp, If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him: The Pilgrimage Of Psychotherapy Patients

    Blood Divided (front cover) by Dan Don Santos

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  • Changing Minds

    The way each individual lives according to they background doesn’t make them wrong just cultural different.Mankind is so bent on right or wrong,what each one needs to understand is people culture,lifestyle.We need to spend more on learning from each culture background and take from it, which is a beautiful thing must tell you this.

    We should all stand united with all through religious,care of…

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