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    Blacktober day 24

    I’m not usually a fan of undertale AUs but I always thought the idea where Frisk climbed up curiously instead of falling down accidentally is very interesting

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    Oh look I made myself a little au I guess that’s a start in to the undertale fandom

    This sans isn’t evil nor is he a good sans either he may look evil but he isn’t evil

    I still don’t have a name for him either he is a self claimed hero to the multiverse he is not powerful at all he has the same hp as sans in undertale

    Yes he does have in au still trying to figure out the name and characters

    His weapon of choice a red scythe doesn’t fight the human only in the genocide route he doesn’t kill other monster’s to gain exp or love he doesn’t try to match the human because he already knows they will win anyways

    Favorite foods or drinks spicy sandwich and red fanta.

    Favorite color red

    He loves puns

    I think that’s all the information I can provide for this character as for the name I’m still very clueless on what to name him and his au but I know what designs I want for the other characters

    Please do not repost my art work or take or steal thank you

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  • Essences can harbor danger without ever knowing. What does it mean for the Dreamer Plagued by Nightmares?

    #undertale au#deltarune au #tears and blood #dreemurr's tears and darkner's blood #fan comic
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  • Dibujo de Ásara para mi querida @alanitaperez


    Basicamente me inspiré en el dibu por un vestido que hice que a ninguno d3 mis personajes le quedaba y decidí regalarcelo a la linda Ásara ^v^

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    There was only one reset and frisk used it but before she did, she told sans where she would fall from in the underground but she got scared since for some reason she was already falling from after the reset so she started to cry. But sans was running to catch her.

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  • In the night, something dangerous prowls the realm. Keep watch for the Starving Mother…

    #undertale au#deltarune au #tears and blood #dreemurr's tears and darkner's blood #fan comic#Starving Mother
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  • Flowey, internally: What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuuuuuuuuu

    #undertale au#deltarune au #tears and blood #dreemurr's tears and darkner's blood #TaB!Flowey #TaB!Ralsei #flowey#ralsei
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    Lust, blushing: do not speak for my interests


    Sans and Red: i mean, we left his pants on this time, at least

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    Hey! Me desaparecí mucho tiempo, pero ya estoy de vuelta, por lo mientras, les dejo este coso pequeño de Ligh cuando tenía tres años ;)

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  • Sairento


    I resigned him to try to make him look a little like skelabone(a oc in my other account)

    #Sairento! Sans #Sans au#Undertale au #Let's gooo I'm still trash at drawing
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  • Inktober 2020

    Día 25: Compañero // Day 25: Buddy


    Una bonita amistad uvu 💜


    A very cute friendship uvu 💜

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  • I need some help naming an undertale/henry stickmin AU, it’s one where you are someone who comes from the government and stumbled across the toppats. This is also like 20-30 years after the events of the henry stickmin collection and the toppats and the government have declared war. You make friends, battle enemies, confront the new leader, and find your way out before you get killed. The path I’m making so far is the neutral path. Every character is replaced with a henry stickmin chatacter and some have more than one role. The story is very different, and so are all the characters. The only similar qualities are, for example with Toriel, keeping you safe. For someone who has the role of papyrus, they want to make friends and are constantly left out of things. For someone like Asriel, they lost a friend and got killed while traveling to where their friend was from. Sorry if the grammar is not that good, english isn’t my first language. What names do you suggest? Do you want me to post the story on here?

    #henry stickmin#undertale#undertale au #henry stickmin collection
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  • A little late to post this batch but… yay! Part 3 of Inktobertale!

    More quality dips! And now using more alternate Inks!

    Here are the notes for each pic:

    • Day 16 - Was first thinking of having Ink ‘weave’ through a crowd of people… but then I thought it would be more fitting if he weaved around Error’s strings! 
    • Day 17 - Even protectors of the universe do not have universe-specific currency to exchange for art supplies… how else is he gonna get them?
    • Day 18 - I… honestly didn’t know what else to draw for this day - so here’s ___Tale Sans once more right after escaping. 
    • Day 19 - I’ll be kinda shocked if someone doesn’t know where this reference is coming from…
    • Day 20 - Ok. So for this month challenge, I also had a side challenge on NOT drawing PJ at ALL for this Inktobertale… or at least as long as I could. Day 20? Not too bad! But I couldn’t help of think of the point Ink finally remembered that PJ + Water = BAD.
    • Day 21 - The idea that @galacii-gallery had circling around the ship between Ink and Reaper… and how that Ink eats flowers to gain emotions… it won’t take long for Ink to be bouncing all over the place XD
    • Day 22 - Throwback to the old design! Ink is probably so used to being shoe-less now that he does not want to go back!
    • Day 23 - Another alternate Ink! This time Pale is the one receiving the rants from Template! (Both created by @unu-nunu-art)

    Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 (You are here!) - Part 4 (Coming Soon)

    #7sketchesanddoodles#inktobertale 2020#inktobertale#ink sans#undertale#undertale au#error sans#pale ink#template error#paperjam #paper jam combo #reaper sans #gosh... still no confidence to tag comyet on these doodles XD #but it's all good! I'm still having fun drawing these #I did... get behind on a few days so had to catch up #got super unmotivated in general so that was something #I honestly still feel super unmotivated but in a weird way - trying to push through it is motivating me? In a different way... #like... motivation to draw? Nah! But motivation to push through my unmotivated-ness and to actually draw despite the lack? Heck YES! #I'm finding that coloring some pretty old WIPs and shading them is helping me out! #plus being able to draw chaos boi Ink is a good push XD #but yeah if it seems like I have... vanished? (Like... a lot of times) it's due to the absence of motivation... #gosh I do NOT talk about my motivation that much so hence - rambling in tags! #but yeah - thank you for all of your support! :)
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  • #Regret_answers#Regret #asks and requests are always appreciated and needed #undermine #undertale alternate universe #undertale ask blog #undertale au#undertale#ut#au#utau#um#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog#blue_shore_hotel#halloween_special
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  • Now say Hello to Dr Blue!


    And here’s some Info on Dr Blue!

    • Her Full name is Berry Blue
    • She Loves Guardian Sans With all her Heart
    • Dr Blue was the one Who Created Sans
    • Dr Blue Has a Monster Soul But A Human like Body
    • She Used to Live in a Human Village Before They Found out she Had a Monster Soul Then Chasing her out of the Village trying to Kill her
    • Dr Blue Has Wings But She Doesn’t Show them Unless she’s Alone or Knows she’s not being Watched. They where also Badly Damaged By some of the Villagers and Never Healed Properly, Meaning She Can’t Fly.
    • Dr Blue is a Loving Mother kind of Character
    • She Doesn’t Appeal to Humans Too Much
    • Dr Blue has Been Asked by Many Of the Young Villagers to Be With her but she always Refused Till she Met Someone Named Lucas
    • Lucas was the First Person She Truly Trusted Till the Day She was Chased out of the Village, But she Understood As The Two where really Close.
    • Despite What the Villagers Did to her, She Still Forgives them, as she Believes that Even the Worst Can Possibly Change
    • She respects Others Opinions Even if they Sound Stupid to her
    • She’s one Smart Cookie
    • If you where ever to Play Hide and Seek with her She’d probably always Win Being extremely Good at Hiding and with good Hiding she has good Spotting Skills as well
    • She’s a Terrible Lier
    • Despite her being terrible at lying She Can Mask her Emotions well Unless she’s Caught Letting one out
    • She Might have more Trust Issues with Someone Human than Rather a Monster
    • Dr Blue’s Goal when Building Sans was to Possibly Create Someone who was Willing To Talk to her, She’s also Tried making Papyrus But she Hasn’t Started doing that as Sans Still Needs to Learn and she doesn’t need Two Children Running around especially with How much Work Sans can be
    • After being Chased out of the Village She was Alone for About 5 Years, and Note she was 14 when she was Chased out of the Village.
    • Somehow She didn’t go Insane or not that Much..
    • She found a 2 Headed dog Monster a little After she Finshed Building The Lab when she was 17
    • It took Dr Blue a little to earn Bubbles Trust but she was able to Get Bubbles Trust.
    • She’s Afraid of Sharpies for Some Reason.
    • Dr Blue can be quite empathetic Sometimes When She can Relate to Someone
    • Dr Blue Has some LOVE But she Had a good Reason to Kill who she did, as well she was Defending herself, Sans, and All her hard work she Done
    • Her Favorite Flowers are Bluebells

    And there’s some Info Bout Dr Blue! :D

    Anyways see ya in the next post!

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    don’t break my promises! got told fontcest was disgusting like 5 times¿ so now prepare for 5 fontcest drawings MWAHAHAHA 😈😈😈

    i am doing drawings of au’s i haven’t drawn before so this was rlly fun!!!

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