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  • Attention !!! New Topic!!


    Learning Self-love & 2021’ Resolutions

    Hello guys! Happy New Year 🎉

    Hope you are doing great and all of you are happy, safe and healthy!

    This @tumblr blog have been functioning as a study motivation blog for the last (maybe 7-8 years?🤔 #omg). I have started this blong when I was in high school and continued with it till end of Uni #2020. Now, hence I’ve started my first job (yay😊 #5monthsworking), I did not have enough time for you guys (I needed to adapt to the new work environment… And I can say it was tough!!! 💪🏻), also Covid19 and stuffs…

    As 2021 came by, I have decided that this will be one of the game changers💪🏻💁🏼‍♀️

    Now as I have adapted to work and also for this Covid situation…. I have many plans to work on.

    • I would really appreciate the attention of 10 000 of you guys😊❤️😉 (so if you wish to see more science, medicine, IT, work/life balance, Uni/study tips and tricks,earning techniques, Language learning, books to read, self-love, getting in shape, law of attraction post.. Hit the follow💯😊😉) also when I reach 10k a cool give away is coming so stay tuned 😎😘
    • Learn to love myself more, have a clear mindset, stop comparing myself to others, enjoy who I really am, be my best version, be more confident, post more self care/love posts (I think it could be take same as any major in school, bexause lots of us strugle with it…. The only difference is that the exam will be given by the life itseld and we will be the ones marking it)
    • Meditate, Law of attraction (I was practicing it for 1,5 year now… And guys it really WORKS!!!… Expect posts on this topic as well…in connecrion with learning, uni, work, success, business, personal life…)
    • Enjoy life (yes, even in time of lockdown)
    • Learn GERMAN 🇩🇪 and Business English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (currently I’m working for an American company so I really enjoy everyday English 😊🎉 expect posts!!)
    • Learn more about business (yup, so expect some posts about it as well)💵💳
    • Get on expert level in Excel, learn Webdevelopment and Java (expect post 👩🏼‍💻)
    • Learn more statistics 🧮📈
    • More books posts 📙
    • Keep on science 😊💻🤓🔬 (even if Im not wotking in a lab.. I really enjoy science, it is a part of me❤️ so I would like to stay in touch with it and learn even more on my own) 💁🏼‍♀️ (expect topics on self leaening more science😘), also to learn more about medicine (it was quite my passion, and Im happy to work for a company dealing with clinical trials) 🏥👩🏼‍🔬👩🏼‍⚕️🥼🥽⚕️
    • Also the last thing…. I will do some research and share the best learning techniques for effective studying (which kept me going through Uni - I think I can proudly say I was an A-student through my Master years😊, but it wasnt always like that.. Through my Bcs. Year I really strugled studying.. I was getting C, Ds (even Es.. 2 time Fx) but tgen it changed.. I have changed my technique (and mindset) and started to get straight As😊 so I will post about is some

    Also expect post on how to start your first job (what to do/not to do), some tips and tricks 😊

    Im happy to be here with you again ❤️

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    Happy New Year! 2021 is gonna be way different from 2020😄 HAHA SIKE😫. Also, big thank you to you guys for over 100 followers! That was quick 😭

    Like many others, I’m stuck with my family until lockdown. I’ve just finished my first week at uni, and it’s honestly not as bad as I thought. I’m still able to focus for long periods (despite me working on the dining table 💀). Heck, I sometimes feel like its TOO long. I think when I heard the announcement, my brain went into a full panic because of how bad the last lockdown went in terms of doing uni work. However, I tried to overcome it by mapping out the stuff I need to do.

    One of the most helpful things I’ve found is setting your boundaries. I’ve made it clear that the dining table is off-limits while I’m studying and making the space as close to my original setup as possible (which is another do not disturb sign in a way). Also: noise-cancelling headphones. I got a £40 one recently. It doesn’t completely block out everything, but it blocks out most of the background noise like the TV or the dryer.

    There’s a lot of nuisances still, but all I can do is accept it. However, I don’t need to dwell on it as much (that’s not healthy for me to do)😭. There’s always tons of good to look even in a (negative) situation that’s out of your control.🕊

    How has your lockdown experience been so far?

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  • girl help i can Not sit through another 2 hours of online lecturing where im supposed to make myself sit down and watch through all of them 

    #u think i can control my own body ?????????// #uni #fuck why is online learning so hard lmao it takes me 5 hrs to watch 5 mins #....... thats not an exaggeration
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  • 16.01.21 preparing for PSA (prescribing exam), i love my new stickies and notebook (from daiso + kenji). 

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    I’ve been dying to read 1984 for a while now, so I finally started reading it yesterday.

    Also did some baking today. I made a cake with the leftover nuts from our christmas baking.

    I also went back to work this monday and now I only have three weeks left of my internship and then I’ll be back at uni mid march.

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  • My classes will be starting from tomorrow and I want to vent and set some goals. 

    1.  No self depreciation to give yourself an excuse to being your best

    2. SOCIALISE, reach out to people, they’ll not eat you

    3. Keep an open mind, give everyone a chance

    4. 100 days of productivity to keep yourself accountable 

    5. Proper BUJO 

    6. Love myself

    7. Do NOT get a crush on somebody 

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  • You know the drill, its time for a quick overview of the modules i have this semester, and the tags for each of them. In theory these tags will make it easier to search for posts related to specific modules. I’ve had no complaints so far :)

    So this semesters modules are:

    Documentary Film

    This will be the second documentary module that we have had (the first being Representing the Real). I am looking forward to it as I enjoy documentary film making, though it is definitely going to be more challenging due to the current pandemic. Within this module we should be making an 8 minute documentary, so that is exciting! Anything related to this module will be tagged with #documentary film module

    Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

    In this module we will be receiving a critical overview of Hollywood cinema from the last 20 years. The first half of the module will have us exploring a range of themes in relation to Hollywood cinema, including: stardom, representation (of race, and gender), and the status of the auteurist director. In the second half we will be focusing more on a selection of genres and modes, and important events that have shaped recent American cinema. Anything related to this module will be tagged #contemporary hollywood cinema

    Film Adaptation

    In this module we will be learning about the processes involved in adapting pre-existing artistic works (specifically written works) into films. With examples being shown of this within the module. We should also be making a 5 minute adaptation of our own! Anything related to this module will be tagged #film adaptation

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  • xx

    #hhhhh kmnkmnkmn#uni #doing the sources takes So Fucking Long #and I need to do them first now #so everything is like at least ready to be handed in #before I can go over everything again to improve shit #hhhhhhhhhhhh #i am so exhausted #and I hate hate hate Loathe harvard citation system okk #jan'21 #16.01.21 #personal 2021#personal
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  • Plan a cleaning/washing dishes schedule with your roommates and stick to it

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  • 16.01.21// I’ve finally got a bit more green on my desk! I’ve been shuffling my desk around, trying to find the way it will best suit my study needs.

    IG: flatneedledistillery

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  • 16/01/2021 I started a course in French. I had some classes in high school, but now I want to learn it properly. So far I have really enjoyed it, I finally have a reason to make flash cards again! I’m also trying to get through my TBR pile, but it is quite difficult because I keep buying new books… At least I still have plenty of books to read. Happy weekend!

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  • Do I have a lot of assignments? Yes. Did I decide to start reading a new book? Yes, yes I did.

    #uni#school#studying#reading#stublr #is this really the best decision? #idk #but i am so excited to start this new book!!
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  • Hi! I’m a uni student and I’m starting, for the first time, studying french. so HELP please oh god where did I enter WHY

    Yeah that’s it, if you have any source to help those who struggle with the sounds and norms and vocabulary it would be highly appreciated

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  • Allora o vado a fare l'esame scritto in presenza rischiando di beccarmi il covid lungo il tragitto e di essere accoltellata in qualche vicoletto vista la zona dove dovrei andare o allungo l'agonia aspettando l'orale online di Febbraio

    #-_- #più che altro è anche di sera e mi dicono dalla regia che termini è anche peggio di come era prima #e mia madre fa da uccello del malaugurio #mypost#uni
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  • class syllabus: and for discussions you will record yourself and turn that in for participation!

    me: *violently drops class*

    #I don’t think I can handle this semester LOL #bio is killing me and it hasn’t even started #chem is killing me slowly there isn’t even a syllabus but the vibe is so menacing #studyblr#uni#college#student
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  • I tried so hard to get a student loan. I struck out, no matter how much I tried.

    So instead I payed every bit of money I’ve saved up as a down payment, and the rest I’ll have to come up with…but for now, all my spots are held, and it is what it is. I’m still able to attend school

    My photoshoot went really too actually. The photographer was super nice, and he and his crew were really easy to get along with. He even wants to jam with me, and offered to record some of my music 🖤

    I see good coming our way :) anddd I even got a message on my way back from another photographer who wants to work with me!


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