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  • deportesucha
    17.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Zapatilla Unisex Morrison Bel Air Colores Vivos #unisex #zapatillasmorrison #zapatillas #zapatillasunisex #carballiño #ropa #hombre (en Ourense, Galiza) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVIJPa7tBU9/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • peithoaphro
    17.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    DAKOTA (da-ko-ta) - native american | friendly one | unisex

    a native american tribe name which is also found in the name of two us states. notable people/characters with the name: dakota fanning, dakota johnson and dakota lee (the academy: ghost bird series).

    #dakota #native american name #baby name ideas #baby boy names #baby girl names #baby names#unisex names#guy names#boy names#names#girl names#names aesthetic #names and meaning #aesthetic names #my list of names #my name list #peithoaphro
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  • holylulusworld
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Unisex Showers - Kinktober 16

    Summary: Having a shower at the Avenger’s tower leads to more than a clean body.

    Ship: Alpha!Thor Odinson x Omega!Reader

    Kink: Shower Sex

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: language, nudity, sharing a shower, shameless ogling, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, Thor has a dick out of this world, scenting, true mates, manhandling, possessive Thor, semi-public sex, smut, p in v, unprotected sex (be smarter), claiming, knotting, Thor acts all innocently but is a smug bastard, not so accidentally peaking, Thor gets what he wants, reader doesn’t complain

    Divider by @firefly-graphics​​

    Kinktober 2021

    “Shake it off, just shake it off,” giggling you wiggle your ass, dance under the spray in the lady’s communal shower. “Yeah, clean my cute ass. I love having the showers on my own. No one here to spy on my ass or force me into a conversation.”

    While you are busy scrubbing your body, you miss someone else who entered the showers moments ago, ogling your naked form shamelessly. He bites his index finger to keep the groan down his throat.

    “My lady,” Thor booms, making you jump. You scream, one hand flying to your sex while you try to cover your breasts with your other arm. “The water is pleasant, isn’t it?” he drops his eyes to your legs, wondering how it would feel to have them wrapped around his waistline.

    “W-What are you doing in here? You shouldn’t be here. I know you are not from Earth, but this is something we do not tolerate,” you refuse to look at the naked half-god, fight your instinct to not let your eyes wander to admire his bare chest, broad shoulders, and the prominent erection he hides under a too-small towel barely reaching his thighs.

    “Unisex,” the Asgardian alpha husks, stepping closer, invading your personal space to look down at you, eyes now roaming your wet body. “Tony said we all use the showers together from now on,” confused you look up at Thor, not only to avoid to not glance at his cock when he removes the towel to throw it over his shoulder.

    “This is impossible! No one told me so! I would’ve never showered in here. This is inappropriate and I want you to leave, now-“ jerking your head toward the door you hope Thor will just leave but the alpha doesn’t care about boundaries. All he has in mind is to mate, knot, and claim his chosen omega – you.

    “No,” he states. “I will not leave, omega.”

    “No?” growling the word you try to sidestep Thor but his whole presence is like a brick wall. He easily blocks your path, grinning down at you, shamelessly roaming the parts of your body you can’t cover.

    “No, kitten,” he moves closer, large palm cradling your face. “I must say, this is a nice coincidence to find you here, so ready for your alpha. I will take good care of your dripping cunt.”

    “Thor, you must leave,” light-headed you part your lips when Thor dips his head to press his lips to your trembling ones. “Thor.”

    “You’re mine and I’ll make you mine. Loki said if I want to claim an omega, I must show everyone she’s mine, only mine,” his face in your neck seconds later Thor noses his way down your neck. “Gonna make you mine, pretty omega.”

    “Oh, fuck – Thor,” you shriek when the alpha grasps for your waist to hoist you up, forcing your legs around his waist, trapping his throbbing cock between your bodies. “You can’t just claim me here. Anyone could walk in.”

    “Let them watch. I’ll claim you right here, in front of anyone if I must,” Thor’s voice echoes through the showers, makes you shiver as he ruts his aching cock against your body. “You’re mine to take and knot. I will fill you with my godly heir, little one.”

    “Thor, we are still at the communal shower,” you try to protest. It’s a hard piece of work to fight your instincts. With a potent alpha as Thor so close, it’s a lost battle, of course. “Thor!”

    “I will make you mine here and now before someone else can snatch you out of my hands ever again. Just take all of me, sweet little human.”

    “What? OH—fuck,” Thor doesn’t seem to be the guy to do foreplay or fool around. He simply moves his finger through your folds, smirking when you whimper as he presses the rough patch of his index finger to your clit. 

    “So wet for me, omega. I knew you would be ready to take me. Your hand between your legs worked magic, huh?” you frown, realizing Thor must’ve watched you for longer than you thought.

    “Y-you watched me?” he toys with you, only pressing the tip against your little nub now. “Thor, did you watch me?”

    “Every moment of the day I try to get a glimpse of you, or a whiff of your scent. You drive me up the walls, little one,” Thor groans deeply, slipping carefully inside. 

    “I—” you forget about your surroundings or that Thor played peeping Tom. Even your strict rule to not get involved with coworkers or one of the Avengers is long forgotten feeling his massive cock get shoved into your cunt. “You,” *pant*, “you’re so big.”

    “You can take it, little one. I know you are made for my knot,” he nuzzles your neck, tries to comfort you while still inching his way inside your body. It feels like there is not much room left inside your body but still so much of him. “Shush, omega. Your body knows how to open up for me, like a beautiful flower.”

    “I’m not a fucking flower,” you paw at his back, nails biting into his flesh to accommodate the pleasured pain the wide stretch forces on your body. “Shit, you won’t fit.”

    “You’ll take all of me,” Thor silences your whimpers with his lips, kisses your protests away as he sheathes himself fully inside your pulsing cunt. “That’s it. Look at you, so full of me and pliant now.”

    “I will kill you, but—” your eyes shoot up to meet Thor’s darkened blue orbs, “as you are already in there, you could make me cum.”

    “Ask nicely,” his voice is low enough to let make you shiver. “Go ahead, little one. Tell me what you want.”

    “Fuck me? Please,” you grit your teeth, but Thor is a stubborn alpha, so you give in, for now, to get what you want. Or rather what your body is craving since you first met the Asgardian half-god.

    “All for you, my precious flower, my little one,” he begins to move you up and down his impressive length, groaning every time you clench around him. “So good for me.”

    In lack of words, you hold tight onto Thor, let him use your body, and ruin you for any other man. Not that he would ever let another man get close to you again.


    He begins to thrust upward, groans as your screams echo through the showers. You can’t hold back the noises, not when the alpha presses your back against the tile wall to hold you pinned to it, fucking up into you at a pace meant to destroy any rational thought.

    You are a mess, and Thor loves it. He croons anytime you look up at him, mesmerized by the intensity in his gaze. “You’re mine, say it.”

    “I’m...,” you can’t bring out the words. The coil in your belly winds up too fast to let you do anything but to come, screaming his name. You claw at his back, hoping he will not knot you right here but Thor does just that.

    He shoves himself one last time as deep as possible into you, makes your belly bulge when his cum fills you and his knot begins to swell deep within you, locking you together for the time being.

    “You’re mine,” his teeth sink in your neck, pierce your mating gland the moment someone enters the showers, only to run back outside, screaming in terror.

    “Great, now everyone will know we mated in the showers,” you groan whilst your alpha croons in your neck, lips, and tongue soothing the mark he left. “Thor, we should leave.”

    “Not yet, little one…”

    “So—let’s talk about a few rules,” slumped in a chair you glance at Tony and the other Avengers. You nervously tug at the shirt Thor wanted you to wear to make sure you smell like him. “No sex in the communal showers.”

    “Uh—it wasn’t my fault,” you grumble. “I wanted to have a shower. Thor wanted more. How couldn’t fight a God.”

    “Half-god, and we don’t need to know about details. Just don’t do it at the showers again. Or restrooms. Or the kitchen. Or any other room all of us use,” Tony mutter. “This is a hard limit.”

    “He forgot his office,” Thor whispers in your ear, making you giggle. Since he mated you three weeks ago, you christened half of the tower with your alpha. “…and the lab.”

    “Wait, you—” Tony grunts, slamming his fist onto the table. “Steve, don’t you have anything to say?”

    “They didn’t do it at my office,” Steve shrugs embarrassed he must talk about your sex life with you. “Let’s just keep private things at our rooms, shall we.”

    “Yes Captain,” you giggle when Thor’s cheeks flush red. “Thor and I will keep private things private from now on. We are sorry…”

    “I’m not—” pressing the palm of your hand to Thor’s mouth to silence him you give Steve and tight smile.

    “Thor is sorry, and we will go back to our apartment and talk about a few rules. Please excuse us now,” you grab Thor’s hand to lead him out of the conference room.

    “We will still do it in the showers, right?” he asks, following you like a puppy toward the showers. “Little one?”

    “Of course,” you jerk your head toward the showers. “Let’s christen it all over again…”

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    #Unisex Showers - Kinktober 16 #thor odinson #alpha!thor x omega!reader #thor odison x reader #thor x reader #alpha!thor x reader #smut#a/b/o#a/b/o dynamics #thor odinson oneshot #kinktober 2021 #kinktober day 16
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  • ibogard
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    #Yaaaoooo NEW STYLE ALERT!! Somewhere it’s still 100 degrees out lol! You do travel right?! • Super super llimited @BOGARDbyMikeB Killer Bs Mesh Shorts in White with Black and Black with White ( swipe)!! *DM for deets • #BOGARD Building Organizations Geared Around Real Deals • #MadeInNewYork #NYC #NewYorkCity #BOGARDbyMikeB #BuildingMyBrand #Ownership #CutAndSew #Custom #Bespoke #unisex #aparell #outterwear etc etc #topgun #bomberjacket #nyc #fashion #lifestyle #londonfashion #parisfashion #nycstyle #londonstyle #nycmenswear#fashion #style #menstyle #mnswrmagazine #mensfashion #mensweardaily Cc @culturespun @mittensnyc @_jessicaveronica_ https://www.instagram.com/p/CVF-3WuAxfs/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • pinkycustomworld
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eyeshadow N2

    🌈Comes in 20 different colors 🌈Custom Thumbnail 🌈Unisex (Male & Female) 🌈Teen-YoungAdult-Adult-Elder 🌈EA makeup slider compatible 🌈Works with custom skins & overlays 🌈HQ Compatible

    Social media: 💙Instagram💙Twitter💙TSR💙Pinterest💙Facebook💙 Using my creations in your pictures? Tag me, I'd love to see💙

    Like my work & want to support me? 💙Patreon💙 OR 💙BMC💙

    Huge thanks to all the amazing cc creators I've used cc from in my previews

    👇🏼Download + CC List + T.O.U under the cut👇🏼

    Download (TSR) 💙HERE💙

    CC List: @simbience: Elf ear preset @sclub-privee: Skin @remussirion: Bindi tattoo @pralinesims: Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Piercings @sugarowl: Butterfly Head accessory @taty86: Eyes @blahberry-pancake: Earrings Hair retexture by me (CC not listed I do not remember who made)

    Please respect my Terms of Use, it's pretty simple

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  • guestscologne
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Guests Cologne Organic Perfume & sanitize 

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  • marcolinia
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Suggestions for Using Foreign Perfumes on a Budget

    Increasing aspect of personal care and the desire to look your best on every occasion has boosted the demand for a decent scent. Stepping out of the home without spraying perfume all over is regarded a social taboo, whether one is going for a work meeting or a romantic date, going to the office or college, enjoying a club night with pals, or attending a wedding with the family. With the growing desire to smell well and feel good, the demand for fantastic smelling perfumes has also increased.

    When you are seeking for such premium perfumes but are concerned about the expense, here are some simple ideas to help you purchase them without breaking the budget.

    Await the Offers

    People can also attend sale fairs, which are frequently held at the conclusion of the season, at the end of the year, at festivals, and on a variety of other events throughout the year. Some brands also have clearance discounts prior to upgrading their collections. You can take advantage of these and obtain your chosen scents without spending a lot of money.

    Testing Personnel

    Obtaining testers is essential if you want to utilize foreign perfumes from well-known companies without paying a fortune. Testers are small bottles with no elaborate design or shape, and no fancy packaging, which considerably cuts the cost of the perfumes. You will receive the perfume in a vial-shaped bottle with a spray nozzle on top, ranging in size from 5 to 10 mL depending on the brand. Some products, such as Scent Shot, provide an external carry case, but others do not. These tests are an excellent method to trial perfumes, use them on a regular basis, and enjoy the great scents.

    Take the memberships

    It's one another technique to save money on branded perfumes. Several online perfume retailers, such as Perfume Booth, offer memberships. You can enjoy exclusive prices, free delivery, and earn points on your purchases, which you can then use to get an additional discount. One of them also offers a refer-a-friend type of promotion in which you may obtain free perfumes as well as points for introducing friends and making their first buy.

    Each of these suggestions are simply the greatest ways to enjoy branded scents without breaking the bank. Use them, be creative, hunt for discount deals and offers, and enjoy fantastic scents.

    MARCOLINIA is a brand-new fragrances online store gives opportunity to buy original perfumes online UAE and they offers Premium fragrances, cosmetics, and skin care products of your choosing are now available from us at the most affordable pricing. All of our products are completely genuine and legit.

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