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  • cosmologyofgaming
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    So SadJack and I are about 4 hours into the game and just finished— [SPOILERS]

    yeeting the big yummy mommy into the void and collected her crystal skeleton for...reasons. [END SPOILERS]

    —and here are our initial thoughts on the game.

    Before playing, concerns were:

    1. How are they going to tie this into the RE world at large?

    2. Unlike RE7 that still had that thrall/zombie angle, RE8 trailer's show a clear step into weird fiction and folk horror with vampires, werewolves, etc. Are they still going to have some sort of zombie angle? Literally what used to be the core of the universe and since, ya know, RE literally helped popularize zombies in video games?

    3. Is it going to be too "campey"? Camp, usually associated with the art of drag, is...in the plainest mayo example, the art of exaggerating an extravagant concept and parodying it. A great example is like...couture platform crocs that are both cringe but also hilarious irony that critiques high fashion. In the world of Eastern European folklore (especially vampires because of *cough* sparkly vampires *cough*) has already been twisted and morphed by Western pop culture and we were like...alright are you gonna make this scary? Or hilariously bad? 4. Will the game fall into the Hollywood trap? (meaning that the trailer and demo parts would be the most exciting?)

    Legit impressions are:

    1. The setting is super cool, and as far as Zmora (our resident Eastern European) can tell, details are pretty accurate to Romania. Zmora and SadJack are also extremely sorry to all Romanian's for butchering the pronunciation of Lady Dimitrescu's last name.

    2. There's a very eerie veil of this village being lost in time (with the Victorian style outfits, etc.) and the fairytale angle gives big Grimm vibes which we FUCK WITH—but it doesn't feel like an RE game...

    3. The monsters, thus far, are unfortunately falling into Westernized pop culture vision which for our Slavic pal Zmora, is disappointing, but predictable.

    4. The game is legit not scary lol. Like...other than cheap jump scares here and there its hilarious and Big Vampire Mommy chased us gleefully around the castle instead of curb-stomping us.

    5. The game is actually super fun so far and we're really enjoying the narrative...if it was a stand alone. We're kind of torn right now since 1) we really like it, but 2) the RE angle legit does not exist so far.

    6. That being said, Lady Dimitrescu's final "bioweapon" form was really fucking cool as this dragon thing that both fit the fairytale aspect while also merging the RE core concept that all zombies (monsters) are at their core, bioweapon/mutation things.

    7. We appreciate Ethan both being sass queen and making ironic comments about his situations while also being like...damn this is falling into generic stupid-white-boy-hero-protagonist-mode things. Which like come on Capcom its 2021.

    Going forward, we're gonna ask:

    1. Are you going to do justice to the setting/folklore you're borrowing from or fall into the trap of Westernizing Eastern European culture, location, and concepts to bare bones pop culture references?

    2. Will there be a better tie to the RE Universe at large?

    3. Is...it gonna get even campier?

    —Mod Zmora

    #re8 #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re village#alcina dimitrescu #lady alcina dimitrescu #zmora screams#cosmologyofgames #resident evil village first impressions #gaming #the eye of criticism is eternal #resident evil 8 village #folk horror #but like...capcom I'm begging you do it right #don't fall into western traps!!!!!! #otherwise legit its so fun to play but we kind of feel it should be a stand alone if not a side to the RE universe #and not part of the main canon plot but we're like...1/3 into the game so we shall see #lady dimistrescu? *chef's kiss* #the daughters? weak sad and pathetic #v dissapointing boss battles tbh even on easy mode
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  • faultlinescomic
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    New reader? Start here!

    Updates Mondays.

    Catch an early page preview by joining in on my Wednesday Twitch stream at 6.30pm BST!

    ✨ Twitter | Twitch | Patreon ✨

    #fault lines comic #steven universe#gemsona#fangem#su comic#look #look. #one of these days I'll manage to post on Monday #and it might actually be next Monday!!! #because behind the scenes this is actually improving my workflow weirdly enough #I'm just still in catch-up mode from the months of not having that nailed down #fingers crossed anyway!
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  • kukuandkookie
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    💖 Happy Lesbian Visibility Day!! 💖

    Here’s some old art of mine to celebrate!  The first one is a lesbian pride custom adopt I made for someone a while back~


    Some other adorable ships I like 🥰

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  • mostlyanything19
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Literally I am so impressed at the way Matt is miming all these monsters, like, he just does that with his body and it’s just this incredibly visual way of telling a story with nothing but, like... waving your hands and talking, basically, but he just kind of transforms himself. It’s super cool.

    #adventures in cr #p #(they're fighting that elf tentacle stitch monster) #really loving the visual element of this #i mean - what the visual element also does is that even though i've seen character portraits #i am absolutely not picturing those characters; not really #there's too much input from what these actual people are doing and what they're looking like #when it's a podcast and you just have a voice you kind of can't get around having to make something up in your head #but this way all the characters look pretty much exactly like the players in my head; especially because they do just #physically act out so much of it #occasionally i'll mentally switch them over into like...full in-universe-mode. but otherwise it's just like that #except for all the npcs actually. like i said matt is just extremely good at being people jshgk. and he switches them out so hard you #kind of have to mentally switch with him
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  • feifiefofum
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    sozin’s comet- avatar state was not just a deus ex machina

    well, on the surface, it kinda was. but there’s an important line by ozai that elevates it beyond deus ex machina that nobody seems to appreciate.

    ‘after generations of fire lords failed to find you, now the universe delivers you to me as an act of providence.’-ozai (being a dumb bitch(still love you joker/luke skywalker))

    you know how you’re not supposed to tempt fate? there are traditions from all cultures around the world that have you not ‘jinx’ your own damn self before any performance. even today, stage performers tell each other to ‘break a leg’ ie wishing/predicting a bad outcome so said outcome doesn’t happen.

    and what does ozai do? he pretty much taunts the universe, aka providence, aka the cosmic will of said universe, with a offhanded remark about how facing the avatar was a favor the universe bestowed upon him.

    which ties in nicely to what i hate the most about certain religiously slanted superiority complex types. and that’s the presumption that you know exactly what the big person upstairs is doing in any meaningful way. the sheer arrogance that drips from that is hubris that is just begging to be brought low in such an ironic way that it’d be painful to watch if it weren’t so justly deserved.

    and what happens in his epic showdown? because of ozai’s bloodthirsty, violent beatdown on a kid barely in his teens, ozai pushes the avatar into a precisely pointed rock that reconnects said avatar to the cosmic flow of the universe, aka the avatar state.

    this elevates the return of the avatar state above deus ex machina to a douglas adams bit where the narrator stares directly into the audiences’ eyes to deadpan ‘and nothing went this idiot’s way because he’s dumb’.

    yeah avatar state aang beating up on ozai was a beautifully rendered, jaw droppingly choreographed fight, but people seem to miss that it’s fucking hilarious. ozai literally disrespected the fucking universe, and the universe said ‘bet’ and took ozai out by having him be the instrument to spell his own doom.

    y’know how we have a saying about how a pebble couldn’t change the course a river? well, the universe said i could with change the course of this fight with this specific protrusion in a rock formation. and it did.

    #sozin's comet #avatar the last airbender #avatar#aang#ozai#final battle #there are levels to the deus ex machina that i feel was very underappreciated and it bothers me #please guys this shit was hilarious #especially if you picture the cosmic will of the universe just combing through all of existence #finding the full of it dumb dumbs that presume upon their will and just trips them up with petty ass pebbles in strategically unlikely #super improbably placed by events that are so haphazard that most are just like no way someone planned this #but it was!!! #the universe did it!!! #but everyone'd think you're on something #right~ avatar aang regained his avatar state because the universe strategically eroded this protrusion over millennias to own a dumbass #but here are the facts your honor #ozai the dumb called out the universe #the universe saw fit to give aang avatar state license once more #in the most ironic way possible via ozai's own doing #and aang in avatar state mode delivered a most righteous beatdown #because a protrusion of rock poked aang in precisely the right spot #with precisely the right amount of pressure #to unblock that chi #you'd sound stark raving mad but still thems the facts
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  • zoopop80
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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  • a-brief-period-of-rejoicing
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #sounds of the universe #depeche mode#2009
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    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Sounds of the Universe #Depeche Mode#Dave Gahan#2009
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  • a-brief-period-of-rejoicing
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Sounds of the Universe #Depeche Mode#Martin Gore#2009
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  • a-brief-period-of-rejoicing
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Today In Depeche Mode History (April 20th):

    Album Release: Sounds Of The Universe, UK (2009)

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  • zoopop80
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    DM AC

    by Anton Corbijn

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  • thejoe2782
    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Part 2

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  • thejoe2782
    18.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    They went cheap mode on the beam saber effects by not making them translucent.

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  • bottleliving
    18.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    There are flies on the windscreen...

    #based off the flies on the windscreen performance from TOTU #happy sounds of the universe day #dave gahan#depeche mode#my art#SOTU
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  • wrongsign
    17.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sounds of the universe

    #depeche mode #sounds of the universe #dave gahan #idk what else to tag this as. just take it
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  • soulonfire13
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I hope with the remaster of Sonic Colors, they add some of the characters an dialogue from the 3ds version of the game. Or heck, just more content in general.

    They probably won't, but I can dream

    #or heck #a better multiplayer mode would be nice #all the characters in the Sonic universe and the multiplayer is just recolored Sonics???? #Please Sega Ill take any excuse to see Team Chaotix again #especially all three of them together
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  • maiyashu-bullshits
    14.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    My impression of Sounds of the Universe

    Now I think SOTU is indeed my favorite DM album.

    I love most of their albums really... but SOTU gives me a certain feeling that no other one does. They are all good, but just somehow I feel more personally related to SOTU, I don’t know why.

    Strangely, when I listened to it the first time I got a subtle feeling like “I knew it from somewhere” but I know I didn’t. And it talked about a parallel universe, so... interesting. 

    #depeche mode #sounds of the universe #depeche mode fan art #my dm bullshits
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  • melien
    11.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    𝚜𝚙𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚢 🛸

    #sims#ts3#sims 3#extra goodies#gale darrell #he's just... #simp mode activated #also I may use this post as a chance to say that I'll be posting more of the sky full of spaceships related content #I don't know how many of you remember this story but you're welcome to check it out @ skyfullofspaceships tumblr #and then in my lilygreen legacy gen 2 tag #for the full experience and to find out why do we have a gale fan club here #his story arc was so emotional and deserves more recognition from me because there's so much more to explore #and I love him sm #this universe is a lot of fun and I want to revisit it and I'm sure my co-creator cherishsims will agree with me #feels feels feels
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  • iamannettecresselion
    11.04.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I like both good things that most of you like as well and bad things that I watch anyway because it makes good time killer for me. I’ll start introducing my OCs to you guys by showing you my personas, which I define as OCs that represent me. I’ll present them in alphabetical order of their full names since it’s easier that way.

    ✨ Annette Meryl Cresselion- my persona for Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. She is smart, very polite, imaginative, a little sarcastic and is intimidated by the thought of adventure. She doesn’t care about the whole hero/villain conflict. She gets scared easily and can take things a bit too seriously. She has a passion for music, being highly skilled at the violin, and she’s studying magic, using gemstones to cast spells. She is 14 years old and a high skewl freshman, and she used to be friends with Adorabat up until the “accident“ that made her feel too guilty for their friendship to continue.

    📖 Bethany Corlett- my persona for Camp Camp. She’s a 13-year-old Manx-American girl (meaning her parents are from the Isle of Man, as would be revealed if she were in Culture Day) who signed up for Literature Camp because she loves nothing more than to get wrapped up in a good story. She tries her best to get along with others. She’s not a fan of nature, but she can get used to it just fine. You can make her do just about anything for you if you give her a bar of milk chocolate, which earned her the title of “Bend-The-Knee Bethany.” Generally, she’s a peaceful and carefree bookworm, not one to stir up conflict. She also likes to sing.

    🍖 Brunhildr- my persona for Trolls. She is a viking metal troll, but she’s a lot less hardcore than you might think. She’s nonchalant, mysterious and secretive, as well as courageous and energetic. She has a little bit of trouble focusing on a task, which is why she’s not a bounty hunter like trolls of some other subtribes are. She’s not very good at socializing, but she does have a Bergen pen pal named Iris. Though she won’t tell you how she got there, she lives on a viking ship. She is thought to have started out as a hard rock troll since her mother was part of that tribe before she became a black metal troll. She is very knowledgeable about Norse mythology thanks to her dad, and she’s at least 20 years old.

    🏯 Chieko Hase- my persona for Ever After High. First and foremost, she’s the daughter of Princess Hase. She is a Rebel even though she’s fine with the destiny she has. She believes in freedom of being able to do whatever makes you feel good. She’s about 15-16, and she is an exchange student at EAH, coming from a different side of Ever After than many of her classmates. She is calm, wise, patient and free-spirited. She loves art, and she likes to draw natural things like landscapes and flowers. She’s working on her painting skills. She has a pet tanuki named Zura.

    🔥 Fiammetta “Fia” Ana Ferreira- my persona for Hazbin Hotel. She’s introduced as Fia, but her true name is Fiammetta. She is 19 years old. She’s sweet and a little bit naive, but she’s easily irritable, stubborn and fiery. She has a love for dancing, and she loves to party. She died by burning herself alive. Her older brother Smokey, whose real name is Aden, was killed in one of the yearly exterminations, and Fia went to get a job at the hotel so she could have a chance at not having the same fate. She works as the event planner for it, and she also runs the bar by the pool. She is infatuated with Alastor (but I ship her with my other OC, Lansing).

    📍 Henrietta- my persona for The Nightmare Before Christmas. She is a voodoo doll who is usually seen with four other voodoo dolls named Herb, Poppet, Fatima and Rattler. She can be a little bit dark sometimes. She’s very devilish, and she thinks very highly of herself. She’s also very witty and confident. As a voodoo doll, Henrietta is very good at sewing, this being why Jack would task her and her group with sewing together his sack to carry the toys in (not his Sandy Claws outfit because they don’t have as much fashion sense as Sally, and Sally isn’t as close to Jack as they are). She has insane reflexes, and she looks about 15-17.

    🖊 Jackie “Pepper” Stefania Blackwing- my persona for Unikitty. She’s typically calm and cool unless she gets annoyed or triggered by something. She is also 14, and things she enjoys doing include drawing, writing and running. She’s quite swift, probably because she’s part of a track team. She lives in the Unikingdom, but she is from another place called Scaredell, which is a spooky town full of spooky people. She moved to Unikingdom when she was seven. She’s pretty wily, and she can handle scary movies. She is a hybrid of a raven and a bat.

    🎸 Jay- My persona for Uglydolls. She is a perfectly imperfect doll who’s tough as a rock, with a very high threshold for pain. She is loud and rough doll who doesn't seem to be afraid of anything except for her own sentience. She enjoys listening to music, making music and studying the ways of Doll Fu. Jay can throw herself a dance party whenever she wants to, even if it’s at 2 AM and everyone’s trying to sleep. She refers to Lou as the “king” of the perfect dolls, and she hangs around with Tuesday, Kitty and Lydia. She wears face paint because she thinks it makes her look better. She has the appearance of a 20-22 year old.

    🦇 Jezabat- my persona for Minecraft: Story Mode. She is a resident of Beacontown, but she is never seen with Jesse and the New Order, instead hanging around with a young New Order superfan named Remy. Jez is a curious girl who loves to learn about the world around her. If she gets an idea that something may be going on, then she immediately wants to know about it. She likes to brew potions, taking a class for it at Beacontown’s school, the Honeycomb School. She also likes singing and dancing. She has a special kind of ability that allows her to communicate with bats, letting her be able to understand what they’re feeling. She‘s around 20-24, and she has about 16 pet bats.

    🎵 Katelynn “Katie” Diggerton- my persona for Summer Camp Island. She’s a shy girl who has issues with talking to people; she can be pretty rude around them. Despite this, she has a flame inside of her that burns for performing. She loves techno music and tarantella dancing, and she hopes to one day combine the two into a cool fusion genre. Until then, she’s learning to play the guitar. She’s also created a comic book series called Spectresail with a campmate named Jack. She’s pretty lazy, and one of the things she likes to do is just chill out. She is 12 years old. The reason she was invited to come to the island for camp is because it is speculated that she is part siren.

    🔧 Lorraine Clamp- my persona for The Owl House. She’s a 14-15 year old witch who attends Hexside with her twin sister Calliope. They’re on different coven tracks, though- Lorraine is on the construction track while Calliope is on the healing track. Lorraine loves being creative, designing different building ideas like there’s no tomorrow. She is self-assured and a good combination of upbeat and relaxed. Lorraine is not very good at cooperation, and she can be forgetful sometimes. She can also be a procrastinator. She finds the whole hocus-focus rule boring, preferring to build however her imagination tells her to. She is my only persona who is actually in a relationship, being the girlfriend of another OC I created named Sandar.

    🎭 Melondine Dulcevic/Paprika the Raven- my persona for the Sonic franchise. She is a 17-year-old raven who is so passionate about theater that she lives out her life as if she were the star of a musical, although she knows when to put the musical numbers aside. Ever since her childhood, she has always tried to find the good in the world, and she believes that some foes can be reasoned with. Paprika is the leader of Team Spice, a team she’s formed to help Sonic battle the forces of evil. She’s kind, smart, pacifistic and bouncy, but she can be a bit loud and talkative. She has a fascination with Zeti. She was born in uptown Station Square, and she currently lives in a place called Beatbox City, in an apartment with her adoptive brother, Puff the Chihuahua. They go to college together at their local university along with all of their friends.

    ☂ Opal von Mongoletto- my persona for the Mario franchise. She is a psychic human who is 13-15 years old, and she is very socially awkward. However, she’s frisky and lively, and she loves doing wild and exciting things like running around. She has powerful abilities that she was forced to keep hidden, which are looking into people’s memories and making herself spiritually present in locations of any distance far away from her. Opal is originally from the Facet Alps, and she lives on the unexplored Ryukyu Island, which belongs to the kingdom of Aviaria. Also there on this island are her mother Mindy (aka Moldavite), her grandmother Sapphire, and her pet snow leopard Dalmatian. Opal has a magical parasol named Marisol, which she uses as a pole vault. I imagine her appearing in a Mario & Luigi RPG.

    💎 Padma Kumari/Padparadscha- My persona for Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls. She usually has an air of peace floating around her, and she is open to socializing even if she enjoys alone time. She is there to help if there’s any danger around. She’s a humble girl who gets overwhelmed if she receives too much praise. She enjoys jogging, drawing comics, doing yoga and playing piano. She is half-rakshasa and half-devi (which is a female version of a deva), meaning she can manipulate both light and dark energy. She is a third-culture person; she was raised by an Indian family (and she thinks of herself as Indian) living in Sri Lanka, and she later moved to America. She lives in a place called Diamond City (which is near Las Vegas) and makes up the heroine team of Shattered Wind with her friends Exci D and Zephyr. She has also been in infiltrator at the HIVE Academy, and she is an Honorary Titan. She’s roughly 16-18 and is my only religious persona, being Hindu.

    🎪 Rochelle Bing- my persona for Descendants. She was 13 at the time of the first movie, but now, she’s 16. She is one of the two daughters of the Ringmaster as Hermie Bing’s younger sister. She is peppy, energetic and optimistic, typically in a silly and comedic mood. She was raised in a circus on the Isle of the Lost, and since her dad’s circus business is one of the most successful businesses on the Isle, she would be considered a “rich kid.” She currently attends Auradon Prep with her best friend Mimsy Mim, and she’s happy with the way her life’s turned out. She aims to bring the circus business to Auradon so that everyone can be able to see it. The only thing she feels concerned about is the fierce business competition between her father with the circus and Oogie Boogie with his club/casino, which has been going on ever since she was little.

    🍨 Sugar Quartz- my persona for Steven Universe. She is mostly laid-back and chill, but she’s a little introverted and scatterbrained. She doesn’t enjoy fighting or intense physical work. She tends to be easily distracted and less coordinated than the others, so she’s never fused before and wouldn’t be able to hold a fusion. She was formed in the Delta Kindergarten, which is located in northeastern Thailand. The life force used to create her was from a decomposed sugar cane, which is why she came out a sugar quartz. She had a nice farm going for a while, but she settled in so well that she became too comfortable. It was destroyed by a monster, and she had to rebuild it in Delmarva, where she learned that it wasn’t right to just laze her life away and do nothing but farm. She met an aggressive gem named Jade there, whom is now her best friend after they rubbed off on each other. She loves to cook and work with food, but she ironically isn’t very good with sweets. She cooks pizza as a new hobby. She also likes to listen to funk music.

    💾 Una Catalina- my persona for Final Space. Una is a Cuban lady who is around 25-28 years old. She’s pretty good at staying focused on a task and is very gentle and nice. She was on the run for a long time before she met the group and joined the Resistance. Una’s main weakness is that she’s very dependent on tech, and if she’s not in contact with an electronic device, she’ll grow weak and cough up mucus and blood. She has a love for cats and cute things, and part of why she’s up in space is because she was a huge astronomy nut as a little girl, and she wanted to join her father in seeing what it was all about. But then, a complication occurred that prevented him from going up, so she had to take his place. However, the job was much more than Una had expected.

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