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  • Here’s this magic for today. It helps me calm my thoughts and concentrate. I love life.

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    Tue. 26/5/20

    Not very productive today… getting a tinsy bit overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do.

    This morning I went for a super long walk with a friend. Unfortunately that means missing out on my favourite part of the day to do work, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather.

    I completed a continuum mechanics homework assignment, picked up a textbook I bought from school, and made a tiny bit of progress on notes for religious studies and material science. I tried to start on my circuits assignment but realized I needed to catch up on more notes first :( so I’ll have to do that asap.

    (Photo from last week)

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  • calculus study guide

    example of one of my calculus study guides for my midterm

    concepts: critical numbers, maximum/minimum, points of inflection, optimization, newton’s method, riemanns sum, and integrals

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  • halfway through my second semester i had to switch over to virtual learning which was really difficult for me. i think last semester was the worst i’ve ever done academically. it was hard enough since i was already struggling in two of my classes, the virtual learning just made it harder for me. i wish that i did better with managing my time and staying on top of my classes, especially all the concept application classes such as math/science. but it was especially hard to stay motivated since we are so comfortable at home. 

    some things i found helpful was to take things step by step. since we mostly have to self-learn some concepts, it’s important to find resources to help you. i mainly learned concepts on youtube if i was struggling on my own. it’s also important to take things step by step instead of cramming everything.

    for classes i was struggling in i also facetimed my classmates in order to study together. to study for my chemistry final, my classmate and i facetimed to work on concepts together which was extremely helpful. sometimes you don’t realize you are making mistakes until someone else points it out. having this interaction will help you learn better as well because when you are teaching the concept it also helps you retain it better because you are piecing the concept in your head to both understand it better and to regurgitate the information. 

    since next semester looks like it might be online as well, i’m going to work on doing better to stay productive and make use of my time so i don’t struggle as i did last semester. i believe in all of you and i wish you the best with the rest of this school year along with the next! <3 

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  • my first year of college wasn’t too eventful, but i’m grateful for everything that i’ve learned with my time attending my university. i dreaded coming to the school i go to because it wasn’t my first choice (it was actually my “safe school”). i was accepted into my dream school but it was 7 hours away from where i live, hence the only way i could go is to dorm. however coming from a low-income family, my parents were very disapproving to the idea, therefore i attended the local university near me which was about 30 minutes from home. 

    my first semester was super tiring, i had a 12 hour day (8 am to 8 pm) because i only attended 3/5 days at school, which drained me out a lot. since i go to a local school, a lot of people from my high school also attended, however i never really got to see them and i made new friends. my 12 hour day wasn’t too bad because i made a friend with a similar schedule as me, we only had one class together which was our 8 am but our times in class were really similar so i never felt too lonely. it was helpful that we were both in the same major and went to school on the same days. i highly encourage incoming freshmen or even transfer students to make friends during orientation since most of the time you’ll be making your schedules that day. my friend and i met at orientation and it was helpful to have someone who shares similarities with you because it makes the transition a lot easier.

    during my second semester that friend and i had different classes because she switched out of my major. we didn’t really hang out a lot during second semester, but we still kept in contact which i find important. it’s good to note that although you may not always see your friends, having a good friendship with them is important because college is tough and having a strong support system will help you out a lot. at first this semester was not fun for me because all i did was go to school then go home. my schedule was a lot better but it got really lonely. as i mentioned before, i go to a local university so at work most of my coworkers go to the same school as me. one of my coworkers rushed me to join his co-ed fraternity since i was an incoming freshman and this fraternity is based on community service rather than a social organization. since i was feeling lonely i decided to rush and it was a really fun experience. i won’t go into too much detail, but pledging was both rough and fun for me. i had to come to school on days that i normally wouldn’t but i don’t regret pledging at all. i do admit it was really tiresome since it takes a lot of energy out of you. but it’s really worth it in the end! my only advice is to always stay on top of your academics while you are pledging along with learning how to manage your time well. i highly encourage everyone to join a club or organization on campus because it really makes your college experience more fun. after i started pledging, i found coming to school more fun and i never find myself being lonely anymore.

    the main thing i want you to take out of this post is that, college is difficult but it’s manageable when you make the best out of your time. therefore i encourage all of you to get out of your comfort-zone and try to make new friends! whether it be just having a friend in a few classes or joining an on-campus organization, make the most out of it! it’s a good way to both make connections for the future, and to have a strong support system which really helps when you’re struggling in classes or when you need to study for midterms and finals.

    thank you for reading and good luck out there!   

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  • Being a historian is just an excuse to gossip about dead people.

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  • All of the advice I’m going to give you in this post comes from my personal experience. If you know me in real life, or at least knew me through high school, you’d know I’m one of the most indecisive people to ever exist. During my junior and senior year, I went through this huge existential crisis and researched online about pretty much every major known to humankind, and I still couldn’t make up my mind. I went from considering an Arts-related majors, Law, Business, etc, to finally deciding on Engineering, and I’m going to tell you how I did it, and how I managed to stick to this decision and feel confident about it!

    Know what you’re going through is perfectly normal

    This is not practical advice, but I still wanted to put it on top of the list because I know how much distress this topic can cause. When everyone else around you seems to know exactly what they want to do with their lives, this can only mean you must be immature and not ready for university, right? Nope. Trust me, it doesn’t mean anything. Seventeen-year-olds aren’t supposed to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives, and even the ones who tell themselves they do, they are very likely to change opinions in the long run. The point is, you are not supposed to be sure of anything right now. Your major will allow you to understand in which area you’d like to work with in the future, not your exact career path. Which brings me to my next advice to keep in mind: once you decide on a major, it won’t define the rest of your life.

    It isn’t a final decision

    I’m enrolling for Aerospace Engineering at university this fall, but I’ve read countless stories of people who ended the course and ended up working with Finance. I also know of many Fashion designers who were originally Architecture students. The point is, despite the name slapped on the page of your major of interest, what really matters are the skills you are learning. Even though, yes, an Aerospace Engineering student will most likely want to work as an Aerospace Engineer, they will have learned many other useful skills and will be able to apply them in different career paths, if they choose to do so. This same principle applies to most majors, like English, Business, and so on (I say most because there are courses like Medicine that are rather specific on career path). Therefore, have a look through university websites and see what the alumni of your majors of interests are working on, to understand the “range” of the major.

    Know your priorities

    Your major doesn’t have to be the one thing you love doing above anything else, despite what people say. I’m not saying you should choose it based on which one has a higher starting salary, because I don’t think it’s right, but it’s just that sometimes, people get too obsessed with finding “their true call”. Enjoying doing what you do it’s enough and, after all, you won’t get all of your happiness in life from your career choice. If you don’t find your “true call” right now, it’s perfectly fine. Realistically, most people don’t, and they still find other ways to fulfill their life through things like hobbies, volunteering, sports, and so on, which is great. Whether or not your major is your life vocation won’t dictate if you will be happy or not. If you think you managed to find it, that’s great! But again, don’t obsess over it.

    Pros and cons list

    For the first practical tip, write down all of the majors that interest you, and write all the pros and cons of choosing them. It can include anything, from the location of the universities around you that offer the major, to the actual things you like and dislike about the classes you’d be taking. This will give you an overview of what major seems more “worth it” to you, despite their cons.

    Dig deeper

    Find out the exact classes you’d be expected to take, projects and so on. Think if it is something you would feel motivated enough to go through, something you would enjoy in the long run, or something you’re good at. The major “summaries” universities offer on their websites, while often helpful, can also be very vague and have the aim of sounding more charming to prospective students. Therefore, looking through the syllabus and other more detailed pages can be very clarifying.

    Look for different opinions

    When trying to make my own decision, I listened to a lot of different people. They go from teachers to people on Youtube - all kinds of opinions mattered to me. The careers counselor in my school gave me a broad idea of the majors I was interested in, other majors that I hadn’t considered before, and her opinions based on her experiences hearing from alumni who were already going through college/had graduated. I also talked with people online and in real life who were already going through the courses I was considering - what is it like? Do you enjoy it? What are the ups and downs of it?

    I mentioned watching Youtube videos, which can be very helpful, but often a bit misleading as well. Through experience, I’ve learned that it’s good to hear the opinions of multiple people, because the number of frustrated graduates making videos about their majors is overwhelming. While it’s important to hear their opinions and arguments for a reality check, sometimes listening to a positive experience regarding the same major is just as important. So, if you come across a negative video on something you’re interested about, don’t feel too discouraged!

    Consider taking a break

    If this is a decision you’re not ready to make just yet, consider taking a semester or year off. I think the belief that everyone should be graduated by a certain age otherwise they won’t be successful is complete nonsense. All over the world, some students spend years after high school studying to pass a certain university exams, others start university right away, while others need a little more time figuring things out. Everyone is different, and that’s completely fine. You can spend your break trying to find out more about your courses of interest, through maybe taking open course classes, or gaining experience through some kind of internship. Either way, if you don’t feel confident, know you don’t need to rush!


    I went through a really rough time trying to figure out these things for myself, but again, that doesn’t mean I’m completely sure of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I learned that, sometimes, you need to figure things out as you go! Overall, I hoped I managed to ease someone’s anxiety and helped them find something useful.

    Good luck! 💗✨

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    I’ve been sculpting things to improve so I actually feel like I belong on my degree 😂 😅 Here are some half and half crows. One on the left out of polymer clay that I will later mould and cast with silicone and resin, and the one on the right is my first attempt out of airdrying clay.

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    Working on a podcast script for my social media unit. The topic is social media and politics.

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    Day 20/100 of productivity 📃

    Another benchmark! I think I may celebrate by buying myself macarons or sth like that

    On another note, I’ve been thinking about my anthropology & sociology readings a lot lately. I was up til 4am last night thinking about Freud’s concept of melancholy. I can’t wait to get back to in-person classes so I have a place to talk to others about it

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  • Hi all! So this definitely isn’t my usual field since this is an art blog, and my word definitely isn’t the be all end all! That being said, with this being uni acceptance time I thought I’d give some advice to new students. I’m going into my third year of uni as a Biology major so I’ve got *some* knowledge :P. This might not get very far but I hope it reaches a few people. 

    University and Highschool are two very very different beasts. On one hand, I’ve found that the way university is scheduled I have more social time than I did in highschool… on the other hand, the value of what I’m doing is so much higher that it is much more stressful.  So here it goes

    1) I don’t know about everyone elses high school experience… but mine was… odd. I had so many teachers saying they were doing so and so to prep you for university. While your teachers know things… they aren’t always right! (and neither am I!) One thing that was drilled into me in highschool was that I should take detailed long notes, and asking for deadline extensions was very taboo. neither of these held true for either of the unis I’ve been too (more on that later…) chances are in some of your lectures your profs will talk FAST. you’re not going to have time to take super detailed long notes. your going to have to write messy and fast and shorthand. save the detailed notes for later. Don’t get roped into the studyblr aesthetic. and before I get swarmed. I don’t mean no one should do that. I mean if it works for you, go for it! if it doesn’t…. dont do it for the aesthetic. I tried it and it didn’t work for me! So i make copious amounts of cue cards on quizlet and I teach others and quiz myself!

    2) Don’t EVER be afraid to ask a teacher for an extension or a way to boost your grade. If you’re professor cares, they’ll do what they can to help you. the worst they can do is say no. And if they’re rude about it…. you can avoid them for future courses. I’ve only had one professor say no to an extension… and he had been on academic probation for two years.

    3) I know everyone says this but its so so true. You NEED social time AND time for yourself. even if you’re an introvert. Take this from someone who had a mental breakdown in the middle of her school year. You need it, even if you’re an introvert and think you don’t. Make the time. Even if it’s just an hour once a week. I promise you it will help. 

    4) Don’t be afraid to transfer schools if you aren’t happy. My first year I went to a school out of province. and I was miserable. so so miserable. but I denied it for ages, until I couldn’t anymore. transferring was one of the scariest decisions I made but I am so glad I made it! Now I go to a school closer to home, where I have my friends and I am so much happier! 

    5) Experiment with courses! It’s really tempting to stick to what you know but branching out is good. This year I branched out and took a few courses I didn’t think I’d like. Writing by Women, Women and Gender studies, and Sociocultural Anthropology.  I hated two of them… buuuuut now I’m minoring in anthropology! Plus even though I didn’t like the other two, I still learned some new valuable things! 

    6) PLEASE for the love of all things holy, be a good group worker. I don’t care if you HATE group work, I do too. Just… be good with it, do your share, don’t leave your group hanging. There is nothing worse than carrying a group of 4 people. 

    7) This one is for the science majors : Learn how to write a lab report. a properly formatted one. I cannot tell you how many people are taking their 7th or 8th science course with me and still can’t write a formal report. Third person, past statements, (mostly) passive voice. 

    8) Use your academic advisors, they’re there to help you! I was really nervous about going in the first time. “they’re going to think I’m dumb if I go in…” they wont. I promise. They helped me figure my shit out a couple times. 

    9) go to profs office hours. its… awkward. But if you ever decide to do an honors program, that relationship with a prof is going to be a BIG help. But remember… there’s a fine line between being a kiss-ass and being a dedicated student. (not saying dont be a kiss-ass…. there are times for it… just be… tactful)

    Anyways I know that was longwinded and these definitely aren’t going to work for everyone! This is just my takeaway from two years of dedicated studying! Happy school!

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    2/100- One hundred days of productivity

    Although it’s getting quite chilly here in the southern hemisphere, it was so sunny today that I just couldn’t stay inside, so I bundled up and here I am. I’m almost done with my interview analisys due today, but I’m getting a headache that might interfere with my plans.

    2020 Quarantine Challenge

    ✨ Week one✨ day two

    How are you being taught your lessons?

    In a variety of ways, depending on the subject. Some uni subjects are not teaching lessons at all, they only send PDFs for us to read and then prove we did. Others send long audio files about specific topics or make zoom calls weekly.

    I’m also on a musical theatre workshop, where we meet through Zoom every Tuesday. And lastly, my singing teacher from music school sends recorded lessons every two weeks.

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  • my exams officially started today… im already sick and tired. i was praying to every existing deity that my uni would just scrap everything and make it a coursework term but… to no avail. i am now sad

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    my day was mostly spent trying to get as much written for my dissertation proposal as possible, i’m hoping to get it finished tomorrow and sent to my supervisor by thursday the latest but we’ll see how that one goes🤷‍♀️

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  • Mhm, I’m just going to rant on here. I’m a graduate from Duke University.  It has been my dream school since the sixth grade and I worked hard for it. Now, as for my siblings, not so much. I am the oldest of 5, meaning I have 4 younger siblings. My whole life I have been taunted by my siblings for being the smarty pants of the family. The one that was driven, the one that made great dreams, and the one that actually enjoys science.  I guess my parents always made me a point of comparison to my siblings that I was an epitome of perfection, which led my siblings on a path of ways to tear me down or damage my image. I will admit, my parents were wrong for making my siblings feel less than because they weren’t as driven as I was in school or making them feel worthless because they aren’t so interested in school.  Both my siblings (the second and third are both in college) go to the same university. Now my brother (he is the second child of our family, we will call him “A”) and sister (we will call “P” is the third of our family) are what I consider Thing 1 and Thing 2. 


    It is as if they formed some sort of association to find ways to make me miserable. I’ll go depth in another day (or maybe I never will because I don’t opening up about places of pain, especially from my family) but focusing on the topic of school, they’ve always made me to feel like the bottom of their shoe. “Oh, you think you’re better because you go were a top student?”  … “Nobody cares you made a 2350 on the SAT” … “You’re still stupid” … Just being hurtful. Not to make excuses for their actions because honestly, they are grown enough to know right from wrong, their hurt probably comes from feeling they were never enough to my parents. But why take that out on me? To the point my siblings even lied that I do nothing in school and I’m just at an expensive school for nothing. The hatred for me went as far as to the point where my school would ask for sibling verification forms to verify that I indeed have 2 other siblings at a 4-year university. The catch is that they have to sign it. Did they sign it? No. Once again, ways to try to hurt me. It was ridiculous. So much disdain because I am someone who excels in school and I care about my education. The only thing I’ll apologize for is NOT being sorry about going to a school I merited. No one can take that honor away from me. I have never dissed nor spoke down on the school that they attend but they feel the need to do that to mine. For Christ’s sake, P hates Duke and supports UNC (my school’s rival) solely based on the fact that I go to Duke! Such bitterness! To talk about the present, I can assure you that none of them congratulated me on graduating. Instead, my father told me how they told him that I never majored in neuroscience … Which is bogus and a flat out lie. Why are you speaking lies onto my life? Honestly, A goes along with whatever P says, feels, and does – which is sad cause he is older than P. I could write a book on how mean P is. One day she’ll realize that she is not hurting me, but herself. P said I only majored in a STEM major because that is what my parents wanted me to do. I really wish she would just allow me to tell my own stories for myself because I majored in a major that I enjoyed AND I chose. All the years of bitterness and hating me for going to Duke still never stopped my blessings. Still didn’t stop be from graduating. I am still here, successful and blessed. And the difference between my sister and I, I will never wish ill on her, no matter what she says about me. Her not congratulating me did not steal the smile I still wear because I am happy for myself that I made it, I made my dream a reality. 

    I guess what triggered this rant is I’m home now and my sister has this favorite hobby for whenever she has phone conversations about things that she thinks might rub me the wrong way, she speaks out loud or she’ll come in the bathroom to have her conversation (we have a sister-sister styled bathroom so I hear everything). She goes on and on about “her path”, wanting to be successful, and how “just because you go to a school like Harvard and Yale, you could still not be shit after you graduate”. Her constant need to try to “rub shoulders” with me when we are and will never be in the same places in life. The path the Lord destined for me to be is completely different from yours. Laughing to myself a little bit because I remember when she was in high school, her favorite thing to do was to stand in front of my door or to my little sister (she is 8 and honestly, I will only say it is sad how P has tried to feed her a bad image of me but my God works and she never bought it) and say how she was president of whatever club, listing her other accomplishments loud enough for me to hear. But not in a cocky way, I have been there, done that, and in most cases, I have done more. … Basically this is the same trick is tried to pull today. Standing in the bathroom and loudly talking about school and internships she knows she’ll get into and blah blah blah. If only she knew I am happy for her. But it is clear as day that your source of motivation is revenge and spite or a way to rub in my face “HA! I’m doing well”. If your successes make you feel the need to be a braggadocio, you had your priorities fucked up. Be successful or YOU. I honest to God pray that she gets tired of this someday because in the end, she will only hurt herself, meanwhile the person (me) that she is aiming to hurt never batted an eye towards her way and learned to be unbothered by her because it was a sad sight to see the oozing hatred while I stay here forever blessed. Sister, come to your senses and learn that in the kindest way possible, you no longer phase me because your actions are a cry for help, recognition, and attention. I pity you. Don’t let yourself go out looking sad.  

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    25.05.20 I 1/100 days of productivity

    I am starting a new productivity challenge!!! The last one I did was only 30 days but it really helped motivate me to study harder and more constantly.

    So for today I took some Chem notes for an upcoming lab in Ion Chromatography and organized my PhysicChem notes by categories so that they will be easier to review during the exams. Hope you are safe and healthy! <3

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    Me, this morning whilst trying to film audition tapes for uni and not annoy the neighbours ✌🏻✌🏻

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    It’s a fan thing ❤️😍

    Finally finish one of my projects for uni

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  • 05.26.20 - 5/26 days of productivity 

    had a bit of a refresher course on geometry. when i took geometry, i didn’t do too well (i barely passed), but i remember most of what we covered in class. which is cool!! i didn’t think i’d be able to recall what i learned, like, 4 years ago, but here we are.

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