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  • You know the drill, its time for a quick overview of the modules i have this semester, and the tags for each of them. In theory these tags will make it easier to search for posts related to specific modules. I’ve had no complaints so far :)

    So this semesters modules are:

    Documentary Film

    This will be the second documentary module that we have had (the first being Representing the Real). I am looking forward to it as I enjoy documentary film making, though it is definitely going to be more challenging due to the current pandemic. Within this module we should be making an 8 minute documentary, so that is exciting! Anything related to this module will be tagged with #documentary film module

    Contemporary Hollywood Cinema

    In this module we will be receiving a critical overview of Hollywood cinema from the last 20 years. The first half of the module will have us exploring a range of themes in relation to Hollywood cinema, including: stardom, representation (of race, and gender), and the status of the auteurist director. In the second half we will be focusing more on a selection of genres and modes, and important events that have shaped recent American cinema. Anything related to this module will be tagged #contemporary hollywood cinema

    Film Adaptation

    In this module we will be learning about the processes involved in adapting pre-existing artistic works (specifically written works) into films. With examples being shown of this within the module. We should also be making a 5 minute adaptation of our own! Anything related to this module will be tagged #film adaptation

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  • Don’t mind me, just rewatching the Cherry trailer for the millionth time instead of doing uni work 😅🍒


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    #tom holland #tom holland x reader #tom holland imagine #cherry film#russo brothers #cherry is gunna fuck me up #academy awards#best actor #ive been procrastinating #university#studyblr #tom holland fluff #tom holland fanfic #not my gif
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  • “Studying at Curtin Malaysia was my first time being away from my family and home, so naturally I was apprehensive about my new surroundings at first. Thankfully, I got to know some really great friends with whom I had a memorable university experience though we weren’t necessarily taking the same majors or courses. I met them through the many clubs and events I joined.

    “My siblings both pursued business studies and I decided to take a business course as well. However, choosing tourism and hospitality as part of my double-major was a big challenge as my family and friends all told me it wasn’t a popular field and wouldn’t amount to much in my future career. I was hesitant to take it at first but still did in the end, which was fortunate as I found it to be really interesting and fun.

    “Unlike other business majors where only theories are applied, the tourism and hospitality major combines both theory and hands-on experience, which I enjoyed a lot. A lot of what I learned proved useful and relevant to the industry. Our small class size also allowed me to build close relationships with my lecturers and classmates. It made our classes more personal and interesting. I’m glad I was able to successfully complete my degree thanks to the guidance and help of my lecturers and tutors, as well as all the staff and friends who helped make my university experience a really memorable one.” -Tan Wan Sing, Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing graduate

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  • am i allowed to put ‘wlw’ in an essay?

    #like seriously #it’s for uni #so probably not right? does it count as slang? #wlw #women loving women #lgbtq+#university#essay
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  • first week of uni and im already at it with clandestinely writing fanfic for my assignments and slipping random references into other things

    today’s accomplishment: tricked my physics work group into naming ourselves the literal title of a book series

    #except in spanish bc this is latin america #university#collage #his dark materials #materia oscura #it doesn’t sound nearly as cool in spanish #but what can you do
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  • Plan a cleaning/washing dishes schedule with your roommates and stick to it

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  • 16.01.21// I’ve finally got a bit more green on my desk! I’ve been shuffling my desk around, trying to find the way it will best suit my study needs.

    IG: flatneedledistillery

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  • 16/01/2021 I started a course in French. I had some classes in high school, but now I want to learn it properly. So far I have really enjoyed it, I finally have a reason to make flash cards again! I’m also trying to get through my TBR pile, but it is quite difficult because I keep buying new books… At least I still have plenty of books to read. Happy weekend!

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  • TW/CW: COVID-19, poverty, (lack of) government benefits, brief description of shitty mental health & poverty

    story time. i just need a moment to be frustrated about money, and because i can’t be the only one in this situation.

    i feel kinda screwed over right now. i’m in a financially worse position than i was last year (like so many of us!), yet i still don’t qualify for canada’s response benefit (CRB). according to the way eligibility is calculated, i « make too much money » to qualify for aid.

    the basic breakdown is, you take your average weekly income from 2019 or the past 12 months, divide in half (50%), and check it against what your average weekly income is for the 2-week period you’re requesting aid for. if your average weekly income in that 2-week period is less than 50% of your average weekly income of 2019 (or the past 12 months), you qualify.

    at first, it makes sense, until you look at what the government qualifies as income. it doesn’t take into account any other form of government aid (disability, pension, etc.), particularly student loans, all of which contributes to a person’s ability to stay financially afloat.

    i was a full-time student in 2019, meaning every month, my provincial gov’t sent me money, and that money went to tuition, food, housing, etc. basically everything. pinching pennies, eating a lot of beans and rice and taking advantage of my uni’s soup kitchen meant i was able to swing it so that i didn’t have to work during the school year, and only work in the summers. cool. but that means i was only making an « income » (according to what is counted as income for the purposes of the CRB) in the summer, and very little at that, if that’s all that is counted for the entire year. you’d think that would help me qualify for aid.

    fast forward to today. i’m studying part time, which, in my case, means my provincial gov’t sends me barely enough money to pay tuition, and that’s it. once in sept, and once again in jan. no monthly financial aid. so i have to work during the school year. cool. loads of people do it, because loads of people have no other choice. it sucks, and it interferes with students’ ability to do their best work in uni. but you do what you have to do.

    how does this relate to the CRB again?

    now that i’m working throughout the year, my « average weekly income » is higher than in 2019, despite the fact that i’m working reduced hours and am limited to one contract due to the nature of my work & COVID (in the summers, i had up to 3 regular contracts). without monthly students loans and summer work, there was no way i would have financially made it through 2019. but because i can’t factor the actual amount of money i was working with into my « average weekly income » for 2019, the money i make right now (which is less than i had when i had loan support) makes me ineligible for gov’t aid in a fucking pandemic.

    now, i could have chosen to continue on as a full-time student and collected monthly student loans, but there was no way i was capable of taking a full online course load. last semester i took half the number of classes, and was still overwhelmed. this semester, i’m still at that half load, but my mental health is withering away, and i’m not confident i can swing more than one course at this point. even for the money, it’s not worth throwing my grades away for classes i may have to repeat later because i’ve failed them and tanked my GPA. bye bye any dreams i had of grad school.

    in 2019, my mental health and undiagnosed and untreated adhd (at that time) made it extremely difficult to live alone. i was not healthy. i didn’t eat well, sleep well, and had many breakdowns and burnouts. having to assume the full cost of living alone meant that i was bordering on financial deficits most months.

    in many other ways, i’m better off than i was in 2019. today, i’m living with roommates/chosen family who all have some combination or other of mental illness and neurodivergency. so i’ve got people, and understanding, and i don’t have to manage the upkeep of an entire household and myself at the same time while staying fed.


    (and if anyone reading this is itching to respond with comments blambing me for my situation, you can stuff it and keep scrolling)

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  • Nursing is a well-renowned career option across the world. A number of students choose this field for a variety of reasons such as work stability and satisfaction, respect in the workplace, status elevation, high salary packages, and so on.


    1. Job Security

    Nursing is an occupation in which individuals can work in a number of areas. They can choose any specialty and any area to work in. Nurses can work in hospitals, NGOs, healthcare centers, old age homes, private clinics, or as private nurses. There are many options open to them. This helps ensure that the nurses are employed even when there is a recession. This is one area of work where the economy has no control over and the individuals always find employment. The number of openings for nurses and other healthcare workers is opening regularly, especially in hospitals and NGOs. Many NGOs working with trauma victims employ nurses to help the people there. The increasing number of such NGOs also brings employment opportunities for nurses aspiring to work in the social sector.

    2. High Salary Packages

    The job market always has openings for nurses. The numerous areas that they work in helping ensure that they have high salary packages in any area they choose to work in. The students also find good job openings while in their final years of nursing. The increasing number of public and private hospitals, the high number of private clinics and organizations, and the increasing number of NGOs, all ensure that the nurses find any employment that they desire. The job openings for nurses are numerous and thus they can choose an attractive salary package. Working as personal nurses or working in private centers provides them with a good salary package, sometimes even better than that of hospital nurses.

    3. Personal Satisfaction

    Nursing is a job where the person gets high amounts of both personal and job satisfaction. The individual is able to help people, reduce their pain, and serve people in general. This is an especially good career for people who are high in emotional intelligence and empathy. The nurses feel like they have made a difference in their workplace which is a great source of job satisfaction. They also get personal satisfaction for comforting individuals and becoming a reason for hope for them. Many nurses can even work with international organizations and help provide medical aid all across the world, for instance, Red-Cross, Doctors Without Borders, United Nation, WHO, etc. This also helps in bringing a sense of importance and a feeling that they have made a change in society and the world as a whole.

    4. Work anywhere

    Nursing is a global occupation. The requirement for nurses is increasing worldwide. Students can study in any part of the world and work as a nurse in any country after completing their registrations in that country. Students who complete their nursing education in Assam, for instance, can also work in any other part of the country and even in other countries. This helps open up the job market for them and helps provide them with a number of work options. This is especially true for nurses looking to work in hospitals. Nurses working in private clinics or as personal nurses also make high amounts of money, especially when working in Western countries.

    5. Respected Occupation

    Nursing is one of the most respected occupations in the world. Nurses are regarded with as high a standard as doctors and are given the same amount of respect. They are known for saving the lives of the people and becoming a source of comfort for them. Any individual debating on whether or not they should choose nursing as a career should keep in mind the status elevation that it brings along with it.

    Nursing has become an important occupation, especially considering the pandemic. Healthcare workers have become more important than ever before. Nurses now have a new level of job security and salary expectations. Nursing is a great choice for individuals high on empathy and those who make to make an impact on society. For having a best career you can study in Best university in northeast

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    These are just things I found throughout my first semester! They might not all be applicable to you but I hope it helps anyone that needs it☺️✨

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