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  • books-sketches-and-averno
    16.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    you ever just? think about averno.

    #i need to study for finals and stuff #but like#averno#averno township #my comfort place #my comfort universe #please-#ananonspeaks
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  • lookismenthusiast
    16.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago
    #Lookism#daniel park#jay hong#zack lee#vasco #lee eun tae #vin jin#mary kim#zoe park#jake kim #they look so fine #omg jay and vasco #where are johan and eli #where are my babies #god please let this comic get an anime adaption by the best studio and staff in the universe #J stuff
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  • archillager20
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Due to the past traumatic event Spyro witnessed, he would often feel depressed. Not really mood swings or anything, but when he thinks about the event, the thought beats him up the rest of the day and he would cry a lot. He is also very emotional. Insulting him would have him crying the rest of the day. But Toby always does his best to cheer him up!

    He’s happy a lot tho. Him and Toby would have so much fun spending time in the forest, them both always playing hide and seek!

    #lil spyro #spyro the wizelf #baby toby#my ocs #my oc stuff #minecraft #my created universe #archillager20
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  • inkburnt
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    AU info: Handled With Love

    My Death Stranding AU, setting V up as nothing more than a side character to the game’s plot; but here, he’s our protagonist. This AU explores the game’s world and story events through inconsequential eyes like V’s, and how the Stranding has affected V, a humble Fragile Express porter, as a character with so small a role to play in the grand scheme. Also, consider this AU as a means to give myself free rein to flesh out Fragile Express since canon gives us too few crumbs to work with.

    His primary relationship is with Fragile, purely platonic and founded on mutual trustworthiness, loyalty, and care. Though the two are close friends at best, V sometimes behaves around her as if she were a motherly figure—and Fragile often gives him reason to, keeping after him and worrying about him as if a mother would. V confides in her, opens up to her; all of life’s ups and downs are shared with her, whether he wants them to be or not, and if he’s going through hell then somehow, sooner or later, Fragile will go through it with him. He can’t really seem to hide things from her. Though V is by nature a mysterious fellow, Fragile is the one who winds up discovering things about him before anyone else. If he has beans to spill, he’ll spill them to her first (and often exclusively).

    Count on yet another tragic, traumatizing backstory with him. He harbors a deep resentment toward Homo Demens as a result of their, though brief, involvement in his adolescence. Such an event shaped so much of his life since then, resulting largely in the man he is at present.

    V is both a repatriate and sufferer of DOOMS: a higher level than Fragile’s, but lower than Higgs’. He can see BTs, induce timefall through extreme emotion (uncontrollable), and he has frequent to constant nightmares of apocalyptic, end-of-days events. He is also anemic, extremely thin due to lifelong malnourishment, and of a frail body. He suffers from a number of mental issues as well, and his DOOMS is only exacerbating the problem. Aphenphosmphobia develops during his time with Fragile Express, first triggered by BTs (as he is, unfortunately, dragged off by them multiple times).

    His work is all he has to live for, so he takes care to do his best job. It’s key to his sanity as well. He doesn’t have much of an opinion on American reconstructionism. He doesn’t feel it affects his daily life, so he goes on making deliveries and surviving day to day. He’s loyal to Fragile and Fragile Express, first and foremost, so he cares about protecting and preserving nothing little else.

    Explore all related fanfiction on AO3.

    #information #universe: Handled With Love #I have no idea how to tag anything here yet but whatever. I need stuff up.
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  • hereismestudying
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I dont wanna do anything, like something sucked my motivation out of me.

    And now i am just... sitting in front of my laptop writing this post.

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  • butchlet-rights
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    omg i just realized since i own my car now i can put bumper stickers on ittt yahoo. i ALWAYS wanted one of those 'this man ate my son' ted cruz stickers idk where ppl got those from

    #my mom is such a hardass about stuff like that tho. she got a nice like free sticker from my university #but nooo. what if we sell her car one day n she has to god forbid. take 5 minutes to peel it off
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  • fredvestis
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    this is a long ass vent but i had no one to vent to irl. sorry.

    #i love my irl friends but the thing is our paths have diverged so much from the last time we were schooling together #and sometimes it is just so frustrating #because they've had relatively cushy lives since then as far as im aware #and there's literally a running gag about how i have dogshit luck and can never catch a break #but i think its reached a point where like. guys we can joke about it sometimes. but you realise it's not just a joke right. #they love saying stuff like wow youre so smart wow youll def be successful as i get rejected from university for the nth time #and get stuck in contract/shift jobs while they can work full time from home #and theyre talking about buying houses and asking me about it and it's driving me insane i can barely support myself what do you mean housea #and its not even just them...like my entire extended family views my worth the same way #my grandma still talks about how i could count to 100 at the age of 2 #my aunts always tell my cousins to direct their questions to me bc im the cleverest etc #and all my countless cousins all know me as the smart one who will grow up and earn lots of money ( #often joking that theyll sponge off me next time #) my entire life i have been told that i've got what it takes and that i can do it #that when i say no i cant do it no i need help #nobody knows how to act anymore??? #like maybe just my mum but she can only sigh and wonder why my life has been so hard #but i dont even dare to complain to her too much bc shes swamped and struggling with her own life #my sister just makes paggro comments at me daily bc she expected me to do more as the 'smart' one and now she's disappointed #i have complained to my irl friends but they only know how to laugh it off and be like dude no way your life sucks that bad #i get it bro!! my life sucks!!! i've been trying for the past 5 years!! i want to get out of this!! #if everybody says im destined for success where is it!!! #ramblings
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  • hanzolo
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    gay as hell for han solo to go out in the snow like that

    #watching it with my 7yo cousin rn #he loves the universe and toys and stuff but has never seen the movies #so we’re watching it and he loves it lmao #star wars #empire strikes back #han solo#skysolo
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  • windyqutie
    15.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I’ve said it in an AN I’ll say it again I wish 99 didn’t exist most the time

    #which proceeded to get me a bunch of people use Killu//Gon as the popular one #nah #I have never once seen any Gonkillu that I wanna see in that tag #so I’ve given up I block I don’t look for every 100 there might’ve been one thing in the dynamic I want not worth it #some alt universe doesn’t have it and I bet Gonkillu is the go to popular one #I #still personally see 99 #as Gonkillu #cuz the whole someone being taller equals stuff is annoying #but Windy you love short Ki!!! #yeah I do!!! but A it’s cuz I cannot agree with the fandom and b it makes sense if you think how #tortured and raised and It’s cute!!! #not just for Gonkillu but Luka being taller than Ki too #anyway point is I don’t care I can make g/on 5’3 and Ki 6’ and you know what I’d still make it Gonkillu #Ki wrapping his legs around Gon’s waist and Gon carrying him #protecting him yes please #it’s just IMO look 99% of the fandom sees Killu//Gon so and. this my blog I see #I see as the manga as Gonkillu #their dynamic as more Gonkillu #I don’t see Ki as some bastard baby who is so coooool #no #I just don’t see Ki making the first move or first kiss or whatever’s #sorry again my blog though #and it says Gonkillu stan #I hope to god I did all the slashes right #stuff appears to easily in tags nowadays hell #I know Ki saves Gon but like idc I don’t their dynamic IMO isn’t Killu//Gon #I feel it’s partially 99’s fault shit is ooc #ship what you wanna im not saying my ver ain’t ooc either just saying I feel it’s 99’s fault Gonkillu ain’t popular #I just want Ki to be saved and loved and carried
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  • joeykinsstuff
    15.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Afton and The Twisted Rewind - AU FNAF

    @thatoneconfusedcitrus asked about my au so I decided to write a little bit of my old FNAF AU. My AU follows game canon till Security Breach where Glitchtrap talks to Vanny to make a tape where they use the tape to rewind it and go back in time.

    William afton uses the opportunity to relive his life in order to save his children, escape his fate and frame Henry for the murder of Charlotte Emily and Sam Emily. All seven chapters are available on a03 under Afton and the Twisted Rewind and aren't that well written but I had lots of fun. Also my BATIM au is on my account as long as my very first dsaf fanfiction from when I first entered the fandom.

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  • gemstone-whore24
    15.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I love this picture :) 🍃🍄

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  • hereismestudying
    15.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I went outside today soo here are some of the flower photos i took

    15th of June

    Didn't post any update yesterday because i forgot sry

    Pol. Dev. Final exam went well and i am pleased with the answers i gave let's see if the professor thinks the same

    I have a few free days until the next exam i will be spending them with productivity and responsibility hopefully

    not making any promises tho

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  • chokonex
    15.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    so yeah I'm a bit late to the sambucky train but they're so soft ahhhhhh! hope you all appreciate this! and if you do, don't forget to click like/comment on the original video!! ;w;

    #sambucky#sam wilson#bucky barnes#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfatws #sam and bucky #my edits#my stuff#Youtube
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  • callmebill05
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I just started HoO and im in love with Nico so i drew him.

    Reusing an old base

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  • lemon-drxps
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    so uh

    where’s the obligatory SBI coraline au anyway here’s some word vomit that is such an au but its very ramble-y. take of this what you will.

    tommy gets fed up with how ‘annoying’ techno and wilbur can be, or how phil thinks of him as only a child and due to work they’ve paid less attention and y’know at first he got it they just moved into this house but he hoped maybe it’d get better but it hasn’t

    he’s been able to vent to this new kid who lives not too far away, tubbo, and his weird cat named ranboo, but tubbo only ever tells him strange stories and he can never stay for long because someone called the ‘captain’ always calls him home. 


    after some argument, in a heated fit he stomps around and slams doors until he locks himself in a room only to realize there’s some closet with this little door he didn’t notice before. 

    he stays in that room to cool down, locking himself in there. he hoped maybe someone would knock on the door to tell him about dinner, no one does, he falls asleep.

    when he wakes up its silent and dark but there’s this glow under that little door in the closet, and he looks to a window and notices there seems to be a bird stuck in the room and it pecks at the door so he goes over and carefully opens it 

    and the bird swoops in and tommy follows

    and this could follow classic coraline where it’s a near-perfect mirror of the world he knows, but i always like to heavily deviate from source material when i make aus. 

    in this world he finds what is the ‘other family’ 

    i was thinking, in homage to the dsmp, it could consist of the dream team or perhaps schlatt or something; but if not it could just be the other-sbi

    and at first everything seems cool- he gets attention, hangs out with him, they appreciate his opinions, and he’s not called just a kid or a child. they show him wonders of the world, and he goes back home at the end of it all. 

    he wakes up back in the room again, the small door shut, and he tries to tell phil, wilbur, and techno about his dream, and they’re mildly amused but pay no mind, it’s just his imagination. the conversation ends there. 

    he goes to visit tubbo and he doesn’t know why the dumb cat keeps eyeing him down, and he tries to tell him of the story and it seems to make tubbo a bit frightened but generally they keep talking and tommy mentions hoping that he has a similar dream the following night. 

    filler filler tommy takes a few visits to this place- during one of the visits he noticed that ranboo followed him, and that ranboo can talk in the other world. ranboo tries warning him but tommy doesn’t really listen. either way ranboo follows and keeps an eye on him. ranboo isn’t the only thing- blackbirds seem to keep following him. 

    he has fun- one night he watches a magic show from a funny man named sam, and a karoke night with three fiances who only goof around. 

    he keeps visiting every night and telling phil and wilbur and techno the following day.  techno is a bit concerned after some time and tries to lock the door and hide the key, but a small blackbird finds it for tommy.  wilbur also is a bit concerned and tries to have tommy play music with him, and it works for a bit, until wilbur gets some call and has to go again. 

    tommy returns to the world the following night and that’s when the whole thing where you gotta sew the buttons into your eyes to stay and of course tommy is freaked the hell out by this and he runs off and runs into ranboo who warns him again, warning him about the blackbird spies that when he kills one turns to a crow.

     and tommy tries to go home and go to bed and when he does, he can’t find his family which isn’t good and he talks to tubbo and tubbo seems concerned and he looks at ranboo and ranboo looks back to him and they offer to help

    like i said i like things that deviate from the source material 

    anyway unlike coraline where she had to do everything alone, i think tommy would have friends to do this with, namely tubbo and his cat ranboo

    and together they play the other world’s dumb games and puzzles until ultimately they manage, maybe, to defeat the evil there, and they go home and tommy sees his family, and he grumbles about how finally they’re here and yknow happy ending and stuff like that but, uh yeah

    there’s a lot of plot holes probably and details that i definitely didnt go over but this is already so so so so long. 

    feel free to use these ideas for stuff if you want, but if you do please tag me i’d like to see <3

    also feel free to send asks or whatever and maybe i’ll ramble more ideas. 

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  • luckyberet
    15.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #maldrontheassassin #✧* .ˢᵒᵃᵖ ˢᵗᵒᶰᵉ ᴹᵉˢˢᵃᵍᵉˢ || .Answered. *✧ #|| doesn't need to be canon but like another ending haha #|| I have so many endings for ds1 verse too #|| threw in bit of mystery there #|| did she connect with something or is she just saying that as a promise? #|| me turning this into feels of DS2 end? LOL #|| I recall the begin animation in DS2 and maybe something otherwordly would happen - resulting to wake in another realm haha as unkindled #|| Marylin finally having career and place and suddenly gets in the middle of plane switch - #|| me reading lovecraftian and junji ito stuff so much I love idea of unstoppable forces of universe
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  • shyartbean
    15.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Day 14. Agender

    This is for the bby Vings. They are agender. They are also ace and pan romantic. That what the two pins would be. (Also beware that the monster didnt have terms to describe thier gender identity or sexuality)

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  • wwprice1
    15.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Love this! Brilliant work!

    #why not stuff #dc comics#dc heroes#superman#clark kent#Kal-El #restore the snyderverse #zack snyder’s justice league #justice league#Henry Cavill #henry cavill superman #dceu #dc extended universe #dc cinematic universe #Instagram
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  • wicked-ghoul
    15.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    It took me until this very moment to realize that Lapis chose the name “Bob” for baseball because Steven said “No prob, Bob!” to her in Ocean Gem *headdesk* Better late than never right? lol Also that’s cute, she loves her beach summer fun buddy!

    #steven universe#lapis lazuli #i friendship it! #i'm also slow apparently #wickedghoul posts stuff #wickedghoul does understand jokes until years later apparently lol
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