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  • pinevalley
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    speaking of electric orbs, instant serotonin video!!

    #|↟| ooc #(listen watching kids learn abt stuff like this in entertaining ways warms my heart so much they just agsgd) #(they’re so happy!!!!!!) #(i'm begging the universe to let me teach kids abt space one day..........) #(i can go on and on…………..) #(like if u ask me abt space i will TELL U ABT SPACE)
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  • dreamsmpsideblogging
    17.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #/lh #it's completely fine afshafah #I mean if you do end up writing this now that you remembered I'll be here to read it fagsfwhsga #but maybe it was the universe way of telling you you shouldn't do that /j #lostanons#resonating-kitty
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  • notyetbulletproof
    17.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    If what Nikolai discussed in ROW is true then it stands to reason that this might be the longest Inej has been away from Ketterdam since she first set sail with The Wraith. Or rather the longest The Wraith (the ship along with it’s captain and crew) have been away from Ketterdam.

    Since Kerch officials don’t know for sure it’s Inej, she and her crew members could still be secretly coming in and out. I personally think she did and is in correspondence with Kaz. I truly believe it’s her mission (not just a job) and he’s her spy now, her man on the inside. However, I do think this might be the longest she’s been away. The longest she’s been gone without seeing all of them. To protect herself from being identified as the captain of the Wraith. The Captain who is upsetting the pockets of those who profit from enslaving people young and old - corrupt merchers, politicians and barrel bosses. Since money talks in Kerch, more than anything else, anything that upsets that would upset them.

    And Kaz, Jesper and Wylan along with other in the know Dregs adopt the stance of “Inej who? Never heard of such a person? The Wraith is a legend. I wonder who she is?”. And it works with most people because of the persona Inej had before she left Ketterdam. The Wraith/The Wraith Queen. They might KNOW it’s her but they might not know her name and hence cannot directly connect the dots. Also given her skills, most of them never saw her face.

    The dregs know it but it’s unclear if all the others do since most of the other Barrel peeps call her The Wraith. I’m not saying they won’t know, I’m saying that it’s a thin veil of protection. Which could also explain why she’s staying away. To protect Kaz, Jesper and Wylan. To protect the Dregs and anyone in association with her. And they keep up the ruse to protect her.

    Now while I might not know much about Nikolai, what I do know— it’s clear he would have already figured this out. He’s seen Inej (possibly) when she went to the embassy in CK and at the very least heard about her. He’s also been one to hide behind a false identity to do the work he needed to do and kept it going even after he took his position as King. So I feel he would know about concealing identities AND would have contacts in various places that could inform him about The Wraith. He also would know Kaz was aided by The Wraith and also helped find the Ghafas. So really, that’s that.

    I do feel Kaz’s line is practiced. Never reveal anything, instead learn what the other knows.

    I also think what Kaz says to Nikolai about “this is the problem with letting your enemies live” is quite telling. It’s ironic because it’s essentially what Kaz did so it could be about that (unlikely of course given what Inej did to ensure Pekka said bye bye bye) but I like to think it’s linked to what’s happening with Inej. Now ya yes, call me out, I haven’t read Nikolai’s duology so clearly I am missing alot. I did however read the chapters of ROW that featured the crows in it so when I read that line I kept thinking of what Nikolai had said about when the Wraith was last seen and why people were trying to find her.

    She didn’t kill all her enemies. Death is too easy. She, like Kaz, chooses to destroy the big fishes brick by brick. Destroy them, break them, make it last. Set an example. Seek justice your way because no else is gonna get it for you. You and all those you fight for. However, in doing so, sometimes those damn assholes come back to make life difficult. They regroup and strike again. So really sometimes, you should let your enemies die.

    That’s basically what I have been thinking about. That and Jesper’s line about “if Inej were here..” and Kaz saying “you can keep saying that but she isn’t. The best we can do is wait”. They know their crew functions better with her but they all have jobs to do and they can’t always be there to help each other out. Yet they will. They think about each other. They think about how to work the problem. They protect each other whether they’re physically together or not. I mean that’s why they’re all on this job right??

    That coupled with the fact that Kaz already was 5 steps ahead knowing about the Suli, about Zoya and then the line about “the Suli never forget their own… just like crows”. (I know that was more about Zoya than anything and i’m not trying to take that away from her, just thinking about what prompts Kaz’s response) AND of course, let’s not forget the reason he even agreed to help them get what they needed was to get the device to help Inej…

    ITS JUST..

    LISTEN. LISTEN LINDAAA. I’m telling ya.

    I’ve lost the purpose of this again. I got lost in thinking about Kanej and when they’ll be able to see/hear from each other again. Probably when Kaz gets that device to Inej.

    Gosh. I really need that third book and I need it to be nice to us.

    #row spoilers #random spiels by me #kanej #based on the track record in her duologies I would just like to put into the universe PLEASE DONT HURT THE CROWS in a possible SOC 3 #no long term damage they have suffered enough #call me out if you must but no point being cruel about it yeah. I’m just in a kanej bubble. not reducing ROW in any way
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  • dreamdx
    17.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #this is the second fic ive read in two days that started strong and then devolved into pro establishment propaganda #this superhero au spent most of the narrative exploring the systemic class-related issues inherent to the vigilante/pro hero divide #and there's this whole drama with the pro heroes being dismissive and hostile to vigilantes #even though vigilantes do all the work of aiding low income areas without any of the resources or legal protection that pro heroes have #but then it ends up with the central vigilante being offered a position as a pro hero and being like ~*my dream come true*~ #NOOOO! stick to your guns!!!!!!! heroes are cops!!!!!!!! #and then this Other fic has fully entered Demonize Violent Protesters mode #the author has no idea that coordinated and deliberate property damage can actually be very effective praxis in the right circumstances #chooses instead to erase all that nuance and turn it into 'breaking a window is a sign that xyz activist character has become Evil' #idk man maybe im just used to techno fanbase being primarily anarchists or some other form of deep leftist #maybe it's because many authors in this fandom are high school kids who haven't started grappling with political theory yet #but either way it's obvious that the Marvel Cinematic Universe propaganda is working rip #discourse#m
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  • griddlebutch
    17.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    god the way gender operates in tlt is so fucking fascinating...like i have never seen so many different wlw gender expressions before in ANY media (maybe dykes to watch out for is the exception). But the fact that we can dissect and speculate about how femininity and masculinity play out within this world and among its characters is so fucking amazing. The fact that the complicated feelings of gender experienced by many lesbians is explored in tlt is so fucking healing i cannot believe we have this

    #gideon is no doubt butch and she is LOUDLY butch and she is attractive #and she isnt predatory #she is handsome and golden and noble #and with harrow i hesitate to call her femme because of the way ianthe expects and manipulates her into femininity #but there is something to be said about how harrow's gender can map onto ways femmes irl have just as varied and complex relationships to #femininity as butches have to masculinity #harrow can ride the line between femme and butch and that ambiguity matters because not all lesbians subscribe to these subcategories #and labels and thats okay #it doesnt make them any less lesbian #and harrows unique and complex gender expression is a way of exploring that in the tlt universe #the dyke speaks #anyway the way that we get to have discussions on harrow being forced into a strict feminity by ianthe while gideon is allowed a masculinity #that is a core part of who she is and why people are attracted to her is fucking amazing #just. so much gender here.
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  • eonghwa
    17.06.2021 - 9 hours ago
    seonghwa + plushies 🤍
    #wonderland vs answer vs fireworks with plushies #just got some really bad news and it feels like the universe is making fun of me in pretty ugly ways lol #but still my mood just 📉📉📉📉 hence why the post #need that serotonin boost #seonghwa stellina 🌟 #eonghwa.rambling
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  • paintalyx
    17.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    did i sit down and comb through all update and character release dates, events, archon and story quests on genshin impact wiki until i could piece togethe something that can loosely be called the genshin impact timeline for the sake of a canon divergence fic that i may never write??

    yes. yes, i did.

    it may need a couple of tweaks since i'm not sure how meta i should make it (e.g. do i prioritise release dates or adventure ranks as reference points? i'm leaning towards the former at the moment), but it would make things easier to manage on the long run

    #my stuff#genshin impact #the fic in question is the first installment of what i affectionately call bennett: the cinematic universe #i wrote all of this by hand in a school notebook to relax before an exam #plotholes i can forgive but a messy timeline?? sir that's blasphemy! #the things i do for my boy #look i know that the fic is pov diluc but this ain't about him #maybe the real canon were the friends we made along the way #okay i'll stop rambling now #hello fellow tag enjoyers; you may recieve a cookie for your time (🍪) #genshit impact
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  • zoueriemandzijnopmars
    17.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    So, I can’t explain this shortly but when you follow two blogs, A and B and like you follow A because they like the same media as you and blog B because they post funny things and you’re pretty sure they’ve never interacted and have little in common and then blog A reblogs something that originated at blog B. And the point I’m getting at: a bigger crossover then Infinity War

    #tumblr #i made an original post #I always get so excited and proud like: #I follow them! I was at the source! #a bit like that Narnia meme: do not cite the old magic to me witch I was there when it was written #but! like Enthusiastic instead of mad! #is this universal? #now specifically it was cool because I’d been comparing the two blogs a lot as they’re both on a job hunt #which is quite a coincidence #vagueing in positive ways
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  • wujuhour
    17.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    i went to this event where a string quartet performed songs from animes/video games and i am not a fan at all of how the lady/violist introduced the “sailor moon” song not as being from an anime that was watched by countless girls around the world growing up, but a series where high school boys have posters of the main protagonist's naked silhouette up on their bedroom walls.......

    #why do i keep feeling this urge to say ''maybe i'm being too sensitive but...'' #when NO that is not something i should be saying #like it makes perfect sense why i wouldn't like this and why that was in such bad taste #what even possessed her to talk about ''sailor moon'' like that..... #she said she had a younger brother and i gotta say if she's talking from personal experience than it is not universal at all #sailor moon is an iconic character and the fact that she was reduced to being some sex object rubbed me completely the wrong way #this keeps grating on me like i'm right that it would've been more sensible to preface the performance #talking about how the series was so popular and why it's left such an impact (especially on young girls!) #like this really hit me out of left field; i was so prepared for her to talk about ''naruto'' when she brought up high school boys #and the poster they had up on their bedroom walls (''naruto'' was even part of the program!) #((plus that would be more common!!)) #also: yeah the song they performed was ''moonlight densetsu'' which is unsurprising #but the 90s ''sailor moon'' ost is SO good #i wish i lived in a world where they had done a orchestral melody of usagi's transformation songs + some other quality songs from the ost.. #lastly: yes i wore my mask #but the way it was so rare to see people wearing a mask........... it was concerning (and i was walking through a city!) #this was my first time going out to a public place like that in a while and it was an eye-opener seeing the lack of masks with my own eyes #and i live in a state where it was common to see people wearing their mask throughout the pandemic #people are so quick to return to normalcy when that still isn't here #text #EDIT: if she had said it in a gay way i would've let it slide more
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  • sapphoisms
    17.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    tfw you spend your last savings on your cat’s vet bill so you don’t have money to buy alcohol/weed to cope with the mourning process . guess we’re gonna be raw dogging reality in this bitch 

    #she's so sick and not herself it hurts so much to see her this way #she's literally my baby . like fr i love all cats and animals sm but she . is My baby #what if i never have another pet who simps for me as hard khdbchsbd bad way to word it but there's sentiment there . my heart hurts :( #and on the financial end of things......i'm gonna be broke until september student loans LMAO i was gonna get a job in late summer #but idk if i'll have my second vaccine and the delta strain is making me anxious :/ #my mom's health is .not Good i don't want to make her sick #so it's all shit . like its all bad #i got accepted to my top university and i'd rather eat shit and die than go there dbhcjhd what's wrong with meee #why did i run out of alcohol and weed now . why right now #animal death mention//// #p
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  • the-ghost-face
    17.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    ((FUCK those stupid fucking zombies that Nemesis comes with.))

    #dead by daylight #mod speaks #not an ask #they get in your way when you try to go down stairways and slopes #and injure you so Nemesis gets a one-hit down #in what universe is that shit fair?!
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  • tmae3114
    16.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Oh I just had a really painful thought

    When the hero was trying to think of someone who could make them clothes that could conceal their armour, did they think of Danyel as the one most likely to be able to do it because he's the Headmaster of Edelia....

    ...or because he's Tomix's brother?

    #Dragonfable #I'm just saying there's a lot of soulweavers in Ravenloss #maybe they wouldn't think of Izaac bc of his condition #but Sa'vaya is there. according to the timeline Belle would also be there by that point #in-universe they had OPTIONS #But they went all the way across the ocean to Edelia #to ask Danyel Danao for help they weren't entirely sure he would give in a place they weren't pretty sure they weren't welcome #*whispers* if Tomix was alive he would've been their first choice #(this is purely from a watsonian perspective; obviously from a doylistic one Danyel was the prime candidate because he was Plot Important) #(and also stuff releases out of chronological order so we COULDN'T go to Belle) #(bc we didn't know the end of her story yet) #(but IN-UNIVERSE...)
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  • emmabee14
    16.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    processing... this may take a few minutes(years)

    #photo is from my first year of university #this song was part of this dance we learned at orientation week #so makes me think of what i thought uni would be/what life would be like way back in sept 2019 #little did i know #i was not prepared for anything nor could i have guessed anything #now i understand and relate to these lyrics so much whereas then it was just a fun bop #its this specific feeling of looking back to your younger self knowing all that she doesnt know yet?? #idk its hard to explain #but this little thing i made exemplified that feeling that i cannot describe
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  • delusionsxfgrandeur
    16.06.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #BABES PLS I 😭😭💖💖 #SO KIND WTF #i also hope the good vibes i put out into the universe find their way back 2 me 😌😌 #vee answers#anon
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  • adamwarlock
    16.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Thanos & Adam Warlock + ‘‘Friend’’

    #thanos#adam warlock#cosmic marvel#comicedit#marveledit#jim starlin#*#space jesus #it doesn't look like it but editing this took me literally... all day #now going to look at this nonstop for a infinite serotonin boost. this is how I win. #I know you as no other being in the universe does #the way their friendship progresses... I cry #they're in love #NEED to post this now so I can finally go to bed #look @ them
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  • palpietine-1
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Agent Mobius and Loki just kept listing various disasters happening on Earth in the 2050's and I was just.. tired...

    I mean, I know, irl, everything sucks and climate change will just keep making things worse. But I had a bit of hope that, in a world filled with aliens and futuristic tech and super heroes and all that jazz, we could have prevented a climate disaster.

    #i am just sad #i get way too attached to what was just a small joke #loki#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #loki mcu #loki season 1 #loki series#loki show#loki spoilers #loki show spoilers #loki series spoilers #tom hiddleston#agent mobius#owen wilson#tva #time variance authority #palpietine's post
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  • askintothevoids
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The two of them are coated in Logan’s blood. Patton picks up Jane, trying to get her away from Logan’s newly dead body.

    Patton, crying: Come on, Janey..

    Jane, sobbing: MO-MOMMA!!

    Something doesn’t feel right here.

    #tw blood mention #tw blood #tw implied death #intothevoids#alternate universe #learn how to cook the dragonwitch au four ways #tw grief#tw crying
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  • askintothevoids
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #intothevoids#alternate universe#tw death #learn how to cook the dragonwitch au four ways #tw blood
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  • askintothevoids
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jane, sobbing: Mom..!

    Logan:…It’s alright.

    Logan seems to slow down.

    #intothevoids#alternate universe #learn how to cook the dragonwitch au four ways #tw blood#tw dying
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  • askintothevoids
    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jane is scrambling out of the den.

    Jane: MOM!

    #intothevoids#alternate universe #learn how to cook the dragonwitch au four ways
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