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  • September 22nd, 2020: Psychiatrist Appointment: Journal

    Today was my psychiatrist appointment. Here’s how it went.

    I talked to my doctor. In 2 weeks or so we’re going to lower the Invega back to 9mg and keep lowering it. She said we haven’t noticed any benefit on the high dose so we may as well take me off of it.

    She said she’s still looking into Clozapine programs and she’s not sure if it’ll even be accessible to me because I’m not in the programs. She said she’ll keep looking into it.

    I told her I planned to drop the semester and she asked me what I plan to do with my free time and I said that I plan to find volunteer work if there’s anything available at the moment.

    I told her the voices are constant and that I feel monitored and stuff like that. I said I hear people talk about killing me and that going outside can be hard because I feel like I’m being followed. I also said I still think there’s devices in my medication and stuff like that.

    So we’re trying to see if the 12mg starts to work (which it probably won’t). But then we’re lowering it because there’s no benefit. The appointment was 10 minutes. So that’s what it’s about. I see her next week.

    That’s it.

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  • 9.22.20 update

    Today’s going pretty good so far. We finished printing all the shirts so next we’re gonna work on tagging and packing them and then maybe start the next order before the end of the day.

    E had to leave work early today because he isn’t feeling well and he’s on his way to Urgent Care now to get a test done just in case 😰 I’m worried but I feel like it’s nothing serious (hopefully), probably just a chest cold or something. So he won’t come over tonight because we don’t want to risk me catching whatever he has if he even if it turns out he isn’t sick.

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  • Hey guys!!

    Just a quick little announcement that I have gotten your requests and am working through them!!

    I also want to thank the people who have sent me a prompt! I’m so happy that you guys like my writing enough to request more! (though all of you are anon and I wish I could differentiate better, maybe choose an emoji to be associated by you? If you want, of course)

    But yeah, this post is just to say that don’t worry, I’m working through your prompts! I usually work on them in the order I receive them so just hang in there! My update schedule is usually every other week for tumblr asks since I update my drabble series on ffn on the off weeks and of course weekly rooftop stories update and monthly How We Could Have Met updates!

    (Also feel free to just send an ask to chat! Or I made a post with asks to send if that’s more your thing, linked here)

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  • I lost some love for Cuphead so I went back to being a fan of everything since I love everything like bendy, Brain dump, mega man and Hazbin and so much more^^

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  • “Ow, my eye!”

    This day of The Lenny Leonard Challenge will be dedicated to the running gag of the random things Lenny specifically shouldn’t get in his eye.


    I hope you’ll all enjoy the trip. If you have your own suggestions or requests involving the Lenny Challenge or anything else please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m always checking and I will fulfill even if it takes some time

    I love you all!

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  • #i could barely pick an excerpt because most would spoil it #but the second scene in this #ah you've been waiting for it #i think #someone commented about this i remember #anyway i'm about to post three things on ao3 this is ridiculous #why did i get myself into this #oh right because it's FUN #zukka#sokka#zuko#azula#atla#a:tla #avatar the last airbender #atla fanfic#zukka fanfic#fanfiction#update#ao3 #i've built my life around you #pippinpaddleopsicopolis
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  • I got my uni assignments done for the day, and my inspiration struck me. So, I assigned numbers to the special fics and made a random number generator give me numbers to determine the order in which I’ll start working on them/publishing them. This, of course, mean that the fics will me made in a random order. 

    And lucky for you Yami simps out there, ‘cause Yami fics are up first. 😉

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  • The two module we’re doing is simultaneously too fast paced and not and I love but hate it. I’ve lost all motivation for homework and am just begging internally for my psychiatrist to up my dosage because I cant with this.

    Everyone is also being so last minute with events that i have to attend and i’m not here for that either.

    My organizational skills are falling apart and my room is getting messy slowly too.

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  • Hey, everyone. An unforeseen family thing came up, which means I won’t be able to post Chapter 2 of New Sensation very soon. Sorry about that. Thank you for being understanding. 💛

    #.txt #update
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  • Little reminder that we get tons of asks a day and it takes us a while to make our way through them. It would help if everyone started with the Mobile Tags link before sending them! We get a lot that are just asks for the exact same as the tag in the list. It’ll make it quicker for you and also allow us to help with others that we don’t have an ask for.

    If you’ve gone through them and need additional fics let us know that first 🙂 If they’re not working for you, try our mobile browser off of the app first and then the search feature. If neither work, definitely send in an ask. We want to help you, we just get so many for help we’ve already done in some form.

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  • { drafts shall b done today for my blogs ✨ }

    #ooc#update #im writing them as soon as class is over #big ones gettin queued so asks/ smaller ones come first #sorry for such late replies!! #this will be reblogged on other blogs as well
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  • Least favorite part of art school is hearing certain professors shit on certain art styles- and I’m not talking about anime bc that’s low hanging fruit for them, I’m talking about Disney-esque character art. Basically if it’s not abstract it’s not valuable in their eyes which is whack.

    There is value to stylized work of any kind- acting like there isn’t is pretentious as hell.

    #update#ramble #irritated by a certain professor who consistently #bashes on art styles that aren't picasso esque #ignore me#i'm tired
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  • also i got some asks last night which i totally plan on answering but i have class soon so i’ll do that tonight!!! 💖💖

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  • Gone Campin’!

    No, really, I’m literally gone camping! It feels super bougie and millennial to say that I’m on a “tech detox” or whatever, so I won’t say that. But I will not be accessing the Internet for about a week (it’s 22 September 2020 now)! That means no answering asks, messages, PMs, emails, texts, or anything like that until I’m back! Please do not try to contact me on the COG forum, Tumblr, Twitter, Discord, Patreon, or otherwise, because I will not answer! 👍⛺ Feel free to leave non-urgent comments and asks, though, I always love reading them when I’m back! And to make up for my absence, enjoy this painting of Blade by Marcela Freire! Isn’t he handsome? 😍

    #me#personal#update#camping#Blade#Blade Bronwyn#commissioned art #Shepherds of Haven commissioned art #Shepherds of Haven fanart #Shepherds of Haven fan art #fanart#fan art#marcela freire
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  • image

    “달 달 무슨 달”

    “Moon moon what moon”

    Namjoon twt update 🌗

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  • Today: *plans to pin some fabric and write stuff*

    What I actually did: *puts away washing, organises skirts, adjusts red plaid skirt*

    What I’m doing now, at 2:30am: WRITING

    Sorted skirts:

    #personal#update #this is why I was not here today #I was cleaning #*shudders* #I’m also planning to spring clean the whole closet this week sometime #I’m happy with my skirts
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    #again im not complaining #but i didnt realize how many bf people there are hahah #not an imagine #update
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  • Ask box and submissions are closed for now. Gotta look after my mental health first and foremost, and right now I’m way too tired and sick to be worrying over this.

    So, for now at least, I’m not taking any asks. I need a break.

    Thanks to everyone who’s been supportive, thanks for all the well-wishes and general sweetness 💕

    #update#personal #asks are closed
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  • Since I’ve been more motivated to do my art, I am coming back from the dead. I’ve drawn between now and when I disappeared, but I didn’t draw anything that Tumblr would enjoy, so I didn’t post it.

    Basically, I’ll try to post some new art every now and then. Most of those drawings are by hand, from my sketchbook.

    #hietus#I'm back #coming back from the dead #just a life update #update
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