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  • Due to popular demand I’m attempting to write a (long) synopsis of Demons and it’s a good exercise and at least somewhat enjoyable but my head is exploding and I’m only 6 chapters in. *stares down the long barrel of 28 to go*

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  • Never let anyone call what you genuinely are passionate about refer to it “wasted / pointless.” Or treat you as if you’re a “loser” no matter the length of which they are supposedly your termed friend. Now in days this world is rife with negativity constantly trying to spin mold and shape you into something their fetish design favors or worse become a broken shell. 

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    #ooc #tl;dr super long stuff #updates
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  • hi!!! im goin from littlegrumpylad to littlegrumpykid now!!!

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  • ULa is at 53k! today i sat down and wrote 1,000 whole words which doesn’t sound like a lot but i genuinely haven’t written since november and boy oh boy am i out of practice. Anyway I forgot that i literally gave up at SUCH A GOOD PART so it is easy to get back into the story! no more boring stuff

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  • hey yall! sorry for my sudden and rather lengthy hiatus— everything happened all at once really fast and i ended up taking a break for a while lol

    hopefully i’ll be back posting for tcas and such soon!! ive got the rest of the character intros started, at the very least, so its getting there :)

    #sorry to interrupt ur dash lol i just always feel bad when i Disappear w no warning #back now tho!! hopefully will get tcas up by the end of january but we’ll see #hope yall are doing well!! hmu in my asks and such w writing #updates
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  • are you
    in desperate need
    of a
    silver lining?

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  • new post is out a couple hours early lmfao, i’m up and just wrote it so might as well! 

    also, just heard falling by harry styles for the first time and was not expecting it, made me cry <3 yuh

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  • like my pinned tweet if you haven’t yet x https://twitter.com/ramyeonjpg

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  • Thank you for a total of 54 talented artists and authors applying! It may not seem like a lot, but it means the world to us! 

    Acceptance/rejection emails will be coming out sometime tomorrow. 

    Since pretty much no one applied to the comic artist app, we adjusted accordingly. There will now be 10 sketch artists, 3 merch, and 4 full page. 

    Thank you for the support!

    #cuizine co#updates #mod peter henry
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    #IG: ramyeonupdates#memes#kpop#kdrama#updates#studyspo #IG: join.a.groupchat #sign up for a groupchat on in my instagram!
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  • My Summers Legacy will be back tomorrow. I’ll be doing Slice of Life posts focusing on Viola to finish out her growing up, then I’ll start her generation.

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  • Alright i have feelings about yby and romance now goddammit. so tomorrow, y’all are going to get another meta, this one completely unprompted, about my take on yan bingyun and why i hc him as demiromantic.

    the basic gist of the meta so far is this:

    chen pingping & yan ruohai: don’t fall in love with girls because it will distract from the mission.

    yan bingyun: *elle woods voice* what, like it’s hard?

    me: *spongebob narrator voice* several years later

    shen wan’er: *waves* hi

    yan bingyun: *softly* fuck

    and then this:

    me: *slaps roof of yan bingyun* this bad boy can fit so much self-projection

    me: *slaps roof of yan bingyun again* this bad boy can fit so much trauma

    so anyway, be on the lookout for that tomorrow

    #updates#rant#meme #joy of life #qing yu nian #yan bingyun #if i had photo editing skills i'd make actual memes #also i couldn't find the stupid legally blonde gif i wanted to use so i hope my point is clear
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  • Okay, this is it, folks! I still have four requests in my ask that will be posted next Sunday, but feel free to send more for me to work on them next weekend, too. Once again, thank you so much, I had a lovely time and I’m very excited about the ideas I will get to work on during the week so you’ll all see them on Sunday.

    I’ll see you guys tomorrow for some fic compilations, and while I have you here…

    Send me your suggestions for fics with:

    • A/B/O dynamics
    • Tony Stark x Reader
    • Voyeurism kink
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  • Hadn’t given it an exact time so this is it! Gonna give it a last edit after some socially distanced dinner with friends. Excited for this one. There’s a lot of plot & action, but also typical DUST stuff. Emotions. Feels. Sex. You know the works. 


    Originally posted by gameraboy1

    Lots of love, Etchy xx

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  • in case anyone was wondering how I’ve been doing, I just broke down in tears and sobbed for about ten minutes because I accidentally killed my minecraft donkey

    #her name was beans and she burned to death WHICH IS SUCH A TERRIBLE WAY TO DIE #updates#emotions
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  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fucking aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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