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  • Uranus In The Natal 12th House

    Internally, there’s this unshakable feeling that one is too emotionally erratic or confusing for other people. Feels neglected by society sometimes, or like they’ll never truly fit in. Secretly self conscious of the many differences they have with other people, though publicly they pride themselves on it. They are hard to understand and difficult to pin down.

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  • ✨Random Deity Time✨

    For anon, today we’re talking about the infamous

    🪐🏺Cronus ; Saturn🏺🪐

    Cronus is the infamous King of the Titans, as well as the youngest of the Titans, who ruled the Golden Age. Often he is confused with a Primordial Deity with a similar name (Chronos), but Cronus himself is actually a Titan of:

    • The Harvest
    • Agriculture
    • Wealth
    • Liberation
    • And in most cases he is considered a Titan of time as well - but again this is only because of the constant confusion with Chronos in Greek Mythology. And even when he is associated with time, he is not associated with all time. He is only associated with it in the sense of an all destructive devouring force - so, in actuality he may be considered the Titan of the fear of time, not time itself.

    His symbols are:

    • His Sickle
    • His Scythe
    • His Harpe (not a musical harp, but “a sword with a sickle protrusion along one edge near the tip of the blade” 🤓)
    • Grain
    • And Snakes

    And now, facts!

    • There is actually an alternate not as widely accepted myth as to how Cronus & Rhea came to rule. It states before them, the God Ophion & his wife Eurynome (an Oceanid) ruled Mount Olympus, and Cronus & Rhea actually wrestled them for their thrones and won. Throwing the losers into Tartarus. Obviously this myth is usually dismissed on account of all the conflicting facts it contains. The Titans ruled Mount Othrys, not Olympus, if Eurynome was thrown into Tartarus she couldn’t have been the mother of the Charites, exc.
    • Just like Uranus prophesised Cronus would be overthrown by his son like him, Cronus gave Zeus the same warning in the form of a curse before being thrown into Tartarus. However, Prometheus managed to warn Zeus that it would be his child born from a union with the Goddess Thetis that would overthrow him. Zeus was planning on marrying Thetis, but headed his warning, and avoided the curse. Breaking the cycle. (Tho that didn’t stop him from that incident with Metis 😔)
    • It’s well known that Rhea, his sister, is Cronus wife. However, in Roman Mythology, Cronus had 2 wives. Ops, Rhea’s Roman counterpart, and Lua, a possible Goddess of Weapons & Destruction as soldiers would sacrifice their captured weapons to her. While it’s possible Lua may be just an ephitet of Ops, the myth states that Ops was originally with Consus - a God of councils and protector of grains - while Cronus was originally with Lua.
    • Some myths state that after a few thousand years or so, Zeus let Cronus and his brothers out of Tartarus, and he even made Cronus the King of Elysium. So maybe everythings okay with them now….? Probably not, but who knows.
    • There is also a myth that states Cronus may possibly rule the world again. It states that during the Iron Age, the Goddess Astraea (also known as Virgo♍️) was the last of the Gods to abandon the wickedness of humanity, and when she did she claimed she would return and bring back the utiopian Golden Age with her - of which she was the ambassador, and Cronus was the King.
    • In Rome, his festival the Saturnalia was considered one of the major festivals of the Roman calendar. It ran from December 17th - 23rd, and during it all social restrictions and civilized constraint were temporarily relaxed. It acted as festival of light which lead to the Dies Natalis (Birthday) of Sol Invictus “The Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun” on Decemeber 25th. The Greeks had an equivalent known as Kronia, however it’s likely Kronia took place around July & August instead.
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  • Tonight: First New Moon of the Decade

    Intense energies, Awakening the “Real” you, Bringing evolution & change

    Tonight’s and tomorrow’s new moon in Aquarius is strongly affected by the planet Uranus. This means that this new moon is intense and all about awakening, evolution and change. Effects will manifest over the next 5 months.

    Bringing: Enlightenment, Awakening to new possibilities, Encouragement to become our better versions, Upgrade of all areas of our lives, Unexpected breakthroughs, Breakups of Karmic relationships, Time to let go of any relationships that don’t bring out our best (so better ones can manifest), Better alignment to life purposes, Increase of finances

    Over the next 5 months the real you will awake with the ability to teach for the stars.

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  • Todays stars - sun square uranus & jupiter sextile venus

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  • Umbriel, moon of Uranus, imaged by Voyager 2’s narrow-angle camera on this day in 1986.

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  • Uranus [God of the Sky is also the higher octave of Mercury. Clairaudience]

    Uranus Psychics/intuitives – This lot HEAR things. They’re clairaudient which means hearing thoughts people have but do not express. They can also be gifted with a psychic sense of smell, sniffing scents that are not there but which alert them. Again, it’s the Moon or Mercury aligned with Uranus that makes this skill a part of the everyday experience. Neptune paired with Uranus can be indicative of this ability as well. They may not realize it, but they are picking up on ‘Quintessence’ – 5th Element energy. Because Uranus is also the planet of surprise and sudden insights, Natives with these strong placements will experience eureka moments of genius or extra sensory knowledge. They just have the skill to mentally process so much information and they will process it quickly. At times these insights will come out of the blue, so to speak.

    Neptune [God of the sea, spirituality, extrasensory observations, magic and ritual; daydreaming, fantasy, fairy tales, theatre, ghost stories and sensitivity. Clairvoyance]  

    The real deal mediums? Neptunians. Pure Shamanic ability.

    Neptune Psychics: They’re transcendental seekers who operate almost purely in other realms. They are often so sensitive that they need to withdraw and monitor their energy/whom they spend time with really carefully.  Look for Moon-Mercury-Neptune aspects. Even Neptune and north node. Strong planetary presence in Pisces [water] or the 12th house is similar as the 12th house is ruled by Neptune. Additionally, if Neptune is sitting on the first house, the natives receptivity to extrasensory downloads can be overwhelming. So much so that they may confuse reality with what is going on in the spiritual realm. These natives have to be very careful as their aura is very porous– like a sponge. It reaches out to merge with others, and they need to build powerful defensive and protection energy shields around them, because they easily absorb other’s negative habits, feelings or states. Many psychics and mediums have powerful Neptune. A strong need for balance is indicated here.

    Pluto [God of Death, the underworld,  the boundary between one life form and another, Destruction, renewal and rebirth, Cairsentience]

    Pluto Psychics: They have a deep, gut-level instinct operating at a primal level. Natives with dominant plutonic energy are often born with it, in which case any personal planet near Pluto or in the 8th House can do it. In other cases, they developed such finely honed instincts via a situation in which their life was at risk because they were attacked or severely abused [not unlike mutants in X-men coming into their power when in severe life-threatening or traumatic/stressful circumstances.] Plutonic psychics are penetrating so it is not uncommon for others to feel uncomfortable around them. Almost as if they feel that the [Plutonic] individual is seeing right through them. You see, Pluto is a penetrating planet- it can give x-ray vision, telekinesis [moving objects with mind] healing abilities, abilities to regress to past lives [one self or others] retrieve and heal memories from buries trauma [past or present lives] and medium abilities: ghost channeling, communicating with the dead. If your Pluto is well aspected [trine sextiles, conjunctions] then these practices are safe to practice. If one’s Pluto happens to have more stressful aspects [oppositions or squares] then the native can still can access these skills and healing practices, but they will need to be more careful because you can attract negative such spirits or the experience can be too overpowering/uncomfortable or invasive for others or yourself. Strong Scorpionic placements and/or 8th house placements should be looked at as well as Pluto sitting near luminaries such as the moon, the 1st house, any stellium or Pluto touching Neptune, Mercury, or the 12th house.

    Honorable mentions:

    Jupiter [God of the sky, expansion, the higher mind, religion, philosophy, Claircognizance]

    Jupiter psychics: Jupiter ruled foresight, so as a result, Jupiter psychics are strongly prophetic and when Jupiter touches any highly psychic planets such as Neptune, Pluto, Uranus or is in a sign such as cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, the natives ability will be expanded. These natives may even have prophetic dreams. Sagittarius= prophetic especially with Mercury thrown in the mix. Falling into the 8th house means abilities will be strong. In the 9th, prophetic and strong intuition. These natives may have dreams that come to fruition days, months, even years before they occur in the physical realm. Premotions are indicated here.

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    just because for some reason idk there’s not a single header of my baby planet I did it myself. leave the 💙 if you take it :)

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  • this can be like a sudden shift in self-perception, or perhaps in the way you are perceived by others. it may not be for the better. assess it carefully before proceeding. is it a simple perception or something more?

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  • Ben Hardy x Uranus ~


    #ben hardy moodboard #ben jones moodboard #uranus moodboard#planet moodboard#ben hardy#ben jones#uranus #ben hardy x planets series #this was tough to do
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  • Cringiest Dark Scorpio Stereotypes

    1st Scorpio Moon

    2nd Scorpio Sun

    3rd Scorpio Mars

    4th Scorpio Rising

    5th Scorpio Venus

    6th Scorpio Pluto

    7th Scorpio 8th House

    8th Scorpio Uranus

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  • Uranus square Sun

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  • wires get crossed, signals interfere, etc. this is not the time for risky communications of any kind. this is not the time for sharing secrets. but it is the time to show genuine gratitude in abundance, even if it kind of weirds people out how exuberant your thanks is.

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