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  • interpretive guidelines for each planet’s house position

    • whatever house the SUN is in, it is there that one most immediately experiences one’s essential self and creative essence. this field of experience vitalizes the person and is essential to one’s sense of well-being.
    • whatever house the MOON is in, it is there that one looks for emotional fulfillment, emotional security, and a sense of comfort. in this field of experience, one will most immediately experience a sense of belonging and a more stable and clear self-image.
    • whatever house MERCURY is in, it is there that one most immediately experiences the meaning of real communication; in this field of experience, the intellect is constantly active. one may need a regular exchange of mental energy with other people in order to achieve clarity in this area of life.
    • whatever house VENUS is in, it is there that one looks for pleasure, contentment, and happiness. it is in this field of experience that one can share one’s self and one’s affectionate feelings, and can develop a deeper sense of appreciation for others, as well as a feeling of being appreciated by others.
    • whatever house MARS is in, it is there that one can tune in most immediately to one’s assertiveness, courage, and capacity for initiative. it is this field of experience that is crucial to maintaining one’s physical energy and health; ideally, activities in this area of life give one energy and stimulate one to rekindle the motivation to strive.
    • whatever house JUPITER is in, it is there that one can most immediately experience faith, trust, and hope for the future. in this field of experience one can most easily develop an optimistic awareness of one’s capacity for growth and self-improvement.
    • whatever house SATURN is in, it is there that one can experience stability, structure, deep satisfaction, and meaning in life. in this area of life, one must work and take on responsibility, and accept pressure as a necessary molding of one’s character. this house invariably represents a field of experience that is especially important to the person.
    • whatever house URANUS is in, it is there that one can most immediately experience one’s uniqueness, originality, genius, objectivity, and need for excitement. in this area of life, one expresses oneself freely and intuitively, inventively and experimentally. also, in this house one can tune into issues that concern society at large and contribute to positive changes in the world.
    • whatever house NEPTUNE is in, it is there that one can experience most directly the reality of the non-material, the mystical, the transcendent, and the inspiring. it is there that one can most readily tap into a stream of imagination, as well as where one will habitually try to escape from routine, oppressive, uninspiring conditions. this house can in some cases give you a clue to what type of experiences can help you to spiritualize and refine your life. it is also the house where one may idealize things excessively.
    • whatever house PLUTO is in, it is there that one experiences a thorough transformation in one’s attitudes and in the expression of what had been deeply compulsive habit patterns. one usually has a particularly deep and thorough approach in this field of experience, and confronting this area of life honestly and bluntly can contribute toward the evolution of one’s consciousness.
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  • - air dominance + sagittarius Influences can make a person ghost a lot of people. Air dominant people constantly want change and intellectual stimulation. And sagittarians are often looking for the next thing over the horizon, the next unattainable. They seek new experiences. So when these two energies are prominent, they often can seek a lot of new people and in turn new experiences, but after the curiosity is sated, they can ghost those people as they move on to the next experience.

    -I’ve noticed this a lot.. But libra rising people especially males have very kissable lips. Not plump lips like Cancers but not thin lips too. But i actually have started to identify libra risings through their slightly thick bottom lip, and a proportional top lip.

    Scorpio venus and venus pluto or pluto doms go for someone that looks dangerous or “ bad boy types”, Because They want to be ruined by their lovers. They want to be ruined and then they want to be fixed by their lovers. They want to re-emerge from the relationship as a new person. They want to change.

    - neptune in the 1st house can give big eyes. Could also be big eyes with a hint of blue, especially if neptune is in contact with the ascendant.

    - also neptune in 1st mostly tends to give hazel eyes. Like a mix of blue green and brown. Like no one can discern what color your eyes are.

    - uranus in the 1st or uranus in tight aspects to ascendant, can give you frizzy hair. And you can also kinda like shock people physically when meeting new people and like shaking hands and all.or shock people with your opinions and ideas.

    - signs on the cusp of the second house are most likely to be the colors you are attracted to. For example, you can be a scorpio venus ( maroons, deep reds, blacks and other dark colors). But say suppose you have Capricorn in 2nd house, you may have like browns and others earthy colors, on top of the Scorpio colors. and may prefer getting things ( possessions) in that color since, 2nd house rules material possession.

    - sometimes even the house your chart ruler is in may affect your appearnce. for example, sagittarius ascendant, jupiter in 8th may have a mix of jupiter and pluto features. magnetic , deep hooded eyes, a wide forehead, a striking nose , curvaceous body etc.

    - i also think that we tend to give off the vibe of the house that our chart ruler is in during first impressions. for example, taurus ascendant, venus in 5th can give off a playful leo kinda vibe too. they might not be as observant as a taurus ascendant would, not as reserved as a taurus ascendant would be and could also have good hair. ( leos are known for their legendary manes lmao).

    - this is not an astro observation per se, but jason momoa is the most leonine leo i have ever come across in my life. like jason momoa has his sun, venus, jupiter and mercury in leo..in my opinion he is the highest embodiment of a leo. theatrical, good hair, fun loving, jovial and freaking competitive.

    NOTE : these are my opinions, and obviously no placement manifests in the same way for everyone. so don’t come at me lol. also feel free to share your opinions, experiences, or just about anything related to astrology in my dms.

    peace out 


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  • after a lot of searching i have finally found the time i was born and as a result my ascendant is a pisces… this entire time i thought it was aquarius, if anyone wants this same chart go to astro.com

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  • Symbolon Tarot The Phoenix Scorpio Aquarius

    Daily Reading - “The Phoenix”


    Drawn from Symbolon Deck.

    This card says: Whenever something has been destroyed in your life, this may be the requisite in order that this bird may once more liberate itself and take off. Once you have looked at the ashes long enough, it will stir. This card knows: It alread has done.

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  • Orbit- Chapter 2- Landing

    by Penny GreenDay

    Original story by me! This story can also be found on Wattpad but can NOT be reposted anywhere else unless by me.


    The Sun and The Moon had an obligation to fill. They completed the task of creating a new planet called Earth, their daughter. Earth was then tasked with creating the inhabitants also known as humans and animals. The Humans knew the Moon as Mother Nature and, well, The Moon. They also knew the Sun as The Heavens and, well again, The Sun. What happens when the Sun starts giving the cold shoulder to the Moon and she falls from orbit?

    Word Count: 1839


          Rough. Hard. That’s all she felt beneath her body. She groaned and tentatively lifted her hand to her head. It was pounding so hard she thought her skull was going to combust. She slowly raised up using her elbows to help her. Upon looking around her she realized she was in a crater that had red sand and stone so going up all around her. It was so high she could barely see the top of it. She looked straight forward and realized as she landed that she had formed one of the biggest canyons yet, compared to others that had fallen before her.

         How the heavens am I supposed to get out of here? Moon was trapped so far below she didn’t even think calling out for help would work. It was too dark for human eyes to see her and too deep for humans to come and rescue her.

       That’s when she saw her. The woman looked to be in her early 30’s and had brown sepia toned skin. Her long wavy hair reached to her elbows. Her dress had earthy tones and blue tones all throughout with puffy sheer sleeves and sequences with gold throughout the dress. She wore a crown made of gold and jewels that were tied to the crown by golden wires. It’s shape reminded her of the Sun, her sun.

           “Mom!” The woman cried out. She was distressed and so worried, so she ran to her mother with her bare feet and launched herself into her mother’s arms. She started crying tears running down her face. “Shh shhh there there it’s okay Earth.” Moon has wrapped her arms around her daughter and petted her head as a soothing gesture. Luckily it worked and Earth backed up a little with her arms still at her mother’s hips. Moon raised her hand to Earth’s cheek and rubbed her thumb back and forth over her skin.

            “When I saw you falling, I was so worried. The others tried to help you too.” Earth looked at her mother with a troubled look in her eyes. “Who did this to you? What happened? Why did you fall?” Earth kept asking questions growing more concerned as each second passed by. She kept checking on her mother making sure she hadn’t fractured or broken anything.

    “Love, I’m fine besides a pounding headache, I’m fine.“ Moon gave a small smile to her daughter. Earth seemed to calm down after that, taking a deep breath and letting it out. Her shoulders seemed to relax as well. She was still tense of course, her mother did just fall out of the sky. "Mom what exactly happened. I mean I have my own thoughts about why it happened but I want to hear it from you.” She calmly and quietly asked her mother. Moon sighed and gripped her daughter’s hands with hers. “Mars-” She was cut off. “Mars?!?! What did Mars do?! You know you can’t trust that lying fox.” Earth exclaimed.

           She knew about Mars’ reputation and how he would do anything to take her parents place on the council. Moon shushed her and continued on putting her hands on Earth’s shoulders, “He told me he saw your father with one of the sisters of the Alpha Centauri System, doing… certain things I wish not to discuss. I couldn’t handle it anymore after your father had given me the cold shoulder for so long for a reason I have yet to fully understand. I’m guessing it’s because of her. I just couldn’t handle seeing him give me the cold shoulder, when I know what he is doing with her behind closed doors.” She looked to the ground heartbroken. Having to tell her daughter this.

        Earth lifted her cold hand and touched her mother’s warm cheek. “It will be okay mom. I’ll figure out if this is the truth or not and put dad in his place.” Earth had a fire in her eyes now, determined to help her mother and even her father. “No no no,” she repeated, “don’t do that, please. I can’t handle seeing your father and the others when confronted.” She tried reasoning with her daughter. “But mother, he needs to learn his lesson and we need to solve this together.” Earth tried to get Moon to see her reasoning.

         Moon only responded with, “Yes he does, but we will see if he is actually guilty or not before we do anything. And please let me just have a break before we do anything.” They both sighed and laughed a little. Earth could see the tired and weariness in her mother’s eyes. “Of course. I know a small town not too far from here, that has the best pastries in town.” She grabbed her mother’s hand and led her off towards the village.

       - Meanwhile -

                “Pluto!” Yelled Sun he was looking for him everywhere. He checked the front yard, the backyard, the living room, the kitchen, Pluto’s bedroom, his own bedroom, and even the tree house but he was nowhere to be seen. He was growing increasingly worried as every parent would.

         Maybe he’s out with Moon? He thought to calm his nerves, but he hadn’t seen her all night or all day. He didn’t care she was probably off with Polaris doing who knows what. He totally wasn’t jealous, definitely not. So he decided to look in the stables and the coops two of Pluto’s favorite places on the property.

        “Pluto!” He kept shouting. He finally reached the stables and looked at the 7 horses. All in their stalls with no Pluto in sight. He climbed up a ladder to get to the hay loft and still couldn’t find him. He climbed back down and walked to the chicken coop. “Pluto?” He asked one of the chickens as if they could respond without just clucking. “Right.” He said dejected.

       That was the last place he could think of Pluto would go too. He started panicking. “Pluto!! This isn’t funny anymore your worrying me come out please!!” There was a strain in his shouting. He walked closer to his home near Moon’s garden, the New Moon Grounds, her pride and joy besides her kids of course. And that’s when he heard it. Soft sobs coming from the other side of the tall hedge.

            Sun walked to the wooden gate and unlatched the lock and that’s when he saw little Pluto with tears pouring down his face and snot running out his nose. His face was so red from crying that Sun thought he might have given him a sunburn accidentally. He quietly walked over to little Pluto and crouched before him. Pluto upon seeing his father’s face he turned away and tried to stop his crying.

             “Hey, hey, hey what’s wrong. Did I do something. What’s the matter?” He was so confused on why Pluto was crying. He’s seen his son cry before it’s not uncommon. He cried when he accidentally stepped on a lady and Moon held a funeral for it and comforted Pluto. He cried when he saw his brother and sister for his birthday so happy that they made it even with all the work they had. He cried when Venus dressed him up like a literal sailor only for Pluto to say he looked horrendous. Sun chuckled at that memory wondering how such a young boy could even say that word or even know what it meant. He always let his son cry, it was the most manly thing a man or even a little boy could do. He never discouraged crying because that’s how someone so young could show his emotions without words he didn’t understand or know yet.

             However, he always cried with a few tears, sometimes a lot of tears, but this one. This one was different this time he had snot, his face was red, and his eyes were swollen from crying so much. Sun placed his hand on Pluto’s head trying to comfort him. Pluto just jerked his head away. Sun was shocked for a moment Pluto never turned away or jerked his head even when he was mad at his father for something. Moon is so much better at this than me. He sighed, “Do you want Mama?” Sun tilted his head to get a closer look at Pluto’s face.

            Pluto hiccuped and replied, “I want my,” he hiccuped, “mommy, but I can’t find her and,” he hiccuped some more and the tears started flowing again. Sun tried to calm him down and he remembered Moon used to blow on his face when he would get upset as a baby. So that’s exactly what he did. He blew a warm breeze on his son’s little face. His features instantly relaxed and he calmed down with a few hiccups.

    Sun grabbed a napkin he had in his pocket from his lunch he had before he came home. And told Pluto to blow into it after he cleaned his neck and face. Pluto blew and blew. I didn’t realize a kid could have this much snot holy me. He truly was shocked and wondered how Moon did this all day and then went to work at night.

      “Now,” Sun started calmly to his son, “what happened Pluto.” Pluto slowly turned fully towards him and sniffled a bit and looked up off the grown towards his father. “I-I wanted to spend time with mom so I visited her office-” Sun cut him off shocked even more, “By yourself?!?!” Pluto shook his hands and head no at his father. “No no no! Auntie V took me to see her. We say she wasn’t there so we asked Mars if he had seen her. He told us she fell to Earth because she had given up her duties as one of the Head Councilors. He said not to worry though because he already filled an application for the position and everything was fine, but it’s not fine I can’t see my mommy!” He started crying again and lifted his fist to his eyes to rub them. Sun cooed over his son. “Now don’t worry I’m sure she just went to visit Earth. You know how she is. Always taking spontaneous trips, and she hasn’t seen Earth in about 2 months since the last council meeting. So don’t worry I’m sure she will be back anytime soon. Most likely a week.” He rubbed Pluto’s little back with his hand. Pluto sniffled, although he hated the idea of his mama being gone for a week he still understood missing family. He looked at his father, “You promise?” He asked quietly and held out his pinky finger. “I promise.” He wrapped his own pinky finger around his sons.

         Deep down he was worried he had no idea why she was down there, yes she did take trips but she would usually leave a note or tell someone, anyone. Anyone, but Mars. Something fishy was going on and he had to get to the bottom of it.

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  • Having moon opposition sun,venus & mercury, uranus square sun,moon,venus & mercury, neptune square sun,venus & mercury, pluto inconjunct sun & mercury, chiron opposition sun

    For me there is a huge dissociation between what I am,think,feel and do. There is contradiction,instability,doubt,restriction. The constant battles become draining and painful. They are endless.

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  • i was curious about how the full moon in aquarius last night [3rd of August] would affect people. it’s supposed to be something shocking and unusual right?

    and most of my friends did have either something unexpected happening to them or they found themselves acting unusual. that aquarius energy square uranus be real as heck.

    in all cases, the situation that happened to people was connected to the house in which aquarius is in their natal chart, therefore the house that the full moon was transiting yesterday.

    here are some examples:

    a friend found out that the other person in charge besides him at his workplace has been hiding important stuff from him, promising stuff to the people she’s hiring and not sticking to it afterwards due to personal reasons which have no place on the job, and basically undermining him and the working process. he also had some iron poles almost fall on his head and they’re particularly heavy. he was afraid that he could’ve died right there if he didn’t move suddenly. aquarius is in his 12th house, the house connected to hidden enemies and to some extent death cuz it signifies the end of the cycle.

    someone i know who is particularly shy and afraid to express his sexuality openly went to the nudist beach for the first time and had some… unusual sexual activities there (not disturbing anyone with it of course). he said he felt as if all of a sudden he could be open about his sexuality on his own and he didn’t get anxious about being naked at all. the aquarius full moon was in his 5th house, the house connected to sex and personal sexuality.

    a woman i know is in bad relations with her mother. she met with her on the full moon and the mom actually acted better, talked with her about deeper topics she’s been avoiding, cooked for her, gave her money and talked to her about the inheritance she was supposed to give her. the full moon in aquarius was in the woman’s 8th house, associated with deepening connections, sharing your finances, and inheritance - esp curious since the moon is connected to the mother so in this case it’s so on point.

    a friend who is usually very eloquent and well spoken said he has trouble expressing himself all day long (and it showed tbh) and kept misunderstanding everyone he talked to. the full moon in aquarius was in his 3rd house, the house of communication.

    someone i know just came back from a holiday and said she has so many chores to do and more and more everyday things popped out randomly around the house and she had to do them cuz at this point they were kinda pressing. she said she felt like a servant to the house and that she just wants to sleep cuz her body is so tired from the long trip. the full moon in aquarius was in her 6th house, connected to stuff we do every day, service, and health.

    also, there’s me. i didn’t have a particularly shocking day but i realized some problematic sides of my character i wasn’t aware of and that i actually relate to people i never thought i would relate to. aquarius is in my 1st house, the house of self-image.

    #astro observations#full moon #full moon in aquarius #aquarius moon#transit #aquarius in the 6th house #aquarius in the 12th house #aquarius in the 8th house #aquarius in the 3rd house #aquarius rising#astrology#uranus #moon square uranus
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  • sturgeon full moon in aquarius - august 2020 pt. 7

    full moon in aquarius: make your own rules

    the full moon in aquarius invites us to make our own rules and dare to follow our personal path, without worrying about what other people are doing, or what they may think of us. aquarius inspires us to have faith in our vision without seeking anyone’s approval or validation.

    uranus is all about freedom, liberation from conditioning, and even rebellion. the planetary ruler of aquarius urges us to stop trying to fit in, to stop trying to look normal.

    uranus gives us the courage to be ourselves fully, to embrace our uniqueness, and to embody all that we are without asking for permission. for this to be possible, we need to have a stable inner center: the sun in leo reminds us how crucial it is to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of who we are.

    the planetary transits of the moment are inviting us to keep working on finding our real individuality. the full moon in aquarius encourages us to experiment with different ways of self-expression and to connect with people who inspire us, motivate us, support us, and help us grow into who we truly are.

    #moon#aquarius #full moon in aquarius #moon in aquarius #astrology#astrology transits#moonomens #sturgeon full moon #astrology full moon #full moon#uranus#astrology uranus #sun in leo #astrology august 2020 #august 2020
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  • sturgeon full moon in aquarius - august 2020 pt. 2

    aquarius - unconventional and unorthodox

    the full moon in aquarius is inspiring us to expand our vision and our hopes for the future, to dare to dream about something unconventional and unorthodox, something that has never been done before.

    aquarius is an innovative, inventive, ingenious air sign, with a fixed quality and yang type of energy. it can probably be considered the least fixed of all the fixed archetypes: the element of air is inherently volatile and flexible, versatile, and predisposed to change. yet, aquarius has the inherent capacity to focus on the task at hand and commit to a long-term goal.

    aquarius is the visionary, the genius, and the rebel. ruled by uranus, the planet of revolution and unpredictable events, this sign is impossible to fit in one box. it is associated with progress and new technology, to interconnectedness and instant communication: for this reason, it rules the internet and social media.

    it is not a coincidence that, as we are transitioning from the age of pisces to the age of aquarius, everyone is spending more time online, and more and more people will permanently work from home in the near future.

    #moon #moon in aquarius #aquarius moon#astrology#horoscope#full moon #full moon in aquarius #sturgeon full moon #astrology august 2020 #moonomens #full moon astrology #aquarius#august 2020#uranus
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  • Daily Weather: Full Moon in Aquarius

    Full moons tend to be culmination points; they demonstrate the fruit of the seeds we planted during the New Moon two weeks ago. You may find yourself exhausted or overwhelmed today, which is normal; full moons can be pretty intense downloads. This one in particular, has you noticing your relationship to the collective as well as your interior compass, and if your actions reflect your relationship to self and other. This full moon is in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius. Both of these signs yearn for community but whereas Leo looks for appreciation and acceptance, Aquarius looks for change. Nicknamed the “truth-teller” Aquariuses will often sacrifice its comfort within a group if it disagrees with how the status quo operates. Aquarius believes none of us are free until we all are. 

    This full moon is unique, however. Uranus, planet of rebellion, contributes its energy, making the unpredictable the norm. Mercury, planet of communication, opposes Saturn, the taskmaster, which asks us to reflect deeply on our values and self-understand before we share anything with others. The downside of this aspect can be a fear of speaking, but harnessed well, it helps us ground our thoughts and put them to work. For more information about how to harness this energy, read on for your Full Moon horoscopes.

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  • Astrology observations ❣️❤️

    Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

    ❣️ I was thinking a lot about our Descendant, 7th house sign and planets there. I was questioning why sometimes you can’t feel attracted to people that fall in your 7th house. But then I realized you need to see the ruler of the 7th house.

    For example: If you have Taurus over your 7th house, you need to look at the 2nd house ruled by Taurus/Venus. If you have any planets there, they might act the same as being in the 7th house. You could have Neptune and Uranus in the 2nd house. Which translates to you being attracted to Uranus/Aquarius and Neptune/Pisces people. However, considering it’s the 2nd house, it might be more of an intimidating type of love. Like you are attracted to them, but also a bit intimidated. To conclude, this adds to who you are being attracted in the 7th house. It’s not just Taurus/Venus people, but also Neptune/Pisces and Uranus/Aquarius.

    ❣️ If you have the ruler of the 7th house in the 5th house, especially if it’s Neptune there, you might attract partners with bad mental health, bad health in general, someone who overdrinks, uses drugs/alcohol and other substances as an escape from mundane reality, a musician, a self-taught artist, a performer or someone who plays instruments.

    ❣️ If you have ruler of the 7th house in the 5th house, it might be that you need to keep the romance alive in your partnerships even after years. You might feel the need to flirt with your partner constantly. You don’t like things getting too serious or stale in the relationship.

    ❣️ Oddly enough, this is not usually mentioned enough… but if you have Leo Venus (especially with an aspect to Uranus) you might be attracted to foreigners, people from different background than yours. Even education wise, culture, religion and upbrining.

    ❣️ Uranus aspects to personal planets (Sun - Uranus, Moon - Uranus, even Mars - Uranus, Ascendant - Uranus) in synastry charts are challenging. Evenmore so, if you have less Air and more Water in your chart (especially Scorpio). For example, if you have Moon Uranus aspect with someone in synastry, you might do something on purpose to get an emotional reaction out of someone. You expect they will show some emotional intensity, but they just walk away. Or just say “it’s right”.

    ❣️ Capricorn Moon loves if you put their degree in a frame or just frame something they have worked laboriously on for years.

    ❣️ Aries Moon and Capricorn Moon, even Virgo Moon to some extent, are the types to buy gift for themselves. So they get extra surprised (and may react in an awkward, don’t-know-how-to-thank-you way) since they genuinely don’t expect to get gifts from others. Among many Moon signs, they are the ones to be the happiest if they recieve money as a gift to buy something they really wanted to for a long time (Capricorn Moon) or be part of an experience, such as go skydiving or try canoing for example (Aries Moon).

    ❣️ These two Moons might not like too mushy, sentimental gifts. Though, this is altered if the Moon is positioned in the 4th house.

    ❣️ If your partner’s Uranus falls in your 5th house, they might “introduce” you to “new ways” of having fun, spending your free time, new hobbies and interests, how to love differently and how to be more open and non-judgemental in love.

    Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

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