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  • strawberrrywaffles
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Since Tendou would make desserts or even drag Ushijima to different dessert shops, bakeries and cafes, somewhere along the line Ushijima has developed a sweet tooth.

    Post-skip Ushijima would sometimes still visit those places after a bad day or really long practice.
    On days they won a match, he would happily skip over to those places and treat himself to an expensive dessert.
    He would send photos to Tendou and tell him which places and desserts they need to try when he comes to Japan.
    He sent a stoic looking selfie too while holding up a Tiramisu.
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  • glitchh3d
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Give Us a Chance (Semi Eita x F!Reader)

    Taglist: OPEN

    Post Summary: Semi and the boys twitter profiles (:

    Tomorrow will be a real post <3

    Pt. 1 Masterlist

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu!! x reader #semi eita x reader #semi eita#haikyu #haikyuu social media au #haikyuu x reader #x fem!reader #haikyuu x fem reader #twitter au#shirabu kenjirou#terushima yuuji#ushijima wakatoshi#tendou
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  • irafook
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Another painting for @ushioikazine ❀

    #ushioi#ushijima wakatoshi#oikawa tooru#haikyuu #Oikawa thinks he's getting a kiss #but Ushi is just getting real close to whisper #you should have come to shiratorizawa #fanart#my art #ira's on a zine
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  • irafook
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    One of the paintings I did for @ushioikazine ❀

    #ushioi#ushijima wakatoshi#oikawa toru#haikyuu #I really like this ship #there should exist more fanart for it #and fics #have you ever heard anything more romantic than #you should have come to shiratorizawa #I don't think so #fanart#my art #ira's on a zine
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  • karasunocaptain
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Oikawa: Thank you for saving my life, Wakatoshi. I owe you my life.

    Wakatoshi: No, thanks. I've seen it and I'm not very impressed.

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  • alexaplaydeepthroat
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    giving my favourite haikyuu boys a song with little explanation

    tendou satori 

    An Unhealthy Obsession by The Blake Synthetic Orchestra (tendou would blare this song to creep people out, highkey he’d also like the dismemberment song because a.) it makes people think twice b.) its a bop)

    tsukishima kei

    PORCELAIN by morgxn (i can’t explain this one this song makes be inexplicably sad yet whenever it’s on i think of tsukishima)

    yamaguchi tadashi

    Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae (yamaguchi gives me summertime, beach, palm tree board shorts vibes like this song)

    azumane asahi 

    This is Home by Cavetown (’get a load of this monster, he doesn’t know how to communicate’)

    oikawa tōru

    When I Rule the World by LIZ (it explains itself really)

    sugawara kōshi

    Freaks by Surf Curse (suga gives me nostalgic vibes)

    ushijima wakatoshi

    GUY.exe by SUPERFRUIT (as much as i would like to humour myself by imagining stoic straight faced ushijima vibing to this song, he simply would not, however ‘six feet tall and super strong’, need i explain more. tendou would set this song as ushijimas ringtone)

    the whole karasuno team

    honey by Coastal Club (it could be the orange song cover idk but this song reminds me of karasuno maybe it was because i discovered this song at the same time as haikyū but it is so ingrained in my perspective of the team)

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  • kageyamatobiyogurt
    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    haikyuu boys at a haunted house 

    a/n: mmmm here’s an idea that i now realize would have been perfect for october.. and not december.. MAYBE i’ll do a christmas post for the holidays -- WAIT i may have just come up with something... will update you guys hehe 

    - n e ways here’s my brain just spitballing and here’s the most characters i’ve written (individual) hcs for in one post wehey 

    includes: hinata, kageyama, yamaguchi, tsukishima, tendou, ushijima, kuroo, iwaizumi, oikawa, atsumu, osamu, suna, bokuto, akaashi 


    he really couldn’t hide his stress even when y’all were on line 

    his eyes kept darting back and forth while the loud noises played around you guys 

    mans got visibly more stressed the closer you got to the entrance 

    “it can’t be too bad right?” “like, kids are going in and they can’t really scare people” 

    the first time he gets jumpscared inside he can no longer walk and y’all have to take the emergency exit 


    can’t help his heart from thumping even though he knows this is all fake 

    he holds onto you the whole time, whether it be your arm, your sleeve, your shoulder, anything 

    the type just to curse under his breath and briefly close his eyes, “oh fuck-” 


    overly polite baby pls 

    he’s nervous too but he wants to keep you company until the end 

    let. him. hold. your. hand. rn. 

    mans yelps when he gets scared but he’s still so nice to the staff

    “EE!” he’ll yelp (but he still sounds so soft idk how else to say it)

    “you really got me there” he’ll say to the ghost after he composes himself, hand coming up behind his head as he does this little curtesy to the ghost 


    one to aggravate the staff because he shows barely any reaction 

    “that was so obvious” he’ll laugh loud after something pops up and the lights stop flashing 

    it’s all in good fun for him but this is not what the haunted house staff intended???


    once again i believe nothing like this would scare him 

    so he’s good to have around if you’re more nervous yourself 

    he knows exactly where someone would try to pop out at you guys so it doesn’t even phase him 

    this one time, he beats the “ghost” at their own job and yells first. PLS the guy in costume falls back and it takes everyone out of their immersion 

    he is asked to not come back after this


    i feel like he wouldn’t be too scared but he does jump at unexpected loud noises (who wouldn’t) 

    he just trembles here and there and you’d only know if you held his hand 

    he’s your anchor and before you realize it, you’re his too 

    so maybe he keeps an arm around you most of the time or holds your hand a little tighter 


    tries to be suave, as he does 

    but he’s making up for his nerves by talking to you and trying to distract himself 

    PLS he’s in the middle of telling you some cheesy pickup line when something grabs his leg and his voice does this CRACK 

    “y/n did you knoWwWOh”

    he’s too embarrassed that he’s not scared anymore no, but he’s in his head wondering how he can undo wtf his voice just did 


    he didn’t claim he wasn’t scared because he didn’t feel like he had to? 

    plus he was pretty calm going into it 

    at the end of the day, this haunted house is just filled with more people in costume

    what he didn’t expect however is for this screeching woman to come out of this closet you were walking by 


    when he realizes what he almost did he feels so bAd lmao 

    luckily you can’t see how red he is in this darkness 


    really really did not want to go in in the first place 

    mans was just trying to save his pride ahead of time okaY 

    but you got him to cave when you pouted and said, “but tooru what if i get scared and then i’m all alone” 

    this changed his mindset entirely, even with him going, “well of course i’m here to protect you y/n-chan” 

    bro but his grip on you when you enter is so TIGHT PLS 

    the second you two are in dim light his hand is digging into your arm like CHILL 

    you couldn’t even leave him in there if you wanted to 

    he also may screech inside but he will die not admitting it 

    atsumu and osamu: 

    ofc it becomes a competition between these two 

    “let’s see who gets more scared” 

    “yer on, loser” 

    “whatever, we all know who’s the braver twin” 

    eventually they place bets on who will buy the other food and y’all make your way inside 

    in conclusion: both get scared shitless and they somehow wind up holding each other’s hands regardless if there’s an s/o present 


    these things also don’t really scare him 

    mans is the type to watch horror movies and creepy theory videos late at night and still manage to sleep peacefully 

    you may hold onto his arm while you guys walk 

    he’s just out here snapping a picture of the most grotesque monster inside and captioning it with “mood” or “same” 


    ohmygod he’s fun but also chaotic 

    mans contributes to half the times you get surprised 

    he’s so loud that him gasping or yelping is unintentionally scary 

    “y/n what is that over.. THERE OH MY GOD” he booms, scaring you and those walking behind you pls 

    but he always laughs off what happens to him after, saying something like, “that was a good one, y/n” 


    pretty chill but he can’t help his heart racing a little 

    the most that he’ll let out is a gasp or a sharp intake of breath 

    he can’t really find it in himself to let out a yell or anything if he’s that surprised by something 

    honorable mentions to those who just didn’t go inside, saving themselves from unnecessary stress: kenma, kita, asahi

    #haikyuu!! #hq#haikyuu hcs#hinata shouyou#kageyama tobio#yamaguchi tadashi#tsukishima kei#tendou satori#Ushijima Wakatoshi#Kuroo Tetsurou#Iwaizumi Hajime#oikawa tooru#Miya Atsumu#miya osamu#suna rintaro#bokuto koutaro#akaashi keiji#haikyuu crack #hinata x reader #kageyama x reader #yamaguchi x reader #tsukishima x reader #tendou x reader #ushijima x reader #kuroo x reader #iwaizumi x reader #oikawa x reader #atsumu x reader #osamu x reader #bokuto x reader
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  • sxtooru
    03.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    so, ahem, anyone wanna send requests? my inbox is open and ya know, i've got some free time :))

    i usually write for jujutsu kaisen and haikyuu, almost all of the male characters.

    characters i don't write for:

    jjk - sukuna ryomen, mahito, other minor characters.

    hq - minor characters/ characters i'm not really into(like narita, or aran, yahaba n all that)

    also, there aren't really any rules, i just won't do the request if i don't like some parts or i might just change them :)

    #jujutsu kaisen #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #jjk#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu #jujutsu kaisen x reader #kuroo tetsurou x reader #hq fluff #miya atsumu x reader #nanami kento #gojou satoru x reader #gojo satoru x reader #nanami kento x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #bokuto koutarou x reader #akaashi keji x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader
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  • willips00
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    HQ Sibling week. The introduction of Yuatori Ushijima, Kuniko's little sister, born 1st December, his 2nd year of High school not to long after him and Uta revealed they where dating to their parents.

    Some facts about her.

    Name: Ushijima Yuatori

    Birthday: 1st Decemember

    Family: Wakatoshi, Satori, Oikawa Kuniko, Uta, Tooru and Hajime


    Food: Chocolate covered watermelon

    Colour: Yellow

    Band: Dawn Breakers (Owned by uncle Eita)

    Hero's (Like celebs): Koganegawa Kinhoshi...

    Mascots: Vabo-chan and Hello Kitty

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  • kaathefriendlysnekk
    03.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Daybreak holds something special, something precious for Ushijima and Akaashi. I collabed with the amazing Lauren for the @hqrarepair2021 bang!

    Read their work "Worthy of love anyway" here:

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  • r1nf4iry
    03.12.2021 - 19 hours ago


    dilf!wakatoshi x f!reader
    wc 1.3K
    tw: mentions of rough sex, MNDI
    a/n: ushy gushy makes me (s)cream :)
    dilf december collab

    dilf!wakatoshi is so proud and so strong. after retiring from volleyball, he decided he would be a businessman. his grandparents always pushed him to get a more "concrete" job. always at work on time, greeting everyone politely in his monotone voice. the female colleague's swooning over his tall stature and exceedingly good looks. grey roots threatening to show as the minor wrinkles around his eyes the only indicator of how old he actually is.

    he was a man of stature. he never failed to look and do his best at everything he does. always making the company thrive. when he wasn't focused on his work, he was focused on his loving daughter. she was only 2 years old but she was an angel. she did as she was told, and always had a smile on her face. her only downfall is that when any woman dared to get close to him got either glares thrown their way or full on tantrums. let's just say that this took a toll on his dating life.

    on an exceptionally troubling day, his babysitter called in sick. talk about perfect timing. with no other choice, the man brought his daughter to work with him. walking into the office with her by his side, she was giggling and running around his legs. in mere minutes the whole office is head over hills for the little girl. his female coworkers were all over her. i mean, if his child likes you, you're set right?

    you on the other hand were in the corner, trying to not get involved. being an intern, you didn't want to overstep boundaries, but when you saw the little girl get extremely overwhelmed you had no choice but to step in. as politely as you could, you asked the women to step back. she hid behind your legs, peaking at them from the side. the women all went back to doing their work, as you kneeled down to be at eye level with the girl.

    "are you okay? they scared you a little, huh?"

    you spoke in a calming voice, trying your best not to do anything wrong. she nodded slowly, saying that they had gotten too close to her. your heart absolutely melted at the cute little pout that she wore. you scratched in your pocket and pulled out a lollipop, something you always carry as a small treat for yourself but you thought she needed it more.

    you gave her the lollipop and in return she hugged you. she was smiling from ear to ear. when ushijima was done explaining to his boss why he was late and why he had his daughter with him, he was welcomed by the sight of seeing you getting along with his daughter. he couldn't believe his eyes. usually there were tantrums with other women but with you? no glares. no crying. no throwing things. just a look of utter adoration as she stares up at you.

    he must confess, when you turned around to look at him, his jaw almost dropped. you were gorgeous to say the least, and the way you handled his daughter has his heart doing flips. he never thought he'd feel like this at his age but here he was, blushing like a fool while introducing himself.

    after work that day he'd thanked you so many times he lost count. you had his daughter with you the whole time because no one else had the time to look after her, not that she'd want to be with anyone but you. he offered to take you to dinner but you abruptly declined.

    it wasn't that you didn't want it just that you couldn't. this man was practically your boss, and you'd done him a favour. it wasn't a date, that's what you kept telling yourself, but even if it was he was out of your league. so big and strong, he could have any woman he wanted, why would he want you? with a lot of coaxing, you ended up agreeing. dinner on friday night and 8PM. what could possibly go wrong?


    come friday night you were a mess. your tummy was in knots and your palms were sweaty. standing outside the most expensive place you've ever seen, you couldn't believe your eyes. when you walked in, you were taken to the table ushijima had reserved for the two of you. upon your arrival you see he was already seated, looking as dashing as ever in a suit that fit him so well. he got up and pulled your seat out for you as you sat down.

    as you sat opposite him, he couldn't keep his eyes off of you. you were absolutely breathtaking. his eyes roamed your body and he was dumbfounded that he was actually sitting across from the shy intern. you almost had him make a double take when you walked to his table. everytime you glanced up from the menu he averted his eyes like a 5th grade kid who almost got caught staring at his crush.

    when you looked at him you couldn't believe that you were at dinner with the man you see at work everyday. everyone was head over heels for him, and you couldn't say you were any different. the aura he had was usually something well suited for a man like him, but right now? his shoulders were relaxed and his aura had changed. he was more 'human' than you had ever seen him, and it made your heart race.

    after deciding on your meals you both started talking and didn't stop. it was strange how much you two had in common. you both were laughing and having the time of your lives it didn't feel real. he had never had an instant connection like this with anyone in a very very long time, and to be honest, he was glad it was you. you had felt the same connection he did and you tried your best to ignore it but you couldn't.

    as much as he wishes it weren't true, throughout the night, his eyes were wandering over your body and his mind was racing. he'd love to say his thoughts were all cotton candy and unicorns, but that would be a lie. he could just imagine slipping that dress off of you and throwing you onto the bed, fucking you untill you couldn't speak. his hands all over your body, marking you as his. he had to snap out of it. getting hard in the middle of a restaurant wasn't an ideal situation.

    you could see how he was squirming and moving around. concerned you had asked him what was wrong. mistake number one. hearing your voice made his mind go blank. he needed to get out of there immediately. he abruptly stood up, apologizing saying that he didn't feel well as he paid for the dinner. now you were really worried. after leaving the restaurant you kept asking him if there was anything you could do to help him and he kept trying to get you to leave but it was no use. he stood at his car and turned his head to look at you.

    "get in the car and come home with me. either you do that, or forget i asked you anything and go home."

    you were speechless. what exactly was he asking you to do? you definitely couldn't accept his offer, but before you could decline your legs were already moving towards the passenger side of the car. he opened the door for you before going to his own side of the car. when you got in and looked at him, you could see there was a sheen layer of sweat adorning his face. as your eyes roamed his body you saw how heavy he was breathing and once you'd gotten to his crotch your eyes widened in shock and your cheeks went pink with embarrassment.

    "you can leave if you'd like to. there's nothing stopping you."

    his words were kind and sincere but laced with want and need. you could barely get any words out but you made yourself comfortable and put your seatbelt on. that was all the confirmation he needed. his smile turned into a sly smirk as he started the car.

    "be prepared, little girl. you're in for one hell of a ride."

    all works belong to @r1nf4iry ! Do not claim as own or reupload without permission!!

    #🖇️ dilf december #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu#haikyuu smut #haikyu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu fic #hq x y/n #hq ushijima#ushijima wakatoshi#hq wakatoshi #wakatoshi x you #ushijima fluff#ushijima smut#ushijima imagine #ushijima x y/n #ushijima x reader #haikyuu ushijima #[💌] smut.hours #[💌] fluff.hours
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  • renaissansse
    03.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut#haikyuu headcanons #hq x reader #hq smut #ushijima wakatoshi headcanons #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #ushijima smut #ushijima x reader #.headcanons #ushijima thirst
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  • scaryjokesenthusiast
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Autistic headcanons | Shiratorizawa


    has a volleyball squishy that tendou gifted him

    special interest in volleyball

    was diagnosed young

    bad with sarcasm and reading tone

    struggles with expressing emotions on his face

    stims by bouncing a volleyball

    has a weighted blanket

    struggles with banter

    cant do eye contact

    very blunt

    curls his fingers as a stim

    doesn't mask


    empathetic to inanimate objects

    got diagnosed in elementary school

    safe food is chocolate ice cream

    used to mask as a child; doesn't anymore

    stims a lot

    his song is a vocal stim

    can make limited eye contact with people he's close to

    texture issues

    t-rex hands

    struggles to tell if people are bored listening to him

    infodumps about manga

    has frequent meltdowns

    favorite stim toys are a rainbow tangle and an edamame popper gifted to him from semi

    gets non-verbal episodes when he's really upset


    struggles with volume control

    cant read body language


    cant tell whether people are laughing at him or with him

    got diagnosed at the start of junior high

    has a lot of routines

    picky eater

    flappy hands stim

    needs directions clearly explained to him otherwise he won't understand

    rocks on his heels

    has a lot of fidget cubes

    has noise-cancelling headphones

    volleyball helps him with emotional regulation


    severe texture issues; make it hard for him to find clothes

    got diagnosed in middle school

    really blunt

    he likes the repetition of setting

    stims with an infinity cube

    has a lot of worry stones

    low empathy

    struggles with eye contact

    bad at telling jokes

    cant express emotions well

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  • animedaddymilkers
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    tags: cuckholding, voyeurism, fem!reader, oikawa's cocky mouth

    word count: 620


    kinkmas 2021 masterlist

    "Oh, c'mon, can't you fuck her any faster?" The annoyed voice of your fiance called out; his every word dripping in sarcasm and challenging the man who fairly won your three way card game earlier.

    "Shut up or I'll gag you." Ushijima grumbled as he slowly thrust into you, his size taking more than a minute to adjust to.

    "Just saying, I'd already have her moaning like her life depended on it by now if it were me," Oikawa huffed and tested the restraints on his wrists again, pouting when he realized it meant he couldn't fuck his fist to the sight of your guts getting rearranged.

    Ushijima held your thighs, his large hands able to grab quite a bit of you at once as his hips began to find a steady rhythm. You let out a moan, your own hands holding onto his shoulders once he leaned down to kiss you. Although you initially were upset that Oikawa came in third and had to be tied to the chair, you were now glad you came in second and Ushijima in first. The feeling of him stretching your insides was divine and you knew if you were the one in the chair you would've gone insane.

    One of his thumbs found your clit and began lazily rubbing circles into it while your hips lifted up to meet his. Meanwhile, from his loser's spot, Oikawa just couldn't keep quiet, not with such a sight in front of him, "Baby I know you can be louder than this. Don't you want to show our big friend a good time? He is the guest after all."

    You whined out in agreement, letting every little noise flow freely; only further turning both men on. Oikawa was hard and throbbing but the only relief he got was the uncomfortable rub of his pants on his cock when he thrusted his hips up into nothing. He moaned quietly, but loud enough for Ushijima to hear, earning a smirk from the larger man. It did indeed work to egg him on, as he was now fucking you with purpose. The excitement of today had you worked up, even sitting during the card game you were turned on. Because of that, you knew you wouldn't last long and were already willing your mind to come up with future excuses to do this again.

    "Fuck…" Ushijima grunted as you tightened yourself around him, his hands gripping your thighs harder.

    For a brief moment, his hips lost rhythm, thrown off by the lewd look on your face. He nearly came, but he steadied himself and only fucked you harder, determined to make you cum before he did. Oikawa, on the other hand, had no such worries. He restored to pathetically rutting against the material of his pants until cumming with a groan, earning the attention of you both.

    Ushijima smirked, "Not even in this pussy and came so fast? She does have quite the effect, hmm?"

    His gaze turned to you and your cheeks heated up, but you couldn't even dwell on it for too long because your thighs began to shake. You couldn't hold back any longer and came on his cock and the feeling was more than enough to send Ushijima over the edge as well. He hugged you close to him as his hips thrusted into you for the last few times, groaning into your neck as he filled you up.

    "Hey!" Oikawa huffed from his position, "I said no cumming in her!"

    Ushijima scowled at him, grumbling as he walked over to untie him, "Learn to be quiet or you'll get pounded next."

    The room was silent for a moment, "Well… what if I want to get pounded?"

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  • ao3feed-ushiten
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Haikyuu christmas calendar

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pj6FXN

    by Nymphilim, ShiningMarkhyuck, Wolkensturm24

    A collection of Haikyuu oneshots all centered around different ships and topics but all related to Christmas or the time before Christmas:

    Day 2: Hot chocolate (Ushiten)

    Tags, warnings and ships will be added as the story grows.

    Words: 3689, Chapters: 2/24, Language: English

    Fandoms: Haikyuu!!

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Iwaizumi Hajime, Oikawa Tooru, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Tendou Satori

    Relationships: Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru, Tendou Satori/Ushijima Wakatoshi

    Additional Tags: Getting Back Together, Snowed In, Hurt/Comfort, Advent Calendar, Hot Chocolate, Paris - Freeform

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/3pj6FXN

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  • mindblnk7
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Type: Fluff Warnings: Husband!Ushijima, Pregnant!Reader, Wife!Reader.( Ushijima x Wife! Pregnant! Reader) (a/n):Hope this is up to your standards. Thank you for reading. Requests, Asks, feedback appreciated. I don't know if this is good, so you can message me about what is wrong.

    "UGGGHHHH, he's a literal monster! How much power does he have in him? It's brutal and insane!" a volleyball player whisper-yelled to his teammates. Currently, they were having a match against Schweidan Adlers, and they were horribly losing.

    The Wing spiker of the opposite team was none other than Ushijima Wakatoshi.

    He still had the power and it was more than enough to crush someone's arms.

    He did not pay any attention to the opposite team's whispers because he was used to it. Losing teams always choose to berate him and his play just because they weren't good enough.

    "Ushijima-san, please focus on the game" his teammate tried to shift his mind.

    Ushijima simply nodded.

    After the game was over and they had won, the teams were currently cleaning up (wiping their sweat, drinking water, cooling down). The bleachers had cleared up already and the rest of the staff was cleaning the stadium.

    The players were back in their locker rooms. Everyone hopped into shower, wanting to go home as soon as possible.

    However, Ushijima stood outside. Seeing this, Kageyama paused and walked towards him.

    "Ushijima-san are you not going to shower?"

    "I am waiting for someone." Ushijima answered.

    "Who..is comin-?"

    Before he could finish his sentence, he saw you coming from the corner of the hallway.

    Aaaah..he was waiting for Ushijima-san....

    You, his wife and the mother of his children, waddled towards where the two of them were standing.

    You had a huge smile on your face, "Hey Toshi..."

    Ushijima's face relaxed, he loved seeing you waddling towards him, your eyes only on him.

    "Hello.." he kissed the top of your head, and let his hands roam all over your tummy.

    "Hey, Kageyama" you smiled and politely greeted.

    Kageyema bowed down, "Ushijima-san!"

    "Kageyama how many times have I told you that it's fine if you call me by my name.." you sighed and shook you head.

    Ushijima glanced at the setter, a silent warning to leave. Understanding the underlying meaning, Kageyama left.

    "How are they ..?" he whispered.

    "They are doing just fine, both kicked a little while I was at your mom's house, she was so happy." you put your palms flat on his chest and let your head rest on his torso sideways, pressing your ears on him.

    " Did Oka-san say anything?"

    "No..she just asked me to pass her blessings to you"

    Ushijima didn't say anything further, he just held you, still careful of your huge belly.

    "Mhmmm 'Toshi you..kind of stink..." you mumbled.

    "Sorry love, I just wanted to hug you." He immediately let you go.

    "It's ok, oh! I almost forgot! I have a surprise for you!"

    Ushijima widened his eyes, since after your pregnancy the only surprise you gave him were quick kisses, he thoroughly enjoyed those and found it adorable. So he bent down, not too much! because he liked it when you would stand on your tippy toes to give him kisses.

    You looked at his face, expecting and eager. You chuckled at the cuteness. When you said you had a surprise meant that you had bought some stuff for him, not kisses!

    So, you took out a small bottle from your pouch, grab hold of his hand and placed it on his open palm. He opened his eyes, looked down and saw a bottle of his favorite shower gel/body wash.

    He then looked at you, were you really not giving kisses? Was this the surprise you had for him?

    You giggled, " 'Toshi, you know very well I won't give you kisses if you stink." you patted his chest. His lips slightly turned down into a frown.

    He quickly rushed inside. By the time he was done, all his teammates were standing outside talking to you. You were sitting on a chair, can't let a 6 and a half month pregnant lady stand. They were all showing you pics of their partners and kids.

    Ushijima did not mind the audience, he took a towel and sat down right in front if you. You looked down at him, chuckling, you took the towel and started wiping his hair.

    You always dried his hair for him, when at home he liked using the dryer, when outside like right now, he would simply get a towel and sit in between your thighs.

    The team watched in amazement as they saw their usual stoic wing spiker, sitting relaxed and getting his hair dried by his wife.

    They silently left, not wanting to disturb you both, also because they didn't want to face his wrath afterwards.

    After a few rubs, you stopped. He tilted his head upwards, to see your face.

    " Wakatoshi, Do you understand how much I love you?" you bent down, few centimeters distance between you and him.

    "It is a question only you can answer."

    "Mhm..but if I'm carrying your babies, becoming heavy like a hippo, with a swollen belly, then I think you should at least know how much I love you."

    "You are not heavy. I can easily carry you."

    You closed the distance and pecked his forehead, kisses trailing till his nose. He kept his eyes closed, very very light pink dusting his cheeks.

    " 'Toshi...they're kicking.." you gasped.

    He turned around and pressed his ear and hand over your tummy.

    "That's right baby, dada's here.~~" you cooed, your hand on Ushijima's head.

    "Your mother is here too.." he whispered.

    This is why he would always be grateful to you and his best friend Tendou. During high school if you would've given up and moved on from liking him, this moment right now would never exist.

    If Tendou would've never asked him to go that cafe where you worked, he wouldn't be feeling his children kick.

    Those memories are something he will always be thankful and grateful for.

    After all...you are his weakness.

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    things they do as your boyfriend

    note: can you tell i suck at headcanons? but i kinda want to do some more stuff like this because i can write for more than one character at a time. also, i feel like i was unconsciously implying masculine and feminine roles, so please let me know if you have an opinion on that

    warning: just tooth rotting fluff, usage of terms of endearment like sweetheart, love, babe etc

    kita! draws you a bath whenever you come home tired from work. it takes just one look at you as you shuffle through the front door, and he's planting a soft kiss on your temple, telling you to set aside your things and just relax because "i'll take care of everything, sweetheart." he makes sure the water is just the right temperature, and drops in a bath bomb, the lavender one, because apparently it has a 'calming effect'.

    he sits beside you the whole time, one hand holding yours and occasionally kissing your knuckles if he feels like it. he'll ask you about your day to help you unwind and get everything off your chest, only giving his own advice when you ask for it. he'll tell you about his own activities on the farm and anything fun that happened with the ducklings in an attempt to make you feel better. you'll have his undivided attention for however long you need it.

    daichi! warms up your cold feet and hands in the winter. whenever you two are outside in the cold and you complain about not being able to feel your hands, he's immediately taking them in his own, cupping them before his mouth to blow warm air over them, before rubbing them together. he proceeds to intertwine your hand with his and put it in his coats pocket so he can hold your hand while also warming it up.

    you'll be laying down on the couch, waiting for him so the two of you can watch a movie together, and he'll put your feet on his lap and massage them with his warm hands because he knows socks don't help you. sometimes you'll squeeze your cold feet under his thighs, expecting him to get annoyed, but he only lifts his legs and covers your feet entirely, not even batting an eye.

    oikawa! does your skincare routine with you. he's always up for it whenever you ask him if he wants to put on a mask, rushing to the dresser to pull out his own reindeer antler headband to push the hair away from his face. he goes to lay down on the bed because he likes it when you place the sheet mask on his face and smooth it out. likes it even better when it's one of those cream face masks you have to apply with a brush because he gets to stare at you while you do it for him.

    if you're in the bathroom applying all those different serums, he'll stand beside you, or sit on the toilet seat, so he can keep talking to you as you do your routine. sometimes he'll even ask you if you can apply certain stuff to his face too, beaming up at you as you gently run your hands over his skin and plant a kiss on his lips before stepping away. he loves how his skin looks so shiny after.

    bokuto! keeps you company whenever you're in the kitchen. you have to physically restrain him from helping you cook, because you end up having to order out whenever he's involved in making the food, always giving the recipes a 'personal touch'. he'll sit on a stool behind the counter and tell you stories from his matches (the rare few you don't attend). he'll plan dates, that never bear fruit, because "babe~! we never go out anymore." sometimes he'll even ask you to teach him to cook as you go along.

    but then there are also days when he doesn't talk, just sits and watches you move about, loving how all your movements are so calm and calculated. he especially loves it when you knead dough to make some bread every now and then, watching in awe as the mix of flour and water firms up as you twist and turn. he helps you wash the dishes whenever he can, the both of you working in tandem as you wash and he dries. he doesn't care what he does as long as you're beside him.

    kuroo! likes to open doors for you. it doesn't matter if he's walking ahead of you or behind you, one way or another he'll reach the door's handle before you and then smile as he holds it open for you, leading you in with a hand on your lower back and a "go ahead, babe." even if he ends up going in before you, he'll turn around and wait with a hand on the door to keep it open for you before letting go once you're safely inside.

    if you're some distance away from him, he'll pretend and act annoyed at you for making him keep the door open so long, letting out a soft chuckle when you glare at him for making you hurry. makes up for it by taking your hand in his and squeezing tight. the same goes for car doors. he waits by the passenger seat to your door for you, placing a hand on the edge so you don't hit your head while sliding in. always makes sure you're seated properly before shutting it softly.

    ushijima! always makes sure to eat with you. he doesn't like that he can't spend as much time with you as he wants, so he's made it his goal to never make you eat alone. no matter how much of a hurry he's in in the morning, he'll take his time and have breakfast with you, those few precious minutes with you the only thing he has to last him the whole day till he can get back home to you in the evening. always makes sure to kiss the crown of your head before he leaves the table with a "i'll see you soon, love."

    video calls are a must during your lunch breaks, which thankfully coincide. with his phone propped up, ushijima has a clear view of you as he dives in to the bento you packed for him. if he ends up finishing before you, he'll wait till you're done eating to say goodbye and end the call, telling you about random stuff that happened since the morning to pass the time. he tries his best to make it back home in time for dinner, apologising profusely on the few times he can't, heart hurting as he thinks about you having to sit at the table alone.

    feedback and constructive criticism is much appreciated!!

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    a/n: i need toshi’s massive hand around my head 😢💔

    pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader

    featuring: miya atsumu, oikawa tooru, suna rintaro, ushijima wakatoshi

    tw: suggestive


    “tsumu! get yer eyes fixed on the ball! (-) hide behind kita-san or somethin’!” osamu yelled across the court, making your face flustered as kita casually stood in front of you, blocking your figure away from atsumu.

    “shut yer trap samu! ‘m just not feeling well today!” atsumu yells back but shortly shrugs his shoulder down when he sensed kita’s gaze was locked on him.

    right after the practice match, atsumu dragged you into the locker room. he slammed you against the wall with his hand around your head, ignoring the pain he felt on his knuckle.

    little mewls left your lips as well as your pretty moans when atsumu’s tongue slipped between your closed lips. you could feel atsumu’s thick thighs were slowly rubbing between your inner thighs, pushing your legs to open.

    “ts-tsumu wait” you tried to push him when you heard noises outside the door. but atsumu was too drunk with your scent and kisses.

    atsumu’s body jolted and quickly turned his head when he heard osamu, suna, and ginjima opening the door.

    “TSUMU ARE YA CRAZY? THE FUCK YER THINKING YER DOING IN THIS SACRED LOCKER-” osamu yelled his lungs out when he saw his brother making out with his best friend.

    “atsumu no matter how much you love (-) you shouldn’t-” ginijima interrupts osamu’s yell but halts when suna stepped forward with his phone in his hand, smirking at you and atsumu.

    “keep going, ‘m gonna film this and show kita-san”


    you were heading to the volleyball locker room after finishing up some homework in the library. you waited in the locker room for your boyfriend to return from the practice while just scrolling through your phone.

    shortly you could hear food steps over the door along with iwaizumi's voice scolding oikawa on the way.

    "stop hittin' me iwa-chan! just wait!" the moment oikawa opened the door, he saw his girl sitting down on the floor, looking so effortlessly beautiful with glasses.

    oikawa then right away slammed the door and stepped over. he scooched down, tilted your chin with his thumb and index, and kissed your pretty lips. slowly breaking the kiss, he whispered; "you look so pretty babe"

    and the moment oikawa was about to kiss you or do something more, he was interrupted by the rest of the 3rd years.

    they probably wondered what was taking him so long to get his books, but ended up catching his best friend making out with a 1st year.

    “SHITTYKAWA ARE YOU INSANE? SH-SHE’S A 1ST YEAR” iwaizumi yells, along with makki and mattsun laughing in the background.

    oikawa quickly raised both of his hands and tried to explain. “iwachan it’s not what it looks like!!!!”

    but all he got was iwaizumi’s scolds with makki and mattsun imitating oikawa and you, slamming each other on the wall as makki tried to kiss mattsun, earning a smack from iwaizumi on their head.


    after suna’s practice, he quickly brought you into the locker room without any words, as for you who was confused and clueless, you just followed where suna was taking you.

    the second after the door closed, suna quickly wrapped his large hand around your waist as he started to kiss you.

    you tried to push him away because you definitely saw the miyas walking far behind you two just now on the way.

    “r-rin stop atsumu and osamu is-” but suna cut you off with a deeper kiss, ignoring the things you were saying.

    pulling away from you, suna’s eyes focused on the door slowly opening, seeing osamu and atsumu pushing each other on the way in.

    but both of the twins froze on the place and blinked a couple of times to see his best friend’s hand wrapped around their manager’s waist, and their manager’s hand placed on his broad chest.

    atsumu was the first one to talk. pointing his fingers at both of you. “y-you” atsumu spoke, along with osamu following him. “s-suna what-”

    both of them ended up yelling and laughing as they ran out of the room. “KITA-SAN THEY’RE CRAZY”, “SUNA AND (-) IS-”



    because you couldn’t keep your eyes off from ushijima’s thighs, chest, arms, hands, literally every part of him during the match, you waited for him in front of the locker room since you were too needy for his touch.

    as soon as ushijima showed up around the corner, you promptly paced and grabbed his large hand, dragging him to the locker room.

    you tiptoed while forcing his shoulder to bend down for a deeper kiss. ushijima lets out a little smirk before he wrapped his massive hand around your waist and another one around behind your head.

    ushijima then leaned down while his tongue explored inside your mouth, both of you not aware of the door opening.

    “wow wow wow what am i seeeeeingggg??” it was tendou. he walked into get his bottle and settled up seeing his best friend making out with a girl for the first ever time.

    “well then, enjoy~~” tendou hummed, giving you a peace sign before he walked out, having both of ushijima’s and your confounded eyes fixed on him.

    “tendou-san it’s not what it looks like!!!” you yell, simply to earn a hand wave sticking out between the door and the wall. you sigh but halts when you felt ushijima's fingers on your chin.

    “can...can we continue (-)?”

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