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  • satorusbitch
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    litchrally can’t stop thinking about how i want uzui to fuck me and how i want to fuck his wives………

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  • goldenphoenixrises
    20.01.2022 - 5 hours ago


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  • goldenphoenixrises
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Umm.... Excuse me Sir.. ಠಿ_ಠ

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  • zaruba-needslove
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    I really dig the malay subs for Kimetsu no Yaiba Yuukaku-hen on Netflix. I mean, as much as the main base subs for the ones shown on Viu and Netflix most likely came from the same translator (in which it may or may not be provided by MuseAsia translators), the subs on Netflix tend to be quite cheeky at some parts and had a certain flowery flair on some terms while Viu’s tend to be a bit weeboo (esp when it comes to prefixes and some Japanese terms). XD

    #kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba: yuukaku-hen #yuukaku-hen#uzui tengen
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  • fleureex
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    (^་།^)♡ Uzui Tengen

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  • xxsabitoxx
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Morning After {Teaser}

    A continuation of Unexpected

    Tengen x Makio x Suma x Hina x Fem! Reader

    “I don’t think any of us moved an inch.” Hina laughed as you wiggled around, aiming to stretch out all the kinks in your muscles from such a deep sleep. “Certainly feels like it.” You blushed as you noticed all the hickeys left on her neck and breasts. “It’s not the first time.” She giggled as she saw your surprise. “You should see yourself.” She whispered against your ear, pulling you slowly into a kiss after.

    “Getting busy without us?” You both pulled apart at the sound of Makio’s voice, her face squished to Tengen’s chest. “Maybe.” You smiled as Hina hugged you tightly, sticking her tongue out at Makio. “Oi! Tengen! Wake your ass up!” She flicked his nose, the action making the man jolt from his sleep. “Huh?” He looked down in confusion until he realized you were in his bed as well. “Oh.” A smirk crossed his handsome face. The sound of his morning voice already sending your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies.

    “They are trying to do stuff without us!” Suma began stirring at the sound of Makio’s whining. “Is that so? Then go ahead.” Three pairs of surprised eyes met Tengen’s. “What? If I remember correctly, Hina and Y/N didn’t get as much one on one time as you and Suma did. Let them put on a show.” Tengen lifted both his arms to put them behind his head, you admired the way his muscles flexed in the morning light. “Well then…go ahead.” Makio seemed a bit reluctant until you and Hina moved above the covers.

    At the sight of your naked bodies, she seemed to have changed her mind. “The show will be so fun.” Suma wasn't even fully awake yet and already excited to watch the two of you. “I think I’m a little shy all of a sudden.” You giggled softly as Hina pulled you closer to her by your hips. “Do I look cute on my knees, Tengen?” You glanced over your shoulder to look at him, a smirk creeping up his cheeks. You turned your attention back to Hina when you felt her teeth sink into your shoulder.

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  • hanakages
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago


    a/n: i love yoriichi once again—writing for him makes me so sad i cry but it’s okay we’re allowed to cry too + gender neutral reader

    warnings: brief grieving.

    “doesn’t the moonlight look good tonight? i haven’t seen the moon so clear in long time…” you trailed off, sitting outside your home.

    the traveler sat beside you, his gaze unwavering. his eyes just bore holes at the sky. the stars twinkled. they shone down on everything. everyone seemed to think the night was beautiful. uta did as well. but that time was over. and now he spent this days just traveling. but for some reason he followed the trail back to his home, and met with sumiyoshi and his wife every once in a while. but recently he hasn’t gone. he stopped and met with you. where he would watch you go through a small hole in the forest. and one day he followed you.

    curiosity overcame him.

    the male was quiet. he stay behind you, and yet you didn’t seem to notice him. walking directly through different vines and shrubs, you came to a sudden stop. the male did so as well, waiting for your next move. you bent down, revealing in front of you a small garden. there were flowers, of all kind, and a small pond where you knelt. the pond had some koi fish, and the male’s eyes glowed with interest. he hasn’t seen them ever since he was a child. moving next to you, the male peered at the fish, and you turned your head, giving him a smile.

    “i was waiting for you to join me.” was all you said.

    from then it’s been history.

    yoriichi came by all the time. he enjoyed your presence. you had a pretty smile. and a pretty laugh. whenever you’d tell him something amusing he’d actually smile. or sometimes her think about it for hours. you left him in wonder. the male would stay in your home, he enjoyed laying beside you on a futon. in the winter nights he would join you, hugging you close to him. he’d lay awake for hours, waiting for you to

    finally sleep. sleep. go sleep. because his heart is racing, he cannot sleep. you’d press your face into his chest, sending him into a frenzy, where he’d stay awake longer.

    the man couldn’t only handle so much.

    for someone like him who couldn’t process emotions anymore—he understood it all. love. you both were in love. well he assumed you were. your emotions were a bit of a blur for him. the male watched you intently, noticing the way you stared up at the night sky with nothing but glee in your eyes.

    you loved the night, just as he parted from you at the same time.

    “(y/n), i love you.”

    “you what?”

    yoriichi froze. was he not supposed to say that? when he walked in the city he heard people say that to one another. was that improper? did he make a mistake? a slight pink tint grew on the male’s tanned skin. his heart swelled in fear and embarrassment as he waited for your response. it was hard. when it was with uta it was easier. he didn’t need to talk. he didn’t need to think. it was natural. why wasn’t this natural?

    your hand rested on his, and he saw your smile in his gaze.

    “i love you too. it was odd to hear it out loud. i guess some things do happen in the night.” you announced, laughing softly as the demon slayer felt tears brim his eyes.

    “y…you can’t. you’re not telling the truth. you shouldn’t love me.” yoriichi whispered to himself.

    “i think you shouldn’t believe that. it’s time for you to fall in love again. don’t you think?” tilting your head to the side, the male felt his heart warm.

    love again. he’d love again. and he already found someone. a small, yet loving smile appeared on his face. he can fall in love again. because he already has.

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  • gyutaroo
    20.01.2022 - 12 hours ago
    #ask gyutaro#demon slayer #demon slayer rp #kny rp#upper moons #gyutaro demon slayer #gyutaro and daki #uzui#tengen uzui#💚 replies
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  • laurakkj
    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    tengen uzui icons

    like if you use or save ♡

    #kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba icons #demon slayer #demon slayer icons #tengen uzui #tengen uzui icons
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  • hairymoths
    20.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I’ve got you something, just don’t get angry

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  • djiguito
    19.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Kimetsu no yaiba/ Demon Slayer fanart

    Tengen Uzui by Djiguito

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  • butterbabyflapjack
    19.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    . Belljar Heart .

    ( Tengen Uzui x fem!reader )

    Tags:: explicit sexual content, Tengen isn't shy, rough and passionate sex, loss of virginity, oral, vaginal fingering, size difference, M/F/F/F/F, smut, aftercare, SLOW BURN, teasing, coaxing, dirty talk, fluff, angst, romance, canon-typical blood & violence, porn with that thick juicy PLOT, crossdressing, swordplay, teacher/student relationship, parental abuse, all sex is consensual but there's a brief instance of attempted rape, reader is very inexperienced, Tengen is a very good teacher, if you know what I mean😏😏😏, wall sex, squirting, flamboyance, lies/deceit/revelations, I want my third degree slow burns to kill me

    💗 Tengen Uzui x reader - porn with that thick juicy PLOT 💗

    You’re the only daughter of a prestigious, high-rank government official; a cold, abusive man who wants you to be ladylike within the comfort of your gilded cage, when you’d rather be anything but.
    It will take deceit and cunning to slip by his tight leash. Disguising yourself as a man, you begin sword lessons in secret in the hopes of one day becoming what you’ve come to learn are ‘demon slayers’. And when an actual, real-life Hashira - a beast of a man with hair like moonlight - passes through the short reach of your cage, you’re determined for him to accept you under his tutelage, even if his answer is a stern and resounding ‘no’.
    You won’t give up that easily. And you’ll do whatever it takes to make Uzui Tengen take you under his wing, even if it means deceiving him, disguising yourself as a man, and running away from the life of luxury you know.
    It goes without saying that things get messy within this tangled web.

    💗 Tengen simps get your sexy asses in here~ 💗

    Read it here on ao3

    #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #tengen uzui #uzui x reader #uzui x you #kny uzui#uzui's wives#uzui tengen #tengen x reader #tengen x you #fanfic#fanfiction#smut#ao3#reader#reader insert#y/n
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  • kristen1216
    19.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Tengen Uzui the makeup artist (Demon Slayer) By. Kristen Mitchell, 2022, Drawing with prisma color pencils

    Demon SLAY-ers (Demon Slayer) By. Kristen Mitchell, 2022, Drawing with Sharpie and prisma color pencils

    #art #artwork #artist #prismacolor #prismacolorpencils #draw #drawing #anime #demonslayer #kimetsunoyaiba #TengenUzui #hashira #soundhashira #tanjiroukamado #tanjiro #inosukehashibira #inosuke #zenitsuagatsuma #zenitsu

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  • coralineotaku
    19.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Conta que eu traduzi: tumblr married-to-google-translater

    (Yandere platonic Uzui Tengen com aluna forte e independente)


    No início, seu relacionamento com Tengen era apenas como um aluno e um professor.  Mas pouco a pouco tornou-se algo mais próximo.  Ou seja, um pouco como uma relação pai-filho (exceto que seu "novo" pai é realmente superprotetor e carinhoso)Tengen teria impressionado você com sua força e é por isso que ele gostaria que você fosse seu aluno.  E eventualmente você vai se tornar muito próximo.  Mesmo que Tengen saiba que você é forte, ele está preocupado com você.  Por causa disso, você deve estar sempre de serviço com ele.  E se você violou a missão uma vez, pelo menos Tengen não vai mais deixá-lo lutar.  Você ainda pode se envolver, mas Tengen vai se certificar de que você não está ferido.  E quando você tenta dizer que sabe como ser independente, Tengen pega a carta "você foi ferido uma vez e você pode morrer na próxima vez".  Talvez seja melhor você parar de trabalhar na demo slayer de qualquer maneira.  Se você não tem lugar para ir Uzui e suas esposas certamente vão cuidar de você.  Isso seria melhor para todos, certo?

    #yandere uzui tengen #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #demon slayer x reader #kny x reader #yandere kimetsu no yaiba #yandere kny #yandere demon slayer #uzui x reader #yandere tengen uzui #uzui x you #Yandere wife
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  • jinchuriki-hunter
    19.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    #please don't die #demon slayer #demon slayer anime #kimetsu no yaiba #kny season 2 #demon slayer entertainment district arc #kny entertainment district arc #uzui tengen#sound hashira
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  • knylinphd
    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Their S/O has painted them | Headcanons

    gender neutral

    -> During your off days, you enjoy painting to spend the time. But then, your boyfriend notices that he has been your muse for your last work of art.

    -> Tengen Uzui, Tanjiro Kamado, Shinobu Kocho, Nezuko Kamado.

    -> For Nezuko, consider it platonic as you can’t really date her ! But I never write for her and I thought she would have a cute reaction.

    Tengen Uzui

    Newly married to Tengen and the wives, you had decided to make them a present, considering they all had been together for a long time and kind of feeling like someone breaking their habits and nice life that they seemed to enjoy so much.

    « It’s beautiful, my love. But… why didn’t you paint yourself ? » you heard Tengen from behind you, say. Unknowingly to you, he had been watching you adding some last details for some minutes. Indeed, Tengen was sat in the middle, Makio standing behind in the middle, Suma on the left and Hinatsuru on the right.

    « It’s just… it’s a present for you all. So you’re the ones on the painting. » you explained. « But you’re married to us, you should’ve painted yourself ! » he added. Seeing your face, he cupped your cheeks with both hands. « What’s wrong ? » he asked.

    « It’s just that… you’ve all married at the same time, and I arrive, so many years later, I just don’t want to trouble you all now. » Tengen just laughed at your face. « We married you ! We wouldn’t have if you were a bother ! What is up with your mind ? »

    You felt dumb for feeling some tears at the corner of your eyes. « Even the girls ? They don’t mind ? » Tengen snorted. « Why would they ? You think I just forced them to marry you ? They’ll absolutely love it. But please, include yourself next time, my love. »

    Tanjiro Kamado

    You could’ve painted Tanjiro fighting. You could’ve painted him using both fire and water. But as it was a present to celebrate your first year together as a couple, you wanted to make it more personal. Thus, it was very complicated to finally be happy with the result.

    As you were still focusing on his scar, you heard Tanjiro from behind you, say : « Y’know, I think it’s already done. Nothing has to be changed. » You jumped, but you were careful enough not to ruin the portrait. Still, you were ashamed he had already seen it.

    « Tanjiro- it’s not done- there’s still something off about it-» you tried to argue, but there was no need. Tanjiro had already pushed you a bit to the side to observe it. « The background, it’s where we had our first date, right ? » You smiled, very happy that he had recognized it, considering that his face took most of the space on the canvas.

    « I… I wanted to paint the expression you had on our first date. You had your eyelids a bit lidded, yet your eyes seemed wide open- I don’t know how to explain it ! I can’t paint it ! It’s annoying ! » you complained. That only made your boyfriend giggle.

    « (Y/N), love. I think it’s perfect. Thank you for taking so much time for my present. » he said, kissing your forehead in the process. « Now let’s ask Urokodaki if we can hang it at his place alright ? So we can always see it whenever we’re over. »

    Shinobu Kocho

    You loved to paint butterflies, so painting Shinobu not so long after starting dating her has crossed your mind very quickly. She was holding her poisonous sword with her usual smile, butterflies flying everywhere around her. You were very proud of yourself.

    When Shinobu walked in, she gasped and smiled immediately. « (Y/N) ! You did this for me ?! » You nodded, happy that she seemed to like it. « I love it ! It resembles me so much ! You’re so talented ! » You started to blush at this point.

    It was obvious to everyone, including you, that Shinobu loved you, despite so usually looking unemotional. But you had never seen her this happy. « Is it how I look to you ?! It’s so cute ! » she kept saying. It felt a bit out of character, but you didn’t mind.

    Since that day, Shinobu kept the painting in her office, close to her fish tub. Yet, she would often show it to everyone walking in, invited or not. Seeing her so happy, you decided to paint her again.

    Thus, throughout all those years you two dated, you kept painting Shinobu really often, and she kept being excited every time. The Butterfly Estate was filled with paintings of her at this point, making guests sometimes uncomfortable…

    Nezuko Kamado

    Tanjiro was taking a bath. Thus, Nezuko decided to go to your room to hang out with you instead. However, she was surprised when she saw you painting a portrait of her, seeming excited to make her look at it.

    « I hope you like sakura trees ! I just thought it looked great with your outfit. It matched. » you said, pulling her to look. It was a beautiful painting of Nezuko looking at her reflection in the lake, surrounded by sakura trees.

    She gently traced her hair on the painting with her finger, careful not to slash it with her claw, and nodded. You turned to look at her reaction and she jumped to hug you. You giggled at how genuinely happy she was.

    « Well, we’ll have to find out where to put it. Maybe at the Butterfly Estate ? Or maybe at Tamayo’s house ? » You thought. Nezuko looked at you very excited, nodding at every question. That’s when Tanjiro walked in.

    « Oh wow ! That’s beautiful ! Did you make this, (Y/N) ? » you nodded. Nezuko held your hand and pointed to the painting with her free one. « Yeah I saw it ! I love it too ! » the boy replied, as excited as his sister.

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    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
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