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  • We need this hair back…. he’s about to turn bald from all that bleaching actually

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  • Solo a me piace il pane di segale? Me ne sono innamorata

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  • Oh my my my
    How cute can this babe get 🤧💜

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  • slight nsfw warning? maybe? hahaaaa enjoy ily xxx - luna

    Zen: Grinding

    • His absolute favorite thing to do when you guys are about to do the dirty

    • It’s normally you on his lap when it starts but sometimes he’ll initiate it when he’s on top of you

    • He’ll have your hips in his hands while you’re either whispering in his ear or kissing his neck

    • And he’ll slowly start pushing and pulling against them to move your hips against his because god it feels so good MC

    • You better pray it’s not him on top though because ohoho oh no

    • This man will absolutely tease you until you’re basically whimpering underneath him

    • “Is there something you want from me MC? Something you need, huh?”

    • You’ll have your legs wrapped around his hips while he slowly grinds down against you, feeling his hardening length beneath his underwear ugH

    i want this man to rail me LMFAO

    • He can get a bit rough with it if he unleashes the beast but otherwise he goes agonizingly slow because he knows how good it feels

    Yoosung: Touching

    • This is totally not because he hasn’t had much experience with partners yes it is luna who are you kidding hahaha

    • But honestly any sort of light touches against his stomach or thighs tends to drive him wild

    • You don’t even realize when you’re doing it either; you’ll just be laying in bed together while he’s playing on his nintendo and you’re on your phone

    • And boop you just happen to slip your fingers underneath his t-shirt and “MC what are you doing?”

    • He sounds a little breathy too, but you don’t really notice because you don’t realize what you’re making him feel and wow that feels really nice actually

    • The way you drag your fingernails across his bare stomach, from the bottom of his chest all the way to the top of his v line leading to the belt of his jeans

    • It intensifies when you look away from whatever is distracting you and look at him and noticed how flushed and squirmy he is, and “oh I’m sorry Yoosung, do you want me to stop?”

    • “God no, don’t stop MC”

    • While he isn’t that experienced that doesn’t mean that he won’t pull an uno reverse card and get on top of you in a flash and completely ravish you

    Jaehee: Biting

    • It wasn’t known until one night you two were laying in bed together; you reading a book while she looked over paperwork that she’d brought home from the office

    • You had started to poke at her cheeks and arm to distract her from doing her work (which was working for a little while)

    • “MC you know I love you but please just let me finish this and you will have all of my attention”

    • After a while you’d given up and gone back to reading, and now that she was finished it was her turn to mess with you while you were trying to finish the chapter you were on before snuggling up to her for the night

    • She started gently poking at your sides and stomach, slowly moving up to your face and poking at your cheeks and lips

    • “Oh, MC~” She sang while poking, agitating you enough to where your teeth closed around her finger gently, biting down as you raised a brow.

    • The action made a surprise gasp escape her lips which only piqued your interest oh you’re in for it baehee

    • You bookmarked your page in the book and pounced, softly nibbling at her neck and chest to see what reaction you would get (and you were not disappointed oh yes)

    • “Shall I bite you here Jaehee? Or maybe here?”

    • “I don’t care where MC just don’t stop.”

    • A beautiful symphony of moans was thoroughly enjoyed that night~

    Jumin: Kissing/Making Out

    • Listen

    • It is unhealthy how often you think about sitting on this mans lap and just kissing him all damn day.

    • Sometimes kissing him was super innocent, especially if he was on his way to an important meeting or just because you wanted to show your affection for each other

    • But there were times where it was a little more inappropriate and boy were those your favorite

    • He would aggressively pull you onto his lap and immediately bring your lips to his, and your kisses would range between being slow and drawn out or hot and fast depending on the mood

    • And yes there is a loooot of tongue and lip biting involved my gOD

    • “You really want to tease me like that, kitten?”

    • jesus cHRIST JUMIN

    • And he tends to initiate these intense makeout sessions because he loves it, especially when he sneaks his fingers down to a certain area…👀

    • God forbid you visit him in his office because you know damn well if he’s horny he’s tossing you on his desk and just making out with you until you’re dizzy

    • “We’ll continue this when I get home, MC. Put on that lingerie I bought you last week; and I expect you to be on the bed where you belong.”

    god help me just let me spend ONE NIGHT with this man

    Saeyoung: Hair Pulling

    Honestly you discovered this one completely by accident

    • He already knows how much you love it when he pulls your hair when making out and you’re on his lap and his hands are wandering e v e r y w h e r e

    • But when you guys were play wrestling you accidentally grabbed his hair when you were aiming for his shoulder and he let out the most delicious moan it stopped both of you in your tracks

    • “Ignore that MC I–”

    • “Saeyoung…what was that….👀”

    • Now that you know it is the absolute quickest way to get him in the mood

    • It honestly turns him into somebody completely different than you were expecting and it is absolutely amazing

    • Whenever you do it his eyes get completely dark and he instantly tosses you onto the bed and holds you down while leaning close to your ear, biting it before he whispers in the deepest growl you’ve ever heard from him

    • “Are you sure you want to do that MC?”

    • yes yes yes yes yeS YES YES YES YES YES

    V: Blindfold (haha sorry)

    Okay okay hear me out LMFAO

    • He doesn’t like wearing it (since he’s kind of experienced it 24/7 already lol)

    • But when he sees you with it on it drives him absolutely wild

    • The first time you guys tried it it was purely for experimenting, and you honestly didn’t think he’d like it because of what he’d experienced

    • But the way you would crane your neck every now and then to try to hear where he was on the bed as he slowly traced his fingers and tongue around your naked body

    • He reveled in the way your body shivered and squirmed underneath his touch that was heightened from your lack of sight

    • You gasped whenever his touch would range from his fingers to his tongue, and the way his teeth nipped against your chest every now and then was enough to make him smirk to himself as he straddled your hips

    • “Listen to the sound of my voice, MC. Don’t worry, I’ll take great care of you.”

    • The entire ordeal just makes you melt every time and whenever you pull out that silk scarf he bites his lip in anticipation

    please tie me up too take some advice from jumin thank u

    Saeran: Choking

    OOOOF this poor damaged man

    • When you placed your hand around his neck in a playful gesture it drove him absolutely feral

    • It starts with him on top of you, his hands gripping your thighs as he forces them to wrap around his naked waist

    • Then as he’s placing himself inside you he’s leaning over your body, shoulders tensing as he thrusts multiple times until you’re an absolute mess underneath him

    • “Yeah you like that don’t you MC? Touch me. Choke me.”

    yes sir right away sir oh my gOD?????

    • You doing as he says just makes him go mad as he lets out a sort of strangled growl, and honestly by the time you think he’s finished he’s definitely not

    • While he loves being choked he definitely loves doing it to you too, the sense of control making him feel like he’s on a high that he’s never felt before

    • He’s also pretty loud during the lead up to doin the dirty so poor Saeyoung most definitely keeps a pair of sound proof headphones around at all times

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  • idk how to promote on tumblr and this video is like a month old, but i’m still proud of it so i’m sharing it here lol.

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  • image

    The way he’s sitting/laying there…


    + the original pics ☺

    Vmin to cute to not add it here

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  • people will say anything on this site

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  • image

    𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 or 𝗿𝗲𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗴 if you save.

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  • 𝐤𝐢𝐦 𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐠 (𝐯) 𝐨𝐟 𝐛𝐭𝐬

    please make an account and add the admins within 48 hours. // moonchild. & sunchild.
    once added into the groups and welcomed into the roleplay, please follow the task in the introductions group!

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