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    word count: 1,701
    requested: yes but no! It was exchange fanfic for Jinx skin! Thank you baby @semi-creative​, you saved us all with this great idea of fic-
    warnings: there’s one. I think I have everything written in gender neutral reader, but if I slipped some pronouns then I’m sorryyy– another warning is I AM SORRY IF I FUCKED UP SOBS SOBS

    A/N: I wanted to tag artist of this precious gem but I dunno! I searched and never found TAT 

    Due to writer’s block I didn’t managed to write it for valentines! Sorry ;-;

    You were slightly afraid of asking Talon WHY exactly were you sailing to Ionia together. Not like Talon was a big fan of the island, so what was the matter with him? You looked at the back of his head, as sea wind played with Talon’s bronze locks. You gulped loudly, cleared your throat and stood beside him. gazing away into neverending sea and sky. Amazing how both blues perfectly blended with each other but they didn’t at the same time.

    - Talon…

    - Hm? - he answered with a hum, like he almost always does.

    - Are you dying or something? I mean- I know you hate doing something you hate for someone, and I KNOW you love me but still, no sacrifices needed. I wanted to see Ionia, but I don’t understand the dedication…

    - What? No. I’m not dying, [Y/N].

    - Then what’s the matter?

    - Stop being inquisitive. 

    - Ah- Okay, okay. Sorry, babe.

    - Hmh. 

    Smooth as sandpaper, Talon. Good job. You were a bit awkward by now, you just felt like you somehow angered your mysterious boyfriend, but in reality…he was the one who poked his nerve. Here he is, going to island he can’t give two shits for with dedication for you and this stupid “love-dove holiday” he really despised it, but for you…he can bare it. Or so he thought, now he was a glitter dick.

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    For my best friend forever and ever!❤

    Happy V-day (I know I’m late)!

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  • Valentine’s Date Night was a success! Lots of pasta, pizza, profiteroles!  💖

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    I was in the process of doing my hair for V-Day yesterday and thought this in-between picture was super cute! I’ve posted it everywhere else so why not here as well?!

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  • Valentine’s Day was over.  Mark had spent it alone.  He was still feeling depressed about it.  Walking down the street Mark stumbled into his friend, Bob.

    “How was your Valentine’s Day?” Bob asked.

    “Horrible!” shrieked Mark.

    “What? Did you Samantha break up with you before?”

    “No.  It was so expensive.  I’m down so much in the bank! Seriously having a relationship is expensive! It’s like paying for everything twice!”

    As Bob went on and on about his financial turmoil, Bob thought maybe being single wasn’t terrible.

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  • Tbh these Mr. Love Queen’s Choice V-day calls made my day. 

    #except lucien #i just refuse #mr. love queen's choice #v-day #so cheesy i love it #coin collection lol #just stuff i haven't thrown away he says #gavin#victor#kiro
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  • @timelessxwinter


    “Want one of these crazy-looking flowers? I promise they’re not poisonous.”
    She says, extending her arm toward him. The flowers were a deep teal in color; it’s petals almost tentacle-like.

    “They’re from Planet Vampa. Sounds cooler than it actually is, trust me.Not much grows there, but these are the few.”

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  • @goldensimisage


    “Hey, you here by yourself?“

    Cheelai takes notice of the other’s presence, just a few of the chocolate covered fruits she and the others had prepared together. Why not share? That was what it was intended for in the first place.

    “If you’re hungry, I’ve got some sweets we can share?”

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  • @snowyalien


    “You n’ me are goin’ to get coffee and then see a movie.”
    She says, linking arms with Glacier, a smile on her face. She grabs up the keys so she can lock up on her way out.
    “You didn’t have other plans, didja?”

    #aliensss #they're going to go see Sonic skdfsdf #V-day
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  • @hopefromadoomedtimeline


    “Hey Trunks, have this coupon from my work.”
    Aries slips the other Saiyan a small piece of paper. It wasn’t much, but she hoped it would suffice.

    “It’s good for a free lunch, any size. Doesn’t expire. I always try to do somethin’ nice for everyone I know on this day. I love how there are so many holidays like that here.”

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  • To all my wonderful writing partners I love roleplaying with you. Even if I am slow as hell I love our stories we make. Crossovers of characters that tend to fit really well. Anyways I thank all of you for keeping me sane or sane adjacent. Now this goes to all my writing partners and followers. so while I’m about to tag some it is meant for everyone.


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    #v-day#psa #my beautiful followers #ooc
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  • @abbythemewtwo


    “I don’t know much about this ‘holiday’ but I do know that it means food.”
    Kiba says, dropping a large steak at her feet. it was tightly wrapped in plastic however; still good.

    “I nabbed this from someone who wasn’t looking. Happy..uh–Valentine’s?

    #wolves will be wolves #abbythemewtwo#V-day
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  • @fxarsomxlxgxnd


    “I found these heart-shaped steaks and I instantly thought of you!”
    Aries would state happily, prepping the kitchen for how much food she was about to make. If you thought she only bought two or three…you’d be sorely mistaken.

    #w that saiyan appetite #also i've seen heart shaped steaks at HEB lmao #fxarsomxlxgxnd#V-day
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  • @n3rdb0x

    “Guess what?”


    “The kids have a babysitter tonight. Let’s go out and get wasted.”

    #sdhgjfgfgdkjg #i miss this icon also #<3 <3 <3 #V-day#n3rdb0x
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  • @angelfccdie


    “Mr.Whis? Have you gotten any sweets today?”

    Videls asks, holding out a red and pink box for him. She had been tirelessly baking the night before to pass these out to everyone she knew. Bulma offered them treats all the time, so why shouldn’t she?

    “I made a ton of sugar cookies. I was hoping you or Beerus might like them. It happens to be a holiday today, and I didn’t want anyone feeling left out.”

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  • So, 50-ish minutes from the end of another February 14.

    Those who’ve been playing awhile (either here, or with the at-home version) know that our intrepid hero ended his treatments/entered remission 14 years ago, today. That means, essentially, nothing of my life today existed/had happened yet.

    The tattoos were pretty fresh, but the earring hadn’t happened yet.
    Hadn’t met Jen, yet. There were no kids, no house, hadn’t met any of the MD/VA people I now think of as essential to my life. Hel, I’d not yet returned to faires, or gotten back on the road.
    Wasn’t working with leather, yet. No business, no booths, none of the skills/accomplishments that spring first to mind when asked “who are you?”
    I played more music, sang more songs…but felt less joy, then.
    Hadn’t done much of anything to work on my mental health, my attitudes, my behaviour. Was pretty rough around the…not the edges, just pretty rough all over, really.

    My childhood fucked me up pretty bad, and my cancer journey was the capper/final chime. It was the last thing at the end of everything I’d been up ‘til then, the Yom Kippur of my youth. Cancer changed everything…you never really survive, so much as keep breathing on the other side of a major alchemical transfiguration. I know I didn’t.
    The Geoffrey of that earlier period could be a real bastard, was reactionary as all hel, and couldn’t imagine a healthy or non-abusive relationship ever happening to him. Death was just what that guy needed, was just where he was headed.
    The Geoffrey of after…wasn’t so much a better person, as unformed, unshaped, and uninformed about himself. It’s a long, weird trip to figure out who you want to be, who you are, and what you have in yourself. I didn’t have the words, the skills, or the tools…and I was crap at being a functional human for many of the years after. If I happened to you then, I’m quite sorry. My only constant is flux.

    Regardless, here’s to 14 extra, icing, overtime years. Sadly, not everyone who should get them, does…and there are many moments I don’t feel like mine have been earned or deserved.
    If you know someone who out-lived their prognosis (whatever the diagnosis/disease/condition was), tell them you love them, give them a hug, or buy them a round.
    If you know someone fighting, send 'em my way…I’d love to talk with them. I remember how much it meant to talk to survivors when it was uncertain I was going to be able to keep heroing.

    On to another year.
    Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. <3

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