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    75th Anniversary!

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    How was your V day?

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  • I know it’s a little late for Valentine’s day, but I meant to do it yesterday. In some time-zones, it’s still V-day, so I say this counts.
    Anyways, my mom and siblings and I have had a tradition for a few years now where we write down what love is to us. This year, unlike all the others, I wrote a poem for it.

    Dedicated to my gf: @thatoneartsyweirdo

    Love is the fire that burns you so you’ll never forget.
    Love is the water that heals you so you can move on.
    Love is the winds that change you and get you somewhere.
    Love is the roots to remind you where you came from.
    Love is the spirit that keeps you alive.
    Love is freedom after years in a cage you didn’t know about.
    Love is sunshine when you didn’t know there were clouds above you.
    Love is new glasses when you thought you had perfect vision.
    Love is hearing a song without knowing what music was until that moment.
    Love is hearing your name when all you were called before was a word.

            Last year, I thought love was a chemical released into your brain.
    Love is when you want to cry, but see her for a moment and can’t help but smile.
            Last year, I was wrong.
    Love is not being able to breathe, but living more than you ever thought you could.
            Last year, I didn’t think of anyone that way.
    Love is a heart beating concerning fast, but staying in sync to the one that matches.
            Last year, I didn’t have anyone to love.
    Love is wanting to film every smile, every laugh, every frown, every word, every moment.
            This year, I can finally say it: I love you.

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