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    You don’t even have lungs anymore.
    Mechanisms hardwired into our chest breathe for you. The will pump oxygen into your bloodstream forever.
    Lord Vader? Lord Vader, can you hear me?
    And you can’t. Not in the way you once did. Sensors in the shell that prisons your head trickle meaning directly into your brain.
    You open your scorched-pale eyes; optical sensors integrate light and shadow into a hideous simulacrum of the world around you.
    Or perhaps the simulacrum is perfect, and it is the world that it is hideous.

    [Matthew Stover’s Revenge of the Sith]

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    i am sorry, and this is not a vague directed at anyone, but what drives people to write suitless!vader, or "anakin wears the suit but is okay underneath" do people seriously fail to realize how bad that is? we can have commentary on how lucas associated a lot of the suit to vader's villain figure, as it is a life support equipment. but there's also that: it's a life support equipment. darth vader is disabled. it's not there for show and kicks, he needs it to live. palpatine's cruelty is also something we can discuss, but don't take away the fact this cool villain, this three generations old symbol of pop culture is disabled. i beg of you.
    #i am not physically disabled. but I have seen multiple voices #disabled people actually like that this powerful and memorable figure #needs a bipap. eats through a tube. needs a bag. wears prosthesis. etc etc. #again: we can discuss how palps uses these to enforce even more control over Vader's life. #we can discuss how g. lucas wanted his villain to be #*less than human* and made him disabled. #of course we can talk about that. rralize how in-world and metawriting play into vader's disabilities #but erasing it just because it seems wrong. or worse: it doesn't appeal to you? #please just. no. #* ⊹ 。*´ ❪ author. ❫     ››› ㅤ we are bees then﹐ our honey is language  .
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    My little room in four season~

    Each room has a special topic~

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    celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original release of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK  (2 years late now)

    part 3: the film in selected shots and moments

    above art by Drew Roberts and Frank McKeever, Jeff Lafferty, Grimbro, Brittney Ann, Milton Nakata, Drew Struzan

    #Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back #The Empire Strikes Back #Yoda#Luke Skywalker#mark hamill#Darth Vader#Irvin Kershner#George Lucas#star wars
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    How the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan Kenobi Were Abusive To Anakin Skywalker And Other Recruits

    First of all, right off the bat, it is very bad, dangerous, and irresponsible childcare to be endangering the lives of children to train them in using lethal weapons and sending them on life threatening missions. Any parent or child care taker who did any of this in real life would immediately be thrown in jail for child endangerment and neglect.

    However, as far as the emotional abuse that Obi-Wan, Yoda, and the Jedi Council subjected Anakin, Ahsoka, Luke, and these other recruits to that most of the idiots in this fandom say “is not that bad” because they weren’t being beaten, sexually abused, or starved, there are a lot of instances of it, enough for it to be a recognizable pattern with detrimental affects on the victim, particularly Anakin and Ahsoka.

    According to verywellmind.com here is what the profile of the average emotional abuse victim looks like:

    If you feel wounded, frustrated, confused, misunderstood, depressed, anxious, or worthless any time you interact, chances are high that your relationship is emotionally abusive.

    That sounds quite a bit like Anakin after he leaves his mother on Tattooine.

    He has trouble trusting Obi-Wan, Yoda, and the Jedi Council for good reasons. He is constantly doubting his self-worth, his own views on right versus wrong, his desires for and fears of completely valid things before going dark. Obi Wan and the Council are constantly playing mind games with him, guilt tripping him, emotionally/individually oppressing him, and isolating him. One of the reasons why he cracks while the other Jedi don’t is because he’s experienced life outside of the Jedi Order, what it means to be allowed to have healthy and normal emotional support and relationships with family and friends. He knows what it means to be abused and oppressed. He initially recognizes that that is what Obi Wan, Yoda, and the Jedi Council are doing to him, but he gets gaslit, isolated, and victim blamed by them so many times over those 14 years he’s with them that he eventually gets to a point of trying to justify their abuse. It’s the same thing with Palpatine after he reveals his true colors to Ani.

    However, according to verywellmind.com, these are the ways in which emotional abusers attempt to control their victims, which are all very consistent with Anakin and the Jedi Order, or pretty much every recruit in the Jedi Order, but since Anakin is our primary viewpoint character in the prequels era, I’m going to primarily focus on his interactions with Obi Wan and the Jedi Council that are emotionally abusive.

    People who are emotionally abusive to their victims:

    Have unrealistic expectations:

    Emotionally abusive people display unrealistic expectations. Some examples include:

    • Making unreasonable demands

    - In order to be a “good” Jedi, Anakin, you will never be allowed to keep in touch with your family and friends back home in slavery ever again, never be allowed to have your own personal life, and never be allowed to have close personal relationships because “attachments are dangerous.”

    • Expecting you to put everything aside and meet their needs-

    -Again, not allowed to have close relationships, cut off from family and friends back home and not allowed to stay in touch with them, not allowed to get married and have kids, constantly taught to deny and ignore completely valid emotions of anger, concern for loved ones, one of whom the Council/Republic left in slavery, because “attachments are dangerous” and never allowed to have a healthy balance.

    - While a lot of people in this fandom seem to believe that the whole “chosen one” title went to Anakin’s head when he was a Jedi, it actually never really did. Sure, he could occasionally be arrogant and boastful about his skills as a warrior, a space pilot driver, and power level, but he never expected special treatment for being the “chosen one” from the Jedi Council. He never bragged to Obi Wan, Yoda, the Council, and the other Jedi of his time by saying stuff like there was no way they could ever survive the war without him to destroy the Sith. He never asked or expected to be treated like a God among his colleagues.

    Anakin never asked for that title. Qui Gonn just randomly gave it to him after having a vision destroying the Sith one day in the future after meeting him. If anything, as time went on, he wanted to escape that destiny as the “chosen one” because the Jedi Council that raised him, particularly Obi Wan, kept bringing up that title to either guilt trip him into staying with the order or shame him for not meeting their standards as a “perfect Jedi.”

    • Being dissatisfied no matter how hard you try or how much you give-

    - Obi Wan is very harshly critical of Anakin throughout his time as a padawan and friend, no matter what he does, right or wrong. I haven’t seen TCW, but going by the movies, I can’t think of one single time when Obi Wan genuinely praised Anakin for doing a good job before Revenge of the Sith, which was 14 years after he had first become his padawan, and even that you could argue was only done out of a sense of guilt on Obi Wan’s part since he only did it right after obnoxiously accusing Anakin of using his friendship with the Chancellor to try to get a position as grandmaster on the Council, even though he was Anakin’s guardian who allowed for that friendship between them to happen when he was a child under his care, he never bothered to even ask why Anakin suddenly wanted a position as grandmaster on the Council, and he wasn’t even in the room with Palpatine when the two of them were talking. Otherwise, it was generally back-handed compliments, sarcastic put downs, making fun of him, humiliating him in front of Padme and the rest of the Council, or telling him that he would “learn his place” when he tried to make a valid point that protecting the Senator was a job for security, not Jedi.

    - The Council suddenly not being willing to give Anakin the position of master because “he’s too unstable” and “he has a friendship with the Chancellor.” Well, they were the adults who raised him and helped him become unstable, they allowed for him to speak alone to Palpatine when he was a child under their care, and they were perfectly okay with knighting him, forcing him to take on a padawan, forcing him to help out a slavery, and forcing him to be a general of their army in the clone wars before, even when he tried to say he didn’t think he was ready or comfortable helping out slavemasters. For the most part, he still did a pretty good job. He wasn’t “too unstable” for them to do all that long before. Additionally, Obi Wan got insta-promoted to Jedi knight and Jedi master on the Council after he lost his padawan master, killed a Sith, and insisted upon taking on Anakin as a padawan to honor his master against Yoda’s advisement Anakin had accomplished everything that Obi Wan had and more in 13-14 years as a Jedi, not just because he was more powerful, but because he genuinely worked just as hard to do well, in spite of that whole “brilliant but lazy” headcanon that so many fans seem to have of him. However, the Jedi Council never liked him or trusted him from, no matter what he accomplished, particularly not Yoda, and that was obviously never going to change.

    • Criticizing you for not completing tasks according to their standards-

    - Obi Wan and Yoda do this to Anakin, Luke, and Ahsoka constantly for being “too emotional,” “too arrogant,” “too unsure of themselves,” “too selfish,” and “too impulsive” during missions. Sure, sometimes they have valid points about their students, but other times they are just going overboard, being exceedingly critical, gaslighting them, and being unfair. Not to mention the fact that Obi Wan uses the whole method of “Do as I say, not as I do” teaching style, which is hypocritical and must have been quite confusing for Anakin. 

    • Expecting you to share their opinions (i.e., you are not permitted to have a different opinion)

    -This happens in the Jedi Order before Luke takes over big time. The Jedi can’t get married, have kids, or stay in touch with family. They must view attachments and emotions as “dangerous” and avoid trying to express them entirely at all costs. They can only ever leave the temple with other Jedi if they expect to be welcomed back. They always have to focus on protecting “the greater good” of the middle and upper class elite Republic, even if it means risking or sacrificing the lives of whatever innocent people get in the way of that mission, doing the biddings of a corrupt and hypocritical Republic government that enables slavery and poverty without help on the outer rims, not trusting the same politicians they serve with suspicions about the Chancellor when they’re not useful. Anakin is “wrong” for having a completely valid reaction of being pissed off at Obi Wan for faking his death. Obi Wan can’t admit he lied to Luke about Vader being his father to try to get him to kill him and that that was wrong of him. It’s “Once he became Vader, the good man who was once Anakin Skywalker ceased to exist, so what I told you was true - from a certain point of view.”

    • Demanding that you name exact dates and times when discussing things that upset you (and when you cannot do this, they may dismiss the event as if it never happened)

    - Thankfully, I can’t think of the Jedi Council and Obi Wan emotionally/psychologically abusing their recruits in this way, though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone could find instances of them being this controlling. Usually, they don’t seem to want to talk about feelings when Anakin, Luke, and their other recruits try to reach out to them, and just shame and/or dismiss them.

    Invalidate You:
    Emotionally abusive people invalidate you. Some examples include:

    • Undermining, dismissing, or distorting your perceptions or your reality:

    - The training process that Obi Wan and especially Yoda put Luke through in the OT movies involve a lot of deliberately traumatizing mind fuckery to “test him.” Yoda forces him to go into a cave where he sees a vision of himself as Vader trying to kill him with a sword. He dresses up as some sort of creature to “test him.” He acts like Luke is in the wrong to be angry for completely valid reasons.

    - With Anakin, Obi Wan, Yoda, and the rest of the Jedi Council undermine and distort his perceptions of his reality all the time. While they’re not wrong about the Sith being worse, the fact that they somehow have the audacity to claim that “they’re supporting democracy” is ridiculous. They let the green frog run the order as a cult like dictatorship. They fully support a Republic that allows for slavery on the outer rims, and even help them enable it by doing their bidding for it.

    - Obi Wan faking his death and disguising himself as Rakko Hardeen around Anakin for a mission to please the Council because Anakin “is too dangerous.”

    • Refusing to accept your feelings by trying to define how you should feel:

    - According to Yoda, Anakin is “dangerous” and “wrong” to miss his mother who they separated him from and left in slavery.

    - According to Yoda and the Council, Anakin is “selfish” for not wanting to help enable slavery on his home planet of Tattooine by going on a mission to bring Jabba back there, considering he used to be a slave.

    - According to Yoda, Anakin “must mourn them not, and rejoice in the deaths” of loved ones, rather than being afraid of them dying because having any sort of concern for them at all is automatically “greedy” and “selfish.”

    - According to Yoda, Obi Wan, and the Council, Anakin is “selfish” and “greedy” to be at all concerned about loved ones in active danger. It’s the same with Luke freaking out over Leia and Han in active danger in Empire Strikes Back.

    - According to the Council, Anakin is “selfish” to be angry about Obi Wan deceiving and traumatizing him by faking his death.

    - From Yoda’s and Obi Wan’s point of view, Luke is “wrong” to be pissed off that Obi Wan and Yoda traumatized him by playing mind games with him to “test” him in training.

    - Obi Wan and Yoda act like Luke offended them by being upset over the completely valid fact that they deceived him about Vader being his father to try to make him kill him. Obi Wan even says, “What I told you was true - from a certain point of view.

    Honestly, I could go on and on about how much the Jedi Council make their recruits second guess, fear, and hate themselves for having completely valid feelings all the time. They helped recreate the Sith with this sort of training in the prequels.

    • Requiring you to explain how you feel over and over

    - The Jedi really don’t do this. Yoda and the Council would rather just pretend emotions don’t exist at all.

    • Accusing you of being "too sensitive," "too emotional," or "crazy"

    - Oh, my god…The amount of times Yoda, Obi-Wan, Luminara, and the Council accuse Anakin, Ahsoka, and Luke of being “too emotional” for having completely valid reactions to their bullshit drives me insane.

    • Refusing to acknowledge or accept your ideas or opinions as valid-

    -Anakin is “wrong” to want to be a hero to the oppressed underdogs in slavery on the outer rims from his home planet and/or for being against “necessary” slavery “for the greater good” of the Republic.

    - In AOTC, Anakin makes a valid point about how Jedi usually don’t protect the Senate, security does, and Obi Wan harshly dresses him down and humiliates him in front of Padme and the rest of the Council by saying “you will learn your place,” and “we will not exceed our mandates my young padawan learner.” The way Anakin just curls in on himself is just painful to watch, especially when you consider the fact that this is the same boy from ten years earlier in The Phantom Menace who bravely and selflessly stood up to his slave master Watto for attempting to whip another slave in his community in front of him. He knew he could have and probably would have gotten whipped by Watto as punishment for interrupting him when he was attempting to whip another slave, but little Anakin on Tattooine had been raised by his mom to be such a brave, confident, kindhearted, and selfless little boy by his mother who should always try to be helpful and do what felt right that he wasn’t afraid of Watto anymore! You would think that ideally Anakin would be able to stand up for himself without feeling terrified of his teacher/guardian Obi-Wan, who, remember, has been a lifelong member of this supposedly compassionate, empathetic, peaceful, selfless, and wise military branch of space wizards/soldiers, but no. The “peacekeepers of the galaxy” have actually made Anakin feel so much more insecure and terrified of being hurt than little Ani on Tattooine ever was through breaking him down emotionally/psychologically. It just goes to show you how much more damaging emotional/psychological abuse and neglect can be to a victim than physical abuse, considering the fact that little Ani was still able to be a brave, bright, confident, and happy little ray of sunshine when, though he was being physically abused and oppressed by his master, he was still able to freely find healthy emotional support and love from his mom and friends in his community who never tried to force him to be anyone he wasn’t to fit in.

    - Every time a Jedi wants to rescue a loved one or someone else outside of their “greater good” of the Republic, it’s treated as a personal offense by Yoda, Obi Wan, and the Jedi Council. They’re constantly called “selfish” and “wrong” for it.

    • Dismissing your requests, wants, and needs as ridiculous or unmerited

    -Anakin being concerned about loved ones dying gets a “dreams pass in time” from Obi Wan and a “mourn them not, and rejoice in their deaths” from Yoda.

    -The Council doesn’t consider Anakin’s desires for close family, friends, personal space, personal freedoms, and emotional support as valid from day one.

    -Yoda and Obi Wan react the same way with Luke being concerned about Han and Leia being in danger in a force vision. I really hate the fact that George Lucas had to make them right in the narrative in that instant. In most movies, assholes who dismiss valid concerns of others like that would be proven wrong about something like that and get humbled.

    • Suggesting that your perceptions are wrong or that you cannot be trusted by saying things like "you're blowing this out of proportion" or "you exaggerate.” -

    -Yoda and the Council did this with Anakin from day one by making it known that none of them trusted him because he was older and more emotionally attached, even before he did anything wrong. Yoda was already shaming him for being a normal 9 year old kid missing his mom who their Council and Republic separated him from and left in slavery. It never got much better, no matter what he did, right or wrong, and sadly, it helped lead him and them to their downfall.

    -Yoda and Obi Wan do the same thing with Luke when training him in the OT for having normal human reactions to their deceptive and manipulative mind fuckery training tactics.

    -Obi Wan immediately jumps to a false conclusion that Anakin must have asked for the Chancellor to request he get a seat as master on the Council without ever thinking to ask him why he suddenly wanted it in the first place in Revenge of The Sith.

    • Accusing you of being selfish, needy, or materialistic if you express your wants or needs (the expectation is that you should not have any wants or needs)

    - Yoda does this with Anakin whenever he tries to reach out for advice and emotional support all the time. So does Obi-Wan.

    - Obi Wan and Yoda accuse Anakin, Ahsoka, and Luke for trying to express valid concerns about the safety of loved ones

    - Yoda forces Anakin to take on a padawan and be a general of the army, even when Anakin tries to say he doesn’t feel ready. Again ignoring Anakin’s wants and needs.

    - From day one, Yoda accuses Anakin of being “selfish” and “dangerous” for missing his mom their Republic / Order / Council left in slavery when he’s as a 9 year old kid who’s been separated from her for the first time.

    - Obi Wan and the Council act like Anakin is unreasonable for being pissed off that his best friend faked his death and disguised himself as an enemy because they thought he was “dangerous.”

    ​Create Chaos:
    Emotionally abusive people create chaos. Some examples include:

    • Starting arguments for the sake of starting arguments-

    - Obi Wan shutting down Anakin in that exceedingly harsh manner in AotC when he tried to point out that Jedi shouldn’t have to protect the Senate, and that should be a job for the security came across kind of like this. It wasn’t that he was necessarily really even angry. He just did not want his authority undermined.

    - I’m sure there are more in TCW that I’m missing.

    • Making confusing and contradictory statements (sometimes called crazy-making)-

    -The entire Jedi dogma and their hypocrisy in the prequels points to this

    -The fact that Obi-Wan just bluntly accuses Anakin of trying to ask the Chancellor for a seat on the Council as grandmaster without any sort of evidence.

    - Yoda’s whole line of “There is no try, only do” to Luke

    - The fact that Obi Wan and the Council seem to expect Anakin to follow the code perfectly, but whenever they break it to suit their purposes and get caught doing so by others, it’s not treated as that big of a deal.

    - “Rejoice in death, mourn them not” - Yoda’s advice to Anakin about how to deal with fear of losing loved ones is basically “get over it and be happy.” WTF?

    - The fact that Obi Wan and the Jedi Council claim to stand “for democracy,” even though the frog runs their Order like a cult/dictatorship, and the Republic is a People’s Democratic Dictatorship at best and a semi-constitutional monarchy that enables slavery and/or oppression in the galaxy whenever it suits their “greater good” or doesn’t suit it.

    • Having drastic mood changes or sudden emotional outbursts-

    - Yoda and the Council are pretty consistent, though they can be exceedingly brutal in battle, but Obi Wan definitely can and will have drastic mood changes or sudden emotional outbursts to try to control Anakin or put him in line. We see this quite a bit in TCW and AOTC.

    • Nitpicking at your clothes, your hair, your work, and more-

    -A little bit, though a lot of military organizations and schools require uniforms and certain haircuts, and they never nit pick at Anakin and the other Jedi for not wearing their uniforms correctly, their weight, or their physical appearance.

    - On the other hand, Obi Wan and the Council absolutely do nit pick at Anakin’s work as a padawan and a Jedi knight a lot throughout the prequel movies and TCW. He’s “too emotional,” “ too improvisational,” “too slow,” and so on.

    • Behaving so erratically and unpredictably that you feel like you are "walking on eggshells"-

    Emotionally, no, though perhaps a little with Obi Wan in regards to Anakin at times. In terms of goals and expectations, though, Yoda and the council are always shifting goal posts for Anakin, which confuses him quite a bit after some time.

    Emotional Blackmail-
    Emotionally abusive people use emotional blackmail. Some examples include:
    • Manipulating and controlling you by making you feel guilty-

    -Obi Wan is like, “Now that you’re a Jedi Knight, Anakin, you can leave any time before the war starts, but remember you’re “‘the chosen one destined to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force,”’ so if you leave, just know that we’re all probably going to die in war.” No, that’s not what Obi Wan tells him outright, but the fact that he keeps reminding Anakin that he’s “the chosen one destined to destroy the Sith” is an attempt to guilt trip him into staying. Think about it, when he says that “chosen one” thing every time to Anakin in TCW and AOTC when he’s seriously considering leaving, the fact that he’s believed to be the key to ending the war and saving his fellow soldiers lives is going to make Anakin feel obligated to stay, and Obi Wan knows this.

    -It’s the same thing with Yoda forcing Anakin to have a padawan and be a general to an army when he tries to say he isn’t ready. He can feel Anakin pulling away from the Jedi after marrying Padme, and he wants to make Anakin feel obligated to stay.

    • Humiliating you in public or in private

    - Obi Wan does this a lot with Anakin. While Anakin did deserve a punishment on Mustafar for his crimes against the Order at that point, the way in which Obi Wan went about it was needlessly cruel, manipulative, and self-righteous.

    - Obi Wan does the same thing in AOTC with Anakin in front of the Council and Padme to “pull him in line.”

    • Using your fears, values, compassion, or other hot buttons to control you or the situation-

    - Obi Wan uses Padme as bait to lure Anakin into a trap to kill him without her consent.

    - Obi Wan, Yoda, and the Council constantly shame Anakin for having valid emotions, and use his values of close attachments, concern for loved ones, and his insecurity of not being good enough as a protector against him to try to control him and “test him.” Yoda and Obi Wan did the same thing with Luke, but, thankfully, he had a good childhood before ever getting involved with them enough to know to tell them off.

    • Exaggerating your flaws or pointing them out in order to deflect attention or to avoid taking responsibility for their poor choices or mistakes-

    - Obi Wan, Yoda, and the Council do this with Anakin and Luke a lot, especially in ESB, AOTC, and TCW.

    • Denying that an event took place or lying about it-

    - Obi Wan faking his death and disguising himself as Rakko Hardeen with Anakin.

    - Obi Wan flat out denying to Luke that he lied to him about Vader being his father with that whole “from a certain point of view” bs excuse

    - Obi Wan and Yoda deluding themselves and attempting to delude Anakin into believing that they were “too nice” of parents/guardians and did nothing wrong.

    • Punishing you by withholding affection or giving you the silent treatment-

    -Obi Wan and the Council have never been the affectionate type much, but dressing them down and/or shunning Anakin, Luke, and their other Jedi when they don’t do as they say or don’t do things as they say isn’t entirely out of character to punish them for not living up to expectations.

    Act Superior
    Emotionally abusive people act superior and entitled.

    Anakin does have occasions of boasting of his skills, even before going dark, and especially after going dark. However, before that, Obi Wan and the Council are usually worse than him. Even after becoming Darth Vader, with Luke’s inspiration Anakin can still ultimately accept and admit to both his son and himself that he followed Palpatine/Sidious for all those years because he was too afraid to do the right thing since the odds always seemed to be against him for making a better choice safely, anyway, not for Padme, and not for the “greater good,” which is why he is able to sacrifice his life for Luke at the end of ROTJ. Obi Wan and Yoda still can’t admit that the system they implemented was toxic, though.

    • Treating you like you are inferior-

    - “We shall not exceed our mandates my young padawan learner, and you will learn your place” - Obi Wan

    - “Why do I feel like we’ve picked up a pathetic life form?” - Obi Wan Kenobi

    - The fact that the Jedi Council, Obi-Wan, and Yoda seem to view any sort of emotional expression at all as “dangerous,” “selfish,” “greedy,” and “weak,” and make it known that they do, particularly in regards to the ones who they know are very emotionally expressive and vulnerable people who join their Order like Anakin, Ahsoka, and Luke, is an act of condescension on their part.

    • Blaming you for their mistakes and shortcomings

    - Obi Wan accuses Anakin of using his friendship to try to get a seat on the Council as grandmaster, even though he and the Council were the ones

    -Obi Wan and Yoda act offended when Luke isn’t okay with being treated like a weapon for them to use to kill his father Vader without his full consent and knowledge.

    - Yoda and the Council tell Anakin that “fear leads to the dark side,” but they helped him get there by teaching him to fear his emotions because they were too afraid to face the dark side themselves at all, so they completely denied human emotions and individual freedoms instead, creating and in the process.

    - Obi Wan tells Anakin on Mustafar, “You’ve allowed for this dark lord to manipulate you and twist your mind.” For what it’s worth, Anakin absolutely is following a Sith Lord here with full knowledge, he was completely off the rails here high on the dark side for the first time, and he absolutely was committing terrible crimes for that Sith Lord against the Order that deserved to be stopped and punished as an adult. However, again, Anakin didn’t choose to be groomed by Palpatine/Sidious, and the main reason why Palpatine/Sidious was ever even able to groom Anakin for the dark side in the first place at all was because Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, and the rest of the Jedi Council allowed for them to speak alone multiple times over the next 10-14 years from the time he was a child under their care after Palpatine threatened to ruin their already very respected public reputation. Obi-Wan does admit that he failed Anakin, but from what we get of his perspective in the OT films and novelizations, we know that he and Yoda are so in denial of their system sucking that they convince themselves that the reason why Anakin fell was because they were too nice to him.

    Thus, I still think that Obi Wan telling Anakin, “You’ve allowed your mind to be manipulated by this dark lord” comes across like victim blaming of him on Mustafar.

    • Doubting everything you say, and attempting to prove you wrong

    - Obi Wan, Yoda, and the rest of the Council did this with Anakin and Luke a lot by trying to teach them to deny, doubt, and fear their emotions. They made Anakin feel wrong for hating slavery on the outer rims on his home planet that their Council and Republic did nothing about trying to stop because “greater good.” I could go on and on about this one.

    • Making jokes at your expense

    -In AotC, Obi Wan does this with Anakin, and all throughout TCW he does the same. He either doesn’t care or lacks the empathy to recognize it when his jokes at Anakin’s expense make Anakin feel uncomfortable because he never apologizes and tends not to ease up on him whenever this happens.

    • Telling you that your opinions, ideas, values, and thoughts are stupid, illogical, or "do not make sense"

    -Obi Wan and the Council started doing this with Anakin from day one, and it only got worse as time went on.

    - Obi Wan and Yoda also often do the same with Ahsoka and Luke.

    • Talking down to you or being condescending-

    -Everything about Obi Wan’s conversations with Anakin in AOTC were dripping with condescension and sarcasm on his side. Yoda and the Council treat him the same way.

    - On Mustafar, Obi Wan gets the upper hand over Anakin in their duel and baits him into doing a flip that he knows he’ll probably not be able to do, but since Anakin is in an irrational state of mind and desperate to prove him wrong here high on the dark side for the first time, he does it, but rather than just giving him a quick death, he cuts off Anakin’s limbs, let’s him burn alive, and as it is happening in front of him, Obi Wan gives him the most needlessly condescending speech of “What the hell, hero?” or “What the hell? Fallen hero” speech as Anakin is burning alive in agony right in front of him. Obi Wan absolutely did have a choice to do the kind thing and kill Anakin in that moment swiftly, but he chose not to because he wanted for Anakin to suffer a fate worse than death. That’s what the novelization said, and even though they made Obi Wan more sympathetic in the film, you still do kind of get that air of self-righteous scolding from him in regards to Anakin in that moment, even though he was his guardian who helped turn him into a monster, and he was willing to leave him to burn alive.

    • Using sarcasm when interacting with you-

    -Throughout AotC, many of Obi Wan’s interactions with Anakin are backhanded and/or sarcastic compliments and gratitude.

    • Acting like they are always right, know what is best, and are smarter-

    - Obi Wan and Yoda do this a lot. Yes, they can admit that they failed Anakin, but for completely untrue reasons. They convince themselves they fucked up with Anakin and Dooku by being too nice to him, which we know is absolutely bullshit.

    - With Luke, Obi Wan and Yoda are are still trying to implement the same system that they saw helped fuck up his dad and the old Republic twenty years later, and still can’t admit it was wrong.

    Control and isolate you:

    Emotionally abusive people attempt to isolate and control you. Some examples include:
    • Controlling who you see or spend time with including friends and family-

    -Yoda, Obi Wan, and the Jedi Council did this with Anakin and pretty much every other recruit in the prequels

    • Monitoring you digitally including text messages, social media, and email-

    -The Jedi Council and Obi Wan aren’t usually seen doing this on most occasions, but they can and will if they deem it necessary, whether they have the other person’s consent or not.

    • Accusing you of cheating and being jealous of outside relationships-

    -Nope, this never happens, though the Council and Obi Wan do deliberately isolate their recruits from the outside world and forbid them from having personal relationships and lives outside the temple to make them feel obligated to stay and to keep them “pure” and “safe.”

    • Taking or hiding your car keys-

    -The Jedi don’t drive cars in space. They drive ships. As for hiding the keys or taking them away from their recruits, I never saw any evidence of that.

    • Demanding to know where you are at all times or using GPS to track your every move-

    -A lot of Jedi do this a lot with their padawans. We see this quite a bit with Anakin and Obi Wan. When they’re knights they get a bit more freedom, but the Jedi Council still keeps them pretty restricted and wants to know what they’re up to. Not to mention the fact that being force sensitive is like a built in tracking device to find other force sensitives, so if Jedi and Sith want to track other force sensitives they can.

    • Treating you like a possession or property-

    - All Jedi Order members are groomed to be weapons “for the greater good,” so yes, Obi-Wan, Yoda, the Council, Anakin, and pretty much every Jedi Order member who had a padawan treated them like this at one point or another.

    • Criticizing or making fun of your friends, family, and co-workers-

    - Yep. Obi Wan does this with Anakin all the time. Once he becomes a knight, Anakin does it a bit to Obi Wan, too, but before going dark, it’s mostly in good fun on his part now that they’re equals, or because Obi Wan hit a sore spot first

    • Using jealousy and envy as a sign of love and to keep you from being with others-

    -No, the Jedi don’t do this with each other.

    • Coercing you into spending all of your time together-

    -Absolutely. You can leave after becoming a knight, but you’ve been cut off from outside relationships and support by the Council, you won’t get financial support, you’ll be character assassinated by the Council for leaving as “lost” and “selfish,” so you’re being coerced into staying in the prequels. It’s not a fair choice.

    • Controlling the finances-

    -Yoda has the power to do more since he’s at the head of the Order, so I assume he has the ability to pay his recruits, but doesn’t because “greed.”

    So yes, absolutely the Jedi Council and Obi Wan absolutely were abusive to Anakin and these other recruits in the Jedi Order. Abuse doesn’t always have to involve physically beating or sexually abusing someone. It can be guilt tripping, isolating, emotionally manipulating, coercing, and invalidating a victim to make them feel totally dependent on you. You can’t deny that Obi Wan and the Jedi Council did a lot of these things to Anakin, Luke, didn’t fit in to their mold multiple times throughout the series. In a way, emotional/psychological abuse and oppression can be just as bad as physical and sexual abuse and even worse in some cases because it’s the victim’s feelings and mind that are being fucked with, not just their bodies. While emotional/psychological abuse often occurs in tandem with physical and/or sexual abuse on the part of the perpetrator to make their victim more easy to control, in my opinion, I think most of the worst damage to the victim in these scenarios comes from the emotional/psychological abuse aspect of it. A perpetrator deliberately fucking with a victim’s feelings and psyche to bend them to their will, to control them, to alter their perceptions and reality is the most terrifying thing to me because it can easily twist otherwise good people into monsters who are willing to do anything for their abusers, even if they know it is wrong, because usually they are just like Anakin at first. Misunderstood outcasts with low self esteem and limited to nonexistent options to find healthy support and escape from that toxicity elsewhere.

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    Harald Glööckler huilt om zijn huwelijk in een junglekamp

    Harald Glööckler huilt om zijn huwelijk in een junglekamp

    De ontwerper wordt beschouwd als een artistieke figuur, maar in het junglekamp geeft Harald Glööckler de kijker voor het eerst een kijkje achter zijn façade. Hij vertelt over zijn traumatische jeugd en moeizaam huwelijk. Een serie foto’s met 11 afbeeldingen Harald Glööckler is vooral bekend om zijn pompeuze levensstijl en voorliefde voor cosmetische chirurgie. Fluitend en glamoureus – zo heeft…

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    thinking about how anakin went from over expressive often looking unhinged and overly emotional to simply being a mask. no emotion.

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    The Empire Strikes Back - The Now Sound Orchestra (1980)

    #the empire strikes back #now sound orchestra #peter pan records #vintage records #vintage album covers #star wars art #luke skywalker#darth vader#yoda#star wars#vinyl#1980s#1980
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    Age of Rebellions: Darth Vader (2019) main cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

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    You're welcome to use, just please show some love :) same thing goes with any of my other icons - no need to ask to use ♡

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    Para mi, lo mejor que ha salido de #starwars siempre será #theclonewars , fue una serie que me devolvió el amor por la saga y el final se volvió mis 4 capítulos favoritos de toda la vida. Hasta el día de hoy me sigue sacando lagrimas el final. Esta escena en particular se volvió una de mis favoritas en toda la saga, si no es en todas las series y película que e visto, esta junto a la charla con Maul. Ahsoka tomando la decisión de no matar a ningún clon, pero sin embargo verse forzada a enterrarlos a cada uno de los que formaban su tropa, no eran sus soldados, eran sus amigos.

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    thrawn: alliances is just famed SW legends author writing about the two times thrawn and vader go to disney star wars land together

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    Video Interview: VADER's Peter Talking Music Industry, De Profundis, Band's Music Career, Plans for 2022 + More

    Video Interview: VADER’s Peter Talking Music Industry, De Profundis, Band’s Music Career, Plans for 2022 + More

    DIP Article TV has conducted a video interview with Polish death metal legends VADER‘s frontman Peter, talking about music industry then and now, De Profundis on vinyl, band’s music career, albums, shows and their plans for 2022. Watch the interview here: Get more information about DIPARTICLE TV at https://www.diparticle.com Just recently VADER updated their “United Titans Tour 2022” dates with…

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    I’m never going to get over how many people think Boba Fett is too soft now because he somehow doesn’t live up to the impossibly badass standard he himself set when he “stood up to Darth Vader”

    #he was worried he wasn’t gonna get paid come on people #and he definitely would have backed down if Vader got pissed #it’s almost like Boba Fett hasn’t struggled and suffered for almost 30 years and decided that he’s tired of it and wants something else #boba fett #the book of boba fett
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    I imagine if Vader ever realized that R2D2 was hanging out with Luke and Leia, he’d be like ‘oh..., so that’s how those two keep getting away’

    Like, not in those words, but it would make so much sense to him.

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