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    28.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago

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  • kxowledge
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #art#amazing exhibition #recommend going if you happen to be in valencia
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  • cloudy-whales
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Valencia being adorable, as always lol

    Ft: Ryn and Mithras

    #original characters#ocs#oc#original character#character design#digital art#art#digital drawing#valencia#Ryn#Mithras #in the new continuity she is aged down to be the same as august and Mithras #while Ryn is older and her gaurdian #Ryn is still hella short tho
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  • cishetfang
    28.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    here鈥檚 my design 4 young dr. martinez

    [ID: a bust drawing of valencia martinez from maximum ride in her 20s. she has brown skin and eyes and long black hair. she鈥檚 looking at the camera with a neutral expression. she has dramatic blue eye makeup on. the drawing is cool toned with bright yellow outlines over parts of it. the background has the words 鈥渨ho are you?鈥 scribbled on and repeating. /end ID]

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    27.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

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  • leafuelle
    27.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    fun in the sun


    M: 鈥淲hat are you doing out here?鈥

    V: 鈥淪wimming dummy, I鈥檓 allowed to do that.鈥

    M: 鈥淲hat if I wanted to swim alone?鈥

    V: 鈥淵ou can swim alone later, I wanna swim right now so.鈥

    M: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so annoying, you know that?鈥

    V: 鈥淚 can say the same about you, asshole.鈥

    M: :Why are you being mean to me?鈥

    V: 鈥淵ou started it, I鈥檓 ending it.鈥

    M: 鈥淵ou deserve this!鈥

    V: 鈥淢ateo! Are you splashing me?鈥

    M: 鈥淵eah! What鈥檙e you gonna do about it, huh?鈥

    V: 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna dunk you, come here!鈥

    M: 鈥淵ou鈥檝e gotta get me first!鈥

    M: 鈥淭hat鈥檚 so cold, fuck!鈥

    V: 鈥淢aybe you shouldn鈥檛 have splashed me first!鈥

    M: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 regret anything!!!鈥

    V: 鈥淎re you excited to start secondary school in two months?鈥

    M: 鈥淚鈥檓 not sure yet, I feel kinda nervous? Did you feel nervous?鈥

    V: 鈥淚 did, it鈥檚 normal. You鈥檝e got a whole group of friends already!鈥

    M: 鈥淚 know that but鈥︹

    V: 鈥淏ut what? You鈥檙e popular, a lot of girls like you from how many dates I have to drive you to and from.鈥

    M: 鈥淭hat sounds embarrassing when you say it like that! That doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 not awkward and all that shit!鈥濃

    V: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e gonna be fine, don鈥檛 worry about it. I鈥檓 still around for this last year so you鈥檙e not alone quite yet.鈥

    #punisher #punisher act 1 part 1 #valencia#mateo
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  • leafuelle
    27.07.2021 - 16 hours ago


    V: 鈥淯h..that鈥檚 it, I guess?鈥澛

    M: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a really good singer, you know that?鈥

    V: 鈥淚鈥檓 not that good, but thanks anyways.鈥

    M: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 hand out compliments that easy, I mean it!鈥

    M: 鈥淗ave you thought about maybe going into music? as a career?鈥

    V: 鈥淣o, I鈥檓 not that confident in my writing or my singing for that matter.鈥

    M: 鈥淵ou should really consider it! I鈥檓 sure you鈥檇 do amazing at it!鈥

    M: 鈥淥h yeah, I meant to ask but do you have any ideas on where you wanna apply to schools?鈥

    V: 鈥淚 have a few ideas, they鈥檙e all mostly in um...New York? Or was it... um New England?鈥

    V: New England isn鈥檛 a state, is it?鈥

    M: 鈥淚t definitely isn鈥檛. It鈥檚 a region, New York is near that region though, I think it鈥檚 on the border of it?鈥

    V: 鈥淵eah that sounds right! I鈥檝e applied to a few schools out there, it was supposed to be with...well my ex girlfriend now but鈥︹

    M: 鈥淵ou two were supposed to go together?鈥

    V: 鈥淵eah, had a whole plan you know? Find a nice apartment and just be together.鈥

    M: 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to get rid of the whole plan, go out there and get that apartment you want!鈥

    M: 鈥淵our life isn鈥檛 over because of her, I know you know that.鈥

    V: 鈥淚 know, it鈥檚 just hard to see the future without her. I鈥檓 trying though, it鈥檚 just.鈥

    M: 鈥淚 get that, I felt the same way. A few years back, but still. I鈥檓 here and I鈥檓 living my life freely.鈥

    M: 鈥淚鈥檓 here, to help you through it. With advice and shit you know?鈥

    V: 鈥淢ari, I really do appreciate it.鈥

    M: 鈥淵eah, I know what it鈥檚 like to be in the position you are. You鈥檝e just gotta make friends and work through shit.鈥

    V: 鈥淭hat sounds easy, Mari.鈥

    M: 鈥淢aking friends isn鈥檛 too hard, especially if you鈥檙e like outgoing and shit.鈥

    V: 鈥淵ou鈥檙e making good points, it鈥檚 just kinda scary to just leave everything. I鈥檓 getting ready for it, since it鈥檚 my last year of school.鈥

    M: 鈥淚t鈥檒l all work out fine. I鈥檓 sure of it. I could actually give you a list of colleges, I go to school up in New England.鈥

    V: 鈥淵ou do?鈥

    M: 鈥淵eah I do, maybe you鈥檒l end up at my school next year.鈥

    V: 鈥淢aybe I will! But I鈥檇 love to look through your list.鈥

    M: 鈥淎lright, I can come up with it in a few days and text it to you. But let me know where you get accepted. I鈥檇 love to hang out when you鈥檙e out in the states.鈥

    V: 鈥淚 will, I promise! Do you wanna go and grab some snacks? I鈥檓 a little hungry to be fair.鈥

    M: 鈥淪ure, what kind of snacks do y鈥檃ll have?鈥

    V: 鈥淲e鈥檝e got chips, sandwich stuff, some fruit. We could probably order something? I think there鈥檚 ice cream and some kind of pie downstairs?鈥

    M: 鈥淭hose sound good! Are they vegan-friendly?鈥

    V: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, I鈥檓 guessing not since none of my family here is. We can always order something! Do you have anything you like specifically?鈥

    M: 鈥淥ooh, there鈥檚 a restaurant I like to order from in town, what鈥檚 the name? I can鈥檛 remember the name. Fuck, what was it?鈥

    #punisher #punisher act 1 part 1 #valencia#mari #i love adding little tidbits to my characters :) #also guess there is a story post today
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    27.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Repost from @celisapecorelli 鈥 #Aragua #27jul 2:40pm siniestro vial en viaducto #lacabrera sentido #valencia Tres lesionados , ya fueron atendidos por funcionariosde #Bomberos #Mariara #GN #protecci贸ncivil e #invialta Cortes铆a:grupo 100% Aragua https://www.instagram.com/p/CR13I9uKZ5d/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Some Ideas on The Area's Largest Locally Owned & Operated Pet Supply You Need To Know

    The Best Strategy To Use For Pet Supplies Plus Franchise

    Since certified immunity is not a readily available defense to an official-capacity fit, we conclude that Walsh, Nicholson, Hurn, and Mc, Kamey might not assert qualified immunity as a defense against match in their main capabilities. For the reasons stated below, we AFFIRM in part and REVERSE in part the district court's entry of summary judgment, and REMAND for more proceedings consistent with this viewpoint.

    BACKGROUNDA. Jurisdiction * 2 Typically, the denial of summary judgment is a non-final order that can not be appealed under 28 U.S.C. 1291. More Discussion Posted Here of the denial of qualified resistance is acceptable under the collateral-order doctrine "only 'to the level that it turns on a problem of law.'"Quigley v. Tuong Vinh Thai, 707 F. 3d 675, 679 (sixth Cir.

    PRIMAL DF PAT LMB 6# - Eliot, ME - Maine Pet Supply

    City of Detroit, 408 F. 3d 305, 309 (6th Cir. 2005))." [A] accused, entitled to conjure up a certified resistance defense, may not appeal a district court's summary judgment order insofar as that order determines whether or not the pretrial record set forth a 'authentic' issue of truth for trial."Johnson v. Jones, 515 U.S.

    The Buzz on Pet Supplies Delivered - Summer SALE up to 30% off- Online

    2151, 132 L.Ed. 2d 238 (1995 )." [A] n appellant's contention that the district court erred in finding a real problem of fact for trial is not the kind of legal concern which we may captivate on an interlocutory basis."Gregory v. City of Louisville, 444 F. 3d 725, 743 (6th Cir. 2006). Inappropriate arguments contesting whether an authentic concern of fact exists do not deprive this court of jurisdiction; "even where, as here, the accused makes 'impermissible arguments concerning conflicts of fact,' if the accused likewise raises the simply legal issue of whether the plaintiff's truths reveal that the defendant violated clearly established law, 'then there is an issue over which this court has jurisdiction.'"Quigley, 707 F. 3d at 680 (quoting Estate of Carter, 408 F. 3d at (310 )).

    Fromm Family Pet Food - A 5th Generation Family Owned & Operated Pet Food Company

    Just like government authorities, we allow "personal parties to obtain interlocutory review of denials of qualified resistance."Brotherton v. Cleveland, 173 F. 3d 552, 559 (sixth Cir. 1999). Appropriately, we have jurisdiction over this appeal of the rejection of certified immunity. B. Factual Background, The plaintiff-appellee in this match is United Family pet Supply, Inc., ("Pet Supply"), a private corporation that owns multiple animal shops, including the Hamilton Place Shopping mall family pet shop at the center of this dispute ("the animal shop").

    #pet supply stores nearby #pet supply imports inc #pet supply quincy #pet supply valencia
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  • incorrectdmp
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Valencia: Hailey told me that instead of being sad, I should 鈥済o get it girl鈥, so I鈥檓 going to 鈥済o get it girl.鈥

    Percy: Get what?

    Valencia: I鈥檓 not sure鈥. I鈥檒l get everything, just to be safe

    #quote#incorrect quotes#dmp #discord murder party #valencia lynch#percy blackwood#personal favourite #modern day adventures #this is canon you cant change my mind #can read this in her voice #hailey huang
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    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    All About Specialty Pet Supplies

    Little Known Questions About Speck's Pet - Central Indiana's Best Pet Supply Store.

    708 (Nicholson Aff. at 18) (Page ID # 1639). Walsh and Nicholson observed "little to no proof of food or water for the young puppies"; "unhygienic conditions such as dried feces that was matted in the fur of the puppies"; "damaged and broken cages"; "puppies that appeared to be really lethargic and dehydrated," a few of whom were struggling to consume water; and "that the shop's interior temperature was considerably hotter than the Shopping center's open corridor area."R.

    Lads Pet Supplies - LinkedIn

    at 16, 19) (Page ID # 1606, 1607); see likewise R. 708 (Nicholson Aff. at 16, 19) (Page ID # 1638, 1639). Walsh asked Hallman about the air conditioning system and was told that it had actually been broken for a number of weeks; Hallman had reported the problem to home offices, but she was unaware of when, or if, the a/c unit would be repaired.

    707 (Walsh Aff. at 20) (Page ID # 1607). While cleaning up out the hamster cages, Hurn "found that there was a dead hamster in one of the plastic hamster homes. The hamster was stiff and the hair had fallen off its body."R. 671 (Hurn Aff. at 14) (Page ID # 1208).

    Walsh observed a hamster with a large bite wound; Hallman reported that the animal had not been seen by a veterinarian. R. 8712 (Walsh Dep. at 155) (Page ID # 2815). Also Found Here testified that there was just one individual cleansing when they showed up at the shop which she was told that the next employee did not get here up until 10:00 a.

    Dog Food - Classic Pet Supply - United States

    Shop Pet Supplies - Feeders Supply - United States

    Ryan's Pet Supplies Fundamentals Explained

    R. 705 (Walsh Dep. at 327) (Page ID # 1566). Walsh did not see anyone offering water to the puppies when she showed up, and there was no evidence that food had been provided that early morning. R. 8712 (Walsh Dep. at 192) (Page ID # 2818). Walsh asked an Animal Supply worker when they normally fed the animals and was informed that they typically feed the animals when they show up, however the employees had gotten to 7:00 a.

    and there was no food for the animals when the Mc, Kamey workers got here around one hour later on. Id. at 193 (Page ID # 2819). * 4 Walsh and Nicholson concluded "that the animals were struggling with the conditions in the Family pet [Supply] Shop which these conditions had persisted for an amount of time."R.

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    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    How Pet Supply Plus : Target can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

    Not known Details About DOORSTEP PET SUPPLY DELIVERS - Dog & Cat Food

    The agreement between Mc, Kamey and the City of Chattanooga allowed Mc, Kamey workers to be commissioned as special cops officers of the city licensed to investigate animal neglect and ruthlessness complaints and to release citations. R. 702 (Agreement at 23) (Page ID # 1411112). Both Walsh and Nicholson were commissioned as unique authorities officers for the City of Chattanooga at the time of the occasions in this lawsuit.

    Fromm Family Pet Food - A 5th Generation Family Owned & Operated Pet Food Company

    707 (Walsh Aff. at 4) (Page ID # 1604); R. 708 (Nicholson Aff. at 4) (Page ID # 1636). Hurn was not commissioned as a special cops officer. * 3 In the months preceding the incident that gave increase to this fit, Mc, Kamey received complaints about "animal disregard occurring and unhygienic conditions existing" at the family pet shop.

    Pet Supply Store 芦Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply Inc禄, reviews and photos, 1730 N Lemon St, Anaheim, CA 92801, USA

    707 (Walsh Aff. at 7) (Page ID # 1604). According to Steven Zerilli, the President of Animal Supply, Walsh and Nicholson checked out Family pet Supply on seven occasions between January and April 2010 and released just one caution; the caution included accessibility of treatment records for a canary. Another Point of View (Zerilli Aff.

    Not known Incorrect Statements About Pet Supplies Plus - Corporate Office Headquarters

    On May 11, 2010, Mc, Kamey released Pet Supply a license accrediting that the shop "has actually satisfied the requirements of the Code of the City of Chattanooga and is authorized by the Mc, Kamey Animal Solutions Division to run as an Animal Dealer in the City of Chattanooga."R. 693 (Family Pet Dealer License at 1) (Page ID # 1340).

    Castleton Pet Supply, Inc! - Shop Local Pet Food, Pet Supplies, Pet Care, Pet Toys, Dog Food, Fromm - Castleton Pet Supply, Inc.

    Walsh reported that Knight explained "incidents of animal overlook and abuse" at the shop, "consisting of a dead young puppy noted 'Fit for Sale' was packed in a refrigerator freezer with the employees' lunches, a damaged air conditioning unit, and a live hamster that [Family pet Supply manager Brandy] Hallman positioned in a garbage compactor."R.

    at 10) (Page ID # 1605). Based upon this report, Walsh contacted the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, which implements state animal law, and asked whether the Department would assist in an examination of the family pet shop. Id. at 11 (Page ID # 160506). State Animal Health Service technician Joe Burns agreed to help Mc, Kamey with the examination.

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    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    The Only Guide to Sunburst Pet Supplies: Home

    Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply Inc, Siddharthnagar, uttar pradesh, India - indiasthan.com

    Pet Supplies distributor - W&M Pet Supplies Inc - Surrey

    The smart Trick of Pet Supply Center - Dogs, Cats, Birds, Small Animals, Food That Nobody is Talking About

    705 (Walsh Dep. at 314) (Page ID # 1553). Walsh later explained that her main issues that led to the decision to get rid of the dogs were: [T] hat the conditions in the store were extremely hot, that the animals were extremely listless, that they were not as responsive as young puppies would generally be, that the store itself, there were lots of poorly maintained cages where body fluids were going down from one puppy to another.

    There were some animals that were panting. There were some that were simply, like their eyes were sunken, which is a symptom of dehydration. I seemed like they weren't receiving adequate hydration from the bottles that they were provided. R. 8712 (Walsh Dep. at 15657) (Page ID # 2816). Walsh spoke with Christopher Brooks, Animal Supply vice president, and described that she was going to eliminate the animals from the store.

    707 (Walsh Aff. at 29) (Page ID # 1609). Pet Supply proceeded to submit an emergency petition for injunctive relief in Hamilton County Circuit Court to prevent the elimination of the animals and related records. R. 8717 (Animal. for Inj.) (Page ID # 297274). At 1:30 p. m., in the midst of the removal of the animals from the shop, a hearing was hung on the petition.

    Jet Set Pets is a brand new pet boarding facility and pet supply boutique in Jacksonville Beach, FloridaThe owner did not 鈥 - Balcony for dogs, Pet boarding, Pets

    R. 707 (Walsh Aff. at 32) (Page ID # 1610). Walsh reported that the judge specified that "he thought the City Code licensed Mc, Kamey to eliminate the animals from the shop which the statement demonstrated Mc, Kamey had great cause to get rid of the animals," and denied the request for a short-term restraining order.

    Aloha Natural Pet Supply Things To Know Before You Buy

    Walsh, Nicholson, and Burns went back to the store and continued removing the animals. The animals were placed in a Mc, Kamey truck with a/c and water, and were inspected by veterinarians. Two puppies needed immediate medical attention. R. 707 (Walsh Aff. at 35) (Page ID # 1611). Mc, Kamey staff members acquired the take info and medical records for the animals from Animal Supply workers.

    671 (Hurn Aff. at 13) (Page ID # 120708). In total, the officers seized thirty-two young puppies and fifty-five exotic family pets. R. 707 (Walsh Aff. at 34) (Page ID # 1611). Another Point of View , Kamey staff members did not eliminate the reptiles" [b] ecause reptiles don't react severely to the heat that was present in the shop."R.

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