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  • This… was not good. Actually, that was a light way of putting things, this was horrifying shit that was waking up survival instincts she wanted to forget, this could easily turn into a nightmare.

    Of course Booker had to be nice and of course she got fucked over for it. That’s how it all works, people who are good or try to be better get this sort of treatment, and assholes get away with everything. But who could tell she was under the spell now? Maybe if she kept her head low and kept walking home, no one would notice, no one would stop her. Booker was so close to the exit, to get out of the campus and rush back to the safety of her house, her cats and her bear cub. But then she heard someone, a voice behind her that simply said “stop” and that was it. Her body obeyed, frozen in place, the dragon gritted her teeth and awaited. “Don’t even think about it. Don’t even try it. I can and will bite yer hand off.”



    Completely naked, Briar shuffled behind the Master who’d ordered her to strip before he’d had his fun with her- she’d hoped he’d let her go after that, but he just commanded that she ‘follow’ and so that was exactly what she did. Not that she’d had much choice in the matter, of course. 

    Briar very nearly walked into the Master’s back when he stopped abruptly, speaking to someone else. Peering around him, she looked at the redhead who was now frozen in her spot- though it definitely didn’t stop her from talking. “Um, I probably wouldn’t do that if I were you, dear,” she murmured, worriedly glancing between the Master and the woman. The Master spared Briar a withering glance for interrupting before ordering her to her knees, and Briar’s body responded, dropping immediately to the ground. The man then turned back to Booker with a smirk. “Is that right? Let me see you try then,” he goaded, knowing full well the woman probably couldn’t move. 

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  • Lucas considered his options.  There so many slaves to choose from and it was important to do so.  He needed to make a show of supporting the administration’s events after all.  Protecting Tommy required that sort of action.  And of course, he’d enjoy it.  Selecting a target, he slipped in behind a slave and murmured, his voice low and just barely audible.  “Keep facing forward.  Keep walking.  Remove your clothing, piece by piece, nice and slow.  Make a show of it.”



    Eyes wide, Elle looked over at a slave and Mistress just a short distance away- the woman said something to the slave, and all of a sudden the man was on the ground, kissing the Mistress’ feet. Bewildered, Elle started to back up slowly, wanting to get away before she was roped into…whatever was going on- but then she heard the voice. “L-Luke?” she questioned at the familiar voice, but when she tried to turn and face him, she found that she physically couldn’t. “What is going on? I- oh.” Before she could say anything more, Elle’s feet began to move, taking slow steps forwards, and to her horror, her hands reached up to the buttons at the front of her sundress. “W-Wait,” she stuttered as she worked down the row of buttons, the dress slipping down her slender shoulders. “What are you doing?” 

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    Valentine’s Day

    Celebrating years of friendship w/ my best friends. Incredible pals I’ve had the absolute honor of knowing and having in my life 💖

    💕 @ooottokaji-vixx @meow-meow-who 💕

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  • wow, ppl seem to love what I got for Valentines 😄
    I have to say I love it too  lol 😁
    but I was happy to get what I got I don’t really like
    getting flowers and not really a chocolate eater so I
    so I tend to get a few things a lil bit more fun
    didn’t start the game yet I’m playing a bunch of
    other things at the moment but I will when I get a chance 😃

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  • The valentines day requests will be coming out soon!!! I got really busy last week with planning my friends baby shower so I haven’t had time to edit them! Requests for it are still open if you wanna send some in! I should have them start getting posted by sunder-monday!

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  • she shouldn’t hold the box that way but it’s fine bc she’s cute

    dA version

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  • No one ever confesses their love or crush to me. It’s always, “you’re very lame, you know. Maybe go kill yourself.”

    #valentine's 2020#crush #my life is a mess #real life #literally everyone around me is either getting married or in a relationship #why are all y'all taunting me #and why everyone I like is a fuckboy
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  • Alexandrea had been on the porch for her morning coffee and smoke when she realized the time. Swiftly she moved through the cabin and ventured up the stairs before the subtle scent of human blood burned the back her throat. Eyes narrowing, her steps slowed as she cautiously entered into her bedroom. A shiver ran down her spine as she eyed the beautifully presented black gift on her bed. Hesitantly slender delicate fingers lifted the note, the culprit of the metallic stench. Emerald orbs scanned the note a furrow pinching at her brows as her line of sight begrudgingly lifted to the black box. How had he slipped by her without her noticing? Shaking off that terrifying thought, the redhead didn’t know what scared her more, the inscription and owner of the note or the ominous black box that awaited her. She contemplated it a while, pacing back and forth the room. Odin watching her curiously as she moved, her hand nervously carding through her messy waves as those written words kept replaying in her mind. Casting the note aside she pulled at the ribbon and lifted the lid, a hand reached up to cover her mouth as a gasp slipped past her lips. 

    Fingers roughly gripped at the cold spiked collar her fist clenching tightly around the demeaning gesture. “Asshole…” She hissed if he thought she’d dare humiliate herself in front of her entire class he’d be sorely mistaken. The longer the rage burned within her it was quickly defused with fear. Fear that if she didn’t do as he’d asked there would be some horrifying consequence to her disobedience. He already knew too much, shown a side to him that she feared to rile. Swallowing her pride she lifted the delicate deep crimson lingerie to her form before slipping into it. Lifting the collar to her throat, she fastened it with one quick painless motion before grabbing at the nearest outfit throwing it on without giving it a second thought. The redhead would grin and bear it for a day. Obey his insolent request if it meant that she could keep the peace.




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  • I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s day!
    I did of course and did get a few lil things
    for Valentine’s Day.  
    I got Justice League S.H.Figuarts Wonder Woman
    Life is Strange 2 for PS4
    and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
    Link amiibo which is all pretty awesome.
    not only that but I did receive some
    candies from some of the customers
    at work

    #valentine's day#valentine's 2020 #valentine's day 2020 #justice league #s.h.figuarts #s.h. figuarts #figuarts#wonder woman #justice league s.h.figuarts wonder woman #life is strange #life is strange 2 #psn#ps4#playstation #the legend of zelda #link's awakening#link#amiibo#shannonj286#naughtygirl286
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    It’s been a week….

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    My valentine made me a tin of cookies so now I’m eating cookies in bed. High As Fuck!


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  • Happy (one day later) valentine’s day!!! 💕💕💕

    I hope you had a wonderful day with your partner and/or friends!

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  • @brooklynislandgirl​ submitted:


    She doesn’t know as she slips this onto Fitz’s work bench that he has any plans for later, and that she only misses him by an hour. She doesn’t mind. She also doesn’t know if the connotations of Saint Valentine’s feast day will bother him, and she certainly doesn’t put anything about Captain Cook’s demise in the little hand written note that goes with it.

    Everyone needs a little extra heart on Aloha day. I hope yours is warm and wonderful, just like you.


    Fitz’s hard day of trying do reverse-engineer the flow of time was punctuated mostly by foul language and frustration.  However, as soon as he saw the bright  balloons, he smiled gently, a smile that only widened when he saw the monkey attached.  Reading the note widened it further, affirmation about the temperature of his heart desperately needed after the past two years, and some of the frustration that was threatening to boil over calmed down.

    [text; Beth]  Got your gift.  Thanks!  I needed that.  I promise I’ve not forgotten yours, it’s just a bit delayed.

    #ct: there are more stars in the sky besides the sun #cp: making up for time not lived #valentine's 2020
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  • #blueshadesofvictory #ᴵ ʷᵃˢ ᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵃ ᶠᶤᵍʰᵗᵉʳˑ | ic #ʷʰᵃᵗ ʷᶤᵗʰ ᵐʸ ʷʰᵒˡᵉ ʷᵒʳˡᵈ⁻ʷᶤᵈᵉ ʷᵃᶰᵈᵉʳᶤᶰᵍ˒ | ask #valentine's 2020
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  • Did not have sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, very disappointing. 

    #Valentine's 2020#sweethearts #My friends still made Valentine's very special #I've just missed them #I like to read the little messages #It was probably the best Valentine's Day I've ever had #So I can't complain too much
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  • Valentine’s Special

    Reactions part 4💕


    A bonus of some Brie and Jack fluffy sibling time because we all need it


    (Because I forgot to add her to the last one)


    From: @rediska-01

    To: @justanothervoiceinthecrowd


    This is the best only Valentine’s Day gift she’s ever gotten??? She’ll send something like “Thanks” while she cries a little because she’s genuinely touched- Everyone on her Discord server is wondering why the heck she’s acting so weird all day. Anonymously pays Alice’s rent for the next five months.



    How Jack single-handedly became the best guy on Valentine’s Day

    Brie was sitting alone, as usual, when Jack came in. No explanation, just took her hand and led her outside.

    She was confused, sure, but she trusts her brother, so she just went along with it. He took her to the garden, where he’d stashed a pair of garlands he’d made using supplies he’d bought using his allowance.

    He doesn’t normally pick flowers, anyways. So he put one on Brie’s head, and the other on his own, and then he took her to look at all the flowers he’d memorized the places of that reminded him of her.

    She actually took pictures, which is rare, but the fact that her brother took this much time and put in this much effort for her made her heart melt.

    After, she bought them both ice cream because she needed to do something for Jack, while he was just happy he could see his sister so happy.

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    I finally created a thing!

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