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  • studyblrbulletin
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    february || #studyspo #stickers || https://ift.tt/2OTN3q3

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  • incorrect-targon-quotes
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    *On Valentine's day*

    Leona: I got you a card!

    Diana: I got you one too.

    Leona: This is a restraining order.

    Leona: ...

    Diana: ...

    Diana: Go. Away.

    #incorrect targon quotes #incorrect quotes #leona x diana #league of legends leona #league of legends diana #leona#diana #league of legends #riot games#submission#source: vine #i know you said to post this on valentine's day #but valentine's day is ten months away and i don't want this to get lost and forgotten in my inbox
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  • heartlandtfln
    23.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “Amy: I can't believe I'm alone on Valentine's Day :( Lou: Well, you know what they say. Roses are red, violets are blue ...Vodka is cheaper than dinner for two.“

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  • luminois
    23.04.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #answered#nat 🌈 #fun fact i’ve never received flowers in a romantic way #also i’ve never had a bf fro valentine’s day
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  • spookyscientistskeleton
    22.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Character Birthdays

    Just putting these down so I don’t forget: 

    Ferno - October 25 (Scorpio) Grillby - August 31 (Virgo) Gaster - January 10 (Capricorn) Flambeau - February 14 (Aquarius)

    #yes flambe's birthday is valentine's day #[ reference ] #it's kind of funny tbh that one of my fireboys has a water sign
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  • writeonthelinerb
    22.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #creative writing #writers on tumblr #my writing #my art shit #ugly#love #love is ugly #body love#love yourself #love yourself first #i need to love myself #before i love someone else #learning to love my body #learning to love myself #how i spent valentine's day #Poetry#Feminism#feminist poetry#Artistic Prose#writeontheline
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  • luanardo
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago


    #did not know about this until like five minutes ago #had to screenshot this from the achievements section lmao #the valentine’s day ball sq is active for me for some reason??? #guess i never finished it oop #but hell yea theatre quest!!! #acting!!!! #im am Excited o3o
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  • tastyeyegushers7
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Valentine's pic collage

    I remember February was a snowy time so much snow! It was crazy never seen so much snow before in person it's crazy! So much it was pouring and whats aslo crazy was like maybe months or weeks or month idk it snowed before not alot like second lot of snow but freaking nice only thing sucked was worry for my cat friends like when roads and snow pile up to like our legs height there just so much!! There i think issues with toad cause all thr snow it was just sucky gor alot and good too but aslo snow pretty and fun but holy shi yoo it was freezing out there And i was so worry about my cat friends freezing out there poor little dudes any yeah I could write more about the snow days but i can do that on a other post

    The one pic collage I didn't make it was made by my sibling aslo I remember we played tic tac toe that day ethier 14 or 15 can't recall the day but yeah

    Oh and there a joke me and my sibling made was guppy and tiegie being our religion

    Guppy the princess but aslo elephant Jesus 🐘 and tiegie the queen and God AHHHH

    OKAY yayyyy good old memories

    February 14-15 2020?

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  • kalu-chan
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thinking about,,,,, sofd lawles,,,,,,

    #Also both his AND Licht's Valentine's Day routes #which I obviously couldn't screenshot bc. it's just text. and the event is over lmao #still gotta translate those. gotta translate more in general but anyway that's not the topic r/n #the topic is sofd lawles #sometimes he's just..... so precious...... protect him........ #(Also pictured: A big reason why I really want Licht to have some character development lmao) #(Bc I see a lot of cute Law x Licht art. And I WANT to like Law x Licht. And I'm pretty sure fandom has made a lot of nice Law x Licht stuff #(With the way their dynamic currently is. Hyde wouldn't get to show his softd side.) #(And I really want Hyde to be able/allowed to show his soft side.) #(Putting flowers in his loved one's hair. Letting them put flowers in his hair.) #(Getting flustered bc his clothes get complimented. Getting flustered bc he's unsure how to comfort someone he wants to comfort.) #(Like I'm aware he's not an ~uwu softd boi~) #(But he DOES have a softd side and I just........ really like seeing that) #not putting this in the main tag bc I don't wanna annoy the shippers with my tags. you do you and you're doing amazing lmao #hope this time I managed to get it out of the ship tag. If not. I'm sorry.
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  • heyjacksoj
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #valentine's day #ugh look at what my baby made me #happy happy happy #forme
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  • bau-hugs
    21.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    BAU found family headcanons: Holiday Edition

    Every Easter, Spencer lectures the team about the pagan origins of the holiday until Derek finds some way to distract him (one year everything he tries doesn’t work so he gives up and picks Spencer up fireman style and carries him off while Spencer continues talking about the spring equinox). This distraction plan usually takes at least 15 minutes and leaves Hotch with a headache for the rest of the day

    The first year Emily was at the BAU for Christmas, she was a mess. She’d never really celebrated holidays growing up but the team has a huge holiday party each year which meant Emily spent a month and a half panicking and trying to find the perfect gifts for each member of the team—after excessive research on what actually is an appropriate gift for Christmas, of course. (Gideon simply grunts when he receives his gift and JJ has to spend exactly 17 minutes convincing Emily that that’s just how he is and that she did perfectly fine with all of the presents)

    It was mutually decided several years ago that the 4th of July absolutely sucked. A majority of the team hates fireworks for one reason or another (they’re too loud for Spencer’s taste and a good half of the team is reminded of the sound of gunshots every time they hear fireworks go off). Once Rossi joins the team, he invites them all over to his cabin (read: mansion) about an hour from the city so that they can all escape the noise for the night of the 4th. This usually ends with all of them drunk off their asses and Garcia and Spencer playing with sparklers until they accidentally catch something on fire (Spencer once singed a piece of JJ’s hair off)

    The girls usually have a Galentine's Day together for Valentine’s (a tradition Garcia started when she first joined the team and needed to make friends—JJ was all for it and Elle reluctantly joined). The BAU Bros eventually decide they feel left out and have their own Valentine’s Day celebration together which mostly involves drinking and playing golf—or, in Spencer’s case, hitting the grass with a golf club until his ball rolls five feet away.

    Thanksgiving, in true BAU fashion, is absolute chaos. There are always at least 20 different kinds of food being served because each team member has their own traditions and food preferences. There’s a copious amount of alcohol and an oddly large number of pasta dishes (they only try turkey once but that leads to them almost burning Rossi’s house down and the fire department needing to be called so never again)

    Reid obviously always makes a big deal about Halloween and as his friends’ kids grow older, he volunteers to take the trick or treating because he claims JJ and Hotch won’t be able to “give them the full Halloween experience” or whatever because apparently they’re no fun and have better things to be doing than knocking on every door in a 20-mile radius (Emily goes one year to help Spencer and spend time with the kids—she wears a matching vampire costume with Henry because he begged her for a month leading up to it—and after she vows to never go again, her feet are sore for a week after)

    #criminal minds#spencer reid#emily prentiss#derek morgan#jennifer jareau#aaron hotchner#david rossi#penelope garcia#moreid #criminal minds headcanon #fun fact: Emily and jj definitely had their first kiss on galentine’s day #Emily was a little wine drunk and jj was spending her first in a long time Valentine’s Day alone #and Garcia hung up mistletoe even tho that’s not the right holiday #but who cares right because jemily rights
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  • mooshs-crack-headcanons
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    #star wars#the mandalorian #star wars x reader #din djarin #din djarin x reader #mine #moosh's 2021 valentine's day special #the mandalorian x reader #sin content
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  • opscurus
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    “I may not know what this Valentine’s Day is about, but I believe one gives another a sentimental gift as proof of their feelings?” The gift was a pendant with a removable charm. Inside the clear globe was a glowing feather. “This feather I plucked from my wings.”

    Accepting the gift his partner was holding out, Ichigo marveled at the brightness of the feather, holding it up to his face and raising his eyebrows in amazement. “That’s amazing that it glows!! I’ll keep it with me everywhere. Thank you Lloyd.” Smiling, he pocketed the pendant and reached to grab the other’s hand and kissed Lloyd softly on the lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

    ( @eternalidealist )

    #eternalidealist #【 ★ ━━ asks 】 #【 ★ ━━ in character 】 #( valentine's day 2021. ) #submission #【 ★ ━━ ships: Ichigo/Lloyd 】
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  • mooshs-crack-headcanons
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    #one piece #moosh's 2021 valentine's day special #mine #red haired shanks x reader #red haired shanks #benn beckman #benn beckman x reader #one piece x reader
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  • piraticalwit
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    @twistedwit: "Will you be my valentine?" (C&I) // YES i know its april 20th, NO i don’t care.

    Tired and bloodshot eyes stare blearily at the screen in front of them - brows furrowed as he tries to make sense of whatever damn documentary the detective has decided to curse him with this time. Two men are droning on about the hunting patterns of lions and Killian winces as the camera cuts to a chase culminating in a brutal finish, lips twisting in a barely concealed grimace at the sound of death. Jesus... the world was bad enough. Did they really have to show that fucking stuff too? The rest of the elephant’s herd makes a quick appearance, doing their best to chase off the pride of hunters that so brazenly threatened their young.. and the Irishman, satisfied that justice will be served, finally glances towards the other man sitting at his side.

    “That makes you think of Valentine’s Day does it?” A nod of his head gestures to the screen where a particular unlucky lion has been tossed into the air, revenge at its finest - but the corner of Killian’s mouth twitches the slightest bit, hinting at a grin that lurks underneath an otherwise guarded expression. 

    Copar fucking dúr...

    “You’re a weird git...anyone ever told you that?” One knee knocks against Guy’s own, brows creasing in a frown as he pretends to weigh the words that had set a steady thump in the beating of his heart - ignoring how the thrill had traveled through normally cold veins so easily. “Valentine’s Day, huh?” Weight shifts as he leans to the side, turning until blue eyes can rake over the other man, studying his expression before meeting a color so much like their own. “..Depends.” The word is quiet and the Irishman lets out a huff of breath, blowing bangs off of his forehead quirking one brow. “We don’t have to write each other bloody poems or anything, do we?” A grin comes easier now and he shifts his attention back to the screen where the elephants trumpet a well fought victory, words tossed out into the empty space in front of them as if nary a care lies behind them. “.. even you aren’t cute enough for that, copper.”

    Aye, that would be a yes... or as close to one as Guy was ever likely to get.

    #twistedwit #v. grace under pressure #L OOOK TUMBLR FORGOT MY TAGS.. SHOCKER. #me: pick a verse #you: lists 4 #me: okay thats nice im gonna write in this verse instead #anyways!! i hope this is okay #as always - valentine's day things don't have to be threads but. this one spoke to me and it was easier to get in the swing lol #i love you!! can't wait until 4:30
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  • casgender
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Can we talk about the gay Jeeves and Wooster episode of the Unseen podcast?? I would like to talk about the gay Bertie Wooster episode

    #you cannot imagine my delight when the i started the episode #went from 'oh p.g. wodehouse style :) ' to 'ah bertie wooster my beloved!!' to 'YES GAY BERTIE WOOSTER TRUTHING!!!!!!!!' #delightful anyway it's the valentine's day episode give it a listen if that interests you #unseen podcast #the unseen podcast
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  • criminaltimes
    20.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    This is the only thing that’s important to me

    #kings#meeting up #doing their thing #chilling like villains #ok but matthews shirt with the Valentine’s Day hearts I love that #criminal minds#mgg#Thomas Gibson#Instagram
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