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  • namelesscoward1
    04.08.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    I think the McChicken fic is canon, actually. Like if you showed it to Hirano he’d just be like “yeah, jan did that alright” he wouldn’t bat an eye

    #hellsing#jan valentine#nsft #It's been over half a year since it was posted & I still think about this fic every day of my life #It's ruined me. Every time I see a mcdonalds I think of Jan by default #I can't stop referencing it I think my friends are getting sick of me
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  • mebwalker
    03.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    A Frivolous Love Story: "histoire de coeur"

    A Frivolous Love Story: “histoire de coeur”

    Vases with Red Poppies, by Van Gogh (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I have been doing maintenance work on my posts and ended up reinserting images that had disappeared and revising certain blogs.  I also discovered a missing blog on Chaucer & Valentine’s Day and rediscovered Charles d’Orléans. Charles d’Orléans (24 November 1394, Paris – 5 January 1465, Amboise) was a French Duke who was taken prisoner…

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  • gasterkei
    03.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    "Be Mine!" Meowscles

    A Valentine's Day-themed Fortnite skin concept for Meowscles fans, or those who love hearts and the color pink!

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  • jewishmeowth
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    caesar you stupid italian <3

    #might turn this into a sticker or smthn #valentines day card #yes the background is a reference to joseph #they r in luv #caesar#Caesar Zeppeli#jojo#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #Battle Tendency #jojo part 2
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  • luna12-ranma-akane-otp
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Tweet from えみいご (@emigo1029)

    えみいご (@emigo1029) Tweeted:

    Happy Valentine’s Day 💕

    #乱あ https://t.co/5cfmEPsIdH https://twitter.com/emigo1029/status/1360913510188781573?s=20

    Nabiki spying on them with a smart phone is A+.

    The crooked homemade chocolate heart with Ranma's name on it is perfect. It's also likely toxic and has wasabi in it. Rest in peace, Ranma.

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  • asad0987
    03.08.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #my hubby is my soulmate #my hubby #my hubby is my love #my hubby is my happy place #hubby is my soulmate #soulmate #my hubby is my everything #spouse is soulmate #husband wife love #couple love#couple #happy married life #my hubby is my valentine #valentines day #happy valentines day #happy marriage anniversary #beautiful design of my hubby is my soulmate. design fitting for all #it can also be given as a gift #your friends #and family members. design is also fitting for them who love their better half. love for hubby. my hubby is my soulmate #design is fitting for anniversary gift. happy marriage anniversary.
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  • nothoughtsjustdestiel
    03.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I know we talk a lot about how “Bedlund was the only one who truly understood Castiel!” and wrote him with all his weird complexities, but honestly it’s the same for Sera Gamble and Sam Winchester. A LOT of his more compelling and even fucked up qualities left the show with her.

    Say what you want about her as a showrunner, but as an individual episode writer? She laid the blueprint for SO much. His intense views on religion (Faith/Houses of the Holy/Are You There God It’s Me Dean Winchester), his complicated relationship with Ruby (The Kids Are Alright/Jus in Bello/I Know What You Did Last Summer), his constant self-worth and guilt (When the Levee Breaks/Good God Y’all/Heart), his ruthlessness (Fresh Blood/Time Is On My Side/Salvation), genuine unhinged insanity (Born-Again Identity/It’s a Terrible Life/Meet the New Boss), his sexuality (I Know What You Did Last Summer/Heart/Dream A Little Dream of Me), even his possible queerness (Bloodlust/Curious Case of Dean Winchester/Two Minutes to Midnight).

    Once Bedlund and Gamble left though, most of the attempts to write “dark Sam” (in my opinion at least) came off as hollow or one-dimensional (Season 10 my LOATHED) or just completely ignored all his trauma and weird complexities. There some occasional episodes that stand-out (some of my personal favorites are Sacrifice, Who We Are, Just My Imagination, American Nightmare, Keep Calm and Carry On, Baby and basically the entire Sam & Jack and Sam & Rowena arcs in S13 my beloved.) But most of the time, everything about him is reduced or never sees the light of day post-Season 7. He’s such an interesting character and a lot of Carver & Dabb-era writers didn’t care about anything that made him interesting. No one understood him like Gamble did and I truly stand by that.

    #spn works best when dean is 'just some guy' and sam is 'not some guy trying very hard to be just some guy' #yes this in response to the meme going around...not gonna reblog it but if you know you know #should note that thee bedlund also of course wrote some killer sam episodes (my bloody valentine/on the head of a pin/etc etc) #anyways can you tell I used to run with the bitter sam girls back in the day #sam winchester#supernatural#spn#sera gamble#spn meta #in general I've come around a lot on s6 and s7 just as whole seasons/eras #were there some weird decisions made? ofc! were they executed in compelling and well-written ways? almost always! #basically the opposite energy of the dabb era which is 'we're going to introduce the most amazing concept now watch us do NOTHING with it'
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  • silverdelirium
    03.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    did your parents make you in doggy, cowgirl or missionary

    #only thing ik is that i was a valentines day baby
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  • heli0s-writes
    03.08.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #oh to be young in a sailor fuku #classroom duties #whites day & valentines day #school festival#cherry blossoms #hahah i'm --- #ask
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  • captastra
    03.08.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Day Three

    Fandom: Resident Evil

    Pairing: Jill and Carlos

    Prompt:  Word: outside | setting: wedding

    Words: 2k

    Warnings: drinking


    Soft music floated around the room, mixing in with the murmur from the people gathered to celebrate Chris and Albert's wedding. A sunset wedding had melted into an evening reception but no one showed signs of slowing down or heading home. Jill glanced about the room, taking in the people sitting at the tables chatting, people scattered about the rest of the room, and ending on the happy couple in the middle of the dance floor.
    Chris and Wesker seemed lost in each other, laughing and chatting about something. Jill was too far away to hear what they were saying, but she was surprised to see Wesker smile. Hell, she didn’t think she had seen Wesker smile once before he became engaged to Chris. She never liked; always seemed to have a secret or something, Jill wasn’t sure...
    “Earth to Jill.”
    Callous fingers touched Jill's chin and gently turned her face up until she was staring into a pair of brown eyes. Carlos's eyebrows were furrowed as he searched her face. Once he saw that she was looking at him, his face broke out into a warm smile. He held her close against him, arms wrapped around her waist while hers were wrapped around his neck. They had been swaying to the music for the past 10 minutes or so, neither in the mood to go all out, more enjoying being in each other's company. Or at least one of them was.
    Jill gave him an apologetic smile as she spoke, “Sorry, what were you saying.”
    He raised an eyebrow at her before shaking his head. "You can't keep worrying about him. I know you guys have been friends for a long time, but he's a grown man. Besides," he pulled her close until their bodies were nearly flush against each other, leaning close enough so he could whisper in her ear, "wouldn't you rather be staring at the most handsome man in the room?"
    Jill had to stifle a giggle, not wanting to give into him just yet. "The most handsome man here? No clue who that could be." She pulled back from him, making a show of looking around the room. "Hmm, not saying anyone here. You sure there's someone like that here?"
    "You wound me Jill." She felt his arms wrap tighter around her before he lifted her up off the ground and spun her around for a moment. A yelp escaped her lips that drew a couple eyes from other dancers but no one said anything. He set her down after that, chuckling to himself at Jill's wide eyed expression.
    "If I tell you you're the most handsome man here, do you promise to never do that again?" She clung to his arms tightly, still trying to right herself from the spin. Looking up at him, she saw he was wearing that lopsided grin that she was sure won most people over. She hated to admit it worked well on her too.
    "Can't promise never, but for tonight, maybe." She tensed when he wrapped his arms around, which drew a laugh from him. "Ok, I promise."
    Trusting him, they settled back into their position from earlier. Soft music stilled played through the speakers and they began swaying to the music again. Jill found herself searching the dance crowd again but was able to stop herself this time. Carlos was right.  She couldn’t keep focusing on Chris and if he made the right choice or not.  He was like a brother to her, one of the most important people in her life, but he made a choice and seemed happy with that. The least she could do was be happy for him.
    Letting out a sigh, Jill asked, "So what was it you were saying to me earlier?
    “I was saying you look lovely tonight. “ His gaze trailed down her dress and he gave her a teasing smile. “Nothing else I’d prefer to stare at tonight.”
    Jill let herself relax. She could have fun too, no matter what others might say. She leaned forward until they were close enough to kiss him and reveled in the way his eyes snapped from her lips to her eyes. “Oh really now? No one else is catching your eye tonight?”
    She expected him to tease her the same way she teased him but was happy to see he kept his attention on her. She leaned forward, brushing her lips softly against his and pulled away. He followed her, ready to capture her lips with his, before a voice interrupted them.
    “Jill there you are!” Turning, she saw Claire rush towards her. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” She had to stop for a moment, catching her breath from running over to them. “Leon - oh boy - Leon’s had too much to drink and now he won’t stop being sappy about the wedding. I don’t want to bother Chris because, well you know” - she motioned towards him and Wesker dancing- “please help.”
    "Uh," Jill glanced up at Carlos. He rolled his eyes but shrugged. Neither of them could say no to Claire and the last thing they needed was a scene disrupting the wedding. And seeing Claire's frantic bobbing on her heels, Jill worried that would happen. But as she spoke up, Carlos beat her to it.
    “Guess we should go save him from himself.”
    She gave him an apologetic smile and mouthed thank you as they followed Claire through the dining tables.  At a corner table near the open bar, Leon was sitting there nursing a glass of water. Even from this far away Jill could tell that he hadn't taken a sip from it. He had his head rested on his hand, a wistful look on his face as he stared at nothing in particular. There was a pink hue on his cheeks and every few seconds he let out a soft sigh.
    “I don’t think he got any sleep last night or much food in him since then,” Claire offered as they watched Leon sit there. He sniffled and started to teeter to one side before righting himself. “He’s been so busy trying to help Chris and you with the wedding, he neglected himself, as usual. I’ve tried to get him to eat something or at least drink some water” - she motioned to the glass in his hand - “but nothing. He's just a sappy mess right now and I don't know what to do.” Claire threw up her hands in exasperation. "The man never listens to me."
    “Maybe I can ta-” Carlos stopped talking when Jill placed a hand on his chest.
    “Let me.” She let out a sigh and walked over to Leon. He didn't notice her approach, even as she stood right next to him. “Hey Leon, how’s it going?”
    He continued to sit there, teetering on his chin. Realizing he hadn't heard her, Jill tapped his shoulder as gently as she could. The last thing she needed was to scare him. But he didn't jump at her touch, instead it took him a few more seconds before finally, he turned around to face her. They stared at each other for another few seconds, Leon blinking rapidly a few times as he looked at her. It must have dawned on him who she was because his face lit up as he smiled up at her.
    “Jiiiillll, I’m so happy to see you,” he slurred his words slightly, “isn’t this wedding just, just so romantic.” He let out another sniffle before attempting to get up out of his chair. “I can’t believe Chris is married. Our dad is married, Jill. We have to accept a new parent in our group!”
    He fumbled with the chair but as soon as he was standing on his legs, he immediately started to stumble. Not wanting him to fall, Jill pushed him back down into his chair and sat down next to him. Thankfully he didn't fight her, too caught up in mumbling something about "new dad" and "changes in the friend group".
    Jill understood what he was saying but didn’t know what to say to comfort Leon while he was in this state. She opted to pat his back as he continued to ramble about Chris and their friend group.
    “It’s a big change for all of us, but Chris is happy. That’s what matters.” She continued to rub his back as she spoke. “We’ll see him at work once he’s back from his honeymoon. We’ll mana-”
    Leon suddenly wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly, “I know! I’m so haaappy for him. But what about you Jill?” He looked up at her with big, sad eyes. “When will you get married? You’d make such a pretty bride. Then both of the parents will be tied off!”
    A slight cough came from behind them, but Jill didn’t dare look. She knew it came from Carlos and she didn’t need him to see how red she was. It’s not that they hadn’t talked about it, but they were happy with life at the moment. Now wasn’t the time to bring it up, especially by Leon who wouldn’t even remember this conversation the next day.
    “Ok Leon" - she patted his back awkwardly - "I think we should go for a walk.” She unwrapped his arms from around her and stood up. “Maybe some fresh air will help.” She held out her hand to him, still determined to not to look behind her, but Leon only stared at it confused.
    "But I don't wanna."
    "C'mon Leon, it'll do you some good." He opened his mouth to argue, but when he caught the look on her face, he stopped. Instead he moved his whole body to look at the two people standing behind her. He glanced at her, back at the two people behind her, and back at her. “Oh...Should I not have…”
    “It's fine buddy.” Jill felt someone walk up behind her before a warm hand, Carlos’s hand, squeezed her shoulder. Glancing back, she saw Carlos calmly looking at Leon. His faced was relaxed so she knew he wasn't mad, but there was something there she couldn't quite read. “Go for a walk outside with Jill.”
    Leon sniffled again before jumping out of his seat to wrap both his arms around the two of them. They both let out grunts of surprise; Claire laughing at their expense.
    “I love you guys." Leon mumbled into Carlos's shoulder. He lifted his head up to find Claire, pointing a finger at her when he did. "You too Claire. Come give us a hug.”
    "Oh no," Claire covered her mouth as she laughed, "This is one family hug I'm happy to watch from the outside."
    They laughed as Leon stuck his tongue out at her. "Guess you'll just miss out on all the fun then!" He squeezed Jill and Carlos to prove his point and this set off another round of laughter.
    They continued to laugh as Leon mumbled about how much he loved them, Chris, apparently Wesker too. After another few moments of that, Leon seemed more inclined when Jill suggested they go for a walk again.
    "Alright mom."
    This set off another round of giggles from Claire but Jill ignored it.
    Holding him up slightly, Jill and Leon set off to walk around the outskirts of the reception.
    Carlos watched them walk away, loving how patient Jill was being with Leon in his current state. Wedding and marriage had been the topic of discussion for months now, to the point they had lost all meaning. But with Leon’s question, it all came flooding back; what was next for him and Jill? He wasn’t ready to answer that today and knew Jill wasn’t either.
    “Leon is going to hate himself in the morning,” Claire sounded amused at the prospect. The two of them enjoyed teasing each other and Carlos was sure Leon would not hear the end of it from Claire.
    But his thoughts remained focused on Leon’s words and his own future. Their time would come, but for now he was content to know that he was the luckiest man in the world by having Jill by his side.
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  • starsandstitches
    03.08.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #Chocolates for Mister Holmes #Mystrade#starsandstiches writes #just published on ao3 #self-promotion#valentine's day#Gregcroft
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  • libraryofva
    03.08.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Recent Acquisition - Ephemera Collection Jus Waitin' for you to make up your mind ! Dodson Family Scrapbooks

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  • sucrettecollection
    03.08.2021 - 19 hours ago

    My Candy Love - Summer Event 2021

    Event Guide (may be incomplete, please leave a comment for input!)

    Use Sun Dice to move around on the board game. Dice can be bought for 40APs or crafted using event ingredients. To get the ingredients you have to play the two minigames. The better you play, the more vials of sand and water you receive.

    Fishing Minigame (3 games per day)

    You get 30 seconds to catch as many fish as possible. Wait for them to pass under your net and click it when there is at least a part of them in the circle.

    <25 points = 4 turquoise water vials
    26-30 points = 6 turquoise water vials
    31-40 points = 8 turquoise water vials

    (The scoring might be off because the fish are worth different points. I also encountered a bug where exactly 30 points left me without any vials so watch out!)

    Memory Minigame (3 games per day)

    Try to complete the memory game in as little time as possible. There is only a single stage with 12 cards in total.

    10-14 sec. = 11 warm sand vials
    15-20 sec. = 8 warm sand vials
    25-30 sec. = 5 warm sand vials

    To get the Sun Dice for the board game you must either pay 40APs for one or craft them using the event ingredients:

    Get 4 vials of Warm Sand and 3 vials of Turquoise Water and combine them for 2APs. (Processing time 20 minutes or 4 Gold to skip) The result is one vial of Summer Scent.

    Get 3 vials of Summer Scent and one Cocktail (3 can be found hidden on the site each day) and combine them for 2APs.  (Processing time 40 minutes or 8 Gold to skip) The result is one Sun Dice.

    #let me know if I got something wrong! #my candy love #mcl valentines day #my candy love summer event 2021 #mcl summer event 2021 #mcl event outfit #mcl summer event #mcl event #mcl event guide #mcl event 2021 #my candy love event #my candy love event guide #mcl walkthrough#mcl 2021 #summer event 2021 #sand#cocktail#vial#vials#water#beach #corazon de melon #cdm#amour sucre#sweet kiss#sweet flirt#sweet crush#dolce kiss#dolce flirt#sweet amoris
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  • ecwindowdisplay
    03.08.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Pink dolphin world -Your romantic scene

    Custom dolphin sculpture decoration 

    #visualmerchandising animalsculpture fashion Valentine's Day custom design artdisplay art love photography
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  • thenameisadriennemae
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    "We may be separated by space and time, but the bond between couples who push through the hardest of times is the strongest." - E.S.

    #the power of love #you amaze me #love quote #i love u #you're amazing#valentines day #life is great #you make me happy #thank you #im so happy
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  • licsonsam
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    #2021父親節 🎩 推薦香水 ~

    #2021七夕情人節 🎋 香水特輯 ~

    Jean Paul Gaultie 高堤耶 ⚓️ 水手男孩男性淡香水 • 歡迎登船 ! 🛥 水手男孩領航一同徜徉蔚藍大海 - 限量版上市!~

    既然不能出國,那就跟著 Jean Paul Gautier 高堤耶 - 全新限量的「 水手男孩男性淡香水 」一起快樂出航!🛥 這次的水手男孩以最性感的「 船艙服務生 」之姿加入 Jean Paul Gaultie 高堤耶的 Le Male 男香的家族, 有點俏皮又隱隱勾人的清新男香,是今年夏季男性的絕佳選擇!而且第一次聞到這款限量男香時,有種充滿開闊感的朝氣氣息!真的非常喜歡此款限量男香!⋯

    ⚓️ Jean Paul Gaultie 高堤耶 ⚓️

    水手男孩男性淡香水 • 限量版

    ⚓ 香調介紹 :

    ⚓️ 前調:佛手柑 - 以新鮮的佛手柑開頭,隨著體溫及時間的遞進

    ⚓️ 中調:天竺葵、零陵香豆 - 加入了飽滿的天竺葵和零陵香豆,水手男孩的陽 光氣息和活潑自信被徹底激發

    ⚓️ 後調:琥珀 - 深受男性喜愛的琥珀香調,厚實又溫暖宛如徜徉在晴空萬里下大海 上

    ⚓️ 瓶身設計 經典的精壯男士外型瓶身 - 集性感、陽剛、魅力於一 身,海洋藍玻璃瓶身在光照之下就如同大海映著陽光 的波光粼粼,搭上海上男兒的招牌條紋上衣誰能招架呢?外包裝採用的的則是高堤耶男香標誌性的金屬圓筒,印上復古風的插圖更添韻味!

    ⚓️ 全台盧亞香水專櫃:

    SOGO復興館( BR4 ) 7F · 02-8772-7442

    SOGO忠孝館 3F · 02-8771-3417

    新光三越信義 A11 2F · 02-8789-5798

    新光三越站前店 7F · 02-2311-9752

    SOGO中壢館 2F · 03-425-0259

    台中中友百貨 B棟2F · 04-2223-9624

    新光三越台中中港店 5F · 04-2251-3438

    新光三越台南中山店 1F · 06-241-1826

    新光三越台南西門店 2F · 06-303-1372

    高雄漢神百貨 B1 · 07-215-8127

    高雄漢神巨蛋 3F · 07-552-8432

    高雄SOGO 1F · 07-331-9228

    ⚓️ 這裡有 👉 https://tw39974.page.link/L4eV

    ⋯ GAULTIER 高提耶的經典裸男系列 & 裸女系列,是我多年來一定都會先入手使用後,再將瓶身都蒐藏起來的,於 2021 年 5 月全新限量上市的「 水手男孩男性淡香水 」當然也要快點來入手,在即將到來的父親節與七夕情人節!都很適合來送禮或自用喔! 😊

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  • sandrinessketchpad
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Title: Best Friends Hearts Day- Gift Art Here's a piece that I did for my best friend, oskerttoo_da_shark_slayer_ back on Valentine's of last year.

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  • aramyeonblog
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kim Bunny Valentine Jisoo || BP || #BLACKPINK #IphoneCases || https://ift.tt/2TRQOSm

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