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  • Anxiety is truly me right now. I mean, he’s me every time he shows up, but he’s especially me right now as I’m watching this Valentine’s Day episode and not enjoying myself. at least Anxiety is someone worthwhile here. the good in the bad, so to speak

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  • “…they don’t know anything about you.” dating strangers. why do we date strangers? and by “we”, I mean people. why do people date strangers?

    #sanders sides#fanders#fander#thomas sanders#youtube#valentines day#valentines#dating#strangers #isnt there such a thing as stranger danger #to be fair most shitty things in life come from those we know #basically dont trust anybody #thats tragic but its kind of true #if something shitty happens to you and somebody did it #theres a higher chance of the person who did it being somebody you know #thats just how these things usually go
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    📑 Table of Contents

    • Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Comedy, Valentine’s Day ☁
    • Word Count: 1,999 ☁
    • Pairing: Reader x Senoo ☁
    • World: Anime, Prince of Stride ☁

    ☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚: *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: . ☁

    You were lost in thought, staring at a group of freshmen playing hacky sack in the front courtyard. Though your eyes followed their movement, your mind was distracted by racing thoughts of what you should do for Valentine’s day. It was the day after tomorrow, and you wanted to finally confess to the second year that had captured your heart, but you were pretty much socially awkward – how the hell were you supposed to tell him? Knowing you, you’d end up tripping over your own words and making yourself look like a fool.

    Something pushed against your arm, making your thoughts break. It was best friend and classmate, Bantarou. He grinned brightly, poking your cheek. “What’s up, buttercup?”

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  • Fandom: Harry Potter
    Ship: Fred x Willow
    Rating: All Audiences
    Warning: None
    Word Count: 1269 Words

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  • if you love somebody, you have 365 days a year to show them that. sometimes you even get one extra day. dedicating this one day to them feels impersonal and forced and I’m not for it. am I just being cynical? is there something wrong with me?

    #thomas sanders#sanders sides#fanders#valentines day#valentines#youtube #please let me know if anybody agrees #and if you disagree tell me why #i do want to understand what the deal is #oh no am i going to struggle through this video because of valentines day #oh no
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  • I don’t understand the hype around Valentine’s Day. it’s just sorta sad to me. maybe because I feel guilty for not doing Valentine’s Day things, but regardless of whether I’m able to or not, I just don’t really like Valentine’s Day. I don’t hate it, I’m just not a fan and would like to not partake in it, thank you

    #thomas sanders#fanders#fander#youtube#valentines day#valentines #the day sort of feels miserable #is it just me #i dont see anything fun about it #i dont really see the point of celebrating it either #who began this day and why #wrong time for a valentines day post but im watching sanders sides #sue me
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    Miko… 😢😔

    #kaguya sama love is war #kaguya sama wa kokurasetai #kaguya sama: love is war #spoilers#manga#shoujo#manga cap#romance#high school#love#monochrome#manga love#iino miko#yu ishigami#valentines day#romcom#just friends#friendzone#chocolate #high school life #slice of life
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  • askingmrgold replied to your post “Did you notice the peculiar objects that Gold was buying when you…”

    And yet, I didn’t buy two cards.

    Hey. I said I wasn’t judging or making any assumptions, here. So why are you judging me? 

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  • 14 February 2020:

    I’ve never been fussed about Valentines Day to begin with, but safe to say… This was ideally not the way I’d be spending Valentine’s Day with Tony: sitting next to my boyfriend’s ex in a crowded cinema, watching an after dinner session of “Fifty Shades of Grey”… 

    Frank was first to suggested to the group we should go and watch it as a joke, and the idea gained some traction. So I created an event out of it, and a small group of us went to watch it together. It was me, a group of guys, and Tony’s ex girlfriend…

    I don’t know who invited her, but it would have been really awkward to object to her attending. Especially because people might not have known about their quiet breakup a couple months ago, which neither party necessarily kept a secret, but neither of them publicised either. 

    Marianne had started coming around less when they broke up, understandably. Tony would only mention it if someone brought her up. And if not many people knew about their breakup, even few people knew that Tony and I had gotten together. Especially not Marianne. 

    Especially since she wasn’t particularly fond of me to begin with. We were cordial with each other, but I had a feeling that it was an act for her as much as it was for me. And here we were, sitting side by side, in a dark cinema watching the raunchiest “romantic” film showing on the silver screen that particular night. 

    By the way, if you’re wondering where Tony was during all this, he couldn’t make it because he was working a shift at Harvest Buffet, at The Star. Probably for the best. 

    Thank god for Frank, Harry and Jewon to make the atmosphere less awkward. It actually turned into a really enjoyable night! 

    We left the cinema still in tears from laughing. One of our friends texted us after the movie:

    Elle: Oh my god. Were you watching 50 Shades at George Street cinema?

    Frank: Yeah! You should have joined us, Elle!

    Me: Are you around, Elle?

    Elle: No, my parents were also watching 50 Shades tonight and they complained that a bunch of teens at the back of the cinema kept laughing. Did you guys just finish the session?

    We howled with laughter. That was us! 

    We ended up with a few inside jokes from the night, which made Tony very curious but also pleased that I enjoyed myself. I could tell he was relieved nothing had happened between me and Marianne.

    After we finished the movie, we had ice-creams from a shop nearby before Marianne suggested we walk to Pyrmont to check out the Lunar New Year Markets. Although everyone was keen (myself included), I couldn’t help but feel curious about the timing… It was already quite late; almost 9.30pm and the markets wrapped up at 10pm.

    Do you know who also typically wrapped up just after 10pm on a Saturday? Tony. 

    We wandered around the markets, and the options that late (as some places had started packing up already) were either alcohol and/or expensive. It wasn’t long before most of the group left, and it was just me and her. 

    She didn’t look like she had a reason to stay either, but she seemed hesitant to go home. I just wanted her to admit that she was here to see Tony, and I would have left her alone. 

    I guess she wanted privacy, but I decided to play the waiting game with her, knowing she’d either give up or we’d both not get to see him.

    “It’s quite late.” She said to me. “Everyone else has left.”

    “Mm, yeah. You’re right. I kind of enjoy the atmosphere right now… It’s a nice summer night,” I breathed in. “It’s pretty peaceful, with most the crowds gone. I’m going to enjoy it a bit longer.”

    “I’ll stay with you.” She said firmly.

    “Sure, you’re welcome to, if you want. Is it getting too late for you though?”

    “Mm…. Just a little longer. But how about you? Isn’t it late for you to be out on your own?”

    “It’s not too far from where I live. The trams are well lit, and take me really close to my apartment. I’ll be fine, thanks for worrying.” I told her.

    Eventually, she decided to leave. I waved her off, as she got on the tram. It was about 10:15pm, and I knew this was around the time Tony would be leaving, because he’d usually call me after he’d changed out of his uniform and was walking home.

    I paced around the casino wondering how he’d react when he saw me, clueless as to where he usually exited. Then I saw him walking past, busy talking to a friend he worked with to notice me about 5 metres away. They both got into the lift down to the trams together. I dashed after them and pressed the lift button for the elevator doors not to close! 

    The doors re-opened and he looked at me for a brief second in surprise.

    Then he flew at me with a big hug. 

    “What are you doing here?!” His eyes twinkled with delight. He knew it wasn’t like me to do something impulsive, and he really didn’t expect me here right now. 

    His friend’s jaw dropped as he kept the elevator door open for us.

    “Alright, I’ll see you next time!” Tony waved at his friend. “Going to walk home with my girlfriend!”

    “Alright, no problems. See you next time,” he nodded at the both of us. Then the elevator doors closed. 

    Tony looked at me again, with his hands on each side of me, and then he bent down and nuzzled against my face. “Best Valentines Day surprise ever!”

    “I didn’t even bring you anything,” I giggled.

    “You brought yourself. That’s the only present I need on Valentines Day.”

    “You’re the only present I need, too.”

    “Nope! With a face that cute, I’m pretty sure you need some ice-cream,” and he marched me over the the window at Gelato Messina. 

    We ordered two scoops to share in a cup. I ordered the salted coconut & mango salsa, and he got one of the specials. 

    We walked and talked, while sharing our ice-creams. I really enjoyed my flavour. I asked what he thought.

    “So fruity,” he shuddered. “Mine actually tastes like ice-cream.”

    “Well, more for me!” I poked my tongue out at him. “I actually like my flavour better than yours,” I told him truthfully. “The salted coconut is like a dream!” And I scooped a spoonful into my mouth.

    You’re like a dream,” he said, as he kissed me, still with the ice-cream melting in my mouth. 


    By the time we got to the front of UTS Library, which was only a few hundred metres away from my apartment, we’d finished our icecreams and were walking linking hands. Then we ran into Frank unexpectedly.

    “Hi guys!” He came up to us. It was already too late to let go of Tony’s hand.

    “H-Hi Frank! I thought you’d gone home already.” 

    “Hey Frank.” Tony was relaxed. I asked Frank to help keep our little secret for now, that he’d run into us, together, in case it hurt Marianne’s feelings or triggered malicious rumours to spread around the club.

    “Sure,” Frank shrugged. “It’s no big deal. But I also think a lot of people kinda know already anyway… We all knew it was gonna happen.”

    “Really?” That made me feel embarrassed, but also relieved. 

    #romance#fifty shades #fifty shades of grey #valentines day#relationships#love#shoujo manga#manga #my life is very shoujo manga #mlvsm
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