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  • ameliaofasgard
    17.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    RESURRECTION IS UM… so far, the WORST audiobook of the series

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  • mikamikenshin
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hades,Thor and Buddha on their way to side with humanity:

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  • holdyourwine
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    please send me some fluff prompt of poseidon or what i want to make drabbles or just a simple talk about it, period cramp makes me desperate for /poseidon's/ affection and i only get it from writings đź’”

    #this is pathetic #poseidon would say so #btw yes send it if you have ones #poseidon x reader #record of ragnarok #shuumatsu no valkyrie #poseidon ror#poseidon snv#ror poseidon#snv poseidon #ror poseidon x reader #snv poseidon x reader #nesi's ink
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  • juanarcthethird
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This takes place after yang and Weiss catch up with team RNJR and Qrow.

    Yang: So, what did you guys do to earn money before uncle Qrow show up?

    Ruby: Well, we did take some jobs with the small towns on our way here.

    Weiss: How? You guys are not license hunters yet.

    Ren: Some times the small towns will take anyone willing to do the work. They don’t have the luxury to be picky in the middle of nowhere. But in the larger city’s we did take some part time jobs.

    Nora: It was fun!

    Yang: Nice! What did you guys do?

    Nora: Renny and I work at a tea shop

    Ruby: I work at a comic store

    The others wait for Jaune to talk, but doesn’t say anything

    Weiss: What about you Jaune. What did you for a part time job?

    Jaune: I don’t like to talk about.

    Ren: Jaune was a pizza delivery guy. He had some obstacles during the job.

    Yang: Oh! Now I’m curious. What happen?

    Jaune: It was nothing

    Yang: Come, please.

    Jaune: Is nothing really.

    Weiss: Jaune please, we are your friends. Just tell us. To be honest I’m curious too.

    Jaune: We’ll…

    Flash back

    Jaune: Here is your pizza ma’am

    Woman: *Examine the pizza* What is this?

    Jaune: *Takes a look at the pizza* It’s a meat lovers pizza.

    Woman: Where is the extra meat?

    Jaune: There is extra meat in there.

    Woman: That is not what I meant. Where is the “Extra Meat”?

    Jaune: *Realized what she meant* Oh no! We don’t do that here.

    Women: I want the meat! *Tries to grab Jaune’s pants*

    Jaune: *Hits the woman with the Pizza* Get away from me!!

    Flash back ends

    Ren: It seems there was a rumor around that a handsome delivery guy was willing to give an “Extra Service” if you order the right Pizza. So they thought it was Jaune.

    Weiss: Who started the rumor?

    Ren: We don’t know, but I have my suspicions. *Looks at Nora*

    Nora: Hey! Inocente until proven guilty.

    Ruby: *Under her breath* I wish it was true.

    Yang: What did you say Ruby?

    Ruby: Nothing!

    #jaune arc#rwby jaune #rwby jaune arc #Jaune#rwby yang #rwby yang xiao long #yang xiao long #rwby ruby #rwby ruby rose #ruby rose#weiss schnee#rwby weiss #rwby weiss schnee #rwby ren #rwby lie ren #lie ren #rwby nora valkyrie #rwby nora#nora valkyrie#rwby
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    the way jean's face falls is something you'll always remember.

    his new uniform displays the wings of freedom. yours, a proud steed.

    "oh," he says dumbly.

    your throat feels tight. "oh."

    "I thought..." he trails off, shaking his head like he can't believe how stupid he'd been. "i thought i actually convinced you."

    you thought he had too. until you'd actually gone up to sign your form, placed the pen to paper, and remembered finding marco's body. the way jean had broken down, sobbed into your shoulder a hiccuppy mess, cried himself to sleep. and the thought of him ever doing the same when he saw your mangled, bruised body...it was too much to bear.

    if it meant hurting him, then so be it.

    jean holds his hand out, probably hoping that you'll ignore the single fat tear that rolls down his cheek. "congratulations."

    you shake his hand and decide you'll spare his this once, and it's not just because your own eyes are becoming shiny with unshed tears. "thanks."

    "the military police are lucky."

    "so are the scouts."

    "see you around," he weakly jokes, voice coming out squeaky.

    "yeah." one tear falls, then another, and then a third.

    jean doesn't wipe them off the way you want him to. instead he turns around, green cape fluttering behind him, walking away. away from his original goals, away from comfort, away from you.

    and you don't stop him.

    #jean x reader #jean kirstein x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #aot angst series #valkyrie stories #OKAY NOW I'M DONE
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    it's been a while. but here he is, in front of you.

    when you'd seen the sword go through his neck, you'd hated yourself for wanting to cry out and beg for the captain not to kill him.


    no, you correct yourself, the armored titan.

    that's how everyone referred to him, and it's how you had to refer to him, so that you could keep your sanity. so that you didn't break down every time you remembered that the man you loved was the same one who killed thousands.

    and now you're flying through the air, the titan's eyes on you, and you think your heart is caught in your throat. does he recognize you?

    the fist he's raised to shoot you down opens.


    he does recognize you.

    and just like that, your will wavers. for the rest of them, it's easy. he was big brother reiner, he was everyone's favorite, he was their hero. but he wasn't your hero, he was just yours. you were just his. things were so simple.

    your gear feels lighter.

    "now!" jean shouts.

    reiner doesn't even pay him any attention. he looks like he's fixated on you, drunk on the sight of someone he hasn't seen in forever.

    and yet he doesn't do anything to stop the spears that you reel back, aim, and fire.

    #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #GOT ME FEELING DRUNK SO HIGH SO HIGH #aot angst series #valkyrie stories
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    aot manga spoilers below!

    don't make me do this, is the plea that's written all over your face.

    i'm going to have to, is what's written on connie's.

    "let go of him."

    "stay out of it."

    "connie." it feels painful to blink away the tears. "he's a child."

    "he's got a fucking titan."

    it's on the tip of your tongue to say the words. would sasha have wanted this? but really, you don't need to say it. You know he's already thinking it, and more importantly, he knows it's what you're thinking too.

    there's no point in guilting him.

    and you don't want to fight him.

    placing your sword back in its holster, you step forward—hesitance, fear, and desperation all muddling your mind. it's connie, connie would never hurt you. he would never hurt anyone.

    "i'm asking you, as...as me." with heavy eyes, you walk until you're right in front of him. this is the same boy who would carry you on his back as long as you gave him a kiss. "stay for me. you love me. i love you. if you stay, then i promise we'll—"

    he never does get to hear what you'll do. in a flash, there's an elbow in your stomach, knocking the air right out of your stomach. a pained gasp of his name escapes you as he shoves you down, grabbing the blonde kid and running.

    the ground hits you in slow motion.

    and as the realization that the goofy boy you'd grown to love just sucker punched you in the gut doesn't hurt nearly as much as the lack of remorse in his eyes when he did it.

    #connie x reader #connie springer x reader #IF YOU LEAVING BABY LET ME DOWN SLOWLY #aot angst series #valkyrie stories
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  • arc-misadventures
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Demon and Hero II

    Ruby: Okay… this was not supposed to happen…

    Nora: You’re telling me! I wanted to see some action!

    Ruby: Bwah?! Who are you?!

    Nora: Name’s Nora, Nora the Valkyrie of Thunder! You?

    Ruby: Ruby, Princess of The Grimm Lands.

    Nora: Well, its a pleasure to meet ya, Ruby!

    Ruby: You too!

    Nora: So… what are we going to so about these two…?

    Ruby: Ehh… I don’t know… They should be fighting… But, they saw one another and well…

    Nora: They because shy, stuttering, flustered messes?

    Ruby: Yeah… Honestly, I’m a little scared; My sister gas always been this cool and in command, never backing away from a fight always, never shying away in the face of danger! And yet…

    Nora: I understand; Jaune-Jaune’s always been cool under pressure, always has plan, a back up plan, and a plan in the making, regardless of the situation! And… it’s like his brain just broke down…

    Ruby: Scary isn’t it…

    Nora: Yeah… Hey you don’t suppose this is…

    Ruby: This is what?

    Nora: Love at first sight…?

    Ruby: What, no, that’s ridiculous! Although…

    Nora: I mean, look at that; look at those red cheeks, this has to be love!

    Ruby: Yang’s never been like this before…

    Nora: Well then, I guess there’s only one way to find out!


    Jaune: Okay… T-That was odd…

    Yang: Yes… it was…

    Jaune: Sorry my companion manhandled you into that chair, I don’t know why she did that…

    Yang: It’s okay, she wasn’t rough or anything. Although I’m a but confused why she sat us down at this table.

    Jaune: Don’t look at me, I’ve given up trying to understand her at times…

    Yang: Yeah… so… you’re the Hero… that sounds interesting…?

    Jaune: Y-Yeah… it’s basically be a good fighter and look cool… sure I’ve got some special holy magic and what not, but it isn’t that special.

    Yang: It’s not?

    Jaune: No, it’s just allot of responsibility keeping everyone’s hopes up, saving people, fending off nobles trying to get me to marry their daughters…

    Yang: Ohh~? The young, noble hero, doesn’t adore the woman throwing themselves at your feet?

    Jaune: They want the Hero; the title, the fame, the political clout it brings… No one wants the person behind it…

    Yang: Oh… I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know.

    Jaune: It’s okay, I doubt anyone knows… Well, bar you.

    Yang: I see…

    Jaune: So… Demon Queen… what’s that like?

    Yang: Most people think it’s just sitting on a throne of skulls and scaring people shitless! But, there’s a lot of work being a Queen; keeping everyone fed, keeping everyone in line, and good lord the paperwork, all the paperwork! And that’s not even the worse of it!

    Jaune: That’s not the worse of it?

    Yang: My throne of skulls… is ungodly uncomfortable to it on…

    Jaune: Pfft! Haha! Well, you are sitting on a pile of bones, ever thought of a cushion?

    Yang: I can’t! I have an image to maintain!

    Jaune: Talk about a pain in the butt!

    Yang: Ha! That was terrible!

    Jaune: Then why did you laugh?

    Yang: Because I…! Oh, Ruby, what are you doing here?

    Ruby: I an here to serve dinner!

    Yang/Jaune: Dinner?

    Ruby: Yes, dinner!

    Jaune: Okay…?

    Yang: Well, I am kinda hungry… so, care to join me.

    Jaune: Well… I haven’t had anything bar rations for a couple of weeks, so this feast looks fantastic!

    Yang: Oh good! I-I hope Demon cuisine is to your liking…

    Jaune: Well, so far so good…

    Yang: Let me know if there are any problems, Hero.

    Jaune: J-Jaune… call me that instead… Hero is, a title, n-not…

    Yang: Not your name?

    Jaune: Yeah…

    Yang: Then please, call me, Yang.

    Jaune: O-Okay… Yang…

    Yang: My pleasure… Jaune…


    Ruby: Everything seems to be working, now what?

    Nora: Now we take things up a notch!

    Ruby: How?

    Nora: Observe!


    Yang: Is that… music?

    Jaune: Yeah… its a song back from my home kingdom… it’s a song often played at parties.

    Yang: Parties?

    Jaune: For the nobility mostly, people often dance to it, as a means for finding a r-romantic… partner…

    Yang: As in courting?

    Jaune: Yeah… courting… can you dance?

    Yang: Of course we can! Demon’s may not dance similarly to humans, elves, and dwarves; But, we have a multitude of songs and dancing styles that we…?!

    Jaune: N-No, you misunderstood! I wasn’t ask if Demons danced, I was wondering i-if you… could dance…

    Yang: Oh… I-I can dance…

    Jaune: Would you… would you like to d-dance… w-with me…?

    Yang: W-With you…?

    Jaune: Y-Yeah…

    Yang: But, I don’t know how to dance to this song…

    Jaune: I could teach?

    Yang: You can?

    Jaune: I know this dance better than my own swordsmanship. So please, may I have this dance, my Lady…?

    Yang: I would be honoured to…


    Nora: Ah ha! I knew it! Look at those faces, there in love, I’d bet my life on it!

    Ruby: Wow, I’ve never seen, Yang look so happy before…

    Nora: Oh this the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

    Ruby: So… now what?

    Nora: We wait and see…

    Ruby: Wait for what?

    Nora: Wherever love takes them…


    Someone gave me an idea for a sequel, and I ran with it!

    #rwby#jaune arc #yang xiao long #ruby rose#nora valkyrie #yang x jaune #jaune x yang #rwby dragonslayer
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    "it's decided," erwin claims.

    your veins turn to ice. "what's decided?"

    "you know what has to be done." rocks fly past you in every direction, screams filling the air once more. "it's been decided."

    "i won't let you." raw emotion creeps into your voice, as you look at him like a person deceived, and maybe you were. "erwin, I won't."

    "there's nothing you can do now. and I know you won't. you've always understood me, so i know you understand why i have to do this."

    and you do understand him. you've understood him when he's neglected you because of long meetings that would go on well into the early hours of the next day. you've understood him when he's explained his plans to you in horrifying detail, telling you clearly the kinds of casualties that are bound to occur. you've understood him when he said he just had to find the truth.

    but you can't understand him when he's asking you to let him ride to his death.

    "i can handle everything else. i can't handle you leaving me. i'm asking you not to." under the circumstances, despite your wobbly voice, you think you're being quite professional. "i've never asked you for anything."

    "i would have given you whatever you asked." more rocks, more screams. "but I can't give you this."

    a large hand cups your cheek, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. as though that's enough to secure your forgiveness.

    it isn't. you hope he knows that, as he rides out, in his heart of hearts, that you'll never forgive him.

    #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader #WHERE IS THIS COMING FROM #aot angst series #valkyrie stories
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    The sound has you racing to the room where it came from only to see armin, arin arlert, quite possibly the kindest, sweetest person you knew, facing the wall, with shards of glass on the floor from where he'd shattered a glass bottle.

    "armin?" you question breathlessly, eyes wide as saucers.

    when he turns to face you, your heart clenches as your eyes meet his glossy ones.

    "he's an asshole!" armin cries, and you don't have to ask who he's talking about. no one else could make tears fall down Armin's cheeks like this. "the hell did mikasa ever do to him, huh? the hell did i ever do to him? why would he say—why did he look at us like—"

    "armin," you beg, motioning to the floor. he's not wearing any shoes. "you'll get hurt."

    but from the looks of it, nothing could put him in more pain than he's already in. you can see it in his eyes—he can't take it anymore. the death, the betrayal, the loss of the innocence that had once seemed that it would never go away, because armin was armin, and nothing could ever break his wanderlusting, cheerful spirit.

    "please, come here." you outstretch your hand. all he has to do is take it, and you'll protect whatever's left. whatever promises there were between the two of you, all he has to do is take your hand and you'll honor them all.

    armin looks tired as he looks at your hand, fingers twitching with the ache to give in, to rest, to allow himself to stop fighting.

    the tears continue to cling to his lashes as he walks forward, sidestepping the glass, stepping towards salvation. your heart leaps in relief.

    "i'm no better," he whispers, anguish coating his every word, "i'm a damn murderer."

    and he brushes past you, leaving your hand open and bare, hurrying out to go prepare for war.

    #armin x reader #armin arlert x reader #armin arlet x reader #aot angst series #valkyrie stories #this is the first time i've ever written for armin omg
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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ''i'm sorry," eren whispers into your ear, tilting your head up so that you can see the stars, so that you look anywhere else but at him, "i have to."

    "you don't have to." your voice threatens to break, but you dutifully look at the sky, the same one that you and he used to gaze over all the time. "you're choosing to."

    you don't want him to forget that distinction.

    "i have to," he says again, like a mantra, "as much as i don't want to—"

    "—then don't—"

    "—i have to leave. thank you for everything. please keep looking at the sky, i don't—don't want you to see me."

    and then he begins to walk away.

    you hear it all. the crunch of the grass under his shoes, the slight whoosh of the wind playing with his hair. and without looking, you can see it too. even though he's trying to hide it, you can see the pained look in his pretty eyes, a pain that never goes away no matter how much you try to make it. you can see the tears blurring his vision, tears that signify the relationships he's about to break, stargazing with you and reading about the outside world with armin and wrapping that scarf around mikasa's neck and wrestling with jean in the mud.

    that's eren. your eren. and he's leaving you. he's leaving everyone, and when, if he comes back, he won't be the same. he'll be long gone.

    eren is leaving, and he'll never come back.

    and suddenly, you can't look at the sky any longer.

    "eren!" you scream, whipping your head to the side. "eren, don't go!"

    the field is empty, and the cold seeps through your skin, threatening to blow you away.

    he's long gone.

    #eren x reader #eren jaeger x reader #aot angst series #idk what i'm doing LMAO it's just an angsty night #valkyrie stories
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  • blueinkjpeg
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    If anyone cares, I rejuvenated the jnr sticky note from the RWBY official art by Erin Winn

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  • astridthevalkyrie
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    levi is calm, far too calm for someone who's dying.

    he lets you fuss over him, doesn't even say a thing as you try to press the wound on his stomach closed with desperately shaky hands, doesn't complain when hot tears drip down from your face and fall onto his cheeks. his eyes are open, but they're more tender than you've ever seen them—he feels bad for you, when he's the one who's leaning against a dirty brick wall, bleeding out with only you as a witness.

    "keep your eyes open," you let out in a choked voice. no matter what you put over the wound, the blood seems to just seep through. so easily, like it's natural. "just keep talking to me. c'mon, captain."

    "kay," he manages to say, but you know that he's lying.

    "don't want you to leave." sobs rip from your throat, unable to process that levi ackerman, captain levi, humanity's strongest soldier, the best of the best, could possibly leave you. "please, levi—captain—for me, please don't."

    he doesn't make the promise that you want him to. all he does is give you a breathy exhale, using the last of his energy to bring your hand up to his cheek. "stay with me," he pleads quietly.

    an uncharacteristic thing for him to request. the most selfless man you've ever known, making just a single, selfish request. wasting his words, because you had no plans to leave.

    "i will, i'll always stay, i just need you to do the same. please!"

    there is a slight drop against your hand—his head bowing down. you gasp, another sob breaking through as you grab his face with both hands, smearing red on his skin with your thumbs.

    his eyes are shut.

    "no! no, no, no, levi, look at me! open your eyes! levi, we need you! i need you! i love you! is that what you want to hear? i love you so much! don't—" your voice breaks, a loud, anguished cry escaping you as you weep into his temple. "don't leave me alone, levi, please!"

    but he says nothing in response.

    #superior ending??? #levi x reader #levi ackerman x reader #this is a result of me listening to 'let me down slowly' all day #aot angst series #valkyrie stories
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    17.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #ask vicki valkyrie
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    Do not repost/claim as yours

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    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I feel like all my ships should just be in a room together. I don’t know what would happen but I want it to happen.

    #destiel#stucky#cartinelli#johnlock#merthur#danbeau#sameena #claire x jody #lokius #sylvie x valkyrie #romione#wolfstar #cindy x alice #and a bunch of other ships
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    #snv Zeus#♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ #record of ragnarok #my gif #shuumatsu no valkyrie #shuumatsu no walkure
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