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  • The boys with a somewhat innocent s/o

    - They’re protective- like really protective of you. You can’t go anywhere without one of them going with you or keeping an eye in you. They of what kind of trouble the surfnazis can be, and they’d definitely try to shield you from that. Honestly, everyone with a bit of brain inside them knows not to mess with you, knowing the boys would be willing to fight someone who looked at our the wrong way.

    - Before you knew them you were definitely the dictionary definition of a goody two shoes. Always listening to your folks, performing well at school, organising charity events… You were definitely someone that could be described as ‘pure’.

    - But then you ran into Marko at the Boardwalk while he was running from one of the security guards. And honestly, from that moment on things started to go down hill… Or well, uphill, depending in your point of view.

    - He pulled you along, before getting caught by the guard. So there you were, together in a small alley, behind some retro diner. He motioned for you to be quiet, grinning. Then of course, the guard finally caught up.

    - The guard demanded to know who you were and why Marko was rushing towards you after causing mayhem. You stood there, frozen for a moment, not sure what to say or do. Then, you just decided to wing it,

    - “I- Im his cousin. I’m new here, and we got separated,” you lied quickly, and badly. You were quite certain no one would believe you, but somehow you managed to convince the guard.

    - After he left, somewhat disappointed, Marko looked at you grinning. He introduced himself, before you did the same. He walked with you towards the other boys. After their introductions were made, they asked you to hang out.

    - You were a bit surprised by this question. You’d inly known them for five minutes. Literally. Deciding to do something somewhat daring or exiting for once in your life you join them.

    - They take you to the cave. It’s a place you immediately fall in love with. You can’t help yourself but asking about all the unique things you find there. David gladly answers, while Marko and Paul go out for some diner. After some food and some music they drop you off at home at the start of dawn.

    - Ever since hat moment you meet them every night, growing more fondly of them quickly. They all seem to like you, in some way or another, and they all make you feel wanted and liked.

    - Paul and Marko try to get you to join their pranks, letting you in on their trouble. Most of their pranks however also consist of snatching stuff from stores. You don’t want to snitch, somewhat understanding how it could be fun, but you’d definitely feel troubled when they do that- especially when they gift you whatever they just snatched. “We worked hard for it babe.”

    - Dwayne can only try to keep his laughter as you try to talk them out of the trouble they have planned. You know it’s a lost battle, but still… You feel bad for the store owners. At one point you manage to convince them to steal from the game owners only, and not from the small artists, knowing how hard it is for artists to get by.

    - They all try to teach you how to lie. You are a terrible - really terrible - liar. You could lie about what you had for breakfast, and five minutes later you’d apologise and tell them what you really had for breakfast, feeling bad for lying.

    - So… It is not successful, you’re a terrible liar, and they all make sure they can laugh about it. At first it is annoying, but at one point you got to admit it was quite funny.

    - You tend to be quite shy around both Dwayne and David, seeing the both of them can be quite intimidating. They however warm up to you quickly and they both seem to find your shyness adorable. David teases you for it, while Dwayne just simply enjoys to catch you if guard, knowing you’ll turn bright red.

    - Overtime when you start to hang out more they slowly try teach you more stuff. Thanks to them you got a first smoke, first drink, first joint… Although you’re not a big fan on the smoking part, you do have to admit it is fun on occasion.

    - The first time you had alcohol, you despised the taste. You know the face of a baby having a lemon for the first time? That’s you with alcohol. Just know the boys will remind you of that for a long time.

    - After quite some time you realise you might have feelings that proves that the boys are more than just friends. You feel safe around them, but part of you wants more. It wants them.

    - Not long after that you manage to find out what they are. It surprised you that you didn’t know it sooner, because the whole sleep all day thing is quite obvious… So is the blood, seeing they’re all quite messy eaters.

    - They finally decide to tell you what you are to them. That youre their mate is - well, it’s quite a shock, but it explains some stuff. It explains how quickly you trusted them and how quickly you felt at ease around them.

    - Next comes an evening of you asking them questions about both vampirism and the times they lived in. Although they don’t really like to talk about their human lives they’d happily tell you about the past, quite enjoying your interest in it.

    - After some months you decide you don’t just want to be with them, but also want to be like them. This calls for a party, celebrating your pretty much eternal future together.

    - You don’t like the idea of killing, worried it’d make you a bad person. The boys think it is adorable, but know the alternative - hunting animals or taking bloodbags - won’t make you much happier…

    - David is the one who teaches you how to kill, after you decided to take out the scum of society. The first few times you kill, you cry over your victims, but after a while you don’t anymore. You know you only take the bad guys, and you tell yourself you shouldn’t feel guilty.

    - In the end you keep your innocent nature, still lecturing the boys on morally right behaviour (“You can’t keep stealing stuff! Just buy it!”). But no matter what, you know you find your place.

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  • Who are everyone’s favorite vampires in film and television?

    These are my top 5:

    • Eric Northman
    • Spike
    • Damon Salvatore
    • Selene
    • Jessica Hamby
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    The spiritual vibe when an advanced theosophist meets a vampire … 👩🏻‍⚕️✨🧛🏻‍♂️

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  • Gabrielle could have her own book..if Anne didn’t hate her so much.

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  • Hello, I am the creator of D. Series: The Pirate. I don’t know how many people are reading the chapters I posted. For those of you you have read and enjoyed them. I am grateful you took your time to read them. I have decided to only post Monday-Friday.  That way I am able to create more chapters for you to enjoy as well as giving the completed chapter a good read before posting them. I want to avoid any continuity error as much as possible. Although I had promised to update daily I will be posting a chapter today, but not tomorrow that way you are not disappointed today. 

    I am also working on turning this into a graphic novel. First, I just want to get the written portion out of the way. So when I start drawing my series the story I won’t be second guessing myself. Since I will already know where I will be going with my series.

    Do not set foot outside the hometown barrier. At least not without the company of an adult. Cause if you do they will come. They will come at night when you are weakest. The Guardians of the Dragon Seal do not know foes from allies. 

    Chapter 4

    Army Ruler Cross

    What is won and what is lost,

    You can win but at what cost,

    A fool lives in hell and calls it paradise,

    While the wise know that by his own hand he will die.

    Keep reading

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    I went to the Grillest on Melrose…. to see if we could make a set of gold fangs to disguise my naturally long sharp pointy teeth. #blendingIn

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  • “Where are you from?” I asked. There was a hint of an accent in her voice, but I couldn’t place it and my curiosity had gotten the better of me.
    She leaned back in her seat. I couldn’t decipher the expression on her face–hurt? Discomfort?
    “Spain, originally. I’ve lived in California for a long time now.”
    “Ah. You speak Spanish fluently, then?”
    Si. It’s my mother tongue.”
    “In my time, I was taught French, Italian, Spanish, German …” I fiddled with my fingers and sighed. “I used to be fluent in all the languages of Europe. It was a talent of mine. Now … the only language I’ve really kept is French.” I didn’t add that it was because of Velise, a clan mate and friend of mine. I cleared my throat. “Rather shameful of me.”
    The expression from before melted into a small smile. “Not at all. You’re just out of practice.”
    The way she said it made me shudder. I bit my lip to keep myself from saying something stupid. She must’ve noticed because she chuckled.
    “French is a cousin to Spanish and Italian anyway,” she said. “I’m sure you could pick up a few phrases here and there.”

    #Catalina#Imperia#vampires#Sims story#ts4 #the sims 4 #sims 4#Uhhh yeah #Stole a snippet from my writing again #Because this moment is kind of cute #Imperia is so easily swayed by beautiful women #Can we blame her though #The answer should be no #Also may have a flashback at some point #So that everyone can see how Imperia got here uwu #Because story reasons damn it #simblr
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  • The Eternal Appeal of Vampires by Tasha Robinson from The Dissolve:

    “One of the big reasons vampires persist is because they’re so conceptually flexible—there are enough different vampire myths that creators can pick and chose, and use them to cover a lot of the symbolic or story ground that makes other monsters unique. Vampires can come in generic, constantly growing hordes like zombies, with all the horror of something that looks human, but is dead and impervious to pain. They can look like people but hide bestial, uncontrollable natures, like werewolves. They can be helpless, lonely, powerful, eternal outcasts who can’t fit in with humanity, like Frankenstein’s monster. They can change shape, they can convert beloved friends and relatives into monstrous strangers, they can transcend human limits like wounds or age—a lot of the things that make movie aliens seem alien. They can be strong, fast, hard-to-fight murderers to rival any horror-movie mad slasher. They’re the Swiss Army knife of monsters. What’s not to like?”

    #vampires#tvedit#filmedit#userrobin#bbelcher#true blood #the vampire diaries #twilight #the lost boys #american horror story #buffy the vampire slayer #eric northman#jessica hamby#klaus mikaelson#damon salvatore#spike#edward cullen#the countess#mine#my gifs #the quote might make this seem like a study or something #but really these are just my favorite vampires because i wanted to gif them all
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  • Well I am back with another list. A few days ago I post my list of the best current directors of all time, and now it is time for the best films by decade. Sadly I have not had the chance to view a ton of films from the 1920’s or 1930’s, so I am combining the two decades and here are The 15 Best Films of the 1920’s or 1930’s

    1. All Quiet on the Western Front: Sadly I have not seen a ton of films from the 1930’s and especially the 1920’s, but Lewis Milestone’s anti-war masterpiece All Quiet on the Western Front is easily the best film of the 1920’s or 1930’s. The story follows a young German Paul Bäumer during the mists of WWI as he is indoctrinated to ignite Paul’s patriotic fire and a romanticizing view of the war. Director Milestone deftly navigates the poignant story by showing the futility of war, and that the soldier ground is always the loser. I believe All Quiet on the Western Front was one of the if not the first Anti-War films. There have been many different types of anti-war films since, but view few have come close to the level of Milestone’s film and even fewer have reached the same level as All Quiet on the Western Front. All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the best if not the best war films made, and simple one of the best films of all time.

    2. Battleship Potemkin: Battleship Potemkin is based on a true story that happened in the Black Sea on of course the Russian Battleship Potemkin during the brief 1905 Russian Revolution that were obvious early warning signs of what was to come in the 1917. After the Russians humiliating defeat to Japan in the Russo-Japanese war virtual total loss the Russia’s Pacific fleets the moral in Russia was at a all-time low. Then with the majority of Russia’s experienced commanders being transferred to the Pacific it was a recipe for disaster. It is a rich story that could be easily made into a film, and is done so masterfully by Sergei Eisenstein. I know most have seen a least a scene of the film through homages by other directors and in other films like the Untouchables, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, The Godfather and countless other film and television shows as Battleship Potemkin’s Odessa Steps scene is one of the most famous scenes in film history. That scene is the best scene in Battleship Potemkin for many reasons, but Sergei Eisenstein’s masterpiece should be known for more than that in that Potemkin is a masterfully crafted and filmed movie with a great story. Battleship Potemkin is a film any film buff should see.

    3. Nosferatu: Bela Lugosi’s 1931 Dracula is the more famous film based on Bram Stoker’s acclaimed novel that truly launched the character into popular culture along with the likes of Frankenstein, The Mummy, Werewolf and many other iconic characters, and deservedly so as Bela Lugosi did a terrifyingly masterful job portraying Dracula. Still with that said F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu is the better “Film”. Murnau’s film makes a few deviations to the Stoker’s story with the story taking place in Germany, the people who get their blood drained do not come back to life, and Dracula or Count Orlok in the film cannot move in any kind of sunlight. Even with those deviations from Stoker’s novel Murnau’s does a wonderful job crafting a terrifying story and villain in Max Schreck who truly looks the part of a vampire. With Munrau’s use deft use of camera work and lighting and Max Schreck’s performance created one of the best horror films of all time.

    4. Mutiny on the Bounty: Mutiny on the Bounty is loosely based on historical event. Though Frank Lloyd’s does take some liberties with historical events like making Captain Bligh look like a tyrant his film is still gripping adventure drama with an outstanding performance by Clark Gable and Charles Laughton.

    5. Frankenstein: The 1930’s was certainly the decade that launched so many horror characters into popular culture with three making this list. The first being the first talking picture adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel in Boris Karloff’s 1931 Frankenstein. Mary Shelly’s story was already powerful enough, but Karloff’s sympathetic yet terrifying performance takes the Frankenstein to a whole new level.

    6. Stagecoach: Let me get this out of the way I am not a fan of John Wayne both professionally or as a person through his views of the world. There are only a handful of John Wayne’s I truly enjoyed and usually Wayne is the least of the reasons I like a film he is in. That is the same for Stagecoach as I give way for credit the brilliance of this western to John Ford’s brilliant directing, and rest of the cast that includes John Carradine, George Bancroft, and Claire Trevor. I do not think I would put Stagecoach in the top 10 westerns of all time, but definitely in the top 20.

    7. Gone with the Wind: I am not sure what else is to say about Gone with the Wind as the film is the most famous and iconic film on this list. Gone with the Wind has not aged well in some people’s views when it comes to the portrayal of the south during the Civil War and Blacks and I can understand, but the film still is a great film. Gone with the Wind has a compelling story and memorable characters thanks to performances by Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard, Vivien Leigh, and future Superman George Reeves. The set sequences are beautifully filmed especially the burning of Atlanta and the score it well done. Gone with the Wind has also delivered some of the most quotable lines in film history with one being one of the best lines in film history.

    8. Dracula: I am not going to go into Dracula much as I briefly talked about the film during my talk about Nosferatu. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula is a masterful horror film that made Count Dracula one of the most iconic characters in popular culture and really launched the horror to another.

    9. The Informer: Director John Fords 1935 Irish War for Independence drama. Though The Informer had at the time a little known cast and even more unknown cast at the time the actors performed well, and tragic tail of a down on his luck ex-IRA Irishman is extremely well written. It also helps that RKO pictures at the time, and is still one of the best film composers in Max Steiner composing the music for The Informer.

    10. The Mummy: 1932’s The Mummy is the third and final monster/horror film on this list. While not on the level of the other three horror films on this list The Mummy is still a thrilling horror film with once again a power performance by the great Boris Karloff as the Mummy.

    11. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: The late Jimmy Stewart launched to stardom mainly through this political drama. Stewart stars as a young naïve politician Jefferson Smith trying to make a difference in his state and in the United States, but his slowly beat down by the corrupt system and his one man fight against it. There is a hopeful yet pessimistic view of politicians and the political system that is still very relevant today.

    12. Blackmail: One of director Alfred Hitchcock’s earlier films, and I think the first British film with sound. Blackmail is a riveting thriller effortlessly created by Hitchcock’s screenplay and film technic. I would consider Blackmail one of Hitchcock’s best early films.

    13. Metropolis: I usually am in the minority when it comes to modern critics of Metropolis, but I think it is one of the most overpraised films in history. Yes, for its time Metropolis is a visually outstanding, but so was Avatar, What Dreams May Come, Sucker Punch, and many other mediocre films. What is a better lasting legacy is the films message of caution against technology and the peoples growing reliance of technology on both man’s progress socially and psychology. I do think Metropolis is a good sci-fi film, but far from one of the best science fiction films in history.

    14. Captain Blood: To be honest it was hard to fill this list especially the last few spots, but then I remembered the brief rise in Hollywood superstardom of Errol Flynn in the mid 1930’s to the mid 1940’s with two really good swashbuckling adventure films. Errol Flynn’s first starring role in Captain Blood is like the blockbuster of today as Captain Blood does have some great if not amazing set pieces and action sequences the story and performances are lacking.

    15. The Adventures of Robin Hood: Errol Flynn was known for his charisma as a leading man and ladies’ man, which made Flynn the perfect choice for Robin of Locksley. This adaption of the Robin Hood is magnificently brilliant in story, set design and set pieces, and the action is thrilling. The chemistry between Flynn and Olivia de Havilland is palpable throughout the film. I will not say it is tragic as I know there are rumors of Errol Flynn’s night life with women which got him in trouble and rightly or wrongly ruined his reputation and perhaps Flynn’s career, but I will say that it is sad that Errol Flynn allowed his womanizing to basically ruin his career.


    The most overrated films of the 1920’s and 1930’s: The Wizard of Oz, King Kong, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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  • Sooo my boyfriend has challenged me to start writing a book based on my supernatural sims save which I’ve been playing loads of recently. It will have four protagonists that will lead the story, each of them trying to deal with the strange world around them with their own point of view. I’ll post it chapter by chapter and update into the process from time to time. I hope you’ll like it!

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    It’s literally the story of Count Von Roo turning this chick into a vampire!

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    I like this kid 🦇

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  • does “the door’s open!” work on vampires

    do welcome mats work on vampires

    do gestures indoors work on vampires

    do you have to literally say to their face “come inside” to let them in

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  • So surgeries and cosmetic stuff I want done.

    ⚫️ elf ears


    ⚫️double eyelid surgery

    ⚫️lip injection

    😌 I can’t wait until I’m more financial stable.

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  • #The Bard Who Chased a White Wolf #Geraskier#Immortal Jaskier#Jaskier #Geralt of Rivia #Secret pasts#vampires #Witcher x Bard #Mage fire#Vergen
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  • “I see. You knew.”
    “I wouldn’t have let you sit down otherwise.” Her hand daintily cupped her cheek. “I assumed you had questions.”
    I frowned. “The ones I have aren’t exactly appropriate for this environment. But if you insist …”

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