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    Now get you to my lady’s chamber and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come. Make her laugh at that.

    W. Shakespeare

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    I’m not the best artist in the world but I tried lol Sora getting love from Riku, Ventus, Roxas, Vanitas, and my oc Meg c:

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    Vanitas from the case study of vanitas

    #the case study of vanitas #vanitas no carte #memoir of vanitas #by jun mochizuki #vanitas
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  • [dead inside by younger hunger steadily growing louder]

    #kingdom hearts#roxas#vanitas#vanroku#rokuvan#kh#my art#finished#bruise tw#bruise cw #experimented hard with this one. much happier with vanitas tbh
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    More musical AU’s!! This time with the heathers. I like I to imagine everything is the same except roxas(heather D.) doesn’t go on a power trip

    My ask box is open for requests!!!

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    … I can explain lol

    See I kinda screwed up on the drawing with outfit problems and how I drew it xD so I’m sorry for that. I looked at them and was like, “DANG IT!!”

    So apparently a new poly ship was born for an AU. @ninjastooge and I have been talking about it and honestly? I love this idea too. So I still have that main poly ship, but this… I don’t know why this has been on my mind. I kind of had this idea of these five + my oc Meg in a poly ship with each other. And I couldn’t resist not adding Riku. Just… I don’t know.

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    • Donald: what’s 9+10?
    • Sora: 21
    • Vanitas: stupit!
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  • “I’ve seen a lot of people saying they dislike Vanijeanne because it’s abusive and say Vanoe is fine and healthy, but fail to mention that Vanitas and Noe say they dislike each other and Vani tried to stab Noe… I feel like if Vanijeanne is toxic, so is Vanoe“

    #the case study of vanitas #vanitas no carte #vnc#vanitas#noe archiviste#jeanne#confession #tell me if you want me to add extra tags
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    When you’re playing a game of monopoly 

    #the case study of vanitas #vanitas no carte #memoir of vanitas #by jun mochizuki #vanitas
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  • “Not just light, not just darkness. We decide what we are.”

    #Me: I hate drawing hands #also me:#art#kingdom hearts#kh3 #kingdom hearts vanitas #kingdom hearts ventus #ventus#vanitas#kh 3#kh #kingdom hearts fanart art #digital art#mansasart
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  • Ventus: He’s an abomination! A filthy rat!

    Aqua: Ven, don’t call Vanitas that.

    Vanitas: Aww, is it because you pity me and you want to see me “redeemed”?

    Aqua: No. Because it’s a disservice to rats.

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  • Another Preview of my piece from @garden-of-shadows-zine, A Lost Trio fanzine. It’s a 5 page comics, so 3 previews are not so spoilery xD


    check HERE for our bundles!

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  • VNC theory.

    WARNING from this point onward there will be SPOILERS. So if you are not caught up on VNC don’t read further.

    These are my theories on Vani(reminder that I call human Vanitas, Vani. Also I now call the vampire of the blue moon Vanitas OGVanitas)

    First how and why Vani dies. I have two theories for this. One is that Vani dies by not actually dying but being possessed by OGVanitas who is body hopping. This why in chapter one he says “I can’t die Noe even if I am no longer here.” So Vani’s body is still here and alive but the Vani we and Now know is dead and OGVanitas has taken over. This might be the meaning of Noe saying if only he could have grabbed Vani’s hand. Maybe they were in a situation where Vani had to use the power of the Blue Moon, which is rewritting him every time he uses it. In that situation Vani went to use that power and Now had a chance to stop him by grabbing his hand but didn’t. This may be why Noe also regrets not knowing more of Vani’s situation. Because if he had known more he might have stopped Vani then and Vani would have not been taken over by OGVanitas and technically died.

    My other theory is that Vani still gets taken over by OGVanitas, but Not kills him as an act of mercy. This is based off the theme and question “What is salvation?” For Vani salvation is dying before OGVanitas uses his body for its plans. So Noe kills him. I also think that it’s similar to Noe and Louis. Louis’ salvation was to be killed by Noe before losing himself completely as a cursebearer. But Noe couldn’t do it. Now Vani like Louis wants Noe to kill him before OGVanitas takes him completely over. Giving Noe a second chance to give Vani the salvation of killing him out of mercy that he couldn’t do for Louis.

    Second theory. I think Vani can’t die easily, as in not by normal human means. I think the rewrite on him is slowly making no longer human. Preparing him to become OGVanitas’ vessel. Seriously has anyone else notice that Vani gets hurt slot and recovers perfectly fine if not almost instantly. He survived being punched through a wall and falling from an airship in one night and was walking around just fine minutes later. He got cut by a poison knife and had a fever for the night and was perfectly fine the next day. I really don’t trust how often he just walks off his injuries or how it’s played as a joke “How did we survive that makes no sense.” This might also have to do with how little he cares for his life, it’s not just his self loathing, but because he knows he can’t die easily.

    Also a side theory. I think Luna was going against OGVanitas as well. I realized when rereading that she taught Vani and Misha how to cure cursebearers, maybe saving cursebearers was a part of her revenge on OGVanitas and Vani continuing it as a part of his own revenge.

    That’s all my theories on Vani.

    #vnc spoilers#vnc #memoir of vanitas #les memoires de vanitas #case study of vanitas #vanitas#vnc vanitas #vanitas no carte #vanitas no shuki
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  • Vanitas 💀
    В переводе с латинского слово «vanitas» («вáнитас») означает «суета, тщетность».

    Ванитас – это один из жанров живописи эпохи барокко, вид натюрморта, составленный из определённых предметов. Ванитас должны были напоминать о быстротечности жизни, тщетности мимолетных удовольствий и неизбежности смeрти, поэтому часто композиционным центром таких натюрмортов является череп.
    Сам термин впервые появляется в латинское крылатом выражении в Вульгате (латинский перевод Библии). Это слова из книги Екклесиаста, авторство которой часто приписывают царю Соломону:

    На лат.: «Vanitas vanitatum dixit Ecclesiastes vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas».

    «Суета сует, сказал Екклесиаст, суета сует, - всё суета!
    Что пользы человеку от всех трудов его, которыми трудится он под солнцем?
    Род проходит, и род приходит, а земля пребывает во веки.
    Восходит солнце, и заходит солнце, и спешит к месту своему, где оно восходит.
    Идет ветер к югу, и переходит к северу, кружится, кружится на ходу своем, и возвращается ветер на круги свои.
    Все реки текут в море, но море не переполняется: к тому месту, откуда реки текут, они возвращаются, чтобы опять течь.
    Все вещи — в труде: не может человек пересказать всего; не насытится око зрением, не наполнится ухо слушанием.
    Что было, то и будет; и что делалось, то и будет делаться, и нет ничего нового под солнцем» (Еккл. 1.2-9).

    Но уже в трактате Фомы Кемпийского «О подражании Христу» эта фраза дополняется словами: «кроме как любить Бога и служить Ему» (на лат.: «praeter amare Deum et illi soli serve»).

    Натюрморты ванитас были широко распространены в Голландии XVI-XVII веков, но встречаются и в искусстве других стран и эпох. Все предметы в голландских натюрмортах (да и не только) символичны, они были призваны напоминать о бренности человеческой жизни и мимолетности удовольствий и достижений. Часто предметы были многозначными, имели и светский, и религиозный подтексты.

    Несколько примеров символов, появлявшихся в натюрмортах ванитас:
    • Черeп – напоминание о неизбежности смерти.
    • Гниющие фрукты – символ старения.
    • Мыльные пузыри – внезапность смерти.
    • Затухающая свеча – символ человеческой души.
    • Зеркало – символ тщеславия.
    … и многие другие.

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  • a screenshot redraw, for funsies

    #kingdom hearts #birth by sleep #bbs#ventus#vanitas#screenshot redraw #flight's making things again
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  • “ATLA AU: Noe is an earthbender, Vanitas is a non-bender pretending to be the avatar (somehow he always succeeds in bullshitting his way through), Jeanne is a fire bender (I mean she’s called the hellFIRE witch for a reason), Murr is the avatar“

    #the case study of vanitas #vanitas no carte #vnc#noe archiviste#vanitas#jeanne#murr#confession
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  • Ask Briry: Thoughts on KH3?

    My answer: Part 7

    #riku kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts sora #kh3 spoilers#kh3#kh3 sora#kh3 vanitas#kh3 dlc#vanitas#ventus #birth by sleep #kingdom hearts#yeetus vanitas#yeet#monsters inc#union cross #everyone loves a villain #villains#villain sora
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    Kairi’s Delivery Service

    #kingdom hearts#kh#kairi#vanitas #kiki's delivery service #cross over #kh ghibli fest #studio ghibli#my art
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  • I listened to Vanitas’ BBS theme again and the intro? still amazing 

    #kingdom hearts#vanitas#art #I was actually going to draw this as a fully body #then I noticed his suit has this red underwear codpiece looking thing #and I decided #you know what? nah
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