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  • ponds-of-ink
    20.01.2022 - 48 minutes ago

    Test for Once Upon A December Animatic, Anyone?

    Yeah, so I got impatient and decided to make a quick mock-up for one scene before actually doing the entire song.

    For context as to why this is tagged in this fandom: This is inspired by @partnersatfazbear’s “46 is William” theory that has stuck to me like glue with no one’s fault but my own. Once Upon a December somehow managed to return to my memory (ironic, yeah) and this idea came to mind shortly after.

    Anyway, enjoy a scene that I‘m pretty sure I won’t get to straight away. Sorry, but it looks like it’ll have to wait.

    #fnaf security breach #five nights#fan animatic #once upon a december #anastasia movie#fnaf vanessa#fnaf vanny#william afton#patient 46 #yes I can’t decide between 1 and 2 #at least I’m proud of how this turned out :D #took me a couple of hours #which is the fastest I’ve ever done #but this is a test sooo
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  • clarionne
    20.01.2022 - 51 minutes ago

    Added some color! Going to work on the next chapter tomorrow. (: 

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  • clownsuu
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #Gotta get the exterminators again smh- #Djmm#fnaf vanny
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  • askfoxythejokerfox
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    forgot to mention this btw but i just won a Vanny plushie off of a contest on Twitter! =D

    #FNAF #FNAF Security Breach #Vanny #foxy the joker speaks #uploads
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  • sarahssideblog
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hmmm how about some angst that I’ve been working on for a bit. I personally headcannon that Monty didn’t exactly tear Bonnie apart like a savage- I think it was methodical and deceptive. He probably made Bonnie think they had a solid friendship, then held him down as his battery died and let Bonnie be terrified with no response. Afterwards he probably disassembled Bonnie and hid him around so that he couldn’t easily be recharged by any staff bots.

    #I also hc that Vanessa/vanny is behind it too. that Monty didn’t intend to decom Bonnie but van talked him into it #considering how Vanessa threatens Freddy for Monty to take his place. I don’t doubt she would talk vain monty into it #art#fanart#fnaf #five nights at freddy’s #security breach #fnaf security breach #glamrock bonnie#montgomery gator#fnaf monty#fnaf bonnie
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  • burnt-out-bunny
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    “I miss being able to hug my friends. Granted, I only have the two now. But still, I do miss it.”

    #Zombie Rabbit Man (Burntrap/Glitchtrap #Laugh It Up (Crack #(willy was a clingy bastard before the springlock incident) #(fucker would hang off his wife and henry for hours at a time) #(like a damn leech) #(now he has these massive claws that make squeezing people much more lethal) #(the friends are vanny and betty)
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  • ashdraws666
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Hi do I recently had the idea of vanny fixing the suit willian is in up so I present

    Glamrock Glitchtrap

    #glitchtrap #security breach fanart #fnaf security breach #vanny#vanessa fnaf#glitchtrap fanart
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  • fnafsbheadcanon
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    If fnaf Security Breach was tv series: the full series including season 4.

    Waring: there may be a few misspelling and writing errors in this so beware

    Season 1:

    *most of episodes in season 1 will take place inside of the Pizzaplex we get to see how Georgry got inside of Glamrock Freddy and the events before Vanny hacked into the Glamrock's system after that it follow the same storyline of them game with Glamrock Freddy trying to help Greogry escape but unlike in the game Greogry was able to find a way to break the other animatronic out Vany's control and now they on Greogry side ready to help him in anyway possible *

    * without the Glamrock animatronic on her side, Vanny become more of a major threat along with William Afton, Vanny use her skill to hack into Daycare Attendant and DJ music man making than ten times more violent, in order to hunt down the Greogry doing whatever she can to separate Greogry from the others even trapping th child once while William use his werid ghost powers to put Greogry in alot of danger. *

    * the Glamrocks of course do anything they could to help Greogry, using thier special abilities ( like Roxanne's eyes, Chica's voice box and Monty claws ) to aid him anytime he need it while bonding with him as well over course of this dangerous journey, everyone get a bit of character development each episode*

    * in later episodes Greogry learn more about Vanessa's past along with fazbear entertainment past and how horrible the company and he was able figure out that she Vanny ( duh) he also find out that she isn't exactly herself, so did a bit of digging with Roxanne to find out how to free her from William's influence*

    * Greogry learn from a offical Fazbear entertainment papers that Bonnie wasn't thrown away im the trash when he was dismission but was sold to another pizzachan with animatronics in the large city nearby yet the papers are up rid up and dusty only leaving a vague idea of where Bonnie might be in the city ( this plotline will be explore more in season 2) *

    * in the last few episode They were eventually able to free Daycare Attendant and DJ from Vanny's control and they help Greogry along with his robot family get to Vanny's liar *

    * *together after a long battle and hard with Vanny, Greogry and the animatronics were able to free Vanessa and she help them open the door to William's office with her hacking skills *

    * with all their power and skills together they were able to sent William Afton back to hell yet before William was sent back his use his computer to sent his plans of murder to his fellow cult members and make sure that there was no way that Vanessa could hack into it to see what he sent not only that but senting William back to hell cause the Pizzaplex to be set on fire and the gang barely escape with thier lives*

    *Fotunately everyone was able to escape unharmed thank to Monty using his strength to break dow anything that was blocking them yet he lose his tail along with his legs in the progress *

    * Vanessa take everyone to chill at a most abandoned ice cream parlor she used to work at where they there for the night with Vanessa determination to find out what message William sent and who he sent it to while Glamrock Freddy use to papers that Gregory gave to him to figure out what happen to Bonnie while Glamrock Chica and Roxanne use parts they can find to pu Monty back together again yet they could do so little as all the extra animatronic parts were destoryed in the fire *

    *while the other animatronics try to rests yet have nightmares that night about a purple dark cloud coving the whole world killing millions of children* *season one end with all almost everyone having a goal as they drive into the city *

    *Glamrock Chica and Roxanne's goal is to find a way to put Monty back together without drawing any attention *

    *Vanessa's goal is to find out what message William afton sent out and who he sent that Message to *

    *Glamrock Freddy and Gregory's goal is to find Bonnie, who know maybe he might help them *

    * Daycare Attendant and DJ Music Man don't really have a goal in mind and they are just kind along for the ride *

    * end of season 1 *

    If Security Breach was a TV series season 2:

    * this season is less intense than season one ( least at frist) , this season Mostly about the gang trying adjust to their new lives in the city all living In Vanessa's little apartment while Dealing with emotional and personal issues that each of the gang faces (like Mony's anger issues, chica eating problems, Roxanne low self-esteem, Glamrock Freddy Existential crises* Vanessa and Greogry having to deal with their past ) and trying to resolve these issues together while still trying achieve of their goals there *

    * everytime one of the animatronics need to go out, it play out like a stealth mission trying to be spot by the other residents of the building *

    * there even a episode where Greogry and Vanessa have to hide the animatronics from Vanessa's family in her little apartment, this episode is where we learn even more about Vanessa's past along with Greogry *

    * there a blind old lady that live all by herself in the lower levels of the building that always Roxanne for no reason all, at first Roxanne didn't like this old lady but later grown fond of the elder especially when she learn that the lady used to be a racer *

    * Roxanne frist run into the oldest when she was looking for parts for Monty in the basement *

    * the old lady would tell Roxanne stories about her childhood and surprisely Roxanne is super invested in these old stories and would ask if the lady have anymore stories she like to share*

    * Plot A would be about Vanessa seaching for clues about the message that William sent all sherlock holmes style with Daycare Attendant( mostly sundrop )as her Watson while getting themselves in trouble along the way*

    * as you can guess Vanessa didn't want Day Attendant help to help at first but surprisingly Day Attendant is a really good assistant *

    * In fact with Day Attendant help, Vanessa was able to find out that Wil didn't sent the message to just one person to a whole group of people yet they almost get themselves kill when they found out about this information *

    * Plot B would be Glamrock Freddy and Greogry looking for Bonnie while Glamrock Chica and Roxanne search for part for Monty *

    * While seaching for Bonnie, Glamrock Freddy would tell Gregory old stories of when he and Bonnie was once a duo back in the old days*

    * unfortunately Glamrock Freddy and Greogry was unable to find Glamrock Bonnie yet did find some else..Greogry biological Parents and a wave of angst and drama is released as Gregory biological Parents never care about him and just him as a mistake that need to get rid of and only want him back to make profit and to better their image this results reveling more of Gregory backstory*

    *luckily Gregory's biological Parents plan failed they were punch into jail by Glamrock Freddy who afterward take Greogry back home to the family that actually care about him *

    * Greogry and Glamrock Freddy didn't find Bonnie but someone else did *

    * one day when Glamrock Chica was wondering the city with Monty looking for parts to fix him with. )Roxanne was unable to come since she was busy helping the old lady she befriend recover from horrible illness) they ran into a chuck e cheese restaurant where Glamrock Chica decided to enter the backstage and ask the powerful rat himself he if he have any extra parts left over she can use to fix Monty while Monty himself stay in the dinning area *

    * everything Is fine for a while until someone approaches Monty and ask him if he was feeling comfortable in passive aggressive torn *

    * Monty was able to respond with a yes yet he cut himself off when he saw who him the question, he look up to a familiar purple rabbit giving him a death glare *

    * Monty murmured "Bonnie " in fear before launch himself at Monty and the two begin to brawl with each other while the customers just awkwardly watch them, with a few customers making bet on who going to win*

    * meanwhile Glamrock Chica and Chuck E cheese are having a nice little conversation that end with Glamrock Chica getting the parts, she was about to thank Chuck when they hear a loud crushing sound along with some screaming *

    * They quicky follow the screaming into the dinning room where they sew Monty and Bonnie fighting on the floor *

    * * Chuck quickly pulled Bonnie away from Monty while Glamrock Chica pulled Monty away from Bonnie putting a end to the fight *

    * a bunch of angst and drama is released in this episode as Bonnie explained how Monty ruined his life punching Monty in the stomach with alot regret and gulit( Monty did feel a little bit of guilt of what did to Bonnie before this adventure in the city and now he regret it even more)

    while Glamrock Chica and Chuck does there best to calm down the situation between the two *

    * They were at least able to stop them from killing each other but Bonnie gave Monty the sink eye while Monty just down at the floor in guilt *

    * Bonnie was call into the manager office after his little fight and the manager try to kick out Bonnie out of the band since you know a harm a customers yet lucky Chuck E cheese was able to convince the manger to let Bonnie keep his job *

    * after that mess, Glamrock Chica try to convince Glamrock Bonnie to come back to Vanessa's apartment with them yet he refused not want to be anywhere near Monty yet he quickly changed his mind when Glamrock Chica told him that Glamrock Freddy miss alot and been looking for him for days *

    * Bonnie agreed to come under one condition, Monty have tell everyone what he did to him, Monty broken and feel with guilt Agree to this and they all leave Chuck e Cheese with Mony's new parts and a old friend by their side *

    *When they get back to Vanessa's apartment, the frist Bonnie is greeted by is a hug from Freddy and Chica along with Roxanne in fact everyone hug Bonnie except for Monty who just stood by himself all alone knowing that he deserves to be in this big Family hug as he tells everyone what he did to Bonnie*

    * Monty would spent the rest of the season trying to make ahems with Bonnie yet Bonnie keep giving the stink eye and making him feel like doesn't belong in this family that the only thing he done is harm the family *

    * Monty would even try to Run away but Roxanne stop him even though she anger at him for be did to Bonnie, she still care about him and don't want to lose him so she does her best to comfort him*

    * They progess to have a deep and meanful conversation with each other giving us a backstory of how Roxanne got into the band and what happen to Glamrock Foxy *

    * this conversation cheer up Monty only a little bit yet it enough for him to come back and to once again try fix all the mistakes he created*

    * Bonnie and Monty relationship will remind cold and bitter until later episodes of the seasons especially when Monty push Bonnie out of way of a giant machine that William afton's cult built to smash childen into iny pieces ( also in this episode is vwhere Vanessa and Daycare Attendant find out what Willaim afton's cult plans are, the cult is planning to go on a mass murder spread acoss the country by turn friendly machine in deathly machines along with causing a massive blackout and if nobody stop it million will died on suffer )

    After almost dying to a giant walking

    machine the two start to warm up to each other yet Bonnie opinion on Monty's would remind Mostly on the fence until the season finale *

    * there are a few episodes that focus on William's cult and how dangerous they are depise most being hidden in the shadows, they still are huge threat manipulating innocent people that they kidnapped, contently trying harm Greogry and his robot family both emotionally, mentally and physically, the cult were able to get away with all the crimes they committed due to the city police being corrupt and most of them are actually cult members*

    * in the season finale, William Afton's cult took over the whole city and as you can guess they turn every friendly machine into A Bloody thirty monster out for blood this results in the city slowly collapsing

    * the only machine that are stil safe is Gregory's animatronic family due to Vanessa using her hacking skill to make sure the cult didn't have access to any of thier code but I won't last long*

    * which mean must find the source of the virus and destroy it before being taken over themselves while helping as many people as they can *

    * at one they have to fight the Chuck e cheese crew in order to get closer to the source which you can tell which you can tell really hurt Bonnie since he grown fond of Chuck e Cheese and his friends during his time with them*

    * unfortunately slowly each of Gregory's animatronic family either get separated from the group or got taken over by the virus only leaving Monty and Bonnie left to stop this madness *

    * They were able to find the source of the Virus on top of the city's tower after fighting of many of William's afton cult members only leaving the leader of the cult in their way*

    * it was a tough battle that end with Monty basically sacrificing himself to save Bonnie from being taking over by the virus along with taken out the leader of the cult by knocking him and himself along with sousce of the virus

    out of the six story window as the building tower collapse into tiny pieces ( don't worry it a fake death he will be back in season 3 yet he isn'himself due to the virus still being inside of him but more evolved and dangerous, the source can't b destory this time because Monty is the source of the virus now yet he can't spread it as fast yet it still a threat the gang have to deal with in season 3*

    * his sacrifice save the whole city and completely change Bonnie's option on Motny*

    * the city may be save bit they lost a friend on the way *

    * and the finale end with the whole gang siting down on the roof of Vanessa's apartment as the sunset before cutting to a close up of Monty's eyes opening and turning purple *

    End of season 2

    If Security Breach was a TV series Season 3:

    * season 3 is probably the calmest season as Greogry and his animatronic family spent their time putting the city back together and helping surviors of the attack while moaning the lost of Monty ( it also put more focus on the character and their dynamics with other than the story just like the first half of season 2 along with a few flashbacks in between*)

    * They hold a little funeral for Monty before fixing the city with Bonnie being the one to place a flower on his grave before taking a moment to breath with friends, the only one that isn't there is Roxy ( she didn't attend Monty funeral because she doesn't think he's dead, that he is still standing somewhere and she just need to find him*

    * Glamrock Chica is passing food for Surviors *

    * Glamrock Freddy using his medical skills to tend to survivors who were harm in the attack *

    * Dj Music Man clear out the debris blocking the road * ( hey look dj music man actually did something after mosty chilling in the background in season 2*

    * Daycare Attendant is set up shelter for those who homes were destoryed in the attack even entertaining the childen *

    *Roxanne and Greogry work together to look for survivaiors, Roxanne using her eyes and Greogry using his small body to crawl into small spaces that most people can't reach *

    * Bonnie is checking Chuck E Cheese ( the restaurant) and nearby areas to see if his friends there are ok.

    * meanwhile Vanessa is having a chart with the mayor of the city trying to convince him to put up defenses due to her fearing that this may not be the only cult that is under William's influence and fear there still a few cults members left ready to attack the city at any moment and the Mayor evenallly agree putting a fortress around the city in order to protect it*

    * When Roxanne isn't looking for Survvior, she is still looking for Monty since she refused to believe at least in her eyes that Monty could be taken down so easily *

    * She still hink that Monty could still be alive out somewhere and she danged Glamrock Chica to help her find him *

    * turn out out Vanessa is right there stil small bits of William's cult out there, this cult call themselves the Golden Followers, unfortunately they found Monty and took him back to their lair on the outskirts of the city*

    *the cult was able to figure out that Monty is the new source of virus that they created with the other William's cult members in fact The Golden Followers were the one that created it and pass it on to the main cult while they work on other projects that involve mass murder that could help there cause*

    * yet they knew immediately rigth away after putting the gator back together that this wasn't the orgianl virus that they created and this was a evolved new from of the virus *

    * so the cult progess to do a bunch of cruel and horrible experiments on Gator to see how this new version of the virus work while Monty couldn't do anything to due to his exoskeleton being broken in haft after his long fall from the top floor of the towe even if he could move the virus would stop him from causing harm to it creators*

    * once the first set of experiments were done, the cult threw Monty inside of a jail cell and lock him there while waiting for the results from each experiment to be reval so can be they cpild be prepared for the next set of experiments ready to be released on Monty*

    * for now Monty lay down on the jail cell floor motionless trying to fight back the virus inside his body yet keep failing everytime *

    * Monty in this moment feel so weak and powerless and he feel broken, he couldn't take anymore from losing his body parts during the collapse of the Pizzaplex, him not feeling like he belong with the family and now he being experiment on *

    * the tough Gator we know and love started crying on the cold hard floor after after holding back his tears for long, holding back any sign of weakness this is what fianlly broke him into tears as nigth falls *

    * so Plot A is the Gregory's animatronic family helping to rebuild the city while Roxanne is looking for Monty and Plot B focus on this new cult doing experiments on Monty and showing that they even more dangerous than the last cult the gang face *

    * Roxanne is still on seach for Monty with Glamrock Chica knowing that Monty got to alive around somewhere, her and Glamrock Chica didn't find Monty instead they found something that girls never thought they seen ever again *

    * They saw ad for the Pizzaplex on a billboard seeing the that billboard of the Pizzaplex feel girls with mixed emotions as they sat down on a brench to reminisce about the past before this whole mess happened *

    * Roxanne surprisely have many good memories about the Pizzaplex and how much fun she have kicking people's ass at her race track *

    * Glamrock Chica on the other hand memories of the Pizzaplex are really dark and quite depressing with her only good memories being when she was with her friends and entertaining the childen*

    *but beside those few good moments most of her memories involved her being verbally abused by fazbear, how she have repressed her all emotions so she can be the pefect role model in order to keep Fazbear entertainment happy and how she could never truly be herself on stage and could only be herself around her friends *

    *even without the Pizzaplex or Fazbear entertainment, she still feel like she have to be the pefect role model even if he doesn't want to and want to be true to herself *

    * in that moment without warning, Roxanne suddenlygave Glamrock Chica.....a hug as she told the chicken that she doesn't have to be pefect, that she free and Fazbear entertrainment can't hurt them anymore along if they are togther *

    *in respond Glamrock Chica hug Roxanne back as tears pour down her face yet Roxanne was there to dry her tears and to comforted her *

    * even after the hug Glamrock Chica still a bit down so Roxanne took Glamrock Chica to a nearby ice stand where they hang out for while, laughing and having fun just like old time while walking around the city*

    * The Hang out Quicky turn into a date as at the end of at Roxanne gave Chica her jacket when she was feeling cold*

    * Glamrock Chica thank Roxanne for the jacket and for comfort her by nervously giving Roxy a kiss on the check before running off *

    * Roxanne really coufused yet flushed and progessed to chase after Glamrock Chica wanting to kiss her back, don't worry shippers she was able to catch her new girlfriend and pull her into a warm embrace as well as kissing her back* ( thier releonship developed alot during season 1 and season 2 so this kiss feelnatural and didn't just came out of nowhere )

    * back at the Golden Followers cult after a few experiments later they were able to figure all the evolved virus abilities including one that instested them the most and in fact decided to release it on the city at the least expected moment, this also provides us more backstory on the cult and how they were influenced by William*

    * Bonnie along with Glamrock Freddy and Gregory who join Bonnie once they was done helping wounded survivors *

    * The three are in alleyway looking for the chuck e crew yet they were only able to find the poweful rat on the ground looking down a old picture of his him and his friends looking completely devastated and traumatized*

    * Chuck turn around to the trio to reveal that one of eye has Been torn out of his face and half of his arm was completely gone *

    * Bonnie quicky ran up to him and ask what happen while Glamrock Freddy tend to the rat wounds yet could only fix a bit of arm due to the lack of extra parts *

    * Chuck is unable to speak for a while seeeming to be frozen

    In fear lucy Bonnie was able to snap him out of it *

    * Chuck now able to speak, Explain to the trio that he just woke up here with headache unable to remember anything that happened before that moment *,

    * He also explained how shocked he was seeing his place in ruined yet was more worried about friends so he decided to look for them *

    * he told the trio that after hours of searching, he fianlly found his friends yet they different..instead of happy warm smiles Chuck was greeted by his friends looking twisted, crazy and nightmarish ( yep they become nightmare animatronics thank to the cult experiments on Monty*)

    (*who I may remind you is the new source of the virus so doing these experiments have a few side effects on machines that were perviously infected by the old virus*)

    Chuck survived this time due him getting electrocuted by water back in season 2 when the Greogry and his animatronic family was fighting the effects Chuck e cheese crew*)

    (* Glamrock Chica smashed infected Chuck into some water causing him to shut down completely until the source of thw Virus was temporarily destoryed)*

    * Chuck's friends all gave Chuck a insane smile with thier sudden sharp and horrifying teeth before suddenly attacking him with any warning, Chuck was barley able to escape with his life*

    * the Trio are shooked By Chuck's story as turn to each other to talk about it *

    * all after Monty sacrifice himself to destory the source of the Virus..Bonnie saw him pushing himself and the souce Virus out of the window *

    * he saw the souce of the Virus get Shattered into pieces as fall from top floor of the tower *

    * how could Chuck's friends course still be effect by it..unless somehow the source of the Virus got tanfer into something else and evolved.. Yep they figured out the source of the Virus must tanfer itself into Monty's body right after he sacrifice himself *



    "M-my Home is destroyed..my friends the-they are so angry,violent and twisted..

    this isn't like this them..They won't attack thier old friend Chuck right?...i-i just don't understand....I really just don't understand.."

    Glamrock Freddy:

    "Perhaps we could provide explanation.."

    *Glamrock freddy pretty much give Chuck e Cheese a short recap of season 2 ( they already give Bonnie a recap of season 1 back in season 2 so now it Chuck turn to catch up on everything )

    * They explain to Chuck their Theory about the source of the virus tanfering into Monty body could be the reason why his friends are still violent *

    * Chuck still have a few questions like why were they after a cult? But dediced to save them for later because he at least know what wrong with friends and there a chance that they could be save *

    * obviously this time they can't destory the source since it Monty so they must find a way to tanfer the souce to something else so they don't have to destroy their friend *

    * For now they must inform Vanessa and the rest of the gang of the news *

    * so they dash down the street toward Vanessa's apartment hoping that she's home *

    * yet before they could even step foot on the small staircase leading toward the main door of the apartment, the ground started shaking *

    * the shake could be feel acoss the city and suddenly the ground below the city started to collapse starting with Vanessa's apartment falling into a endless void forcing the four to run as everything they see around them fall down in the mow endless hole that suddenly appears under the city **

    * unfortunately they weren't able to get away from the disaster

    and they all evenallly fell down into hole separating the group into pair as they land in a dark cave with

    numerous tunnels along with nightmarish monsters and traps*

    (* as you can guess the cult use the virus new ability that they were interested in to create this hellcave with Monty at the center of it providing all it energy *, yes I am aware this a bit of a crazy idea but at least take compared to the book and what I originally have planned which was senting them into another dimension lol as you can tell I replaced the senting them into another dimension with just senting them into a dangerous hellcave)

    The Pairs:

    Pair 1: Greogry and Chuck

    Pair 2: Glamrock Chica and Roxanne

    Pair 3:Glamrock Freddy and Glamrock Bonnie

    Pair 4: Vanessa and Daycare Attendant

    * dj music man is just on his own somewhere unable to climb out due to the rock being to easy to break and the fact he isn't actually a real spider*

    * the cave is highly dangerous and each episode inside of the cave feel intense and heart beating, it even more intense than season 1 as each character try find each other or a way out yet does have a few relaxing moments in between along with some character development, a fun dynamic between Chuck and Greogry and a few fun moments*

    * their dynamics is Gregory ready to kill and fight while Chuck internally panicking the whole time yet won't hesitate to pull out his gun if something try to attack him so he isn't a complete scarily cat, yes he is scare but that doesn't mean he isn't ready to throw some hands*

    * with the most intense episode being Vanessa trying escape her apartment wit Daycare Attendant playing a real life version of the floor of lava *

    * Gregory gave Chuck a one handed gun to defeat himself with against the nightmarish monsters*

    * Dialogue*

    Chuck holding the Gun: are you sure this kid friendly?

    Greogry: Probably lol

    Chuck: Well..Ok then :D *turn around and shot off a small monster head behind him*

    * speaking of Gregory and Chuck, they were able to find Glamrock Freddy and Bonnie yet were attack by a giant nightmare beast this one seen the be the most terrflying one *

    * it seem be the end of them when a sudden thunder echo around the cave hitting the beast acoss the cave *

    * the four look around to see a mysterious figure in a brown hood with gauntlets on them riding on top music man it seen like the thunder came from gauntlets as lightning dust spining around the middle of it *

    * before the four was a about to thank them but Dj Music Man cut them saying they don't have much time and must leave before that thing come back but would explain everything later

    * the mysterious figure took off their hold reveling them to be Sparky the dog and the season end with them riding music man into a community fill with cave animatronic cave dwellers just like Sparky and they called their little home "the land of the forgotten "

    End of season 3

    Season 4:

    * Glamrock Freddy, Bonnie, Chuck and Gergory looked in awe at the land of the forgotten never seening so diffenrt many animatronics in one place before as they rode around on top of DJ Music man, Sparky introduce himself and expianed what that thing was *

    *Sparky expained that this hellish cave used to nice litle cave

    used shether forgotten or abanoned animatronics with the leader of the cave giving these abanoned broken aniaciocs a second chance at life, everything was wonderful for a while until A Gator( yep, Virus! Monty is here ) crushed into the forgotten land and told everyone to run before using his power to turn this peaceful cave into nigthmarsh hell *

    * Sparky also explained The Gator also turn the once nice king that Sparky was once close to into that thing that attack them earier, this reaults in Sparky becoming the new king of the forgotten land doing whatever he can do keep his people safe yet doesn't know how long he can hold back these monster and even consiering moving himself and his people out of the home they work so hard to create with their leader *

    * The Gang immediately that the Gator in Sparky's tale was Monty and ask Sparky if he know where Monty is rigth now *

    *Sparky expined he last saw the gator heading west yet not sure where he went after that yet wish he did so he can properly potect his people..he only been the leader for short while yet he already feel like he failed *

    * the gang feel bad for Sparky( Greogry may be a ferel child but that doesn't mean have no sympathy for others) so they stay for a while to help Sparky with the community *

    *plus the community also have extra parts pefect for repairing Chuck so they at least another reason to stay beside feeling sympathy for this random dog they just met and the more allies, the better especially in this dangerous place *

    * yet they still keep a eye out for Monty along with their other friends *

    * Glamrock Bonnie help Sparky set up defenses for the Forgotten land , giving each survival trips about the cave along with everything they know so far about these monster while Music man held out for scout duty to get rid of the traps scattered acoss the cave while also looking for the rest of the gang in the meantime*

    * While Greogry and Glamrock Freddy took Chuck to a nearby part and services station *

    * speaking of their Friends after getting getting themselves out of q deathly trap Roxanne and Glamrock Chica were able to reunite with Vanessa and Daycare Attendant *

    * the girls and Daycare Attendant progesss to work together to solve a puzzle before heading into the next area looking for the rest of their friends,*

    * They did find one of their friends..they found Monty looking at a waterfall by himself looking deepy upset and broken*

    * everyone that there except Roxanne is shocked to see that Monty isn't dead yet is happy to see their Gator friend*

    * yet none of them is are more happy than Roxanne to see Monty was alive since she was right about her best friend no being dead that she knew that Monty couldn't be taken down that easily *

    *Roxanne and Glamrock Chica were about to run up to Monty ( Daycare Attendant was still busy progressing the fact Monty turn out to be alive and Vanessa stay back due to her having a bit of bad feeling about this) *

    * Yet Monty without turn around told them to stay back with a loud growled *


    Roxanne:" wow Monty, it ok it just us"

    Monty: " I know who you are that why I am telling you to stay back.. I don't want to make the same mistake..."

    * Monty feel silent for a while before speaking again *



    * Monty turn around reveling the left of face was covered in purple blaze with the rest of his body looking nightmarish and twisted


    Roxanne and Glamrock Chica: M-monty..

    Monty in tears as the rest of her turn onto blaze of purple fire: P-please I beg you.. LEAVE!!

    * Monty punch into the middle of ground creating a crater of purple fire that almost hit Glamrock Chica yet lucky Roxanne, Vanessa and Daycare Attendant were there the save her as this part of cave slowly turn into a firepit forcing the four to leave as Monty chase after them *

    * None of then want to fight Monty yet is focused to confront him once they run into a dead end *

    * Monty attack and with a heavy heart Roxanne fought back giving the others enough time escape as she have a intense battle with Monty that wasn't easy in fact he was the hardest thing for her to do both emotionally and physically as she keep fighting on trying to snap out of it yet it never work and eventually Roxanne have to used her full body force Monty into a little lake that stun him for brief of time yet was stil enough for to run off With the rest of the group as Monty got back on his feet once again*

    * Monty punch the food again this time summoning the king of the forgotten land which at this point will be call the forgotten king for the rest of the series *

    * the Forgotten King chase them in a very terrifying and and heartbeatting scene until they were to escape thank to DJ music man coming out from a hole while on scout duty, rescuing them from the forgotten king and taking them to community where they are greeted with a giant hug from their family and friend ( the friend is Chuck obviously once he is repaired)*

    *yet the family and friend hug isn't complete without Monty in it so it doesn't exactly feel right *

    * the girls expain how Monty attack them and how horrifying powerful he was

    ( Daycare Attendant is still trying progess everything that is happening to expain the attack )*

    *Sparky along with the other looked at Girls in shocked of their Story *

    * the gator that Sparky met was powerful

    But never this powerful almost if he slowly growing more powerful every moment *

    *Glamrock Freddy immediately knew that it the virus that been making Monty stronger, caught the Girls and Daycare Attendant up with the current siutaion before Him and the gang could come up wit a plan together to save Monty from the virus at least try to slow him down *

    * after a while of Discussion they to used water on him since it did stun him for a brief period of time and it the only weakness they know so far that doesn't involved destroying him so the Gang along with the Forgotten Community work together to create a water trap for Monty *

    * everything is going well so far until Glamrock Freddy, Sparky and Chuck went out to get the final bit of waters *

    * while looking for water for the trap Glamrock Freddy and Sparky suddenly got attacked by the forgotten king, slamming the bear and dog into a nearby wall the slam was so hard that it broke Sparky's thunder gauntlets now he unable to defend himself or the other from the forgotten king wrath *

    * Chuck despise not knowing the two that well and not exactly being that strong , Chuck still try to protect them plus Glamrock Freddy is Bonnie's

    best friend and any friend of Bonnie is a friend of his *

    * the Forgotten King turn it attention to Chuck before attacking him too in a one side battle where the Forgotten King seen to be winning as slam and smash the mouse all over the place while holding and crushing Glamrock Freddy and Spakry at same time *

    * the Forgotten king broke apart most of Chuck's body and it seen he was about to completely crush the rat when something interesting happened *

    * Chuck's eyes turn completely black and pupil turn from green to bright yellow along his body turning twisted and a bit nightmarish *

    * Chuck does a loud horrifying hissed before launching himself at the Forgotten King this time it more fair with both of them riping each other limb from limb *

    * it was intense battle yet Chuck somehow managed to grab Sparky and Glamrock Freddy away from the Forgotten king and knock out the Forgotten King with a sudden a electric shock that came out of his body before fleeing away from the scene taking Sparky and Freddy away with him *

    * yet when he was alone with them he didn't attack Sparky or Freddy like the other nightmarish monsters instead he gently put them down on the ground before turning back to normal *

    * mostly normal since his eyes were black, his pupils were still yellow and hands were still sharp crawls *

    * Chuck looked down at his sharp new crawls in complete shocked and horror *



    "My hands..t-they are crawls....what happen to me..why do I suddenly different..first my friend..aren't there self..now I am not quite myself..what the hell is happening-"

    * Chuck quickly cover his mouth in shocked *


    Chuck: did I just..I don't know what is happening anymore and I am scare..

    Glamrock Freddy: I know what that like you know..I know what it like not exactly being yourself and I know what it like to have friends that so angry and confused..I know what it like to be scare..but don't worry..

    * Glamrock Freddy put his hand on a Chuck's shoulder *

    More dialog

    Glamrock Freddy: if me and Greogry were able to save my friends I am sure we can you save you fiends too..both of your friends

    * Glamrock Freddy put his hand on Sparky's shoulder too *

    more Dialog:

    Glamrock Freddy: we able to figure this all out together.. I promise..

    Chuck: thank I need to hear that..

    Sparky: me too..

    * Sparky turn over to Chuck *

    A bit more dialog:

    Sparky: " look may not know how control this Monster ability you have now have

    Sparky: but do know a thing or two about electricity perhaps I could teach how to control th at electric shock that came out of the body so can at least have some control over yourself "

    Chuck: really? thank I would like that

    Sparky: I will teach you as soon as we head back and and soon as I can get my gauntlet repaired for let collected the water we need from the trap

    Chuck and Glamrock Freddy: Right

    * Together they were able to find a lake were they progress to collect water, once they collect all the water they Need before helding back to the Forgotten land where Sparky tech Chuck to control his electrical shocks while Glamrock Freddy dump thier water into the trap *

    * so the A plot is Monty slowly becoming more virus yet still trying to hold on what left of him and Plot B Chuck is training his lighting power with Sparky while everyone else set up the giant water trap *

    * after setting up a more few things the trap was up set up and ready all they need is someone to lead Monty here ( aka bait *

    * Daycare Attendant volunteer to be the bait since he was also close to Monty and is willing do anything to get him back even if it mean becoming bait *

    * so Daycare Attendant went out and look for Monty *

    * When Daycare Attendant found Monty he wasn't quite himself in fact it seen he and the Forgotten King along with Chuck's friend have fuse into one giant animatronic of nightmares and terror

    (This giant nimatronic is basically like Ennard or Molten Freddy except none of the animatronics inside of it have no control over it except for the virus inside all of them ) ( yes the virus basically forced all ofthem to fuse into one so it can spread more and more)

    * Day Attendant froze In fear as this massive giant animatronic fusion charge toward him, Daycare Attendant couldn't do anything at all until Moondrop lucky took over and quickly ran back toward the forgotten land as the giant animatronic crawl on the ground behind him getting closer every second *

    * Daycare Attendant screams at everyone to get out of the way as the massive giant Animatronic( which we will the nightmare king for now on) rip acoss the nightmare destoring a few houses on the way *

    * everyone look upon the nightmare king in fear yet still do their part as Daycare Attendant lead the nightmare king into the trap *

    * unfortunately the nightmare king didn't fall into the trap and instead he compteley destroy the trap along with a few more buildings causing everyone to panic *

    * most do there best fight back against the nightmare king while also flee and hide somewhere*

    * as can guess the gang stay to fight along with Sparky and Chuck who just finished training *.

    * yet despise their best efforts, they weren't able to push back Nightmare King in fact the Nightmare king was the one the keep pushing the back until evenallly they were forced to retreat and hide inside of bar*

    * where the barricade themselves in so be able to survive against the attack for a little longer because one more bow from the Nigtmare King would completely destory all of them*

    * so sat down in the barricade bar trying to think of a plan yet nobody could come up with me, that water trap they spend so long building and setting, there only hope to save the forgtten land, is now compltetly destory *

    * everyone started to lose hope bit by bit as The Nigthmare King ripped and destory anything that was in it path *

    *there was noting left they could do even Chuck's nightmare form couldn't defeat..this..this seen to be the end *

    * the family gather close each other and started to talk about all the good memeroies with each as they all hug and eve joke a.bit together as get ready for impact as The Nigthmare King held toward the bar with full force *


    Georgry: Freddy..is this really the end..

    Glamrock Freddy:...i'm I'm not sure Greogry but if it..I am sorry..I am sorry to all of you..I really thought we could save your friends Chuck..and your friends too Sparky..I thought will able to save them..

    Glamrock Freddy fell silent for Moment before speaking again

    Glamrock Freddy: yet despise our hard work..we failed..we failed Monty..Chuck's friends..Sparky's friends..and can't help but to feel this my fault...

    Vanessa: No! It my fault I was the one that being William afton here..i was the one that started all this and now I Tim for to end it too.

    * Vanessa turn to Chuck and Dj music man *

    Vanessa: do you think you guys can get me on top of his head?

    Dj Music man: Well we can try to why do you ask?

    Vanessa: I think I got a plan to stop this at least somewhat of a plan, does anybody have a screwdriver on them?

    Sparky: I do, here take it I am guessing you need it for that plan of yours

    Vanessa: yes..am not exactly sure this would work..but it worth a shot...

    Glamrock Freddy: what exactly is this plan of yours Vanessa..

    Vanessa: I going try to unscrewed the top of it head to separate the animatronics from each other, without them as one we may still stand a chance..I won't be easy but at least it possible..

    Glamrock Chica: are you sure about this Vanessa..this could get you killed

    Vanessa: not if I have a assistant with me.. does anyone want to volunteer going up there with me?

    *someone rise thier hand but surprisingly it isn't Roxy, in fact it Bonnie *

    Bonnie: Monty..*deep breath * he save me twice..so it Time for me to save him let's go Vanessa.

    * Vanessa and Bonnie got on the back of Music man as Chuck turn into his nightmare self, they were about to held out when Glamrock Freddy slowly down them a bit *

    Glamrock Freddy: be careful..I don't want to lose you..either of you..

    Bonnie: don't worry we will

    * Bonnie gave Glamrock Freddy a little kiss before heading outside riding on Dj music man with Vanessa as they head toward the Nightmare King with Chuck by there side *

    Glamrock Freddy: Bonnie wait!

    * yet it was already too late, They charge toward the nigthmare king as the Nigtmare King charge toward them too *

    *Dj Music man and Chuck worked togther to help Vanessa and Bonnie get to the top of the Nigthmare king's head it wasn't easy in fact they lost a few partd during the whole affair yet Chuck and Dj Music man were able to get them up there togther *

    * once Vanessa was on the head with Bonnie, they immediately to unscrewed the top of the head like they planned yet the Nigthmare King keep moving his head around almost knocking Vanessa off lucky Bonnie was there to save her *

    *togther they unscrewed it head splitting it head in haft and this action free every robot the was once apart of the Nigthmare king as it collpese lucky Chuck was to help them off before it comptelty collapse*

    * With the virus animatronics no longer apart the nigthmare King, the gang was able to get into a more even battle as everyone rushed the bar do there best to take down or hold the virus robots *

    * Monty was the hardest to figth both emotionally and physically, the figth end with gang stuck in the corner as all the virus robot showly approach them getting with Monty leading the virus robots and getting ready infected the whole gang *

    * supirsely it wasn't Roxy or Gergory that stand in he potect the gang once again it Bonnie who the the one that step in front of Monty giving him a stare *


    Bonnie: Monty look weren't exectly friends at frist and you weren't the nicest gator but that change...

    You have change so much since I frist met you.

    I seen it you save me not once but twice, you even save a whole city

    There more to you than just anger and strength..you care about your friends no not your friends these are your family...a family that you are apart us..

    You just Need to remember..please..you just got to..

    * Bonnie pull something out of his pocket *

    * Monty rise his crawl and about to attack Bonnie with one Hit yet stop when he see that Bonnie was holding a picture of Monty, Glamrock Chica, Glamrock Freddy and Roxanne *

    ( Freddy give this picture to Bonnie back in season 2 when Bonnie wasn't exetcly a big fan of Monty hoping that it world change his mind about the gator )*


    Bonnie: remember this? Freddy told me that you guys took this picture once you all become friends with each other..he told me it was your happiness day..and this picture mean a lot to you..

    Just the ones that are in it..

    They are important to me too you know..

    We both care so more about them...

    So please..

    Don't make the same mistake again..

    We can all be in the picture together..as a family..

    * Monty's eyes keep changing from purple to his normal eyes color the longer he look at the the picture almost as if he was suddenly remembering all his memories tha got deleted by the virus *

    * Suddenly Motny turn around and punch one of the infected animatronics as his eyes temporary turn normal *


    Glamrock Bonnie: Monty you're back!

    Monty as fight off the other virus animatronics: hell yeah I am but It won't last long, you got to go north, then head west and take a left

    Monty: there you find a liquid thing in a white room, that liquid can stop this..I have no time to expain how but you have to trust me ok! Go!

    ( Monty know this due one of experiments that the cult on him actually failed and actually stop the virus yet unfortunately the cult was able to turn on the virus again ) *

    * the gang follows Monty's instructions while Chuck and Sparky stay back with Monty to fight off the virus animatronics while fighting the virus inside himself too*

    * the gang end up in the golden followers secret lair where they fought/ free what left of the cult before grabbing the liquid that Monty mentioned and burnning down the lair as they left *

    *when they come back, the infected animatronics along with the virus has forced Monty to fused with them into the nightmare king once again *

    * The Nigthmare King try to Rip the gang into tiny pieces yet fortunately they were able to dorge it *

    * after another long and intense battle they were able to throw the liquid into the nightmare king of mouth cauing the nightmare king to collapse and split apart knocking everyone out lucky nobody was seriously hurt*

    * when the gang woke up they immediately started looking for Monty while Chuck and Spark look for their friends*

    *Chuck and Sparky happy reunite with their now uninfected and virus free friends *

    Meeanwhile the gang found Monty knock out and a bit twisted up in a hole *

    *immdeney took him to the part and services station *

    * Vanessa does what she could she do to put him back together, now all they need to do is to wait for him to wake up *

    * They wait patiently and nervous as minutes turn into hours for gator friend to wake up eventually and lucky for the gang Monty woke up *


    Monty: ugh..wha-what happen?

    Everyone: Monty!

    * everyone give Monty a big hug, happy to see him back to old self*

    Glamrock Freddy:how do you feel?

    Monty: i..i..I feel at home..

    * Monty hugs them back *

    * turn out Monty didn't need to be famous to be love for his true fans are his friends and family, the ones that are with him right know and will always be by his side*

    * one timeskip later *

    * the scene cut to a little nice house that Vanessa and the gang seen to be living in now *

    * with everyone in the house helping Gregory get packed up for school *

    * everything seen normal at frist until Greogry and Glamrock Freddy open the door and head outside to see humans and animatronic living together in the city that was rebuild and recover during the timeskip *

    * Vanessa with her new rainbow hair wave for Greogry and Glamrock Freddy to get in her car *

    * they drove around the rebuild city seeing how much the city have improved and changed while waving at every single character they befriend or met until they fianlly reached Gregory's school *

    * where Vanessa dropped off Greogry and Glamrock Freddy *


    Glamrock Freddy: you're ready superstar?

    Greogry: I guess..I'm still not sure about this...

    Glamrock Freddy: superstar, you are able to free my friends and turn them into a family..I am sure you are able to do this..I belive in you

    * Greogry hug Glamrock Freddy *

    Greogry: thanks you dad.."

    Glamrock freddy: :" you're welcome "

    * Glamrock Freddy hug Greogry back *

    * the two hug for a while before Greogry held inside of the school while Glamrock Freddy get back inside of the car*

    * the series end with Glamrock Freddy waving goodbye to Greogry and Greogry waving back as Vanessa drove to her new job wit Freddy *

    She is now the official representative for the animatronics in the city with Freddy as her assistant while Sparky is the official representative for the animatronics that still live in the Forgotten land

    And that my what if Security Breach was tv series complete.

    This was really fun to write and I hope you all enjoy this mini series.

    #tv series au #fnaf spoilers#fnaf montgomery#fnaf gregory #fnaf security breach #fnaf roxanne #fnaf daycare attendant #fnaf glamrock bonnie #fnaf sundrop#fnaf moondrop #fnaf glamrock chica #fnaf glamrock freddy #fnaf vanessa#fnaf vanny#fnaf Sparky #fnaf dj music man
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  • mini-mozzerella
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago


    #IMA CUSTOMIZE IT TO MATCH MY VANNY DESIGN :) #fnaf sb#fnaf #shut up coco #coco talks
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  • anima-panic
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The therapy tapes can be used to support the theory but they don't actually "prove" it. There are still holes unaccounted for like Vanny and Vanessa having two different voice actors or showing up in different places in mutually exclusive states. Vanessa being a ghost at that moment technically explains it I guess, but it's already based on the conclusion that they're the same person with no supporting evidence otherwise. Ghost Vanessa is an afterthought of the Vanny=Vanessa theory and as long as that's the lense you're looking at things through, that's the only answer you're going to come to. It's an absolute red herring and everyone freakin' fell for it, like the devs are taking us by the head and spoon feeding us all the necessary info to make our first assumption that Vanny=Vanessa like some kind of Disney Twist Villain bait and switch, ie: "Vanny... It's like... Vanessa, and Bunny... This cannot be a coincidence"

    We are literally meant to think they're the same person. That's the entire ruse. Everyone is. The in-game characters and us. I haven't started my lore deep dive yet, but I think Vanessa is a scapegoat for Vanny and William. She's taking the suspicion off of Vanny while she puts Grandpa back together or something.

    Again, I don't have all the info, but I do not, at all, believe that Vanny=Vanessa is correct. It is far, far too open and shut.

    #We're all getting absolutely bamboozled #hoodwinked if you will #you could say #they're pulling Steel Wool over our eyes #fnaf#fnaf sb#fnaf theory#fnaf vanny#fnaf vanessa
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    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Wait if the fazbear frights books are just an alternate timeline to the games after FNAF 6... What's stopping the Clown lovecraftian threat level called "Eleanor " from existing in the Games ?

    #like if you analyze everything happened in the Stitchwraith stories it happened mainly because the pizzeria in fnaf 6 didn't sink #in Stitchwraith stories never mentioned the existence of a VR game #so Vannesa could just be chilling in frights #like theres no need to exist Vanny #william dies pathetically anyway #fnaf #fnaf fazbear frights #fnaf security breach #vanessa a. #william afton#tringy talks
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    Bitches be like: "can't stand fnaf" 5 minutes later: "me and my fnaf fanart ☺"

    #fnaf #fnaf security breach #fnaf sb#vanny#springtrap#william afton#burntrap#fanart #hate this franchise so much
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    breathe in, breathe out. / a fnaf sb fanfiction (chapter 6)

    breathe in, breathe out. / read HERE

    Chapter 6: interlude


    ɢʀᴇɢᴏʀʏ ʀᴇᴘᴇᴀᴛꜱ ᴛʜᴇꜱᴇ ᴡᴏʀᴅꜱ ɪɴ ʜɪꜱ ʜᴇᴀᴅ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀ ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ.


    The gang is on their way to Kid's Cove to (hopefully) enlist Sunrise in their team when it dawns on Gregory just how scared he truly is.


    “ Sooooo ….. Sunrise….. ” She started, catching a glimpse of an animated ad on one of the many TVs mounted on the walls that featured them promoting one of the PizzaPlex’s many passes. “I’ve been working here for like, three months or whatever and I don’t think I’ve met them, actually…This is stupid, but you have, right? What’re they like?” The night guard asked, shoving a runaway Roxanne balloon to the side that had gotten in her way after deflating enough that it had fallen right in front of her.

    “They are very kind. Energetic too, like their candy !” Freddy answered as they continued on their way, his blue-purple eyes focused on the path before the three of them. “I very much enjoy spending my off time with them, as well as their sibling, Moondrop ! Though….Moondrop hasn’t been acting like themselves tonight, like everyone else…I hope that Sunrise will be alright…but I am uncertain of this as the night progresses.”

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    oooo I want FNaF representation in Dead by Daylight soooo baaadddd. 

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  • sushitsandgiggles
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    This made sense in my head, so

    I want a dad like Freddy :(

    Monty would definitely be the cool uncle

    Roxy’s the wine aunt

    Chica is either the cool mom or nice aunt

    #fnaf security breach #fnaf sb#glamrock chica#glamrock freddy #I miss my boy Foxy #Monty lookin fine tho #monty gator#roxy fnaf#vanny#fnaf memes
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    I gotta say, I'm a little nervous to share part 3 of my comic- it's already done but I'll probably post it tomorrow when I'm not tired to check for any mistakes but like-

    I uhm, i hc vanessa to be pan/ace, and well, there's luis, so you can see where this is going

    It's not even gonna be the main foucus of the story, it's supposed to be found family, but I'll still add in a few stuff for my own enjoyment, tho part 3 made it a bit too obvious and idk, i guess I'm nervous to what ppl will think since, I've seen most ppl hc her as lesbian 😅

    It's just stupid nerves honestly, especially with how much twitter drama videos I've seen-

    But that doesn't mean i will stop, i actually plan on continuing this as long as i can so yeah :>

    Anyways, midnight rant over imma go sleep

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    please tumblr PLEASE stop hiding me

    #vanny security breach #vanny sb#vanny fnaf #security breach vanny #fnaf#fnafsb#security breach #five nights at freddy's #art #tumblr hates me
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    #answering things #ask meme answers #flower meme#Vanni #shy bookworm flower felt fitting xD
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    Hello everyone!! I'm thrilled to announce me and my gf (@devondraws who drew the FNAF art!) have finally opened our Etsy store! The bumblebee stickers are available, as well as pre-orders on the FNAF charms and mouse pads! Many more items will be added as time goes on, so keep a lookout ;]

    Here's the store link! https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Lexiowah

    Please share this post around if you can, it means a lot!!

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