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  • The Umbrella Academy but every season the writers make one of them gay (pan, bi, etc)

    First season we had our lord and savior Klaus

    Second season we had Vanya (which wasn’t really a surprise)

    Who are you guys betting from season 3? I was thinking about Ben, you know, now that he is no longer a ghost.

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  • mmmmmm i really gotta say as someone who’s suffered through parental abuse, diego’s reaction when reginald belittled him at dinner was one of the few scenes where i actually had to put my phone down and just. cry. because the way his face crumpled? the way he stared at reginald with tears in his eyes as he slowly shrunk back when just seconds prior he was fired up and looking for a fight? the way he weakly sat down and tried so hard to defend himself but could barely stammer out two words? it’s so fucking realistic. i can’t even count how many times i’ve been in that kind of situation and felt what he was probably feeling - heartbreak, anger, pain, embarrassment, the overwhelming sense of being nothing more than a disappointment. and we can judge the rest of his siblings for not doing anything, but i would not be surprised if they had all regressed back to a very childlike dynamic where they could only watch as one of them got verbally abused, because how many times did that exact same thing happen when they were children? how many times did they not intervene, because they had learned it would only get them hurt?

    #i’ve been rambling about tua a lot but i also have a lot of feelings about it #i just love diego so fucking much dude #diego hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#ben hargreeves#luther hargreeves#allison hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#five hargreeves #the umbrella academy #tua spoilers#tw abuse
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  • the hargreeves siblings || little deschutes.

    There’s something about this dysfunctional family that makes my heart melt.

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  • who is in control?


    growing up five knew that he has the most prodigious power amongst them. he can travel through space and time, and he can teleport. it is second nature to him, he just knows how to do these things without someone teaching him how to do any of it . he used his power too much, knew it well enough. knew how to do things that not anyone can do.he thinks he has the utmost control over his gift, thought that he knows his power like a worn out sneakers but in reality he does not have a single clue on how his power works. he dives into his power headfirst, and he just hope that it doesnt drown him everytime. he knows about space and time theories, spent hours poring over the quantum physics and learning how it applies into time and space. he knows how to do equations and how to apply it to his powers. but even with all of these at his disposal, he cant time travel properly because while he was learning these theories, he never stopped to take a seat and learn about his own powers. he was so caught up on these flashing numbers and huge diagrams and theories that he never really took the time to control himself, and as he applied his equations to his powers, he didnt account his control into the equations and that fucked him up.


    growing up, she thought that she was ordinary, never really thinking how her siblings’ power really worked. and when it was brought to light that she has these powers too, she has been too old, kept in the dark for too long. she was never thought how to control this large amount of power coursing through her veins, all to her disposal. she never had to spend her childhood perfecting this craft of controlling this abnormal thing in her, never spent hours, days, months and years just concentrating on this power inside her. she never had to think about her action, never had to account her abilities in her every move. she never had to be wary on herself, she never had to stop herself from doing things that will end badly if she lost grip of her powers and she never learned how awfully hard it is to have these powers that normal people do not have. she wished that she is just like her siblings, all different and extraordinary and now that she has it, she isnt too sure on how to control them


    growing up, diego spent a lit of time perfecting his craft. he spent years holed up in his practice room. spending hours each day infront of practice dummies, spent hours throwing knives into target boards, never stopping even as his arms hurt. he trained so hard, spent his youth with one goal, spent two decades of his life trying to defeat his brother. he revolved his life into one goal, practice his powers with defeating his brother in mind, spent years bulking up in an attempt to outlarge his brother, spent years perfecting his speech so that he can talk smoother than his brother. he knows that he has a good control over hinself, knew that his body is a result of his control. he knew that his power works because he had the control over them. but he never really tried doing things for himself, never tried to practice his powers with himself in his mind. never really explored what he can really do, he never tried to see if he can do more than just curving objects with his hand. he didnt step out of the line, never let himself get curious and he has the control over the powers he knew he has, but he doesnt have the control over the powers that he has failed to discover


    growing up, he has way too much energy in his body. he ruined many doorknobs and glasses ever since he was a little boy. and as he grows up, he knew he has to reign himself under control, because he knows, deep down, that he can kill his brother if he grips too tight. luther is a lot of things, he is brash and an arrogant person but he is also determined. ever since he knew the fact thar he could bring harm to his siblings, he trained hours after hours so that he wont ever ruin anything that he touches. and he did it, he controlled himself. he had himself in this wonderful self control, managed to train himself until he got it right, trained until he can give hugs without breaking bones. but there is something that he failed to really control, and that is his temper. because of the fact that he spent his childhood controlling his powers that he never really had the chance to control his emotions


    growing up, allison used her powers to her advantage. she grew up in a male dominated household, grew up in the house that treated women as less even if they dont really knew it. she had to work around these people who are unconsciously making life worse for her, grew up with these boys she loves with all of her heart being molded by her cold heartless father into these cold heartless boys. she knows how her power works, and she used it, spent hours hunched over her dictionaries and rumoring her brothers with overly specific rumors to make her life easier. she used her powers on her father too, using her words, twisting them up so that the house would finally be livable for a woman, and she know what she is doing. she had the control over her powers but she didnt have a control over herself. she cant control herself, cant make herself stop, cant stop using her powers that she had mastered and that ruined her


    growing up, klaus knew he could cause catastrophic things. he has these horrible monster following him whenever he goes, all this dreadful abominations never leaving his sight. knew that if he really tries, he can bring them forward. he can feel that power deep into him, knew that if he just unleash himself, he can call these monsters forth and have them wreck havoc. knew that if he really wants too, he can make this ghosts his bitch, make them do things on his command, he can rule the world of the undead, and that thought terriefies him. that scares him because he knows, deep down that he craves that kind of power. knew that he can get intoxicated in that type of superiority. but he controlled himself, he knew he has to have the absolute control over himself, knew that whatever happens, he must not let himself succumb to that power. he may have a control on himself but he didnt really have control over his instinct, knew that the moment those drugs managed to control the power that runs into his veins, he will never be able to stop himself from giving in, if only to keep his potentials locked away, hes not even sure of he want to control his destructive self anyways


    growing up, ben hated himself. he grew up with this monsters residing in his tiny body, claiming it as their own. he never really like them, never really tried to like them. he was scared of them, shied away fron the feeling of them moving all over his body, their massive form stretching his tiny skin, wearimg them down years even before he reach his two digits. he hated the fact that he has to feed them, offer them live animals, watch as these creature kill innocent upon innocent upon innocent. he stood frozen as they kill without remorse. he thought he doesnt have any control over them, but he never really realized that he has the control over them. he never really knew that he controls them even as a child, never knew that the monster being restless is because he is restless. he never knew that if he didnt have any control over them, they wouldve devoured his siblings the moment he lost a grip unto them. he was so wrapped up around his fear that he never really tried to make them stop being that way. he never really sat and tried to relax. he had the control over them and he didnt know it, didnt know that as the monsters in his body ripped him apart, that he is the one controlling them, that he is the one tearing himself apart.

    and maybe in another life, he would know that and he would become the boss of his demons and he will lose touch with the gentleness he once possessed, and he will just be a hallow husk for his father, just like his siblings.

    #the umbrella academy #ben hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#five hargreeves#allison hargreeves#luther hargreeves#diego hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#tua five#tua klaus#tua ben#tua luther#tua allison#tua diego#tua vanya #yup i am not above qouting halsey #and yes this is another character study #i have juiced my tiny brain for these
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  • i binge watched the entire first season of the umbrella academy today and i don’t regret it 😚

    #klaus is my favourite ngl #five hargreeves#allison hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#luther hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#ben hargreeves #the umbrella academy #I LOVE THIS SHOW #i was a massive fan of gerard way and tbh didnt think it would be this good #THEY USED MY FAVOURITE SONG AT THE END OF EP 7 YES
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  • The catch with fast-forwarding through Leonard/Harold being manipulative and gross is fast-forwarding through Ellen Page being awesome and super cute and the best. 

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  • diego: so… the 60s huh? if i stop doctor who from starting, it would prevent the superwholock phase vanya had in 2013, right?

    five: oh my fucking god diego you can’t just change history like that

    diego: fine, i’ll just settle for saving jfk

    five: you what

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  • walk walk fashion baby

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  • every time i go on twitter i’m either met with ethan posting some vague picture or justin calling the tua account brelly

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  • Amnesiac Vanya had better control of her powers because she wasn’t afraid of them and had no real reason to feel useless to the point of trying to fight them because her trauma was erased from her everyday waking thoughts.

    Like as soon as her trauma comes back, she starts to hide herself away again and Ben has to remind her that she’s okay. She’s just been untrained. The others will take care of her this time.

    But before that… wasn’t she at ease? Exploding the cup, finding Harlan, getting read to fight Five. I loved being able to see both sides of her - the version we could’ve had if Reginald had actually been a decent father and the version following all the overwhelming trauma she experienced last season.

    #vanya hargreeves #happy talks tua #the umbrella academy
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  • me and my classmate seeing each other on the same google doc at 3 am:

    #this is such a good meme template #umbrella academy#tua #the umbrella academy #tua memes#vanya hargreeves#number five #umbrella academy shitpost #umbrella academy s2 #umbrella academy memes #tua season two #five #umbrella academy season 2 #tua s2
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  • TUA Series Part 1:  Disastrous Childhood

    The Hargreeves siblings x Hargreeves!Reader (Familial Relationship)

    An idea came to me at 2am after binging TUA S2 and rewatching S1 right after!

    BG: The Reader is Number Eight. It follows how you fit into the structure of Season 1 and the family dynamic of the siblings.

    This part follows when the young Hargreeves Siblings had their powers manifested and the development of The Umbrella Academy.

    Contains: Sibling Angst and Fluff. Reginald being a crappy father but sometimes not really?

    The series will consist of 10 parts. Where the reader would have a focused interaction with each sibling. (Eg. After this part, it would be Luther x Reader, then Diego x Reader and so on! –Yes Ben is included)


    A/N: This is my first ever TUA fic and I’m doing a series. WOw ambitious I know. Anyways I hope you enjoy! And tell me how you feel about it!




    On October 1, 1989, 43 women across the globe gave birth despite them not being pregnant when the day began. In news of this mysterious happenings, Sir Reginald Hargreeves immediately went out of his way to find as many of these special babies. He has successfully adopted 8 of these children and you were one of them.

    One might think that when a person adopts not one, but eight kids would have so much love to give but they would be mistaken. Sir Reginald Hargreeves—Dad, was not a loving father. It would be a miracle for one to see the man show any other emotion apart from anger. Sir Reginald Hargreeves was distant and treated the children like they were experiments that the dynamic felt closer to a doctor/patient relationship. The children weren’t given actual names, only to be called by their numbers based on the order Sir Reginald Hargreeves had procured them. It was only when Grace, their robot mother insisted they have a real name, were the children given them. And so, the children were:

    Number One - Luther Hargreeves

    Number Two – Diego Hargreeves

    Number Three – Allison Hargreeves

    Number Four – Klaus Hargreeves

    Number Five – Five Hargreeves

    Number Six – Ben Hargreeves

    Number Seven – Vanya Hargreeves

    And finally,

    Number Eight -  y/n Hargreaves

    For 6 years, the only special thing about the children was that they were miraculously conceived and birthed within a day, the same day. However, on the 7th year , October 1 1996, more strange things started to happen to the children.

    Keep reading

    #the umbrella academy #tua #the umbrella academy imagine #luther hargreeves#diego hagreeves#allison hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#five hargreeves#ben hargreeves#vanya hargreeves #the umbrella academy x reader #the umbrella academy imagines #fandomscombine writes #luther hargreeves x reader #diego hargreeves x reader #allison hargreeves x reader #klaus hargreeves x reader #five hargreeves x reader #ben hargreeves x reader #vanya hargreeves x reader #reginald hargreeves
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  • image

    The Umbrella Academy as things my friends have said ☂

    I decided to do quotes as the TV show Umbrella academy although I am a fan of the comics too i am only doing certain characters right now but maybe I will come back and do more

    ⚠️Foul language, possibly offensive content, innuendos, and tons of crackhead energy though none of us are actually on drugs

    Reginald: They can kiss my uptight ass

    Grace: Robots with asthma, that’s hot (this is only one I can think of right now I will probably edit it later😭)

    Pogo: I’m A loyal whore

    Luther (number one):  The funniest people are the ones who are depressed or have daddy issues I happen to cover both those things.

    Diego (number two): I don’t trust this shit bash it over my ass

    Allison (number three): You can think  that your in love when your really just engaged

    Klaus (number 4): Those horny victorian bastards or alternatively It’s a joke not strap on don’t take it so hard

    Five: You know what’s sexy cell Theory

    Ben (number six): You see I have been so far away from you for so long that I no longer have a tolerance for your bullshit

    Vanya (number 7): He may be good in bed but that doesn’t mean he is good in the head

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  • TUA Sexuality Headcanons

    Luther: heterosexual

    Diego: bisexual with female preference

    Allison: heterosexual but definitely experimented

    Klaus: pansexual

    Five: asexual and panromantic

    Ben: heterosexual but very bicurious

    Vanya: homosexual

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